Before They Were Old Enough: Emma Watson

Before They Were Old Enough: Emma Watson
by RandyPan
Story Codes: Mf, cons, oral
Celebs: Emma Watson
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Years ago, I worked as a PA on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  There was an incident on set one day I am very surprised has never come out.

I was supposed to go to Emma Watson’s dressing room, and tell her to get to set.  When I got to her door, it was open just a crack.  Figuring she must be decent, or else why would the door be ajar, I peeked inside.

She wasn’t.  She must’ve thought she closed the door all the way, because she was strutting around in a pair of white cotton panties…and nothing else.  This is messed up, I know, but looking at her mostly naked twelve-year-old body, with her just starting to develop boobies, and her little nipples, I got a hard-on.

I was eighteen then, and very stupid, so I came in unannounced.

“Bloody hell!” Emma made a hasty attempt to cover herself up. “Don’t you knock?”

Without saying a word, I crouched in front of her(I’m fairly short, so I didn’t have to sit).  She said and did nothing when I pushed aside her panties, exposing her hairless, twelve-year-old snatch.  With my index finger, I probed around for her little clitty, and started rubbing it, causing her to moan and breathe heavily.  With my other index finger, I gently fucked her pussy-hole, causing her to furrow her brow and moan even more.

By now, she was starting to get wet, so I leaned in, and started to eat her out.  Her young pussy tasted just awesome.  She put her hand on my head, and I could tell by the sounds she was making she was really enjoying this.

After a minute or so of flicking my tongue over her clit, she came, and loud enough I was afraid someone might hear.

To this day, Emma has apparently never told anyone about me, or what I did.  Maybe she liked it so much, she was willing to keep it our little secret?

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