Becky’s Workout

Title: Becky’s Workout

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Becky Lynch

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal

Disclaimer: “This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.” Comments or questions, find me at

One of the best things about owning a gym in a town that is frequented by the WWE is that I often receive visits from the divas that work for the company.

In most cases, though, I was able to keep it professional and not pursue anything sexual with any of them (even though there was nothing more I would have liked to), because I never like to be perceived as giving special treatment to any of my visitors.

But I knew right from the moment that I first met Becky Lynch, the fiery red-head known as the “lass kicker”, that I would probably not be able to resist her.

“Hi Becky. Welcome to my gym. I’ve been a big fan of yours since you started in NXT, but I don’t recall seeing you here before. Is this your first time here?” I asked her as she came up to the counter and introduced herself to me, smiling at me politely as she shook my hand.

“This is my first time in your fair city, yes. You have a nice gym here, mate. Mind if I use the ring to spar for a bit?” she asked me, smiling coyly at me as I directed her to where it was located.

“It’s in the back so no one will disturb us Becky. And I say “us”, because if anyone is going to spar with you, it’s going to be me,” I told her as I started scanning her tight body in the tight black pants and see-through white t-shirt she was wearing as she asked me where the locker room was so she could change.

“Try not to make it so obvious you’re staring dude,” Becky playfully scolded me when she returned from the locker room wearing a different white t-shirt and a pair of sparkling shorts that didn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination as she wrapped her fists in tape and hopped into the ring.

“I can’t help it Becky. You really are a sexy woman,” I told her as I stared at her, turning to go when she got my attention and stepped into the ring.
“Why don’t you step into this ring and “go a few rounds” with me yourself. You are a very charming fella, after all,” she called out to me, the sexual tension becoming so thick between us you could cut it with a knife as I walked over and locked the door to the room we were in and stepped in the ring with her.

“You’re on Bex,” I teased her as I taped up my fists and grabbed a couple of kick pads from the storage area before quickly ducking into the locker room and changing into my own combat gear.

“What’s with the pads love? Think you won’t be able to handle me?” Becky teased me, winking at me as I held out the pads for her as she started to kick and punch at it, the slightest hint of her pussy showing itself every time she stretched out for a kick.

“Oh, I’d be able to “handle” you plenty if you gave me the chance to, Bex,” I teased her as I flirted back with her, both of us getting more turned on by the moment as she got a little more aggressive with her strikes.

“Careful what you wish for, buck. I just might give you the chance to show me later,” she teased me as she signaled for me to hold up the pad again before assaulting it with another flurry of punches and kicks, once again exposing her pussy to me in the pair of too-short shorts she was wearing.

“Mind if I return fire?” I asked her, winking at her as she picked up the pads and held them out for me, sweat starting to drip off both of our bodies as I attacked the pads.

“I like an aggressive man,” she teased me, giggling as she started to volley kicks and punches at the pad I was holding until I dropped it at the sound of that comment.

“Do tell Becky. You really are a lovely lass,” I told her as we started kicking the pads out of the ring and walked towards each other, lust in our eyes.

“Then stop blathering and do something about all this tension in the air between us lad…” Becky whispered as we leaned into each other and kissed, beginning to passionately make out with each other as I threw her around the ring.

“UH,” she moaned as we wrestled each other on the mat, her legs hooking around my waist as I pinned her to the canvas and pulled her clothes off of her.

“Oh dear. You have me. Now what do you plan to do with me?” she teased me as I kissed her, her hands roaming my body as she pulled me out of my clothes and wrapped her hands around my dick.

“Whatever I want to, lass. So I hope you like it as rough as you can dish it out,” I lovingly teased her as I bit own on her neck, causing her to moan out in passion from the love bite I had just given her.

“YES. Dear God yes, I do love it when a fine bit of stuff like you gives me a hickey,” she moaned, her hands going between her legs as she started to pleasure herself while I made out with her and sucked on her tits.

“Let me help you out down there,” I whispered to her, running my hands over her tight box and sliding three fingers up inside of her as she maneuvered herself between my legs.

“69 me lad,” she whispered as she wrapped her hands around my dick and lead it to her mouth, beginning to suck on it as I positioned my head between her legs and pushed my tongue into her tight Irish pussy.

“MMM…fuck this is so hot…” she moaned around my dick as she sucked away on it, using her hands to hold it in place as I drove my tongue in and out of her, her cunt walls beginning to cling to it as I thrust it in and out of her.

“Such a tight box you have,” I teased her as she began to deep-throat my dick, her hands cupping my balls as my tongue probed the deepest areas of her pussy, causing her to start tensing up as she worked over my dick, both of us dangerously close to blowing.

“FUCK…gonna cum Becky…” I moaned as I jerked my hips into her face and thrust my tongue into her pussy, her own hips pushing down into my face as she came all over my tongue, followed a few seconds later by my dick unloading to the back of her throat.

“OHGOD…shag my box baby…” she whispered as she finished drinking down my seed, pushing her hips down into my face until she had expelled all of her cum, then laying down for me as I climbed on top of her.

“Oh no, my lovely Irish lass. We have a whole ring to use. So why don’t we use it?” I teased her as I pulled her up by her hair and threw her into the corner hard enough that she moaned out in excitement from how turned on she was getting as I came up to her and roughly threw her legs around me.

“I wasn’t just talking when I told you I could handle you Becky. So let me show you what I meant,” I whispered to her, nibbling on her neck again as I roughly slid my dick into her pussy.

“UH. OHGOD…harder…” Becky hissed when I started thrusting my dick in and out of her snatch, her walls tightening up around it and clinging to it as I drove all of my weight into her, forcing her into the turnbuckles with every thrust I made into her.

“Bite…me…” she moaned as she threw her legs a little tighter around me, throwing her head back as I bit down on her nipples and nibbled on her neck, her eyes rolling into her head as I slammed into her cunt.

“You like that Becky?” I teased her as I kissed her, driving my hips into hers as she moaned for me to fuck her harder, her pussy starting to spasm around my dick as I sucked on her neck and her tits.

“Slap me,” she whispered, getting more turned on by the second as I drove myself in and out of her, our bodies slapping together so hard the ring was moving as she hooked her legs into my back as I slapped her across the face and pulled her hair.

“Cum for me Becky. I know you like it like this baby,” I whispered as she went limp and threw her head back, arching her back around the buckles as she shot her cream all over my dick.

“Gonna cum Becky,” I whispered as I placed my hands on her hips and started quickening my thrusts into her, her walls ripping and pulling on my dick as I held myself inside of her.

“In me,” she squeaked, her voice already growing raspy from the screaming she had been doing as I gave her one last thrust and came deep into her hot cunt, her walls massaging my dick and squeezing every last drop of my cum out into her as I held myself inside of her.

“What a great fucking shag. I wish I had me a fag to smoke right now,” she moaned as I spilled the last few drops of my cum into her and pulled out, telling her to straddle the ropes as I came up to her and lined my dick up with her pussy, sliding them over her lips from the new angle.

“I’m not done rocking your world yet Bex,” I whispered to her as I grabbed her hips and pulled them back into mine, one of her legs on either side of the ropes as we started fucking in the standing position.

“UH, UH, UH,” Becky hissed as I thrust in and out of her again, her legs once again finding their way around my waist and hooking into my back as I sucked and nibbled on her tits.

“You feel so tight around my cock Becky,” I whispered, the adrenaline rush we had both received from the aggressive way we had sparred with each other still serving to keep us hot for each other as we fucked while tangled up in the ring ropes, sweat dripping down both of our bodies.

“F-fuck me. OHGOD, there. Shag me there, you hunky man,” she hoarsely whispered, closing her eyes and throwing her head back as I took one of her legs and began lifting it towards her head.

“OOOOHHHH…GOD. There it is. You fucking found it,” she moaned when I found her g-spot, her eyes rolling back into her head as I pushed her leg as far in the air as it could go, her cunt cream starting to pour over my dick as she came all over it.

“MMM…feels so good…” she purred as she let herself go, her body relaxing as she shot her fresh load of cream onto it as I started thrusting deeper and harder, feeing my own body go limp as my cum erupted into her.

“Cumming Bex,” I whispered as I started filling her cunt, my cock nudging against her cervix and finding its way into her womb as I shot it into her.

“I told you I could handle you,” I whispered to her as I finished depositing my seed into her and pulled out, wrapping her in my arms as she collapsed into them.

“Fuck my arse,” she whispered as we made out on the mat again, leading her over to the tiny little piece of wood I always kept in the corner to use as a bench.

“Bend over baby. And you better believe I’m going to cum in your cunt again, too. Only question I have now is which hole would you like fucked first?” I whispered as I came up behind her and ran my dick along both her cunt lips and her ass cheeks.

“Fuck my arse and fuck it good. Then you can have another go at my box,” she softly told me as I lined my dick up with her ass and slid into her back door, grabbing a hold of her hips and beginning to thrust in and out of her as I yanked on her hair.

“Fucking hell. Pull my hair,” she shouted, putting a white-knuckle grip on the wood block, moaning a little louder and a little more lustily every time I thrust into her ass.

“You like that? I bet you do,” I teased her as I pulled on her hair and slapped the back of her head, Becky’s moans now completely filling the room as I buried my dick in her ass and reached a hand between her legs and felt her cumming for me again.

“Someone’s still excited I see,” I teased her as I drove my dick into her ass as far as it could go, holding it there as I thrust into her one a few more times and came deep into her ass, filling up her bowels with my seed.

“UH, you make me feel so good, you hunk of a man,” she cooed as I pulled out of her ass and ran my dick along her swollen, moist cunt lips yanking on her hair hard enough to snap her neck back as I slid it into her pussy again.

“Time to go one more round,” I whispered as I started thrusting into her from behind, her hand still keeping a tight grip on the wooden block she was bent over as I railed her pussy, pulling on her hair and slapping the back of her head occasionally.

“MMM…” she moaned as I kissed her neck, driving her crazy with the way I was going between tender and rough with her as I kept pumping my dick in and out of her.

“Harder my lovely. Almost there,” she whispered softly as her cunt started to pull and grab at my dick as she threw her head back and started going limp.

“You’ll cum when I tell you to Becky baby,” I teased her, pulling out of her and throwing her to the mat by her hair before walking over to her and climbing on top of her as I spread her legs open and slid into her again.

“Now,” I told her, commanding her to do what she so desperately wanted me to do as I started thrusting in and out of her, her arms and legs both wrapping around me tightly as she came hard on my dick for the third time.

“UUUHHHHHHHH…” she moaned, drawing out her pleasure as she sprayed her juices all over my dick just as I gave her a deep, hard thrust and spewed another thick, sticky load of my seed deep into her clutching pussy.

“It feels so damn good cumming in this pussy Becky. I could get used to it,” I told her softly as I filled her up, her back arching and her body twisting around my dick as the last of my cum blasted her walls and I pulled out of her.

“MMM…I can’t tell you the last time I got some nice, hot cock in me. That’s the kind of workout I enjoy the most,” she purred as we held each other on the canvas and recovered, finally regaining the strength to move a few minutes later, my cum still trickling from Becky’s well-fucked cunt by the time we both disappeared to the locker room to change into the clothes we had on originally.

“Any chance we could make this last as more than just a one-time thing?” I asked her as she threw down a wad of cash on the counter for my tip as I fought off my feelings of being smitten towards her.

“See ya around fella. You may not have my number, but I have yours,” she teased me as she kissed me on the lips and started to walk out of the gym, leaving me already looking forward to the next time I would see my little “lass-kicker” in person.

As I watched her leave, I couldn’t help but wonder to myself if we would make a habit out of hooking up every time she came by to see me, all while reveling in the fact that I had given her the special kind of workout that every one of her male fans would kill to give her.

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