Becoming Lesbians – Ending

Becoming Lesbians.

The following story has: Ashley Olsen (15), Mary-Kate Olsen (15), Hilary Duff (14), Jessica Biel, and Beverly Mitchell.

Although these people are real, the story is totally fiction and is not to be taken as a serious document of their personal lives. Please enjoy it.

If you are offended by such material (sexual language, lesbian sex, minor sex) then please do not read the story.

Ashley and Mary-Kate’s 15th birthday was approaching, and they didn’t have any plans. Since they were so busy with their lives, it was hard for them to make friends; so they couldn’t have a big party. Hilary
Duff wasn’t doing anything on their birthday, so she invited them over to her place. Hilary’s house had a large, private beach section, and she said that the twins could have a lot of fun there. Because they didn’t have any other plans, the twins decided to go to Hilary’s.

Hilary had met the twins a while back. They were going to do a movie together, but it never worked out. Hilary had always admired the twins’ acting skills, and enjoyed many of their movies and shows. She also secretly admired them because of their beauty.

She became a lesbian when she was 8. Whenever her babysitter would wash her, she would lick Hilary’s body all over. She told Hilary that this made her extra clean. One day Hilary’s babysitter told her that she would love to be extra clean too. She took the clothes off of her 17-year-old body, and got into the bathtub with Hilary. She pulled Hilary on top of her, and positioned Hilary’s pussy right over hers. Hilary leaned forward and licked her babysitter’s large tits. The babysitter grabbed hold of Hilary’s ass and pushed her back and forth, so that their pussies rubbed softly together. A year later Hilary learned that she had had lesbian sex, but she wasn’t ashamed. She always dreamt of doing it again.

When the Olsen twins arrived at the airport, Hilary was there to pick them up. The twins were both dressed the same; they were wearing short, silky, white skirts and tight, white leather tops. The tops surrounded their breast, and left the lower and upper area showing. Hilary was wearing a loose, white shirt and loose cargo pants. She looked like a tomboy, but she had on a bathing suit underneath the baggy clothes. She had planned on taking the twins straight to the beach, but since they weren’t ready she’d have to take them home. They got into the back of the Hummer limo, and the driver headed toward Hilary’s place. The twins sat on one side, and Hilary sat on the opposite side. Ashley grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. Mary-Kate directed her attention toward the TV too. Hilary couldn’t see the TV from her spot, but she didn’t care. She was too busy trying to look up Ashley and Mary-Kate’s skirts. She didn’t have any luck. The twins were very lady-like and kept their legs in a position that kept Hilary from seeing what she wanted to see.

When they arrived at the house, Hilary took the twins up to their room. She asked them if they wanted anything to eat or drink and then told them that they were going to the beach soon. Hilary showed the twins to separate dressing rooms so that they could get into their bikinis. Hilary hoped that one of them would only close the door slightly, so that she could peek in. Unfortunately, they both closed the door firmly. The twins finished up and came out.

They all got back into the Hummer limo and drove a few blocks down the road. The driver parked the Hummer at a gate, and let the girls through. He told them he’d be back in 2 hours, and left. A tall fence on the back area, and on the two far sides surrounded the area. The girls took off their clothes, and started to put on lotion. Mary-Kate needed to use the potty, and Hilary pointed her toward the restroom on the far end of the beach. Ashley finished rubbing lotion on her belly, arms, and face but couldn’t reach her back. Hilary offered to do it, and started massaging the lotion onto Ashley’s back. She pretended to trip in the sand, and fell downward grabbing onto Ashley’s firm ass. Ashley only giggled, but didn’t show any sign of liking it. Mary-Kate came back, and Ashley rubbed some lotion onto her back. They were all set.

The twins pulled out some towels and sat down on the beach to catch some sun. Hilary asked them why they weren’t going in the water and they told her that it was too cold. Hilary finally encouraged them to get into the water; by telling them it was only going to get colder throughout the days. They ran down to the water and submerged themselves in it. The twins rose out of the water slightly, carrying their breast over the water line. Their nipples had hardened in the cold water, and Hilary was very aroused at the sight. The twins swam around for a bit, while Hilary desperately tried to “accidentally” grab their breast or pussy underneath the water. Hilary didn’t have any luck.

After a while the Olsen twins got out of the water to dry off. They lay back down on their towels and soaked up the sun. Hilary went behind one of the sand dunes, and pulled down her bikini bottom. She peered around the side of the dune, and looked at the two beautiful, young girls. She slowly stuck two of her fingers into her wet pussy, and slowly masturbated. She was excited at the fact that she was masturbating in an open area, instead of the privacy of her own room. Her orgasm came quickly, and she tried hard to keep her moaning to a minimum so that the twins wouldn’t hear.

The girls sat around and talked about girl stuff for a while until the Hummer limo came to pick them up. The driver drove them back to Hilary’s house. The twins headed to their dressing rooms to take showers. Hilary did the same. She thought about what the twins looked like in their showers, and thought about them having incest sex in the shower. She became very horny, and started to rub her clit with the soap-spongy she had in her hand. She dropped the spongy, and used the backside of her hand to rub her pussy. She felt weak. She had never masturbated more than once in a day. She finally inserted a finger into her tight pussy. She fell backward from weakness and leaned up against the side of the tub. Her hips jolted up and down, and she violently squirted her juices down the side of her legs. She sat down in the bathtub, and swirled her finger around in her cum, mixing it with the water as she still dreamed of the twins.

When all of the girls had finished their showering, they went to the living room. They sat around watching TV and Hilary could sense that they were bored. She excused herself, and went to another room and picked up the phone. She called one of her “normal” friends and asked if she knew of anything fun she could do with the twins. Her friend told them that there was a special promotion party going on for 7th Heaven. Since she was a celebrity herself, she could probably get in on late notice. Hilary told the Olsen twins about it, and they headed over to it.

When they arrived, the bodyguard outside wouldn’t let them in. At that time, Beverly Mitchell had just arrived. The girls could tell she was late, as she rushed out of the Mercedes and hurried herself to the door. The 3 young girls caught Beverly’s eye. Hilary was wearing a tight, leather tube top that went around the length of her breast, with several ties in the back. She had on a very short, tight leather skirt to match her top, along with long leather boots. Ashley had on an extremely tight black dress with a V cut in the front showing her cleavage, and a slit in the bottom part showing a lot of her legs. Mary-Kate was wearing the same, but in red. Beverly was a lesbian, and found younger girls to be extremely sexy; especially these 3. She stopped, and told the bodyguard to let them in with her. The bodyguard refused, and Beverly whispered something in his ear and he quickly changed his mind.

The 3 girls followed Beverly into the club. There were mainly older people in the building, political looking characters. They were talking about TV ratings and other such things. It didn’t look like it was going to be fun, after all. The 3 girls spotted Jessica Biel, and the rest of the 7th Heaven cast. They were giving out autographs, and some were currently being interviewed. Beverly went over to her spot behind the booth. The 3 girls wondered around, talking to the few others there that were their age. They participated in a 7th Heaven Trivia Contest, and got a few autographs. After a while, the 7th Heaven cast was relieved of their duties, and they spread out through the crowd. Beverly approached the 3 girls, along with Jessica. Hilary was almost aroused on the spot at the sight of these two beautiful ladies. Beverly was basically wearing a bra, with a jean vest, and an extremely short skirt. Jessica had a tight white shirt with a V cut showing her cleavage, and a long white skirt with slits on both sides. Beverly whispered something in Jessica’s ear. She rubbed her hand on Jessica’s ass, but only Hilary noticed. She invited the 3 girls to a private room. Jessica brought up a subject and the girls started talking. Beverly spread her legs, and scanned the 3 girls’ eyes. When she passed Hilary’s eyes, she noticed that Hilary was staring between her legs. Hilary quickly looked away. Beverly motioned for Hilary to follow her. She led her into a bathroom. Beverly wrapped her arms around the small girl and began untying the ties on the back of her leather top. She noticed that Hilary didn’t resist and she stopped. “You’re a lesbian, aren’t you?” asked Beverly. Hilary nodded. Beverly told her that Jessica was a lesbian too, and that they were both a little horny. Beverly asked her if the Olsen twins were lesbians. Hilary told her no, and told her about what she had been doing during the day. “Wouldn’t it be fun to seduce them into lesbian sex?” asked Beverly. Hilary agreed. They stepped back into the room and satdown in their original spots. Hilary made a little signal toward Jessica.

The girls continued to talk about various “girl things”. Jessica turned on the TV and started flipping through the channels. She stopped on MTV, because Britney Spears was on. They started to talk about how sexy Britney was, but just casually so they didn’t alarm the twins. Then Jessica started flipping again, and she came across a porno channel. Two lesbians were all over each other, and some other guy. Beverly said, “Oh, look! That guy is so cute… let’s watch it.” “No way, there is two ladies in there too… plus I’m not into this stuff,” Ashley said. She went into the bathroom. “Ummm… I think I need to use the restroom too,” Mary-Kate said.

Inside the bathroom, Ashley was already in a stall. Mary-Kate went up to a mirror, and stood there for a few moments… just thinking. She then slowly walked up to the stall where her sister was, and peeked in through the opening. Her sister’s pussy was beautiful, just like hers. They both shaved their pussies, and put various types of lotion on them to keep them nice and smooth, like silk. Mary-Kate was thinking about doing naughty things to her sister; like what she just saw on the TV, but she pushed them out of her head.

Jessica then came into the bathroom, and came up behind Mary-Kate. She slowly put her arms around Mary-Kate, and held her small, firm breast passionately. She asked, “What are you doing, you naughty girl? Are you dreaming dirty thoughts of your sister?” Mary-Kate started to shake her head, but she knew that Jessica would know she was lying. Jessica took Mary-Kate over to the other side of the bathroom. Jessica then said, “If you want to please your sister, you’ll have to learn how to do it. I’ll teach you.” They heard a flush, and Ashley came out of her stall. She looked at them, and then exited the bathroom. Jessica stepped into a shower in the bathroom, and turned the water on. It came down slowly, soaking her tight white shirt. Her nipples soon became hard, and poked up. They were clearly visible, and Mary-Kate started to get aroused. Jessica opened the glass door, and invited Mary-Kate in. Her white skirt was now becoming wet, and getting tight around her legs. “Oh, honey… do you think you could remove my skirt… it is becoming a little tight. I’ll give you something special if you do.” Mary-Kate slowly knelt down, and started pulling on Jessica’s skirt. It finally came off, and underneath her wonderful cunt, with its neatly trimmed hair, was awaiting Mary-Kate. Mary-Kate started to stick out her tongue-“Hey! Not yet,” Jessica shouted. Jessica pulled Mary-Kate up, and pressed Mary-Kate’s head against her shirt. Mary-Kate opened her mouth and started to suck on Jessica’s breast through the white shirt. Mary-Kate thought the soft, wet shirt and Jessica’s breast felt so good inside her mouth. She wanted to suck on them forever. Her arms were wrapped tightly around Jessica, and she was rubbing her ass with her small hands. Mary-Kate peered down at Jessica’s cunt, and noticed her own red dress was becoming extremely wet and tight. Jessica read Mary-Kate’s mind, and started to remove Mary-Kate’s red dress. She then removed Mary-Kate’s black bra and panties. Mary-Kate’s young body was the best thing Jessica hadever seen.

She put her hands on Mary-Kate’s shoulders and started to feel around, softly moving down her body. When she came to Mary-Kate’s pussy and felt the silky softness of it, she almost fainted. Mary-Kate quickly pulled her forward, and Jessica fell into her arms. Jessica then pushed Mary-Kate against the wall, and started to crouch down. She rubbed her finger around Mary-Kate’s pussy, and then inserted it. She pushed her finger in and out of Mary-Kate’s pussy, making her hornier than she already was. Mary-Kate couldn’t wait, and removed Jessica’s finger and pushed Jessica’s head into her pussy. Jessica swirled her tongue around the pussy’s lips, teasing it. She finally went in, and Mary-Kate let out a moan of pleasure. Jessica moved her tongue around inside the young girl’s sweet pussy, sucking on the soft insides. Mary-Kate stroked Jessica’s beautiful blonde hair. Jessica held Mary-Kate’s firm ass, as she dug deeper into her pussy. Mary-Kate had never felt something this good in her life. Mary-Kate just bobbed her hips back and forth, and let out an occasional moan. Jessica couldn’t believe what she was doing to this young, beautiful girl. She thought Mary-Kate’s pussy was the best thing on Earth. She kept eating away at Mary-Kate, finally bringing her to an orgasm. Mary-Kate let out a loud sigh as she squirted out a gush of cum.

Jessica pushed Mary-Kate down to the floor, so that she was up on her hands and knees. She then lay down on her back and slid her head up between Mary-Kate’s legs. Next, she grabbed Mary-Kate’s ass and pulled down on it, bringing Mary-Kate’s pussy right into her mouth. She continued to eat her until she cummed a second time. “Oh god! That felt so good. It was the first time I’ve ever had sex though, so I’m not sure if it was better than a cock,” Mary-Kate said. “Oh, trust me, it is way better than a man.”

Jessica sat down with her back against the tile wall, and opened her legs. “Now it’s your turn, honey.” Mary-Kate got down on her knees and bent over, sticking her head up to the cute pussy. She slowly put her tongue inside, and started to move it around. She loved the taste. Jessica wasn’t very pleased, but Mary-Kate was new at it. Jessica was very aroused at the thought of how young and sexy the girl was, so that helped her along. “Oh, baby… you’re so good. As you do this more often, you’ll learn how to keep a girl cumming and cumming forever…” Mary-Kate kept her head down and ate away, peering up every now and then to look at Jessica’s beautiful breast and her sexy face. “Mmmm… ughh… oh yeah… that feels so good. You’re so cute… I love you,” Jessica said as she cummed all over Mary-Kate’s face. Mary-Kate licked it all up and swallowed.

They got dressed. Mary-Kate left off her black panties and bra because they were still wet, but her red dress was almost dry. Jessica just put on her wet clothes. They went to the bathroom door and opened it slightly. They peered through, expecting the 3 other girls to be having sex with each other. But they weren’t, they were still sitting around watching TV. “I have an idea, you stay here.” Mary-Kate walked out the door.

“Hey girls, you look bored. How ’bout we play a game?” “Ok, but what kind of game is it?” asked Beverly. “Well, Beverly, you’re with me. And Hilary, you’re with my sister. It is a kind of ‘dare’ game,” Mary-Kate explained. “Dare game, huh? Those games are boring, no one ever does the dares,” Ashley said. “Well, it’s better than doing nothing,” Hilary pointed out. Mary-Kate picked up the TV remote, and turned it on to the porno channel. “Ok, Hilary, you have to do to my sister what that women is doing to that other women.” Hilary didn’t even bother to be hesitant, and took hold of Ashley and placed her down on the coffee table. Ashley lay down across the table, with the bottom of her legs dangling over the side. Hilary pushed her black dress up to her waist, and pulled her red panties down to her feet. “Ok, make it quick,” Ashley said with a scared voice. Hilary got down next to the table and put her head between Ashley’s legs. She had wanted Ashley for so long, and now she could have her.

Ashley started to say, “Wait! What happens if we don’t do-,” but Hilary started to eat away at Ashley’s wonderful cunt. “Oh… mmmmmm… this does kinda feel good. Ohh… Mary-Kate, you should-,” Ashley started to say, but Mary-Kate interrupted with, “Oh, I already have tried it.” Mary-Kate looked over at Jessica and smiled. Jessica and Beverly were fingering each other as they watched the two young girls have sex on the table. Mary-Kate stared at her sister in amazement; she wanted her badly.

Mary-Kate pulled off her red dress, showing her naked body underneath. She walked up to Hilary, and started to untie her leather top. Then Mary-Kate pulled Hilary’s top off and caressed her petite breast. Hilary continued to eat out the girl of her dreams, while Mary-Kate rubbed her body. Then Mary-Kate gently pushed Hilary out of the way, and climbed up onto her sister. She placed her pussy right on top of Ashley’s pussy, and started to rub it back and forth. Jessica and Beverly continued to finger each other and French kiss each other on the couch. Hilary stood back and masturbated as she watched the two sisters have incest sex.

Mary-Kate was in an up-right position with her pussy on Ashley’s pussy, and she was riding away. Ashley just gazed at her cute litter sister, focusing on her beautiful face and sexy breast. Then Mary-Kate lowered herself so that her breast touched her sister’s, and she started to kiss her softly. “Oh, sweetie. I love you so much. I don’t care if you’re a girl, or even my sister. I love you and I want you to eat me,” Ashley said. Mary-Kate moved herself off the table and ate her sister out until she had her orgasm. Ashley’s cum dripped out of her pussy and off the side of the table. Mary-Kate and Hilary sucked it up, and shared it in a deep kiss. Jessica and Beverly also finished fingering each other. The twins stood up, and held each other’s naked bodies. They softly kissed, and then moved onto a deeper French kiss. Ashley put her arm around Mary-Kate’s head and played with her soft hair. Mary-Kate grabbed her sister’s ass tightly, and massaged it. “Ashley, now I want you to eat me.” “Oh, sweetie. I’m too tired right now,” she replied.

“What!?” said Jessica, with great emotion. “You’re not gonna just turn her down after what she did for you.” She motioned for Mary-Kate, and led her behind the couch. She opened up a bag, and pulled out something. The other girls watched as Jessica moved her hands around Mary-Kate’s waist.

Mary-Kate came out from behind the couch, with a 12-inch strap-on dildo. “Ok, Ashley. If you want to be a bad girl, I’m going to have to punish you.” She ran up to Ashley, and pushed her hands down onto the couch so that she was bent over. Mary-Kate grabbed her sister’s legs and spread them. She pushed the entire 12-inch dildo into her sister’s worn pussy. Ashley started to scream, but the screams soon turned to moans of pleasure as she cummed. “Oh, come on now. That wasn’t a punishment,” Jessica said. She grabbed Mary-Kate’s ass and pulled her out of Ashley. She took the strap-on, and put it on herself. She then aimed straight for Ashley’s ass. Ashley now had the whole 12 inches of dildo up her tight butt-hole. She screamed in pain, and dropped her hands from the couch to the floor. She rested her head on the couch. Mary-Kate sat down on the couch, lifted Ashley’s head up, and then placed it back down on her sweet pussy.

Jessica used her strong legs to pump the large dildo in and out of Ashley’s extremely small ass-hole. Ashley realized she wasn’t going to get out of this one by cumming, since she obviously couldn’t cum out of her ass. So she started to eat away at her sister’s vagina. “That’s a good girl,” Jessica said as she pulled out. Mary-Kate ran her hands through her sister’s lovely hair, while Ashley gently sucked on her pussy. “Oh… mmm… oh yeah… you’re so good,” Mary-Kate moaned as she cummed onto her sister’s tongue.

After that all the girls sat around naked and watched lesbian movies. They kissed each other goodbye, and left.

Epilogue: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen married each other in the later days, and were the first sisters to ever marry. They adopted a boy and a girl, and raised them the best they could. Hilary was lucky enough to be able to go out with Jessica for a few years, and she met many other older women too.

Thank you for reading the story. I greatly appreciate feedback. Just tell me you liked it, that’s it. If you have a request, you can ask. Please send e-mail to .

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