Beckham Becomes A Bitch

This story is purely a work of fiction.

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Beckham become a bitch….

It’s 2am I’ve somehow found myself crawling all over some fucking recording desk, What’s fucking worse is that Her royal Highness Victoria Beckham wants to record here tomorrow. I’m tired I haven’t slept in about 24 hours now (nothing new) but I know next to nothing about this system and I still haven’t tracked down the glitch in the recording system. I’m a computer engineer and for some reason I’m stuck at some bleak recording studio in the
middle of nowhere trying to work out why all this fancy fucking hardware isn’t working. What’s even more irritating is that Victoria Beckham expects her recording studio to be working at 8am. Why me ‘o’ lord why the fuck me.


I wake with a jolt as some git boots me in the stomach.

“Does it work yet!?” Mrs Beckham screams at me.

“Yeah yeah it works Please let me sleep.” I roll over and get another boot this time to the back for your troubles. God that fucking bitch needs teaching a fucking lesson.

“Get the fuck up! I need some one to run this shit.” God I so badly want to slap her.

“I cannot run this shit only repair it. Anyway were is your tech ?” I sat up, god I wish I could teach her a lesson.

“In case you haven’t noticed we are snowed in.”

It was snowing last night but not that heavy I thought. I jump up dash to the window Fuck we are snowed in at least 4 feet of the fucking stuff, I cannot see were my car is Fuck I hope I closed all the windows. I turn round, Victoria is perched on the edge of the mixing desk. Now that I am more awake I can see that she really it a beautiful bitch. She was wearing that little black dress that perfectly showed off her body, and legs.

“What the fuck are you looking at” If only she didn’t have such a bitchy personality.

“That is a very expensive mixing desk!” I purposely averted my eyes off her and onto the desk, it seemed to work she stood up and wandered over to a chair and flopped down.

“Well if you cannot mix my music for me then make me a fucking sandwich you useless tosser” God what a fucking bad-mouthed bitch. I snapped to attention and through her a salute

“Yeeeesssss Me lady.” I marched over to the kitchen to prepare the princesses meal.

After eating her meal, Victoria decided that she needed a sleep, after all she had ‘worked’ for all of thirty minutes she must have been tired.

I was able to have a good two hours to myself after checking the internet and phone lines I discovered we had no way of communicating with the outside world. From what I could make out on the French TV the snowstorms would last for at least another two to three days. Fucking brilliant if things didn’t change one of us would be dead inside two days, and the other would have to explain himself out of a tight situation.

“Oi Useless git get up here I need you to do something” That was it the last straw I was going to teach that little stuck up bitch a lesson, fuck the consequences. I stormed upstairs, bounded into her room and screamed at her.


“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO TALK TO ME LIKE THAT” Oh yeah I pissed her off.


“NO NO I WON’T” Her face was going red with anger.

“YES YOU FUCKING ARE. FROM NOW UNTIL WE CAN LEAVE YOU WILL DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I SAY. IF I TELL YOU TO DO SOMETHING NO MATTER WHAT IT IS YOU WILL DO IT. OR I WILL THROW YOU OUT GET IT BITCH?” Just to show her who was the boss I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her downstairs and threw her out the front door. She hit the snow face first and sank into it. I slammed the door and flopped down onto the couch.

I waited for about half and hour before opening the door and letting her in. Her lips had gone blue and her nipples poked through her dress. She was shaking violently from the cold. Her anger was gone replaced by reluctance she was scared and clearly knew I meant business.

“OK I will behave but I will not do everything you say.”

“Yes you will I have had enough with your fucking better than everyone attitude. I am going to teach you a fucking lesson bitch got it?” She looked down at the floor. She seemed ashamed and reluctant, but her fate was clear. If she wanted to live she must do exactly what I say.

“You mean everything you say”

“Yes everything from now until we get out of this you will be my slave. Now what ever you wanted me to do u fucking do it” She looked puzzled and slightly upset.

“The toilet seat is dirty I cannot go to the loo on that please clean it for me.” Shit she hadn’t listened to me I had to stay firm.

“Then take a fucking piss standing up or squat, or hey guess what clean it up. But I am not fucking doing it for you.”


“How what?”

“How would I take a pee standing up?”

“Come with me” I strolled back upstairs and into the bathroom, I beckoned her over. Like a little puppy dog she joined my in the bathroom.

“Take you knickers off you stupid cow” She obtained my command slightly tentative but she did. She had been wearing the smallest thong I had ever seen.

“Now pull your skirt up”

“B….B….But you’ll see my privates” Oooohh all prim and proper.

“What you mean your pussy and arse?

“Y….Y….Y…Yesss my privates”

“Say yes you will see my pussy and arse”

“Yes you will see p…p…p…pussy you will see my pussy and arse”

“Yes my little bitch that is the whole fucking idea. Now lift that fucking skirt.”

“Does your husband treat you like this? Well u slut answer me”

“No no he doesn’t he’s not like that” I grabbed her skirt and ripped it up around her hips, I smacked her arse, quite hard, hard enough to get a little scream from her.

“What was that for?”

“I told you to do something and you didn’t do it so I punished you.” I took a step back. Her ass had reddened slightly from were I had slapped her.

“Turn around I want to see your pussy.” Reluctantly she slowly turned around to revile her lovely sexy hairless pussy.

“Nice I figured you would of trimmed but not completely shaved. How long have you been a shaver?” She blushed as I spoke.

“Erm….er….er… Since I Started dating David I tried it once and liked it.”

“Face the toilet bitch.” She quickly turned back clearly she didn’t like being looked at, I couldn’t see why she had a great body and a very fuckable little pussy. The view I got when she turned back wasn’t bad either, that tight toned little ass looked even more fuckable.

“Nice ass, now hold your pussy lips open as if you were finger fucking yourself.” She looked down at the floor, or was she looking at her pussy? Reluctanly her right hand snaked it’s way down her body. She reached her pussy and pulled her lips apart with two of her fingers.

“Now using your thumb you can direct your piss. Put your finger on you clit and pull back slightly. Then piss.” She sighed as she complied with my orders she placed her thumb on her clit. But she didn’t piss. I slapped her arse again harder this time. She screamed, and finally let her bowls relax, as the pee flowed from her she giggled slightly amazed at what she was doing. I stepped up behind her, I pushed my hips and waist into her firm ass, I wanted her to feel my hard cock against her soft flesh.

“Can you feel how hard you have got me?” I whispered in her left ear, I reached around with my left hand and squeezed her left tit, She moaned as I did so. “Do You like that my little bitch?”

“yes” Came the reply from her, she finally stopped pissing.

“Rub your fingers into your pussy I want you to taste your pussy juice and piss” She complied with my order, this time she was quicker in what she did. She seemed to be enjoying herself. She pushed two fingers into herself and rubbed them around her lips, she sucked them.

“Oh that tastes nice.”

“OK bitch now lets get you dressed how I want. Come with me” I walked back into her bedroom. “Come on slut. Do you have any suspenders and a suspender belt?” She was holding her panties in her hands “Oh you won’t be needing them for a while” as I said that she dropped them and walked over to on of her many draws, after rummaging around for a few seconds she pulled out a suspender belt and a pair of purple suspenders, “Well put them on and whilst your at it loose the dress and bra” She frantically ripped her dress and bra off ripping the skimpy garments as she went. As she was dressing in her suspenders I rifled through her wardrobes I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but when I found it I knew that the little white skirt was just what I was looking for. I threw it at her, she looked at it and smiled at me as she pulled it up. It was barely long enough to cover that toned ass of hers, which was perfect. I went back to her wardrobe after all I slut like her needs some stilettos, I found the perfect pair they matched her skirt, as she put them on I knew that her look was finished and I could have some real fun with the bitch. “Downstairs bitch I’ll follow I want to watch that cute little ass of yours.” Like a little puppy she followed my command and walked off downstairs, that little ass of hers jiggling in the skirt which was little more than a belt. As she wandered downstairs I couldn’t help myself.

“Stop Bitch” She froze instantly half way down the stairs. I walked up behind her and pushed her legs apart so that they were shoulder width apart. I pushed a finger into her cunt my other hand I squeeze and pull at one of her nipples her husband is always gentle with her not like this. I push my thumb into her sopping wet cunt. She moans as I fuck her. I stop squeezing her nipples and unzip my cock. As I continue to finger her I guide one of her hands onto my rock hard cock. “How big is your husband ?”

“Uuuhh Mmmmm David is erm Six inches he’s the biggest I’ve had.”

“Guess how big my cock is?” She slides her hand up the length of my cock.

“Erm you are bigger than David I think you are about seven and a half inches”

“No you aren’t that lucky I’m eight inches and your going to love it but it will hurt you. Now get down stairs Slut it’s time for your training.” I pulled my fingers from her cunt and my little puppy followed my commands and walked downstairs. She waited for me at the bottom of the stairs.

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards the couch. “Kneel slut” still holding onto her hair I pushed her down. She screamed whenever I pulled her head to hard. Yet like the little obedient slut she was she always did what I asked. As she kneeled there with my cock waggling inches from her face her eyes following it she clearly knew what I was about to ask.

“Do you swallow?” I looked down at her, her eyes still following my cock. I took hold of it with my free hand and rubbed it down her cheek.

“No I don’t swallow I do give head but I always finish David off in a towel.”

“Well Slut you ARE going to swallow my load” Before she could answer I pushed my cock into her mouth, she began sucking straight way. Instinctively she went to grab hold of my cock with one of her hands the other was making it’s way to her wet slit. “Don’t you fucking touch anything without my permission.” I pulled my cock from her mouth and slapped her face.

“Sssooorrry please let me suck you” Her hands dropped back down by her sides and she held her mouth open for my cock. I put the tip of my cock back into her mouth and I grabbed another handful of hair. Holding her sturdy I fucked her mouth I only pushed four inches or so into her at first but I had another plan. I wanted to know if the little bitch knew how to deep throat I pushed seven inches into her this time Her eyes widened as my cock invaded her throat I held it there blocking off her airway, after five seconds she began to panic as she couldn’t breath in. I pulled my cock out of her and slapped her face.

“You fucking bitch never NEVER try to take my cock out of you again.” Her face was reddened for were I slapped her. Her eyes looked apologetically at the floor, once more she held her mouth open for my cock. This time I wasn’t going to be gentle with her I shoved all my cock back into her mouth, only now I let her control how much of it fucked her mouth and throat. She carried on deep throating me closer and closer to my orgasm, I wanted her to swallow my cum but I also wanted to get my goo on her face.

I pulled my cock out and finished wanking myself off She held her mouth open Waiting to take my load. I came my first load missed it’s mark and landed on one of her eyes, The second glob landed on her tongue and the rest splattered all over her rosy red lips. As she swallowed my cum I collected the glob that landed on her eye on my helmet and held it there for her to suck clean. Which she eagerly did. Again I took a hand full of hair and pulled her to her feet. “Go and lay on the table bitch.” I commanded. As she waddled off I looked at the floor she had left a huge wet patch right were she had been kneeling, the little slut was loving every minute of it.

Well what else could I do to my little slut I needed something that would teach her a lesson. Then it hit me as I was preparing her meal earlier I found a Cucumber it must have been about 12 inches in length and nice and thick too, perfect for a little double penetration. I bolt off into the Kitchen leaving my bitch waiting form her new master. I grabbed my present stuffed it in a bag and calmly walked out of the kitchen to my waiting slut. I placed my present down on the table next to her. I sat at the chair between her legs.

“Well if six inches is the most you’ve ever had then I’m gonna rip that pussy apart.” I grabbed her by the thighs and pulled her closer to me, I pushed a finger into her soaking wet cunt, as I licked and fingered her cunt I tried to stretch her out a little. Her back arched, muscles tensed she had her first orgasm of the day I knew she was ready. I stood up and took hold of my steel like cock pushing it up against her pussy lips. She moaned as she felt the pressure on her. I pushed a good six inches into her she moaned as her cunny enveloped my length.

“More please fucking push more in please” She slid herself forward on the table taking nearly another inch into her. I quickly pulled my cock out of her and pushed her back onto the table.

“I will decide how much you take BITCH” With that I pushed my cock back home. David must have been the biggest she had ever had because I couldn’t easily get any more than six inches into her. I leaned over her still only fucking her with six inches, she grabbed my neck with both hands and forced herself on my cock, She screamed with a mix of pleasure and pain as all of my eight inches entered her soaking wet cunt. I stood back up and she let go of my neck I took hold of each of her thighs and started pumping her with all my force and weight. She arched her back holding herself up on her elbows her head flopped back. I watched as her lovely titties bounced in time with my strokes. As my balls slapped against her arse her pussy began gripping my cock tighter making it hard for me to keep up my furious pace. Vicky my little slut was moaning and screaming as load as she could. “Yes Yes fuck yes fuck my hammer it home…. Shit I’m coming I’m coming” Her nails scrapped across the table top as her orgasm ripped through her body. “Yes Yes you fucking bastard Come inside me come now fuck yes” It was hard not too But not yet I wanted to do something else first. I pulled my cock out of her she screamed and replaced my cock with three of her fingers slamming them into her pussy. The sight of that alone was enough for me I climbed onto the table pumping my cock as I did and I positioned myself over her tits and admired the view it took about thirty seconds before I shot another load over Vicky’s face and tits she smiled as my cum landed on her. I climbed off the table “Come her Bitch I got a present for you.” She joined me on the floor my cock was no limp but it wasn’t going to stay that way for long. I nipped back into the kitchen for my plan I needed some lubrication. I grabbed the Virgin Olive Oil how apt I thought I rejoined my bitch in the main room. She was happily cleaning my cum off her face as I joined her. I picked the paper bag up off the chair and handed it too her she opened it and took the cucumber out of the bag she just stood they looking at it. “Down on you knees I’m gonna fuck that tight little ass of yours.” She looked at me but didn’t comply.

“I’ve never had anal sex I’m not sure if I want to try it” I stepped closer to her

“You are acting like you have am option her. I am gonna fuck your ass now get on your knees Bitch” I grabbed her left tit and squeezed it hard. She screamed as I did.

“Bu…Bu…But what is the Cucumber for?” I smiled at her I removed my hand from her tit leaving red marks were my hand had been, I pushed a finger into her soaking wet cunt leaned forward and whispered into her left here “It’s for in here” She smiled at me “Your gonna have that in your cunny and my cock in your arse” She quickly dropped to her knees.

I watched in amazement as my little bitch eagerly rammed ten inched of veg into her. The sight alone as enough to make me hard once more but the filth coming from Vicky’s posh mouth really did the trick. “Oh yeah I need this come on ram you cock up my arse fuck me like the little slut I am” I kneeled down behind my little bitch removed her hand from her vegetable dildo, I wanted to try something without warning her I pushed my cock up her cunt alongside her dildo stretching her out like never before, She screamed in pain “FUCK FUCK YEAH FILL MY TIGHT TWAT COME ON FUCK ME” Her body shuddered as orgasm after orgasm shot through her body. I pulled out and allowed her to continue assaulting her cunt. Using the olive oil I lubricated my dick and her asshole. As she continued to bang her cunt I pushed my cock up against her tight hole, She moaned as I pushed my helmet into her I forced three inches into her Vicky was screaming and bucking like made as another orgasm shot through her body. She thrust backwards taking all of my cock into her arse. I built up a good head of steam as I worked her arse. I banged away for ten minutes before the combination of Vicky’s screaming, filthy mouth and her tight arse brought me off I shot by load deep into her tight arse, she screamed as yet another orgasm shot through her frame. I collapsed on the floor my cock coming out of her with an audible plop. As her latest orgasm subsided she too fell on the floor the cucumber still sticking out of her cunt. Her body is slick with sweat, the smell of her sex juices hangs thick in the air. I reach over and pull the cucumber out of her, she moans as it leaves her. “Follow me bitch” I wander back up to the bathroom my little pet follows me, what I have planned next will be the final insult for my slut. I point to the shower and order her to kneel. Taking my limp cock in my hand I point it at her and begin to piss on her face and tits, her reaction shocks me instead of being shocked instead of lurching away from it she sits there and starts to masturbate. She is a broken woman she will do anything I want. I finish peeing and wash her off with the shower. As we shower I once again fuck her this time I do cum in her fertile womb. We spend the night together before going our separate ways in the morning. She gives me her phone number just in case.

Next time I here about my little bitch she is pregnant. Which leads to another great time. But that is another story.


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