Beautiful Drew

Beautiful Drew

by bdylan © (

Max Schreck always had a fascination with Drew Barrymore. He always fantasized
about her while getting of. He loved everything about her, from her cute smile,
to her wild personality, but especially her large supple tits. He always
concentrated most on her breasts in his fantasies. He imagined what it would be
like to lick and suck them. Possibly even to tit fuck her, though he had never
done that to any woman.

He was a pretty normal guy. He had a well paying job at an insurance company in
LA. He had a nice house and a beautiful girlfriend. She was the love
of his
life, besides Drew that is. He sometimes found himself, in spite of his
girlfriends beauty, imagining that he was fucking Drew when they were in bed

Then came the news that crushed all of Max’s fantasies. He’d known for a long
time that Drew was married, but he never diluted himself to the point where he
thought his fantasies would be anything but that…fantasies. It never even
crossed his mind that he’d meet her, let alone ever be able to make love to her
in the way he envisioned. The news though that shattered his dreams was that
Drew was pregnant. He always knew it would happen, and he felt it wasn’t really
any of his business to be upset, but he couldn’t think of her in a sexual way
anymore. It seemed somehow wrong to have such thoughts about a soon to be
mother, so he locked all his fantasies away and concentrated on his life and his

A few months later, after Drew had given birth to her son, Max became engaged.
He asked his girlfriend to marry him right before their two year anniversary. He
was the happiest he’d ever been, and when the anniversary did roll around a few
days later, he decided to go out and buy his girlfriend some of the sexy
lingerie she liked so much. So one night after work he drove to the local mall
where there was a Victoria’s secret.

He strolled into the store, quite casually and not thinking about much of
anything. He didn’t even notice the attractive blonde woman walk in ahead of
him. He stood in the center of the store for a moment before a saleswoman
approached him.

“Can I help you find anything?” she asked kindly.

He explained what he was looking for and she showed him to the department she
thought he’d find his gift in. He noted, as she led him to the back of the
store, how close he was to the dressing rooms, but didn’t give it a second
thought. He thanked the clerk and set about to find the perfect gift.

After a few minutes of looking, he heard a noise that startled him.

“Goddamnit.” The voice was loud and piercing, but somehow familiar.

“You can’t be a size zero forever,” he thought to himself and then laughed under
his breath.

A few seconds later the voice came again.

“Is someone out there.”

He looked around to see if anyone else was around. He didn’t see anyone. So he
shrugged and went back to looking through the sexy underwear.

“Hello,” the voice said, softer than before.

He paused and then spoke up.

“Um, yeah, I’m hear.”

“Great, I need some help in here.” The woman’s voice sounded so familiar, but he
couldn’t place it. He thought for a beat and then said, “Should I go get the

“No,” said the woman with a sense of urgency. “They know me here, this is too

Now he didn’t know what to expect.

“Wouldn’t you rather get help from a woman?” he asked coyly.

Suddenly the dressing room door burst open and out stepped, the beautiful and
busty Drew Barrymore.

His eyes panned quickly over her naked body. She was in wonderful shape for
having just had a baby. His eyes stopped when he saw her tits. They had already
been a nice sized C cup, but during her pregnancy had swelled to a full D. His
mouth nearly hit the floor.

She smiled at him when he look at her face. “Well I’m not the shy type and it
looks like you’re enjoying the view.”

He tried to say something, but his voice didn’t work. She grinned sexily and
grabbed him by the hand, dragging him into the room and shutting the door behind
them. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her tits and she moved. They swayed and
jiggled in an almost hypnotic way. He nipples stood fully erect from the slight
chill in the air of the store.

“You sure are examining me aren’t you.” she said with a small laugh.

This snapped him out of his trance.

“I’ve always wanted to meet you, I think your incredibly sexy. You have no idea
how many times I’ve jerked off thinking about you.”

For a moment his mouth and brain had been cut off, he had no idea why he’d said
that, he waited for a reaction.

“Aww,” she said, “that’s sweet.”

He smiled.

“So you must’ve seen my Playboy spread, I bet you shot a lot of cum on those
pictures, huh?”

He smiled and nodded.

“So, what do you think of my new and improved titties?” She lifted her breasts
and then let them drop, they bounced a few times and then settled back into two
beautiful jutting teardrops of white flesh.

“I think they’re incredible.”

“Good,” she said. “Then you’re just the man for this job.”

“What’s the trouble,” he asked, again starring at her mammoth mammaries.

“Well you see, since I’ve been breastfeeding my tits have swelled up like
balloons. And I’ve had my eye on this bra for a long time.” She picked up the
bra and laid it on her massive boobs. “But now that my tits are so big I have to
buy another size and they don’t have one in my new size.” She turned around and
illustrated how the bra wouldn’t snap.

“Oh,” he said and reached his hands out to snap the bra in place.

She turned suddenly. “No silly, I don’t want you to snap the bra for me.”

“Well then what do you want me to do?” He said his cock becoming steadily

She dropped the bra and gave him an amazingly sexy looked, then she reached her
hand out and pulled him to her, kissing him passionately. Then se broke the kiss
and eased him down so he was face level with her left breast. He looked slightly
confused so she smiled and cocked her head.

“Will you please ease a little of the pressure?”

He needed no more coaxing then that. He leaned forward, took her enflamed nipple
into his mouth and began to suck. She leaned her head back and moaned, biting on
her lip to muffle the sound. After a moment of sucking he was rewarded with a
spurt of warm sweet milk. This made him suck even faster, using his tongue to
press the nipple against his upper lip. He found that he would get more milk
when he did this and he’d cause her to moan more.

He sucked and sucked and sucked, swallowing the sweet fluid all the while. Then,
slowly he eased his hand under her panties and slip one finger into her bald
pussy. He used the other hand to massage her breast as he sucked, almost milking
her was the thought that entered his mind.

He paused for a moment and removed his mouth from her nipple. When the pressure
was broken a long stream of milk came out of her nipple and hit him in the face.
They both giggled at this as he moved onto the next breast and was again
rewarded with the sweet juice of his love’s supple tit.

All the while his hand was fuckign her juicy pussy, he felt her body begin to
vibrate and her moaning became steadily louder, soon his fingers were squeezed
with a quick succession of contractions in her pussy, she grabbed his free hand
and sucked on his finger as she came, her whole body shaking as he continued to
feed on her milk.

He now had a raging hard on and she knew it. Without a work she broke free of
his lips and eased him to his back. She unzipped his pants and set his huge cock
free. It spring to attention as she marveled at all nine inches of it. Then she
began to lick the head, leaving lots of saliva behind. To lubricate further she
pressed his cock against her right breast and the nipple, a long thin spurt of
her milk shot onto his rock hard dick. She did this a few times more, each time
eagerly licking her own milk off the throbbing cock. She began to suck the head
and stoke him with both hands at the same time. Then she did something he had
been longing for her to do.

She licked the palms of both her hand and rubber her saliva in the cleavage
between her tits, then she shot some more milk on his dick and rubbed that in.
The she leaned forward and sandwiched his cock between her breasts, she then
started to moving up and down creating and fucking motion. It felt to Max like
she was fucking him with her pussy, only better because he was finally titty
fucking her.

“Do my milky tits make you wanna come baby?” She asked naughtily.

“Oh yeah,” he moaned.

“It felt so good when you sucked the warm milk from my breasts, I want you to do
that over and over again.”

He was too lost in the throws of his incoming orgasm to answer. She was rubbing
his balls and could feel the sudden tightness in them. She released his cock
from her tits and started to jack him off.

“Yeah, blow you’re cum all over my huge tits baby. C’mon I want it right on my
titties.” She continued to stroke him until finally, he mouthed ‘I’m cuming’ and
took a deep breath. She leaned in and pressed her breasts up to his cock.
Suddenly he erupted, spewing warm jizz all over her tits, not to mention her
stomach neck and face. He came for what seemed like forever and then fell back
to the floor. She smeared the cum into her skin and licked the rest off her face
and hands. Then she kissed him and laid down beside him, all the while massaging
his softening cock. He took her nipple into his mouth and played with it as they
caught their breath….

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