Beauty And The Beast

Disclaimer: If your easily offended OR under the age of 18, you need to find something else for your reading pleasure. This story is a work of fiction. It is not intended to imply the sexual orientation of the personalities portrayed…

Story by: Doctor Dan

Story codes: (F, ncon, beast, anal)

Beauty and the Beast

This story was inspired by Carmen Electra’s Esquire photo shoot.

Carmen Electra was getting ready for her esquire shoot. She slipped on the tight blue bikini, put her hair in pigtails and walked out onto the set. The photographer hadn’t fully explained what was entailed and
when Carmen saw a black dog sitting near the set she became curious.

“Nothing to worry about,” said the photographer, “Were just going to use him in some of the shots.”

Carmen didn’t really think anything of it, she had worked with animals before. The photographer asked Carmen to pose in a few different positions alone before using the dog. He explained to her then that he wanted the dog to grab the bottom of her bikini and try to strip it off.

Carmen felt awkward about this. She had never had a dog that close to her bikini bottoms. The first few shots didn’t work. The dog kept pulling her bottoms down before the photographer could take a picture. He finally got a shot that he liked and called for a break.

“Carmen we’re all going to take fifteen here. You can break if you want but I’d still like to get a few more shots of you with the dog when we get back. If you chose to stay you might want to practice with him a little more.”

Carmen was tired and just wanted to get outta there as soon as possible. She figured that if she stayed and practiced a little she could get out of there sooner so she told everyone she would stay as they walked out leaving Carmen alone with the dog.

Carmen looked backed at the dog to see if he was ready, but when she looked backed she noticed the dog had a hard on. Obviously working that close to Carmen’s nether region had affected him. She knew they couldn’t take the pictures that way but since she was just practicing now she figured she’d leave it alone.

Carmen posed and called the dog over, “Bite,” she commanded and the dog ran up and bit the bottom of her bikini but just like before he ripped it all the way down her legs. Carmen was so upset that she didn’t even notice when the dog started to run off with her bottoms leaving her naked.

The dog finally stopped and had cast her panties under a table in the corner of the studio.

“Stupid dog!” yelled Carmen as she saw that her panties were wedged under the small desk. She walked over to where they were and got down on all fours to get them. She really had to squeeze under the small desk and it forced her to have her ass high in the air while her upper body was smushed on the cold floor under the desk.

Carmen reached and finally got the panties in her fingertips when suddenly she felt a giant weight jump on her back. She looked under her and saw the dog had mounted her and was beginning to pump his rock hard 8in. cock towards her ass and pussy.

“No! You stupid dog I’m a human not a dog, get off of me,” she screamed but to no avail, the dog had seen his target and was going for it. Carmen tried to back up but because of the small size of the desk she couldn’t move. The dog meanwhile had been slamming his cock against her ass trying to find a hole. Carmen had been covered from head to toe in oil before the shoot began in order to giver her a glow in the shots. The dogs cock had become quite slick and oily from bouncing around her nether regions that were all covered with the oil.

Carmen screamed for help but nobody was around and then suddenly it happened. The dog’s cock had found a target but it wasn’t Carmen’s pussy it was her tight virgin ass! Carmen screamed as the dog shoved two inches of his oily cock up her tight unused ass. She had never planned on having a man’s cock up there let alone a dog’s. The dog kept humping away until his balls slapped against her pink pussy. Carmen couldn’t take it, the pain was unbearable. The dog kept taking full strokes pounding his cock into Carmen’s vice-like ass. It only lasted five minutes however until the dog could take no more and came inside Carmen’s tight ass. Lucky for Carmen her ass still retained some of its tightness and was too tight for the dog to shove it’s knot in and tie her up. In the dog’s weak state Carmen was able to push back on her aggressor and release herself from his confines and escape.

“You fucking stupid dog you raped me!” she screamed and cried.

When everyone came back she told them she was quitting because the dog had bitten her and she wanted it put to sleep. The dog was tragically killed and no one would ever know what happened.

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