Beauty On The Beach

Beauty on the Beach

by highflyer1997

I awoke to the sound of the TV. It was Saturday morning and I was getting over a long night of drinking. What better way than with a jog along the beach. So I got my shorts on, grabbed my sneakers and headed out for a short run. About half way through my jog I saw a girl sitting by herself near a lifeguard tower. She was staring out towards the water with a very distance and sad look on her face. Her blond hair was tied in a pony tail and moved with the breeze. I thought I should ask if she was ok, so I made my way over to her. As I got closer I could see she was
very pretty, with a terrific body. She had on sheer white top, with a white colored undershirt, and a pair of low cut jeans. Her shoes were off and next her bare feet along with a bag. “Ahhh, hi, um, I was wondering if you need some help, you look lost or something” “Ohhh, no, I am not lost, I live close by and like coming here to think”. “Ok, are sure you are fine?” “yes thanks for asking” she replied, “no problem, have a good morning”. As I started to leave she said “Wait, do you live around here?” “Ahh, yes I do, see that white house, third from that last row” “Ohh, thats nice, I always wanted to live on the beach” she said with a slight smile. “Its nice, the breeze and water, by the way my name is Don” I reached my hand out to her, “I’m Sarah” she said shaking my hand. After a few minutes of chatting I found out that she was having career issues and problems with her boyfriend and had been out all night. “Well Sarah, would you like to come and have a cup of coffee with me, relax for awhile, you look tired” Actually she looked very nice, her blond strands of hair covering her face. “Ok, some liquor would be better, but coffee sounds good” “Ahh, alcohol is not something you need now, won’t make you feel better” I said reaching down my hand and helping her up. I noticed as she turned and brushed the sand off her butt, what a sweet ass, perfect, and so shapely. I picked up her bag and walked her to my place.

We sat down on the patio with our cups of coffee and talked some more, she had mentioned she was an actress, and that her career was not goin so well since her series ended in 2003. I told her not to worry and that things will get better, she seemed to embrace the positive remarks, and became more relaxed and happy, even smiling a few times. Sarah began to yawn, obviously the night awake was catching up to her. “Hey Sarah, would you like to rest, take a nap, you look so tired.” “Actually a nap sounds great, but do you mind if I take a shower first?” “Not at all, let me show you to the bathroom” I walked her into my bedroom and told her she could change here. I handed her a towel but she forgot her bag with her clothes, so I went back downstairs to get her things. I left the door opened slightly thinking Sarah would be in the bathroom when I return with the door closed, but that was not the case. When I got back I could see Sarah remove her top, she did not have big breasts, but her body was incredible, very toned and athletic. She undid her jeans and slid them off, as I watched with my dick getting hard, she had on a white lace thong, with the back disappearing up her perfect rump. She went into the shower and opened the water. I made my way into the room and called out “Hey Sarah, your bag is on the bed” “thanks Don” I left and went downstairs to fix us a snack.

I came back upstairs and Sarah walked out of the bathroom with her towel wrapped around her. Her hair was dry and still in a ponytail with the strands still in her face. “Ohh sorry I thought you were dressed Sarah” “Its ok Don, I am done,” “Great you can change here and when you are done, I fixed some stuff for you to eat if you are hungry, I will be down in a few minutes after I shower” “Thanks so much Don, you are very sweet” Sarah reached up and kissed me on the cheek, the smell of her bodywash, fruity and tropical, drove me nuts. I went in the shower with a hard on, thinking of the gorgeous actress changing in my bedroom. As I stepped out to dry off I noticed that Sarah had left her thong on the floor. I picked it up and held it up, caressing the fabric that only moments ago covered Sarah’s pussy and thin string that was up her sweet butt crack. I sniffed her panties, smelling her essence, very sweet and arousing for sure. I came out of the bathroom with a towel around my waist and her panties in my hand not knowing she was in the bedroom. She looked so amazing, wearing this little t-shirt and a pair of white women’s boxer shorts. “Ohh, hey, you are here” “Ahh, yeah, I forgot somet..” she paused and noticed I had her thong in my hand, “that, haha” she laughed, I smiled, “here you go Sarah” She took her panties but held my hand and looked up at me with those beautiful eyes, “Don, can I kiss you?” “Ahh, well, Sarah, are you sure you want to do this, you are attached, and you are feeling vulnerable right now, I just don’t want you to do something you will regret” I was lying my ass off, I wanted her to throw me on the bed and fuck my brains out. “I want to kiss you Don, please” I put my arms around her and pulled her close, kissing her lips with a gentle touch, and then inserted my tongue into her mouth. We kissed for a time, slurping on each other’s mouth. I ran my hand to the back of Sarah’s head and held her while I continued to explore her mouth.

Sarah sat down on the bed and pulled me close to her. “Lets see what you got under this towel, Don” Sarah pulled my towel off and exposed my 8 inch cock, which was hard and pointing straight up. “Wow Don, you are so big, this is huge, mmmm, yeah” She began to rub the the head and work her little hand around the thick shaft. Sarah made a fist and slowly began to jerk me off. It was a beautiful picture, Sarah’s gorgeous face and her hand with her rings, griping my cock and stroking me. I placed my hand on her shoulder and lower neck, moving in close. Sarah opened her mouth and let her tongue out, licking my member from my balls up to my plump head. She traced the lines of thick veins that popped up from my incredible erection. sarah opened her mouth wide and slid my cock into her. She gagged a couple times when she put too much in near her throat. As she began her slow bobbing, I grabbed her ponytail of soft blond hair, and wrapped it around hand, and helped guide her head up and down on my cock. She was terrific, working her lips around the pole, and using her velvet tongue to lick and suck the engorged head inside her. “Ohhh Sarah, baby, mmmm, yeah, wow, baby, you are so good honey, mmmm, thats it, suck it down Sarah, take it all down baby” At my coaxing, Sarah swallowed my cock, all 8 inches, holding it in her mouth, and gagging as she brought it back out. She continued the process, and blew me over the edge. She felt me tense up and worked the tip in her mouth, licking the cock head with her tongue. “Sarah baby, honey I am gonna cum baby, ohhhh shit” at that moment I shot a stream of cum right into her mouth. She had to swallow twice to get the load down her throat, then proceeded to suck the cock clean. I picked her up, letting her rest on her knees on the bed while I stood and kissed her, running my hands up her shorts and squeezing her amazing ass.

I picked Sarah up by her hips, she was so light, probably 95-100 pounds. I carried her over to the bed and laid her down gently on her back while we kissed. I ran my hand up her tee and felt her small perky tits. I rubbed her nipples causing her to moan into my mouth. “Sarah you are so beautiful baby, such an amazing smile, glad to see it come back” “because of you Don, you made this smile return, thanks honey” We began to kiss again, lick each other, I moved from her mouth and kissed her chin, and down to her neck as she panted “Oh yes Don, mmmm, yeah, mmmmm, feels so good” I moved myself between her legs, and began to massage her sexy calves and thighs. “Mmmmm yeah, ohhhh, that feels so good baby, mmmm, don’t stop Don, please” I rubbed her thighs as she bent her knees and placed them on my shoulders. I lowered myself to her belly and tongued her belly button and down to her shorts. I kissed her on her shorts and rubbed her hips making Sarah wiggle her butt. I kissed her cunt through her shorts, then moved the fabric and licked her panties. She had another white thong on, this one cotton, and soaked with her juice. I sucked on her thong then moved it out of her slit and inserted my tongue into Sarah’s pussy. I went searching and found her clit immediately and began licking her. Sarah moaned and screamed with delight as my tongue explored her very private area, she grabbed my hair and squeezed my head with her thighs, gyrating herself on my mouth. Her lips quivered as I blew a cool breath on her snatch and her swollen pussy lips. I worked my tongue faster, Sarah began to squirm and buck her hips, I could feel her ready to cum. I lifted her up by her ass and shoved my tongue deeper into her causing Sarah to scream “OHHHHHHH GOD YESSSS” and send 2 waves of sweet pussy juice into my mouth, I swallowed and went looking for more, licking her entire pussy clean. “Baby you taste so good, mmmmm, so sweet Sarah”, “Don, wow, that was great, had not cum like that in years, mmmmm, thanks again baby”

I picked Sarah up and held her up by her butt, then sat down on the bed with her sitting on my lap, her sexy legs wrapped around my waist. She began to rub herself on my cock. We kissed heavy now, with full tongues. Her neck was amazing, so sensual, I made sure to kiss every inch of it. “Sarah baby, mmmm, you feel so good, I love your ass, so tight” I said while squeezing her rump, my hands up her shorts and a couple fingers in her butt crack. Sarah reached down and took hold of my cock, she lifted herself and moved it up into her. “Baby, wait, I think I should put something on don’t you?” “Its ok Don, just tell me when I will pull you out of me” I could only shake my head in agreement, Sarah smiled and inserted my cock into pussy, sliding it up her shorts, and pass her thong. As my cockhead pierced her cunt lips she closed her eyes and pushed at my chest and said “Don honey, lie down baby, please, mmmmm, yeah, ohhhh wow” I laid back on the bad and Sarah fixed her position and began to slowly ride my cock. She bent forward and placed her hands on my chest and started to slam her ass down into my lap, pushing my throbbing cock deep into her dripping cunt. I could feel Sarah cum, her warm juice lathering my cock from the tip to the balls, but she did not stop, her riding intensified. Her eyes shut and her nails dug into my shoulders as she bounced and grinded her ass into my cock. “Ohhh fuck Sarah, mmmm, yeah, baby, thats it, ride it, ride me baby, mmmmm, you are incredible baby, mmmmm, shit yeah, bounce baby bounce on that big cock, mmmmm” “Oh Don, mmmmm, owwww honey, more, yeah, soooo goood, owwww, yeah, so big Don, you are so thick, I feel it in me, strectching me inside, ohhhhh, yeah, I love this, ummmm, yeah, mmmmm, more baby, give me more” She leaned down and kissed me, I held her hips and began to jack hammer her, pounding her pussy with hard thrusts up into her soaking slit. Sarah pushed on my chest and back up into her riding position and started to bounce on me again. After a few minutes I was ready to blow, “Sarah baby, honey I am gonna cum baby, shit, take it out quick” “Cum in me Don, it’s ok honey, you can go inside me” “OHHHHH FUCK BABY!!!!” I screamed, and bucked into Sarah holding her tight as I blew my load right into her cunt, squirting her with four streams of hot thick cum. “ohh shit baby, wow, amazing, come here Sarah” I pulled her down to kiss her and squeeeze her little ass.

We layed in the bed on our sides facing each other, catching our breaths. I moved may hands on Sarah’s beautiful face, brushing some of her blond her away from her face. Sarah put her arms together, bent at the elbows and her hands holding up her chin as I caressed her more. “Awwww, such a pretty girl, you should never be sad Sarah, this face was made to smile” Sarah blushed and smiled at my words, “mmmmm, I love being her with you Don, you have made me feel so much better, thanks so much” She kissed me again and smiled, “well baby, I think I know of another way you can thank me, mmmmm” I ran my hands down Sarah’s body, from her shoulders down her sides, past her hips and ended by her thighs and back up to her butt. I made my way on top of her, placing myself between her legs, and began to kiss her belly. I lifted her little tee shirt and squeezed her little breats, pinching and rubbing her hard nipples. I moved and gave her tits and tongue bath, licking each nipple and then inserting them into my mouth for a complete suckjob, spitting them out harder and more erect. I went up and kissed her lips, “baby you are not gonna need these shorts on now, or these little panties, mmmm”, Sarah smiled and moaned as I took hold of her shorts and thong and slid them off. She had a gorgeous pussy, trimmed and smooth in the right places. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down flat on her back. Then I lifted her legs up as I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. As I raised her I pushed my cock into her slit. “Owwww, mmmmm, oh Don, mmmm, fuck me honey, please” “Ohhh Sarah, mmmm, baby, I am gonna fuck you so good, baby, mmmm” I started into Saranh, pushing my cock all the way into her pussy and back out all the way except for the head, then back in. I kept a slow pace, enjoy each push into Sarah as I leaned down and kissed her quivering lips and sexy neck. Sarah placed her hands on my sides and dug her nails into me as I fucked her pussy. She was moaning and begging for more, “mmmmm, Don yeah, ohhhh, yes baby, mmmm, give to me, fuck me honey, ohhh yeah, thats it Don, fuck me right there baby, ohhh god yesss, yesss, more honey, I want it all in me, owwww, yeahhh” “You want it all in Sarah, here baby, mmmm, here” I said as I shoved and held my long stiff cock in Sarah’s little cunt, pressing down on her hips. I kissed and licked her lips as she moaned and shut her eyes, enjoying the sensation of my cock being lodged into her slit. Her pussy held my cock in with a strong suction, felt like a blowjob, as her muscles massaged my cock inside her. “Ohhh Sarah, mmmmm, shit baby, you are one amazing girl honey, look at that face, and that smile, thats what I want to see, happy baby, are you happy honey, mmmmm, are you?” “Don I am sooooo happy, ohhhh god yesssss, more, yeah, ohhhhh, ahhhh, god yessss, this feels so good, your cock is terrific, I love it in me, fuck me baby, fuck me harder Don, please, stick it all in me, owwww fuck yeah, mmmmm, ahhh” I pulled out of Sarah and let me cock lay on her slit with the head resting on her little patch of pussy hair, I kissed her and began swirling my otngue in her mouth, she wanted more. Sarah reached down and grabbe my cock and shoved it back into her, “Ohhh baby, please, fuck me some more, I need more of this in me now Don, ohh please fuck me” “mmmmm, ahhhh, yeah Sarah, mmmmm, yeah baby, feel it honey” I said as I started fucking her again. I pushed in and out of her for a few minutes, bringing myself to another climax, but I did not blow.

Instead I pulled out of her and flipped her around, “get on all fours baby, I want to do you from behind Sarah, mmmm, can I do you in your butt baby, can I fuck your ass honey?” “Ohhh Don I dunno baby, I have never done it that way before” I was very happy to hear that, I would be the first to pop her cherry ass. “Sarah please, let me do it in your ass honey, I promise you are gonna love it” “Ok Don, but please be gentle” “I will baby, tell me if it hurts and I will stop, spread your cheeks baby” She did as I asked, separating her ass perfectly. I took my cock in hand and placed it by her puckered pink anus, and lodged the lead into her butthole. “Now you gotta relax your ass sarah, let it take my cock in baby, wow, you have such an amazing ass Sarah, jesus, so tight and shapely, relax your ass honey, mmmm, a little more” I got the head in her butthole, then about 2 inches of my dick in her as she screamed “Owwwwww shit, that is tight, but it feels soo good Don, stick it all in” As soon as she said that her sphinxter broke, allowing my cock to enter her completely. “OWWWWWWW, Ohhhh shit, ohhhh Don fuck my ass, YESSSSS, oh yesss fuck my ass please” I leaned down and whispered into Sarah’s ear, “Ohhhh yeah baby, you like it, you like my cock in your ass Sarah, mmmmm, yeah baby?” “OHHH Yess Don, ohh god yes, it feels sooooo goood, fuck me, fuck my ass Don, owwww, shit, ohhhh, ahhhh, yeah, more I want more, yeah, fuck my ass” She screamed. I gripped her tighter and started to slam into her ass, my balls slapping her rump. My cock was goin in her easy now, and I was about ready to burst, I could feel the veins in my cock fill up and tense. “Sarah baby, I am gonna cum honey, ohh shit baby, can I come in your ass honey?” “Yess Don please, mmmmmm, owww, baby, cum in my ass, oh please cum in my butt” “I pushed into Sarah and held my cock in her and shot a thick stream of cum into her ass, then I pushed into her again, and shot another stream of cum into her butthole, then another shot of hot sticky jism into her sweet little ass. After taking my load in her butt, Sarah collapsed laying on her stomach as I remained on top of her. I leaned down and kissed her, “baby, you ok?” “Yes, that was incredible, ohhh, I am so tired” I pulled my cock out of her ass, then grabbed a sheet and covered her. I layed down next to her and recovered. Sarah smiled and covered me with the sheet as well, and placed her head on my chest. I kissed the top her head, “sleep baby, rest now honey” She feel asleep and I soon followed.

the end

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