Bedtime Stories With Christina Aguilera

Bedtime Stories with Christina Aguilera
(MMF, celeb, teen, cons, oral)

by Gyarados

"Hi, Welcome to Total Request Live," Carson said to the camera,
"Today we have a special treat for you." The crowd cheered, "Wait
for it. Today we have Christina Aguilera and a special live
performance by Limp Bizkit." The crowd went wild again. Meanwhile
back in the green room Christina was talking with Fred Durst of Limp

Bizkit. The pop queen and the tattooed rock star were getting along
quite well. surprisingly they had a lot in common. Then the call
came for Christina to go out to the set. She left and went out to
meet her adoring fans. About fifteen minutes later Limp Bizkit
performed on TRL. after the performance Fred gave Christina a big
hug on national TV. When the show was over and the audience had
left the other members of Limp Bizkit left leaving Fred and Carson
alone with Christina.

Christina caught how both guys were looking at her, how they were
undressing her with their eyes. She was getting quite wet by this.
She loved the rocker type guys like Fred and she had secretly wanted
to be with two guys for a very long time. Christina stretched
showing both guys her full breasts. Christina started complaining
about the New York heat and then took off her shirt under the
pretense of cooling off. Both guys eyes bulged practically out of
their heads. And Christina looked at their laps and noticed nice
bulges there too. "Like what you see?" she asked the guys. they
were so dumbstuck they could only nod. "Want to see more?" with
that she stood up and started dancing seductively for both men.
they watched her every move intently. Her hands went behind her
back and she unhooked her bra and threw it into Carson’s lap. The
guys loved watching her strip for them. Her breasts were large and
real, unlike Brittany’s fake tits. She massaged her breasts for
their amusement. with a slow sultry walk she moved towards Fred and
stuck her nipples in his face. She walked away slowly leaving Fred
with a big smile on his face.

She turned away from both men and unbuttoned her pants. She
slipped them down without bending her knees giving both men a nice
view of her shapely ass. Then the pop goddess walked over to Carson
and sat in his lap. She ran her panty clad bush over Carson’s crotch
making the VJ moan loudly. She got off Carson’s lap and looked back
with a wicked grin. His lap was covered in her intimate juices.
She then took off her panties and let both men look at her lovely
teen snatch. She wasn’t a natural blonde but, neither guy cared.
She laid back against the set and started to Explore her teen snatch
to both amazed and lustful men.

Fred rose slowly and walked over to Christian dropping his pants
as he approached her. To Christina’s pleasure he had a seven and a
half inch cock. As soon as Fred was close enough Christina kissed
that massive member. She took him into her wet mouth and started to
suck on his cock. As soon as she had Fred deep throated he started
to savagely fuck her head. She was in heaven, She loved sex, the
rougher the better. When she thought it couldn’t get any better she
felt something press against her lower lips. It was Carson. He
rammed his large cock into her tight pussy.

Christina was in heaven she was getting ravaged by two such well
hung guys. She sucked on Fred till he exploded down her throat then
went soft. As soon as Fred was dry Christian took Carson’s cock and
shoved it into her mouth. She wanted to get him off orally too.
She wrapped her tongue around Carson’s head and started to
deepthroat Carson just as she had Fred. She could taste Fred’s cum
and her own juices as Carson fucked her million dollar mouth. soon
Carson was cumming too. Christian loved the taste of cum and this
fuck fantasy of hers had been fulfilled to the extreme.

Somehow Eminem found out about this little sex act of hers and put
it to verse. Publicly she had been offended by it but privately she
wondered which one told on her, but the answer to the question was

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