Being The New Girl – Part II

This is Part II in a fictional series of stories about Girls Aloud. Of course everything in it is entirely imaginary. None of it happened, it’s just a fantasy, and if you’re underage you shouldn’t be reading it.

Quick summary: Cheryl, Sarah, Nadine & Nicola are 17 years old and at school together, and Kim is one of their teachers. Go back and read Part I for all the details before you read this

Enjoy, and remember like all writers I live on feedback so whether you love the story or hate it I’d love to know what you think –

Being the New Girl – Part II

by Firefly

“If you don’t get up right now you’re going to be late!” 17-year-old Sarah Harding groaned from under the covers of her bed as her mother’s voice rang up the stairs wrenching her from her half-doze. She opened one bleary eye to see a ray of sunlight breaking through a gap in her drawn curtains. She wasn’t in any particular hurry to get to school today.

With a groan Sarah slid out from under her duvet and, after failing to suppress a yawn, she slowly slid the shirt she wore to bed off her otherwise naked body. Normally Sarah would have been up and dressed long before now, but she had hardly slept all night. The same was true of the night before, and the night before that. Ever since her trip to Cheryl’s house the previous Friday, a trip she would not soon forget, she hadn’t been able to relax. It wasn’t just the fact that every time she lay down in bed her ass stung along the places Cheryl had spanked her. No, her nights were spent in fitful dreams that were not conducive to a good nights rest. How could anyone feel rested when they awoke several times a night thinking of… she hardly wanted to admit it to herself. She kept trying to deny it. She couldn’t possibly have done those things her memory told her she had done. She was a well-behaved, high achieving girl. There was no way she really could have begged Cheryl to-

“Ouch!” Sarah gasped loudly. She quickly let go of the white panties she had been sliding up her long slender legs as a jolt of pain had shot through her as the material had touched her ass. Standing naked in her bedroom she turned her back to the full-length mirror hanging from the bedroom wall. She looked back over her shoulder and her eyes took in her whole body. Her gaze ran up her long legs over her smooth and unblemished skin, up her thighs- and there was the problem. Tentatively she placed the fingertips of her right hand on the curve of her ass cheek causing her to gasp in pain again. That skin was definitely not unblemished. In the bright morning light Sarah saw the red marks all along her ass and upper thighs. Red streaks from where the ruler had spanked her as she had been draped over Cheryl’s knee the previous Friday. Lightly Sarah ran the tip of her index finger along the light red lines. The skin still tingled under her touch, and Sarah found herself remembering exactly how it had all happened. She could hear the slap of the ruler as Cheryl had brought it down repeatedly on her ass. A jolt of pain went through her as her finger ran over the skin and she remembered the pain each blow of the ruler had caused. She could almost hear Cheryl’s voice echoing her in head.

Sarah became aware of how her breathing had become slower and deeper. She looked down and saw her nipples standing erect on her young full breasts. A thrill went through her as she realised the sensation of longing she was feeling between her legs. Did she dare? Her eyes swiftly darted to the door checking it was closed. Sarah bit her bottom lip thinking, her better judgement clashing with the urges of her body, which she reflected, was not for the first time recently. Her eyes went back to the mirror and her hand suddenly seemed to decide for her. As she watched her right hand in the mirror tracing along the curve of her marked ass she slid her left hand down her body to between her legs. A low moan escaped her quivering lips as her nimble finger slid along the length of her glistening slit. Another jolt of pain shot through her and Sarah found it only added to the feeling of lust that was so quickly bubbling inside her.

Sarah couldn’t take her eyes off the reflection of her own ass. Her gaze ran all across every red mark Cheryl’s spanking had left. She slipped a finger inside her wet pussy and slowly started to slide it in and out of her body. She tried not to think about what she was doing. She knew she should feel ashamed; this behaviour was completely unlike her. But somehow, as she gazed at her red ass and looked at the marks Cheryl’s spanking had left on her otherwise smooth skin, she felt nothing but lust.

“Ohh, Cheryl!” Sarah half moaned, half whispered under her breath in spite of herself as she ran her finger over her clit. Without realising what she was doing she bent over slightly pointing her ass at the mirror. She ran the palm of her hand along the round firm globes of her ass cheeks savouring the burning of her nerves and how smooth her skin felt under her fingers. Spreading her legs slightly she slipped a second finger inside her body. She had to bite her lip to hold back the moans that she knew she was dangerously close to uttering. She rocked her hips back and forth slightly, her eyes never leaving the image of her red ass in her mirror. Her breathing was deep and ragged. Her fingers moved faster and faster. “God, Cheryl! I-”

“Are you coming or not?!” shouted her mother suddenly from the top of the stairs.

Shit! With a small groan of frustration Sarah pulled her fingers out of her wet pussy seconds before sweet relief was about to crash over her.

“Y- Yes! I’m… I’ll be right down!” she called as she darted for her underwear while uttering a silent prayer that her mother wouldn’t open the door. Her heart hammered in her chest as she hurriedly started to put on her school uniform, a skirt, white shirt and a red tie. What the fuck had she been thinking? She could have been caught! She shouldn’t have been thinking the disgusting things she was. She should not have been pleasuring herself as she looked at the marks on her ass Cheryl’s brutal spanking had left.

Yet, she thought as she put her hair up in a pony tail, straightened her tie in her mirror, and walked out of the room ready for another week of school, all she could really think or care about was the orgasm she had just missed, and how the frustrated burning between her legs hadn’t gone away at all.


Her panties rubbing distractingly against her skin the whole way, Sarah walked down the main corridor of the school to her locker doing her best to keep her feelings of discomfort from manifesting themselves on her expression. She opened her locker and got the books she needed for that mornings classes. She had resolved to not let whatever was happening in her personal life to affect her work, although she admitted that that was probably going to be a lot harder than it sounded.

“About time. Cutting it a little close, aren’t you?” came a voice to Sarah’s right. Startled Sarah looked round to see 17 year-old Cheryl Tweedy standing beside her leaning casually against the lockers with her arms crossed across her chest pushing those magnificent breasts up in what Sarah guessed to be no accident but rather a well practiced means to ensure Cheryl always had everyone’s undivided attention. The buttons of her shirt seemed to strain to hold the material together as it stretched across her chest, and her tie was slid down just enough to expose the smooth flesh of her cleavage.

“Cheryl! I- uh…. Hi,” Sarah said, her voice trailing off rather meekly. She felt her cheeks redden slightly in embarrassment she couldn’t quite understand. Fleetingly, although she didn’t know quite what she was planning on doing, Sarah moved her hand to Cheryl.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Keep your hands to yourself, slut!” said Cheryl in a sharp whisper making Sarah stop dead. “We’re in school for fuck sake. Do you think I want everyone thinking I’m some dyke that fucks little sluts like you!” Sarah swallowed exceptionally embarrassed and quickly put her hands to her sides feeling just as thoroughly chastised as when Cheryl had spanked her.

“I’m sorry, I… I don’t know what I was doing,” Sarah said apologetically while wondering herself what exactly she had thought she was going to do in this crowded corridor surrounded by their fellow students.

“I hope you’ve got my homework ready like I asked,” Cheryl said casually, ignoring Sarah’s words completely. Somewhere in the back of Sarah’s mind an angry voice said ‘asked? Told me to do more like it.’

“Yes I’ve… I’ve got it here,” Sarah said opening her file and handing a couple of stapled typed sheets to Cheryl. She swallowed nervously as Cheryl quickly ran her eyes up and down the pages appraisingly, apparently checking that the length of Sarah’s answers to the questions they had had for their history homework were satisfactorily long. Sarah wished the redness in her cheeks would go down, she was certain Cheryl would have noticed, and probably every other student that was walking past. Sarah couldn’t help it though; she felt very strange standing next to the girl her own age who only days before had made her cum harder than she would care to admit. A brief image of Cheryl lying on her bed with her legs spread flashed into Sarah’s mind as she looked at Cheryl, shame slowly filling her as she pictured all the dirty acts they had done together on their last encounter.

“Good. This better be up to my usual standards. I get A’s and if you pull my average down…” Cheryl said breaking Sarah out of her reverie. Cheryl leant slightly closer. Sarah felt her eyes briefly flick down to Cheryl’s cleavage and back up to those captivating dark brown eyes hoping Cheryl hadn’t noticed, and briefly wondering to herself why she had felt the urge to look at all. “I’ll punish you in ways you can’t even imagine,” Cheryl finished with a cute grin that made the dimples in her cheeks stand out. Sarah swallowed. She was suddenly very glad that she had spent hours on Cheryl’s homework over the weekend, longer than she had spent on her own if truth be told. The memory of Cheryl’s spanking had been as fresh in her mind as the marks on her ass when she had done the work and she had been sure to put in an appropriate amount of effort. However, it was more than that she thought. Somehow she wanted to do well for Cheryl. She didn’t know why, she didn’t even know what she wanted from her; approval perhaps? Or something more?

“It is. I promise,” said Sarah quietly.

“Good. Well hurry on off to class then. I don’t want my newest slut to be late. What would that say about me?” With a laugh at Sarah’s expression Cheryl turned and walked down the corridor to the bathroom, the crowd in the corridor somehow seeming to part for her and many boys heads turning as she walked. Closing her locker Sarah started walking to class, Cheryl’s words still playing in her mind. Part of her hated the way Cheryl talked to her, acting as though Sarah was somehow her property. But when Cheryl was near her, somehow Sarah never thought of correcting her.


There were already a couple of people in the history classroom when Sarah entered it a minute later. Sarah had just slid her bag off her shoulder intending to sit down at her usual seat in front of Miss Walsh’s desk when she realised someone was waving at her from across the room. She looked up to see Nadine sitting at a double desk at the far wall several rows back. From where she stood Sarah could see the bottom half of Nadine’s legs under the desk. In her less humble moments Sarah thought she had rather good legs herself, but as she looked at Nadine’s she realised her own legs were nothing by comparison to the young girl’s shapely pins. Her eyes scanned up and she saw Nadine sitting with a warm smile on her face motioning for Sarah to come sit beside her. Hesitantly Sarah looked around before joining her. Inwardly she was surprised to see Nadine at class so early. She half expected her to be following Cheryl around as normal and to turn up for lessons at the last possible moment as per normal.

“Hey, nice to see you made it. I must admit I wasn’t sure if you’d show up today,” said Nadine as she smiled knowingly at Sarah, clearly alluding to what they had done to Sarah the previous week.

“Yes, well, I admit I nearly didn’t come,” replied Sarah as she set down her bag on the desk and sat on Nadine’s left side against the wall.

“That’s not what I remember,” said Nadine, her smile widening and raising one eyebrow suggestively. Sarah opened her mouth to speak but found she didn’t know quite what to say and instead contented herself with a weak smile.

“Are you ok, you look a little flushed,” said Nadine softly. It took a second for Sarah to even register what she had said; she was busy drinking in the young woman’s soft Irish accent that seemed to imbue whatever the young woman said with an entrancing quality.

“I’m… I’m fine, thanks,” replied Sarah.

“Don’t worry,” said Nadine softly as people started filing into the room in ones and two adding considerably to the background noise. “I know just how you’re feeling. The first time is a little shocking, it was for me, but it gets a lot easier. If you just accept your place I promise you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more.”

“And just what is my place?” said Sarah in a heated whisper. Nadine smiled at her again; it lit up her face and made her seem somehow like the cutest most innocent girl Sarah could imagine. Under the pretext of reaching down to take something from her bag, Nadine leaned in closer to Sarah and whispered,

“Why, one of Cheryl’s sluts of course. Just like me,” she whispered. It was the second occasion in five minutes that Sarah had been called a slut and somewhere in the back of her mind that angry voice flared up again. No matter what these girls thought, she most definitely wasn’t a slut. Her actions over the last few days might have been questionable, but she was feeling ashamed enough without these girls rubbing it in so much. She didn’t have an opportunity to respond; Cheryl and Nicola had slipped into the room just before Miss Walsh entered and the bell rang for the start of class. Beside Sarah. Nadine straightened herself up looking alert and attentive. Sarah briefly registered her perfect posture and how it pushed out her considerable chest. Her shirt was unbuttoned at the top just as it had been a few days before, and, with her tie down as low as it was, Nadine was showing a considerable amount of cleavage for a 17-year-old schoolgirl. After a few seconds Sarah realised she was staring, just as drawn to the sight of Nadine’s young breasts as she had been to Cheryl’s earlier. She gave her head a little shake and tried her best to pay attention to Miss Walsh’s speech.

“… continuing on from our last lesson. So a quick question before we begin, just to see who really paid attention when doing their homework. What was significant about Pompey’s return from the East in 62BC?” asked Miss Walsh looking around at the class expectantly to see if anyone knew the answer. Judging by the looks on most of her classmate’s faces Sarah guessed that nearly none of them had a clue. Sarah had her hand halfway in the air and was just opening her mouth when something stopped her. She paused and lowered her hand slowly.

“Miss Harding?” asked Miss Walsh, clearly having seen Sarah’s half-raised hand from the corner of her eye. “I should have known you’d know,” she said smiling warmly. But Sarah shook her head and muttered “sorry” under her breath. She did know the answer, but something inside her had stopped her answering.

“Oh. Nobody?” asked Miss Walsh looking around slightly disappointed. Sarah looked around too, but she was not looking at the rest of the class, she was looking at Cheryl. Sarah thought she saw a small smile curling at the corner of Cheryl’s lips.

“Pompey disbanded his army thinking he had enough influence to conduct politics without it. But the Senate saw he didn’t have military support so they didn’t have to bow to his wishes and he was less powerful for it,” said Cheryl as Sarah gazed at her. A slight twinge of annoyance stabbed at Sarah. That had been her answer almost word for word. She had tutored Cheryl on that topic herself. She momentarily admired how easily Cheryl seemed to have remembered before Miss Walsh’s words broke her trail of thought.

“Excellent. Well done Miss Tweedy!” Miss Walsh said enthusiastically before staring to elaborate on the point, occasionally adding the odd comment on how astute Cheryl was. But Sarah for once wasn’t listening; she thought it was quite possibly the first time she had ever held back in class when she had known an answer. She knew exactly why she had done it; the stinging of her ass cheeks as she sat on the uncomfortably hard school chair was enough to show why. But she found, even though she feared what Cheryl would do to her if she had shown her up in class again, Sarah had held back for other reasons too. Just as with the amount of work she put into Cheryl’s homework, Sarah found that she had acted as she had done, not just because she feared Cheryl’s wrath, but because in some twisted way, she wanted to make Cheryl happy, and somehow that realization confused and alarmed her more than anything else.

After several minutes the class started to settle down into work. Miss Walsh had written a rather challenging mini-essay question on the board for them to complete before the hour was up, and soon the room was quiet but for the sound of pens scratching and the occasional rustle as students shifted in their seats. After a while however Sarah realized she wasn’t getting very far in her work. She just couldn’t quite bring her mind to focus on the task at hand. Her mind was busy with images of Cheryl and the other girls, images that were burned in her mind from the evening they had spent together. Sarah was becoming uncomfortably aware of Nadine’s proximity to her. Sarah had rolled up her sleeves and she could feel the heat from Nadine’s body against her right arm. With every breath she took she could smell Nadine’s sweet scent. The longing between her legs, which had been at a low burn all morning, was to Sarah’s extreme annoyance slowly growing.

Sarah suddenly took in a deep ragged breath that she prayed wasn’t as loud as it had sounded to her own ears. Under the desk she had felt Nadine lightly place her bare foot right against Sarah’s ankle, and Nadine was softly rubbing her delicate toes in a circular pattern over Sarah’s skin. Startled and wide-eyed Sarah looked at Nadine, but Nadine was looking down at her work and writing serenely. In contrast to Sarah’s flushed complexion and shocked expression, Nadine’s face was a picture of composure. It would have been impossible to tell that she was doing anything other than concentrating on her essay. Sarah opened her mouth to whisper for Nadine to stop, but she felt Nadine’s foot slowly sliding up her leg.

Sarah looked down at her page not really seeing it at all, but rather trying desperately to not focus on the sensation of the foot of Nadine’s crossed leg slowly sliding up her claves. Nadine’s touch felt electric. Sarah was sure her skin must be burning everywhere Nadine touched for her nerves were on fire under the delicate caress of Nadine’s toes. Inch by inch Nadine’s foot crept higher. Sarah found herself opening her legs slightly. She couldn’t help but picture Nadine’s shapely legs crossed under the desk, perhaps with her skirt sliding up her thigh. Sarah’s pussy was longing for her to reach down and slip her fingers between her hot wet mounds of flesh, but she couldn’t possibly and Nadine knew it.

Squirming in her seat Sarah desperately focused every ounce of willpower she possessed on not making any noise. She wanted Nadine to stop; she couldn’t stand it. But Nadine was relentless. Moments later, just as Nadine’s foot was slowly sliding down her leg, Sarah felt Nadine place her left hand on her right thigh. Sarah had to bite her bottom lip so hard that she wouldn’t have been surprised if it had left a mark. Her face was reddening and her breathing deep. She desperately tried to keep the raging feelings inside her from expressing themselves in noise. If she made a noise, if someone looked round… a thrill of horror went through her as she thought about what might happen. At the front of the room she saw Miss Walsh was marking papers at her desk, but if Sarah gave her any cause to look up she might see what Nadine and she were doing under the desk and God knows what kind of trouble she’d be in then.

With her eyes screwed shut Sarah felt Nadine’s fingers sliding her skirt slowly up her thigh exposing more of her flesh. Without even looking at her, Nadine slid her hand along the inside of Sarah’s thigh, her skilled fingertips working up closer and closer to Sarah’s crotch. Sarah was sure she was going to groan out loud. She could feel the heat radiating from between her legs and was positive Nadine could too. Nadine seemed like she wasn’t going to stop until Sarah had humiliated herself in front of the whole class. She was about to get her wish. Sarah opened her mouth forming an O shape as she struggled valiantly to hold back her groan when-

“Alright, leave your work on my desk along with your homework and I’ll see you on Wednesday,” said Miss Walsh as the bell pierced the silence of the classroom just as Sarah was about to let out a desperate gasp. To Sarah’s horror however, as the bell went Nadine pulled away her hand leaving Sarah to slump back in her chair with her skirt slid all the way up her thighs. As Nadine slid on her shoe and got gracefully to her feet Sarah look up at her with a mix of anger, confusion and abject frustration. Nadine merely smiled that sweet innocent smile as she looked down at Sarah over the swell of her large breasts.

“You really do look a little flushed,” Nadine said softly in her delicate accent and letting out a small teasing laugh as she packed away her books. Sarah watched slumped down in her chair as Nadine walked to the front of the class, depositing her work, and joining Cheryl and Nicola who were waiting for her at the door. Cheryl gave Sarah a small wave and laughed as Nadine whispered something in her ear before leaving the room. Shakily Sarah started to pack away her things and straighten herself up. Dropping her homework and her woeful class work on Miss Walsh’s desk she left the room feeling more frustrated than she thought she’d ever been in her entire life.


Sarah toyed unenthusiastically with her food at lunch later that day; her mind was elsewhere as she poked at the questionable food with her fork. All day she hadn’t been able to concentrate. She couldn’t get thoughts of Nadine out of her head. Even now as she thought about it she could almost feel Nadine’s soft skin running slowly up her leg. It sent a shiver down her spine, as well as a tingling in another part of her body, a part that he had been uncomfortably aware of all day. She crossed her legs under the table, her sense of frustration almost palpable. She was sickened to admit it to herself, but she’d had fleetingly considered going to the bathroom to relieve some of her sexual tension herself, but her better judgement had got the better of her urges for once- she couldn’t possibly do something like that in school. Nadine’s teasing actions in class had been daring enough, to actually consider doing anything sexual in school….

“There you are. About time; I’ve been looking for you.” Another shiver went down Sarah’s spine as she felt someone trail a fingernail across the back of her neck for the briefest of moments as Cheryl sat down beside Sarah. Sarah looked at her and swallowed, her heart doing a now familiar fluttering in her chest as she looked at her classmate. Cheryl looked positively radiant with her golden brown hair down framing her beautiful face. Sarah kept her eyes on Cheryl’s, determined not to let her gaze slip down to Cheryl’s glorious cleavage.

“Cheryl! Uh, hi,” Sarah replied. Cheryl was smiling at her, and Sarah couldn’t help but wonder if Cheryl knew of what Nadine had done to her in class.

“It looks like you’re done here,” said Cheryl, her eyes glancing down at Sarah’s plate and back into Sarah’s eyes, giving her a piercing look that told Sarah all too clearly that she was finished whether she thought so or not. “Come, follow me. I’ve got something to show you,” she added standing up and, without pausing for Sarah’s reply, started walking away from the table. Sarah barely had time to register the sheer presumptuousness of Cheryl before she found she had picked up her bag and was hurrying after her, unable to resist stealing a glance at Cheryl’s ass and the legs that Cheryl’s exceedingly short skirt displayed for all to see and admire.

“Cheryl, where are we-” Sarah began, but Cheryl silenced her with a look as Sarah hurried to catch up with her. In silence Sarah followed her down the corridor wondering what on earth Cheryl had in mind, both dreading and eager to find out. To her great disappointment however moments later Cheryl had lead her to the library. Sarah didn’t know what she had been expecting or hoping for, but somehow the prospect of using her lunchtime to give Cheryl another tutoring didn’t quite thrill her as much as other things may have.

The library was deserted as they entered, with even the most conscientious students out enjoying time when they didn’t have to work. Expectantly Sarah started to walk towards a table sliding her bag off her shoulder, but she found that to her surprise Cheryl hadn’t followed her; rather she was still walking across the room. Cheryl looked back over her shoulder at Sarah and frowned.

“Keep up. It’s over here,” she said moving to a door across the room from Sarah. Truly bewildered Sarah picked up her bag and followed.

“What’s this?” Sarah asked looking at the door of the library storeroom quizzically as Cheryl opened it. Cheryl’s hand touched the small of her back and Sarah felt herself being pushed inside the small windowless room.

“This is the room I’m going to fuck you in,” said Cheryl matter of factly, but with a wicked smile on her lips as she entered the room and closed the door behind her. Sarah’s eyes widened in alarm. She looked around the room; it was small and narrow with both sidewalls lined with shelves stacked with books, paper and other equipment, and behind her Sarah saw one small spare desk.

“What?! Cheryl you- you can’t!” Cheryl merely grinned at her more broadly. The smile lit up her face and Sarah saw her eyes had narrowed as she stared at Sarah intently.

“I can do anything I want slut, as I’m sure you remember,” Cheryl said advancing on Sarah who took a step back. There was something animalistic in the way Cheryl was looking at her. Her eyes ran up and down Sarah’s young body taking in every curve. Cheryl looked hungrily at Sarah’s breasts and Sarah realised to her own horror that her nipples were standing erect under the white fabric of her school shirt. She stepped back further and bumped into the desk behind her, nearly falling down on top of it.

“But we can’t! We’re in school! The door isn’t even locked! If anyone-” Sarah said hurriedly, but her words were suddenly cut short as Cheryl cupped Sarah’s face in her hands and forced her lips on Sarah’s. Sarah breathed in and felt her body melt into the kiss. Unable to resist she opened her mouth and at once felt Cheryl’s eager tongue slipping inside.

With a slight noise Cheryl broke the kiss and looked upon the now silent Sarah who was breathing deeply. Every lingering feeling of sexual frustration that had been building all day inside Sarah had seemed to flare up the instant Cheryl’s lips had touched her own. Her lips quivering Sarah felt Cheryl slowly running her right hand down from her cheek to her breasts. Lightly Cheryl traced the tip of her index finger along the curves of Sarah’s left breast, the sensation of her fingernail sharp as a knife even through the fabric of her shirt.

“Don’t pretend you don’t want me. I can see it just from looking at you. You’re so horny you’re having to fight not to jump me right now,” Cheryl said with relish in a soft voice as Sarah mouthed soundlessly while Cheryl’s fingernail traced the outline of her nipple. Sarah swallowed unable to deny Cheryl’s astuteness but not even wanting to admit her feelings to herself. “You’ve been getting hornier and hornier all day, haven’t you?” Before Sarah could answer Cheryl forced another kiss on her as Cheryl’s right hand squeezed lightly on Sarah’s tit eliciting a small moan into Cheryl’s mouth.

“Tell me, did you enjoy your little fun with Nadine earlier?” Cheryl asked in a whisper in Sarah’s ear, her full lips brushing Sarah’s skin and letting out the smallest trace of a giggle. Wide-eyed Sarah looked at her, comprehension suddenly dawning on her. Nadine had been in class very early, especially for her. It wasn’t normal.

“You set me up! You told her to torture me like that!” Sarah said half angry, half amazed as Cheryl merely smiled deviously at her, the dimples in her cheeks standing out.

“Well of course I did. Just a little bit of fun for my newest slut. And Nadine was so looking forward to spending more time with you after our fun last week,” Cheryl said. Sarah opened her mouth to reply, but found she didn’t know what to say. This merely seemed to encourage Cheryl even more. “Your face was priceless. You looked ready to burst,” Cheryl added with a smile as she ran her fingertips down Sarah’s cheek softly. “Don’t feel bad, you didn’t have a chance of resisting Nadine. Just like you don’t have a chance of resisting me!” Cheryl forced a passionate kiss on Sarah’s trembling lips. Without making a conscious decision to do it Sarah placed her hands on Cheryl’s sides and forced her tongue into Cheryl’s mouth as she breathed in Cheryl’s intoxicating aroma. Her body wanted nothing more than to feel Cheryl’s hands running all over her. She wanted to taste Cheryl, to have her.

“Oh God, we can’t! We’ll be caught!” Sarah groaned in quiet desperation as both of Cheryl’s hands cupped her tits and squeezed the supple young flesh. Sarah practically shuddered as she felt Cheryl’s crotch pressing against her own.

“That’s half the fun,” Cheryl whispered back kissing Sarah’s earlobe before slipping it between her lips and sucking lightly making Sarah gasp. “You’re going to do whatever I want, and right now I want you to eat me out,” she said in a hoarse whisper as the fingertips of her left hand gave Sarah’s right nipple a teasing pinch.

Sarah looked at Cheryl amazed. Cheryl gave her one slow light kiss and took a step back. Sarah opened her mouth to tell Cheryl she couldn’t possibly, when she suddenly felt her voice vanish. Standing before her Cheryl had slowly slid her panties down her legs before spreading her legs slightly; she had gripped the hem of her skirt and slid it seductively up her thighs. Cheryl held her skirt up above her waist showing Sarah her perfectly trimmed pussy. Sarah looked her up and down speechless. Her pussy practically ached as she looked at Cheryl’s magnificent body, her eyes taking in her shapely legs, her full firm breasts, her glorious pussy and her gorgeous face which was lit up by a smile that showed Cheryl knew exactly how horny she was making Sarah at that exact moment.

“On your knees,” Cheryl purred softly. Sarah’s eyes darted from Cheryl to the door and back again. As seemed to be increasingly common while she was around Cheryl, her body its urges were fighting with her brain and its better judgement. She looked at Cheryl pleadingly, but Cheryl merely raised an eyebrow. Somehow her simple action was enough to bend Sarah to her will, for Sarah felt herself sinking to her knees before Cheryl. She looked up and saw a satisfied smile on Cheryl’s face. “Good girl. Now let me feel just how good that slutty little mouth of yours really is.”

Looking at Cheryl’s pussy before her, Sarah’s mouth watered slightly. With a breath that inhaled the heady scent of Cheryl’s pussy, Sarah leant in and planted a light kiss on the soft lips of Cheryl’s cunt. Above her Sarah heard Cheryl exhale in satisfaction. Cheryl’s eyes were closed, clearly focusing on the sensations her newest prize was giving her.

Eagerly Sarah started to kiss along Cheryl’s slit. She closed her eyes and immediately focused on the taste in her mouth and the feelings of her lips and found she wanted more. Hungrily she slipped out her tongue and ran it the length of Cheryl’s pussy lips, the tip of her tongue dipping between the folds of flesh and into Cheryl’s pussy. As her lips brushed Cheryl’s skin, her tongue began to dip in and out of Cheryl’s pussy, slipping in deeper every time.

Inside her mind, part of Sarah was screaming at her to stop. She couldn’t really be doing this. She couldn’t be eating a 17-year-old girl out in school at the risk of being caught any second. Fuck, she couldn’t even believe her mouth was on another girl’s cunt in the first place! But the voice in her head was quickly being drowned out by the intoxicating concoction of lust and desire flowing through her veins as her tongue thrust deeper and deeper into Cheryl’s body, licking her juices with each thrust.

“Ohh yes. Good girl!” Cheryl whispered delightedly as Sarah ran her tongue over Cheryl’s clit increasingly eagerly. Sarah found herself craving Cheryl’s words of encouragement. Desperate for everything Cheryl had to offer she licked and kissed ever more passionately. She could feel Cheryl’s juices on her lips, but she could also feel the subtle movements of Cheryl’s hips which were becoming more pronounced with each passing second. Inexperienced though she was, she could sense the tension building within Cheryl and could feel her orgasm coming.

Bolstered by Cheryl’s responses, Sarah picked up her pace to a frenzy. Her tongue darted in and out of Cheryl’s body and teased her clit. She practically drank the juices that trickled into her mouth with every lick. Cheryl’s breathing was deep and heavy. Inwardly Sarah admired her strength, for she was sure had she been in Cheryl’s position her legs would have given way by now.

“Oh, I’m coming!” Cheryl gasped, giving Sarah the words part of her, the part the rest of her was ashamed of, was longing to hear. Opening her mouth slightly her tongue frantically pumped in and out of Cheryl’s body, and soon felt Cheryl’s hips shaking as Cheryl’s sweet nectar washed over her tongue. Eagerly Sarah lapped at Cheryl’s flooding pussy, the movements of her tongue seeming to prolong Cheryl’s pleasure.

Before Sarah knew what was happening Cheryl had reached down to grab Sarah by the collar. Tugging hard Cheryl pulled Sarah into a standing position and locked their lips together. Sarah barely had time to open her mouth before Cheryl’s tongue ravenously pushed inside and ran over Sarah’s tongue licking off her own juices. With a gasp of surprise into Cheryl’s mouth, Sarah felt Cheryl pushing her backwards towards the desk. The kiss broke as Sarah fell down, sitting upon the desk. She looked up to see Cheryl’s hungry expression and at once felt Cheryl’s right hand on her jaw tilting her head up so Cheryl could plant a deep passionate kiss on Sarah’s waiting lips. Getting if possible more aroused by the second at Cheryl’s animalistic passion, Sarah spread her legs slightly and at once felt Cheryl stand between them.

“Oh… God… Cheryl!” Sarah gasped desperately between kisses as Cheryl’s hands roamed up her body to her breasts. A jolt of surprise suddenly went through Sarah as she heard a ripping noise. Alarmed she looked down to see Cheryl had tugged on her shirt, sending the top few buttons flying and exposing Sarah’s cleavage. “Fuck, Cheryl!” Sarah gasped, but her protests quickly turned into muted gasps as Cheryl’s mouth at once descended upon Sarah’s newly exposed flesh. Sarah shuddered as she felt Cheryl’s hot wet tongue sliding over her smooth skin, licking along her heaving breasts as Cheryl’s hands slid down to Sarah’s legs. Sarah breathed in deeply as Cheryl’s fingers started sliding up her inner thighs from her knee. Sarah gave herself over to Cheryl’s hungry actions as Cheryl’s mouth closed over the skin of Sarah’s left breast. Involuntarily Sarah spread her legs wider slightly as Cheryl’s fingers slid slowly up her thighs and disappeared under her skirt. Wrapping her long legs around Cheryl’s body for support, Sarah lifted herself up off the desk an inch as Cheryl grasped the waistline of her panties and slid them down her ass thighs.

With her knickers around her ankles Sarah felt the air of the room against her glistening pussy sending a shiver through her body. She felt an incomprehensible craving to feel Cheryl’s fingers enter her body and feel the joys of Cheryl’s lips against her breasts. Her breathing became faster and heavier as Cheryl’s fingers slipped up her inner thighs torturously slowly. Sarah’s heart was pounding in her chest as Cheryl’s lips kissed between her breasts. Cheryl’s fingers hovered above her pussy, lightly running up and down the surrounding skin, coming so close to Sarah’s pussy that she could feel the heat of Cheryl’s hand.

“God Cheryl just fuck me!” Sarah gasped, shocking herself with her own vulgarity. She was sure Cheryl was smiling into her mouthful of breast, but she didn’t care any more how much control she surrendered to Cheryl; all she knew was at that moment she wanted Cheryl’s fingers to slip into her cunt more than anything else in the world. She wasn’t disappointed, for her head rolled back on her shoulders as Cheryl slipped her index finger slowly between her dripping pussy lips seconds later.

Her legs tightened around Cheryl’s body hugging her closer as Cheryl’s finger slipped deeper inside her receptive body. Sarah gasped Cheryl’s name as Cheryl curled her finger inside Sarah’s body and stroked it along her inner walls. She could feel sweat glistening on her brow. Sarah placed her arms behind her on the desk for support as she leant back slightly to allow Cheryl better access to her breasts. Mercifully Cheryl had undone the next couple of buttons rather than ripping them off altogether, although by that stage Sarah doubted whether she would have cared either way. Cheryl opened her shirt and Sarah felt Cheryl’s warm wet mouth closing over her nipple through the fabric of her white bra. Teasingly Cheryl’s tongue ran over the erect tip of Sarah’s left nipple, rubbing the material of Sarah’s bra against the sensitive pink skin.

Between her legs Sarah felt Cheryl slide another finger into her body. In and out of her pussy Cheryl’s fingers slipped, the movements of her hand delicate but driving Sarah wild with desire. Cheryl’s left hand cupped Sarah’s right breast as Cheryl sucked on Sarah’s right nipple sending another shiver through her. Sarah had no idea how long Cheryl had been pleasuring her, but she felt her body already reacting as though Cheryl had been going for hours. Her breathing was deep and her blood was rushing through her veins in great torrents as her heart hammered in her chest.

A thrill of horror suddenly went through Sarah’s whole body like she had been dropped in ice. Through her lust muted senses she heard a noise from outside the door. There was the sound of something being set down on a desk and what was undeniably someone moving around in the library outside. Never mind that there was window in the door, if someone opened it…. Sarah looked down in abject panic at Cheryl; her heart beating so fast Sarah feared it would fail. Sarah looked down to see Cheryl looking back at her with those dark brown eyes narrowed in evil delight, Sarah’s nipple in Cheryl’s mouth and sucking with pure pleasure. Pleadingly, desperately Sarah looked at her, wordlessly imploring Cheryl to stop, but Sarah recognised that glint in Cheryl’s eye and knew it was hopeless.

Sarah had to bite her lip in shock as she felt Cheryl’s thumb suddenly rub against her clit as Cheryl thrust her fingers in and out of Sarah’s pussy faster. Waves of pleasure were coursing through Sarah with each movement of Cheryl’s hand and mouth. She couldn’t take her eyes off Cheryl’s. Desperately she pleaded with Cheryl with nothing but her gaze for Cheryl to stop. She couldn’t last any longer; if Cheryl didn’t stop she was going to cum and Cheryl knew it. She knew how much noise she would make and if the person outside heard….

Cheryl started kissing up Sarah’s breast as her left hand cupped and squeezed the flesh. Her thumb traced circles over Sarah’s clit as her fingers pumped in and out of Sarah’s body silently fucking her with more intensity than Sarah could bear, relentlessly bringing her closer and closer to coming with every thrust of her fingers. Sarah kept biting her lip hard trying desperately to keep back the moans welling within her, but fearing even her heavy desperate breathing could be overheard through the door. Cheryl kissed up the nape of Sarah’s neck as her left hand squeezed Sarah’s tit. Sarah couldn’t help it. Her legs tightened harder around Cheryl’s body pinning their bodies together in a vice like grip as her hips rocked soundlessly on the desk as she finally she felt her orgasm get the better of her. Colossal waves of pleasure crashed over her body as Cheryl’s fingers thrust in Sarah’s pussy, her orgasm encompassing her entire being. Wildly Sarah closed her lips over the exposed skin of Cheryl’s neck. Unable to stop she heard a small desperate groan escape her throat, but her mouth was so tightly closed over Cheryl’s skin in a desperate attempt to mute the noise that even the tips of her teeth were pressing into Cheryl’s flesh.

Sarah’s body shook silently against Cheryl’s as her orgasm rippled through her. Every ounce of sexual frustration and lust seemed to shoot through her body in one great rush wiping everything else from her mind as her pussy flooded around Cheryl’s fingers and onto the desk. Sarah held her mouth clamped on Cheryl’s neck as the last few shudders of pleasure swelled within her and died away.

Shakily Sarah opened her eyes and tilted her head back to look at Cheryl. Outside she heard footsteps walking away, a door opening and closing, and then silence. Slowly Sarah breathed out, her eyes fixed on Cheryl’s. Cheryl was still grinning at her. Leaning in Cheryl planted a light momentary kiss on Sarah’s lips.

“Why… why did you do that? We could have been fucking caught!” Sarah gasped breathlessly as Cheryl gave her the innocent smile that was coming to making Sarah weak at the knees.

“But aren’t you glad I did it, my horny little slut?” Cheryl said softly, kissing Sarah tenderly again. Sarah was utterly furious with her. She had so close to being caught and thrown out of school. But somehow, when she looked into Cheryl’s eyes, when she saw those dimples in Cheryl’s cheeks and she felt the pleasurable afterglow of her orgasm, any hostility within her seemed to ebb away. Cheryl seemed to read her silence correctly. “See, I knew you couldn’t resist coming. None of you sluts can. The thrill of nearly being caught, the danger; you felt it in class earlier and you’re craving me even now despite what I did to you, aren’t you slut?”

Almost to silence Cheryl, and almost to stop Cheryl telling her what she inwardly new to be far too close to the truth for her liking, Sarah planted a passionate kiss on Cheryl’s full lips and felt Cheryl sliding her fingers out of her cunt. After a few seconds Cheryl broke the kiss and took a step back from Sarah who opened her legs to release her.

Still feeling slightly shaky from her orgasm, Sarah leant back on the desk supported by her hands, her legs before Cheryl. Cheryl eyed Sarah up and down, taking in her torn shirt and exposed breasts, her spread legs, and the lustful yet contented look on Sarah’s face and Cheryl couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction. Slowly Cheryl brought her right hand to own her lips. Flashing Sarah a deviously cute smile, she parted her lips and slipped out her tongue to slowly lick her own fingertips clean as Sarah watched in rapt attention, transfixed by Sarah’s actions. Sarah watched amazed as Cheryl slid her cum coated fingers between her lips and sucked softly, licking Sarah’s juices from her skin.

“Did you like what you saw?” Cheryl asked teasingly as Sarah gaped at her. Sarah nodded slowly, horniness welling within her at Cheryl’s little show. “Good,” said Cheryl, an innocent smile lighting up her young face again, “because you’re going to do the same.” Before Sarah could respond, Cheryl had grabbed Sarah’s tie and pulled Sarah to her feet. Tugging on the tie Cheryl pulled Sarah’s body flush against her own, Cheryl’s large breasts crushing against Sarah’s as Cheryl forced a kiss on the surprised girl, her cum coated tongue forcing its way into Sarah’s mouth to Sarah’s surprise and secret delight.

In a flurry of motion Cheryl grabbed Sarah’s shoulders a few passion filled seconds later and span her round, Sarah’s mind so drunk from Cheryl’s kiss that she didn’t know what was happening. Sarah had her back to Cheryl and stood facing the desk she had been sitting upon moments before. Sarah felt Cheryl’s body flush against her back; she could feel Cheryl’s firm breasts pressing against her back. Cheryl’s hands slipped around Sarah’s waist hugging their bodies close together, Cheryl’s crotch rubbing against Sarah’s perfect ass.

“Cheryl, what-” Sarah began, but Cheryl quickly silenced her by running her hands up Sarah’s body to cup her breasts from behind making Sarah moan softly, her eyes closed. She felt Cheryl kissing along the right side of her neck, Cheryl’s lips working their way up towards Sarah’s ear.

“Open your eyes,” Cheryl whispered seductively in Sarah’s ear. Sarah, not knowing how Cheryl even knew her eyes had been closed, opened them. In the dull light of the room she looked down to see Cheryl’s hands forcefully massaging her young breasts, Cheryl rolling Sarah’s nipples between her fingertips. “Look at that mess you made,” Cheryl purred softly as her hands squeezed Sarah’s breasts firmly making Sarah’s eyes open wider as a rush of lust went through her. Her eyes flicked to the desk upon which she had been sitting, and to her utter horror she saw a small pool of liquid where her spread legs had been moments before. Fearing what Cheryl had in mind, Sarah tried to look back at Cheryl over her shoulder, wrenching her eyes from the pool of her own cum, but Cheryl kissed her neck and Sarah stood quite still.

“Now, you’re going to be a good little slut and clean up after yourself,” Cheryl purred softly before running the tip of her tongue momentarily along the edge of Sarah’s ear and squeezing her breasts again. Sarah felt her legs were ready to buckle. Her mind had suddenly flashed with horror at Cheryl’s words. She looked down at the pool of her own cum, a mix of revulsion and, to her horror, excitement running through her. She couldn’t do what Cheryl told her, no matter what; she knew she couldn’t bring herself to do what was on Cheryl’s mind. Sarah looked back over her shoulder at Cheryl and saw Cheryl smiling serenely at her. “You’re going to bend over and lick your dirty cum up with your slutty little mouth like a good little girl,” Cheryl purred softly before planting a loving light kiss on Sarah’s lips. Her eyes were alight with the delight at the torment she knew she was causing Sarah. Sarah could tell from Cheryl’s expression that Cheryl could tell exactly how disgusted yet turned on she was making her.

“Now be a good little slut and bend over,” Cheryl said softly kissing Sarah again as she let go of Sarah’s breasts and ran her hands down the side of Sarah’s body to her hips.

“Cheryl, I can’t! Don’t ask me to- please!” Sarah moaned, her voice trailing off pleadingly.

“I’m not asking you to, I’m telling you,” Cheryl replied delightedly. As she spoke her right hand slipped under Sarah’s skirt. With a gasp Sarah felt Cheryl’s fingers run lightly along her slit sending a shiver of pleasure through her body. Sarah held her breath as Cheryl’s fingers started to stroke her wet pussy lips. Cheryl seemed to know everywhere to touch her. “Now,” Cheryl said as her other hand moved to Sarah’s ass, “bend over slut!” Sarah exhaled sharply as the palm of Cheryl’s hand suddenly slapped against her ass cheek.

Sarah slowly bent over, her hands behind her back and her eyes fixed on the pool of her own cum on the desk as her head lowered closer and closer to it. She tried not to think how she must look at that moment, but it suddenly became much harder as Cheryl grasped her skirt and lifted it up around her waist exposing her naked ass and thighs.

“My my, what a lovely view,” Cheryl said with a smile as Sarah bent over in front of her lifting her ass in the air. Sarah groaned in humiliation and lust as Cheryl ran the palm of her hand lightly over Sarah’s smooth ass. Slowly Cheryl slid her right hand between Sarah’s legs, Sarah feeling herself spreading them wider to allow Cheryl better access. She was rewarded as Cheryl began to stroke her pussy lips more energetically, running her fingers back and forth over Sarah’s pussy as her left hand ran over Sarah’s ass.

“Now stick out your tongue and lick up your mess like a good little girl,” Cheryl purred innocently as she ran her fingertip over Sarah’s clit. Sarah groaned. It wasn’t fair. Hesitantly she stuck out her tongue. She chanced a glance back over her shoulder to give Cheryl a pleading look, but Cheryl merely grinned at her in satisfaction, her nipples standing out against her white school shirt. Knowing she couldn’t resist, Sarah leant down further and touched her tongue to the pool of her own juices, her mind being at once overwhelmed by the taste of her own cum.

As Sarah’s tongue finally licked the cum on the desk, Cheryl at once slid two fingers deeply into Sarah’s pussy in one go, sending such a surprise through Sarah that she nearly fell face first on the desk. She couldn’t help but let out a moan as Cheryl started to pump her fingers in and out of her pussy at a fast pace, not bothering to slowly build up, but rather Cheryl fingered Sarah hard taking advantage of her compromised position to bring her off like a helpless horny slut. To stifle her moans Sarah suddenly started lapping at the cum on the desk, scooping up her cum with each eager lick, taking every drop into her mouth that she could reach.

“Oh Cheryl! Fuck! Cheryl!” she gasped between licks, her voice barely more than a constrained whisper as her body was so surging with sudden lust. Her body shook in surprise as Cheryl suddenly slapped the palm of her left hand against Sarah’s sensitive ass. Sarah gasped as Cheryl raised her hand to smack her again, her heart pounding in her chest, adrenaline and lust running through her body. Wildly Sarah started rocking her hips back and forth, pumping her hips back against Cheryl’s thrusting fingers, desperate to feel Cheryl’s fingers deeper in her body, needing Cheryl to fuck her harder.

Part of her was disgusted for what she was doing, bent over in a store room in school, her uniform torn, her skirt around her waist, her ass in the air fucking Cheryl’s hand like some horny slut as she licked her own cum off the desk. But with a surge of lust Sarah found she didn’t care. Hungrily she licked all the cum off the desk that her eager tongue could reach, Sarah even savouring the taste in her mouth.

“That’s it. Cum for me slut!” Cheryl said slapping Sarah’s ass again. Sarah’s hips rocked back and forth so hard she had to hold onto the desk for support. Cheryl’s fingers thrust in and out of her own pussy, mercilessly bringing Sarah so close to coming that Sarah knew she would blow at any second.

“Oh, fuck!” Sarah gasped as her legs suddenly shook. She felt Cheryl thrust her fingers deep into her pussy as suddenly she came around Cheryl’s fingers. Her hips shook wildly as relief swept over her, pure pleasure filling her body.

Sweating and panting Sarah slumped down on the desk as a few lingering ripples of pleasure flowed through her. It took her a few seconds to realise she felt something wet at her thighs. Dazed she looked back and saw Cheryl crouching down behind her, her tongue outstretched licking up Sarah’s glistening thighs, licking them clean of the cum that had dribbled down from her pussy. Sarah spread her legs wider and was at once rewarded as for a few heavenly seconds she felt Cheryl’s tongue lapping at her pussy, licking it clean.

Eventually, once Cheryl had finished licking her clean, Sarah turned over and got shakily to her feet. Cheryl was smiling sweetly back at her, delight etched across every inch of her beautiful young face.

“Cheryl, I… I don’t know what to say,” Sarah said, her face red and flushed. Cheryl however didn’t say anything. Still smiling she took a step closer and, placing her left hand on the back of Sarah’s head, she planted a soft kiss on Sarah’s lips, the tip of her cum coated tongue slipping into Sarah’s mouth briefly. Dazed Sarah looked around the room when Cheryl broke the kiss, looking for something factual to say, as she simply could not articulate to Cheryl how she was feeling. She felt humiliated and disgraced, but somehow more alive and sexually gratified than she could ever remember. Despite everything Cheryl had done to her, Sarah could feel nothing but longing for her classmate. “God, look at my clothes,” Sarah said looking down at her shirt. She buttoned up her shirt, but the top few buttons had torn off so that she was still showing a considerable amount of cleavage, almost as much as Cheryl who’s breasts were larger.

“You look better that way. In fact…” Cheryl said softly as she ran her index finger down between Sarah’s breasts. “I want you to wear all your shirts like this now. Understood?” Sarah looked at her wide-eyed. She opened her mouth to speak.

“I- Cheryl I can’t possibly-” she looked at Cheryl who raised her eyebrow and at once Sarah’s voice caught in her throat. Nodding slightly she said “yes, Cheryl,” and Cheryl smiled at her.

“Good,” Cheryl said kissing her again. Sarah could still taste her cum off both of their mouths. “Oh, and I want you to buy some new skirts too. I think you can wear ones at least a few inches shorter.” Cheryl smiled at her knowing Sarah wasn’t about to refuse her, and sure enough, though dreading the prospect of what she would look like, Sarah nodded again in acceptance.

Licking her lips Cheryl stood up straight and fixed her clothes looking just as beautiful as ever. Without a word to Sarah she started walking towards the door. With her hand on the handle she looked back at Sarah who was leaning against the clean desk, Sarah still glistening with a light covering of sweat and slightly red faced. “Be sure to clean yourself up before you go outside. I don’t want the whole school to know just how hard I fucked you.” She gave Sarah a devious yet somehow innocent smile that made her dimples stand out again. “Oh, and I’d watch out for Nicola if I were you. She knows Nadine got to play with you and she wants to have her fun too, and I didn’t exactly tell her that she couldn’t. See you tomorrow slut,” and for once, Sarah found she didn’t object to Cheryl’s language.

Groaning to herself as Cheryl walked out the door and closed it behind her leaving Sarah alone in the room, Sarah rubbed her hand against her clammy face and couldn’t help feeling that she wished Cheryl could fuck her again before she started to wonder what the rest of the week would bring.

“Are you alright honey, you looked a little flushed?” Sarah’s mother asked several hours later as Sarah got into her mum’s car at the end of the day. Sarah had cleaned herself up as best she could after her little escapade with Cheryl earlier, but she was still slightly red in the cheeks as lingering thoughts and images flashed through her mind from earlier.

“Oh yes, I’m fine now,” Sarah replied honestly with a small smile. She couldn’t wait till she got home and got back in front of her mirror

To be continued (possibly)

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