Bedtime Stories With Mandy Moore

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, any similarity between this
and any real events are cooencidental. This story containsexplicit
sexual material. If you are easilly offended or areunderage or such
material is illegal in your area stop readingnow, Otherwise enjoy.

Bedtime Stories with Mandy Moore

Content: (Mf, teen, celeb, oral, anal,cons, rom)

By Gyarados

It had been a few weeks since I had seen Mandy last. She had been on
the west coast taping her self-titled MTV show all summer. Meanwhile I
was trapped in New York working on turning out the best interviews
could. Don’t get me wrong, I love myjob, but being so far from Mandy
for so long was getting to me.And I needed to see her agian.

Mandy and I had been planning a trip to Barbados for sometime. It was
going to be a great romantic getaway for just us two young lovers
from our hectic lives. So at the appointed date and time I took a cab
out to JFK and boarded a plane for Barbados. We touched down just
before dark, if Mandy’s flight didn’t run into any delays she should
already be here for me.

I disembarked from the plane and was shortly
greeted by an airport employee who delivered a message from Mandy to me.
Following the directions I quickly found myself at a small snack bar
at the next terminal over. Mandy was sitting at a table near
the corner. I don’t think she’d ever looked so good. She was wearing a
simple spagetti string top and a micro-miniskirt. Her hair hung
loosely in rivelets of gold framing her perfect face. Those pouty
lips of hers were glistening with just a light sheen of lip gloss and
she hid her lovely eyes behind a pair of darksunglasses.

The southern California sun clearly agreed with her as her skin was as
flawless as the day we met and her skin was tanned. As I approached she
spoke, “Hi Brian, glad you could make it.” She rose to her feet and
wrapped her arms around me. I pulled her into a deep kiss.

“Mandy, for you I’d go anywhere.”

“Ever the flatterer.”

“That’s me,” I replied as we broke our long embrace and I slipped into the seat beside hers. After
a few minutes lost in eachother’s eyes we left the airport and went
to our hotel. We checked in, not under our own names of course but if
you think I’ll give you those names you must be crazy. Our room was
large and spacious with a wonderful view of the beach and ocean and
our queen-sized four-poster bed was as soft as down. Mandy headed
into the bathroom, “I’m gonna take a showerBrian, I’ll be out in a

“Want company?” I asked eagerly.


I followed her into the bathroom. My mouth met hers as my hands slowly worked her
miniskirt off. Her hands trailed over my waist and across my crotch
before she started unbuttoning my pants. Her skirt hit the floor
followed closely by my pants. Mandy and I broke our kiss as we
stepped out of out bottoms.

While we were apart I took my hands and
ran them up Mandy’s back under her top. I slowly worked it up her
body hungerly eyeing her body as I saw more and more of it. She
worked her hands around the buttons of my shirt taking a break only
when I pulled her top over her head. As Mandy eased my shirt off over
my shoulders I took a long look at her pert and perky breasts,
her nipples already standing out fully erect. My eyes drifted
down over her flat tummy to her crotch clad in shear lace
thong panties. I got down on my hands and knees naked in front of
her and slowly eased her panties down to her knees. I ran my hand over
her chestnut colored pubic hair and down between her legs. Mandy
stepped out of her panties and moaned as I started to rub her clit.

“Oh, what a happy little clit you have Mandy,” I told her.

“It’s missed you Brian. It’s missed you terriblly,” she replied.

Mandy hopped in the shower and turned the water on. I climbed in the shower
with her letting the hot water fall on my body. I pulled Mandy close
and she squealed with delight.

“Take me from behind,” she pleaded.

I turned her around and ran my cock between her round little ass

“Oh, that feels so good Brian, but I need you.” I lowered my
cock to her slippery little snatch and touched the head to her lower
lips. “Fuck me, oh god Brian, Fuck me.”

Enough teasing, I eased my
rock hard nine incher intoMandy’s waiting snatch. In the months
apart she had grown a lot tighter but without too much effort I had
eased my large membe rinto her most intimate of places. She thrusted
her hips back agianst me as I ran one hand around her waist and the
other around her chest. My left hand eased down to her engourged
clit and the other found her breasts.

“Oh god Brian, that feels so good.” I eased my head around to the side of hers and coaxed
her tounge into my mouth. She was shuttering as wave after wave
of orgams ripped through her body. I felt her pussy milk my cock for
all she was worth. Mandy’s hands propped herself up on the railing of
the shower as I pounded her lovely pussy from behind. I rammed it
into Mandy as fast and furious as I could until I couldn’t take it
anymore. I whispered in her ear that I wa sready to cum. Mandy eased
away from me and turned around gettingon her hands and knees and
took my cock into her mouth. She licked all of her own juices and my
own precum from it savoring the flavors then my cock exploded into
her mouth. She pulled it out and moved it to her hair. The spurts
from my cock fell into her hair as she worked it in like shampoo.

Mandy and I slowly finished cleaning eachother and then dried
ourselves off, went back into the bedroom and took a brief nap.We
woke up around 8pm, I rolled over still in a groggy haze and kissed

“Hi,” she said with a smile.

“Hi georgous,” I retorted.

Mandy feighned furstration at my flirtatious attitude.”Are you always so
hyper after sex? No wait, I know your always this hyper.”

“And hungery too.”

“Yeah, there is that. Want to get some food?”

“Sure, but don’t you think we should get dressed first?”

We changed into some evening
clothes. Me in a nice buisness-casual suit and Mandy into a barely
there little blackdress. I’ve always loved little black dresses and
seeing Mandy in one was a sight to behold. We found a nice resturant
within walking distance of our hotel. We walked out in the balmy
night air and down to the hotel. It was slightly in the offseason so
Mandy and I didn’t have too much trouble getting a table. I suppose
she could have dropped her name but, she really doesn’t like making a
fuss like that.

We sat eating our dinner, lovely fresh seafood all
around. Soon in between the main course and desert I felt Mandy’s
leg slowly ease up my thigh. Twice in one day? I was thinking.
My goodness she must have really missed me. I knew she did but having
it confirmed in this way was driving me crazy. By the time we had
finished dinner I was really aroused. As we left the resturant and
headed back to the hotel, we hadn’t even gotten half way when the sky
opened up. We ran the rest of the way back to our hotel but by the
time we got there we looked like two drowned rats. We went upstairs
and dried off.

Mandy was sitting on the bed in her nighty still
drying her hair and I sat down beside her in nothing more than my
boxers. I put my arm around her back and played with the back of her

“Mmmmm, that feels good.” Mandy moaned.

I peeked down the frontof her nighty and saw her pert little nipple standing
fully erect. I knew any lingering effects from the rain storm had
long passed so, it must have been me that was making her nipply.
My hand curled around her arm and grazed gently over her right breast.
Mandy gasped as I made contact. She turned her head to the side and
her lips met mine, slowly at first but soon my tounge was probing her
lips. I layed her back on the bed slowly and removed her nighty as
she tugged my boxers to the floor. My kisses trailed slowly lower on
her body until I came to her nipples. My tounge defty flicked around
her nipples. Mandy’s hips rose into me in her excitement as she
moaned hoarsly. I rolled her nipple in my mouth flicking my tongue
over that hard little bud. My hand found her other nipple and started
imitating what my mouth was doing. Soon Mandy’s whole body was
shuttering like she was in the grips of an orgasm.

“I want you now,” Mandy nearly shouted at me, “I need you now.”

I lowered myself between her legs but before my cock could touch her lower lips she
started to push me away.

“No, not like that.” She coaxed me off her and turned over onto her stomach. I knew at once what she wanted. I
kneeled behind Mandy, my hands on her hips. My rock hard Nnne incher
was pressed up agianst her tightly clenched sphincter. I met with
quite a bit of resistance from Mandy’s puckered asshole. She hadn’t
been taken this way in a long time and she was almost as tight as the
first time I performed anal on her. Slowly I worked my cock deep
intoher anus. As soon as I was in I worked one hand around her
waist and the other around her breasts. With one hand I fondled
her breasts and with the other I slowly worked my fingers into
her pussy making sure to rub her clit with my thumb. Mandy
was screaming in extacy as wave after wave of orgasm ripped
through her body sending her to near unparalled heights of
pleasure. Then, when she thought she couldn’t handle any more, I
layed down on her back and streached till my tounge flicked at her
lips. My mouth muffled Mandy’s screams of delight as I pounded away
at her tight ass all the while giving her pleasure in every way I
could think of. After about fifteen minutes of pounding Mandy
with everything I could muster. My monster cock exploded inside her.
We slowed from our mutual climaxes and I eased my cock out of her.
Mandy and I soon fell asleep on top of the covers and layed there the
rest of the night.

The next morning Mandy wanted to head out to the
beach. Somehow Mandy managed to talk me into wearing speedos. I
hate speedos, especially on me. They seem to show off
every imperfection I have. Though if you ask Mandy I have
no imperfections. Mandy on the other hand was wearing a fairly modest
bikini top with boy-style short bottoms. Even in something so modest
Mandy looked radiant. We walked along the seaside for what must have
been miles untill we came to a deserted part of the beach. No people
in site, no houses either. We were alone in paradise. I had my hand
around her shoulder and now, seeing as we were entirely alone, I
became more bold. My hand slid down to cop a feel. I slowly massaged
her young breasts. I could sense her arousal. In fact she was so
aroused, I could smell it.

“Mandy, you know we are alone here

“Yes,” she drew out her reply as if pondering what I
was saying.

“Well, I was just thinking. A guy, a beautiful girl,
a romantic deserted beach…who knows what could happen.”

“Why Brian, are you suggesting what I think your suggesting?” I nodded. “What if
we get caught? What if the paparazi takes pictures?” She paused as if
to think about it for a second. “Oh why not?” She said as she pushed
me down in the sand.

Mandy landed squarely on top of me. As we kissed
by the edge of the water I could feel the waves lapping around us.
My hand quickly had Mandy’s top opened up to reveal her breasts
and her shorts pushed to the side out of my way, giving me easy
access to her snatch. I ran my tounge down her midline over her
cute tummy and inside her belly button on my way to the seat of
her pleasure. Down over the neatly trimmed chestnut pubic hair.
My tounge glazed over her clit making her jump in surprise
and pleasure. I used one hand to part her lips and I eased my
tongue into her until I was burried between her thighs. My nose
rubbed against her tender teen twat as my tongue was buried deep
inside her. Her hands ruffled my hair as I probed my tounge deep
inside her, exploring her most intimate secrets. I tasted the
sweet almost tawny taste of her pussy as she started to cum on my

After her titanic orgasm I eased my way back up her body. When
I reached her face once agian, she kissed me deeply and then proceeded
to lick her juices off my face. I tugged my speedos down and my cock
sprang free from it’s prision. Mandy held her lower lips apart as my
nine incher eased into her. I slowly thrusted into her.

We slowly made love on the beach with the waves occasionally breaking over us.
Mandy’s hips and mine found a mutual rythym as we slammed them
together slowly but forcefully. Our tongues entertwined as our bodies
did likewise. All too soon my body was siezed by an enormous orgasm.
I sent wave after wave of cum into Mandy’s sweet snatch.

Slowly we
rose from the sand and fixed our clothing. Covered in sand as we
were we took a brief dip in the ocean and went back to our hotel. Two
days later our vacation was over. We said our tearful ‘goodbyes’ and
‘I love yous’ and boarded our respective planes. Mine back to NYC and
her’s to the west coast. It would be a while before we could see
each other again and longer still before we could have as memorable a
few days as those spent in Barbados.

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