Before The Glamour – Part 1

Title: Before the Glamour – Part 1
Author: Steerpike
Celebrity: Seren Gibson
Content: Cons, Oral, Exh, Mast, mf
The following story is a work of fiction that contains very graphic depictions of sexual acts and bad language. Please stop reading if you are easily offended by such adult content or are less than 18 years old.
The characters portrayed in the story do not represent their real life counterparts and any similarities to actual events are completely coincidental.
The story was created purely for fantasy purposes from the imagination of the author.
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“God, I can’t believe we’re going to London next week. I’m so excited.” Seren exclaimed in her subtle Welsh accent, while I held her long, dark hair out of way and lightly kissed the back of her neck. “An entire week away, not just from Ruthin, but the whole country. I can’t wait.”

She was dressed lightly with a blue t-shirt and a pair of jeans and a pair of black trainers. I was just as casual with a baggy grey t-shirt, a pair of black cargo trousers and a pair of combat boots.

“I’m excited too, babe but you should think about what you’re going to ask Ash. It was your idea in the first place to include her next week.” I paused my petting to try and focus my girlfriend on an important issue that we had discussed quite a lot recently.

“I’ll just be honest and I’m sure she’ll understand what I’m asking her.” As she replied, Seren stared at me and I was lost in her cute face and those gorgeous eyes of hers.

Her full name was Seren Haf Gibson, but everyone called her Haf (pronounced Harv). I had been friends with her, as well as her best friend Ashley, as we went through primary school. Although we were outcasts from the popular crowd, we never cared, relishing each other’s company.

Our group of friends was always close, hanging out and walking each other home, but before starting secondary school, Seren and me seemed to become an item all of a sudden. We started innocently holding hands, then cuddling one another, before we began sweetly kissing.

She had always been a pretty girl but as Seren hit puberty, she matured into a complete package of beauty. Her hair was silky smooth and always well kept and her body was stunning. Frequent walks, parents bringing her up with a great diet and an enthusiasm for physical education gave her a toned, slender figure with beautiful, natural curves in all the right places and over the years her breasts seemed to undergo growth spurts, increasing in sizes that set her apart from the other girls her age.

As Seren filled out she started to get attention from the groups, both male and female, that had disregarded us as we had entered out teens. But rather than leap at the chance of hanging out with the trendy girls and dating a popular boy, she stood by me and Ash as we took on this turbulent time of our lives together as a unit.

Now it was the middle of 2005 and Seren and me were both sixteen and still happy together. I felt so lucky to be in such a deep relationship with this gorgeous, cheerful and affectionate girl.

We were sitting on the single bed within her room in her rural home in the early evening. A few weeks ago we had taken our GCSEs and having received our results and left Brynhyfryd School for good, we were now on the exciting road to adulthood and contemplating our futures.

“Haf!” A shout from downstairs snapped us from each other’s gaze. “Ashley’s here.”

“Thanks, mum, she knows the way up.” Seren replied with a shout of her own.

After a quick, loud thumping from the wooden stairs, Ashley appeared on the landing and came into Seren’s room out of breath, closing the door behind her. She removed a light cardigan she had been wearing, revealing a faded, patchwork summer dress that showed off her slight body. With a familiarity gained over the years, she quickly turned and threw her cardigan at Seren’s door and had turned back around before it had caught on an awaiting hook.

“Can you believe it? A week in London and then in September we’ll be at uni?” Ashley announced excitedly.

While Seren had blossomed into the gorgeous girl sitting next to me, Ashley Emerson, it seemed, had hardly changed at all over the years. Of course her body had naturally developed and she had taken on her own original style with her hair, clothes and jewellery, but strip away that and she was the same bubbly, free-spirited and creative girl she had always been.

“Sorry I couldn’t come out earlier but my mum had me gathering stuff for next week.” She continued.

“We’re staying in a hotel in London, Ash.” I replied. “Not camping out on the hills.”

“Yeah I know, but you try telling my mum that I don’t need anything new. Never mind, what’s the plan for tonight?” Ashley asked, touching up her frizzy hair, like light-brown candy floss around her head, where it had been rustled by the light summer wind.

I looked at Seren to press her into talking and I nodded reassuringly.

“Well, Ash we’ve got a video to show you.” Seren said calmly.

“What kind of video?” Ashley asked apprehensively, her eyes darting between me and Seren.

Without answering Ashley’s question, Seren leant towards the laptop that lay on the desk that stood next to her single bed and stroked her finger over the touch pad, bringing the machine out of sleep-mode and then started up a video file at full screen.

I knew what was about to be shown and kept my head motioned towards the screen while keeping my eyes on Ashley’s face to gauge her mood and her incoming reaction.

The image on-screen was a blanket of murky black with a deep muffled voice in the background we all recognised as Seren’s father’s.

“James, come in son, have a seat. Bit of a mad rush around here this morning, Lyn’s taking Rowan on work experience and it’s pulling everybody behind schedule.”

“Hi babe.” It was Seren’s voice though almost inaudible on the video. Even though there was no image on-screen, I remembered her from that morning, standing at the top of the stairs in her scarlet dressing gown, despite usually at this time in the morning being in her school uniform ready to leave the house with me.

“Bloody hell.” Seren’s apparent lack of preparedness causing ire from her father. “Haf, you’ll be taking your GCSEs soon. It’s one thing to mess up your own future by not taking school seriously, but I’m not letting you drag the lad down with you.”

“Sorry Dad.” I also remembered the sly smile she gave me before she turned back to the landing and disappeared from view.

At that moment there was the ruffled sound of people passing by and a quick flurry of greetings and farewells followed by the sound of the front door opening and then closing.

“Come on Haf!” Her father shouted impatiently. “I’m sorry about this son, She’ll make it up to you.”

“I’m sure she will.” I replied.

“Look, I’ve got to get to work. Be a gent and take a seat in the lounge and wait for her would you? She’ll be down in a couple of minutes.”

“Sure, matey.” I said.

After Seren’s father said his thanks the door could be heard opening and closing once more. At this point the image suddenly burst into light as the camera had been pulled out of the concealment of my coat pocket and Seren’s lounge was displayed on-screen.

I had pulled the camera up to my eye and walked over to the window as Seren’s father got into his car and went down the driveway and onto the street. As his car went off, I had pulled a cord at the window and the blinds twisted and closed. The blinds gave the room privacy from the street but still allowed a little light inside.

“Is he gone?” Seren shouted downstairs.

“He certainly is.” My confirmation drew out an excited laugh from Seren as she hurried down the stairs and I turned the lens to her, resplendent in the dressing gown that covered nearly all of her body.

“Oh God, you actually brought it?” She asked rhetorically looking at the camera wide eyed with a cheeky smile on her face and her fingers fidgeting with the cord of the gown. “Well we’ve got the house to ourselves. How do you want to do this, baby?”

“Why don’t you start by taking off the gown?” I suggested while panning the camera from her bare feet up to her beautiful face.

Seren smiled and while keeping her eyes locked to the camera, slowly pulled the cord around her waist until the knot slipped apart. The folds of thick material fell open slightly down the centre of her torso teasingly, revealing the inside edge of her large breasts, her flat stomach and the pair of white knickers she was wearing.

“Why don’t you sit down babe?” Seren recommended seductively and I obeyed without a word, sitting back into a leather armchair behind me.

Seren sauntered towards me with the gown revealing her great legs but stubbornly keeping her tits mostly covered. When Seren was right in front of me she leant forwards and the camera got a brief glimpse of her hanging boobs before she overshadowed the image while kissing my neck. She then leant back up to full height and allowed the sides of the gown to open further, showing off her big, 32E tits.

I had been watching Ashley staring at the video and knew she was dealing with an internal conflict. She had seen Seren naked before but never in such an intimate and private way. The three of us had shared lewd conversations and watched all kinds of things on the Internet together so I knew Ashley was no prude, but this was her best friend.

On screen Seren held a leg up and used her foot to rub over my crotch while her hands kneaded her boobs.

“Stand up for me James.” She sexily purred and I complied getting up out of the chair.

Seren unzipped my coat and gently pulled it off of my shoulders while I rubbed one foot against the other to roughly take off my slip-on shoes, leaving me standing in my school uniform. She then got down on her knees and unbuttoned my black trousers before pulling down my fly at a tantalisingly slow speed. With my trousers undone. she proceeded to pull them down my legs to the floor along with my boxer shorts. As soon as it was released my erect penis sprung up, pointing out from under the overhanging hem of my white shirt.

Seren smiled into the camera lens and then leant over my dick, pursed her lips and squeezed out a wad of saliva onto my cock. She then curled her fingers around it and began to slide them up and down my shaft, using her spit to make it wet and slippery. My pleasure filled breaths could be heard off screen as Seren extended her tongue and then licked in between my hairy balls, all the way up the underside of my cock to the tip. She then pulled back my foreskin, exposing my cockhead and popped her mouth over it. She started to move her wet lips up and down over the head of my dick while still rubbing one of her hands up and down my shaft.

I was getting hard listening to the audio and imagining the on screen images and I once more tried to imagine what was going through Ashley’s head as she watched a tape of her best friend fellating her other friend. I also wondered what she was thinking about me, as while she had seen Seren naked before, she hadn’t even seen me unclothed before, let alone anything like the situation on screen.

“I can’t believe you’re showing me this.” She said calmly, breaking the silence. “I knew you two were shagging but you don’t have to rub it in my face. You made a sextape, great, how do you want me to react?”

“Look Ash.” Seren began. “We’re not doing this to upset you. We just wanted to show you this to break the ice.”

“Break the ice for what?” Ashley questioned.

“Well we’re all going to London next week to check out Uni and me and James were thinking of filming some decent stuff in the hotel room. You know, while we’re away from home.” Seren paused and looked at me before continuing. “We wanted to ask you to help us film them.”

I could imagine the cogs in Ashley’s mind turning and unconsciously held my breath in anticipation for her reply.

“Haf, I don’t want to star in one of your smut films…” Ash started agitated.

“Not star, Ash.” Seren interrupted. “Help us set up, maybe even film for us.”

“Why, Haf?”Ash replied, still shocked. “I’m not bloody Hugh Hefner.”

“I know, but we’ve seen those short films you made, you’re great with a camera and you know about good lighting and stuff.” Seren reasoned, putting her hand on Ashley’s knee and smiling. “I mean, just look at our test video. We could really use the help.”

The image on-screen could barely be made out to show me pumping into Seren from a missionary position on her sofa but the camera was on it’s side, clumsily zoomed in and the image was extremely dark.

“It is pretty crap, Haf.” Ashley commented, her mood lightening a bit. She looked at both of us in turn and was obviously thinking it over. “OK, you filthy buggers. If I don’t go along with this, It’d only make hanging out awkward now that I’ve seen the both of you going at it.”

“Aww, thank you hon’.” Seren said cheerfully while engaging her friend in a hug. “You’re the best.”

“I know I am.” Ash said, breaking off the hug. “Now, how about Ron Jeremy over there, gets the brews in and then we’ll think of some stuff we can try next week, maybe download some stuff for inspiration.”

I took the remark as a compliment and headed downstairs to put the kettle on, hearing the girls giggling in Seren’s room. I was so glad that Ash had agreed to join us in our sexual experimentation and we went into the weekend excited at the prospects for our trip.

Me and Seren walked down the high-street, with the warm sun behind us and my arm draped over her shoulders. Because of the roasting temperature we were both dressed light, with me in a simple white t-shirt with long khaki shorts and trainers and Seren wearing a pair of white jogging-bottoms and a bright vest top with small straps with her dark hair tied back in a long pony tail.

“It feels bloody weird, Haf and it stung like hell. I’m sure Ash was just taking the piss.” I said to my girl.

After getting her on board with the idea of helping me and Seren with our videos, Ash had made a bunch of recommendations. We were using this Sunday before the journey down to London, to pick up some items and do a couple of last jobs. One of which was going to a salon so me and Seren could get waxed. Ash said it would look better on the video but I was still dubious.

“At least they only went around your bits and your arse, babe.” Seren consoled me and then leant forwards and ran a hand against one of my hairy legs. “We would have been there all day if they had to do these.”

That morning we had found a quiet spot in the countryside for some privacy and had sunbathed nude together. Seren’s skin was now a radiant golden brown and she resembled an exotic princess with her beauty. After walking back into town we got some lunch before getting to the salon and the shops before they closed.

We turned off the street when we got to a lingerie shop, relieved to see it still open. As we got into the cool indoors we realised that besides the young woman behind the counter who politely greeted us, we were the only people in the store.

“I’ll go look over here, hon’ and pick out some outfits to try on.” Seren announced. “Why don’t you look around that side for any other nick-nacks we might need?”

While Seren busied herself on the other side of the store, flicking through rails of underwear, I browsed the other wares on display. After a couple of minutes of picking out some lube and looking over a couple of sex-toys for next week, I heard Seren ask the assistant where the changing rooms were.

“Just around here.” The lady replied, showing Seren the single room around a corner behind the counter.

I carried on looking around the different things on display. I was looking at some Velcro restraints when Seren called.

“James.” She said loudly. “Could you come and see how these look on me please?”

I walked past the cashier’s desk with a few items in my hands and gave her a polite smile as I went around the corner to where the changing rooms were.

“I’m here, babe. What have you got to show me?” I said to the curtain that was spread over the changing room doorway.

A moment later the curtain was pulled back and Seren stood like a stunning catalogue model. Gone were her casual summer clothes, replaced with a sheer, black, under-wired baby doll that held her large, supple breasts together giving her an amazing cleavage and flowed down past her waist. Her dark hair lay untied over her tanned shoulders and a pair of panties could be seen through the thin material of the sexy nightwear.

I was lost for words as my girlfriend stood like a teenage goddess, her slim arms outstretched holding onto the edges of the changing room door and her smooth, slender legs were taut as she stood, still wearing her red sandals with her painted nails on display.

“Do you like it?” Seren hazarded, seemingly unsettled by my sudden zoning out.

“You are absolutely. Fucking. Amazing.“ I managed to say.

Seren gave a cute giggle and looked away momentarily before returning her big eyes to mine. She stepped forwards out of the changing room and came close to me, putting her mouth to my ear.

“It got me so excited, stripping off and putting this on for you, baby.” She whispered to me honestly. “I don’t think I’ll be able to wait until we get home.”

She lapped her tongue once, quickly at my ear and then kissed me strongly on the lips before turning back to the changing room. When she stepped forward into the cubicle, Seren bent over and showed off her round arse cheeks, nestled together around the thin stretch of fabric of her panties. With a cheeky glance over her shoulder, she proceeded to pull the underwear over her bum and down her legs, revealing her asshole and the lips of her vagina. With a single smooth move, she stroked a palm over her ass and then inserted her middle and ring fingers deftly into her snatch from behind.

As I realised what Seren was doing I quickly tipped my head around the corner and saw that the assistant was focused on an open magazine on the counter and I returned my attention to my girlfriend as she continued to slowly slip her fingers in and out of her twat.

As she looked back at me, I could see that she was breathing through her open mouth but thankfully remained silent, not allowing tell tale moans to give her away. I also noticed that I was controlling my breathing as well. We were acting in the same way we did whenever fooling around within the thin walls of Seren’s bedroom not wanting to get caught doing something naughty.

As engrossed as I was in the sexual act in front of me I suddenly snapped out of my trance, realising that the assistant might become suspicious if we were both silent.

“I really love the colour of that one, hon’.” I blurted out.

Seren smiled and looked at me questionably until I motioned with my head and eyes around the corner and she cottoned on.

“Yeah I know. I’ve got a pair of heels, I think will look awesome with it.” She continued with the charade, smiling at me as she held her fingers inside her and then whisked her hand briskly.

Seren took the fingers out of her pussy and brought them up to her mouth, sucking on them through pursed lips while looking directly into my eyes. I was already aroused but I could feel my cock, warm and enclosed, twitch against my leg.

Standing up straight and turning around to face me, Seren back-peddled slowly until she came to a low bench built into the three walls of the changing space. She sat down into a corner with her back against the wall and lifted one of her legs up and onto the bench, spreading her thighs and allowing the baby doll’s hem to rise up, showing off her freshly waxed, teenage crotch.

“Why don’t you try that corset, angel?” I asked falsely, as Seren restarted fingering herself with vigour.

As she closed her eyes, bobbed her head and used her spare hand to squeeze one of her big tits, I was afraid that Seren might start to lose herself and I looked around the corner once more to see if the assistant was still distracted. Thankfully she seemed to be captivated with her glossy and didn’t look suspicious of us.

Seren continued to bring herself off in the changing rooms, her wetness evident on the fingers that kept on slipping into her pussy, rubbing against the walls of her snatch and bringing her closer to climax.

“I think I prefer the other one, baby.” I once more improvised.

“Do you need a hand back there? Another girl’s opinion maybe?” The assistant’s voice came from around the corner and I was scared that we’d taken this too far.

“No, no, we’re OK back here. My girlfriend’s a little shy.” I blurted out the excuse, jarred by both the assistant’s concerned voice and the way the dangerously close proximity of it had triggered a wave of excitement through Seren and she’d pulled down the thin straps of the baby doll and yanked the cloth below her heaving bosom.

With her boobs completely exposed, Seren went back to fondling one of them and now paid attention to one of the dark nipples that stood out erect, squeezing it between the joints of her fingers. She bucked her hips into her fingers as she rubbed them flat over her pussy lips.

As Seren became agonisingly close to climaxing she leant over and picked up the discarded pair of knickers she had adorned earlier and stuffed them into her small mouth to brace for the inevitable wave of pleasure that was incoming.

“Are you sure I can’t help you at all? Lots of of customers ask me for my opinion all the time, I’m sure I could help you make the best choice.” The assistant came away from the counter as she pressed her services and I knew I needed to give Seren more time.

“No we’ve already decided to take a bunch of things, my girlfriend will be out with them in a second.” I walked around the corner to the desk to head off the assistant. “In the meantime can you start putting these through for us please?”

As I deposited the goods from my hands there were so many things rushing through my mind. Was Seren going to be able to sort herself out quickly? Would the assistant think me and Seren were too young to be buying the things we were getting and had we gotten everything we had had aimed to buy? Not to mention the fear that the cashier might notice the raging stiffy that was pushing against the front of my shorts.

I made small talk with the assistant, hoping that either me or her would talk over the muffled sounds of Seren’s orgasm when it happened.

Just as the assistant was putting the items I had brought to the desk into a sturdy carrier bag, Seren came around the corner and put down the selection of outfits she had picked out. Her hair still lay around her shoulders and her face was red, both flushed and cheerful.

“Wow, looks like the sun’s really caught you, love.” The assistant said.

Seren shyly averted her eyes before looking up at me and smiling.

“I just hope it stays sunny for next week when we go on holiday.” She replied.

“I think you should be alright, dear. Although, I wouldn’t have thought you were planning on seeing much sun, buying all these.” She smiled, motioning to the items she was putting through the infra red scanner. We could only give embarrassed smiles, knowing that she was pretty accurate.

We left the shop having paid for the items and headed off down the moderately quiet street.

“Oh my God.” Seren began. “I can’t believe I just did that. I got so turned on with the lingerie and the kinky idea of masturbating and thinking about what we’re going to be doing next week.”

“You’re turned on? I’m the one with the hard on.” I stated, motioning to the carrier bag I was holding near to my bulging crotch. “I can’t think of anything else but I can’t walk around like this all afternoon, I’m gonna have to go in there and jerk off.”

We had just walked next to a public toilet block and Seren got a glint in her eye that I noticed straight away.

“I’ll do you one better.” She schemed. “Go in first and find an empty cubicle and close the door but don’t lock it. In a few seconds I’ll come in and find which one you’re in by pushing gently on the doors.”

“Haven’t you had enough sex in public for one day? What if we get caught?” I asked.

“I haven’t had sex in public yet, babe.” She said emphasising the word ‘sex’ before kissing me gently on the lips and smiling. “It’s a quiet Sunday and we’re going to be in the gent’s. No bloke’s going to give a toss if they see me walk out of there. Now come on, while it’s still quiet.”

As I walked into the dingy toilets, I knew I was alone and went into the cubicle nearest the door. I wanted Seren to have a quick exit for when we were finished. I entered the small space and closed the spring loaded door behind me, holding it shut with the toe of my trainer.

A few seconds later I heard the pitter-patter of Seren’s rubber sandals on the tiled floor. I let the door swing open as she pushed against it and nipped in, locking it behind her. She also put the shopping bags next to the door to block the view should anyone stoop down to look.

She turned to face me and we shared a momentary stare into each other’s eyes before we quickly began snogging. Seren dropped a hand to my throbbing cock as I held my arms tightly around her back. This outburst of lust was just what I needed and I think Seren needed it too.

I moved around in the close confines of the stall until I was stood behind Seren. After moving her hair out of the way, I started kissing around her neck and pressed my crotch to her arse. She leant forwards over the closed fixture and put both her hands against the brick wall as I rubbed my hands down her body and continued to peck at her neck.

The sexy changing room scene was still fresh in my mind and I just had to take her now. I used both my hands to undo my shorts and dropped them and my boxers down to my ankles. As my cock sprang free, I pulled down the elasticated waistband of Seren’s bottoms and then the red panties she was wearing, leaving her bent over with her ass sticking out invitingly. Without pomp or ceremony I took my cock in hand and after gently rubbing it up and down her soft lips a couple of times, inserted it completely into Seren’s snug box, eliciting a small moan from her mouth.

It felt so good to hold onto her hips and slowly thrust in and out of that warm pussy after being treated to the teasing show this afternoon. But even though at moment we were alone in the toilets and it had been relatively quiet outside, I knew this would have to be a quickie to reduce the risk of being caught.

I leant over, parallel along Seren’s body and put my hands on the wall next to hers as I increased the speed I was fucking her at.

“Do you like that, baby, huh? Being taken from behind in a dirty toilet like a proper bad girl.” I whispered into her ear, knowing the dirty talk would turn Seren on as much as it would help speed up my climax. “Did you like fingering yourself in that shop, making yourself cum even though that assistant could’ve walked in at any time?”

“Yeah I’m a naughty girl.” Seren whispered back, playing along with her eyes closed as my cock ravaged her.

“I bet you wanted me to take you there and then in the changing room, didn’t you.” I continued. “You wouldn’t have cared if she’d walked in on me fucking you, it would have turned you on even more.”

“Yeah, I wanted you to bend me over and fuck me like you are now, while she watched. I wanted you to stick your big dick inside me and squeeze my tits while you banged me hard. I wanted you to spank my arse like the naughty girl I am.” The words coming from Seren’s lips in her whispered tone were excruciatingly sexy and spurred me on greatly.

I moved a hand up her side to one of her breasts and squeezed it in my palm through the material of her vest top. The pace of my dick going into her pussy increased even more and with a muted gasp, her body sagged down for a split second, the pressure of her hands on the wall keeping her up.

“You would have wanted that lady to join you, to feel you up. You wanted her experienced fingers delving into you and her tongue licking you out. All the while I stood and watched and wanked, as you came again and again.”

“Oh fuck, James.” Seren managed to moan through hard breaths. “Fucking fuck me.”

I used a hand to guide her head to the side and kissed her, our tongues lapping in between our smacking lips. I could feel my cock stirring as it drove home at a blistering speed and I knew I was close to finishing if I kept up this pace.

“I’m gonna cum, baby.” I panted between kisses. “I’m gonna cum inside you.”

With a final couple of rapid strokes I leant back, put both my hands on my lover’s hips and drove forward with one final, deep thrust. As I bottomed out I emptied myself inside the cosy warmth of Seren’s snatch.

As the streams of hot spunk shot inside her, Seren leant her head forwards and rested it on the back of her hands against the wall. I disengaged my slick cock from her a couple of seconds after I had finished jizzing inside of her and pulled up my boxers and my shorts. Seren grabbed a hold of the clothing around her ankles and stood up straight, pulling it up over her reddened bum and back into place before turning around and kissing me softly.

“That was just what I needed, hon’.” She said, her voice still ragged.

As she took a bobble out of her pocket and fixed her hair back into a ponytail I stepped out of the stall, motioning for her to wait. She held the door closed behind me and I walked towards the exit to check the coast was clear. I hadn’t left the building before nearly bumping into a middle-aged man who was entering.

“Sorry, mate.” He said as he brushed past me.

It would have looked odd to walk back into the toilets after him so I hoped that Seren had heard him and also that the man wouldn’t just barge into the first cubicle he saw was unoccupied. To both the surprise of me and the man who had just walked in, I heard a toilet flush and Seren came walking out holding the bags and stood by the wash basins.

“Bloody ladies was shut. Hope you don’t mind.” She said as she washed her hands in the sink before using a hand dryer.

I looked over to the man who had a big smile on his face and was having a good leer at my girlfriend.

“Don’t worry I didn’t see anything.” She said to us as she walked past with a wink. “Eyes front and centre, right?”

The man laughed before going about his business at the urinal and I just walked out after Seren. We burst out laughing as we regrouped outside and kissed each other before hurrying along. We thought we had pretty much everything we needed for our big trip down to London tomorrow and today had been great to get us into the mood.

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