Behind ‘Spring Breakers’ – The Jail Incident

Behind ‘Spring Breakers’ – The Jail Incident

by tevok

Celebrities: Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine

Story Codes: MF, MMF, Oral, Anal, MDom, NC/cons, reluc, cons, drugs

Note: Sorry for the story’s length, I got carried away and ended up writing far more than I expected; I don’t think I will ever again write a story this big.

Anyway, a story to correct the disappointing lack of ‘Spring Breakers’ inspired stories. It is a shitty film, yes, but as far as films about ‘four really hot girls flaunting their bikini-clad bodies at us for an hour and a half’ go, it was great. Seriously, you got an excuse to get together four great looking hotties, some of which seem to be somewhat favorites here, and so many few take this chance to write about it?!

English is not my first language, so forgive any inconveniences. You can contact me now through the forums (tevok) or through my email, Feedback is always appreciated.

Disclaimer: This story is not real in any way; the celebrities present here do not behave like this in real-life, nor did a situation like this one ever happen to them. This is purely a work of fiction, and should be treated as such. Easily offended people, or those not yet of legal age, should not continue further.

The ‘Spring Breakers’ shooting was already reaching its end. While finishing a film was always a nice feeling, a feeling of accomplishment, it was still somewhat of a sad moment; after all, you spent weeks with these people so usually you end up getting attached.

This was no different.

Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens had already known each other from their time as Disney stars, but just know had truly hit off. The same for Ashley Benson, the blonde bombshell from ‘Pretty Little Liars’, with whom they made a very close trio during the shooting—the ‘Three Amigas’, pretty much. Rachel Korine was a little off from them, maybe because she spent more time around her husband, the film’s director, and didn’t have as much ‘freedom’ as the other three.

Nonetheless, the trio made sure to enjoy enough for them and Rachel. Which was why, with the filming ending, they had decided for a girl’s night out; St. Petersburg was better known as an old people’s city, but it still had some fun places to enjoy some partying. It was going to be a great night between three—Rachel could not come—friends.

“I think it is broken.”

Of course, there are always problems.

“Now you are thinking, Nessa? And people say weed and booze are bad for you!”

“Guys, this is serious! They are going to kill us for it!”

As it stood, the three girls were currently stranded in the entrance of a small neighboring town. They had found a good nightclub and partied hard: the whole dancing, flirting, gossiping, talking and, at Vanessa’s suggestion, drinking and smoking.

It took a lot of convincing the other girls. Not so much on the drinking, as even Selena allowed herself to it; the weed, on the other hand, was strongly objected by the latina girl. Ashley took far less convincing, deciding to try and really enjoying it once she began; Selena eventually gave in, but only very little, enough to fool her already reality challenged friends.

Apparently it was enough, though, to totally cloud her judgment. Even despite Ashley’s and Vanessa’s heavy drinking competition, which almost knocked the blonde out, Selena still allowed Vanessa to drive them back home. She did not object when the other girl decided to take them to the outskirts of the city to test how fast their car went, nor when they ended up in an impromptu ‘street’ race with some guys.

She was intoxicated enough that she was surprised when the race ended up with Vanessa swiveling their car out of the road, and eventually hitting a streetlight just outside a small town. Though none of the three ended injured, it was enough to—at least partially—wake Selena to their situation.

“Oh my God, how did it happen?!”

“Well, Sel, when a person who is drunk and high, as such with no sense of reality, gets to drive a car the chance of an accident is quite big. I think it has something to do with them thinking the posts are going to move out of their way…” Ashley explained, letting a small giggle at Selena’s exasperated expression.

“Hey, I’m not drunk!” Vanessa defended herself, unknowingly slurring the words a bit.

“Seriously? Then why the fuck did you not drive away?!” Selena almost screamed at her friend. Alcohol and drugs, for bad or worse, are good ways of destroying ones inhibitions.

“I said I wasn’t drunk. Never said anything about not being high.” Vanessa replied.

The three kept their bickering—mostly Selena and Vanessa, with Ashley watching interestedly and occasionally quipping something—for quite some time, and barely noticed the police car that passed by them. At least until it stopped and the officers got off it.

“What happened here?”

The girls stopped their arguing and looked at them, none fully sure if it was a good idea to answer. Finally, Selena tried to explain their situation, masking up some ‘details’, though the slight slur of her words and the clearly intoxicated looks of her friends pretty much gave away any chances she might have had.

Unknown to the girls, though, another factor was in play. They were all dressed in more than flattering clothes; Selena herself had a tight sleeveless shirt that accentuated her curves, with cut off shorts that stopped mid-thigh and hugged her ass tightly. And she was the least sexualized of the three: Ashley wore a very loose but almost see-through shirt that left her belly bare along with such small shorts it could almost count as underwear, while Vanessa had a tight tube top with a jacket over it, while also with cut off almost-underwear short shorts.

For the cops the situation was quite clear already. Just some prostitutes—young looking at that—probably back from some client on the big city driving under influence.

“I’m sorry girls, but you are gonna have to go with us.”

“Wait, what?” Vanessa objected, moving forward at them. She almost fell, but didn’t seem to mind. “Why?”

“At the very least, DUI.” The cop said, moving to direct them to the car. Vanessa glared, resisting.

“I’m not going there. Do you know what I am? I’m-”

Ashley quickly put her hand over her mouth, stopping the girl. Selena moved to the car to distract the cops as Ashley whispered. “Shut up Hudgens! If they know who we are, this thing is gonna get worse. We don’t want bad publicity of this kind. Remember what happened to Lohan.”

Vanessa hissed, but eventually nodded and grudgingly agreed. They moved to the car too, both leaning on each other to stop from falling.

Neither knew the cops had heard it. Not that it changed much; they thought they meant if they knew they were prostitutes things would be worse for them—which they would—and the comment about Lohan… Well, they wouldn’t be surprised if they were talking about the disgraced starlet, I mean, rumors went around about those kinds of celebs.

It took only a few minutes to get to the district. Luckily for the girls the street seemed clear, so no one would see them. As they got inside they were met with a third officer, this one a burly black man.

“Who are those?”

“DUI, crashed their car at the city’s entrance.” One of the cops said. “They are gonna get detained at least until tomorrow. Get them on a cell.”

“Wait, we are gonna get arrested?” Vanessa said, apparently only know getting it. The other girls also looked shocked/exasperated.

“Yes. Now get going.”

“Can we get a phone call?” Selena asked.

The cop sighed. “Well, yes. But I don’t know if it will help you anyway.” He called the black cop. “Take her to the phone. Only one of you, though.”

The girls elected Selena to go, being the more sober of them. The other two were conducted to the cell area; a small area, kind of like a corridor, with a cell at its end and a few others alongside it. They were all like these classical image that comes to mind when thinking of jail cells, AKA a big empty room with a small bed-like bench attached to the wall and a small toilet, with bars instead of a wall and doors to lead out to the corridor.

With the exception of one single cell, which had two men in there, they were all empty. The officer eventually opened one of them, letting the girls in before locking and leaving.

Selena was led to the visitor’s room, where there was a phone she could use. After a little thinking, she eventually decided to dial Rachel Korine for help. She only hoped she would still be up.

After the phone rang a few times, and almost losing hope, Selena finally heard it being picked-up and her friend’s voice on the other side. “Hello?”

While Selena talked on the phone, trying to carefully choose what to say to the other girl, the black cop was eyeing her intently. She was so focused on the phone talk she didn’t notice one of the other cops come in too.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, sure. She is phoning a friend to come help her.” His eyes drifting to Selena’s ass as she unconsciously swayed her hips while nervously talking, the black cop let a low whistle. “Damn, that is a wonderful body. If I wasn’t working now I would definitely hit that.”

“Gotta agree with you here.” The other man said. He was already in his 30’s, being older and less muscled than his black partner. “It has been a while since we last caught a whore around here.”

“You sure she is a whore? She actually kinda looks like that film girl, Selena Gomez.”

“Nah, what would she be doing around here? You know how those rich guys from the city love fucking dead ringers, make them feel like they are fucking the real thing.” Selena moved a bit again, and as the cops looked at her sideways they could distinguish the fullness of her remarkable breasts. “Though with someone this hot I could care less if she was someone’s dead ringer or not.”


As they kept marveling at the latina’s body, the black cop looked at his watch, seeing how long the girl had been there. Feeling she had been there long enough, he walked over to her.

“Time’s up, girl.”

Selena opened her mouth as if to complain, but before she could he took the phone from her hand and put it back in the base. She pouted a bit in and bit back a whine.

“I was still talking!”

“Not anymore. We got to take you to your cell now; your friend can come and bail you out tomorrow.”

“This can’t be happening…” Selena moaned. “You don’t understand, this is all a big misunderstanding! I’m sure we can sort things out, there is no need for jail!”

Both cops stopped, looking at each other with raised eyebrows. “What do you mean, sort things out? Are you wanting to make a deal with us?”

“Well, we could.” Selena started perking up at what she perceived as an opportunity to get them out of this mess. “I’m sure we can find something that would be more… pleasant for all of us than leaving me and my friends in jail.”

Selena’s choice of words did not have other meanings in her slightly affected mind, but it did on the cops who… misunderstood her offer.

“What are you willing to give us in trade them, girl?” The older cop said, moving closer. His pants were already starting to form a tent.

“Uh… Let’s see… I have a lot of money, so you can just make your price. I just don’t have any money with me now, but if we let us go now I can get the money here tomorrow.”

The cops almost laughed. “Sorry if we don’t believe you, missy. You can’t expect to fool others so easily.” As the black cop moved behind her, he briefly poked her behind with his covered but already hard member. “How about how you got that money, hm? Mind giving us a free sample, girl?”

Selena was confused and somewhat frightened as she didn’t understand what he meant, but instinctively moaned as she felt something hard poking against her. Then the older cop moved closer to her from the front, grabbing her hand and putting it in his bulging pants; as she dazedly felt his hard-on through his pants, her booze-affected mind slowly worked towards understanding.

“W-Wait, what? No, you got it wrong, let me go!” Selena trashed against them, trying to push away from them; in surprise they moved away briefly, and the girl ended up losing her balance and falling forward. She got a hold of herself, managing to avoid falling face first but in turn ending up in all fours, her ass jutting up at the cops.

“Look at that, Dane.” The older cop smirked. “She is so eager she already went in position.”

“Don’t worry little princess, we are more than willing to give you what you want.”

Selena turned back at them to once again try to reason, but her breath got caught in her throat as she saw they had unzipped their pants and were on the way to removing them. She felt herself get hot as she watched the two big roads standing at full-mast, one an exotic dark; she unconsciously licked her lips.

It was the alcohol and the weed affecting her, of course. There was no way she would feel like this in a normal situation, she wasn’t a slut like Hudgens… But dang, those two were so much bigger than her boyfriend’s!

“Seems she is already hungry for some cock.” The black cop, Dane, said. His partner nodded, moving around Selena and pulling on her shorts. Meanwhile Dane moved forward, letting his rod dangle in front of the girl. “Why don’t you play around to prepare for the main course?”

Selena opened her mouth, gapping like a fish as she tried to clear her mind and think of something to answer. The situation was simply unbelievable! She and her friends had already fucked up enough as it was, but now she was about to be molested by those cops too! This just couldn’t be happening!

Yet, as the black cock moved along her lips teasingly—Dane mistaking her open mouth for an invitation—she knew it WAS happening. And as the other cop slowly managed to tug her tight shorts off—taking the chance to also let his hands wander on her pronounced backside—and she unwillingly let out a moan, she came to the horrifying conclusion that she—or at least her body—was also liking it.

“Get a grip of yourself, Selena!” Her mind reasoned, only to be shot down again as Dane finally pushed his member between her lips, her tongue accidently coming in contact with it. She wanted to spit it out, puke, yell at them or just cry; yet, her body seemed dead-set on defying her, as she let out a moan and her tongue started slowly rolling around the cock’s head.

“That is it, girl. Don’t get too much into it though, don’t want to spoil our fun.”

Selena closed her eyes, convincing herself it was so she would not look at her own ‘disgusting’ actions rather than because she was enjoying it. She turned her head to the side, taking more of the cock inside her mouth and pressing it into her cheek, making it bulge erotically. She moaned again as she bobbed her head in this position, making him side-fuck her mouth and cheek; she couldn’t deny the sensation was good, and her tongue kept tasting all around his big shaft.

“Oh yeah, she really is good at this Hart.” Dane said, starting to thrust his hips a bit to go with her head’s movement. “Easy, girl!”

“You make it sound like you are talking to a horse.” The older cop—Hart—said, and Selena felt a touch on her belly.

With a loud sound the cock was removed from her mouth, and before she could react her shirt was already over her head, being removed by Hart. The older cop pulled her upper body up so she was standing on her knees, then grabbed her from behind, circling his arms around her body so he could grab her bra-bound breasts.

“Her breasts are amazing too.” He said, putting his hand inside her bra and feeling her tits directly. Selena moaned at the action, slightly arching her chest forward to push her hardening nipples against the palm of his hand. “Damn, she is already eager for some fucking! Let’s get her on the table.”

As Hart moved away from her—but not without first unclasping her bra—Selena had no time to recompose as Dane, still in front of her, lifted her up by the arm and guided her to the table, pushing her on it.

“W-Wait, this is just wrong! Please, you guys got it all wrong… I am…”

Selena couldn’t finish as Hart, on the other side of the table, grabbed her arms and pulled her towards him so her body was lying completely over the table. “Oh, we know very well who you are, princess. And a deal is a deal, there is no backing out now.” The older man teased the little ‘whore’, and her eyes widened.

He leaned down, moving his head over her now exposed rack to roughly suck her tit in his mouth, biting a bit on the rock-hard nipple; he grabbed it between his teeth and pulled, letting it escape and making her breast bounce a bit. Selena almost screamed at this, her body far too sensitive; she turned her head in a vain attempt to try and tune it out, only to find herself in a good view of the older man’s hard penis.

She would never have thought she would react like that to being molested by two strangers. Yet, as the man continued to suckle hard on her breasts and loudly slurp at it… she was slowly starting to doubt whether this was a rape or not. Her body… No, she couldn’t deny it… SHE was enjoying it, enjoying being viewed as a whore by these cops and being handled like that.

God, here she was having her breasts suckled like a baby would his mother’s, by a total stranger, and ENJOYING IT… Could things get any more degrading?…


…Yes, they could.

So entranced she had been by Hart’s breast-nursing, she had forgotten about the black cop on the other side of the table. And Dane had used his time well, getting himself ready before pushing her panties aside to expose her wet little cunt for him. And, with a single strong thrust, he impaled his black rod inside her.

“Oh fucking hell! She is so fucking tight!”

Moving his hips back, Dane took his cock of her before ramming it back inside. Selena let out a sound between a moan and a whimper, a mix of pain and pleasure from the way the fat cock pushed deeply against her, her walls trying to adjust to the size. Soon Dane was repeating the action harder and harder, trying to quickly form an almost brutal pace.

Then he grabbed her by the legs and pulled her body closer, allowing him to plunge himself inside her all the way, his balls hitting against her ass giving an extra stimulation to both of them.

Meanwhile the older cop had briefly moved back to watch the show, seeing the young girl’s body bouncing back and forward on the table in accordance to Dane’s animalistic thrusts; the primal sounds of his groans, her moaning like a bitch in heat, and the erotic slapping sounds of their flesh… Even for a seasoned guy like him, that was amazing.

Moving closer to the table, he put his hand on Selena’s face to get her attention. As the still moaning and open-mouthed harlot moved her head enough to look at him, he promptly pushed himself against the table so his painfully hard cock was at her face. The lust-dazed look on her face was enough indication that she understood him.

Managing to propel herself in a better position—without making Dane stop, which was impressive—Selena turned her head to the side, moving her hair out of the way of her face before opening her mouth wide; Hart pushed forward, sliding his cock inside her mouth and all the way down to her throat. He managed to plunge all in, despite the resistance of her tongue; her nose buried on his pubic hair, she resisted the urge to gag and cough him out as she licked all over the piece of meat on her mouth and sucked it, trying to milk his man juice for all she was worth.

Soon, just like his partner, Hart also decided it was enough and pulled back, only giving her time to breath again and whimper at the loss of his cock—or maybe she was whimpering from the pounding her cunt was taking, that could be it too—before plunging back again, moving straight into her resisting throat and then grabbing her by the hair, forcing her to bob her head on his cock as he thrust.

The latina’s hips moved in tandem to Dane’s animalistic thrusts, lifting up to meet his descending cock so it went as far as possible in her. Likewise, she was moving her tongue around her mouth’s invader, sometimes managing to let it out to lick his balls.

Selena had lost control completely, but by now she didn’t care anymore. The abused Disney princess was being roughly fucked from both sides, a big black cock pounding her pussy raw while an equally big white cock fucked her mouth, and she was enjoying every moment of it.

“Ooooh, shit… I’m going to cum…” Dane managed to grunt in-between moans and groans. Selena tried to reply, it being drowned out by the face-fucking she was receiving; soon the thrusts against her pussy became slower and more erratic, before she heard a definite grunt from him and felt something warm inside her, as if flooding her and taking the spot his hardness was slowly leaving.

“Oh, fuck, that was amazing. The best and tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked!” Dane bellowed, sitting on a chair as he tried to recover his energies.

“That’s because you haven’t experimented this mouth. This girl is a whore alright, and a very good one at that.” Hart said, leaning down to facilitate his face-fucking while also allowing him to grope her breasts again. “Shit, I’m almost afraid of cumming now and being unable to get a taste of that pussy too.”

“Wanna trade then?”

Selena moaned the hands left her hair and breasts, before the cock followed out of her mouth. As Hart stopped to briefly slap his cock against her face, smearing a bit of saliva and probably some cum at her face, the latina took the chance to bask on the intense pleasure that she felt. Her hand went to her nipples while another moved to her lower lips.

“Look at this. A moment without cock and she’s already trying to frig herself.” One of them said, before she felt herself being flipped around so she was lying on her belly. She squealed in surprise before yelping as she felt a hard smack against her ass, managing to turn her head enough to see Hart worshipping her pronounced bum. “Don’t worry, I’m gonna take good care of this ass of yours.”

As she felt his hands grab firmly her ass cheeks, fondling and pinching and slapping them mercilessly, she couldn’t help but moan loudly. She was beginning to crave for it, to love the feel of being sodomized and abused by those two big strangers…

It was an exhilarating feeling, she had never believed some of her friends’ stories about orgies and all that, but now she was questioning how the fuck had she lived all this time without this. This was her own twisted paradise.

“Lick it…”

The cop stopped for a moment, as her whisper like words left her mouth.

“Lick my ass, eat it out and then plunge your huge cock inside it…” Selena’s voice was husky, laced with lust as she had to fight not to moan.

“Why would I do that? You probably have gotten so much in there it is nothing but a big cum dump.” The cop frowned, giving her a hard slap on her ass again. Selena groaned, shaking her ass a bit to entice the cop.

“I rarely let them fuck me there, and I make sure it is always clean. Please, at the very least fuck me there!” Selena cried out, her voice getting a bit desperate. By now she couldn’t blame the alcohol or the weed anymore, it was her own sluttiness speaking and she knew it.

She almost cried in joy as she felt her cheeks being pushed apart, but to her surprise instead of the roughness of his cock she felt a velvety, wet touch against her backdoor. She didn’t even need to wonder what it was as the next moment she pressed her face against the table, screaming in ecstasy as his tongue pushed against her little asshole and licked her.

“Hhhmmm…” The cop moaned a bit, eating her little bunghole out and letting the vibrations bring some pleasure to her. He found out she was telling the truth: as far as he could reach she was very clean, and the salty taste of her sweat was an okay reward. It was something that pleasured the receiving person rather than the one actually working, but had other uses as well…

Up front, though, Dane managed to recover enough to stand back in front of Selena. As she watched his somewhat flaccid, but still not knocked out member come close, she used her hands to lift herself a bit before enveloping his member. She took her chance to suck his juices off him, at the same time tasting a bit of herself in it; it was a mix of sweet and salty, which she couldn’t help but find tasty.

“You ready for this now, bitch?” She heard from behind her, to which she gave an ass shake to confirm. She felt hands on her cheeks, separating them as something—this time harder than a tongue—tease against her backhole. Preparing for the worst, Selena engulfed the black cock entirely in her mouth to drown out her upcoming scream.


Even with the cock in her mouth, the loud groan/moan was still loud. Despite the help of his saliva as a lube, the fact still stood that she had very little to no experience on ass fucking, and he was very big; for a moment Selena felt as if she was going to be ripped apart by his cock.

“Oh my fucking God! She is so tight, it is unbelievable for such a whore!” Hart bellowed, his own face scrunched up as he fought the death grip of her inner walls in order to put himself in her. He rested his cock in there, trying to make space for it inside; Selena, rather than ask him to pull out, merely used a hand to knead and grab her own tits while starting to almost violently bob her head up and down on the black cock in front of her—her way to cope with this feeling.

As yet another abuse related revelation for this absurd night, Selena and the older cop soon found out she was quite adaptable: it didn’t take long for the pain to become pleasure, and for her walls to relax enough so he could move in and out of her with more ease.

As it stood, both cops resumed their earlier antics of wildly double-fucking the teen starlet, as Dane soon was hard enough to force a rougher face-fuck, and Hart soon reached the right pace. To further help the older cop brought a chair closer, standing with one foot on it and another on the ground, giving him enough leverage to almost sit upon and ride her ass like a horse.

Selena was in a sex-filled heaven as she let them use her to their heart’s—or rather their testicles’—content. As she kept submissively receiving the horse-like pounding on her ass and moaning till her voice gave out on the cock at her mouth, she eventually felt herself reaching the most powerful orgasm of her life.

“Oh goddamnit, I’m gonna turn that ass in my own cum dump! You hear that, little whore?!” Hart slapped her ass, leaving a red mark on it. Her little backside was red all over, as his hands dug into it during their action.

“Hhhmmmm… Hmm… Hhhmmm!”

Not being able to communicate properly, Selena set herself to muffled moans as she finally orgasmed, her insides feeling like they were exploding as her cum fell into the table, pooling under her. The orgasm, in turn, forced her ass muscles to clench and give Hart’s cock the last milking they needed to finally spurt, shooting his cum far into her bowels as he fulfilled his promise.

“Oh, shit! That is it you whore!” Hart yelled, riding her ass and continuing to thrust as he emptied himself in her. Even after removing his dick from it, he still had enough to shoot a few ropes of cum at her back.


Just as Selena was recovering from her orgasm and Hart’s, she was surprised as Dane too reached his own; his cock sheathed far into her throat, her nose buried in his pubic hair, he grabbed her hair to keep her still as he shot directly down her throat, forcing her to swallow it all. As he saw her eyes widen in desperation—as she felt like she was suffocating—he let go, watching as she recoiled at once and caused his cock to shoot some of his semen directly at her face, combining with the excess saliva that promptly drooled from her mouth.

The three of them stopped for some moment, recollecting themselves—and, in Selena’s case, trying to breathe again.

“That… That was the… Best fuck I’ve had…” Selena managed to say after a while, sitting up and still coughing a bit.

“Who said it was over?” Hart said, his hands gripping the table as he too tried to calm himself down.

“W-What?” Selena stuttered, her eyes widening at his words.

“Though you would get off this easily?” Dane said this time, reaching around her to grab her tits. “We still haven’t played with these yet, and me and Hart each still got a hole to explore…”

Selena’s eyes widened even more, almost comically so, as the older cop got on the table with her and started suckling her breast. There was fear in her eyes, but no small amount of accompanying it.

That night, for what felt like forever, Selena Gomez was abused over and over again by those cops. Those two big cocked strangers who had managed to show her the slut she really was.

And Selena Gomez loved every moment of it.

Meanwhile, at the cells…

“You know he was totally checking us out, don’t you?” Vanessa Hudgens said, leaning against the wall as the officer left the jail area.

“Jeez, Nessa. Even drunk and high you only think of jumping everyone’s bones.” Ashley Benson replied, sitting down on the floor as she felt her head ache. The stress from the situation, along with the booze, was starting to take its toll.

“What can I say; weed makes me horny as fuck.” She said, one of her hands moving into her shorts. “Besides, I think he was more interested in you. He was discreet, but I noticed how he tried to cope a feel.”

“Oh, so I wasn’t imagining when I felt him pinch my ass?” Ashley gave a grin at that.

“Actually, that was me.” Vanessa said casually, earning a surprised stare from her friend. “What?”

“What the fuck? You fucking dyke!” Ashley laughed, surprisingly not very outraged at the confession. The former musical star noticed and smirked, removing her jacket. “Oh no, don’t start stripping to me!”

“I wasn’t planning to, but that is not a bad idea.” Vanessa smirked seductively, walking towards the blonde with an extra sway of her hips—besides the one that naturally came with the drunkenness. Ashley was smiling, her drunk/high mind enjoying her co-star’s action.

“Hey, girls!”

The two of them stopped in surprise—much to their chagrin—at the calling voices. Ashley got up, moving with Vanessa to the cell bars, and saw the two other prisoners in a cell close by, looking at them.

“Having fun in there, girls?” One of the guys said.

He looked young and pretty much like your stereotypical street thug: a strongly built body flattered by muscle shirt, a lot of tattoos lining his arms, loose fitting jeans and a rather short layer of blonde hair, making him seem almost shaved. The other man looked normal, his dark hair quite disheveled and his buttoned shirt very messy; probably a drunkard or something.

“Why, would you like a view?” Vanessa replied, teasingly pulling Ashley close to her by the waist and leaning her head on her shoulder. Ashley was somewhat shocked, but didn’t complain.

“Any problem?” The thug said. “If you want, we can even join you!”

“I find that hard to believe.” Vanessa said to them, turning around to Ashley. “I doubt you guys could keep up with us.”

Saying that, Vanessa grabbed Ashley by the back of her head and leaned them both forward to initiate a passionate kiss. Ashley moaned in surprise but readily reciprocated the kiss, their mouths opening and their tongues battling visibly. The former ‘High School Musical’ star also took the chance to put her hands on Ashley’s breasts, groping the big mounds and kneading them feverously.

They kept their little show while the boys watched, kissing and groping each other. It was not long till they removed each others’ shirts, allowing for both of their handful breasts to be visible—Ashley’s still somewhat covered in her bra, though Vanessa had foregone the undergarment. The men couldn’t help but envy the girls as they suckled each other’s breasts, groping them to their heart’s contents and occasionally making out. Not to mention the fact Vanessa’s hands had already disappeared inside Benson’s shorts…

“Did I lose too much of the show?”

The girls stopped their fun, seeing the cop from earlier had come back. He was eyeing them, his eyes betraying his arousal from the scene. The girls smiled at him.

“Not at all. In fact, we were about to start the main course…” Vanessa smirked, motioning for him to come closer. “Wanna volunteer for it?”

“Oh, come on girls! We were here first!” The jailed men complained, making Vanessa roll her eyes.

“We didn’t forget about you guys.” Looking back at the cop, who by now was openly gawking at Ashley’s tits, she got an idea. “Hey man. How about this: you put me on that cell over there to entertain them and I let you get a one-on-one with Ashley here.”

Both Ashley’s eyes and the cop’s widened, though she could see a slight twitch at his bulging pants. “What the fuck Nessa? Are you pimping me out to him?”

“Oh, shut it. You know you were wanting that too.” Turning back at to the cop, she smirked. “So, we got a deal?”

“Hell yes.” He exclaimed, much to Ashley’s dismay—and secret glee. Opening the cell, he watched as Vanessa grabbed the blonde’s face, kissing her fiercely and whispering something—or more mouthing it, as he couldn’t make it out—before going out of the cell. She smirked at him as he motioned for the guys to move back, and then opened the door to let her in.

“Do you mind if I take a little toy?” Vanessa asked ‘innocently’, motioning for a pair of handcuffs on his waist. He thought about it for a moment, before shrugging and giving them to her. She squealed in happiness, blowing him a kiss before turning to her ‘lovers’. Damn, the girl was wild.

And from the looks of Dylan’s—the thug—and Rob’s—the normal guy—faces, he knew they too were more than willing to take her kinks to the extreme. She was in for more than she bargained.

But no matter, he had something else to care for right now. Something cute, hot, big-breasted and blonde by the name of Ashley Benson, who was waiting for him in her cell.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” He said, unbuttoning his uniform’s shirt. “Name is Seth, by the way.”

“I don’t care.” She said, looking disinterestedly to the side. As she gave him a side-glance, though, her eyes betrayed her attitude as they feasted on Seth’s now shirtless chest, biting her lower lip in an oh-so-seductive way.

While he wasn’t much muscled, he still packed a rather athletic body build. And Ashley couldn’t say she didn’t find him attractive.

“Damn, I’m impressed. Your friend can really back up her talk.” Seth said, looking over the other cell where Vanessa was already letting herself be manhandled; she was forced on all fours, where she had Rob behind licking her ass and fisting her snatch while Dylan submitted her to a serious face-fucking. Her shorts were on the floor, totally ripped apart. “I think I’ve seen her before.”

“Starting to regret choosing me?” Ashley asked with a raised brow, making him chuckle.

“Nah, even if she is famous you are still hotter.” The blonde blushed at this, and he came closer. He grabbed her by hips, moving her to sit on the makeshift bed by the wall; he sat down alongside her, burying his face on her neck, making her moan. “Besides, I would rather fuck Ashley Benson anyway.”

“Wait, what?” Ashley managed to gasp out, despite the fact he was now kissing and biting on her neck. She might not be as slutty as Vanessa, but after a night of drinking and smoking her body was aching for some sex to finish it off.

“My sister watches ‘Pretty Little Liars’, and either you are the girl who plays Hanna or her long lost twin…” Seth trailed his kisses lower to her collarbone, one of his hands going up her body to grab her bra-covered breast. “And I’ve fantasized about those boobs for a long while…”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Fuck it, she could be high or drunk but she certainly wouldn’t pass up some sex with this stud.

As Seth moved his hands around her and unclasped her bra, letting them fall off her delicious looking C-cups. So delicious looking, in fact, that he didn’t think twice about leaning down and engulfing them with his mouth, immediately suckling hungrily. Ashley moaned loud.

“Oh yeah, milk me!” She yelled at him, biting her lip as her hand went to his pants. He faltered in his ministrations as she teasingly caressed his covered cock, and when he let go of her tit he saw the mischievous smile on her face.

“Damn you.” Grabbing her face and pulling her into a kiss, Seth promptly took revenge on her by putting his own hand on her sinfully-short shorts, grabbing her crotch and making her yelp in the kiss; taking the chance, he speared his tongue inside her mouth, Frenching her as she moaned in lust.

“I’ve never let a fan do this, you know?” Ashley said between kisses, her eyes closed as she took in the pleasure his hands were giving her. While he kept roughly grabbing her crotch, his other hand had come up to do all sorts of things on her breasts: he groped, pinched the nipples, kneaded them, grabbed and them let them fall and bounce, even slapped them… All while she moaned like crazy, of course. “Did you ever think about doing me? Ever fantasized about it?”

“Of course. You and all your little pretty little friends.” He answered, making her giggle with the bad pun. “The show could be shitty and I would still watch just for you girls. But you the most. God, you are so sexy…” Seth couldn’t help, his dream girl was right here quasi-naked and willing…

Pushing her back so she was laying down on the bed, he grabbed her shorts and—with some difficulty—pulled them off. As he looked at her cute pink panties, he grabbed her legs and pulled them up, making her crotch jut up.

“Gonna fuck me already?”

“Hell no. You are such a fucking tease, only fair you get the same treatment.”

Leaning down and putting her legs around his shoulder, he moved her panties away to expose her sweet shaven lips. He started teasing her, kissing her inner thighs and then around her lips, always avoiding her snatch. As she started whimpering and thrusting up, pleading for him to go on, he went up a notch by giving her slit a tentative lick.

“Stop teasing, for fuck’s sake!” Ashley ordered desperately.

Seth smirked before pulling her panties off her crotch, pulling Ashley closer by her thighs and diving at her pussy. She half-screamed half-moaned at the action as his mouth covered the entirety of her pussy, sucking and licking it lovingly. Her legs subconsciously closed around him, as if to stop him from escaping, as he almost literally ate her pussy.

He briefly looked up to see her: her eyes were closed shut, her hands idly playing with her own breasts as she bit her lower lip to stop from moaning loudly. He smirked, increasing the intensity of his oral play

Meanwhile, at another cell…

“Yes… Yes, like that you motherfucker… Keep fucking me like that!”

Vanessa Hudgens kept moaning like crazy as she let the two criminals use her body as they wished. The thug, Dylan, grabbed her by the face and rammed his thick cock in her mouth mercilessly, filling her to the throat and forcing her to salivate excessively; occasionally he pulled out, watching as the saliva fell off her mouth and dripped on her chin, while hitting her face with his cock.

Meanwhile, the other guy, Rob, had ripped her shorts and underwear off, proceeding to play with her ass; he eventually separated her ass cheeks and speared her little hole with his tongue, ‘cleaning’ it forcefully, while his hands went around to tug at her clit. The only thing that kept her from screaming was the cock in her mouth; still, feeling her reaction, he went on to invade her cunt with three fingers at once, fast and hard while continuing to eat her derriere.

They could care less about her pleasure. And that was exactly how she wanted it.

“That is it, you cock-sucking whore. Take it all in!” Dylan yelled at her, grabbing her head by the sides as her forced his entire cock in and made her hold there, her eyes watering as his thickness pushed her throat’s walls to the limit. Rob meanwhile had gone a bit further, moving his other hand up her body to grasp her boobs.

It didn’t take long for him to get tired of this, and for his cock to ask for some playtime. He got up, giving her ass a squat before motioning for Dylan to let her go. The thug accepted, pretty much shoving her head off his cock as he watched her totally disgruntled, messy face take a large intake of air as she coughed out some saliva. Despite looking like a cheap whore, he felt she had the looks of a celebrity.

As she started to calm her breathing down, Vanessa yelped as her hair was roughly yanked forcing her to raise her upper body up; still on her knees, she could only moan as she felt Rob’s cock poke at her cheek. “My time to see what this mouth is all about.” Forcing her head to the side, he thrust his hips forward to force his cock into her mouth. In the position they were in, at first his cock hit the inside of her cheeks, making them bulge while she moaned at the feeling; maneuvering slightly he managed to aim for her throat, using his hand at her hair to yank her head back and forward to bob on his rod.

Not one to be left out Dylan grabbed her arm and guided her hand to his cock, motioning for her to jerk him off. She did so, moaning loudly as Rob kept fucking her mouth sideways.

It was not like she never had experienced this before. She was an actress; being a good fuck was a requirement in that job if you wanted to get far, unless she was freakishly talented—which was not her case, at least not when it came to acting. She enjoyed—no, loved it—and always found a way to fool around when filming. She had particularly great memories from ‘High School Musical’ and ‘Journey 2’.

With her willingfull-ness at their action, her more than enthusiastic work and their own eagerness, it didn’t take long for them to reach their orgasm. Vanessa gagged and started coughing as Rob had his inside her mouth, grabbing her face to force her into keeping his cock inside so he could shoot directly into her throat; meanwhile, Dylan aimed at her pert breasts as rope after rope of white cum tainted the actress’ body.

“You motherfuckers!” Vanessa yelled at them after Rob removed his cock, letting the last bit shoot at her face; saliva and cum dripped from her mouth to her chin, which would soon mingle with the cum on her chest. Her face was a red mess of sweat, cum and spit, giving her a wild look. As they both looked at her, they could see the animalistic lust in her eyes.

Dylan reacted to it immediately, grabbing her by the throat and forcing her up. Gasping for air, a small amount of fear in her eyes, Vanessa was slammed against the cell bars, the cold metal against her back. He grabbed the handcuffs from the floor, where Vanessa had left for later. “You wanted to use it, didn’t you, you kinky bitch? What did you have in mind?”

“Cuff me to the bars.” Vanessa said, smiling slyly as Dylan gave a squeeze of approval at her kinks. She moved her hands forward, grabbing his softening member and starting to jerk it back to life. “Then use me any way you want.”

“What do you think, man?” He asked Rob, who was himself already stroking himself back to readiness. The man gave a nod, smirking at the idea. “You are on then, bitch.”

She didn’t need incentive as she went with her own plan. Getting down erotically in a crouching position, she raised her arms above her head for him to cuff her. Dylan did so, locking a cuff around her wrist, then circling the chain around the bar tightly so it wouldn’t slide down, before cuffing the other wrist, effectively trapping the girl.

“How do you want me now?” Vanessa asked sultrily. Dylan smirked as he grabbed her legs, making her scream as he pulled them to his body and made her grab on his waist with them. He then moved backwards a bit, till the point where Vanessa was ‘hovering’ on the horizontal, being kept raised by her legs around his waist and her hands cuffed to the bar. “My God, you are gonna fuck me like this?!”

“He ain’t the only one.” Rob said, moving towards her. She briefly wondered how they would do that, before the answer came: Dylan went down a bit, lowering her body so Rob could put a leg over to her other side, and as the thug got up again Rob was effectively straddling her belly while still standing. She laughed in glee at the position, seeing his cock was on the valley of her breasts.

“You guys are crazy!” She laughed, earning a smirk from both of them.

Dylan went on to work, grabbing her thighs before quickly spearing her cunt with his rod; the girl let out a scream at the forcefulness, her pussy walls tightening against his large member. He didn’t give her time to adjust as he started moving his hips, thrusting in and out of her in a fast and hard manner—not that she would have had it any other way. Meanwhile, Rob grabbed her breasts and pushed them together around his cock, starting a thrusting of his own as he used her handful mounds to emulate a vagina.

“Shit, she is loving it!” Dylan laughed, feeling her legs tighten around his waist to push him closer; he did just that, approximating them bodies so much he could sheath his meat on her to the very hilt while his balls hit her bum cheeks. He himself had his eyes closed at the intense pleasure of her pussy, which unsurprisingly wasn’t as tight as a ‘normal’ girl’s.

“You can bet on it…” Vanessa replied between moans, moving her head a bit to see the Rob’s second head come very close to her face at each thrusting. Her breasts weren’t big enough to warrant his partners to want a tit-fuck, but she loved it. Moving her tongue out, she started licking his head each time it came closer, making him gasp in surprise at first before starting to hold it close to her for longer periods.

The position was slightly uncomfortable for her, but she didn’t mind.

She was going to be sore later one way or the other.

Back with Ashley…

“Yes, that is it Ashley. Make me cum on those pretty lips…” Seth talked as he pinched and tweaked her nipples while pushing the mounds together.

After he ate her pussy—and even her ass—out to the point of making her cum, they had decided it was only fair she repaid the favor. As if taking a cue from what Rob was doing to Vanessa, Seth had kept her lying on the bed, straddling her belly as he pushed his cock in-between her large knockers. Unlike Vanessa, Ashley’s rack was just the perfect size for a good tit-fuck.

How the fuck was he—or anyone for that matter—supposed to ignore those?!

As he pushed them together and his cock between them, its head come out on the other side to a warm welcome by her pretty little mouth. Even if her claims of booze and weed affecting her judgment being true, there was no denying she was enjoying it and that she was eager to keep going.

“I’m almost starting to believe the others about you being just a dead ringer whore. Shit, I’m gonna cum!”

Ashley lifted herself up a bit, allowing for more of his cock to get in her mouth; keeping him there, she twirled her tongue around his head for a bit before sucking it strongly, trying to drain his man-juice from it. It ‘worked’, as the salty essence came out directly in her mouth and proceeded to drink it up hungrily.

“You are definitely a natural, ain’t you?”

“How do you think I get my job?” Ashley quipped, giggling at his face. Seth smiled too, deciding he could question how true it was later.

“Then you know what is gonna happen now, don’t you?”

Without waiting for her answer, Seth got off her and grabbed her legs, raising them high enough to take her butt off the bench/bed. She squealed in delight as he positioned himself at her entrance, his penis still hard despite just cumming in her mouth.

“Ready for this?”

As she eagerly nodded with a silly smile in her face, Seth pushed forward, spreading open her pussy and soon nesting himself inside her. She moaned loudly, surprisingly taking it in with relative ease—maybe her earlier statement had been true?—and moving her hips a bit to encourage him further.

Seth dictated the pace of the fucking, though, as he kept her legs up in the air while thrusting inside her hard and fast. Her arms flailed hopelessly and she laughed like a loon as he moved and maneuvered her body as one would a ragdoll to find the most pleasurable position; he eventually settled for putting her legs over his shoulder, her butt and pussy high up in the air as his cock entered it in a downwards motion.

“Ooooohhh, yeah! Yeah, like that! Fuuuuck!” Ashley moaned feverishly, Seth moving his hands to grab on her breasts for leverage. She weakly moved her hips upwards to meet his thrusts, the sound of their skin slapping together and the feel of his balls against her ass only adding more and more to her pleasure.

Likewise, Seth was growling animalistically as he got faster and faster, to the point he was merely pounding away at her cunt rather than ‘making love’. He knew it wouldn’t take long to come again.

“I don’t know what is better, your pussy or your tits…” He managed to say amidst growls and grunts. “Or that face… Or that ass… Fuck, everything of yours is awesome Ashley!”

The blonde’s grin widened as she heard it, maybe blushing if her face wasn’t already red from the intense activity. It felt like the extreme passion was bringing back the high from the weed earlier, as she felt light-headed and carefree; she was sure she had cummed a while back again, though she couldn’t point out exactly.

Then, it all stopped. And she felt her pussy empty of his meat.

“Hey man, wha-”

Interrupted mid-sentence, Ashley felt herself being turned over; being placed on all fours at the bench, she yelped as he briefly spanked and groped her ass before she felt a prickling feeling at her back hole.

“You wanting my ass, Seth?” She asked ‘innocently’, shaking it for added measure. He growled in response.

‘Giving permission’ to him, she braced herself as he put his hands on her hips and thrust forward strongly to sheath himself in her asshole. She screamed as he pushed past her sphincter and into her tight rectum, fucking it slowly at first before they both felt confortable with it.

“Oooohhh, God… This is great!” Ashley moaned loudly, feeling him pull her up by the hair. As she stood, letting him drill her little behind, she felt him kiss her neck and shoulder, occasionally biting while his hands moved to her breasts again. “You… really loved my tits… didn’t you? Hmmm…”

“Of course, anyone in their right mind would love those pretty little liars…” She laughed at his bad pun—drugs, don’t forget—and placed her hands over his, locking their fingers as they proceeded to grope her breasts together. She turned her head to the side to look at him. “God, you look even sexier than normal…”

“Keep fucking my ass and I will get even better…” She moaned out, letting her tongue out to clash with his as he licked her neck. He facilitated it by grabbing her face and pulling her to a passionate kiss, their hands squeezing her breasts as much as possible while he buried himself balls-deep on her derriere.

“Fuck!” Ashley scrunched up her face, breaking their kiss in favor of lolling her head back; Seth didn’t mind, going back to her succulent neck. One of his hands also left her chest, instead going down and pushing inside her wet cave.

The combined act of his finger on her pussy and his cock on her ass was too much for Ashley, who cummed with a mighty scream.

“That is it girl… Now it’s my turn…”

Even with the added pleasure of her constricting muscles, it still took a few minutes of continued pounding till he finally orgasmed. When it came, though, it was intense; Seth grabbed Ashley tightly against his chest, his cock fully inside her as he shot his cum directly in her bowels, her moans loud as she was filled to the brim with his semen.

“My God…” The blonde bombshell gasped, melting in his embrace as he laid them both down.

“I’m good, but there is no need to worship me.” He joked, earning a little glare from her. As they came down from their sex-induced high—and Ashley maybe from her weed one too—they realized the loud sounds of moaning and growling around them.

“Are they still going at it?” Ashley asked.

“I think so.” Seth replied, trying to confirm it.

“Shit. I hoped we could outdo them…” Ashley pouted, to which Seth chuckled and gave her a brief kiss.

“If you want, we can continue in a while. Want to watch them till that?” The cop asked, sitting up on the bed.

Ashley smiled, sitting up too. “You read my mind.” Pulling him in for a kiss, she then got up and moved out, walking with a bit of difficulty but still trying a seductive sway.

Seth noticed, grinned and followed her to the ongoing threesome. The night was getting more and more promising.



Groaning as her phone woke her up, Rachel Korine rubbed the sleep off her eyes as she the call. It was well into the night, who the fuck would be calling right now?


She sat up as she recognized the voice as being to her co-star Selena Gomez. “Selena? What is it?” In the next minutes the latina girl went on to explain her current situation, no small amount of nervousness and shame in her voice. Rachel’s eyes widened as she listened. “What the fuck were you thinking?!”

“I-I’m sorry! Seriously, I really am! Please, we need your help right now!”

Rachel sighed. “Okay, I will get there as soon as possible.”

As the phone call was abruptly finished from the other side, Rachel sighed again. Getting up and cleaning herself to take the last remnants of sleep off, she changed in casual clothes—a normal T-shirt and jeans—and left a note for her still sleeping husband before going out to the car. In about an hour she arrived at the small neighboring city, and after asking for directions she arrived at the police station. It was a small one—unsurprising for a small town—and there was one officer at the front desk, who looked up as she entered.

“Hello Ma’am, how can we be of assistance?” The cop asked. He was an older man, probably around Harmony’s age.

“Hi, uhm… I’m here for my friends. Did three girls get brought to here a few hours ago?”

The cop blinked, before smiling slyly. There was something in that smile that made Rachel uneasy. “Actually, yes. You must be the friend one of them called with the phone, right?” As Rachel nodded, he got up. “Come on them.”

Rachel followed the cop to his office, the main office of the station. Taking his place behind the table, Rachel also sat down, holding her purse at her lap nervously.

“They were taken in for drunk driving, right?”

“And also possession of drugs, both marijuana and cocaine. We found them on the crash site, and at least two of the girls were visibly under influence of drugs.” The cop—the plaque at his desk naming him Officer Daniel—said gravely.

Rachel groaned in exasperation; this would fuck up their careers if it got out. “Can we, uhm… Cover it up? I mean, there was no others involved in the accident, no witness to it all… Can I just bail them out and be done with it?”

“You trying to bribe me, Ma’am?” Officer Daniel said with a glare, making Rachel feel even worse. “You realize I could put you in there with them as well, right?”

“P-Please sir, t-this is not what I meant…” Rachel stuttered, trying to get a hold of herself. “I-It is just…” Seeing the look on his face she sighed, resigning to the situation. “Okay sir, I will explain it. We—me and those three—are actresses, we are filming in St. Petersburg. They… They decided to go partying tonight and apparently it got a bit crazy… I’m not defending their actions, but you know how young people are right? Now, imagine one that is also famous.”

“So… You want me to cover up the story?” He asked, unsure.

“Pretty much. I’m sure we can agree on a sizable fee for this service. They have a lot of money, plus the studio would do anything to keep them from destroying their career… Or at least destroying them so early.”

Daniel stopped for a moment, as if thinking. There had been no problems caused after all, no complaints, and they hadn’t yet filled anything documenting the incident. He also didn’t want to get involved in some big Hollywood scandal or anything; he liked his calm life, thank you very much.

Still, seeing this hot woman begging him for help…

“You know, considering the way they were dressed and the situation, my fellow officers actually thought they were prostitutes.” He chuckled as Rachel’s eyes widened, laughing nervously. “We almost added it to the case. Plus they acted like it.”

“What… do you mean by they acted like it?” Rachel asked, cautiously.

“I mean, right now as we speak, your girls are fucking my boys like whores.”

The blunt way he said it made Rachel blush a bright red, almost choking on nothing. “What the fuck?!”

“If you want to you can go to the visitor’s room, where the black haired girl is getting double-teamed, or the jail area where the blondes are probably on an orgy. I’m guessing the old saying that to make it big on movies you have to fuck everyone is true.” He said, his lips curving slightly on their corners. He then motioned for a TV-set on the corner, which he turned on…

Rachel shivered and gasped at what she saw. A live feed from the cameras of the station, showing the jail area: right there, in the corridor, Ashley Benson was being sandwiched between the wall and a guy’s body, her face and breasts mashed against the wall while she was pounded from behind.

“The other blonde is in the cell over there with two other guys, outside the camera’s line of sight. We will have to find a way around this problem sometime; it could end up causing a security breach.” He said, smirking as she kept her mouth open at the show. “We don’t have security cameras in the visitor’s room, but if you want you can go there to check on your other friend.”

Rachel brought her hands to her mouth, completely shocked at what she was seeing. She had seen how Vanessa—and Ashley to a certain extent—acted like, so she really wasn’t as surprised at them; but Selena too? Little miss pure, her all innocent and reasonable posture, on a threesome none the less?! She could have laughed at this, if not for the fact she was completely embarrassed by the situation.

Yet, as she moved her legs, she couldn’t help but feel somewhat envious of the girls. With this being his first ‘big’ film, Harmony had been far too stressed out and focused on his work to satisfy her; she hadn’t had sex in a few months now, and she was feeling very randy. She couldn’t go around his back, less for some moral obligation and more for the fact he was right there on the set with her.

“So… Do we have a deal them?”

“We haven’t even discussed the terms yet, Ma’am.” The officer said, chuckling as he could notice her discomfort. “Now… In a small city it’s difficult to keep things secret for long, and it would bring too many questions when they discovered a large amount of money. I would end up in a situation not unlike yours.”

“So… What do you want them? Autographs, maybe?” Rachel wasn’t thinking things very clearly, her eyes still glued to the security feed of her friend getting it in the ass.

“After the… ‘favors’ your friends gave them, I don’t think my officers will protest letting them go free.” Daniel got up, moving closer to the girl. “What about you? Are you willing to ‘convince’ me?”

Rachel’s head snapped at his direction, getting what he was implying. He had a sly smirk in his face as he moved his hand to her, caressing her pink-dyed hair. “You… Want me to…?”

Seeing she didn’t get outraged or flat-out refused his request, Daniel already knew she would be in. Grabbing her by the arm and pulling her up, he pulled her face to his to force a kiss. At first she felt paralyzed from shock, before she started trashing against and hitting him in the chest to make him stop.

“What the fuck?!” Daniel yelled as she wiped her mouth. “I will make it clear. You want to free your friends, right? I will let them out, no charges or anything, as if they never even came near this city, but only if you let me fuck you.”

Rachel looked at him indignantly. “Fuck those girls, I’m not selling my body just for them.

Yet, as she looked at the video of Ashley continued fucking, she couldn’t help wanting to feel that too.

Daniel noticed her eyes. “Wanna go there? Join the orgy, maybe?”

“No!” Rachel replied immediately, surprising him. “I… I don’t want them to see me doing it.” He raised his eyebrows. “Look, I will let you… But no kissing, this is strictly business and I don’t want any ‘lovemaking’ bullshit.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Daniel proceeded to turn her around and pull her to him, her back pressing against his chest as his boner pressed against her jean pants. “Wanna take your clothes off, or will I have to tear them?”

Rachel raised her arms, allowing him to pull it off her and reveal her body. She was quite shapely, and her breasts were deceptively big; a high C, maybe D-cup if he had to guess. Her bra had some difficulty keeping them in place, so Daniel unclasped it and removed the garment covering her assets.

“Damn, those are some great titties. Have you ever shown them on a movie?” He asked, circling his hands around her body to grope the big bags of flesh, pushing them up to feel their weight then letting them fall back down.

“No… Not yet…” She moaned, her hands moving low to start unzipping her jeans and letting it fall off as he started to bite her earlobe while continuing to grope her chest.

“What a shame. They don’t know what they are loosing.” He turned her around, pushing her against the desk before leaning down and putting his mouth over her breasts. He didn’t even try to lick the nipples, instead preferring to follow his birth instincts and going right for the sucking.

Rachel did not mind at all.

“Ooooohhh!” She moaned out loud, throwing her head back and moaning as he suckled her breasts like Lefty had done a few years back. Daniel couldn’t fit much of them in his mouth, which seemed to further arouse him; as he changed boobs, letting his hand take care of the now wet and erect mound he just left, he let his other hand down her body and into her panties, pushing them aside to tease her clit. “Oh my God!”

Smirking with her nipple still in his mouth, Daniel pinched and played with her clit for a while, making her moan in contained glee. He could see, despite her attitude, that she was enjoying it.

“You look like you haven’t had those tits sucked for a while.” He quipped as he saw the pleasured face she was making. He briefly bit her nipple, making her give a short scream to prove his point.

“Indeed…” She confirmed, moving her hands down his body to undo his belt. “And I haven’t had anyone down there for a while either…”

Daniel took the cue, stopping his teasing to instead spread her lips and put his fingers inside. She bit her lip not to cry out, moaning as he put two and then three fingers in and went on to finger her fast, making sure to grind past her clit at every moment.

“Look at this. And you were trying to play hard to get earlier?” He pushed Rachel against the desk, laying her down before fully removing her panties. As her wet pussy became visible, he realized he would not be able to continue teasing her; he couldn’t resist going right to the main act.

Taking off his pants—Rachel had managed to remove the belt earlier—he unveiled his hard and long dick, the sight of which made Rachel crazy with lust. She moved her body towards him, as if trying to get him inside. Daniel laughed at her action but, grabbing her hips, gave her exactly what she wanted by slamming himself forward and into her wet snatch.

“Oh FUCK!” Rachel screamed as he immediately stretched her walls, setting a fast pace as he forced her body to slide back and forward over the desk. The pink-haired woman was moaning crazily, her eyes scrunched up as she took in the pleasure.

“It has been a long time, no? For a girl like you to be this tight… You were starved for it, you slut!” Daniel yelled above her, laughing as he saw the lust in her face.

Rachel was in heaven, or maybe hell considering how sinful it was. Not only was she letting this cop she didn’t even know fuck her madly, she was enjoying and craving for more of it. Harmony hadn’t touched her like that for a while now, and even before he never did it like this!

As she kept mumbling for him to go ‘harder, faster’, Daniel eventually got an idea. “You want a wild ride, don’t you? I will give you one them!”

Pushing her body further along the desk, he too got up on it and stood on his knees; grabbing her hips he pulled her in, taking her lower body off the table so her cunt was directly below his dick, letting him hammer down even farther inside her.


In this knew position it didn’t take long for Rachel to reach her peak, her orgasm not only adding extra lubrication through her cum but also pushing him further to the brink as her walls clenched around his cock. Amidst the pleasure-induced high, she could see him grunt and scrunch his face up as her pussy milked him.

“Time for your reward, whore!”

He pushed her hips away, making her pussy fall off his cock; as she moaned in protest, however, he grabbed her hips and pulled her closer while simultaneously moving forward, his cock delving between her bountiful breasts. Understanding, she pushed her breasts together as he started thrusting between them; a few more minutes later, he growled and orgasmed himself.

She moaned in surprise as he cum went out like a jet, splashing against her chin and neck rather than her chest. She moved her face downwards for a moment, to try and catch a few spurts: she managed just enough to taste him, before closing the way with her breasts and making him taint them white with his cum.

“God damnit, Ma’am. That was the wildest fucking I’ve had in a long while.” Daniel said, getting off the desk and sitting on a chair. He watched in fascination as she smeared his cum over her rack, occasionally scooping a particularly large amount and bringing it to her mouth to suck it off. “Still hungry for it?”

“To be honest I’ve never liked it much. But right now I could care less.” The pinkette moaned, as she finished ‘cleaning’ herself, getting up from the desk. “So, that was it for the payment, right?”

“Not quite.” Daniel smirked slyly.


“You see, you want me to free three girls yet you only made me cum once. That is hardly fair payment, don’t you think?” Rachel glared at him. “Unless you only want to get one of them out. That is okay with me; go there and choose one.”

“If I get you off two more times, will you also erase the security videos?” She asked, pointing at the still-playing feed; currently Ashley and her cop were sitting on the floor, all cuddly as they seemed to be watching something—no doubt Vanessa’s show.

“I’m sure we can make a compromise for that too.” He smirked again, before motioning for his not-fully-soft member. “Now, get back to work girl. And no need to look offended, we both know you are loving it.”

Rachel didn’t reply, rather she moved to her knees in front of his chair and, without hesitation, engulfed his cock like a pornstar. He moaned out in pleasure as she bobbed her head on it, using her hand at the base to pump it; even if she hadn’t done it for some time, she was a pro at it for sure.

It was hours later when Rachel not only finished the job but also recovered enough to be able to drive back. Ashley, Vanessa and Selena, in varied states of dishevelment and (un)consciousness but all smelling intensely of sex, all were placed on her car by the cops after they gave their ‘goodbyes’ to the girls.

Rachel Korine looked briefly at the car’s mirror, seeing the fainted (Selena and Vanessa) or semi-conscious (Ashley) girls in the backseats. Vanessa had her clothing ripped and thorn, some marks on her cleavage, and a silly smile on her passed-out face; Selena was still slightly red and had lines of dried up cum and saliva all over her face—and most likely in her body, covered by clothes—while Ashley grinned like a loon, her eyes foggy and dazed as her mind probably was still on the fucking, her shirt even looser than it was before and lacking the bra underneath.

She wondered if, by the time they got up again, the girls would remember the event or would think it had been a very vivid dream/nightmare. Whether they thought it was real or not, it was sure to leave an impression on them.

And, as she looked at herself and thought back to her own actions earlier that night, she could certainly it would leave one on her.

And for that she was secretly thankful to the girls. For having provided this much needed spring break for her.

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