Becoming A Slut

Fucked-Up Entertainment Presents
Jennifer Love Hewitt in
Becoming a Slut
story by Symon Arrow
(MF, HorseF, oral, beast, slut, ws)

Disclaimer: This story is a figment of my imagination and only meant for fictional entertainment purposes.

"Call me Love," she said, gasping for breath as his tongue worked on her right
nipple, his fingers playing with her left. She was naked and he had been
concentrating on her amazing breasts for almost fifteen minutes. It was becoming
more than she could take. Her face and hair still bore some of the dried cum
from his first orgasm. He was hard again, she knew, and she was fighting the
urge to shove her fingers into her dripping cunt. She wanted his eight inches
inside her.
"Oh God … Joel … you’ve got to fuck me," she breathed, wrapping her hands around
his head and bringing him up to eye level. "I need you inside me."
He grabbed her around the waist and moved her back onto the bed. She spread her
legs, revealing her hairy and beautiful pink pussy. He gazed at it for a second,
his eyes moving up her flat, muscular stomach, her amazing breasts, her perfect
skin and her beautiful face, onto which he’d sprayed more cum than he knew he
had. He brought his cock up hard between her legs, shoving half of it into her
with one stroke.
"Oh fuck!" she screamed, wrapping her arms around him. "Yes, fuck me! Fuck me as
hard as you can!"
He shoved the rest of his cock into her hot, wet pussy and began pumping as hard
as he could, fighting an orgasm that he already felt coming. She’d already given
him a blow job to loosen him up, but it was barely enough. Her body, her face,
her great cunt, it was all too much. A guy could cum with her ten times before
she came once. He had to fight if he wanted to please her.
"Don’t cum … don’t cum … stay in me…." She was practically begging, knowing what
usually happened. It was difficult to find a lover who could satisfy her. "I
need this … fuck me hard … fuck me harder!"
He was pounding her pussy now, his mind a million miles away. He vaguely
realized that she was getting wetting, her pussy sucking and releasing as she
began to orgasm. This just made him drive harder, wanting to sustain it as long
as possible. To sustain her pleasure.
"Jesus … oh God Joel … keep doing it … right there! Right there! Oh my God do it
right there! Oh shit!" She came explosively again and again and he was helpless.
His cock exploded inside her, filling her with his white hot cum as her wetness
poured over their thighs.
"Oh Jesus…." He breathed, slowing down and lying against her. "Oh you are
incredible, Love."
"oh my god…" she breathed, holding him tight, her breasts smashed against him.
After a few moments he pulled out and layed beside her, nearly exhausted. She
could still taste the bitterness of cum in her mouth. "You know what I need?"
she asked, standing and walking over to the mirror, adjusting her hair. She
smiled at the dried cum on her face. It was sexy in some odd way.
"What?" he asked.
"Like five guys. All fucking me at the same time. I think that could really get
me off. They could work in shifts, you kno?. I mean, I like dicks and I like
cum. I don’t mind it all over me. So it wouldn’t be gross or anything. What do
you think?"
"You take it up the ass, don’t you?"
"What makes you say that?" She asked, spinning to catch his eyes as they left
her supple ass.
"I can tell."
"I take it in the ass. I mean, I will. I never have before. Why? You want to
break me in?"
"If you’re going to let five guys fuck you then somebody ought to break you in
"You’re into weird shit, aren’t you?" she asked with a wry grin.
"What makes you say that?"
"First I blow you until you cum all over my face. Then you fuck me until you cum
again. Now you want to stick it in my ass and fuck me until I bleed. Then what?
You’ll probably put it in my mouth and piss down my throat, then tittie-fuck me
until you cum to wash it down. Would that get you off?"
"Are you offering?"
Jennifer Love Hewitt turned around, pushing her sexy, large ass out toward him.
He took it with both hands, spreading the cheeks and gazing at her cute, pink,
puckering hole. He pushed the tip of his hard cock against it, pressing and
finding it unyielding. He probed with two fingers, pressing hard until finally
her sphincter gave way and they popped into her.
"Oh fuck," she moaned in pain. "I was afraid you were going to be gentle."
"I’ll try not to be," he admitted, pressing his fingers as hard as he could up
into her tight, hot, dirty hole.
"Oh Jesus," she said, squirming on his fingers. "This is gonna fucking kill me."
"It might," he admitted, spreading his fingers with all his might, trying to
open her asshole wide enough to allow his cock.
"Oh fuck," she gasped, grabbing the counter in front of her and gritting her
"Relax your ass," he commanded. "I’ll never get in unless you relax."
He pressed his cock against her hole again, spreading with his fingers. As they
came out, he shoved hard and the upper two inches of his cock were clamped into
her tight hole, which attempted to push them out. He grabbed her waist and
shoved with all his might, fighting her sphincter and sending another half an
inch into her. She screamed, unable to control herself, and he realized she’d
been lying. She wanted him to make her ass bleed because she’d never taken it
there before. She was an anal virgin, and he was proud to deflower her.
"Oh shit, oh shit!" she screamed, feeling as if her ass were about to explode.
"God, fuck me! Put it all in and fuck me before I die!"
He shoved harder, pressing another inch into her before he could go no further.
Slowly, he pulled his cock out about an inch and a half. It was difficult. She
was tight and unlubricated. He realized the only way to lubricate her would be,
as she had said, to make her bleed. He began pumping as hard as he could,
shoving as much of his cock into her each time as she could. She began
screaming, her nails digging into the counter, her teeth barred, her head thrown
"Oh fuck … oh God … no! No! Oh shit … oh God, stop … stop! Oh Jesus Fucking
Christ stop!!"
Finally, he slowed. With one final thrust, nearly 2/3 of his hard cock was
inside her ass. Both were breathing deeply. "What the fuck are you doing?" she
said finally, squirming on his large, uncomfortable cock. "You didn’t cum
already did you?"
"No. Are you … are you okay?"
"I’m fine," she assured. "Now fuck me. I want your whole cock in my ass before
you cum."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes I’m sure. Jesus, just fuck me."
And so he did. He fucked her as hard as he could. Her ass tighter on his cock
than anything he’d ever experienced. He watched his cock moving in and out of
her, going deeper each time, his pubic hair brushing the spread cheeks of her
ass. She screamed every obscenity he knew and then some. Finally, feeling his
orgasm unescapable, he shoved his entire cock up into her ass and came more
explosively than he’d dreamed possible.
"Oh my fucking God!" He screamed, feeling his cum flood into her no-longer
virgin ass.
"Holy shit," she finally moaned as his cock slid out of her, leaving a trail of
blood and cum. "Oh holy shit…"
He went into the bathroom to clean his shit/blood/cum covered cock. When he
returned he found her leaning against the counter, now completely naked, her
beautiful large breasts unleashed.
"That fucking killed…" she said. "You wanna piss on me now or what?"
"Definitely," he admitted.
"Good," she said, dropping to her knees on the ground and looking up at him.
"Make sure it gets all over me, but mostly in my mouth so I can drink it."
"What happens after we do this?"
"You either fuck my pussy or fuck my mouth. Or you can tittie-fuck me if you
want to, I don’t care. Just as long as I swallow your cum. Then we get even more
"What’s more twisted than that?"
"I don’t know. Now are you gonna pee or what?"
Her big, beautiful brown eyes looking up at him, his cock aimed at her face, he
found it hard to go. He was trying, and he had to, but it was hard. He’d never
peed in front of a girl before. Sensing this, she took the tip of his soft cock
in her mouth, gently licking the underside and still looking at him. That was
all he needed. With a sigh of relief, he began to go. She took it in her mouth
until it overflowed with his bitter piss. He aimed his dick, peeing all over her
face, wetting her dark hair. She closed her eyes as he peed across her eyes and
nose, his pee falling down and covering her breasts. He began to slow and
finally he was spent. She was soaked in his pee, still holding much of it in her
mouth. With a wicked smile, she swallowed.
"Holy shit," he said as she stood, kissing him full on the lips, making him
taste his own piss. "Oh my God."
"Baby, I like your pee, but I need some thick cum to wash it down. Do you think
you can manage?"
"Lay on the floor and I’ll show you," he commanded.
Seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt lying on the floor, covered in his piss, her ass
ripped raw by his massive cock, he felt his dick growing hard again. He was
going to tittie-fuck the most beautiful breasts in the world and then this
beautiful Hollywood slut was going to drink his cum. It was too good to be true.
And then, after all of this, they would do something even more fucked up. What
could that be? His mind was racing with possibilities. Most of them involved
putting her in a great deal of physical pain, but she had taken it in the ass
without complaining, so he hoped she would be relatively open to new things.
Laying on the floor, her beautiful breasts flat against her, Jennifer Love
Hewitt looked as beautiful as ever. He knelt next to her, his cock already
rock-hard once again. He moved over her, one knee on each side of her abdomen,
lowering his cock to her chest. She took his cue and as he pushed his cock down
between her breasts she took one in each hand and smashed them against his
shaft. The feeling was incredible. Her soft, warm breasts enveloping his
engorged penis. Slowly, he began moving between them, tittie-fucking the most
beautiful tits on the planet.
"Oh … cum for me…" she said, watching his cock slide between her breasts. "Cum
in my mouth."
The feeling was incredible, and he knew he wouldn’t last long. He began pumping
harder, feeling his orgasm building. He looked into her eyes and nodded. She
understood. She sat up quickly, taking her cock in both hands and stroking with
all her might, bringing the tip into her mouth. He began cumming furiously. He
could hardly believe he had any cum left, but soon her mouth was filling with
it. She smiled up at him, opening her mouth wide so he could see it filled with
his jizz. Then she swallowed. It was amazing. She giggled, looking up at him.
"Am I slut yet?" she asked.
"You’re getting there," he admitted.
"Good," she said, lying back. "I like being a slut. But I could use another
"You’ll get one," he admitted.
"You’ve already cum four times. How much more do you have," she asked, grabbing
his dick a little harder than necessary.
"None…" he said, pushing her hand away. "Not right now. But I know where you can
get some. From a cock even bigger than mine."
"Are you serious?" Her eyes were wide in anticipation.
Jennifer Love Hewitt sat in a cold chair wearing a bathrobe in the middle of a
large room wearing a blindfold. Her face was still stained with dried cum and
her hair had dried hard with piss. Her ass was on fire from her unlubricated
ass-fucking but her pussy was wet in anticipation of more sex. She’d never felt
more like the slut she wanted to be.
She heard the doors open and what sounded like a great deal of footsteps. Then
she heard the unmistakable snorting of a horse. At first she didn’t understand.
Then she did, and she couldn’t decide if she should be horny or scared. She felt
the blindfold coming off and sure enough, standing in front of her was a large
male horse. It was attractive, all black, obviously well-bred. Joel was standing
beside her, smiling.
"What do you think?" he asked. "I hear this guy can go fifteen minutes hard
fucking before he blows a load. You interested?"
"You want me to fuck a horse?"
"Alright." She stood, wary of the beast. She dropped her robe, revealing her
gorgeous body. The horse sniffed, moving its nose toward her dripping pussy. She
took a step back but Joel brought the horse closer.
"Let it smell you," he explained.
She stayed still as it buried its nose in her crotch. It was an odd feeling. She
wasn’t attracted to the horse, and yet she was getting wet thinking about all
that cock in her pussy. Even ten minutes was a long time for a normal guy to be
able to fuck her without cumming. And a normal guy didn’t have an eighteen inch
"Now what?" she asked, staring at the horse.
"Get down on your hands and knees."
She did, pushing her ass out toward the horse. It moved toward her. Joel guided
it carefully, positioning the horse over her. Looking over her shoulder, she saw
it’s cock growing slowly. It was only semi-hard and still almost a foot long.
She couldn’t wait. Turning, she began stroking the cock hard, bringing the tip
into her mouth. It tasted strange, alien, but not altogether bad. She began
sucking furiously, pumping the massive shaft as hard as she could. Soon it
sprang to nearly twenty inches, rock hard and almost two and a half inches wide.
She returned to her position on all fours, pushing her ass up as far as she
Joel guided the horses cock to her opening, moving it around to capture some of
her wettness. The horse did the rest. Shoving hard, it pumped eight inches into
her. She screamed but held on. Joel held the horse back. It’s back legs were
bent so that more of its cock could reach her.
"When you want more, just move back on it," he instructed. "I don’t think you
can fit it all."
"Is that a bet?" she asked, pushing back hard, bringing more and more of the
animal’s massive tool inside her. "Oh shit!" she screamed. "God this cock is
She continued for a few more minutes, getting more and more of it’s cock into
her. Finally, nearly 3/4 of the horse’s massive tool was in her pussy. "Are you
ready for the bench?" Joel asked.
He stepped beside her holding a bench about two and a half feet high and three
feet wide. Understanding, she grasped it with both hands, supporting herself as
he slid it underneath her. This brought her to a position where the horse could
fuck her hard. Joel snapped the bench into the ground so that it would remain
stationary. He looked at the horse warily. It was well-trained, but how long
could it keep its cock in this wonderful, tight pussy before animal instinct
took over.
"This will let him fuck you as hard as he wants," Joel assured her. "Are you
sure you can take that?"
"Let him fuck me," she breathed. "Let him fuck me hard."
Joel tapped the horse on the back. That was all it took. It began pumping hard
and fast, tearing in and out of her over-stretched cunt. It pumped it’s cock in
until it smashed into her cervix, then pulled out almost fifteen inches before
slamming back into her. She was screaming every obscenity in the English
language, her nails digging into the bench as she was violated by the massive
animal. The pain was nearly blinding, but through it she felt incredible orgasm
after orgasm as the horse cock touched parts of her no man could reach.
"Jesus Christ!" She screamed. "Oh Jesus … make it cum! Make it cum! I can’t take
it! Oh shit! Oh fuck me! Oh shit, fuck me! Oh shit make it stop! Oh shit!!"
Joel knew there was no way he could restrain the animal now. Nature would have
to take its course. It continued pumping her hard and Joel felt his own cock
growing watching the savage rape of a beautiful woman by a brutal animal.
Finally, after nearly ten minutes inside her, the horse cock exploded in a
powerful orgasm. Even through the pain and ecstasy, Love felt the cum explode
through her insides, filling her in one spurt. The horse continued pumping, it’s
cock slipping out of her as it came. Thick cum splashed on her ass, her gaping
pussy, and her back. Finally, it collapsed on the ground, leaving Love lying on
the bench, covered in cum. Joel couldn’t believe what he had seen.
"Are you alright?" he asked finally, kneeling beside her.
She lifted her head slowly. Her face was drenched with tears and her body was
covered in sweat. "Is it done?" she asked meekly.
"Am I … am I okay?"
Her sex was a mess of horse cum, her own cum, blood, Joel didn’t know what else.
But he smiled at her. "I think so. You’ve just had the biggest fuck of your
life, but I think you’ll live."
"Oh shit…" she breathed. "That horse can fuck."

—-Don’t know if you guys got to the end or not, but if you did, let me know
what you think…

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