Beautiful Sarah

Title: Beautiful Sarah

Author: Tori

Celebs: Sarah Hyland

Codes: MF, MMF, incest, cons, oral, anal, gangbang

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.


“Daddy, do you think I’m beautiful?”  Edward looked down at the tiny brunette with the big green eyes licking his cock and said, “Sure Sarah.  I think you’re very beautiful.  Why?”  Sarah Hyland stroked his big cock while licking his balls and said, “Most guys only want me for sex.  They never say I’m pretty or sexy.  They just fuck me and leave me.”  As she took him down her throat, Edward put his hand on the back of her head and held her there and started fucking her mouth.  His cock went all the way down her throat and when he pulled out he could see the tears running down her cheeks.  He couldn’t understand why but he thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world.

A few minutes later, Edward was covering her face with his hot load.  He stroked his cock and then squeezed out the rest of his cum.  Sarah lapped up the messy goo like a hungry puppy and then sat back, wiping the cum from her eyes with her fingers.  Edward pulled her up on her feet and turned her around.  Sarah continued to lick her fingers while being bent over the foot of the bed.  He spread the skinny 28 year olds ass cheeks apart and spit on her.  He used his fingers to open her tight pussy and then placed the head of his cock at her entrance.  Sarah reached back and spread herself wide open and said, “Come on Daddy.  Fuck me with that fat cock.”  Edward slapped her ass and pushed his cock into her and said, “Anything for my baby girl.”

Edward was just getting into fucking Sarah when the doorbell rang.  He kept slamming his daughter’s tight hole when the bell rang again and again.  Reluctantly, he pulled up and grabbed his shorts.  He slapped her ass and said, “I’ll be right back sweetie.  Don’t move.”  Sarah lay there and said, “Ok Daddy.  Hurry back.”  Edward ran down the stairs and opened door.  His friend Frank was standing there and said, “What the fuck man?  I’ve been ringing the bell for like ten minutes.”  He looked at his sweaty friend and said, “You look like shit man.  Why aren’t you ready?”  Edward slapped his palm against his forehead and said, “Dude, I’m sorry.  I completely forgot you were coming over.  Something’s come up.”  Frank looked down at his friend’s hard cock poking through his shorts and said, “Who is it, some hottie from the neighborhood?”  Edward shook his head and whispered, “Sarah’s here.  She’s upstairs.”  Frank stepped back and said, “No fucking way!  You’re fucking your kid?”  Edward quickly closed the door and said, “Keep your voice down.  She’s having a tough time right now with her self esteem.”  Frank started up the stairs.  Edward followed and said “Listen, you can fuck her but please, make sure you tell her she’s beautiful.”  Frank smiled and said, “No problemo dude.”

The two men walked in and found Sarah right where Edward left her, bent over the bed with her ass sticking up.  Frank got behind her and dropped his jeans and started smacking his cock against her ass.  Edward got in front of his daughter and said, “Sarah, you remember my buddy Frank, right?”  Sarah looked back at Frank and said, “Sure Daddy but…..”  Frank said, “That’s right gorgeous.  I’m going fuck your cute little butt.”  Sarah started to say something but Edward pushed his cock into her mouth and said, “Don’t worry baby.  Frank here thinks you’re just about the most beautiful girl he knows, right Frank?”  Frank was pushing his cock deeper and deeper into Sarah.  When he was balls deep, he said, “Fucking A baby.  You are sooooo tight.”  He started to slowly bang the hot brunette’s ass when he said, “Shit Sarah.  You really are beautiful.”  Edward looked down and saw Sarah’s big eyes light up as she sucked him off.

Pretty soon, both men were slamming their cocks into Sarah, making her grunt like a cheap whore.  Frank pounded her ass hard while Edward held onto her hair and face fucked his little girl.  Sarah was having her third orgasm when Frank pulled out and said, “Get up and ride your Daddy’s cock baby.”  Edward lay down and pulled the tiny beauty on top of him.  As soon as she sat down on his cock, Frank got behind her and started plowing into her still gaping ass.  The two men fucked Sarah hard and deep, making her cum over and over again.  After almost 20 minutes, Frank slammed his cock into her hard and came, filling her with his hot load.  A minute later, Edward held her tight against him as he came inside her sloppy, wet pussy.  Sarah rolled off Edward and sucked him dry and then did ass to mouth with Frank.  When she was finished, she lay back on the bed, still breathing hard and swallowed the cum left in her mouth.  After a few minutes, Sarah got off the bed and quickly got dressed.  She looked at her Father and said, “I’m sorry Daddy but I’ve got to go.”  Before he could stop her, Sarah ran out the house and drove away.

Edward tried to call Sarah for several days only to have his calls go straight to voicemail.  He knew letting his friend join in on their taboo secret might have ruined his relationship with her forever.  After a week, Edward decided to go over to Sarah’s townhouse and meet with her face to face.  When he arrived, he rang the bell several times but she didn’t answer.  He knew she was home since her car was in the driveway so using his key, he let himself in.  Edward could hear noises coming from the upstairs bedroom so he quietly walked up the stairs and then stopped in the doorway to Sarah’s bedroom.  What he saw was a complete surprise.  There, on the bed, was his daughter getting DP’d by Frank and a large black man he didn’t know.  While the two men fucked his little girl’s holes, he watched her sucking another black cock while she stroked two more cocks with her tiny hands.  The men either didn’t hear him or didn’t care.  Either way, they continued to degrade his beautiful daughter in every possible way.  Unable to watch, Edward quietly left and drove home.

Later that evening, Sarah showed up at the house.  When she walked in, she went over to her Father and said, “Did you like the show Daddy?”  Edward stood up and said, “What were you thinking?”  She took off her coat and started to unbutton her blouse and said, “What was I thinking?  Well, you were the one that let Frank fuck me so I guess I was thinking that I’m only good for one thing.”  Edward watched her take off her jeans and then her panties leaving her standing there naked in front of him.  She dropped to her knees and started to pull Edwards cock out of his trousers and said, “What’s the matter Daddy?  You liked fucking me last week.  Don’t you want to fuck me anymore?”  Edward closed his eyes and took a deep breathe as his beautiful daughter swallowed his cock.  She was soon taking him deep down her throat, licking his balls in the process, when she pulled off and said, “I know what I’m good for Daddy.”  She sucked him down her throat several more times and said, “You know Frank followed me home after I left.  He fucked my ass over and over again all night and he’s been back every night ever since.  A couple of days ago he started bringing his friends with him.”

Sarah stood up and bent over the coffee table.  She looked up at Edward and said, “Come on Daddy.  Fuck my ass.  Thanks to Frank and all his buddies, I love it up my ass.”  Edward couldn’t control himself.  It was like his cock took over and before he knew it he was railing his daughter’s gaping asshole like a man possessed.  Sarah grunted and moaned like a common street hooker as her daddy slammed his cock in and out of her well used ass.  It didn’t take Frank long before he pulled his cock out and came all over her ass.  Sarah got on her knees and sucked him dry before standing up and getting dressed.  As she walked out of the house, she looked back at Edward and said, “Still think I’m beautiful Daddy?”  Edward sat down and looked at her and said, “Baby, I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.”

The End

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