Beautiful Drew [Pt. 2]

Beautiful Drew Ch. 2

by bdylan © (

Max sighed and began to come down from his post orgasmic euphoria. He rolled
over and looked at Drew. She still seemed to be in some other place. He could
see he lower torso spasm every few seconds and he knew she was still feeling the
joy of sex. He waited a few moments before saying anything, he just stared at
her beautiful body. From he pretty face to her long curvy legs, to her amazing
tits, which were hanging slightly on each side of her, but amazingly did not
slope and pointed almost straight into the air. Every time she breathed in they
would heave up
and then settle with a slight jiggle.

He knew that they were filling up with her sweet milk already. He slowly lowered
his hand to her pussy and stuck a finger inside the outer lips, twirling her
clitoris between his thumb and forefinger. She looked at him and smiled, turning
slightly in order to let him gain better access. She leaned forward and kissed
him, then laid back again. She began to moan heavily and once again he felt the
walls of her vagina begin to squeeze. He gently slid his hand over her mouth as
he felt a waive of thick, warm fluid drench his hand. She bit down hard on his
pinky finger when she came, then began to suck on his other fingers as though
they were food and she hadn’t eaten for days.

Max stared in awe as she came. He watched her stomach twitch and contort as her
whole body vibrated, it was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen and he enjoyed it
immensely. When she finally stopped coming she looked him in the eyes and let
her self take his body in. Eventually she glanced at his huge cock, which was
now fully erect and oozing pre come. She sat up and took it in one hand, licking
the head like a Popsicle and sucking on the shaft just every few seconds. It was
an incredible sensation, one he’d never felt before.

Then she released his dick and for a moment he was disappointed. She climbed
slowly up his body, allowing her milky tits to trace little lines behind her.
She kissed him passionately and then whispered, “Will you please fuck me?”

He smiled at her and nodded. A moment later, she was mounted on his rigid cock.
They were pressed together at first. Him on his back, her lying on him, her
luscious tits pressed against his chest. She began slowly to ease her bald pussy
up and down on him. When she rose she released the tension inside her, but when
she lowered her cunt onto his dick she contracted her pussy muscled and ground
hard against him.

The sensation was intense for both of them. He took her by the shoulders and
eased her a bit above him until her tits were sandwiching his face. Then he took
the left nipple into his mouth and began to suck. It was just a few seconds
before he again tasted her milk. It flowed very freely now. As she continued to
fuck up and down on his cock he suckled both her tits, messaging them and
tickling the pencil eraser sized nipples with his tongue. After a few moments of
this they began to fuck faster and harder. She was still bouncing on him, but he
now thrust to meet her movements.

The wetness of her pussy was becoming overwhelming, but she was incredibly tight
and the friction was like a virgin’s. As they began to fuck faster he tits began
to bounce. They would swing up and then down and then inward where they would
meet with a slap. This was a sight that almost made Max come immediately. It was
even harder for him to hold back when she lifted her left breast to her mouth
and began to suckle her own milk from her swollen tit.

She dropped her breast back into place as the first signs of an oncoming orgasm
hit her. Knowing how close they both were she began to slam down on his rock
hard dick even faster, squeezing her pussy tight and even tilting from side to
side to intensify the friction. He reached his left hand out and began to rub
her clit, while his other hand messaged her ample tits.

Suddenly, she began to come. The already powerful contractions in her pussy
became a thousand times harder and faster. In a matter of seconds Max’s cock and
groin were covered with her cum as she rode him harder then before. They had
tried to keep quiet as to not be discovered, but she could handle it no longer
She came again and again, until finally Max couldn’t bare it any longer. He
looked her in the eye.

“I’m gonna cum baby.” He said lewdly. “Should I cum on your tits again?”

“No,” she said breathing heavily. “I want us to come together. Come inside me.”
She saw the look of confusion on his face. “Don’t worry, just do it. I’ll tell
you when.” Just then he saw that familiar look on her face and he felt her pussy
begin to undulate. As soon as the first contraction hit she yelled, “NOWWWWWW!”

And he released his clamp on his dick and his cum exploded into her pussy, one
blast after the other. She could feel each warm rope of jizz hit her cervix and
that only intensified her orgasmic delight. He pounded her as he shot cum over
and over again until finally her contracting pussy sucked him dry. She leaned
down and kissed him, and he responded by sucking on her tits some more. Getting
the last few drops of sweet milk out of them. Then she collapsed beside him.
They both panted and after a few minutes she leaned over to him and said, “Wanna
get a room?” He smiled at her….

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