Behind Spring Breakers – Biker Bar Slut

Title: Behind Spring Breakers – Biker Bar Slut

Author: tevok

Celebs: Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Korine

Codes: MF, M+F, oral, anal, reluc, cons, MDom, DP, slut

Disclaimer: This story is not real; these events did not happen, nor are they likely to, and are not meant to represent how these celebrities act in real life. This is purely fantasy, and should be treated as such. Minors should not read further.

Note: Story/idea requested by a reader from another site. It can be seen as a companion piece to my previous ‘Behind Spring Breakers – The Jail Incident’, though they aren’t necessarily connected by anything other than their theme. Feedback is always appreciated and more than welcome, either through the forums or my email:

English is not my first language, so forgive any minor mistakes.


It had become common occurrence for Vanessa Hudgens to take her scooter out for a ride in the city when not filming. Not only her, but also her costars Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine seemed to enjoy looking around for something to do, or just to take in the sites; the place seemed to be a good tourist spot, with its beaches and museums and shopping centers.

This time, however, Vanessa was not riding out for fun; she had a role to play. As the night approached, she had been called by Harmony Korine, Rachel’s husband and the film’s director, about a scene that they needed to shoot: the girls were to visit a bar at the outskirts of town, where they would meet James Franco’s character for some fun.

As she approached her destination, she noticed the place Harmony described was actually a biker bar: a big bar with lots of motorcycles parked outside.

“Oh fucking hell…” She spoke under her breath, as she did not see any other scooters or any of the crew’s vehicles around, meaning she was likely the first to arrive. “No, I’m not staying there alone…”

Truth be told, just being close to the place was triggering alarms in her head. And yet, it was also making her mind wander through some rather twisted scenarios…

She remembered that, just a couple nights before, they had filmed a scene at a nightclub and this very same feeling had washed over Vanessa. The place had looked shady, and she could easily imagine something bad happening to her in there.

As James would later tell her, the place was a hangout for local gangsters and thugs and he and Harmony had to make a deal with a local boss to ensure their safety. And throughout the night she hadn’t spent a moment without feeling the predatory looks aimed at her, the lusty gazes as she mingled with the naked strippers and whores at the place and drank and did weed…

That night she hadn’t slept. Every time she closed her eyes she found herself in the club again, grinding on Ashley’s ass or dancing erotically with Rachel. Only now one of the thugs finally decided enough was enough and grabbed her, pulling her away from her friends and crew without them noticing. In her imagination he would bend her over a table in a secluded area and take her right there, ripping her bikini bottoms off violently before plunging his big, fat cock inside her pussy.

She would cry out, beg him to stop, and he would call her out on how wet she was. Then another would come from the other side of the table, grab her by her blond hair, and force his cock down her throat. Other thugs then joined in, their cocks in hand and surrounding her, blocking what little vision she had at that point…

“Grab a hold of yourself, girl!” Her mind screamed at her, as she finally came out of her fantasy.

And there she was again, in front of the biker bar, wearing nothing but a green bikini. Looking at herself, she noticed the goosebumps creeping over her skin as she recalled her fantasy, wondering if she was really getting aroused at the thought of being raped.

In fact… would that even constitute rape? Whenever her dreams went further, she wouldn’t really resist them anymore; rather, she would become the instigator, ridding herself of her own freewill and sucking cocks left and right…

No, she had to focus now.

As she debated internally on whether to go into the bar now or wait outside where she was, maybe even ride away and come back later after the others had arrived, coming up with an excuse for being late, the silent whispers in her head and the goosebumps on her body helped her come to a decision. And, steeling her resolve, she began walking towards the bar’s entrance.

As soon as she entered, however, it felt like time stopped. Her eyes immediately took in the sight before her, faintly noticing many of the men turning their attention towards her.

“Can I help you, miss?”

The call from the bartender brought Vanessa back to reality. Blinking and confirming the sight was real, she didn’t even think as the girl’s name escaped her mouth.


More to the back of the bar, at the pool table, was her co-star Rachel Korine. Except she wasn’t just standing there or waiting; she was topless, her breasts being groped by the men around her as the whole bar watched. The man on her left had one of her tits in his mouth, sucking and slobbering on it, while one of his hands was inside her indecently short shorts—and, considering how she gyrated her hips, it wasn’t difficult to imagine what was happening inside.

Rachel didn’t seem to be minding it much, though. While the man on the left molested her she had her head turned to the right where she lewdly and sloppily kissed some bearded biker. The kiss alone would be enough to make many blush, as their tongues clashed messily in the open.

“Rachel!” Vanessa called again, faintly noticing the door closing behind her.

At the pool table, Rachel slowly broke her make out with the biker. She turned her face forward, earning a lick along her cheek from the man before he moved down to slurp on her unattended breast; as Rachel moaned, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at Vanessa.

“Hey ‘Nessa, nice to see you here…” She said, trailing off with another moan. “Get over here…”

Vanessa could see the look of intoxication on Rachel’s face, whether from her current molestation or something else she didn’t know.

“You heard the lady, girl.” Vanessa nearly jumped as she heard the voice in her ear, then did jump as hands moved to grab her arms and move her forward towards the pool table.

Before she could voice her discomfort, Rachel spoke again. “It’s alright Nessa. So, what are you doing here?”

“Rachel, what are you doing? Where are the others?”

“The others…?” A look of understanding crossed Rachel’s face at this—or maybe it was just a mini-orgasm, as she grunted and bucked her hips right after. “Ugh… Typical Harmony… Of course he wouldn’t come himself… Though I thought he would think of Ashley first.”


“Alright, let go…” She calmly pulled at the guy’s arm for him to remove his hand from her shorts, then pulled his face off her breast for a quick make out. Doing the same with the bearded biker from before, she stood up from the table and moved towards Vanessa.

“So, is she gonna take over now?” One of the men asked, leering at Vanessa. She scowled and glared, though subconsciously moved to cover herself and tried taking a step back, bumping into a man who held her in place.

“That’s right. Everyone!” Rachel made a spectacle of throwing her arms up to call for the whole bar’s attention. “This here is my friend Vanessa Hudgens, she will be treating you guys tonight in my place. Be nice to her!”

“Rachel! What… what is…”

By now Vanessa could piece together a bit of what was happening. Rachel had been going to those bikers, but apparently she—and her husband?—were now pawning her off to them instead.

“C’mon Vanessa, playing coy isn’t really your style. The prudish act is more of Selena’s thing.” Rachel told her, before smiling sultrily.

Seeing Vanessa still seemed to need an extra push, Rachel motioned for one of the bikers to come closer. With professional precision and speed, Rachel went down on her knees and undid his pants. With a look of ‘watch this’ to Vanessa she pulled down his underwear.

Vanessa’s breath caught in her throat at the act, and her eyes were immediately drawn to the nice, hard cock now in the open.

“Big, isn’t he?” Rachel said, pumping his cock slowly while looking sultrily at Vanessa. “And he is not even the biggest here, Nessa. I’ve seen and fucked nearly everyone in here and I can tell, you ain’t gonna find less than well-endowed guys in here.”

If the man was slighted by the ‘not the biggest’ comment, he didn’t show it. Instead, he turned to look at Vanessa, his pride swelling at the intense look she was giving his prick.

His gaze was broken when Rachel, moving her pink hair out of the way, brought her face close and began sucking on him. His eyes instead moved down to find Rachel’s as she looked up at him, a determined look in them as she began bobbing her head and taking more of him inside.

Meanwhile, Vanessa seemed to be in a trance. She was completely unaware that the man holding her had let go, or of the fact everyone in the bar had moved closer and were now surrounding them. She was oblivious to the fact many had their cocks out, waiting for their turn. For Vanessa, it was as if only the three of them were there: Rachel Korine sucking off that random guy by the pool table, and her, Vanessa Hudgens, watching.

For a moment her mind wandered again back to the nightclub. She imagined herself and Rachel and Ashley like this, surrounded by men as they had enough of their teasing. She imagined herself being lifted off her feet and impaled on a man’s cock, only for another to come from behind and double penetrate her. As she screamed and moaned, so would Rachel and Ashley as they too would be fucked silly by the men, all night long…

After what felt like an eternity Rachel pulled back from the cock she was sucking on, smacking her lips as if savoring the taste. She turned towards Vanessa, smiling as she asked. “Don’t you want a taste too?”

Still in her trance, Vanessa did not answer with words; instead, she walked forward and dropped to her knees by Rachel’s side. Smiling in victory, the older woman gave her a bit of space as Vanessa grabbed the cock in front of her, giving it a long lick along the shaft and rubbing the head with her fingers. As the man above gave a grunt of satisfaction, Vanessa moved her head further back and began licking on the tip.

“You are really good at this, Nessa…” Rachel said in her ear, teasing her with a sharp nibble on it that made Vanessa shudder. Letting her mouth leave the cock, but never stopping rubbing it, she turned to look at Rachel and answered.

“I’ve had practice.”

Grinning, Rachel went for the unexpected. Moving her head forward, she planted her lips on Vanessa’s in a short but strong kiss; as she drew back after a moment, she took the chance to give a lick on the younger girl’s mouth.

The men around them all hollered at the sight, and the cock in Vanessa’s hand twitched. She, however, seemed to take it in stride as she just smiled back at Rachel before refocusing on sucking the cock.

Returning to the blowjob, Vanessa took his erect cock into her mouth, feeling it twitch and tasting the pre-cum already beginning to leak. The man had to resist every urge not to just grab her hair and face fuck her; unlike Rachel, who would usually go straight for the sloppy and messy path, Vanessa was taking her time, bobbing her head slowly at first while steadily increasing her speed.

She moaned as she sucked, the vibrations sending pleasurable volts to the man’s body and making his cock react. In no time Vanessa was sucking on him eagerly, bobbing her head back and forward intensely; Rachel, meanwhile, reached under and began palming the man’s balls while laying kisses and nibbles from Vanessa’s ear to her neck.

Under the two-fold attack, he wasn’t able to hold on for long. Suddenly he began groaning, feeling the pressure build.

He didn’t really give a warning outside of his groaning, which was enough for Vanessa. Taking his length in her mouth and holding it there, she greedily drank shot after shot of his thick cum, swallowing it greedily; when he stopped spurting, she let the spent cock fall out of her mouth with a pop.

“Damn, you slut…” Rachel said to her ear. Turning to her ‘friend’, Vanessa surprised her by this time initiating an open-mouthed kiss. Their tongues were soon entwining between their mouths, the leftover cum being passed around as they snowballed it between themselves.

In the end, the leftover cum ended up in Rachel’s mouth. As she licked a bit more that was on Vanessa’s chin, she suddenly grabbed Vanessa’s head and made her face upwards; understanding, Vanessa opened her mouth wide as Rachel let the cum drool from her mouth into Vanessa’s.

All this happened under the watchful and eager eyes of their audience. The bikers were whistling, hollering and catcalling, looking eager for more.

“Good slut!” Rachel said to Vanessa, who just snickered.

Whatever sensible, rational thought was already lost to Vanessa. This was the Vanessa Hudgens who dreamt of nightclub orgies, the one who posed for naked pictures and fucked random strangers in a seedy biker bar. This was her slut side.

And she loved it.

“Miss Korine?” The bartender called. “Your ‘husband’ is on the phone.”

A round of snickers was heard from the men in the bar, but Rachel nonetheless stood up and walked off. Not before inviting more men to take her friend, though.

Not that they needed any invitation.

One of the men, the same bearded biker that had been swapping spit with Rachel earlier, came forward and grabbed Vanessa. He picked her up and brought her to one of the nearby tables, lying her over it, his eyes telling her all she needed to know about what was about to happen.

She didn’t see him open his pants or take out his cock; rather, she only felt him pull her bikini bottom aside, revealing her pussy, and then plunging his big cock inside her.

“Ooooohhh!!” Vanessa moaned out, mouth open and face scowling as she felt him stretch her insides. As much of a slut as she was—and now she was freely admitting it—she hadn’t had a big cock like this for a while now.

True to his brutish looks, the man didn’t give her time to compose herself as he began pulling out and hammering back in. With her petite size, Vanessa’s body was rocked by it, making her slide back and forth on the table as she was fucked, moaning and screaming.

That is, until a second cock came in sight. On the other side of the table, another biker grabbed a hold of her blonde locks and, with her face upside down, thrust forward into her open mouth, gagging her.

All around them, the other men cheered and some even jerked off at the sight. Vanessa Hudgens was like a stuck pig as she was spitroasted by the bikers, her body pretty much bouncing between cocks as their thrusts caused her to slide across the table between them. Two bold men took a hold of her flailing arms and put them to good use, closing her hands around their cocks and getting her to give them handjobs.

“Uuugghhh… Gaaahh…” Vanessa futilely tried to speak or moan, but her voice came off choked by the cock gagging her throat.

It was under this sight that Rachel came back, now with her bikini on and looking a lot less disheveled. Taking a good look at the girl being fucked by four guys, she laughed.

“Good night guys, and remember to be nice to her. She is a friend.” Before walking away, she took a good look before seeing what was ‘wrong’ with the scene. “Oh, and give her tits some attention too!”

Some of the guys voiced their acknowledgment, yet most seemed to ignore her. As she walked away from the crowd, she suddenly pulled the bartender and gave him a hot, steaming wet kiss, taking a moment to make out for a while. Once breaking up, she walked away and out of the bar.

The bartender locked the door behind her, turning the sign from ‘Open’ to ‘Closed’. He soon also moved towards the crowd, joining in.

Meanwhile, the men had taken the advice from Rachel and ripped off Vanessa’s bikini without as much as a protest from her—or, if there was, it was hidden by her gagging. The man taking her mouth reached forward and grabbed one of her tits, mauling it and squeezing her nipples—which brought some delicious sounds from her which vibrated on his cock—while one of the handjob guys did the same to the other.

As the frenzied rhythm of the gangbang continued, Vanessa felt herself slowly go numb from the pleasure. With the cock gagging her mouth and its ballsack hitting her nose every other thrust, she felt she could pass out any moment—either from asphyxiation or from sheer bliss.

Luckily—or unluckily?—for her, it wasn’t meant to be.

With grunts and groans, both the men spitroasting her seemed to reach their peak at the same time. The man on her pussy pulled out, jerking himself to completion before he began shooting wads of cum up her body. She could faintly feel the thick seed hit her belly, her thighs and even her breasts, but she had no time to dwell on it as the man in her mouth grabbed her hair and plugged her throat completely, shooting spurt after spurt of cum straight inside.

By the time he finished and pulled his cock out, Vanessa was coughing and sputtering, some cum drooling and flying out of her mouth. The men gave her a bit of space as she sat up, trying to regain her breath; as soon as she did, or at least stopped coughing, another biker came forward and stood between her legs, his hard dick at her entrance as she found someone had removed her bikini bottom at some point.

“Ready or not, here I come!” He said, probably trying to be funny, but nonetheless did as promised and entered her again.

Vanessa began moaning, slowly getting over the coughing as she found herself bending back till she was lying on the table again. Once more it began, as the man fucking her proved to be as thuggish in the act as the previous one; he showed no mercy to her pussy, pounding away in it with no care for how sore she might have been.

Another man approached her head, though this one seemed at least more considerate; rather than face fucking her upside down, he slapped her cheek with his cock to call her attention and allowed her to lift her head to take it in normally. She greedily sucked on him, bobbing her head back and forth while pumping what else she could hold of his cock, almost reaching a rhythm with the cock fucking her pussy.

Another cock approached her from the other side, and as it poked the back of her head she knew it wasn’t interested just in a handjob. Taking her mouth off the cock she looked at the biker fucking her; a silent agreement seemed to come between them as he momentarily stopped, letting Vanessa sit up a bit more to better position herself for the act.

Vanessa Hudgens soon had her elbows on the table to lift her upper body, her hands holding and jerking both cocks close enough to her face that she just needed to turn her head to put one of them in her mouth. And she did so, alternating between both cocks at irregular intervals, all the while being savagely fucked by the third guy.

This configuration was not broken when Vanessa cummed, quite the contrary; like before, whenever she orgasmed her cries of pleasure were muffled by a cock in her mouth and only served to bring it much more pleasure. The cock in her pussy was arguably the one to have it better, though, as her vagina contracted on it, driving the man to pound her even harder.

This configuration was broken, however, when the three men cummed. Unlike the other guy, the man in her pussy did not pull out; he just thrust even further in, sheathing his entire length in her before spewing his seed. The men in her face, on the other hand, held on for a little while more; they eventually did come together, though, one shooting in her mouth and having his cum greedily drank by the wanton woman, while the other, without such luxury, settled for shooting his cum on her hair.

“Ohh… My hair…” Vanessa moaned once they were gone, whether lamenting her hair being soiled or the fact they were gone debatable.

Before anyone else could join to take the men’s place, Vanessa combed her hair with her fingers, trying to clean it. Once she removed her hands, she saw the sticky cum scooped up on her fingers, coating them.

Her first instinct was to bring them to her mouth and lick them clean, making a small show for the men that would undoubtedly make them come after. However, she suddenly got a better idea: she brought her cum-laced fingers down her body, between the valley of her breasts, down her cum-stained belly, and into her cum-filled pussy.

And, just like that, she began fingering herself.

“Hhhmmm…” She moaned, naughtily biting her lips as she opened her pussy lips for all of them to see the cum inside. Letting it close, she began delving her finger into it, rubbing alongside the labia and bringing pleasure to both herself and the onlookers.

“Fuck, she is even better than the other one…” She heard one of the men say, and couldn’t help smiling.

“Bring her over there!”

One of the men grabbed her by the thighs and pulled her closer, making her encircle his waist with her legs. As he lifted her, Vanessa instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck; on a whim, she brought her face forward and kissed the stranger, opening her mouth and pushing some of the cum to him.

If the man minded, he did not show it; instead, he readily took to her mouth and fought her tongue for dominance, kissing her back fiercely. Too taken by the make out, Vanessa barely noticed as she was placed on another table, this one different.

She was placed over the pool table.

Once the man pulled out, no orders were needed as Vanessa crawled back and laid down on the table, showing off her body for all to see.

“C’mon girl, get on all fours. You are gonna get fucked like a bitch.” Spoke one of the men.

Vanessa readily did as ‘requested’, turning over and getting on all fours. She felt someone else climb over the table and a set of hands grab her swaying hips, before something poked her ass.

“Oooohhh fuckyeah, fuckyeah, fuck!!!”

By the time Vanessa was fully being fucked doggystyle over a pool table, she was already far gone. The men around her, Rachel Korine, the film, nothing mattered anymore; all that mattered was her, and the crowd of cocks ready to give her pleasure. She couldn’t even see the faces of the men anymore, nor how many were there; all she saw were cocks around her, all she wanted was to have them pound her pussy and make her scream, for them to cream all over her body and paint her like the slut she was.

This was a dream, a sex-crazed dream come true.

…In truth, she couldn’t see their faces because all the lights inside the bar had been turned off; all except one, immediately over the pool table. Not that she cared, if anything it only furthered her fantasy.

By the time the man dismounted Vanessa she had her face against the table, not having the strength to withstand the hard fucking while remaining in position. The man jerked himself a bit so he could shoot some of his leftover cum over her back, then gave her ass a nice slap before getting off the table.

“So… who’s next?” Vanessa said, lifting herself slowly and giving the crowd a naughty smile.

“How about we up the game a bit, boys?” Came the voice of the bartender, as he climbed up the table. Vanessa was about to crawl over to him before he stopped her. “Get back on all fours, bitch.”

She smirked before complying, shaking her ass as she got in position. Once more a set of hands grabbed her hips and a cock poked her ass; this time, however, it did not go down to her pussy but rather began pushing in, right into her asshole.

“Sluts get fucked in the ass.” The bartender spoke, loud enough to elicit a cheer from the horny crowd.

“Aaaaahh…” Vanessa screamed at first at the invasion, before slowly her scream turned into a slightly pained grunt.

“You seem to be used to this…” The bartender spoke, bending over her body to speak against her ear, his hands reaching around to grab onto her small but perky breasts. “Yet you are so tight… You are a natural-born slut, aren’t you?”

“Just the best…” She said, groaning as he raised his hips and forced them back to slap against her shapely behind, thrusting his cock once more.

“That you sure are, bitch, that you sure are…” He said, giving a lick to her cheek that made her whimper before focusing on fucking her ass.

“Ooooohh… Aaaahhh… Hhhhmmm…”As the older man sodomized her, Vanessa couldn’t help whimpering and moaning at it. The man was proving to be a threefold pleasure giver: by fucking her ass—which he was slowly picking his pace up and doing it with more and more force—by squeezing and pinching her nipples like someone with serious experience on it, and by licking and nibbling her neck and shoulders, probably intent on giving her a hickey.

But, just as the man managed to loosen her asshole enough, he stopped.

The bartender let go of her breasts and stood up, leaving her whimpering at the loss of contact. As his cock began being removed from her rear, Vanessa whimpered further and began pushing back, intent on keeping it in place; this resulted in him holding her hips in place to stop her, giving a hearty slap to her right asscheek once it was done.

“See that, guys?” The bartender called, pointing at the gaping asshole. “That is how you really fuck a slut!”

Before Vanessa could do anything, she felt him grab her hips and pull her back; however, rather than onto his cock for him to resume the fucking, he sat down on the table and pulled her with him, making her sit on his lap.

“Choose slut, pussy or ass?” He asked against her ear, his hand moving around to give her tits a squeeze.

“P-pussy…” Vanessa managed to whisper out. “Wreck my pussy… please…”

“Then let me turn you around.”

Turning Vanessa around so she was facing him while on his lap, the bartender moved them further down the table and laid down with her on top. Getting the idea Vanessa crouched a bit, positioning his dick at her entrance before sitting down and letting it penetrate her. “Oohhh… so big…”

“You flatter me.” The bartender chuckled, reaching up to her hair and roughly pulling her down so she was lying over him rather than in a cowgirl position.

Vanessa was confused at first, but then she got the answer to her unspoken question.

Another cock was poking at her backdoor.

“Time for a DP, bitch!” Someone spoke behind her, and true enough he plunged his cock into her loose, recovering asshole.

“Oooohhh fu-HHHMMM!!” Vanessa began crying out but was stopped as her face was turned to her side and her mouth plugged with yet another cock, the owner immediately taking her hair like it was a horse’s rein and face fucking her.

Underneath her the bartender smiled, almost laughing at seeing her go as she began moving her head and sucking in tandem with the face fuck. It wasn’t everyday that sluts like her and that Korine woman came by; he and the boys sure as hell weren’t going to let it go to waste.

With no further thoughts, the bartender began to move his hips and fuck upwards into Vanessa Hudgens’ snatch. At the same time the other man began to fuck her ass, her insides getting squished between the big cocks probably only giving her more pleasure as she gagged on the third cock face fucking her. It was a bit awkward at first for the two men, as they could pretty much feel each other, but soon they settled on a satisfying rhythm for both—and, no doubt, satisfying for Vanessa as well.


For Vanessa, in fact, she was in heaven. Covered in cum from her pussy to her hair, getting gangbanged till she was airtight by strangers, getting treated like a fuckdoll rather than a person… This was her inner slut’s dream.

The man in her ass didn’t last as long as the others, soon cumming and creaming her. He also held out enough to shoot over her asscheeks, almost as if marking territory, and on her back; much later, when her mind became able to function properly again, she would wonder if they were trying to cover her up in cum.

Her asshole got no rest, however, as another man came and took over. Then went her pussy, once the bartender was gone; she kinda missed the older man’s cock, which in her sex-dazed mind registered as the biggest so far, but she didn’t have any complaints on the others either.

For all night long the men pulled a train on her. She didn’t know how many times she got fucked or in how many position; she didn’t know how many had cummed in or on her, nor how many times she herself had cummed either.

What she knew was that everyone had a go at her, and apparently everyone had a go at each of her holes. Even her hands were not idle, as at some points some impatient ones made her give handjobs while still servicing another trio.

Just imagine, her, Vanessa Hudgens, lying on a pool table; a guy underneath her, fucking her pussy like a jackhammer, another behind fucking her ass likewise, a third one face fucking her and two others getting serviced by her manicured hands. A total of five men, fucked at once, by Vanessa Hudgens.

If asked what happened afterwards, Vanessa would never be able to describe all of it. She might have just fallen into a sex-induced coma, her mind going blank but her body never stopping working on fucking as if it was made to do so. She fucked and sucked and rubbed for hours non-stop, the men taking turns on her. By the end of the night she would end up covered in their cum, the men pulling a bukkake on her as they placed her on the floor and jerked over her, covering her from head to toe.

By the end of it all, as the men cleared the bar and began heading out, Vanessa was left to sleep on the pool table, still covered in their cum—both her and the table—and having fallen either asleep or into a sex-induced coma. The bartender, the only one left behind, picked up some jacket from the local biker gang and laid it over her for the night.


When she finally came around, Vanessa Hudgens was confused. She woke up with the light of the sun shining through the windows, finding herself feeling sticky and dirty and lying over a pool table with a leather jacket over her.

“Hey Vanessa. You alright?”

Her vision slightly hazy and her head aching like a hangover, she looked around a bit for the owner of the voice before finding it. It surprised her to see Rachel Korine.

“Rachel? What… where…?” She asked, her eyes widening as some memories began coming by.

“It’s alright, I heard you did just fine last night.”

“Last night…” The mention of ‘last night’ seemed to speed up Vanessa’s recovering of her memories, as her face began flaring up in a blush that threatened to make her look like a tomato. “Oh… oh my god…”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Like I said, you did fine.” Rachel said again, holding the younger girl as she got off the table.

“Listen to your friend, Vanessa. There’s nothing for you to be ashamed of.”

The voice of the bartender got Vanessa’s attention once more. She looked at him, remembering how… big he felt as he fucked her ass and pussy last night. She was a bit surprised to see he wasn’t some thuggish dude, but rather just an average, older looking man—easily twice her age, as far as she could tell.

“You take her home, Ms. Korine?” He asked, earning a nod from Rachel. “Okay then. Her bikini was ripped, so if she wants I can let her have that jacket to go home.”

“Thanks.” Vanessa said, still embarrassed—especially at being reminded she was naked—but taking his offer and getting dressed. Thankfully her bikini bottoms were left intact on the floor.

As they left the bar, Vanessa stopped to give a final look at the bartender. The man caught it and answered with a small smile, one rather out of place considering everything that happened some hours before. “If you want to, you can come again anytime Ms. Hudgens.”

Giving him a small smile back, Vanessa went through the door and followed Rachel. The two found Vanessa’s scooter where she had parked it; however, seeing how tired she seemed Rachel offered to take Vanessa in her car, which the younger girl accepted.

“So, you thinking of accepting his invitation to come by again?” Rachel asked, smirking slightly. “Hell, I’m coming back tomorrow night. If you want to I can bring you along; between the two of us, those biker gangbangers won’t know what hit them.”

The question had meant to be teasing, and a way to start getting the girl over the ‘embarrassment’ she seemed to be feeling. Rachel was surprised, however, when Vanessa turned to her with a naughty smirk on her face.

“Sure… and let’s bring Ashley as well.”

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