Bec Meets Isabel

Bec Meets Isabel

by Jeff Paw (

Bec Cartwright had just been told she would again have to share her trailer

on the set of Home and Away. A new young girl called Isabel Lucas had been

found in Brisbane and she was employed and was starting today.

Bec had only read her script last night and realized that a new girl was

going to star in the show and she would be staying in the same household in

the show. Bec looked and the story line and could see that this Isabel was

suppose to be playing an innocent na‹ve young teenage girl. Being that in

the show she will be
playing the older girl she guessed she would have to

play a older sister role even though according to the script they were not


As Bec was waiting on wardrobe to give her a call she was just wearing her

nice panties and bra. Her mobile rang; it was the producer telling her that

he was sending Isabel over. Bec went back to the double bed and grabbed her

silky nightgown. She looked in the mirror and admired the way her body had

developed and how the nightgown hugged all of her curves. Her boyfriend Beau

had bought it for her when they had been to America earlier with the show

earlier in the year. Bec turned around and noticed how short it was so short

only just covering her ass in it but she guessed that’s why Beau liked it so


There was then a knock on the door and in walked Beau with this new girl

Isabel. Bec looked at the girl, she had a similar body to this girl when she

hard started working on the show a couple of years ago, nice blond hair, sexy

body and nice killer legs.

“Hey Bec this is Isabel your new van mate,” said Beau.

“Umm Hi Rebecca, I’m so honoured to meet you,” said Isabel.

“Thank you Isabel, it’s a pleasure to meet you, take a seat,” said Bec.

Isabel went over and took a seat.

“I’ve got to get back to the set, I have a couple of scenes before lunch, and

I’ll see you at the catering van,” Beau said as he went to leave.

“Hey you don’t get away that easy,” Bec said as she closed the distance

between them.

Bec leant up and started to kiss her boyfriend softly at first but then

started kissing more passionately. Isabel didn’t know where to look but it

was so sexy to watch them kiss and she could see Beau putting her hands on

Bec’s butt as pull her into him. As the kissed stopped Bec said, “Ok baby

I’ll see you later.”

Bec turned around and saw the look on Isabel’s face of embarrassment and


“That demonstration was for you Isabel, he is my man and long as you remember

that then we wont have a problem.” Bec stated.

“Oh Ok but I must tell you that I’m not even allowed to date yet,” Isabel


“Oh I didn’t know, how old are you,” Bec asked.

“Just turned 15 but my parents have been so strict,” Isabel replied.

“Well you’re in for a surprise because I just got the scripts for tomorrow

and your kissing that new boy,” Bec said.

Isabel just started to cry.

Bec a bit shocked moved over and sat next to Isabel and put her arm around

her shoulder. And Isabel leant in and continued to cry.

“Hey it’s going to be ok,” Bec said as she lifted Isabel’s face up and looked

at her and then acted on an idea that came to her.

Bec leaned in and moved her lips until they were touching Isabel and started

to kiss her. Isabel didn’t know what to do, it certainly felt nice and soft

but this was another girl but it felt so good. Bec broke the kiss and moved

back. They both just looked at each other for a while before Isabel said why

did you do that.

“I wanted you to stop crying and I thought you would like it, you did like it

didn’t you,” Bec asked.

“Umm Yeh kinda, but were both girls,” replied Isabel.

Bec didn’t answer but leant further in and began to kiss Isabel who this

time started to kiss back. Bec opened her mouth more and started to move her

tongue into Isabel mouth, Isabel didn’t know what to do but she just copied

what Bec was doing to her.

Bec was surprised how quickly Isabel was learning to kiss, so she decided to

go further and her hand went under the blouse that Isabel was wearing and

found Isabel breasts and started to gently caress them one at a time. Isabel

was just lost in the sensations she was feeling, she knew it was wrong but it

was feeling so good and she could hear herself moaning into Bec’s mouth.

Bec stepped back from the kiss and stood up and looked down at Isabel. Bec

put her hand out and Isabel looked up and moved her own hand and grasped

Bec’s. She stood up and Bec moved and Isabel followed. Just before the bed

Bec turned around and untied the belt of the nightgown and let it dropped

to the floor leaving her standing they’re in her panties and bra. Isabel

looked at Bec and started to feel different, because she had never felt

this before she didn’t quite know what it was, was it envy, jealousy or


They looked at each other and Bec moved her hands to the buttons on the

blouse and started to undo them until the blouse opened in the middle and

Bec moved it off Isabel shoulders and it just dropped to the floor. They

both looked deep into each other’s eyes and kissed. Fast at first and then

with a hunger that Isabel didn’t know existed. Bec was undoing the zipper

at the back of Isabel’s skirt and when it got to end she let it fall to

the ground. Bec started to move down Isabel’s neck giving kisses and

occasionally lick her. She had her hand behind Isabel’s back and undid the

clip of Isabel’s bra, and pulled it from her shoulder until it also just

dropped to the floor. Isabel’s hands went up to cover her breasts but Bec

just grabbed them and put the at Isabel’s side. Bec then moved her hand to

cup Isabel’s breasts and brought her mouth down onto Isabel’s nipple. She

licked around the nipple and Bec could feel it growing as she continued to

suck and lick at it.

Bec lowered Isabel back onto the bed and then laid down beside her. She moved

and kissed her deeply and could hear Isabel moaning her name and decided to

go all out and moved her hand down Isabel’s body until her hand was inside

Isabel’s panties. Bec could feel how wet that she had made her and started to

move her fingers around Isabel’s pussy lips and then slowly started to insert

a finger into her van mate. Isabel shocked at first realised that the first

time in her life that someone was fingering her pussy that wasn’t herself.

Her body reacted accordingly and started to thrust up to the fingers and two

other fingers soon accompanied it.

“Ooooh,” she moaned. “Ooooh yes, yes, oh my God yes.” Moaned Isabel as her

first orgasmed hit her, Her body just convulsing in passion. Bec kept on

fingering Isabel until she was coming down off her orgasm. She took her

fingers out of Isabel and licked her fingers, “Mmmmmm tasty, welcome to Home

and Away.”

Both of the girls got changed and went off to the catering vans for lunch;

Isabel couldn’t keep the smile off her face. Bec introduced her around to the

rest of the cast.

After lunch Bec watched Isabel get ready for her scene and watched her as she

went through her scene and watched as Isabel had her first screen kiss. When

the kiss stopped and director called “that’s a wrap”, Bec looked at the young

guy actor that had just been kissed by Isabel and saw the lump in his

trousers and new that Isabel had kissed him like she had taught her. Bec went

over to her and congratulated her and grabbed her hand and they both ran back

to their van.

“How was I, was I good, asked Isabel?”

“Couldn’t you feel his cock against you, when you separated he had a huge

boner,” Bec replied.

“Is that what it was, I could feel something growing against me, it felt

nice,” Isabel said.

“So I take it you are still a virgin then,” Bec asked.

“Yes, I haven’t even seen one,” replied Isabel.

“Well we are going to have to do something about that, aren’t we?” Bec said.

Both girls started to giggle.

Bec got on her mobile and called her boyfriend and made sure he had finished

for the day and invited him to her trailer. Isabel went to leave when Bec

stopped her and took her hand and led her to the small bathroom that had a

perfect side view of the bed. Bec gave her a kiss and walked back out and got


Beau must of run over because she had only just got back into the room when

there was a knock on the vans door. Beau came in and Bec ran up to him and

jumped into his arms and immediately started to kiss longingly. Beau

continued to walk towards the bed and dropped Bec on to it.

“Where’s the new girl,” Beau asked.

“Oh she finished her scene and went home,” Bec Replied.

“Well she certainly made an impression on Nick, he came back and said how

hard he got from the kiss she gave him during that scene, I’m sure he is back

in the van jacking off,” Beau Said.

“Yeh she came back here and said she felt something but she didn’t know what

it was,” Bec replied.

Bec got up and moved around in front of Beau and knelt down in front of him

and moved her hand to the zipper in his jeans and pulled it down and reached

in and pulled out her prize. Not quite fully hard Bec started to move her

hand up and down on Beau’s cock.

Isabel who was in the bathroom had moved a chair over near the door which was

opened just enough for her to see both Beau and Bec. She was pleased when she

heard from Beau that she had caused Nick to have a hard and was probably back

in his van jerking off about her. She wished she could be there and watch,

and see a cock for the first time. She looked out and then finally got her

wish when Bec pulled out Beau’s cock. Wow she thought as it grew in Bec’s

hand, she couldn’t believe how big and thick it was getting. Isabel wondered

how something that size would fit inside a girl, remembering the times she

had masturbated and what Bec had done with her this morning, but a cock was

bigger then that. Even though the thought was scaring her she could also feel

how wet she had become and could feel her juices running down her leg. Isabel

moved her fingers down into her panties. She was glad that this school

uniform she had to wear for the scene was short enough so she could do this.

She soon had two fingers inside her pussy and was pumping them in and out in

unison with Bec rubbing Beau’s now fully hard cock.

Bec looked down at Beau’s cock and moved her head down until she could lick

her tongue around the head of his cock, leaving a trail of saliva between her

tongue and Beau’s cock after she licked him for the first time that day. She

could taste the saltiness of his pre-cum. Bec licked the slit at the top of

Beau’s dick, and swirled her tongue around his shaft, working it like an ice

cream cone, Bec closed her eyes and slammed her mouth down over Beau’s dick,

taking him straight down her throat. She couldn’t get much in without

gagging, but kept it going so she could say to her friends that she could now

deep throat. Bec had really got the hang of deep throating, and was taking

his entire length down her gullet. It was then that Bec, out of the corner of

her eye, noticed Isabel masturbating as she watched the pair of them. Bec

quicken her pace and could feel her boyfriends cock expand ready to blow and

then suddenly load after load of cum sprayed out of his cock. Instead of

swallowing the cum she love to taste she kept it in her mouth and walked over

to the bathroom. She looked down at Isabel who was obviously close to orgasm

and kissed her with an open mouth and let Beau’s cum flow into Isabel mouth.

Bec raced back to Beau and dropped the rest of her lingerie on the floor and

lay back on the bed. Beau who was still a bit wasted just lay there so Bec

spread her legs and started to masturbate` firstly with two fingers going in

and out but soon just rubbed her clit. Beau watched until he started to feel

his cock stirring again. The smell of sex was in the air and Beau moved

around and moved between her legs and moved up until his cock was rubbing up

against the lips of Bec’s vagina. Bec was saturated from her juices from

masturbating but having Beau’s cock so close started to have an effect. Bec

moved her hand to Beau’s cock and guided it to her pussy. She opened her lips

apart and felt the knob push in, she always loved this part because Beau’s

cock was big but the knob was like a mushroom and when it push though her

lips she knew it wouldn’t come out until he had cum. Inch by inch Beau thrust

in until he could feel his groin against hers. At first he would just go in

and out slowly only an inch or two and thrusting back and forward. Bec moved

her legs out and to her side and concentrated on her pussy muscles and

squeezing Beau’s cock as he slides into her. Faster he would thrust into her

as Bec started to moan and tell him to fuck her harder. Bec imagined Isabel

in the bathroom watching her being fucked, seeing her first cock and

masturbating. This thought made her even hornier and started to rock her body

up to meet Beau’s cock.

Isabel couldn’t believe it, Bec had come in and shared her boyfriends cum

and boy did it taste nice. Isabel continued to watch and saw Bec started to

masturbate on the bed but she couldn’t keep eyes off Beau’s cock that looked

like it was starting to grow again. Then she saw him get between Bec’s legs

and start to fuck her. Isabel continued to finger herself and kept on moaning

as her orgasms came over her. Isabel couldn’t believe how horny she was

getting from watching Bec and Beau together. Isabel grabbed the hairbrush and

started to use it like a cock inside her. It wasn’t long that she was rubbing

up against her hymen. Isabel continued to watch and when she saw Beau cup

Bec’s legs at the side and start thrusting his big cock all the way in and

out, Isabel quickly pushed the handle through her hymen. Isabel cried out in

pain and in ecstasy, she had heard it hurt the first time something breaks

the hymen but she was feeling the ecstasy from orgasming over and over.

Bec knew Beau was close when he cupped her legs at the side and started to

thrust faster and harder, she could feel his cock expanding inside her, ready

to shoot the prize cum deep inside her. She knew Beau loved to hear her talk

dirty near the end and started to moan to him “Oh ye baby, yeh fuck your

baby, yeh deep, oh god your so big, come for me baby, fuck your baby, I want

to feel it inside of me”.

And with that Beau exploded deep inside Bec, exhausted he continued to pump

into her until it had all came out of him and into her. Beau rolled off Bec

and lay on the bed exhausted. Bec not finished grabbed the stuff in her side

drawer and used them on Beau. She got off the bed when finished and walked to

the bathroom. Bec opened the door wide and sitting on the seat was an

exhausted Isabel and she could see a mix of female juices, a hairbrush and a

bit of blood.

“I hope you enjoyed the show but it’s not over yet.” Bec reached down and

grabbed Isabel’s hand and lifted her to her feet. “Look’s like one of us is

overly dressed,” said Bec.

Isabel looked down and realised that Bec was nude in front of her, sweat

glistening off her body and cum running down her leg. Bec walked to the

shower and turned it on, and stepped in. She pulled in Isabel to the shower

and began to kiss her, feeling the school uniform get wet against her body.

Bec reached behind Isabel’s back and started to unzip the school uniform

and when the zip would not go any further she reached up and took it off

Isabel’s shoulder and let it drop down off Isabel’s body. Isabel stood in

the shower now only in her bra and Bec who was still kissing Isabel had her

hands behinds Isabel’s back to release the latch of the bra. Isabel moved

her hands to the straps on her shoulders and moved them off and then through

her bra off to the side. They moved back together while the water moved

through them. Their breasts touched as they hugged and kissed. Bec grabbed

the soap and moved behind Isabel and started to wash Isabel, Bec started to

wash or massage Isabel breasts until her nipples were hard and then started

to wash down Isabel’s body. Bec moved down onto her knees and had Isabel’s

fine smooth ass in front of her, Bec started to leather up the soap on the

feet and legs of Isabel. The higher Bec would go made Isabel start to

slightly spread her legs. Bec moved her hand to Isabel back and pushed down

so Isabel was standing up but in a bent over position. Bec could clearly see

Isabel’s glistening pussy and ass hole. Bec cleaned over the blood and pussy

juices of Isabel pussy and leg and then turned her around and pushed her

lower body into the wall. Bec moved in and started to lick at Isabel’s pussy

and moved her finger against Isabel’s clit. This wasn’t the first time Bec

had licked another girl and so she knew where to lick a girl to get her to

orgasm. Bec licked and rubbed quickly and when she knew Isabel was wet enough

for what she had planned she stood up and grabbed Isabel hand and started to

take her out of the bedroom.

“What are you doing, Beau’s out there” Isabel said.

“I know but be very quiet and do what I tell you,” replied Bec.

Even though she was scared she walked out behind the nude Bec holding her

hand and turned the corner and saw the bed and also a nude beau. It wasn’t

until the bed was in full view that she realised why she had to be quiet.

Beau was lying nude on the bed but his hands were above his head and tied

to the corners of the front of the bed. Beau also had a blindfold on and

couldn’t see either of them.

Beau’s cock was not hard because it had been 5 or so minutes since he had

cum inside Bec and hadn’t been touched while Bec and Isabel had been in the

bathroom. Isabel couldn’t believe she was so close to a cock and it looked

even better close up. Isabel looked at Bec and Bec put her finger up and put

her other finger like a ring and moved it up and down her finger and then

started sucking the finger. Isabel got the idea and without a word moved her

hand to the flaccid cock and touched it, Isabel couldn’t believe what it felt

like, sort of hard but also hot. Isabel started to move her hand up and down

beau’s cock and also felt Beau’s balls as well. Bec who was sitting off to

the side just smiled as she watched. Isabel couldn’t get the smile off her

face as the cock got hard and big in her hands. Isabel was having fun and

like instinct just bent down and started to lick her tongue around the head

of the cock.

“Yeh Bec that’s it suck my cock’ moaned Beau.

Isabel was pleased that she was making him happy and continued to suck him.

Isabel started to get faster and faster and could taste the pre-cum in her

mouth but because it was her first time she gagged when the first load of

cum hit the back of her throat but quickly swallowed and continued to suck.

Bec walked over and whispered into Isabel’s ear and so Isabel continued to

pump her hand up and down on Beau’s cock and kept his cock hard. Isabel then

moved and sat astride Beau’s waist and Bec moved her hand to Beau’s cock and

made sure it lined up with Isabel’s pussy. Isabel slowly lowered her pussy

down and onto the cock and when the head of Beau’s cock pushed through she

let out a small moan.

“You ok Bec, oh baby you are so tight, it’s like when I took your virginity

last year”.

Bec who was standing just to side of Bec and caressing Isabel’s Breasts

moved and said “Yes Beau, its like your fucking me for the first time again,

fucking me with your big cock, oh god it feels so good”.

Isabel who had about half of Beau inside of her continued to lower down in to

her pussy. Bec who was now behind Isabel move her hands to Isabel’s shoulder

and pushed down and Isabel pussy enveloped the rest of Beau’s cock and their

groins now met. Isabel screamed out in both pain and a new feeling of

fullness and ecstasy.

Beau immediately knew that the person on his cock was not his girlfriend and

called out. “Bec I know it’s not you untie me you bitch”, Bec moved over and

started to untie the ropes until they were lose enough to get his hands out

and his hands went to face and pulled off the blindfold. Beau who was made

that he had been tricked when his eyes focused smiled when he realised it was

the new girl Isabel. Beau sat up until he was facing Isabel.

“Hello Isabel, you enjoying yourself” said Beau.

“Ah Hi, yeh” giggled Isabel.

“Your pussy is tight and feels so good,” said Beau.

“You’re my first, it feels so good, and you’re so big” replied Isabel.

Beau moved his hands behind Isabel’s back and in a sudden movement twisted

his weight around and suddenly Isabel was on her back and Beau was now on

top, he had done this without his cock coming out of her pussy. Beau started

to move his hips back and forward but bent down and gave Isabel her first

kiss, well first kiss by a guy. Isabel kissed back she was thinking how

different it was to kiss a boy, a bit rougher then it was with Bec. It was

like he was trying to devour her but it felt more passionate to her, plus

she loved the feeling of Beau’s body on top of her, his hairy chest moving

against her stomach and chest, the hairs must be irritating her nipples,

because Isabel couldn’t remember them being this hard before. Beau broke

off the kiss and leaned back up and started to thrust more of his cock in

and out of Isabel. Looking intently into Isabel eyes as he thrust, seeing

the enjoyment she was experiencing for the first time, Beau new that Isabel

would be remembering him and this first sex act whenever she was with another

guy in the future. Isabel couldn’t believe how good this felt, it was like

every nerve in her body was heightened. Isabel had always liked guys but

didn’t really think much about them but she knew from now on she would at

them different, wondering what they had inside their underwear and how it

would feel inside. Isabel moved her legs behind Beau’s ass and crossed her

leg and pushed with her feet every time so that Beau would go deep, she

loved deep. Isabel realised by rolling her hips she would get other feeling

and started to do it.

Beau had been fucking Isabel for about 10-15 minutes and knew he wouldn’t

last much longer he couldn’t believe how tight Isabel pussy was. He wasn’t

sure if Isabel had orgasmed because she was continuing saying “oh god, oh

god” for at least 5 minutes. Beau looked back into Isabel eyes and then

leant down and kiss her deeply and then kissed around to her ear and then

said “Isabel your so pretty, so hot, so sexy, I love having my cock in you,

I’m going to cum baby, can I cum in you”.

He moved back up and again looked at her face and deeply into her eyes and

could see her lightly biting on her lip and she thought quickly and then

smiled and said “Yes, oh yes, cum in me, I want to feel your cum in me, oh

god just fuck me”. Beau smiled and thrust harder, thrusting that made Isabel

gasp with pleasure. Isabel looked at Beau’s face as instructed by Bec, and

she saw his face change as she felt spurts of cum shoot into her womb, she

didn’t know how she was doing it but she could feel her muscles milking the

last of the cum from his cock. Beau stayed inside her until he could feel

his cock start to soften and he continued to kiss her deeply until he pulled

out. He was exhausted, had just fucked two girls in the last hour. He went

on to his side and then just lay there.

Bec who had been watching and also masturbating clapped as they finished

fucking. She was a little bit jealous that another girl was getting to

experience the body and fucking skills of her boyfriend but it was her

idea and she was gladded she was able to provide this pleasure for her

new van mate. Bec hadn’t finished yet there was something that she hadn’t

tried and wanted too. Bec got up and walked over to the bed and slipped

in the middle of the bed with her feet near the two’s heads, Beau close

to exhaustion just lay there with his cock limp but had prospects, Isabel

was on her back and had her legs wide opened and watching playing with her

lips. Bec knew she did the same after the night she lost her virginity,

wondering how these lips that were currently opened would resume to its

normal slit form.

Isabel remembered what had happened in the shower, and that Bec had allowed

her to have sex with her boyfriend. Remembered how Bec had licked her and

then thought how she didn’t do that back to her. Isabel who couldn’t believe

the things she had done the day moved to her side facing Bec and then moved

her face down into Bec’s private parts and licked at Bec’s slit and had her

first taste of girly juices. Bec who was laying back thinking of idea’s to

get Isabel to lick her was surprised but pleased when she felt Isabel move

on top of her and begin to lick her pussy lips. Bec grabbed at Isabel legs

and Isabel understood and moved her legs over the top of Bec so that they

could get into this 69 position. Isabel was trying to remember what Bec had

done in the shower but she just thought what she liked to do when she

masturbated and just did that but with her tongue and fingers. Bec could

taste her boyfriend on Isabel pussy, some cum he had pumped into Isabel was

no leaking out of her pussy and into Bec’s mouth. Both girls were now licking

and moaning into each other. Bec was using her hand and needling Isabel ass

and occasionally moving her finger to the arsehole. Isabel went to say no

but thought that she had trusted Bec so far and she had enjoyed herself and

so just continued to lick deeply into Bec. When Bec heard no complaints from

Isabel she moved her finger inside Isabel’s ass. Isabel felt the finger go

in and even though it was foreign it actually felt nice, but she was also

feeling the tongue of Bec on her clit and was experiencing little orgasms

throughout her body. The sound of the two girls experiencing orgasms was

Beau’s fantasy come true. He watched as the girls devoured each other, the

sounds and the smells of the room had already made him hard again and he got

off the bed and moved around and got behind Isabel and pushed his hard cock

into Isabel from behind. Bec who was lying there saw her boyfriends cock move

up and into Isabel and moved slightly to make it easier to both lick Isabel

and also Beau’s cock as it entered Isabel. Beau grabbed Isabel’s hips and

just before he thrust in he allowed Bec to lick the underneath of his cock.

He then moved his hand back and slapped Isabel ass, Isabel screamed “Oww”.

Beau slapped a few more times with the same response from Isabel and then he

thrust deep into her. His cock slid all the way in until his groin felt the

small pubic air near Isabel’s pussy. Maybe from the pain of the slaps, the

thrusting of Beau’s cock or Bec constantly licking her clit Isabel orgasmed

hard and this time Beau could feel her juices shoot out of her body and

around his cock and started to drip out into Bec’s mouth. Beau pulled out

and looked down at the red marks on Isabel ass and saw the little anus

opening and pushed his finger in. His finger being obviously bigger than Bec

it was uncomfortable but because she was also feeling the head of his cock

was in Isabel and having both holes with something in them was indescribable.

Isabel soon got into a rocking motion and was pushing back onto the cock and

also now two fingers into her ass. Beau knew that with two fingers now in her

ass the next thing he would be trying was his cock. Beau had been trying to

Bec to try this but so far she had not allowed him. Beau pulled out and in

the same thrusting motion had the head of his cock already through the

opening of her ass. Isabel was going to say something but well the fingers

had felt nice and so why not. Beau pushed and pushed until he buried his cock

fully up in her ass. Her ass was as tight as any of the virgins he had fucked

before and knew he wouldn’t last long fucking her like this but who cares it

felt good and Isabel seemed to be into it. Bec moved back and when from

Isabel’s clit to her pussy and licked harder. Beau moved his hands from her

hips to Isabel’s waist and then around to her swaying breasts, her breasts

were not big but they were nice size and were firm to the touch. Beau pulled

Isabel’s body back to his and continues to massage her breasts, squeezing her

nipples. Isabel was moaning heavily and knew she was close to orgasm again.

Beau moved Isabel face around so he could kiss her as he fucked her. The

combination of having her pussy licked, her ass fucked, her nipples pinched

and being kissed like she had never felt before made her orgasm again. Her

juices shot out of her pussy and splashed into Bec’s face who tried to get

all of it in her mouth but it was poring all over her face and top of her

body. Isabel screamed into Beau’s mouth as she orgasmed and that was enough

for Beau and he orgasmed into Isabel’s ass.

Beau moved back onto the bed and both girls moved to either side of him and

just laid on their side, occasionally touching him or one another.

“I hope you enjoyed your day, your first time, my boyfriend” Bec said.

“I cant thank you enough, you have made my first day a day to remember, you

both made my first time also so fucking great” replied Isabel.

“Your welcome, your such a hot fuck, we both think you should move in with

Bec and I but if you do it will be more of the same if not more” said Beau.

“More, well what are we waiting for” replied Isabel.


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