Bedtime Stories With Charlotte Church

Bedtime Stories with Charlotte Church (mmmf, celeb, oral, anal, teen)

by Gyarados

Charlotte was relaxing on the balcony of her hotel room, she
had a few days off during her US tour and she really needed it.
Touring was so exhausting, or so it seemed to her. going out and giving a
flawless performance each night was draining on her. She relished this
time alone that she got all too infrequently. Another things Charlotte
missed was boys, being on tour left her no time for a social life. She had
became a

little kink in the past few months, she had enjoyed sex in all it’s
various of forms but tonight she was in the mood for something else,
something new.
Looking over the balcony, she peered down at the crowd below.
She couldn’t see them well from her room but she was sure there were some
cute boys down there. they were always there, the cute boys. And she
knew why, they weren’t into her music even though they owned both CDs and
went to her concert. they were after her body. After all how many teenage
guys really liked classical music much less opera, well strait teenage
boys that is.
On a whim Charlotte went down to the lobby to find some cute
ones. There were a lot of losers there but she did find a few that she
thought would tickle her fancy. After mingling with them for a while she
three guys from a local high school basketball team that looked like they
might be fun, and she had never been with three guys at once before.
Brandon was the oldest a guard on the team he was 17, about 5’9" and very
wiry with brown hair and gray-green eyes. Trey was the youngest only a
year older than charlotte her was a 6’4" muscular black man-child. then
there was Carl, the team captain, he was 6’2" and with a medium build. he
the most amazing blue eyes charlotte had ever seen.
She invited them up to her room to talk, none of the guys
suspected charlotte’s carnal intentions; not in their wildest dreams.
After a bit of small talk charlotte went into the bathroom and was getting
ready to
surprise the guys, she overheard them talking from there. "Oh man, she is
so fucking hot," she heard Trey say. "Hell yeah man, what I wouldn’t give
fuck her all night long. Sticking my cock in that million dollar mouth of
her’s." Carl bellowed.
"Man, Ya think her mouth would be as good at giving head as it would be at
singing?" Brandon laughed. little did he know what Charlotte did, that her
mouth was far more suited to sucking than to singing. Charlotte came out
of the bathroom wearing a sheer babydoll nightgown with nothing
underneath. The three guy’s jaws all dropped in unison. Their eyes
traveled up her body slowly moving up her long lovely legs and then to
where they
meet and the dark brown tuft of hair there. then slowly up her stomach and
to her magnificent breasts. "Like what you see guys?" Charlotte asked
already knowing that they did indeed like what they saw. they all three
nodded slowly. She made all three guys stand before her as she took off
nightgown and got on her knees. She unzipped each guy slowly and pulled
their cocks out. Charlotte was amazed at the size of these guys Carl was
the smallest at over six and a half inches, then Brandon’s 8 incher, and
then much to her delight was Trey’s 10 and a half inch monster. She kissed
each cock in turn making all three guys moan.
Charlotte grinned lewdly as she took Brandon’s cock into her
mouth. she deep throated him and started sucking him for all he was worth.
not to overlook his friends she took trey’s dick in one hand and Carl’s in
other and started to pump them with all her expert teen skill. she held
the meaty cocks to her breasts and kneaded them into her as her mouth
up and down Brandon’s cock. She let Brandon fall out of her mouth and
moved her tongue around the tip of his cock making him gasp sharply. after
few moments of such treatment the three guys had more than they could
take, one after another they shot their gooey loads all over Charlotte’s
face and
chest. She laid back rubbing the cum into her skin and took some of each
guy’s semen on her finger and into her mouth. she loved the taste of cum,
was better than any other taste in the world to her. after they stopped
cumming she asked them to strip for her. As they slowly and clumsily
her clothes Charlotte eased her fingers into her dripping wet snatch. By
the time the three muscular teens were nude they were hard
again from watching charlotte’s masturbation. She wanted all three of them
at once and she asked Brandon to lay down on the floor. She got over
Brandon and eased her teen ass towards his cock. She moaned loudly with
pain and pleasure as he entered her anus. Now it was Trey’s turn, she
wanted that big black cock inside her tight pussy. Trey was more than
happy to oblige her. As the two guys started to savagely pound away at
both her
pussy and anus she took Carl into her mouth. She sucked on him hard
between muffled moans and screams. before long she was cumming more
than she had ever came before. With much control she kept from biting into
Carl’s cock. Brandon came first and as he pulled out he spewed cum all
over her ass cheeks. IN her mouth Carl exploded next filling it with his
salty goodness. Charlotte slurped on him as Trey continued to jackhammer
away at her tightness. But soon her was cumming too.
When all four teens had recovered Charlotte made the three guys leave,

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