Behind Closed Doors: A College Fraternity

Behind Closed Doors: A College Fraternity by lundenlover

Joan Lunden is taping the final segment about life in a black college
fraternity for one of her Behind Closed Doors TV specials. Once the taping
is completed the frat guys invite Joan to stay and party with them. Joan
thinks to herself “this maybe just the situation to place myself in to make
one of my fantasies become a reality”. So she gladly accepts.

They put on music, tap a keg of beer, bring out their supply of PCP and
Ecasty and begin partying.

Joan, being the confident woman that she is feels very much at ease among
these handsome, well
built, young black men. However, Joan, who is used to
and expects men to come on to her, is surprised at the restrained behavior
of these young men. She attributes their behavior to her celebrity status
and knows that it’s just a matter of time before they begin coming on to
her. “After all” she says to herself “I am Joan Lunden. There is no man that
can resist me.”

Sure enough things begin to happen when Reggie, one of the frat leaders,
sits next to Joan on the couch. He slowly moves closer until his leg and
Joan’s are touching. He subtly puts his arm around her and says, “Joan we
want to have sex with you.” Joan could feel her pulse racing wildly. This is
exactly what she had hoped would happen. Ever since she was gangbanged in
high school she has fantasized about being gangbanged again. Now it was
going to happen.

Joan not wanting to appear anxious, coyly runs her fingers through her hair
and says, “You do?”

“Yes, we find you to be so damn sexy. We want you.”

Joan giggles and sweetly says, “I’m honored that you handsome, virile, young
men want me. But, you know I’m old enough to be your mother.”

One of the guys overhears what Joan said and says, Ms Lunden if you were my
momma I’d be a motherfucker.”

“I don’t care how old you are. I and the other guys want to have sex with
you.” Reggie says. He passionately kisses her, sticking his tongue into her
mouth. He begins unbuttoning her blouse and tries to unfasten her bra. Joan
pushes him away, takes off the blouse and then reaches behind herself to
unfasten the bra. She hesitates for a moment and says to herself, “This is
it. You can walk out of here now and pretend that this never happened. But
if you take off this bra you’ll reach a point of no return. The gangbang
will officially commence.” Joan removes her bra. When the guys who are
gathered around her see her luscious breasts they whistle and shout their
appreciation. Reggie reaches out and begins fondling one of her breasts,
while a guy sitting on the other side of her takes the other breast and
begins sucking on it. Joan puts her arms around the guys and starts to
stroke their hair. “Oh my! That feels soooo good.” she sighs.

“Hey guys let her tits alone. We want to see her take off the rest of her

“Yeah! We want to see her cunt and ass.”

“Take it off! Take it off!” they begin to chant.

Reggie and the other guy reluctantly pull away from Joan’s breasts which are
now capped with hard erect nipples and help her stand up.

Joan is standing in front of 12 horny young black men chanting “Joan! Joan!
Joan!” She runs her tongue over her top lip and smiles seductively at them
as she undoes the button and zipper of her skirt and lets it fall to her
feet completely revealing her long, shapely legs. She casually kicks it
away. Next she steps out of her pumps. She then lifts one foot up onto a
chair and takes off her thigh high coffee colored stocking. Her first foot
comes down and the other goes up as she takes off the other stocking.
Finally she hooks her thumbs under the elastic of her lacey white panties
that are moist with sweat and a bit of pussy juice, pulls them off her
nicely rounded hips and tantalizingly slides them down her long sexy legs.
When the guys see Joan’s cleanly shaven, full lipped pussy they let out a
wild cheer. Joan steps out of the panties and tosses them to Reggie. He
promptly brings them to his nose, pressing the moist crotch piece against
his nostrils and inhales. Hands on hips Joan slowly turns around giving the
guys a look at all parts of her nicely proportioned, well-conditioned body.
She is enjoying the stare of a dozen pair of hungry male eyes devouring
every inch of her body and knowing that a dozen c*cks are hardening.

She could hear them talking about her as if she isn’t there. “Man! She’s got
a hot body.” “What a great ass!” “I can’t wait to get my cock into that
pussy.” “She’s going to be fun to fuck!”

“From the sounds of things you guys like what you see.”

“What’s not to like? You are one very hot white momma.”

“Well guys, I’m showing you what I got. Now is time to show me what you

In a matter of minutes 12 completely naked well-built young black men
surround Joan. “I’m impressed,” she says. “Everyone of you guys is hung like
a black stallion.”

“This black stallion wants you to ride him!”

Joan looks around and see one of the young men lying on the floor with his
huge black cock sticking straight up in the air.

“It’ll be my pleasure. Riding is one of my favorite activities.,” she says
as she walks over to him and straddles his mid-section. She squats as if to
pee and slowly lowers herself down. Once his c*ckhead penetrates her swollen
p*ssy lips she stops and takes a deep breath. Then inch by slow inch she
lowers herself down the length of his stiff impaling rod until it is all the
way up inside her juicy pussy. Joan sits there triumphantly, savoring the

“Fuck! Fuck!” chant the guys circled around them. Joan begins riding him.
Her breasts bounce enticingly in time to her up and down movements. He
reaches up and grabs them and thumbs their erect nipples.

“Oh God!” So good! Yes, yes yes!” Joan shouts as he begins to pump his cock
up into her. In less than a minute they are humping and bumping in rhythm
with each other. The blissful smile on Joan’s face and the soft whimpering
sounds she is making leaves no doubt that she is totally enjoying herself.

Joan suddenly screams like a banshee when without warning a cock is rammed
into her asshole. She looks over her shoulder and sees a guy with a devilish
grin on his face. “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you,” he tells her as he
begins to thrust his long, thick, hard cock in and out of her tight,
sensitive asshole. Joan’s body is now being rocked back and forth by the
powerful strokes of the two young men.

“Yes! OH yes! Good! Soooo good!” she shouts as she tries to synchronize her
movements with those of the men.

“Wow!” yells one of the onlookers. “Look at her! She’s enjoying the double
penetration. What a slut!”

Not being able to hold out any longer, another of the guys stands in front
of Joan. His cock slaps against her cheek, leaving behind a smear of sticky
precum. Joan looks at him through lust bleary eyes. “Suck me, bitch!” he
demands. Joan grips his ass cheeks and swallows every inch of his cock until
her nose is buried in his kinky pubic hair. Joan now has a cock in her
mouth, pussy and ass. She compresses her lips and slurps up and down the
length of his shaft. Joan has always prided herself on her ability to give
great head and the way the guy is moaning and groaning is treatment to her

“Oh shit!” yells the guy she is riding. He grabs her pounding hips and holds
her in place as his cock erupts in the depths of her pussy. Joan uses the
muscles of her pussy to clamp down on his discharging cock. He lays back,
hyperventilating and unable to move because of the servicing Joan is getting
from his friends above him. He is forced to lie there as Joan continues to
mash her dripping pussy against his withering cock.

The guy in her mouth takes a fistful of her blonde hair and yanks her head
forward, holding her cocksucking face on his cock. He grunts and unleashes
his creamy cum down her throat nearly gagging her. He pulls out and chokes
his cock over Joan’s beautiful face drenching it with his slimy cum.

The guy fucking her ass wraps his arms around her and groans loudly as he
floods her asshole with a river of hot cum.

So it goes throughout the evening. At any given time there are three men
fucking Joan’s mouth, ass and pussy. Joan is loving it and is in a state of
almost continuous orgasm.

The session ends when fatigue overcomes the urge to fuck. Everyone is
exhausted but satisfied. Joan is lying on the floor of the fraternity house
with her entire beautiful body covered in sweat and cum. She is so tired
that she could barely move. Her asshole throbs with a dull pain and cum is
running out of it, her jaw is sore and dripping with hot, sticky cum and her
pussy twitches uncontrollably with post orgasmic bliss as a blend of cum and
her own juices trickle out.

“I think that was better than getting Joan Lunden’s autograph,” one of the
guys laughingly says.

“Yeah, I think she enjoyed herself,” replies another. “Didn’t you?”

“Oh yes! You are the horniest, most virile men I have ever met. This has
been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.”

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