Bedtimes Stories With M2M

Bedtime Stories with M2M (celeb, ff, oral, mast, teen)

by Gyarados

WARNING: this story contains graphic depiction’s of teenage lesbian sex.
if you are underage, it’s illegal to view such material in your area, or
you are
offended by such material. Please, DO NOT continue

They had been performing in Berlin that night and by the time
they had returned to the hotel Marion Raven was very turned on.
Performing in front of all those people. Particularly all those guys
ogling her make her sixteen year old body tremble
with sexual
excitement. When she got back to the hotel she told marit that she was
going to take a shower but really she was going to take care of her needs.
She closed and locked the bathroom door behind her and started
to run a hot bath. Ever since her and marit lost their virginities in New
York a few months ago Marion had wanted to have more and more sex but with
this tour she was only able to entertain herself. She slowly stripped out
of her clothes and cast them into the hamper. Marion took a second to look
herself in the mirror. She was beautiful and she knew it. Her long brown
curly hair and rather large natural breasts really made the guys drool. If
could see her now, well all their wet dreams would come true. Marion
slipped into the shower and let the pulsating water run over her body. It
felt so
good to her, like
hundreds of small hands massaging her body.
She moaned as her hands found her C-cup breasts and she started to slowly
kneed them Imagining that they were the hands of Sven, a guy she had a
crush on back home in Norway. She rubbed her nipples
carefully, stimulating them. Her other hand slowly ran down her young
body, over her firm stomach, until her hands were between her legs. Slowly
hand started to rub her clit. A sharp gasp escaped Marion’s lips as her
fingers started to slip inside her sopping wet pussy. She ran her fingers
her clit and kept slipping them inside her lovely snatch until she had a
small orgasm.
Meanwhile, Marit Larsen had gotten into the bed. Performing
also got her horny though she never shared that with Marion. Not only did
the guys get Marit’s juices going but so did the girls. Marit was bisexual
or so
she though, she had never been with a girl but she thought about them a
lot, especially Marion. Oh It was all she could do to keep her eyes off
particularly when she wore something that really showed off her cleavage.
Marit reached into her travel bag and pulled out a long cylinder. She
on the vibrator. Marit pulled up her night gown and stuck the vibrator
against her clit. She slowly moved it feeling waves of pleasure move
through her
pussy. Marit was approaching her own orgasm when the bathroom door came
open and Marion came out wearing a towel wrapped around her.
"Marit, what are you doing?" Marion said shocked, though her eyes not
leaving Marit’s body. Marit made some noiseless reply trying to think of
something to say. "You naughty girl, Marit. I didn’t know you had a vibe.
It looks like your enjoying it," Marion chuckled. "Yeah," Marit said
sheepishly. She
was embarrassed but also aroused by Marion and instead of covering up she
was grinding her vibrator into herself.
"Poor thing, you looked like you were about to cum when I
walked in. I’m sorry." Marion replied sympathetically.
Marit smiled lewdly at Marion and said, "Want to help me?" In response
Marion sat down on the bed next to Marit and took the vibrator out of her
Marion rubbed it against her friends clit.
"I’ve never been with another girl," Marion admitted softly. Almost
wordlessly Marit replied, "Nor have I," her voice trailed off. Marion
leaned over and
kissed Marit on the lips, their tongues meeting. Both girls almost
instinctively moved their hands to the other’s breasts. Marit slowly broke
the kiss and
eased down the other girl’s body. When her head reached Marion’s nipple
she took it into her mouth. Marion cooed with delight and pressed the vibe
harder into Marit’s crotch eliciting a sharp gasp from the older girl. "I
want to taste you Marion," Marit whispered.
Marion simply nodded. Marit sat up and took off her nightgown
revealing her B-cup breasts to Marion. The younger girl was in awe. She
had never looked at any girl, much less her best friend Marit, in this
light. Marit
laid down on her back and motioned for Marion to sit on her face. Marion
did so and slowly eased her young slit over her friend’s face. Gasping
as Marit’s tongue started to probe her Marion sat down on the other girl’s
face. Marit loved the taste of Marion’s wet pussy. It was simply amazing.
and tangy and far better than she imagined a pussy would be. Marit sat her
hand on her friends head, she wanted Marion to get a taste of her pussy.
only for Marit’s pleasure but also to share the joy of licking a teen
snatch with her best friend. Marion dove her tongue deep inside marit
making the
older girl wiggle and moan into Marion. The smell and taste of Marit’s
pussy was pleasant but was much stronger than she was expecting. Both
continued to enjoy the other’s company all night long. they slowly licked
each others pussy having one orgasm after another till neither could
any longer.
That night they slept together in each other’s arms. they knew that this
would not be the last time they would be together, and though they did not
love every night they did spend more than a few nights sampling each
other’s pussies.

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