Behind The Scenes At: Smallville

Behind The Scenes at: Smallville Part 1


Featuring: Kristen Kreuk

Disclaimer: This is in NO WAY based on real events and in no way written to soil the featured celebrities’ good names. This is a FANTASY and the featured celebs may not necessarily act in these ways. If you are offended by sexually explicit material or under age, DON’T READ THIS DAMNIT! Please, don’t be shy, and send HONEST feedback or suggestions (NOT VIRUSES, YOU FUCKERS!) to my address, ROCK ON! WOOOO!

Note: This story does not relate to the DDRx Series.

Kristen Kreuk off the set of
the “Smallville” set, towards her home. She didn’t live very far from the studio, so she walked home every day. She suddenly felt somebody come up behind her. She turned, to see Tom Welling, the actor who plays Clark Kent.

“Hey, Tom!” Kristen said, exhaling. “I was scared. For a second, I thought you were a thief or something.”

“No, no, no!” Tom said. Tom was in a relationship, but he had always had an eye for Kristen. He loved her long, brown hair, cute smile, gorgeous green eyes, and cute, little body. He had tried to get with her, but since she knew he was in a relationship, she always turned him down. He loved his wife, so he knew better than that. But his dick wanted otherwise. Kristen was very much attracted to him, but she didn’t want any trouble with his wife. “It’s kind of late. I was wondering if I could walk you home.”

“Ohh, yeah, I’d love the company. And it is kinda late. What time is it, anyway?” Kristen said, looking at at her watch. “Wow, it’s 1:50. You should get home, that way your wife wouldn’t worry about you.” The two began to walk towards Kristen’s house.

“Ohh, no, she’s out of town. She’s in Florida, on vacation.”

“That’s good,” Kristen said. There was an awkward silence. They both had the hots for each other, but Kristen didn’t want to break up Tom and his wife. They seemed happy together. Or so she thought. She decided to investigate. “So, how is she? Your wife, I mean.”

“She’s good…” Tom stayed silent for a few seconds. “But WE are not so good.” Kristen looked at him.

“What do you mean?” Kristen asked, concerned.

“Well… I used to love her… But lately… she… Well, she’s changed. I think she’s even cheating on me.” Kristen was shocked.

“Wow… Uhh… For how long have you been suspecting this?”

“It’s been forever. It’s been so long that I first noticed it. From before I was in the Cheaper By The Dozen movie.” They stopped, and Kristen held his arm.

“I’m so sorry to hear that.” Kristen gave him a hug. She didn’t want to admit it, but part of her was happy inside. They departed from their embrace.

“It’s cool. I think right now she’s at Florida getting fucked by a complete stranger. Maybe getting gang fucked.” Kristen shook her head, smiling.

“Don’t say that.” They continued walking.

“It’s probably true. We haven’t fucked in almost a month.” Kristen became a little excited with that idea. They arrived at her house. Kristen turned to Tom.

“Thank you for walking me home, but… It would be rude not to invite you in for a drink.” Kristen smiled. Tom returned the smile.

“Sure, why not?” Tom and Kristen entered her home. Kristen brought out some Red Passion Alize, from her fridge. They chatted, as they drank it. Soon, Kristen was feeling more and more comfortable with Tom. They began to talk about anything, including sex. After three glasses each, Tom was a little tipsy, and Kristen was drunk as hell. There was a moment of silence, and then they began to lustfully kiss each other.

“Ohhh, Tom!” Kristen moaned, as Tom reached for the rim of Kristen’s white shirt, pulling it upwards, as he kissed her neck. It was a button shirt, but Tom didn’t even bother to unbutton it. Kristen began to feel up on Tom’s chest, immediately making his blood flow. Kristen’s right leg rested on Tom’s legs, and she could feel as his cock slowly became hard. Kristen lifted her arms up, as they wildly kissed. They broke the kiss momentarily, as Tom removed Kristen’s shirt. Kristen’s lipstick was smudged around her lips, as Tom continued kissing her. Tom reached behind Kristen’s back, to undo her strapless bra. He removed it, throwing it to the floor. He slowly pushed her onto the couch they were sitting upon, and began to slowly kiss her bare chest, cupping her small, perky breasts in his hands. “Ohh…” Kristen began to moan under her breath. She could feel her pussy getting wet. Tom now took her left nipple in his mouth, making her arch her back and moan out, in a loud voice. “OHHH GOD, YES!” After a minute, he switched over to the right nipple, squeezing her right breast, giving her double the pleasure. As he lightly bit her nipple, his ears drowned in her moans. His left hand was free, and it began to undo her belt. “Mmm, noo… I want YOU first.” Kristen said, making Tom smile from ear to ear. Kristen reached for Tom’s red shirt and pulled it over his head. She looked at his physique and became even more wet. She bent forward and took a long lick, starting at his abs, up to his neck.

“Kristen…” Tom said, under his breath.

“You taste so good… Well… let me find out…” Kristen unbuttoned Tom’s jeans, and pulled them down, and opened her eyes widely, seeing Tom’s boner through his boxers. Tom finished removing his pants and construction boots, as Kristen got on her knees on the floor, by the couch, in between his legs, kicking off her sneakers. She gently ran her fingertips along his cock, through the boxers, eager to get a taste of it. She pulled his boxers down and licked her lips, as her hunger for cock overtook her. Kristen’s cute lips surrounded Tom’s cock, making him close his eyes. Her succulent lips tightly wrapped around his head, and began to suck, making him breath heavily. Her tight mouth began to suck harder, while her hands played with his balls. She kneed forward and took his cock down her throat. Tom’s manhood was down his sexy co-star’s throat, as she lovingly and lustfully sucked.

“Wow…” Tom said, as Kristen began to bob her head up and down, along his shaft. Kristen winced in ecstasy, as her tongue wrapped itself around his cock head. After five minutes, Kristen began to moan, as her taste buds were stimulated with the taste of pre cum. It had been almost a year that she hadn’t fucked or sucked, so she had been waiting for some cock for a while. She would have never imagined it would be her co-star. She hungered for his rod, licking up and down the shaft, while playing with his balls. Tom was overwhelmed by the awesome blow that Kristen was giving. He never knew she had it in her! Kristen was unrelenting on his cock, sucking, massaging, stroking, licking and pulling on it. Trails of saliva and pre cum connected from his cock, to her lips and tongue, which she would drink down. After fifteen minutes, Tom knew he was close. Kristen could tell, as she heard his heavy breathing become moans.

“I want you to blow in my mouth!” Kristen said, as she gasped for air, in between licks. She continued sucking like a beast.

“Ohh… Ohh shit… Ohhh shit!” Tom couldn’t hold out anymore. Kristen held his cock horizontally, with the head in her mouth, her right hand beating off his shaft, and her left hand massaging his balls. She had an insatiable hunger for cock, and she wanted her reward. Tom shouted out and detonated into Kristen’s mouth, shooting his seed into her waiting mouth. She willingly, and eagerly drank his cum down, loving the taste of it. As his orgasm subsided, Kristen squeezed on his cock head with her teeth, making sure she would get every drop. She gasped for air, and Tom noticed her mouth was empty. His entire load was in her stomach! “Kristen! That was great!” Tom said, surprised. Kristen doesn’t seem like the kind of girl to be so virile.

“Mmm, thank you, thank you!” Kristen said, smiling. Tom looked at her little body, and was filled with desire. He wanted to see those pants off and away from her.

“Now it’s my turn,” Tom said, picking her up and laying her down, where he was sitting. He pulled the undone belt to the side and unbuttoned her jeans. He pulled the zipper down and removed her pants. She had on a small pair of yellow panties, making him raise his eyebrow in arousal. She closed her eyes, as his hands ran down her hips, hooked the ends of the panties on his thumbs, and pulled her panties off. Tom threw the panties to the floor and separated her legs. Her perfect pussy was clean, and shaven, only with a little bush above the clit. He moved his head forward and became intoxicated by the aroma of her wonderful cunt. His right hand began to massage her supple, yet well toned thighs. He took a big lick along the lips of her vulva, which drove her mad.

“Ohhh God, yes!” He began to lick up and down, faster and faster, making her clit become swollen. “Ohhhh yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” Tom stopped massaging her thighs and began making his way into her cunt, with his fingers, making her cry out. “Ohhhh yeah! THAT’S IT!” Kristen was very sensitive. She began to push her hips into Tom’s face, as his fingers touched her wet inner walls. Her pussy muscles began to clench on Tom’s finger, as he finger fucked, and licked her with an incredible speed. “Oooooo! DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP!” Within seconds, she began to cry out in orgasm. “OHHHH YEAH!!! I’M CUMMING!” She unloaded a steamy batch of sweet juices onto Tom’s fingers. Tom removed his dripping index and middle fingers and tasted her deliciously delectable juices.

“Mmm, that’s good shit, Kristen…” Tom said, as he enjoyed the taste of her cunt on his tongue. He now began to stick his tongue into her cunt, tasting the honey straight from the beehive.

“OHHHH MY GOD! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” His tongue made contact with her G-spot, driving her mad. “OOOOOOOO!!! OOOOOO! Oooooooo!” She brought her hips together, squeezing Tom’s head, as his tongue wildly licked her G-spot. The sound of her lustful moans drove Tom to another boner. Kristen banged her head on the couch, throwing her long, brown hair everywhere. Her pussy began to tense up. “I’M GONNA CUM AGAIN! OHH! OHHH! OHHHHHH!!!” Kristen unloaded unto Tom’s waiting tongue. “Ooo-Ohhhhhh…” She groaned as her pussy secreted orgasmic fluid for the second time. Tom drank down her juices and moved up to her face to kiss her. As they kissed, Kristen could taste herself on his tongue. While they kissed, Tom caught Kristen by surprise and drove his cock into her tight, yet slippery pussy. “Oo-oo-ooooo!!!” Tom began to thrust into her wonderful cunt, loving how her cunt squeezed him like a tight glove. Her pussy, already gone through two orgasms, was already very tender and sensitive. After three minutes of continual hard and powerful thrusts, Kristen began to cry out. “AGAIN? OHHH YEAH! OOHHHHHHH!” Her vaginal walls squeezed his cock, letting out another batch of sizzling hot cum.

“Ohhh, Kristen!” The two went at it like wild beasts for ten minutes, before changing positions. Kristen got on her hands and knees, pulling her ass cheek to the side, so that Tom could enter her hungry pussy. Tom stuck his cock all the way inside, making Kristen close her eyes and throw her head back. Tom began to fuck her at a steady pace, but soon sped up, making Kristen cry out.

“OOOH YEAH! FUCK ME! DON’T STOP FUCKING ME!” Kristen pushed her hips back, to meet with every thrust. Her clit was on fire, as she felt Tom’s balls slap against it. “OOHHHH YEAH! OHHH YEAH! I’M GONNA CUM!” She blew again, this time so much, that every time Tom pumped his cock inward, her juices spurted out. Kristen’s tightness, along with the feeling of her slippery walls, was driving Tom near the edge.

“OOHH, Kristen! I’m gonna blow!” Tom said, as he held her hips, fucking her faster and faster.

“OHHHH YEAH! OHHH YEAH! OHHHHH! CUM IN MY MOUTH! I WANT TO TASTE YOUR CUM AGAIN! OHHHH GOD!” Kristen’s pussy constricted again, soaking Tom’s cock. Tom couldn’t take it anymore and pulled out. Kristen quickly turned onto her back and Tom blew so explosively, his cum soaked her abdomen, boobs, chest and face. Tom held on to the side of the couch, as the two breathed heavily, recuperating from the wild fuck they just had. Kristen took drops of cum from her abs and boobs and tasted it, licking her fingers. Tom smirked, as she began to giggle. “That was soo good… Clark.” The two laughed. The doorbell suddenly rang. The two looked at each other in shock, and rushed to get dressed.

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