Beautiful Liars

Title: Beautiful Liars
Author: Kash The Priest
Celeb: Shakira, Beyonce
Codes: ff, mff, cons, oral, anal, feet fetish
Disclaimer: This is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18 and is a work of fiction and is not to be taken seriously.
Author’s note: I have separated the story by days to allow easier navigation for you readers. If you want to get to the good bits, the action kicks in at the end of day 3. I apologise for the story being so long, but I think the length is justified. Also, I apologise for the lame title. I couldn’t come up with anything else.
This is more of a Shakira story
than a Beyonce one. Beyonce is going to be featuring on a future chapter in the sex for drugs series, maybe even two and Shakira isn’t, so I thought I’d let Shakira have this one. Enjoy!

Beautiful Liars
by Kash The Priest

Day 1

I came to the studio for my first day of the shoot. We were shooting a video for a duet with two big names. I didn’t pay any attention during the meeting, as I found a elastic band and I was playing with that while everyone talked. So I just kinda wondered around. I was new to this and didn’t really know what to do to kill time.

I got a couple of doughnuts. Everyone around the studio and out where all the trailers were seem to be eating them, so I didn’t want to feel out of place. I found a spot to sit on near a trailer. It was actually the steps that led into the trailer.

I finished off a doughnut and I was contemplating on whether or not I should eat another. I didn’t want to become some fat git so I opted to save them for later. As I got up to go back into the studio, the trailer door opened. I quickly turned around to see who it was and froze in my tracks as Shakira stepped out. Shit! was she one of the two big names?

“Is it time to start yet?” She asked in her heavy Latin accent.

“N-n-no.” I stuttered, staring at her. She was wearing a long, black dress that dragged on the floor slightly as it was that long. the straps on her shoulders came down covering her tits, but leaving a big gap in between her tits, showing her bare flesh. This was gonna be one hot video.

“Are those for me?” She asked pointing at my doughnuts.

“They’re yours if you want them.” I said and she chuckled.

“What do you do here?”

“I’m the camera man.” As tiring as that question was starting to become, I was never happier to answer it.

“You look young.” She said.

“So do you.” I complimented her. Shakira smiled.

“What’s taking so long?” Shakira asked. Changing the subject.

“Hair and make up.” I answered. I didn’t know who the other person was. I was assuming a guy, because you usually get a duet with a male and female.

“Have you met her yet?” She asked me.

“Who?” I asked.

“Beyoncé.” She replied. I just shook my head, just shocked at how much booty there was gonna be in this one video. “I’m so nervous on meeting her. She’s so big and beautiful.” I don’t think she meant big as in size, but as in fame. It already knew that her English wasn’t the best.

“Didn’t you record the track with her?” I asked.

“No.” She replied. “We recorded at different times.” Schedule conflict obviously.

“Don’t you have dance routines? Didn’t you have to practice the choreography together?”

“No. Yes. No. Yes, we do. No we didn’t. We should’ve practiced together.” She laughed. She confused herself a little in answering the questions, but she got there in the end. I didn’t know what else to say to her.

“You want one?” I offered her a doughnut.

“I shouldn’t… but OK.” She said. “Come in.” She said walking into her trailer. I followed her in closing the door behind me. I didn’t realise until just now how short she was. I’d say she was just under five feet. When I saw her performance at the VMA’s last year with Wyclef Jean, I just thought he was a big guy, but it turns out that Shakira is just a very tiny woman.

The trailer had a two seater couch and two one seater couch’s. She sat on the two seater couch and I decided to sit down next to her. I offered her the paper bag and she took a doughnut and I took the other one. I watched her as we ate.

“You have a really good figure.” I complimented her.

“Thanks!” She said. “It’s really, really hard work.” She said. “Now thanks to you, I’m gonna have to do a hundred stomach crunches to work this off.”

“You asked if they were for you.”

“You should’ve said no! Naughty Shakira! No fatty food!” She said and laughed. Shakira crossed her legs, revealing that she was keeping up with her trademark of being bare foot all the time. The soles looked a little dirty.

“What other videos have you done?” She asked.

“A couple for some rock bands and unknown rap artists.” I replied. “No one you’d know. They weren’t even anyone that I knew.” Shakira laughed, she was very easily amused. “This is my first big video that I’m involved with.”

“I think the camera man is big part of music videos. They never get the credit. It’s always the director.” She said, trying to give me a ego boost. “He says shoot, you shoot. If you’re not there. Who’s going to shoot?” She asked.

“Another camera man?” I said. “I’m not like you. I’m expendable.”

“I forget. What’s expendable?” Shakira asked, not knowing what the word meant.

“It means that I can easily be replaced whereas you can’t.”

“Oh!” She said realising what I meant. “I’m not expendable but you or the man selling doughnut is.”

“Thanks for that.” I said sarcastically. “That’s how important I am. I’m on the level of a doughnut seller.”

“No!” She laughed. “I didn’t mean it like that.” She said placing a hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t worry. I know I’m expendable. Just like the doughnut guy, but I’d prefer not to be compared to the doughnut guy anymore.”

“You got it!” Shakira winked. This was great. I had Shakira laughing and winking at me, this was a good sign.

“Hey, Shakira! You’re on!” A woman said popping into the trailer and back out.

“I’m so nervous now!” Shakira said. “I’m going to meet Beyoncé!” If I wasn’t mistaken, it look like Shakira was getting star struck.

“Don’t worry you’ll do fine.” I said giving her a hug. To my surprise she hugged me back. I started to walk out the trailer.

“Wait! What’s your name?” She asked, walking up behind me.

“Kash.” I replied and we walked to the set together.

“OK! We’re starting with the solo of Shakira, in the green room.” Some guy said, so we went in to the green room and Shakira did the track over in there. I looked over the video layout and this scene was being filmed in the green room to digitally add in water on the floor and a blue sunset in the back ground.

According to the layout, the two weren’t in the video together until the second half of the video. The video was split into three days. We were doing the water scene tomorrow. It was gonna be the hardest scene to do, rain in a music video is always complicated. We didn’t want to start off with it or finish with it, so we slapped it in the middle. The scene had had both Shakira and Beyoncé in it. Guess Shakira is gonna have to wait a little longer to meet Beyoncé.

We did nearly a dozen takes of the scene, from different angles. I hadn’t actually heard the track and didn’t even know the name of the track until I heard it just now. I was told by another crew member that it was a Beyoncé track featuring Shakira and that Shakira barely had any vocals. They added more vocals for her once they decided to release it as a single. I had to say, the music made the track sound very Shakira like. It had a hint of eastern European music. Well, what I could hear from these bad speakers any way.

Once the scene was complete Shakira came up to me.

“You and Beyoncé don’t have a scene together until tomorrow.”

“Oh!” She whined, pouting.

“Don’t worry!” I said placing an arm around her shoulder. “You can stick around after your next scene and watch her while she does her last scene.”

“That would be good.” She said.

“Er… Kash?” A guy said to me. “We have to do another shot.”

“OK” I said as I followed him across the room. They all probably would’ve been pissed at me if I wasn’t talking to Shakira.

I looked back at Shakira and she smiled at me. She left and went to change her out fit while we shot Beyoncé’s scene. I stood in awe as I watched Beyoncé dance in a short black dress with the top being similar to Shakira’s top.

Beyoncé didn’t talk to me, I was behind the camera and she was in front. I probably wouldn’t have even got a chance to talk to Shakira if I wasn’t lazing around outside. Once Beyoncé was finished she left. We waited for Shakira to come out again, for her next scene.

This is the thing that took long on music videos like this and why it stretched out into three days. The costume change. The actual clothes changing didn’t take long, what did take long was the hair. They had different hair styles for pretty much every scene and when they went to change, they changed their hair style’s as well. That took about an hour each time in total. So we sat around for an hour twiddling our thumbs and waiting for them to come out.

Shakira finally came out. It was her last scene for the day so once she finished, she hanged around, waiting for Beyoncé. Once Beyoncé came out, Shakira went and introduced herself. I watched from where the camera was as they talked and hugged. Shakira came and sat down beside me while Beyoncé was in front of the green screen.

Me and Shakira talked in between takes and once we were done for the day Shakira introduced me to Beyoncé. It was a quick intro and then Shakira and Beyoncé headed out to their trailers. They came out a couple of minutes later, they had changed to go out somewhere.

They were both dressed in low cut, dark blue jeans. Shakira had a tight, red top and Beyoncé had a white top. They both wore thin black jackets. They both had big frizzy looking hair that they just tied back and put on a head band. Beyoncé’s head band was white to match her top and Shakira’s was the safe colour, black.

Shakira looked in my direction. She smiled at me and lifted her hand. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion, I was hoping she was going to wave me over to join them but instead, she waved goodbye.

We were done for the day, so I headed off to my apartment. I lived a couple of blocks away, so I was lucky I didn’t need to fork out money for a place to stay during filming. I had purposely picked out an apartment close to the studio as that’s where most of the music videos were shot.

Day 2
I came in the next day an hour early. Hoping to maybe catch up with Shakira and talk to her some more. I bought bagels and cream cheese so I could say I bought her breakfast. I knocked on her trailer door. There was no answer. I looked at what I was wearing and wondered if I should’ve worn something different. I was in black jeans and a shirt that was a dark, dull shade of purple.

I knocked again and no answer. I should’ve just left, but for some reason, I decided to go in. I opened the door, it wasn’t locked so that meant she had to be in and I was breaking in. I looked around and couldn’t see her any where. I looked into the bedroom and the bed looked untouched.

“Shakira?” I called out looking into the bedroom. Maybe she was in the shower? “Shakira?” I called out again, maybe she didn’t hear me cause of the water. But I didn’t hear the sound of running water, so I called her name out again.

“Kash?” I heard a voice with a heavy Latin accent call out from behind me. There was no mistaking that voice. I knew it was Shakira. I turned around to see that she was in the same clothes as last night. Dark blue jeans, red top and a white head band.

“Hey!” Shakira said hugging me with one arm. “What are you doing here?”

“I bought you breakfast. Unless you’ve already eaten.”

“No. I haven’t.” She smiled. “I’m really hungry.” There was a kitchen counter with stools on one side. Shakira sat on a stool while I was on the other side, looking through the drawers for a knife.

“What did you bring?” Shakira asked.

“Bagels.” I replied, as I found a knife.

“I’ve heard of these but never eaten them.” Shakira said.

“Then you’re in for a treat.” I said pulling out two saucers, cutting the bagel in half, like how you do with buns for your burger.

“Why are you cutting it?” She asked.

“It’s too big to eat by yourself and so I can…” I said pulling out the cream cheese.

“Oh my God!” Shakira said.

“…Do this.” I finished my sentence as I used the same knife I use to cut the bagel to spread the cream cheese on to the bagels. I handed her one on a saucer.

“I’m gonna get so fat hanging out with you!” Shakira laughed.

“I eat like this every day and I’m fine.” I said starting to eat my half.

“Let’s see!” Shakira said standing up and leaning forward. She lifted my shirt up and patted my stomach with her other hand. It wasn’t ripped, but it had some tone. “How much do you work out?” She asked.

“Not much.” I replied. “I jog in the morning and do some sit ups and press ups before I go to sleep.”

“That’s very impressive.” She said taking a bite of the bagel. “Mmm! This is so good!” She said taking another quick bite. I smiled and watched her eat. There was something about her that was different that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Once we finished, she started to head over to the two seater couch.

“I’m so tired and my feet hurt.” She complained. “Can you massage them for me?” She asked.

“OK.” I said making my way to the couch. Shakira lifted her legs up and let me sit on the couch and then placed her feet on my lap. I took her shoes off and started to massage the balls under her toes.

“That feels good!” Shakira moaned, closing her eyes as I continued to massage her feet. I continued to massage her feet for the next couple of minutes until there was a knock on the door.

“Hair and make up.” The voice said, as they came into the trailer. I got up and Shakira slowly got up to her feet.

“I’ll see you later.” Shakira said, giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“OK.” I said. “I’ll see you soon.”

“Don’t forget your bagels.” Shakira said.

“You can have them.” I said.

“No!” She replied. “Or I will turn fat.” She joked.

“Temptations.” I said taking the paper bag. “See you soon.” I exiting the trailer. Shooting was due to start in about half an hour. I wondered around the outside, where the trailers were. I heard a door open and looked in the direction to see Beyoncé come out of a trailer. She was a vision of beauty. She was in a red, silk looking robe. She stretched her arms out and yawned.

“Hey!” She said looking over to me. She wasn’t even ready, shooting was going to be delayed big time. She had the first scene of the day. I waved at her not saying anything. Not that any words would’ve come out if I tried.

“You’re the camera guy aren’t you? Shakira was telling me about you earlier.” Beyoncé said. I didn’t know what to say to her.

“Bagel?” I offered lifting the paper bag.

“That would be great!” She said walking back into her trailer. I looked around and followed her, closing the door behind me. The set up of her trailer was similar to Shakira’s. Beyoncé was on the couch. I looked around the drawers for a knife and finding it, cutting the bagel and spreading cream cheese on. I handed her a saucer with both halves of the bagel.

“Thanks.” She said taking the saucer. “Here!” She handed me one of the halves. “You have one.” I took it from her and sat down beside her. “This is just what I needed.” She said.

I looked at her while she ate, noticing that she had a black head band on her head. That’s when I realised what was strange about Shakira earlier. She was wearing a white head band. If I remembered correctly, last night, Beyoncé was wearing a white one and Shakira was wearing a black one and now, Beyoncé was wearing a black one and Shakira was wearing a white one. Shakira had the same clothes on as last night and Beyoncé said that Shakira was talking about me earlier. Why didn’t she say last night? Unless it was earlier this morning. Did Shakira spend the night here? If she did, was it cause she fell asleep or because something else happened? I was gonna go with fell asleep, but I’d like to believe that something more happened between the two. But that still didn’t explain how they ended up swapping head bands. It’s not like some sports like soccer where they swap shirts.

“Weren’t you wearing a white head band last night?” I asked without even thinking.

“I don’t know.” Beyoncé said sounding tired.

“Rough night?” I asked.

“Didn’t get much sleep and my body kinda aches.” Why is her body aching? The logical reason would be cause of the shoot, but the perverted side of my mind said it was from spending a night of passion with Shakira.

“I can give you a massage if you want, depending on where it you need it.” I offered.

“Really?” She asked with that beautiful smile of hers. “That would be excellent!” She got up and went to the bedroom. I followed her as she lay on the bed. She reached underneath her and undid the robe, turned her back to me, so I couldn’t see anything as she took the robe off. She lay on the bed with nothing on except for a pair of black panties. I stood and stared at her incredible ass.

“Are you staring at my booty?” She asked with a serious tone, knowing that I was.

“It’s an incredibly, breath taking booty.” I replied and she laughed.

“You can look, but not touch.” She said as I sat down beside her. “My whole back is a little sore.” She said. I took that as my cue to massage her back. I started to massage her and before I could get into it. There was a knock at the door and the person burst into the trailer.

“‘Hair and make up.” They called out once they were already in. It was a woman’s voice. “Oh!” She said as she looked into the bedroom. “I’ll give you two a couple of minutes to finish up.”

“Come back!” Beyoncé called out. “He’s just giving me a massage, there’s nothing to finish.” She came back into the room and I quickly left the trailer. I was a little embarrassed, but there was nothing to be embarrassed about. I had spent about five minutes feeling up, I mean massaging Beyoncé’s back and sides, getting a good view of her ass in just panties. I didn’t get to see her tits though, she kept them well hidden.

I think I managed to kill enough time and headed back to the set. We were going to film a scene with curtains and a wind machine first, a solo scene with both girls and finish with the rain scene. Shakira was first out. The last I saw Beyoncé, she was still in a robe. So Shakira and Beyoncé just swapped around.

We shot the scene with the curtains as I called them and the wind machine. Shakira was in a one piece pants and top, all black. The top was like the top half of her dress she was wearing yesterday and she had a silver belt on. We did quite a few takes of her and when we were finished, she came and sat on her chair that she placed next to me.

“You were good.” I complimented her.

“Thanks.” She replied. “But all I did was just go out there and dance.” Beyoncé entered very quickly, which I found to be surprising, considering it looked like she had just strolled out of bed last time I saw her. Beyoncé looked at me and gave a smile and then looked at Shakira and waved.

“What was that about?” Shakira asked.

“Nothing.” I replied.

“Didn’t look like nothing.” Shakira said.

“I gave her a bagel.”

“I would love a bagel right now.” Shakira said. “Look what you did!” She said playfully pushing my thigh. “Trying to turn me fat!” She seemed very concerned with her appearance. Shakira went off to do a wardrobe change and came back ten minutes later. There wasn’t any need for hair and make up, as this was the rain scene. Once Beyoncé was don, she went and quickly got changed. They were both in long black dresses.

The scene was incredible. They were both wet shaking their tits and asses. They looked so beautiful together. I’m pretty sure that all the male members of the crew were probably just like me, supporting a hard-on. We made them do the scene again and again for our own pleasure and by the end, both Beyoncé and Shakira’s teeth were clattering.

One of Beyoncé’s people put a towel around her, hugging her, trying to warm her up. Shakira, it appeared was here without her people or entourage or whatever you call them. So I got a towel and put it around her and tried to warm her by hugging her.

“I’m so cold!” She said shivering.

“Don’t worry. We’ll get you back to your trailer and you can get out of these wet clothes and take a hot shower.” I said kissing her forehead. I don’t know if it was a bad thing I did, but she smiled and pushed her body closer to mine. I walked her to her trailer, we were done for the day so it didn’t matter if I left the set.

“There you go.” I said. “I’ll leave you to it.” I said turning around.

“Kash?” She said and I turned around. Shakira took a step forward, standing a couple of inches in front of me. “Thanks.” She said kissing me on the lips. I kissed her back, but it was a quick closed mouth kiss. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” She said walking in to the bedroom, where there was a shower attached to it. I didn’t know if she wanted me to follow her, but when I looked into her bedroom, the bathroom door was closed.

I went back into the set and talked with the crew about plans for tomorrow. Once we were done, I started to head out. I passed Shakira’s trailer and something made me decide to go in and see her. I knocked on the door twice and decided to go in. I started to lose my nerve as soon as I went in. But I figured she heard me come in, so I called her name out.

“Shakira?” I called out going into the bedroom. I saw the bathroom door open. “I think I left my cell phone here.” I lied, giving a reason for why I was here as I knocked on the open bathroom door walking in. To my surprise, the room was empty. Her wet clothes was on the floor but there was no sign in the room that anyone had taken a shower. I looked around the trailer and Shakira was nowhere in sight.

Where could she have gone? And that’s when it hit me. The swapped head bands, Shakira in the same clothes in the morning as the night before. Beyoncé not having an answer for the swapped head bands and about talking earlier when it was the morning and Shakira did look a bit jealous when Beyoncé looked over to me yesterday. I know it seemed like I was coming up with reasons for them to be lesbians, but you still couldn’t ignore the tiny evidence to back the theory.

Hold on! What would confirm or deny it, would be if I went to Beyoncé’s trailer and Shakira was there. I came out of the trailer and everyone had turned in for the night. I went to Beyoncé’s trailer and peeked in through the window. And just as I suspected, Shakira was there.

“You know the only reason why we had to do so many takes is cos the guys there wanted to see our body all wet.” Beyoncé said.

“And stare at us while we shaked our boobs.” Shakira added and Beyoncé laughed. Beyoncé was still in the wet clothes and Shakira was in black sweat pants and a grey sweater. Both of their hair was soaking wet. Maybe there wasn’t anything going on and they were just hanging out. Maybe it was just my male fantasy running into overtime. I decided to leave, but decided to take another peek before I did.

“Aren’t you cold in those clothes?” Shakira asked.

“Yeah! I was about to take a hot shower but I totally forgot when you came in.” Beyoncé replied.

“Here. Let me help you out.” Shakira said going over to Beyoncé, pulling her straps down off her shoulders and revealing her tits. She had large, dark, erect nipples. I quickly pulled my cell phone out. I was glad that the guy at the place I bought it talked me into getting this phone. It was a camera phone that had the highest quality video that you could find on a phone and I had just bought a brand new memory card. I did it to save the videos that I had done so I could show it to people at any time, but I guess this was gonna have to take it’s place.

I went into the options and set the video time to 60 mins, the highest amount there was on the phone. I held up the phone, aimed at their direction. I zoomed in to get a better view of what they were doing. Beyoncé was now standing there with nothing on.

Shakira lowered her head down to Beyoncé’s breast and licked her large erect nipple, taking it into her mouth. Sucking it tenderly.

“I need to take a hot shower.” Beyoncé said. She seemed to be fighting it.

“I need to take a hot shower too.” Shakira said taking her sweater off, revealing that she had a white T-shirt on underneath. Her sweat pants were tied at the front and she undid it, letting her sweat pants fall to the floor. Shakira stepped out of them, her feet already bare.

“You look so sexy in that T-shirt.” Beyoncé said stepping forward kissing Shakira on the lips. Shakira opened her mouth, I couldn’t tell which one had their tongue in who’s mouth but it looked real hot.

They started to run their hands through each other’s wet hair and I noticed Beyoncé’s hand go down Shakira’s body. Shakira was wearing a very baggy T-shirt that looked like it was probably a guys T-shirt. It’s probably from an ex-boyfriend. Beyoncé’s hand went up Shakira’s T-shirt.

“Oooh!” Shakira moaned, her legs buckling.

“You like that Shaki?” Beyoncé asked. Shaki? Was that a nick name? She never told me to call her Shaki and I’ve been hanging out with her for the past two days.

“Yeah!” Shakira moaned as Beyoncé’s hand started to go back and fourth. Shakira’s T-shirt was covering what was happening, but I assumed that Beyoncé was fingering her.

Beyoncé went down to her knees, pushing the T-shirt up. Shakira pulled the T-shirt up revealing her tits. Her body looked perfectly tanned and flawless. Beyoncé pushed her head forward, licking at Shakira’s pussy. I started to feel a hard on coming as I watched Beyoncé bring Shakira to a loud screaming orgasm.

“I want to taste me on you.” Shakira said as Beyoncé stood up and kissed her. While they kissed they started to rub each other’s bodies. Shakira’s hands went down to Beyoncé large booty and squeezed them. Shakira slipped her finger down Beyoncé’s butt crack and her finger kept going, indicating that she was working her finger into Beyoncé’s ass.

“Let’s take it into the shower.” Beyoncé smiled at Shakira.

“OK.” Shakira smiled kissing Beyoncé on the lips, taking her finger out of Beyoncé’s ass. As they made their way to the bedroom, to head to the bedroom’s shower, I saw Shakira put the finger that was in Beyoncé’s ass into her mouth.

I pressed OK on my cell phone to save and decided to go around to see if I could get a good view of them from the bedroom window.
“Hey Kash!” It was the director of the video. He had a cigarette in his hand.
“Hi.” I said, trying to remember his name but, I couldn’t. “What’s up?” I asked.
“You did well today.” He said taking a puff. “You’re gonna do well, you have good chemistry with the stars. I saw you chatting up Shakira.” He started to walk while he talked. I looked back at the trailer and followed him grudgingly. “I would fuck her in a heart beat.” He said. “And that ass! What I would do to that ass!”
“Beyoncé’s got a great ass too.” I said.
“Hmm!” He nodded his head in agreement while he took a puff. “Tomorrow’s gonna be brilliant. We’ll get to see some more tits and ass. Come! Have a beer with me. I’m buying.” He said. There was no way out of this. I had to go to keep on his good side. If I turned him down, things could get sour.

Day 3

I came into the trailer area and decided to go to Shakira’s trailer. I knew she wasn’t going to be there, but maybe she snuck back in early. I know I was starting to seem clingy, following Shakira around everywhere, but she didn’t mind so I wasn’t going to stop and besides. She kissed me yesterday.

Just as I expected, she wasn’t there. I hanged around for a minute or two and started to get bored kind of quickly, so I decided to go to Beyoncé’s trailer. I didn’t know if she’d mind me going over, I didn’t hang out with her half as much as I did with Shakira.

As I approached Beyoncé’s trailer I noticed someone pulling their car into the parking lot. Shit! It was Sean Carter, Beyoncé’s rapper fiancé, Jay-Z. I quickly went up the couple of steps that lead to the trailer door and turned the door handle and luckily for Beyoncé, the door wasn’t locked and it just opened. I looked around and couldn’t see them so I headed into the bedroom. I was just stunned by the vision that greeted me once I went in.

Beyoncé and Shakira lay naked on the bed in each other’s arms with the sunlight shining through the window and onto their beautiful, naked bodies and even though it was first thing in the morning and they had taken a shower that had washed away all their make up, they still looked more beautiful than ever. Jay-Z was still parking and would have to sign in as a guest, so I figured I had some time. I took out my cell phone, flipped it open and pressed the button on the side to get the camera running. It’s not like it was gonna take me a minute to take a photo of these two Goddesses in their natural form. I quickly took the picture and put my cell phone into my pocket.

“Shakira?” I said gently shaking her leg. “Beyoncé?” I said gently shaking her leg as well. Shakira opened her eyes and mumbled something in Spanish or Latin, either way I didn’t understand what she said. Beyoncé opened her eyes.

“Kash?” She said sounding very groggy. “What are you doing here?”

“Kash?” Shakira said opening her eyes looking at Beyoncé and Beyoncé looked back at her.

“Shit!” Beyoncé said, now fully awake and alert, pulling the covers up covering the both of them. “What are you doing here!” Her voice was getting louder and sounding pissed off. Probably because I came in.

“I’m sorry to barge in.” I said in a sarcastic tone. “But I just thought you would like to know that I just saw Sean pulling his car up into the drive way and maybe you’d like to know. You know? Just in case you do plan on marrying him and being the bearer of his children. But seeing as though you seem more concerned with me coming in here I’ll just go and just let Sean walk in here and see you two naked in bed together.” I started to walk towards the door with my back turned to the both of them.

“No! Wait!” Beyoncé called out. A huge smile came on my face. I quickly turned my face back to normal and turned around.
“But weren’t you mad at me for coming in? You were starting to get quite rude in your tone of voice.” I said still keeping that sarcastic tone in my voice.

“I’m sorry about that. But I need, no we need your help. Sean can’t find her here with me. At least not like this.” Beyoncé said.

“OK!” I said gathering Shakira’s clothes. “Apology accepted. All Shakira needs to do is get her clothes on and nobody will know anything.” Me and Beyoncé turned to Shakira only to see that she had pulled the cover over her and fallen asleep.
“Shakira!” We both yelled at the same time.

“What?” She said waking up again.

“You need to get your clothes on.” Beyoncé said. Shakira slowly got out of bed and took the clothes from me.
“Hey Bee! It’s your boy!” We heard a voice call out. Shakira froze. It was Jay-Z. I looked at Beyoncé and her eyes were wide open, she looked terrified. I quickly grabbed Shakira who still hadn’t put any clothes on and was still a little sleepy, so I grabbed her clothes and shoes and quickly took her into the bathroom with me. I locked the door.

“Hey Bee!” Jay-Z said. “How’s my baby doing?”

“I’m good. It’s the last day so I’m grateful for that.”

“Is that your bathroom?” Jay-Z asked. “I need to take a piss.”

“No!” Beyoncé said. “There’s someone in there.”

“Who? Shakira?” Jay-Z asked laughing. “Don’t tell me you spent the night with her and now she’s in there. God that would be so sexy!” I heard his voice get closer and then something touch the handle.

“No… it’s my wake up call.” Beyoncé said. I looked at Shakira who was now fully dressed and I could see her mouth the words ‘What.’ She had a point. How was she gonna get out.

“Yeah. It’s Kash, I think he’s the camera guy too. He woke me up and had to go to the bathroom.” Beyoncé said.

“OK.” I whispered turning to Shakira. “What we’re gonna do is this. You’ll climb out the window.”

“How? Look how high up it is!” She whispered back.

“Good point. What we’ll do is this. I’ll help you up and you stay there on the window, straddling it. With one leg in the trailer and one leg outside and use your hands to keep balance. I’ll go around to the other side and get you from outside. OK?”

“OK.” Shakira whispered.

“Now I’ll help you up.” I whispered as I waited for her to come up to the window.

“Kash?” She whispered. “Thank you.” She said kissing me on the lips, opening her mouth and quickly darting her tongue in. She didn’t have morning breath but a different taste. The taste of a woman. It was Beyoncé. I tried to suck her tongue, but she pulled back too quickly. She faced the window and started to climb, I helped her by supporting her feet.

“Shit!” I whispered as her shoes dug into my hands.

“Sorry.” Shakira said coming back down. She held my hands, palm side up and kissed my palms. “Feel Better?” She asked, smiling, resting her chin on my palm.

“Much.” I replied. “Now let’s get you out of here.”

“Wait!” She said taking her shoes off and putting them on the window ledge. She started to climb up and I helped by supporting her feet. It was much easier now that she was barefoot. Once she was up I unlocked the door.

“Whoo!” I said as I went out of the bathroom waving my hands in front of my face. “I wouldn’t go in there for another 35, 45 minutes.”

“You dick!” Beyoncé laughed. She knew I didn’t really take a shit, but she played along.

“Seriously, give it a couple of minutes.” I said. “I’ll see you on set.” I said exiting the trailer. I quickly ran around to the other side and I could see Shakira half in and half out of the bathroom window.

“Here!” She said holding her shoes out. “Catch!” She said throwing them at me. I quickly ducked out the way. “You were suppose to catch.” Shakira laughed.

“That’s quite an arm you got. If I didn’t move out the way, you would’ve taken my head off!” I joked as I picked her shoes up.

“How am I gonna get down?” Shakira voice was just above a whisper, after all she was still half inside the trailer.
“I’ll stand here, you get your legs out and stand on my shoulders. Then just slide down my body.” I said, my voice quite low as well. I stood with my back against the trailer.

“OK.” Shakira said. She got both legs out, the top half of her body still inside. She held onto the ledge as she lowered herself. I could see her feet a couple of inches above my head. I held onto her ankles, guiding them onto my shoulders. Shakira was now fully out, just her head in the trailer, she was using her arms to keep herself up. She obviously had a lot of upper body strength and it’s not like she weighed a tone.

“Just slide down my body now.” I said. She held the window ledge as she moved one leg down and bent the other leg at the knee. I put my arms around the leg so she was able to get the other leg down, my arms were around both of her legs now as she dropped down, sliding down my front with my arms still around her. She wrapped her legs around my waist as she came down.

I held onto her as we were face to face. Shakira had her arms around my neck, hugging me tight with her arms and legs and started to giggle.

“We did it!” She laughed, probably from the rush she got from dropping down and leaving her safety in my hands. She started to stop laughing. She said moving the hair from her face and behind her ears. I just watched her beautiful face the whole time.

“Thanks!” She said kissing me again on the lips, a closed mouth kiss. She kept doing that, kissing me on the lips and I took it as a sign that something more could happen.

Shakira looked into my eyes as she pulled her head back. I felt a wave of lust come over me and I leaned forward quickly, kissing her, opening my mouth and pushing my tongue into her mouth. She didn’t resist and I quickly turned around, still holding her pressing her against the trailer.

She was caught by surprise and her legs let go off my waist. I ran one hand down her back and grabbed her ass, pushing her crotch closer to mine, grinding my cock against her pussy, dry humping her. I slid my hand down her waist band squeezing her bare ass. I pulled my hand out of her sweat pants, grabbing the waist band, pulling it down.

“Stop!” Shakira moaned, breaking the kiss, holding my hand. I started to kiss her cheek.

“I wanna fuck you!” I moaned desperately in her ear.

“I want to feel you inside of me.” She moaned into my ear. “But not out here.” I kissed her again, a quick kiss. I picked up her shoes and handed them to her and she put them on. I held her hand as we walked to her trailer. Shakira opened the door and as soon as I closed it behind me, Shakira leapt at me, wrapping her arms and legs around me, making me go back against the door.

“Fuck me!” She moaned kissing me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I sucked her tongue as I held her ass to hold her up as I walked to the bed. I put her down on the bed, quickly unzipped and got my cock out. I wanted her so badly that I couldn’t even wait to take my clothes off. I quickly pulled Shakira’s sweat pants down and got on top of her and used my hand to push my cock into her cunt.

I started to thrust in and out of her, kissing her lips.

“You feel so big inside me.” Shakira moaned kissing my chin. “Fuck me faster!” She said. There was a knock at the door and I heard the door open and saw the bedroom door open. I quickly rolled off her and off the bed. I hid under the bed and I saw Shakira’s feet as she ran into the bathroom.

“Shakira?” I heard a woman’s voice from the bedroom door. Why the fuck did I go under the bed? There was no way I was gonna be able to come out unless there was no one in the trailer.

“I’m in the bathroom!” Shakira yelled. “I’m naked so can you close the door?”

“Sure.” The woman said closing the door. The woman was probably make up or hair stylist. Shakira came out and put some pants on. She looked under the bed at me and giggled. She went out of the bedroom.

“Kash! There’s no one here!” She called out and I quickly got out and sat on the couch. “Tonight.” Shakira said kissing me and the woman came in again. We both jumped back and I don’t think she noticed.

“We need to start your make-up now. We got a long day ahead of us.” She looked at me. “When did you get in here?”
“I saw you leaving when I came in.” I lied.

“Oh!” She carried on talking to Shakira and I left the trailer. We started off with the scene that had both Shakira and Beyoncé that was very hot. They were both barefoot, a trademark that Shakira had when performing live and showing her bare feet in every video that she’s done. The shoot made me even more hornier. I had my dick inside Shakira and was so close to get satisfaction from her and now I was a walking hard on and this scene was not helping me one bit. I made sure that I stayed seated behind the camera at all times.

Once the scene was over both Shakira and Beyoncé went for costume change and to get their hair done. This was the scene with ornaments hanging down, where both women had straight hair. We figured it’d take too long to straighten their hair and then make it frizzy again, so we decided it would be best to do the scene last to save us time.

The day took practically forever to end and I was so tempted to go and jerk off during one of the breaks, but decided not to. I could get hard for a second time and it’s Shakira, so I’d have no trouble. But getting hard for a third time, even with Shakira. I wasn’t too sure. I’ve never done it before and I wasn’t going to bank on doing it for the first time now, so I walked around with this painfully hard erection.

Once the director said ‘That’s a wrap!’ I was waiting for the place to clear out so I could finally fuck Shakira, but everyone was taking their damn sweet time, saying their good byes and shit. Once the place finally cleared out an hour later and Shakira and Beyoncé started to head back to their trailers, I made sure no one saw where I was going and headed to Shakira’s trailer. I knew she wasn’t going to be with Beyoncé, because Beyoncé was with Jay-Z, her fiancé.
I walked up to Shakira’s trailer door and I took a deep breath. I wanted to go in and fuck her senseless, but there was a little voice at the back of my head. What if she doesn’t want me anymore? What if she found someone better? What if it was a spur of the moment thing and now the moment has gone? Before I could think of anymore questions, the door opened. Shakira stood there in a red robe. She came closer to me.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” She said. I walked in so that no passer by would see us. As soon as the door shut, Shakira pulled her robe back and let it fall to the floor. “Is this what you want?” Shakira asked. I nodded, my mouth open.
I looked at her flawless body up and down. Her stomach was toned and she had a small patch of pubic hair just above her opening.

“What are you waiting for?” She asked with a smile on her face.

“Nothing.” I said walking up to her, wrapping my arms around her body, kissing her. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around me and I carried her onto the bed. It was happening the same as before, but this time, there was gonna be no interruptions. So I decided to take my time.

I stood there and stripped off my clothes. Shakira kept her eyes on me, biting her bottom lip every time I took a piece of clothing off. She looked like she wanted this, maybe not as much as me. I looked at her as I walked up to the foot of the bed. I noticed her feet. They were clean. What was strange about this was that when her and Beyoncé shot their scenes where they were barefoot, they were barefoot for about two hours and by the end both their feet was dirty. Shakira must’ve taken a shower. I bent down and held her feet. One in each hand and I kissed the top of her feet.

“How comes your hair isn’t wet?” I asked.

“It took them two hours to do this. I’m not going to just wash it a couple of hours later.” She smiled. Two hours? That was an insane amount of time on your hair, but that’s women for you.

“Now, fuck my pussy!” Shakira said. I took position between her legs and pushed my big cock head into her tight pussy. With one swift, hard thrust I pushed my cock deep into her cunt. I went on top of her, wrapping my arms around her as I started to thrust in and out of her, making her moan louder with ever thrust.

As I worked my cock in and out of Shakira’s tight cunt I felt someone’s lips on my back kiss me. I quickly rolled off Shakira onto her side. I looked to see that it was Beyoncé and she was an incredible sight. She stood beside the bed on my side with nothing on, her clothes were on the floor beside her. I guess that’s why Shakira kept looking at that direction.

“You weren’t joking last night when you said he was huge.” Beyoncé said her eyes wide open, locked onto my cock.
“When did you see my cock yesterday?” I asked, turning to Shakira, a little confused as she didn’t see my cock until this morning.

“When you were massaging her feet.” Beyoncé answered for Shakira. “You got a erection.” Massaging Shakira’s feet did turn me on, but I didn’t realise just how much. “So. Feet turns you on, huh?” Beyoncé asked. “What do you think of my feet?” Beyoncé said lifting her foot up, arching them as she placed her toes on my chest. I looked at Shakira and she seemed fine with what was happening.

“They’re beautiful.” I said looking at her foot. She had her toe nails painted white.

“Do you want to suck them?” Beyoncé asked.

“Only if I get to suck them too!” Shakira said, pressing her chest against my arm. Beyoncé lifted her foot slightly and I leaned forward sucking her big toe while Shakira starts to lick the side of her foot. She started from Beyoncé little toe, licking down the side of her foot, all the way down to her heel, sucking her heel hard.

I sat up and started to suck the toe next to Beyoncé’s big toe, making my way across her toes one by one until I got to the little toe. I could feel Shakira’s tongue against my chin while she licked the balls just under Beyoncé’s little toe.
Beyoncé moved her foot away from me, leading Shakira away. Shakira was sucking her toes hard and wasn’t letting them out of her mouth. Beyoncé lowered her foot, making Shakira lower herself as well, as Shakira continued to suck her toes. Beyoncé sat down in between my legs and managed to shuffle her butt forward.

Beyoncé sat on my lap, while Shakira still sucked and licked her foot. Beyoncé positioned herself, so that she was kneeling on her free leg. I could feel my cock getting harder and pressing against her lower back. She reached behind her and held my cock. She used the leg that she was kneeling on to lift herself up and pressed my cock against her pussy. She gently slid her pussy lips down my shaft.

Her pussy was so tight, I wrapped my arms around her tight as she slowly pushed herself up and down my shaft. Shakira let go of Beyoncé’s foot and Beyoncé leaned back as she pulled her leg back and positioned herself so that she was kneeling on top of me while she rode me. I watched Beyoncé as she rode me, getting faster every time she thrust her body down my shaft.
Shakira pulled me back so I was on my back. She lay beside me kissing my shoulder, neck and the side of my face. I started to kiss her to take my attention away from the fact that I had Beyoncé riding me. I wanted this to last as long as possible. I sucked Shakira’s tongue and she pulled her tongue back, kissing down my chest. She straddled my face and I started to lick her pussy. Shakira’s kisses went down my abs, onto my crotch and then her lips went off my body. I couldn’t see what she was doing as she had her pussy on my mouth and was blocking my view. But I could still hear her kissing, probably making her way up Beyoncé’s body.

I saw Beyoncé place her hands at the back of Shakira’s head as they started to kiss. I started to work my tongue in and out of Shakira’s pussy faster as I watched the two kiss. I started to finger her clit as well as tongue fucking her.
“That feels so good!” Shakira moaned looking back at me, breaking her kiss with Beyoncé. Beyoncé started to kiss around Shakira’s neck while Shakira started grinding her hips up and down against my face while I continued to eat her out.
“I need it in my pussy!” Shakira said getting off my face. Beyoncé stopped riding me and got off my dick and Shakira straddled me. She slid herself down my pole as she lowered her hips down. She started to ride me as fast as she could instantly.

“I’m gonna cum!” Shakira kept moaning as she rode me faster and faster. I started to feel my orgasm starting to build up too. Beyoncé lay beside us, her legs near my head, her head near my knees. She was fingering herself as she watched Shakira ride me. I started to kiss the back of her calf, trying to take my focus away from my orgasm. Beyoncé lowered her head and kissed the sole of Shakira’s foot.

“Mmm. That feels good!” Shakira moaned looking at Beyoncé while she rode me. Beyoncé smiled at her as she teased her with her tongue. Slowly licking around her heel and up her sole, circling the balls under her toes. Shakira curled her toes as Beyoncé tried to pushed her tongue in between her toes.

“FUCK!” Shakira screamed. “I’m cumming!” She started to go at a feverishly fast pace. I started to feel my orgasm coming and just when I thought that our orgasms was gonna hit at the same time, Shakira slammed her body down, her mouth wide open, no sound coming out. I felt her pussy contract around my shaft as she came. Beyoncé laughed.

“Let me taste your cum Shaki.” She said and Shakira leaned forward slightly, enough to pull herself off my cock. I could feel Beyoncé’s chin touch my cock as she licked Shakira’s cunt.

“Looks like most of it is on your dick, Kash.” Beyoncé said and then I felt her hold my cock and her lips envelope around my cock head.

“Fuck!” I moaned closing my eyes. Beyoncé lips felt so soft and incredible around my shaft as she started to work her lips up and down. Shakira got off me and lay down beside me. She was breathing hard, gasping for air.

“Intense orgasm?” I asked. Shakira smiled and nodded her head. She leaned forward and kissed me. She rested her head on my shoulder as she looked down at Beyoncé sucking my cock.

“You look so beautiful with a dick in your mouth.” Shakira said to Beyoncé and Beyoncé stopped sucking my cock and laughed while my cock head was in her mouth. Shakira reached down with her foot and started to rub her toes against my groin.

Beyoncé took her mouth off my cock and started to suck Shakira’s big toe. Shakira pulled her foot away from Beyoncé and started to touch my cock with her big toe. Beyoncé watched as Shakira stroked my cock with her foot.

Beyoncé smiled at Shakira and Shakira smiled back. Beyoncé shuffled down the bed, sitting with her back against the footboard, her legs stretched out forward, one foot at the side of my groin which Beyoncé used to squeeze by ball sack with her toes. She moved her other foot up and joined Shakira on stroking my cock.

Shakira was on her side beside me, her tits pressed against my arm, so she could only use one foot to stroke my cock. Now Beyoncé and Shakira had my cock sandwiched in between their feet. They started to rub the soles of their feet up and down my shaft, while Beyoncé used her other foot to gently squeeze and play with my balls.

Shakira started to go faster with every stroke, working the balls under her toes up and down my shaft. Beyoncé kept up with Shakira, just a split second slower.

“Stop!” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum.” I was close to cumming and I didn’t want to. I wanted to fuck both of them some more.

“Cum for us Kash.” Beyoncé said. “I want to taste your cum. I want to lick it off Shakira’s foot. Taste you juice all over her sexy toes.” Beyoncé said while they both stroked my cock as fast as they could with their feet. Shakira started to grind her body against mine as well.

“Cum on my feet Kash!” Shakira moaned in a very seductive tone. “I want to feel your hot man juice on my feet.” She moaned as she rubbed my chest with one hand. I closed my eyes and gave in to them.

“Fuck!” I moaned as I felt my cum push up my shaft. Shakira took her foot off my cock and pressed it against my groin. Her foot on it’s side. Beyoncé quickly sandwiched my cock in between both of her feet and pumped my cock hard, pressing the head against the sole of Shakira’s foot as I came. Beyoncé kept up with my loads, working her feet up my shaft every time I shot a load and then back down. I started to breath hard as my orgasm subsided.

Beyoncé still had my cock in place with her feet. She sat up and leaned her head forward, opening her mouth taking my large cock head into her mouth, still keeping my cock in place with her feet not using her hands. She started to work her lips up and down my shaft, sucking off any excess cum. She went down until her lips touched her toes and worked her mouth back up.

Beyoncé moved her legs and positioned herself so she was on all fours. She leaned her head forward and started to kiss the top of Shakira’s foot.

“Yeah! Suck that cum of my foot!” Shakira said in her heavy accent. Beyoncé smiled, keeping her eyes locked on to mine as she licked the sole of Shakira’s foot. Starting at my groin, licking along the sole of Shakira’s foot, going from her big toe up to her little toe. Beyoncé sucked the last two toes, taking my cum into her mouth. She hadn’t swallowed yet.

“You got all of it?” Shakira asked. Beyoncé shook her head and gave the sole of Shakira’s foot a couple of licks and started to crawl up my body, while she was on all fours. She moved over on top of Shakira and moved up her body until they were face to face. Shakira pouted, opening her mouth and Beyoncé opened her mouth slowly and let my cum flow out into Shakira’s. She didn’t let all of it out and closed her mouth. Beyoncé looked at me and swallowed. She smiled at me once she did this.

I looked at Shakira and watched her swallow my cum. She had some cum that spilled out onto her chin when Beyoncé was giving her some cum. Beyoncé noticed this and started to lick Shakira’s chin, sucking her chin before they locked into a deep kiss. I could feel my cock stir. It was at it’s full length but it wasn’t hard.

“I wanna taste you.” Shakira said to Beyoncé once they broke their kiss. Beyoncé smiled and turned around, they were now in the 69 position. Shakira started to lick Beyoncé’s pussy, pushing her tongue in. I looked down to see what Beyoncé was doing and I couldn’t see, her hair was in the way, but she was making motions that she was going down on her.

The two fingered and tongued each other and I stroked my cock while I watched, getting myself hard again. I watched Shakira eat out Beyoncé and I joined in a little, licking Beyoncé’s pussy. Shakira was first to cum out of the two, she seemed like she could orgasm quicker than Beyoncé.

I was still lying beside Shakira, my head beside hers and once Beyoncé made Shakira cum, she started to suck my cock, getting me back to being fully hard with her lips. Once I felt like I was hard enough I took position behind Beyoncé to fuck her doggy style. Shakira stopped sucking Beyoncé’s pussy and moved her head back as I pushed my cock into her pussy.

I thrust forward gently, making sure that I didn’t touch Shakira as they were still in the 69 position. I could feel Shakira’s breath against my balls and when I thrust forward, I could feel her breath against my ass. Shakira put her hands on my ass and stopped me. She opened her mouth and lifted her head, taking my balls into her mouth.

I started to thrust into Beyoncé again going as fast as I could this time, not worrying about cumming too quickly, while Shakira sucked my balls. Beyoncé’s moans was starting to turn into loud screams as I went as fast as I could. Shakira took her mouth off my balls when I went too fast. She shuffled down and started to flick her tongue against Beyoncé’s clit, teasing her. Giving her enough to excite her but not enough to get her off and I think that made Beyoncé get turned on even more.

With a combination of my cock drilling into her tight cunt and Shakira tonguing her clit, Beyoncé’s pussy started to quiver around my shaft. I could feel that her orgasm was fast approaching.

“You cumming Bee?” Shakira asked.

“Yeah! I’m cumming! I’m…” Beyoncé moaned.

“Quick! Take it out!” Shakira told me. So I quickly pulled out. As soon as I pulled out, Beyoncé came. She squirted a little into Shakira open mouth. Shakira swallowed her cum. I bent over forward, licking Beyoncé’s cunt, getting a taste of her womanhood. Beyoncé rolled over on to her back. Shakira got up onto her knees.

“You’re rock hard again!” Shakira said looking a little surprised.

“You sound surprised.” I said.

“Off course he’s gonna be hard!” Beyoncé laughed. “We’re hot!” She joked and laughed, even though it was true. Shakira faced Beyoncé and playfully pushed her. She had her back turned to me, giving me a great view of her ass.

“You have an incredible ass.” I commented. Shakira looked back, shaking her ass.

“You want to fuck it?” She asked.

“You mean anal sex?” I asked making sure I heard right. Shakira nodded her head. “Yes!” I replied. Beyoncé laughed.

“Of course he wants booty sex with us. Every guy does.” Beyoncé was 100% right. Every guy must’ve fantasized about fucking them up the ass whenever they fantasized about either of the two. Shakira got on to all fours in front of me, arching her back, sticking her ass right out.

“Don’t you want to use any kind of lubrication?” I asked.

“No. Unless you want to. My ass hole is kinda sweaty from all the sex.” Shakira said. I looked down at my cock and it was still wet from a mixture of my cum and saliva. I’m pretty sure it was Beyoncé’s saliva. I took position behind Shakira and pushed my cock in between her butt crack.

“Ahhhh!” Shakira moaned as the tip of my cock pressed against her ass hole. “Put it in me!” She moaned pressing her head down onto the bed, pushing her ass out some more. I pushed my cock forward and her ass hole widened, adjusting to my girth straight away.

“Fuck me hard!” Shakira said looking back at me. I started to give her hard thrusts, pulling back, slowly, letting her feel my cock and thrusting forward hard and fast. “Ummmm!” Shakira moaned every time I thrust forward.

Beyoncé got on all fours and crawled over to Shakira, face to face. Beyoncé leaned forward and Shakira’s head jerked forward and kissed Beyoncé. They started to tongue kiss each other. Beyoncé broke the kiss and got up to her knees, pushing Shakira’s face on to her pussy. Shakira started to tongue her pussy while Beyoncé kept her eyes on mine while I carried on with the hard thrust’s into Shakira’s ass.

“You want me to taste her ass?” Beyoncé asked me.

“I want you to taste my ass.” Shakira said looking up at her. Beyoncé gave a little chuckle as she got up and stood over Shakira’s back, squatting down on her back. She leaned forward kissing my chest, lowering her mouth to my crotch. I pulled out of Shakira’s ass and Beyoncé moaned loud as she put her mouth over my cock head. Looking like she was savouring the taste of Shakira’s ass on my cock.

Beyoncé started to work lips up and down my shaft a couple of times and then took my cock out. She held my cock and forced the head into Shakira’s ass. I started to fuck Shakira’s ass as fast as I could, causing her to scream in pleasure.

I went too fast and my cock slipped out and Beyoncé leaned forward quickly, wrapping her lips around my cock sucking as fast as she could before she put my cock back into Shakira’s ass.

“Yeah! Fuck that booty!” Beyoncé said licking her lips. I started thrusting in and out of Shakira’s ass as fast as I could again. Beyoncé leaned forward, her chin resting on the top of Shakira’s butt cheeks, sticking her tongue out, placing it on the top of my cock so that every time I thrust in and out of Shakira’s ass I could feel her tongue as well.

My cock slipped out of Shakira’s ass again and Beyoncé started to lick Shakira’s butt crack.

“That looks soo good!” Beyoncé said looking at my cock. She reached forward and started to stroke it. “I want to feel it in my booty. Can you please fuck my booty?” She asked looking up at me innocently while she still stroked my cock.

“Yeah!” I said. Beyoncé gave a little excited yelp and went on all fours beside Shakira.

“Do you want me to taste my ass?” Shakira asked looking back.

“Yes!” I replied. So many questions flying around now and all I had to say to them was yes. Shakira turned around and took my cock head into her mouth.

“Mmmm!” She moaned as she sucked my cock hard. I felt some pre-cum ooze out. “Mmm!” She moaned looking up at me, trying to laugh with my cock in her mouth. She swallowed my pre-cum and started to bob her head up and down.

“It’s my turn now!” Beyoncé whined. “You’re hogging the cock.”

“Sorry!” Shakira said taking her mouth off my cock. “It’s just so big, I can’t help myself.” Beyoncé gave a annoyed, yet friendly smile at Shakira.

I took position behind Beyoncé and pressed my cock head into her ass hole, slowly pushing forward, working my cock in and out, getting more in each time I pushed forward.

“Hold on.” Shakira said, from behind me. She lay on her back, her head in between both mine and Beyoncé’s legs. She shuffled up getting her head in between Beyoncé’s legs. I had to reposition my legs so that my knees were in between her arms and body, one knee on either side. Beyoncé spread her legs wide to make space for Shakira, her body low enough now for her pussy to rest on Shakira’s mouth.

Shakira stared to eat out Beyoncé’s pussy while I started to build up pace with every thrust as I fucked Beyoncé’s ass. I was a little weary of going too fast, in case a part of me smacked into Shakira’s face. So I only thrust half my length into her tight ass hole.

I pulled out of Beyoncé’s ass and without saying a word, I held my cock and pushed it down towards Shakira’s mouth. She opened her mouth instantly and I started to thrust in and out of Shakira’s mouth, working my cock to the back of her throat.

I pulled out of Shakira’s mouth, my cock now really wet from her saliva, thrusting deep into Beyoncé’s rear in one fast, hard thrust. My wet cock gliding in swiftly. I started to thrust fast and hard into Beyoncé’s butt, not giving Shakira a chance to start tonguing Beyoncé’s pussy.

I could feel Shakira’s head moving to the side. I looked down and every time I pulled back, I could see Shakira kissing Beyoncé’s inner thighs. Shakira starting to shuffle up the bed, going face to face with Beyoncé. They started to kiss instantly. I could feel Shakira’s soft calves in between my calves and Beyoncé’s toned calves on the other side of my calves.

I pulled out of Beyoncé and stayed there on my knees watching the two beauties making out, grinding their hips against each other, rubbing their pussy against the other’s. Beyoncé let her body drop, putting her weight on top of Shakira’s. They wrapped their arms around each other and Shakira turned Beyoncé over so that she was on top of Beyoncé.

I pushed Shakira’s ass up and she positioned herself so that she was on all fours on top of Beyoncé. Beyoncé spread her legs apart making space for me in between them. I was on my knees and I pushed my cock head into Shakira’s ass hole. I felt like I could go on forever, thrusting into Shakira’s ass as fast as I could instantly. Shakira was moaning slightly, but she had her lips locked on Beyoncé’s.

I carried on going and then stopped, pulled out of Shakira. I held my cock in my hand, I was thinking of fucking Beyoncé’s pussy again, but thought that she might not like a cock in her pussy after it’s been up another woman’s ass, so I pushed my cock head down into her butt crack and thrust forward once I felt her tight ass hole.

“Oh God!” Beyoncé moaned, breaking her kiss with Shakira and arching her back, pushing her chest out against Shakira’s. I carried on pumping my cock in and out of Beyoncé’s ass for a couple of minutes and then I switched back to Shakira’s ass. I continued to do this, switching back and fourth between the two. They were both as tight as the other, using their muscles very well to tightly grip my cock.

I pushed my cock into Beyoncé’s ass and continued to fuck her as I started to feel my orgasm start to build up. I continued to drill into her hard, trying to cum, but my second orgasm was taking a lot longer, just like I expected. So I pulled out of her ass and pushed my member into Shakira’s ass and continued to go as fast as I could. I could feel my cock was about to erupt.

“I’m cumming!” I yelled as I thrust deep into Shakira‘s tanned ass, my first load shooting deep into her pooper. I quickly pulled out making my cock as tense as possible as I quickly thrust into Beyoncé’s milk chocolate ass, shooting my second load deep into her bowels. I quickly pulled out again, holding my cock aiming my loads onto Shakira’s thick, round butt cheeks. Trying to get an even amount of cum on both cheeks. It looked like I sprayed out more cum this time than the first time I came.

My cum started to ooze down on to Beyoncé’s pussy. Shakira spun around so her and Beyoncé were once again in the 69 position. Shakira held my cock and pushed it into Beyoncé’s dark pussy. Shakira started to lick up my cum from the top of Beyoncé’s cunt while I gave her a couple of thrusts and pulled out. Shakira worked her lips up and down my cock a couple of times.

I went around to Shakira’s ass to see Beyoncé kissing Shakira’s ass. She had my cum all over her lips. She started to lick Shakira’s round ass cheeks, gathering my cum to one spot before sucking it into her mouth.

Shakira got up onto her knees, turned around, Beyoncé got up to her knees as well and they start to kiss. Beyoncé hadn’t swallowed my cum yet and I could see my cum flowing out the side of their mouths, down their chin and onto their tits. Shakira broke the kiss and they started to lick my cum off each other’s chin’s, tilting their heads to the side.

Shakira moved down and started to suck my cum off Beyoncé’s chest and tits. Licking her way back up to Beyoncé’s mouth and Beyoncé worked her lips down to Shakira’s tits, licking my cum of them.

“Fuck!” I said. “That was hot!”

“You think that’s hot?” Shakira said. “Check this out. Lie down Bee.” Beyoncé lay down on her back and Shakira straddled her face. Shakira looked back at me. “You ready?” She asked her ass about a foot on top of Beyoncé’s ass. I nodded, not having a clue as to what she was gonna do.

Beyoncé opened her mouth her tongue spread out and Shakira’s sphincter started to widen and I could see my cum. My cum oozed out of her ass and into Beyoncé’s open mouth. Some of the cum went onto Beyoncé’s tongue, but there wasn’t a lot as I only shot one load into her ass.

“Mmm!” Beyoncé moaned closing her mouth and swallowing. She looked at me and laughed.

“My turn!” Shakira said laying down on the bed. Beyoncé straddled her face and I watched closely as Beyoncé strained hard as my cum slowly treacled out of her dark ass hole and into Shakira’s open mouth. Shakira swallowed instantly. Shakira lifted her head and started to lick Beyoncé’s ass hole, pushing her tongue in, licking out Beyoncé’s ass hole.

“All clean!” Shakira said kissing Beyoncé’s black butt cheek. I lay down on the bed on one side. “Move over.” Shakira said pushing me on to the middle of the bed. Beyoncé and Shakira lay down on either side of me, me in the middle. They both hugged me.

“That was awesome!” Beyoncé said.

“We should do it again in the morning!” Shakira said. I said nothing, I just lay there looking at the ceiling, thinking about tomorrow morning. I looked at either side, looking at their beautiful faces as they drifted off to sleep.

This was my first attempt at a mff, so please tell me what you thought and if it was any good. Send all feedback to

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