Being The New Girl – Part 1

This is the first part in what may potentially be a full series. Of course everything in it is entirely fictional. None of it happened, it’s just a fantasy, and if you’re underage you should of course not be reading such filth.

The premise: Girls Aloud’s schooldays. Cheryl, Nadine, Sarah and Nicola are all 17 year old schoolgirls together at the same school, and Kim- well, read on to find out what she is at the school.

Enjoy, and remember like all writers I live on feedback so whether you love the story or hate it I’d love to know what you think –

Being the New
Girl – Part I

by Firefly

Sarah closed the door behind her and waved a quick goodbye to her mum before turning to face her new school. She took a deep steadying breath to calm her nerves as she looked at the building, feeling butterflies in her stomach. It was 17-year-old Sarah Harding’s first day at her new school, and she was more than a little nervous at the prospect of having to fit into an entirely new surrounding so late in her school career. It couldn’t be helped, her family had just moved to the area and so Sarah had had to move schools too. It wasn’t all bad she thought to herself as she walked up the path through the front gates, at least her new uniform made her look hot.

She caught a glance of herself in the glass as she approached the door of the building; her eyes swiftly looking up and down her young body. She thought she looked good enough to make a decent first impression; her golden blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail, she was wearing a white shirt, striped tie, black skirt that went down to just above her knee, and black shoes with a modest heel.

Sarah straightened her tie and started walking down the corridor looking for her first class. She was nervous about making a good impression with the other students, but she also cared what the teachers thought about her. Sarah had high ambitions; she wanted to get into a top university and therefore needed top grades. She wanted to enjoy herself during her last years of school, but she was also determined to work. As such she quickly found the room of her first class of the day, history, and sat down inside well before the bell.

Slightly nervously Sarah introduced herself to the students who filed in in ones and twos. They seemed nice enough. The girls were polite and the boys seemed happy that the school had yet another hot girl in the student body.

“Hi, I’m Sarah,” Sarah said to the girl who sat next to her after a few nervous minutes.

“Kathryn,” the girl said back by way of introduction shaking Sarah’s hand before starting to get out her books. Sarah did the same. “I don’t think I’ve seen you before. You’re new aren’t you?”

“Am I that obvious?” Sarah said with a small nervous laugh as she laid out her books on her desk.

“Don’t worry, you’ll fit in. Just keep your head down and follow the crowd and you’ll be fine.” Sarah looked at the girl quizzically for a moment.

“Oh, I can’t keep my head down. I need good grades and recommendations to get into Uni; I need to make a good impression.”

To Sarah’s surprise the girl looked around briefly over her shoulders as if checking if someone was listening. Kathryn leaned in conspiratorially close to Sarah said quietly, “I really wouldn’t try and impress the teachers too much. Trust me.”

Sarah opened her mouth to ask why but at that moment another person walked into the room and Kathryn sat up straight in her chair and looked to the front of the room without even looking at Sarah.

“Ok, settle down everyone,” said the woman who had just entered as the bell went in the corridor to signal the start of class. Sarah sat up straight herself, while she was intrigued as to what Kathryn’s warning meant any curious thoughts quickly left her mind as she focused herself on getting ready to work. She looked at her new teacher. She guessed she was in her early to mid twenties. She had long dark hair and was wearing a black skirt and matching jacket with a white blouse with the top button undone; the outfit fitted her full figure well, elegantly showing off the curves of her body. The woman’s eyes scanned the class counting the students; her eyes settled on Sarah. “Oh, you’re our new student aren’t you? I’m Miss Walsh. We’re just going to continue on from our last lesson today, so don’t worry if you’re a little lost. If you need any help I’ll be happy to give it to you.”

“Thanks,” said Sarah quietly, uncomfortably aware of the rest of the class looking at the ‘new student’. Sarah didn’t want them or her teacher to think that she was behind or was just some stupid blonde bimbo; she may have arrived at school late in the term but she was determined to make a good impression.

Miss Walsh’s eyes scanned the rest of the room as she counted under her breath. She frowned and looked at the class list on her desk apparently seeing who was missing. “Does anyone know where-” she started to ask, but broke off as the door opened and three girls Sarah’s age walked in laughing. Sarah’s eyes widened slightly at the sight of the girls; arriving late to class was one thing, but these girls were hardly subtle in either their attitude or appearance. The girl at the front was still laughing as she took her seat behind Sarah without a word of apology to her teacher. She was about average height with long brown hair tied back, but it was her uniform that surprised Sarah. Her skirt was what Sarah considered to be scandalously short, barely going half way down her thigh; her shoes had a longer high heel than Sarah’s, and her shirt seemed a couple of sizes too small, and Sarah noticed that her tie was loose to show that the top few buttons of her shirt were undone showing some of the girls hardly inconsiderably cleavage. Sarah wondered how she was allowed to dress so inappropriately. The other two girls were similarly eye catching, although not quite as obviously dressed. Sarah noticed the other girl with brown hair had a very short skirt, apparently to show off her long slender legs; while the red haired girl’s shirt seemed far too tight.

“Nice of you to join us Miss Tweedy,” Miss Walsh said to the first girl. “You too Miss Coyle, Miss Roberts. Better late than never I suppose.” Sarah was surprised that the girls didn’t seem about to apologize, but rather ‘Miss Tweedy’ simply laid back in her chair with a small smile curling the corner of her full lips as her two friends sat either side of her giggled.

“Now, as I was about to say, we’re continuing our work on the Late Roman Republic today. We’ll be considering Gaius Marius’s reforms of the army, and the subsequent effects it had on politics of the Republic,” Miss Walsh said as she wrote on the board and the rest of the students grudgingly opened their books. Sarah’s mind focused on what Miss Walsh was saying, putting the interruption of the other girls’ late arrivals out of her head. “Now, what do you consider to be the most important aspect of politics in the Late Republic? Anyone?” Miss Walsh looked around the class expectantly. Sarah noticed that several people seemed to be on the verge of putting up their hand, but something seemed to be holding them back.

“That’s easy,” came a voice behind Sarah. She looked back along with the rest of the people in her row. It was Tweedy, the girl who had arrived late. She was still sitting lazily back in her chair as if she was bored of the class, so Sarah was surprised to see she was contributing at all. “The Marian reforms placed soldiers under the personal command of their generals. Because of his reforms soldiers had to rely on their generals to pay them, so they did whatever the generals told them to. It meant you couldn’t have political power without an army.” Cheryl said lazily. Sarah was struck by her accent; it would have sounded almost common but somehow the girl managed to make her Geordie inflections sound respectful. Some of the other members of the class nodded at her answer and everyone looked at Miss Walsh.

“Very good,” Miss Walsh said impressed. “That’s certainly an accepted view-”

“I don’t think that’s a full enough explanation!” Sarah found herself blurting out as she raised her hand in the air quickly. She felt rather than heard the room go silent. She felt her cheeks go slightly pink and her heart beat faster as every eye in the room turned to look at her. She could have sworn she saw out of the corner of her eye Kathryn shake her head slightly in exasperation, and she definitely heard the girl behind her shift in her chair. “Yes the Marian reforms were important as they put soldiers under the loyalty of their generals,” Sarah continued feeling her face go redder. “But it’s not a full enough explanation. You need to consider the Marian reforms as part of a gradual disintegration of the established practice of Roman politics. What was important was that the politicians stopped working for the collective good of the Republic, but rather their personal ambition took over from their previous dedication to working for the good of the corporate body of the Senate. Without that happening first, the Marian reforms wouldn’t have mattered as much as they did.”

There was a ringing silence in the room for several seconds. Miss Walsh looked at Sarah with her eyebrows slightly raised. Sarah however looked back at her determined to hold eye contact despite the fact that her cheeks were now glowing with embarrassment.

“That’s… well… That’s exactly right. Excellent point well put,” said Miss Walsh clearly impressed. Sarah felt a rush of relief wash over her as Miss Walsh continued to speak expanding upon Sarah’s point in more detail to the rest of the class. Sarah started taking notes, enjoying the small feeling of satisfaction of proving to her teacher she was neither stupid nor behind the rest of the class. Sarah thought she heard muted voices talking behind her but she ignored it. Soon the class had fallen into a subdued quiet as the students listened to Miss Walsh taking notes.

“Ok” said Miss Walsh half an hour later as the bell went. “Read chapter 4 of your textbook for next time, and answer the questions at the end of the chapter on the use of military force in Roman politics of the Late Republic to be handed in for next class. You can go.”

Sarah stood up with the rest of the students and started to pack away her books feeling confident. If the rest of the term went like that she was certain in a couple of years she’d find herself sitting in lectures in a great university.

“That wasn’t too bad,” Sarah said to Kathryn as she slid her file into her bag while the rest of the class packed up noisily around her. Kathryn looked up at her as she fastened her own bag closed.

“If you say so,” Kathryn said shaking her head slightly. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Sarah opened her mouth to ask what Kathryn meant, but she stopped as she felt a hard jolt in the small of her back.

“Oh, sorry” said ‘Miss Tweedy’ as she brushed past Sarah hard, her bag having hit Sarah square on the spine. Sarah could have sworn she saw the girl grin, but the girls two friends Miss Coyle and Roberts pushed past Sarah seconds later and followed their friend out of the room blocking her view.

“What’s her problem?” Sarah asked Kathryn as she watching the girls as they disappeared out of sight. Kathryn didn’t say a word.


The next couple of days ticked by quickly. Sarah found herself settling into classes nicely. She thought she perhaps hadn’t made as many friends as she might have hoped, but it’d only been a few days. Her classes were going well, and she was starting to feel more comfortable in her new school.

“I gotta’ run, have to leave a book back to the library before they kill me. I’ll see you in English,” Kathryn said to Sarah getting up and picking up her lunch tray.

“Ok, see you later,” said Sarah who still had half her lunch to eat. She watched Kathryn leave, leaving Sarah sitting at her table in the lunch hall by herself.

“This seat taken?” asked a voice. Sarah looked up to see a girl looking down at her; the girl sat down beside her without waiting for a response. “We haven’t been introduced, I’m Cheryl,” said the girl from history class as she sat down beside Sarah.

“Oh, uh, hi. I’m Sarah,” Sarah said hesitantly, slightly wrong footed by the girls sudden and rather presumptuous interruption.

“You know you certainly showed me up in class the other day,” Cheryl said not looking at Sarah but instead looking at her tray and reaching across to steal a chip from Sarah’s plate. Sarah stammered. She was uncomfortably aware of how close Cheryl was sitting to her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

“Was that a one time thing to impress Miss Walsh or do you actually know what you’re talking about?” Cheryl said as her dark brown eyes looked into Sarah’s. Sarah started to speak but Cheryl cut across her. “Because I’m looking for someone to give me a hand in history. Maybe you could come round and work through our homework with me.” Cheryl said looking at Sarah expectantly. Sarah felt unusually uncomfortable under the young girls gaze. “If you’re feeling up to it that is.”

“No- I mean, yes. Of course. I’d love to come,” Sarah said quickly. She wasn’t entirely sure why she was saying yes, everything about this girl gave Sarah the impression that she was a bit of a bitch; she was certainly very presumptuous and, from what Sarah had seen in the past few days, acted as if she owned the school. She was always seen walking around with the two friends she had arrived late to class with, Nadine and Nicola, this was the first time Sarah had seen Cheryl without them. But, Sarah thought, it couldn’t hurt to make more friends.

“Good,” Cheryl said simply. She pulled Sarah’s file, which was lying on the table next to her tray, towards her and opened it. Without a word to ask if it was ok she started to write on the inside cover. “My address,” Cheryl said standing up. “See you there at five o’clock.” Then without a backward glance Cheryl turned and walked away, down the length of the lunch hall and out the door. Sarah, speechless, found herself watching her leave.


Looking at her watch Sarah quickened her pace; she had been held up helping her mum after school and if she didn’t hurry she was going to be late to Cheryl’s house, she hadn’t even had time to change out of her uniform. She opened her file and looked at the address Cheryl had written on the cover, and she started scanning the house numbers looking for Cheryl’s. Finally she found it. She walked up the path and took a moment to compose herself before she rang the bell.

A woman answered, Cheryl’s mum Sarah guessed.

“Oh hi, you must be Cheryl’s friend. Yes, she said you were coming round. She’s up in her room,” Mrs. Tweedy said stepping to the side to let Sarah in. She seemed nice and somehow she made Sarah feel more comfortable coming round to Cheryl’s house. She thanked Mrs. Tweedy and walked up the stairs. She saw a door was open on the landing and heard with music coming from the room beyond. Tentatively she stepped closer and peeked inside. She saw Cheryl inside lying on her large double bed with her legs crossed reading a magazine, apparently not having heard the bell downstairs and lay there oblivious to Sarah’s presence. Her short skirt had slipped slightly up her thighs as she lay down, and she was holding the magazine up above her chest obscuring her view of the door where Sarah stood. Hesitantly Sarah cleared her throat and knocked on the door. Cheryl looked up over the top of her magazine, her eyes taking in Sarah.

“Oh, you’re here. Good. I was starting to think you weren’t going to turn up,” Cheryl said as she slid elegantly off the bed and got to her feet. She was still wearing her school uniform, minus the shoes. Sarah was mildly surprised. Her shirt looked so tight that Sarah would have taken it off the moment she got home just so she’d be able to breathe if she were Cheryl.

“Sorry, I got held up. But I’m here now.” Sarah said quietly as she looked around the room. It seemed pretty average for a teenage girls room, except for the double bed and the fact that the room was remarkably tidy.

“Don’t worry about it. Here, sit down,” Cheryl said pulling a chair out from her desk for Sarah to sit on. “I’m glad you’re here, that homework is fucking awful.” Cheryl closed the door as Sarah sat, somewhat stiffly, on the chair at the desk. She put down her bag on the desk and laid out her books. She didn’t feel quite at ease in Cheryl’s bedroom, especially seeing as she’d hardly spoken to the girl before.

As Sarah opened her books Cheryl stepped over to the desk. She stood with her hands on her hips looking down at the pages as Sarah flicked through them. “Yeah, uh… Well, it’s not too difficult if you look at it the right way. You just need to sift through all the information to pick out the relevant parts. I find if you make notes as you’re going through the text it helps,” Sarah said. Cheryl leaned down to look at Sarah’s slightly untidy notes scrawled in the margins of her textbook. Sarah could feel the warmth of Cheryl’s body as she leaned down.

“Whatever works. It certainly seemed to help you in class,” Cheryl said as her eyes scanned the book. Sarah found herself looking at Cheryl, uncomfortably aware of how close she was to her.

Suddenly Cheryl stood up and walked across the room. She pulled up another chair to sit at the desk on Sarah’s right side. “You may be smart but you’re writing’s appalling,” Cheryl said in her gentle accent. She pulled the chair up closer to the desk so she could lean in closer to read Sarah’s writing, her chest brushing Sarah’s arm as she pulled herself closer to read Sarah’s writing.

“It’s a… sign of genius,” Sarah said quietly as a joke. Cheryl looked up at her and raised an eyebrow.

“Modest too aren’t you,” she said. Cheryl’s dark brown eyes looked into Sarah’s. Sarah felt uncertain, fleetingly feeling the urge to apologize, although she couldn’t explain to herself why she should feel any such need. “Well why don’t you show me some of that genius and explain this to me,” Cheryl said placing her elbow on the table and resting her head in her hand. She looked at Sarah with a small smile that showed Sarah the dimples in her cheeks, and Sarah found herself looking back into Cheryl’s eyes.

“Uh, ok,” Sarah said attempting a smile. She tore her eyes from Cheryl to look down at her notes and started to try to explain them. She found her voice was shaky; her words kept getting caught in her throat. Cheryl sat with her hand resting in her hand, her eyes moving occasionally from the notes to look at Sarah. Sarah found she kept losing her place, her words being broken up with many long hesitant “uhhs” that were very unlike her.

“So when Pompey returned in 62BC he disbanded his army thinking he had enough influence to conduct politics without it. But the- uhh- the Senate saw he didn’t have the support of an army so they didn’t have to do what he said.”

“Where does it say that?” Cheryl asked quietly looking at the book with a frown.

“Its, uhh. Oh, it’s in this,” Sarah said reaching across the desk for her bag to get her other book. She stretched out her hand right past Cheryl reaching for the book. As she reached out she felt the back of her hand brush against Cheryl’s breast. Sarah felt her heart skip a beat. The touch had been light and brief, but Cheryl’s skin had felt soft and warm through the thin white fabric of her shirt. Cheryl didn’t react; she sat there with her head resting on her hand. Her eyes moved from the text to Sarah’s eyes as Sarah took the book from her bag. Her eyes were so inviting, so dark and seductive, her long eyelashes were beautiful, her gaze felt more intense than anything Sarah could imagine.

“I- I’m s-” Sarah started to say to apologize, but Cheryl cut across her.

“So it’s in this?” Cheryl said softly looking from Sarah’s blue eyes to the book Sarah took from her bag.

“Yes, it’s… it’s here,” Sarah said as she started flicking through the pages. She felt too warm. She was sure her skin was glistening slightly at her temples with small beads of sweat.

Under the desk Cheryl crossed her legs. Sarah felt Cheryl’s right foot brush lightly against her calf. Sarah breathed in, her eyes half closed.

“Sorry,” Cheryl said softly. Sarah looked at her. Cheryl really was sitting very close. Sarah could pick out each individual eyelash of Cheryl’s beautiful eyes.

“It’s ok. Its…” Sarah could feel the warmth of Cheryl’s body on the bare skin of her forearm.

“Did you like it?” Cheryl said softly. Sarah felt a lump form in her throat. Had she meant what she thought she meant? She was definitely too hot now, her shirt was sticking to her; she felt a prickle of sweat down her spine.

“I… I….” Sarah stammered. She couldn’t speak. Her heart leapt in her chest as she felt the tip of Cheryl’s toe touch her leg again. Cheryl didn’t move, she sat leaning on her arm, her eyes not leaving Sarah’s, melting Sarah under her gaze, her expression soft and comforting. Cheryl’s toe slowly ran up Sarah’s calf, inching up her leg. Working slowly up.

“Cheryl I… I can’t. I’m not… not….”

Cheryl leant closer. “How did it feel when you touched by breast?” Cheryl said in a soft voice. Sarah couldn’t speak. The memory came back to her, even though she didn’t want it to. She could almost feel the warm softness of Cheryl’s full supple young breast pressing against her hand for oh too short a moment.

“Would you like to touch it again?” Cheryl purred. Her voice was so soft, so inviting. The music was playing in the background, gentle and soothing. Sarah could feel Cheryl’s warm breath on her skin as she spoke. Cheryl’s toe slowly ran up the skin of Sarah’s inner thigh.

“I…” Sarah breathed, her voice barely more than a whisper. Cheryl moved her free left hand to her own breast. Slowly she ran the tip of her index finger down between her breasts, moving slowly down the fabric of her shirt, down to the nipple of her left breast. Slowly Cheryl’s finger traced a circle around the outline of her full supple breast. Sarah’s eyes followed transfixed upon the young woman’s breast.

Cheryl leant in yet closer. Her lips must have been mere centimeters from Sarah’s. Sarah took slow unsteady breaths that seemed to catch in her chest. “Relax,” Cheryl purred. She was so close. Sarah looked into her dark eyes. She felt Cheryl’s breath on her lips. She half opened her mouth to speak but words wouldn’t come. Cheryl leant in. Her soft full lips lightly pressed against Sarah’s. Sarah couldn’t move. Startled she felt her heart hammering in her chest; she felt her eyes close; felt Cheryl’s soft lips lightly pressing against hers. She opened her mouth slightly. She felt the tip of Cheryl’s tongue momentarily graze her lips.

Cheryl moved her head back slightly. Sarah felt Cheryl’s lips part company with her own. Sarah took small breaths, her eyes still closed, her mouth half open. Sarah felt Cheryl place her hand in her lap. “Relax,” Cheryl purred again softly. Sarah felt Cheryl’s hand slowly slide up her leg and move slowly up her belly. Sarah’s nerves were on fire at the gentle caress of Cheryl’s fingers. She felt Cheryl press her lips against her own once again. Sarah gave no resistance; she opened her mouth and kissed Cheryl back. She suddenly became aware of her own arm; she lifted her right arm shakily and placed her hand on the back of Cheryl’s head. Slowly she slipped her tongue out tentatively into Cheryl’s mouth and felt Cheryl’s hot tongue press against it. Sarah let out a moan.

Sarah opened her eyes as Cheryl broke the kiss. Cheryl took Sarah’s hand in her own and slowly moved it down. Cheryl didn’t speak, she didn’t need to. Sarah watched stunned as Cheryl moved Sarah’s own hand down to Cheryl’s chest. Sarah’s heart pounded as Cheryl placed Sarah’s own hand over her left breast. It felt every bit as soft and supple as it looked. Sarah squeezed slightly, feeling the firmness of Cheryl’s skin. Cheryl was still looking at her with those beautiful dark eyes.

Cheryl took Sarah’s hand and placed it at Sarah’s side. “Close your eyes,” she said softly. Sarah found herself obeying. Her mind was numb; it couldn’t keep up with her actions. She closed her eyes and breathed in Cheryl’s scent. “Lean forward,” Cheryl whispered. Sarah did.


Sarah gasped and breathed in sharply as a sharp pain suddenly seared in the back of her head.

“Did you honestly think you could show me up in class and get away with it?” spat Cheryl. She had got to her feet and gripped Sarah’s hair in her left hand in a flash as Sarah had her eyes closed. Sarah’s mind was racing; seconds earlier she had been completely caught up in the moment, swept away by Cheryl’s deft seductive movements, and now pain was searing through her scalp.

“What- Che- Ouch! Cheryl, what are you doing?!” Sarah stammered as Cheryl gave her head a small shake with the grip in her hair.

“Teaching you a lesson. You’re going to learn who’s really in charge at school, and just what happens to cheeky little sluts that cross me!” Sarah tried to protest, but Cheryl gripped her hair painfully and forced her to the floor. There was a soft thud as Sarah’s knees hit the carpet, but Sarah hardly heard anything above the pounding of her heart in her ears as her mind raced from the shock of what was happening to her. Cheryl pulled hard on Sarah’s hair making Sarah tilt her head back and look up into Cheryl’s beautiful big brown eyes. A spasm of shock went through Sarah, quite unrelated to what had already happened to her; her eyes took in the expression on Cheryl’s face and she felt genuinely afraid. While moments before Cheryl’s expression had been soft and gentle, she looked suddenly furious. Her eyes had a fiery glint, and her lips were curled in a way that let Sarah know whatever Cheryl had in store for her wasn’t going to be easy. Sarah was struck by the power that seemed to emanate from the young woman as she looked down on the captive Cheryl. It took a few moments before Sarah realised she was speaking.

“You silly little bitch, nobody makes a fool of me.”

“Cheryl, please! Let me go! I’m sorry, I- ouch! I didn’t mean anything by it, just please let me go!” pleaded Sarah as she tried in vain to pry apart Cheryl’s grip in her hair. Cheryl merely let out a small laugh that made the young woman’s breasts shake in her tight shirt.

“Too late, you’ve made your bed, now you’ve got to lie in it.” To Sarah’s horror Cheryl looked up to the door and, with a small smile as if she knew the further shock she was causing Sarah, she called “come in girls.” Sarah’s eyes widened as slowly the door to Cheryl’s bedroom opened and two girls walked in, Nadine and Nicola, Cheryl’s two friends from school. Both girls were still wearing their uniforms, and both were wearing a triumphant grin on their faces as they looked at Sarah kneeling on the floor paralyzed by Cheryl’s relentless grip in her long blonde hair.

Sarah felt her cheeks flush red with humiliation as she looked from girl to girl. “What- why- Cheryl, what’s hap-” she stammered, but her throat seemed to be closing up again.

“I don’t think you three have been properly introduced,” said Cheryl in a sweet voice as Nicola quietly closed the door to the bedroom. The two girls stepped closer. Nicola had her hands on her hips and was looking down at Sarah with delight, while Nadine had her arms folded across her chest which seemed to push the young girls breasts up in her already strained tight white shirt. Slowly Cheryl held out her right hand, and Nadine took it in hers.

“This is Nadine,” Cheryl said as she took the young Irish girls hand in her own. Gently she pulled Nadine towards her. Nadine placed her arm around Cheryl’s waist, her full young breasts pressing against Cheryl’s. Nadine looked at Sarah and smiled sweetly, before turning her face back to Cheryl. She leant in and pressed her lips softly against Cheryl’s, Nadine’s arm tightening around Cheryl’s waist as she did so. Sarah watched mesmerized as Nadine’s full lips pressed against the lips that minutes before she herself had kissed. After a few seconds that ticked slowly by for Sarah, Cheryl broke the kiss. They stood side by side, their arms around each other’s waist, both beautiful girls looking down on Sarah who hadn’t even realised Cheryl had released her grip in her hair.

“And this,” Cheryl said extending her left hand, “is Nicola.” The young red haired girl took Cheryl’s hand with a grin that showed she knew what was coming. Sure enough Cheryl pulled her close and, as she had done with Nadine, planted a soft kiss on the young woman’s lips. After a few seconds Cheryl stood with Nadine and Nicola standing either side of her, Cheryl’s arms around their waists holding them close to her body, and all three girls looked down on the stunned Sarah. “They are my good friends, and…” a wicked grin crept across Cheryl’s lips. Her hands slid down the two girls back and under their short skirts to squeeze their ass as she added, “they’re both my sluts!” Nadine and Nicola both let out a surprised noise, half way between a yelp and a moan, but quickly pleased smiles crept across their lips.

Sarah opened her mouth to speak, utterly stunned at the events unfolding before her, but Cheryl didn’t give her the chance to utter a sound.

“And before you leave this room,” Cheryl continued, that wicked sexy smile still lighting up her pretty face, “you’ll be my bitch too.” Sarah finally found her voice.

“What the fuck are you talking about?!” she gasped, her mind racing almost as much as her heart. It was the first time in a long time that Sarah Harding could remember not understanding something that was happening. Her words only seemed to delight the three girls more.

“Well you see, my dear naïve Sarah, I’m in charge at our school. I’m the smartest, most popular, most beautiful girl in school. All the boys want me, and all the girls know not to cross me. Everyone respects me without my even having to tell them. But you, being the silly blonde bimbo that you are, showed me up in class on your very first day, and that is simply inexcusable.” Cheryl spoke softly, but she had Sarah’s complete attention just as well as if she had shouted. Her expression was calm, a beautiful smile on her lips as she spoke of how adored she was at school, clearly revelling in the truth of her words. Sarah finally understood Kathryn’s advice in her very first class that she should keep her head down.

“Nadine and Nicola here however, are my two favourite girls,” Cheryl continued looking from one girl to the other. “They get preferential treatment above everyone else at school. They get the honour of serving me. Nadine here helps me with French, should I need it, and Nicola with English. They tutor me, or…” Cheryl grinned again, “do all my work if I don’t feel like doing it myself. They serve my every whim; they tidy my room, buy me gifts, and serve me… in other ways.” Sarah saw Nadine and Nicola look at each other and smile as Cheryl spoke. She saw Nadine’s nipples pressing against the tight white fabric of her shirt. Both girls were clearly enjoying what Cheryl had to say.

“But… why do they do it?” Sarah managed to ask in what was barely more than a stunned gasp. She had directed her question to Cheryl as it seemed apparent to her, even through her stunned state, that Cheryl was the one in charge.

“Because…” Cheryl said softly. She slipped her left arm off Nicola’s body and moved her left hand to Nadine’s face. As she held Nadine’s body close with her right arm, Cheryl slowly traced the outline of Nadine’s full lips with her fingertips. Slowly Cheryl slid her fingers down Nadine’s neck, and ran her hand lightly down over Nadine’s breasts. “They are rewarded,” Cheryl continued in a soft purr as her hand travelled slowly down Nadine’s body. Nadine seemed ready to collapse. Her lips were quivering. Cheryl was smiling softly as she looked into her eyes. Nadine leaned in, her lips trembling. Cheryl moved her head in closer, her full luscious lips parting slightly. As Nadine closed her eyes, about to kiss Cheryl, Cheryl however pulled away. “And because if they fail me, they are punished!” she said suddenly pulling her right hand off Nadine’s waist and bringing it back with a loud smack as the full palm of her hand spanked Nadine’s ass hard causing Nadine to groan loudly in pain and frustration.

Sarah gave a small jump at the crack of Cheryl’s hand against Nadine’s ass. It was slowly dawning on her the position she was in.

“Why me?” she said in a small voice.

“Because you have sealed your own fate” Cheryl said turning her full attention to Sarah. Her face had lost the seductive expression it had had as she was teasing Nadine, but rather there was strictness and a force to her gaze that made Sarah slightly afraid. “You turned up and made such an impression at school. You’re beautiful and smart, and…” Cheryl looked from Nadine to Nicola to Sarah. “I need a blonde to complete my collection.” She grinned at the shocked look on Sarah’s face. “Besides, I need someone for history, and your little display in class showed you are the perfect candidate to be my third slut. You should feel honoured, I know girls at school who would crawl across hot coals for the privilege of serving me.”

Sarah tried to speak but the words simply wouldn’t come. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. A 17-year-old girl could not possibly have all the power and control that Cheryl was outlining, not even a girl as beautiful as Cheryl, or one who possessed as much overt sexual power as Cheryl clearly radiated.

“You can either accept it now and take your place by my side, and everything will go much less painfully for you. Or you can resist, and I can break you,” Cheryl said simply as though she was telling Sarah something as simple and straightforward as the weather.

“Fuck you!” Sarah suddenly blurted out, she found her voice and it spilled out of her with the full intensity of the emotions rushing through her. “Nobody tells me what to do!”

Cheryl leant down. Sarah breathed in slowly, her heart hammering. She was suddenly afraid. There was something menacing about Cheryl looming over her, her cleavage almost spilling out of her uniform, her dark eyes fixed on Sarah’s. Sarah half expected Cheryl to slap her. Her body tensed readying itself for the blow to fall. But she felt Cheryl’s fingers softly running down her cheek. Cheryl’s finger slipped under her chin; her fingernail pressing against Sarah’s skin she made Sarah look up into her eyes.

“I was hoping you’d say that. Its better if you fight. It’s much more fun to break you that way.” No loud angry retort came to Sarah, no stunning act of defiance; rather a numb nervous tension seemed to fill her every nerve.

Cheryl looked suddenly back at her two girls, Sarah could see from the corner of her eye that they were both looking intently at Cheryl’s ass. Fleetingly in spite of herself, Sarah wondered what they must have been seeing with Cheryl bending over in front of them in her scandalously short school skirt.

“Nicola,” Cheryl said looking at her sternly and making her snap out of her trance. “Go open my ‘special drawer’ and take out a couple of scarves,” she said in a business like manner. Sarah watched Nicola cross the room to a chest of drawers and pull out the bottom one, Nicola having to bend over in Sarah’s direction to do so. This couldn’t be happening, Sarah thought, it simply couldn’t.

“And you,” Cheryl said standing up straight and putting her hands on her hips as she looked at Nadine. “Pull Miss Harding to her feet.” Sarah opened her mouth to speak but words failed her as before she knew what was happening Nadine had stepped behind her and gripped her arms hard and pulled her to her feet. Sarah gave a groan of pain as Nadine’s fingers gripped her arms hard holding them behind her back. Sarah felt Nadine’s body close against her back; she felt the pressure of Nadine’s pert breasts pressing against her body as Nadine held her immobile. Momentarily Sarah wondered how many people Nadine had done this to in order to be able to do it so easily and expertly, but any thoughts drained from her mind as Nicola came over to Cheryl and handed her something. With a lingering kiss on the lips Cheryl took the scarves from Nicola’s hand and turned to face Sarah leaving Nicola slightly flushed in the cheeks.

“Now Sarah, I’m going to tell you exactly what is going to happen to you in this bedroom,” Cheryl said with her hands on her hips. Sarah looked at her and swallowed. She wondered if she could make a break for it, but Nadine was gripping her arms so tightly she didn’t think she could get out of her grasp. Even if she got past Nadine she was sure she wouldn’t make it to the door before Cheryl brought her down. She stood and listened to Cheryl’s words, images forming in her mind of everything she described. “I’m doing this because, even though you are going to know what to expect, you still won’t be able to resist me. You will end up serving me Miss Harding. I’m going to punish you, and not just physically. But don’t worry, you’ll have your fair share of that too. First you’re going to be tied up, and then I’m going to spank that firm little ass of yours until it glows scarlet,” Cheryl said with relish.

Sarah let out a small groan. “No, you can’t!” she said suddenly writhing under Nadine’s grasp frantic to get away, but Nadine’s fingers tightened painfully and she stopped.

“Then,” Cheryl said slightly louder, ignoring Sarah’s protests, “you are going to be teased over and over until you beg me to let you cum. Then, once you’ve begged and cum like the little blonde slut you are, you are finally going to make me cum.”

Sarah’s eyes were wide as she listened to the young woman speak. Cheryl had moved closer as she spoke, until she was standing just in front of her. Sarah could see nothing but her beautiful face and incredible cleavage. She didn’t want to look at her. Her face was burning red, not just with nerves and fear, but with a hidden shame. She didn’t want Cheryl to know of the tingling she felt briefly stir between her legs as Cheryl spoke of all the dreadful things she was going to put her through. She didn’t want the images in her mind of everything Cheryl had described.

“I’ll never do it,” Sarah whispered as Cheryl stepped closer so their lips almost touched.

“Oh Sarah, you don’t have any say in the matter,” Cheryl purred back. She leant in and pressed her lips against Sarah’s. Sarah felt Cheryl’s full breasts brush her own while Nadine’s were pressing against her back. In spite of herself she opened her mouth, and she felt for a teasing moment the tip of Cheryl’s tongue slip into her mouth.

Cheryl stood back several paces. Sarah realised her eyes were closed and she was slightly breathless. She opened her eyes and looked at Cheryl defiantly to see Cheryl slowly running the long black silk scares through her fingers. “These are made from the finest silk. A special present from my two favourite girls,” Cheryl said, and Sarah saw Nicola smile behind Cheryl. “They are the finest quality. So soft, so sensual against the skin.” Cheryl slowly ran the shiny black silk through her fingers, her movements almost loving, seductive. Sarah couldn’t help but watch. “They are delicate, but strong. Perfect for binding naughty little girls.”

Without warning Nadine pushed Sarah forward. As Cheryl watched Sarah fell face down on to the mattress, and in a flurry of motion Nadine had her pinned down with her elbow at Sarah’s neck pressing her down, as Nadine’s free hand held Sarah’s wrists. Sarah grunted as she hit the bed. She suddenly felt Cheryl’s warm hands grasping her wrists. Sarah tried to look back but Nicola had grabbed her hair tightly and held her down as Cheryl started to wrap the scarves around her wrists. Within seconds Cheryl had expertly bound her; Cheryl let go of Sarah who tried to struggle but found she couldn’t free her hands.

“Don’t bother struggling, I’ve had plenty of practice, haven’t I Nicola?” Cheryl said with satisfaction.

“Oh yes Cheryl,” Sarah heard Nicola say. She wondered what sort of memories were going through the young girls mind.

“Let her sit up,” Cheryl said casually turning from Sarah and taking the few steps over to her desk which she leant against, her hands resting on the desk to support her as she looked at Sarah as if surveying a great prize. With difficulty Sarah managed to sit up as Nadine and Nicola released her. She sat perched on the end of the bed with her legs together and her back straight, determined to compose herself as best she could despite the circumstances. She wasn’t going to give Cheryl the satisfaction of seeing her beaten.

“Now Sarah, I think you’re far overdue for a spanking. You should feel privileged; if Nadine or Nicola showed me up in class the way you did they would be punished far more severely, more than I think you can imagine.” Cheryl looked casually from Sarah to the desk. Sarah found herself breathing heavily; she was in a state of total disbelief. She couldn’t really be about to be spanked by her 17-year-old classmate. This couldn’t be happening to her. “Oh, but what have we here?!” Cheryl said suddenly delighted breaking Sarah’s train of thought. Sarah saw Cheryl reach into Sarah’s open bag on Cheryl’s desk and draw something out from it – Sarah’s long wooden ruler. Sarah’s eyes widened in fear as Cheryl held the ruler between the fingertips of her two hands, her eyes surveying it up and down.

“My my, this is a surprise. I didn’t think anyone used wooden rulers any more. You’re going to wish you’d left this at home,” Cheryl said with delight. She flexed the ruler slightly, and then grasped the end with her right hand. Sarah looked at her pleading silently, but Cheryl was looking back at her with a smile that told her nothing she could do would prevent what was going to happen. Cheryl tapped the end of the ruler in her other hand, small slapping noises filling Sarah’s ear each time the wood tapped Cheryl’s skin. Sarah’s heart was beating furiously as Cheryl started to step closer to her; it stuck her how commanding Cheryl looked, even with her sweet smile and cute dimples as she looked down on her.

“Pull her to her feet,” Cheryl commanded. At once Nadine and Nicola grasped Sarah by the arms and pulled her up as Cheryl sat on the foot of the bed. They turned Sarah to look at Cheryl, Sarah forced to look down and see Cheryl’s cleavage almost bursting out of her tight shirt.

“Put her across my lap,” Cheryl said softly, a wicked grin creeping across her lips as Sarah’s eyes widened.

“No!” Sarah protested, but it was no use; Nicola had grabbed her by the hair as Nadine grasped her shoulders and forced her to bend down across Cheryl’s legs. Sarah briefly tried to resist, but Nicola’s grip in her hair was too tight; the slightest movement made her scalp ache as Nicola pulled on her long blonde hair.

Sarah’s heart beat wildly as she felt Cheryl’s hand on the back of her legs at her knee. She was bent over across Cheryl’s lap, her ass in the air pointing up at Cheryl, her face held down so she was looking at Nicola’s feet. She bit her lip to stifle a groan as she felt Cheryl’s fingers slowly sliding up the smooth skin of the back of her thighs. Cheryl’s nimble fingers took hold of Sarah’s skirt and started to slowly slide it up her ass.

“Please,” Sarah pleaded in a whimper. She closed her eyes trying to think of something else, but she felt Cheryl’s fingers slide all the way up her thigh, hiking her skirt up around her hips. Sarah felt the cool air of the room against the globes of her ass and she knew Cheryl had pulled her skirt all the way up, so Cheryl was now looking at her white panties.

“What a lovely little ass you have Sarah,” Cheryl purred softly. She ran her fingers lightly over the smooth globes of Sarah’s ass cheeks, her fingertips sliding over the smooth supple skin. Sarah let out a small groan, the heat between her legs growing slowly. “So firm, so round. Your skin is smooth like silk,” Cheryl said. She traced the edge of her fingernail along the curve of Sarah’s ass causing her to whimper again. She was full of dread as to what was to come, but Sarah couldn’t ignore the other feelings boiling inside her at Cheryl’s actions.

“I think we need to take these knickers off so we can all see just how nice your ass is before I spank it.” Sarah was in no position to resist. She felt Cheryl slip the waistline of her panties down the curve of her ass, the underwear falling down to her ankles. An appreciative gasp escaped Cheryl’s lips as she looked down on Sarah’s bare ass. She ran the palm of her hand over the skin feeling its firmness. “Oh yes, absolutely lovely. You really should show this off more often in school Sarah. I want all the girls to see just how hot my newest possession is,” Cheryl purred. Sarah’s eyes were closed, her breathing slow and shallow.

Cheryl lightly pressed the wooden ruler against Sarah’s ass, slowly running the cool wood across her skin sending a shiver up Sarah’s spine. She shifted slightly, her crotch rubbing against Cheryl’s thigh as she did so. She bit her lip to hold back the noises welling up in her throat.

Suddenly Cheryl drew the ruler back and brought it down hard against her ass making Sarah yelp in pain and shock. The flat face of the ruler slapped hard across both ass cheeks, reddening the skin on contact. The loud slap seemed to echo in Sarah’s ears. She lurched forward, pain in her head from Nicola’s grip in her hair, her crotch rubbing against Cheryl’s thigh as she moved.

Slap! Cheryl brought down the ruler again slightly above the last blow. Sarah groaned again. She felt her face starting to burn red, shame coursing through her at being spanked by her female classmate in front of the other girls. Again Cheryl landed another blow on her ass, her aim precise and calculated. The blow fell across the previous marks making them sear in pain.

Cheryl started to build up a rhythm, building up slaps across the smooth globes of flesh. Every time Cheryl brought the ruler down Sarah lurched forward and back slightly, her exposed crotch grinding against Cheryl’s thigh. She was openly groaning with each slap, her eyes watering from the pain and humiliation. Sarah couldn’t believe the position she had got herself into. She could barely think; all she could focus on was the sensations shooting through her as Cheryl planted spank after spank on her young firm ass.

“You see what happens to naughty girls that cross me!” Cheryl said bringing the wooden ruler down harder. Sarah’s ass was glowing red, marks showing up across her previously unblemished skin. Sarah merely let out a loud groan; the pain in her ass cheeks was building with each slap, her skin searing. But it was matched by the burning between her legs. Her eyes were screwed slightly shut, trying to stop them from watering as Cheryl built up her spanking to a tremendous pace, every slap getting harder than the last. Loud smacks echoed through the room punctuating Cheryl’s words. “You… naughty… little… girl… Sarah… Harding!” Sarah let out a loud desperate groan, and suddenly Cheryl stopped. Sarah slumped across Cheryl’s lap, her muscles going weak. She felt a bead of sweat slowly trickle down her temple.

“Lets see how that looks now shall we?” Cheryl said softly placing her hand on the back of Sarah’s thigh. Sarah let out a whimper as Cheryl ran her hand up. Her skin seared as Cheryl’s warm hand ran over her glowing sensitive ass. “Oh yes, that’s much better. I don’t think you’ll forget that for a while, will you?” Cheryl said softly as her fingers traced along the curve of Sarah’s ass.

“No,” Sarah gasped as little jolts of pain shot through her nerves.

“Good girl. Now, get up!” Cheryl said, and at once Nadine and Nicola had pulled Sarah to her feet. They held her up, Sarah’s legs shaky after her spanking. “Aww, look at you,” Cheryl said softly as her eyes ran up Sarah’s body up to her face. Sarah’s face was red, tears welling slightly in her eyes. Cheryl curled her finger motioning for Sarah to bend down. Nadine and Nicola made her slowly hunch over bringing her face down closer to Cheryl’s. Cheryl placed her hand on Sarah’s cheek and lightly brushed a tear from Sarah’s eye with her finger in what would have been a loving manner. “Don’t worry, you’ll understand why I had to do that. In time you’ll beg me to spank you,” Cheryl said, her lips centimetres from Sarah. Sarah’s lips quivered, she didn’t know what to say, but she didn’t have to, Cheryl kissed her softly and Sarah, despite it all, kissed her back.

Sarah let out a small groan of longing as she slipped her tongue past Cheryl’s lips into her mouth. Cheryl’s hands were cupping her face, tenderly holding her close. Sarah felt Cheryl’s hands slowly start to slide down her body, moving down to her breasts. She breathed in deeply as Cheryl’s fingers ran over her breasts through the fabric of her shirt, teasing her erect nipples. She groaned into Cheryl’s mouth as she felt Cheryl cup her breasts and squeeze the firm flesh,

“You have beautiful breasts Sarah, you should make them more obvious,” Cheryl purred in her ear as slowly she unbuttoned Sarah’s shirt.

“Oh God, stop!” Sarah groaned, but even if her hands were not bound she wouldn’t have pushed Cheryl away. Cheryl kissed her neck as one by one Sarah’s buttons popped open, exposing the supple flesh of her large breasts, showing Sarah’s cleavage in her simple white bra. Cheryl’s full lips kissed down the nape of her neck, and slowly worked down to the newly exposed skin. Sarah opened her eyes and looked down to see Cheryl’s beautiful dark eyes looking up at her, as Cheryl’s mouth kissed between Sarah’s breasts.

Sarah looked away, trying frantically to not get as aroused as she was. She looked behind her, but it made matters worse. Nadine and Nicola had long since released her, Sarah voluntarily standing in front of Cheryl without realising it, while Nadine and Nicola were watching the scene unfolding with their arms around each other. Nadine had a hand on Nicola’s ass, while Nicola was stroking Nadine’s breasts with her own. They kissed, and Sarah saw Nadine’s tongue slip into the red haired girls mouth.

Sarah straightened up slightly, pushing her breasts towards Cheryl’s mouth. Cheryl had fully opened Sarah’s shirt, Sarah’s tie hanging limply down between her breasts as Cheryl’s hands cupped and teased her tits. She moaned again; her hands behind her back had touched her ass and sent a jolt of pain through her mixing with the pleasure from Cheryl’s touch. She was finding it impossible to ignore the longing she felt between her legs. Her classmate ran her fingers around and over her nipples, rubbing the fabric of Sarah’s bra against the sensitive skin. Sarah’s body wanted her to stay, it wanted more, but her mind was screaming at her to get out. She couldn’t let this happen, not with a classmate, not after everything Cheryl had done to her.

“God. No! I… I have to go! Please!” Sarah whimpered. She looked down and saw Cheryl looking up at her, her beautiful face framed by Sarah’s full young breasts. Cheryl’s right hand started to slowly run down Sarah’s belly, down the smooth skin, pausing at her navel before slowly edging down further.

“I’m not finished with you yet,” Cheryl said softly before slipping her tongue past her teeth and grazing the tip against Sarah’s exposed skin. Sarah shuddered. Suddenly Cheryl sat up straight. Sarah stood before her shakily, looking at Cheryl puzzled with a hint of pleading in her eyes. “You two sluts stop making out and pin her down!” Cheryl suddenly said chastisingly to Nadine and Nicola. At once the two young women broke their kiss, Nadine’s tongue slipping out of Nicola’s mouth. Sarah started to protest, but as Cheryl got gracefully off the bed the two women had grabbed her. They pushed her unceremoniously face down on the bed, and rolled her onto her back. Sarah cried out loud as her delicate sensitive ass pressed against the sheets as she rolled back, ending up lying on her back looking at the ceiling. Her nerves were on fire; she seemed to feel every place Cheryl had spanked her at once. Sarah tried to struggle, but found her bound hands and lack of energy meant she couldn’t get away; her body felt like it had been sapped of all its strength.

“Please Cheryl, release me. I won’t tell anyone, I swear! Just let me go. Please. Please!” she groaned loudly. Cheryl stood at the end of the bed. She bent over slightly, looking up at Sarah’s face. Sarah looked down; she saw Cheryl’s beautiful face, saw her cleavage as her breasts hung down under her bent over body.

“Don’t worry Sarah, you’ll be begging me to let you cum soon,” Cheryl said soothingly. Sarah groaned in protest, but it was quickly stifled as she felt Cheryl’s lips kiss her ankle. Cheryl slipped off Sarah’s shoes as her soft lips started to tenderly kiss up Sarah’s calves. Sarah couldn’t deny it, Cheryl’s lips were so soft, her movements so skilled, she was practically paralysed under her touch. She wrenched her eyes away from the sight of Cheryl kissing up her legs to look at Nadine and Nicola as the two girls sat at the head of the bed either side of her.

“Please,” Sarah whispered to them as she felt Cheryl’s tongue slip between her teeth to run slowly up the milky skin of her inner thigh. “Let me go,” she implored. Nadine and Nicola smiled sweetly at each other; Sarah was suddenly struck by just how beautiful and innocent they could look. Nadine’s face seemed to light up as she smiled, her dimples and smile making it unthinkable that she could ever do anything like she currently was.

“Just enjoy it,” Nicola said as Nadine stroked Sarah’s cheek. “Having Cheryl go down on you is a rare honour.” She looked at Nadine and they smiled conspiratorially, as if they were both sharing a fond memory.

“Please, I don’t want- I can’t!” Sarah whispered, but she suddenly stopped pleading. As Sarah lay on the bed she watched wide eyed as Nadine and Nicola had suddenly leant in towards each other above her head and kissed, Sarah forced to watch as Nadine’s tongue slipped into Nicola’s mouth. For several seconds they kissed passionately, their tongues running over each other’s. Sarah couldn’t speak, she watched transfixed as she felt Cheryl sliding her skirt up and felt Cheryl’s mouth kissing slowly up her inner thigh, Cheryl’s tongue, teeth and lips all grazing her skin sending shivers of teasing ecstasy through her every nerve. Nadine looked down at Sarah and broke her kiss with Nicola, apparently realising how quiet Sarah had become as she had watched them.

“Do you want a taste too?” Nadine purred. It struck Sarah that it was the first time she had heard the girl speak. Her voice was soft and gentle, tinged with an Irish accent that seemed to melt Sarah at her very core. Her lips quivered as the beautiful Irish girl gazed down upon her. Nadine seemed to know her answer. Nadine bent down, her lips above Sarah. Sarah’s lips quivered, her heart hammering as Nadine held her head just above Sarah’s. Sarah lifted her head off the pillow and kissed Nadine’s lips. They felt as soft as they looked. She breathed in Nadine’s scent as she kissed her lightly but, as Cheryl’s mouth moved up to her crotch, and as Cheryl’s fingers ran over the smooth skin of Sarah’s thigh, a wave of lust coursed through her and she kissed Nadine hard. She forced her tongue into the young Irish girls mouth desperate to taste her, wanting to feel her tongue against her own, craving the young woman.

Nicola grinned as she watched. Sarah suddenly moaned lustfully into Nadine’s mouth as she felt another pair of lips on her breasts. Nicola had leant down and, as Nadine kissed Sarah, Nicola started to kiss and lick down cleavage.

A shudder suddenly coursed through Sarah’s body. Between her legs she felt Cheryl’s mouth hovering above her exposed glistening pussy. She knew Cheryl must have been smiling, showing those cute dimples as she looked at how wet Sarah’s pussy had become. Cheryl had breathed out, Sarah’s sensitive skin feeling it as though Cheryl’s breath had been fire. Slowly Cheryl extended her tongue and ran it once along the length of Sarah’s pussy lips. Sarah groaned into Nadine’s mouth, the Irish girl kissing her back harder as she felt how aroused she was becoming. Waves of pleasure started coursing through Sarah from her pussy such as she had never felt in her entire life. Cheryl was planting soft kisses on her pussy lips, punctuated by teasing licks of her tongue that were starting to part her pussy lips and dip into her body.

“That’s it. Feel the sensations flowing through you. Feel Cheryl’s tongue licking your hot wet pussy,” Nadine purred in Sarah’s ear. Sarah’s eyes were screwed shut. Nadine’s words seemed to fill her whole head. Somehow her words seemed all the more erotic in her gentle Irish accent. It turned her on in a way she had never felt before, a way she had never even dreamed.

Cheryl’s tongue ran over her clit, the tip of her tongue teasing it over and over. Sarah arched her back desperately, and felt her bra suddenly go slack. Nicola had taken the opportunity to deftly unclasp her bra and was sliding it down to expose her breasts. Sarah heard a tearing noise as Nicola tore the fabric of the straps of the bra pulling it away entirely, but Sarah found she didn’t care about her ruined bra as Nicola suddenly planted her mouth over her left nipple. The sensation of the girl’s hot wet mouth closing over her nipple and sucking the erect sensitive tip into her mouth drove all thoughts from her mind. Desperately she kissed Nadine craving her tongue, wanting to feel it deep in her mouth.

Sarah felt Cheryl teasingly kissing and licking her pussy. She heard her lick, heard her moan into her mouthful. She felt the vibrations of Cheryl’s voice passed along her tongue as it delved deep into her pussy.

“Oh God. Oh God. Oh God!” Sarah thought over and over. She wasn’t sure if she was speaking the words aloud or not. She felt like she had lost all control. She spread her legs wider apart desperate for Cheryl’s tongue to enter her body more, and the young woman seemed to expertly read her desires. Cheryl’s tongue was grazing her clit, pushing in and out of her pussy, stimulating her as Sarah never thought possible.

“Good girl. That’s it. You want to cum, I can sense it. You can. You can cum all over Cheryl’s lips,” Nadine was saying softly between kisses. Sarah was panting; her nerves were on fire as Nicola kissed her breasts and ran her fingers over the skin. One of Nicola’s hands was running down her belly, while Cheryl’s mouth was teasing her pussy beyond endurance. Sarah felt herself desperate to cum. She was teetering on the brink but Cheryl wouldn’t let her get the release she so sorely needed. “Good girl. Give in. Beg. Beg,” Nadine purred kissing her. Sarah arched her back. She groaned out loud.

“Oohh fuck. M… make me cum Cheryl! PLEASE!” she cried desperately. Nicola grinned and gave her nipple a teasing graze of her teeth; Nadine smothered Sarah’s mouth in a deep passionate kiss, and finally Cheryl’s tongue delved deep and fast into Sarah’s body, pumping in and out.

Every thought was washed from Sarah’s mind as a wave of pleasure crashed over her. Her back arched, lifting her back off the bed as she cried out in passion. Release crashed through her as she suddenly came, Cheryl’s tongue licking deep in her body throughout her orgasm. She shuddered, her brain shutting down, wave after wave of intense pleasure coursing through her body as blissful pleasure consumed her, Sarah nearly throwing Nadine and Nicola off her in her passion.

Sarah collapsed on the bed, sweat glistening over every inch of her skin. Small residual ripples of pleasure shot through her as Nicola gave a few small teasing kisses of her breasts and Nadine kissed her lips lightly and lovingly. Her mind was blank, reduced to nothing more than muted simple emotion.

“Good girl. Doesn’t that feel better?” she heard Nadine purring in her ear before licking a bead of sweat off her temple. Sarah only let out a small indistinct groan in response. Slowly she opened her eyes, the room coming into focus. She saw Cheryl was standing over her, bending down over her body, her closed full pouting lips glistening with Sarah’s cum. Sarah opened her mouth to speak but no sound came out. Slowly, gracefully Cheryl got on the bed, sliding her leg over Sarah’s body to straddle her. Sarah saw briefly Cheryl’s short skirt sliding up showing her underwear, but moments later she felt Cheryl’s warm weight press down on her body as Cheryl straddled her waist. Cheryl slowly bent down, a few strands of hair having fallen out of Cheryl’s pony tail to fall cross her face making her look, if possible, more gorgeous.

“Open up,” Nadine purred in Sarah’s ear, and Sarah found herself moments later confused but opening her mouth. Cheryl slowly lent down and planted her closed lips on Sarah’s. Slowly Cheryl opened her mouth, and Sarah’s heart suddenly pounded with a thrill in her chest as she felt Cheryl trickle liquid into her own mouth. Surprised, Sarah found herself opening her mouth further, allowing Cheryl to slowly feed her her own cum. Somewhere deep inside Sarah’s brain was appalled at her own disgusting actions, but any urge to throw Cheryl off her was quickly overpowered as Sarah suddenly plunged her tongue into Cheryl’s mouth craving more, running her own tongue against Cheryl’s, tasting her juices off Cheryl’s mouth.

Seconds slowly ticked by for Sarah. After what seemed to her dazed minds as minutes, Cheryl finally broke the kiss, sitting up straddling Sarah’s waist and tenderly stroking Sarah’s sweaty cheek.

“Did you enjoy that?” she purred, her fingers tenderly running down Sarah’s left cheek.

“Yes,” Sarah heard herself breathe as she found herself savouring the lingering taste in her mouth.

“You’re going to return the favour now, aren’t you?” Cheryl said softly as her hand ran down between Sarah’s breasts.

Sarah’s eyes widened, but Cheryl did not wait for a response. Gracefully she slid herself off Sarah’s body and told her to get off the bed. Fumbling Sarah found herself obeying, her body shaking from the earth shattering orgasm that had rocked through her and struggling slightly with her bound hands.

Luxuriously Cheryl lay on the bed, stretching herself out looking positively regal. She lay for a moment, her lips still glistening slightly, running a hand down her body as she got comfortable on the sumptuous duvet. Sarah found herself watching enthralled by her every movement. Cheryl slowly curled a finger looking at Nadine, motioning for her to come to her. Nadine did so at once, a small smile lighting up her cute face at being the first to be called to her queen. Cheryl slipped her fingers around Nadine’s tie and slowly pulled Nadine down, making her bend over to kiss her. Sarah saw she was kissing her softly, lightly, but knew even her most delicate touch somehow contained an intensity that nobody else could muster.

Cheryl broke the kiss and motioned to Nicola as she had done so to Nadine. Nicola delighted walked to the other side of the bed and bent down, receiving a tender kiss from Cheryl that lasted several long passionate seconds. Sarah stood watching, no articulated thoughts in her mind, just a stunned feeling as Cheryl held her rapt attention. A thrill suddenly went through her as she saw Cheryl look at her, her beautiful face framed impressively by Nadine and Nicola.

“Come,” Cheryl purred extending her hand. Nadine slid slowly out of the way smiling slightly as Sarah stepped shakily closer. She moved to stand where Nadine had done at the head of the bed. She felt Cheryl’s fingers slipping around her tie and pulling her down. Her free breasts hung out before her as Cheryl pulled her effortlessly down with the lightest touch, and planted a kiss on her lips that was every bit as intense as it had looked.

However, Cheryl did not break the kiss as she had done so with the others. Sarah closed her eyes as she felt Cheryl opening her mouth and slipping her hot tongue into her mouth. Sarah offered no resistance, but rather opened her own mouth eagerly, craving everything Cheryl had to offer. Sarah felt movement; Nicola had started to kiss down Cheryl’s chest, opening her straining shirt and exposing her full breasts. Sarah opened her eyes and drank in the sight. She could not help but admire the perfection of Cheryl’s body. Her breasts were full and pert, the perfect size, large and full but in perfect proportion to her body. Her skin had a golden hue in the light of the room, and seemed to glow next to the white material of her bra. Sarah groaned as she saw Nicola slide off Cheryl’s tie and then open the clasp at the front of Cheryl’s bra, exposing every inch of her beautiful skin, letting Sarah see for the first time Cheryl’s erect irresistible nipples. She saw Nicola’s lips close over the darker skin of Cheryl’s nipples, Nicola clearly possessing a skill when it came to worshiping a woman’s breasts.

Without needing instructions Nadine had moved to the end of the bed as Sarah and Nicola had been occupied. She had moved down to kneel at Cheryl’s feet, and was running her hands up Cheryl’s long slender legs. Her hands disappeared under Cheryl’s skirt, and Cheryl instinctively lifted her hips off the bed. Moment’s later Nadine’s hands were slipping back down her legs, sliding Cheryl’s panties down with them.

One of Cheryl’s hands was in Sarah’s hair. Sarah slipped her tongue into Cheryl’s mouth, and felt a delighted thrill as she felt Cheryl moan softly back. Sarah felt Cheryl sliding down Sarah’s hair tie, freeing Sarah’s long golden hair which fell down across her face. As Sarah kissed her hungrily, she felt Cheryl running her fingers through her long blonde locks, urging her in closer, kissing her back harder.

Cheryl broke the kiss and an audible gasp escaped Sarah’s lips. Sarah pulled her head back slightly, enough that she could look into Cheryl’s dark brown eyes. Out of the corner of her eye Sarah saw Nicola looking up at her from Cheryl’s breasts, a smile clear on her face as she traced Cheryl’s right nipple with her outstretched tongue. Sarah found herself watching, her mouth watering slightly as the red haired girl deftly licked Cheryl’s erect nipple.

She did not need the gentle pressure Cheryl was applying to the back of her head to move her head down, Sarah had already felt the urge. She lowered her mouth down and, after pausing only briefly to take in the full glorious sight of Cheryl’s breasts, she closed her mouth over Cheryl’s left nipple. Cheryl let out a delighted groan. She let go of Cheryl’s hair, and instead moved both her hands to her own hair. She ran her fingers through her hair, pulling it out of her elegant ponytail. Her long brown hair cascaded across her face, Cheryl brushing it back, running her fingers through it and smiling like someone content with the entire world as Sarah and Nicola both worshiped her breasts.

Sarah thought Cheryl’s skin was perhaps the softest most supple thing she had ever felt. She savoured the taste in her mouth as she ran her tongue over her flesh. With a surge of desire she closed her lips around Cheryl’s nipple and sucked softly, taking the erect tip into her mouth where she grazed it with her tongue. She opened her eyes and looked down, and saw with a thrill of delight that Nadine had bent over the edge of the bed and had kissed up Cheryl’s legs. Nadine had hitched Cheryl’s skirt up around her waist, exposing her closely trimmed pussy for all to see. Nadine slipped her tongue between her beautiful lips, and slowly licked at Cheryl’s wet tantalizing pussy with relish.

“Good girls. Worship me,” Cheryl purred contentedly, her grin broad, those cute dimples and the slight red tinge in her cheeks making her look irresistible. Sarah moaned appreciatively into her mouthful. She ran her tongue around Cheryl’s nipple, licking over the breast craving every inch of Cheryl’s skin. She felt Nicola do the same, and as the two girls licked up Cheryl’s cleavage their tongues met. With a sudden urge Sarah kissed her and forced her tongue into the young woman’s mouth. After a few passion imbued seconds, both girls resumed their attention on Cheryl’s breasts.

Sarah became aware of the deeper breaths Cheryl was taking; she saw the sweat starting to glisten on her temples; saw the way Cheryl’s eyes were closed and her lips pursed as if she was moaning “ooh” under her breath. Clearly Nadine’s actions were working. Sarah could see Nadine’s tongue was moving faster, thrusting in and out of Cheryl’s pussy. The sight of Cheryl’s pleasure imbued face only encouraged Sarah, driving her on; she suddenly felt the desire to see what that beautiful face would look like as Cheryl came.

A low guttural moan escaped Cheryl’s lips as she arched her back. Sarah could hear small moans coming from Nadine as the Irish girls tongue disappeared in and out of Cheryl’s body, her lips glistening with Cheryl’s juices. Sarah could sense Cheryl was going to cum; it was painted across every inch of her face. Sarah suddenly felt a hand in her hair, and she looked up to see Cheryl’s beautiful eyes looking down at her.

“Finish me, my beautiful new slut,” Cheryl purred as Nadine gave a few small last licks of Cheryl’s pussy and looked up at Sarah expectantly. Sarah looked from Cheryl’s face, down to her wet pussy and Nadine’s glistening lips, and back to Cheryl’s eyes. She swallowed. As much as she had done today, even with everything she had gone through, she wasn’t sure if she was prepared for that. She had had so many new experiences, but she just didn’t know whether she could bring herself to actually plant her lips on Cheryl’s pussy and delve her tongue into her body.

Sarah swallowed. Nadine had got up and had moved to stand behind her. Sarah slowly slid down Cheryl’s body, moving down to the end of the bed where she knelt on her knees between Cheryl’s legs. Cheryl grinned, her head raised off the bed looking down at her watching intently as Nadine bent over and took Sarah’s place licking and kissing Cheryl’s breasts.

Sarah’s eyes flicked from Cheryl’s face down to Cheryl’s pussy in front of her. Despite her apprehension, she couldn’t help but admire the beauty of it. The hair was expertly trimmed back as short as it could go, so Sarah was able to see every inch of her smooth perfect skin. Sarah placed her trembling fingers on Cheryl’s inner thigh and stroked them lightly up to Cheryl’s crotch. She bent down bringing her lips closer, her eyes running over every inch of Cheryl’s pussy. She saw the way the light made the moisture on the lips glisten. She saw the lines of saliva on her surrounding crotch and thighs that had been traced by Nadine’s tongue. Sarah felt her mouth water as she inhaled the scent of Cheryl’s cunt. Slowly she slipped her tongue out between her lips and placed it on Cheryl’s pussy lips. Immediately she savoured the taste, a few small licks dribbling some of Cheryl’s juices into her mouth.

Tentatively she started to lick. Her eyes flicked up and she saw Cheryl looking down at her smiling, her satisfaction at having made Sarah do exactly as she wished written across her face. Cheryl laid her head back and closed her eyes, apparently giving herself over to savouring the sensations of the three young women worshiping her body. Sarah found her tongue moving almost of its own accord. Her licks had become more confident, more eager. Her tongue parted Cheryl’s pussy lips and slipped into her body. Cheryl had already been so aroused that her tongue slipped in effortlessly between the sopping wet flesh. Sarah’s lips kissed the skin. The taste of Cheryl’s pussy filled her mouth. Her tongue pushed deeper and deeper into Cheryl’s body with every thrust.

Cheryl let out a loud passionate groan. Her hands were running through her own hair as Nadine and Nicola expertly teased and licked Cheryl’s breasts clearly knowing just how Cheryl liked it and where her every sensitive spots were. Sarah received a shock as Cheryl raised her legs and placed them on Sarah’s shoulders and tightened them holding Sarah’s head between her leg as she lifted her hips up and down off the bed against Sarah’s tongue. It only encouraged Sarah. Taking deep breaths to stay down longer she thrust her tongue in and out of Cheryl’s soaking pussy, licking her cunt with every ounce of strength she could muster. Cheryl was panting and moaning loudly. Cheryl could hear Nadine’s whispers urging Cheryl on. Cheryl’s body tensed, her thighs tightening, her hips lifting off the bed as her eyes screwed shut and a deep passionate orgasmic moan escaped her lips as she suddenly came. Sarah’s open mouth felt Cheryl’s cum spilling forth from her body, and Sarah found herself lapping it up greedily. She drank at Cheryl’s legs, licking at Cheryl’s convulsing body as the orgasm swept through Cheryl. She looked up to see Cheryl’s face as she came, and what she saw was instantly burned in her memory. Cheryl’s face was a picture of beauty and ecstasy, every pleasurably sensation written on her gorgeous sensation. Somehow the sight filled Sarah with greater pleasure than anything that had happened to her that evening.

Sarah didn’t know how long it lasted, but eventually she felt Cheryl’s legs part freeing her, and saw Cheryl’s body relaxed, a picture of contentment clear on her face. Sarah kept licking, hungrily lapping at every drop of Cheryl’s juices that had escaped her tongue. Suddenly she felt a hand on her cheek. Slowly she looked up and realised Cheryl was sitting up supported by one arm behind her back, the other stroking Sarah’s face as Nadine and Nicola sat either side of her, their arms around Cheryl’s waist and smiles across their lips that Sarah finally understood having felt the same joy from seeing Cheryl cum under their combined touch. The girls looked at Sarah, taking in the golden hair sticking to her sweaty brow and her cum covered lips. Sarah licked them clean.

“Good girl. You show promise. With some training you might even be as good as Nadine,” Cheryl said warmly as Nadine kissed her neck. Sarah tried to respond but nothing but an inarticulate stammer came from her.

“You’re going to be a good little girl and take your place at my side now, aren’t you Sarah?” Cheryl said looking down at her with that soft but piercing gaze that Sarah was starting to feel familiar with. She looked at the girls, several seconds passing in silence, before slowly she felt herself nodding, her head bowed slightly as she said,

“Yes, Cheryl.”

Cheryl smiled. She leant down and kissed Sarah softly. Sarah opened her mouth to kiss her back but she felt Cheryl pull away. Cheryl was sliding off her bed, her movements suddenly purposeful and business like.

“Good. Now get dressed slut, and get out,” Cheryl said swiftly as Nadine picked up Sarah’s clothes and threw them into Sarah’s lap and Nicola untied her. Sarah was dumbfounded, she stammered looking from one girl to the other. “Now!” Cheryl said expectantly, but with a hint of a threat that Sarah found herself at once hastily putting on her clothes. She knew her shirt wasn’t correctly buttoned, she wasn’t wearing her ruined bra and her tie was terrible but she didn’t care, she wanted to do as Cheryl had said. Cheryl had moved to the desk, her back to Sarah, Cheryl completely naked but for her short skirt. Sarah got hastily to her feet. She wanted to talk to Cheryl, to try and explain what she had felt, and to try and find out what would happen next, but Cheryl had other ideas. Cheryl turned and Sarah found Cheryl forcing her bag and books into her hand.

“Now our homework is due tomorrow, I expect you to write mine. Type it up so Miss Walsh doesn’t know it isn’t my writing,” she said still in her swift business like fashion as though she wasn’t almost totally naked and glistening in sweat, saliva and cum. She ushered the stammering Sarah to the door, Sarah’s mind unable to keep up with what was happening. Cheryl opened the door and pushed Sarah back into the hall. Cheryl turned and walked over to her bed, Nadine and Nicola both sitting up on it on their knees with smiles on her lips.

“Oh and Sarah,” Cheryl suddenly said turning round. Sarah looked back at her at once. “Be sure to do a good job on it,” Cheryl said casually. Sarah saw she was running her fingers along the wooden ruler again. “I’ll be keeping this. And if you fail me, you’ll find out just what else I can do with it. See you in school,” she added and with a slight delighted girlish giggle at Sarah’s stunned expression, Cheryl closed the door in Sarah’s face.

To be continued (possibly)

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