Being There: Part I

This story is entirely fictional; as far as I know Rachel Stevens has never done anything I describe. But as we can all dream, enjoy the story.

It takes a person hours to write a story, it takes ten seconds to make them feel glad at having done so. That being said, any feedback, good or bad, is very welcome –

Being There

by Firefly

Rachel Stevens slammed the door of the taxi shut and immediately regretted it as water splashed her top and the loud noise of metal hitting metal echoed through the small car. Rachel glanced forward through the plexiglass,
doing her best to sum up for an apologetic look as the driver turned to look at her, incredulity on his face. His mouth was opened to tell her off, but when he caught sight of who the woman looking at him with puppy-dog eyes was words seemed to fail him.

“Where to?” he asked gruffly. Rachel saw him at least attempt to hold eye contact with her, but she noticed him give her a quick look up and down her body; she ignored it. Grimly she gave the man the address of her agent’s local headquarters, a small hint of melancholy in her voice.

Rachel sat back in her chair as the taxi started to move off through the bustling Edinburgh traffic. She looked forlornly out of the window as rain streaked the glass. The Edinburgh skyline looked intimidating and unfriendly with the spires and turrets high on the hills looking like a gothic nightmare. The castle perched atop the hill looked like an impregnable fort holding the city in gloom. Even the weather seemed to be reflecting her mood Rachel thought as sheets of rain lashed across the road, making the other cars on the road almost invisible in the dwindling light of another winters evening.

From the corner of her eye Rachel could see the driver sneaking occasional glances at her under the pretext of looking in his mirror. In the back seat she crossed her legs but found she didn’t really care if he eyed her up. She didn’t bother to fix her denim skirt which had slipped half way up her thigh exposing her creamy skin. She’d just had a crappy day and silly things like lecherous taxi drivers didn’t seem to matter much. She’d just finished yet another promotional interview trying to plug her latest record. It was all part of the job of being a singer, but after weeks of being asked exactly the same questions, singing the same song, going through the same dance routines, and rushing from meeting to meeting she was just fed up and tired.

Belatedly her tired mind realised the driver was talking to her. She returned his small talk, doing what she thought was a damned good impression of being friendly for someone who just wanted to be left alone. She knew it wasn’t his fault. He didn’t know that she was having a shit day at the end of a shit weak, all he knew was that he had Rachel Stevens in the back of his taxi and he’d be able to tell his friends later how he’d managed to get a glimpse up her skirt before she’d thought to cross her legs. She regretted not being friendlier to the guy. She was normally a very friendly likeable person, but sometimes everyone just wants to be left alone.

Except that she knew she didn’t really want to be left alone. Alone was what she’d felt for weeks. There was nothing like going from one bustling place to another to make you feel lonely. She may have spent all day talking to people, but it was never anyone she properly knew, and the conversation was always followed the formalities of entertainment niceties. She couldn’t remember the last time she talked to anyone properly close to her. Then of course there were those cocky little pricks she seemed to meet everywhere who seemed to think that just because she was famous they could be as filthy and crude to her as their twisted little minds could muster. Like that guy at the television studio she’d just left, she reflected. What made that 20 year old kid think that just because he’d seen her on the television and had probably jerked himself off over her pictures that he could have the right to suggest she “come on back to his place to get the good seeing to she deserved.” The little shit. Didn’t any of them realise a woman had to show her sexuality to get anywhere in the music industry. If she didn’t show some sexuality she’d be labelled a tease or a prude and wouldn’t get anywhere. Just because she wore a tight shirt didn’t make her a slut. She always took care of her appearance, and she tried never to wear anything too suggestive. She always looked beautiful, but she never looked trampy. But, try telling that to all the guys who just thought she was that ‘cock teasing little slut Rachel Stevens’ who needed a good fuck.

She took a slow deep breath, her head propped up on her hand as she watched the lights of the other cars streak by. The annoying thing was part of it touched a nerve. She didn’t need a good fuck, but she did need some closeness. Clichéd though it sounded even to herself Rachel thought how it was just downright exasperating to sing about love all day when you had nobody to go home to. And being in this city far from home didn’t help. She hardly even knew anyone up here. Well, that wasn’t strictly true now was it?

Rachel raised her head up off her hand slightly, her eyes coming back into focus as her mind suddenly started thinking. She looked at her watch; it was nearly half-five. He should be home from work by now, shouldn’t he? Hadn’t Jack said she should feel free to call round any time, and the last few times she had done it’d certainly been special to say the least. She wondered why she hadn’t thought of it sooner. The idea was in her head and she knew it wouldn’t go away. She practically had goosebumps thinking about it. Making up her mind at once she took out her phone and, reading the address stored in her phonebook, she told the driver to turn around to take her to her new destination. Her agent could wait. She sat back in her seat as the car made a U-turn in the road. She looked out the window again, but she saw a small smile creep across her lips reflected in the window.

* * *

Counting down the numbers on the passing doors Rachel walked down a corridor in Jack’s building twenty minutes later, having given the driver a generous tip and hurried into the building out of the rain but managing to get half-soaked in the process. The heels of her knee high boots clicked on the polished floor of the corridor as she walked down. Rachel could feel some of her long golden brown hair matted to her brow wet from the rain. Her purple top seemed to have soaked up all the rain from the ten seconds she had been standing outside, but she ignored the way it and the white shirt underneath was sticking to her body.

“50, 48, 46,” she said under her breath counting each door number as she reached the end of the hall. She stopped in front of number 42 and looked at the door. Rachel became aware that she was slightly breathless, and didn’t think it had much to do with her run inside from the rain. She bit her lip thinking for a moment. Was she being too impulsive? Probably, but in a rush of daring she knocked on the door as she suddenly thought of what awaited her. The silence that followed her loud knocking seemed like an eternity to Rachel. She stood hesitantly. She leant in closer to the door listening for movement or any noise from inside but heard nothing.

She hadn’t really considered that he might not be in. Anxiously Rachel knocked again, louder this time, the ring on one of her fingers sharply rapping the wood and echoing up the corridor. Rachel listened again but didn’t hear a noise from inside. Feeling dejection creeping into her again Rachel knocked insistently again on the door.

“Oh you don’t want to go in there. The guy that lives there’s a real prick,” said a voice behind Rachel that made her jump and her heart hammer in her chest. She spun round and felt her breath catch in her throat. Her eyes took in the man standing before her as she leant back against the door.

“Jack you- Don’t sneak up on people like that!” she said slightly breathlessly as she swatted the guy’s arm playfully, a genuine smile creeping across her lips for what felt like the first time that day. Six foot tall her friend Jack stood before her, a smile on his face, his dark hair wet from the rain and two bags of groceries in his strong arms.

“Forgive me, but I thought someone was trying to break down my door. Had I known it was only you I might have just spent longer at the shops and let you wait longer,” he said playfully.

“Very bloody funny,” Rachel said, her cheeks reddening slightly. She watched as Jack shifted the bags in his arms. “Do you need a hand or are you too cocky and arrogant to ask for one?” Rachel asked with a grin. Jack smiled sardonically back at her.

“Why Rachel, trying to get inside my trousers already are you?” Rachel opened her mouth to retort but Jack cut her off. “Key’s in my front pocket,” he said turning towards her.

“Ha. Ha. Ha.” Rachel said slowly, her eyes narrowed as she looked into Jack’s eyes and slipped her fingers into the front pocket of Jack’s trousers. Jack held her gaze as Rachel’s fingers slid inside and took hold of the key. Slowly she withdrew her fingers and held the shining key up before him. “You know you’re not as charming as you think you are,” Rachel said standing between Jack and the door, her back to him.

“Yes I am,” Jack said simple behind her as Rachel slid the key into the lock and turned it. She felt her ass graze Jack’s crotch behind her as she intentionally took an extra moment to open the door before striding into his flat. Rachel walked into the familiar open plan living room/kitchen as Jack closed the door behind himself and put his bags down on the kitchen counter. “Not that I don’t enjoy your little visits Rach’ but is there a reason you’re here unannounced or are you just here to damage my door and make fun of me?”

Rachel leaned against the kitchen counter watching as Jack started putting his groceries away. She smiled slightly to herself. She knew better than to take what he said seriously, she could tell he was pleased to see her really. “Oh well I was in town and I thought I’d pop round and see if your ego had diminished at all. I see it hasn’t.” Rachel leaned against the counter, her hands behind her on the counter supporting her body. Her stance pushed her full breasts out slightly, the wet material of her clothes sticking to her skin and the hint of cleavage of her exposed flesh glistening with water.

“You ought to be careful,” Jack said giving Rachel a quick glance out of the corner of his eye. “Standing like that people might start trying to pay you for your services.” Rachel hit him playfully on the arm again, unable to let a smile creep across her full lips.

“I was hoping you’d offer me a towel, if you’re not too busy being a bad host,” Rachel said with pretend annoyance. Jack picked up a towel and walked over to her. Rachel looked up into his hazel eyes as he stood before her, their bodies barely an inch apart. Jack lightly brushed some of the water from Rachel’s forehead. He brushed a stray hair from Rachel’s eyes, his gaze never leaving hers as his hand stroked her cheek.

“So why did you stop by?” Jack asked softly, his warm hand still on her cheek. Rachel looked up at him, her breathing slow and shallow. She placed her hands on his chest feeling the heat of his body beneath his clothes.

“For this,” she breathed suddenly leaning in and planting her lips on his. She pressed her full lips on his, brushing them lightly, letting the kiss linger for a moment. She heard him breathe in deeply and let go of the towel. Rachel felt one of his hands sliding to the back of her head, his fingers running through her long golden brown hair.

Rachel broke the kiss, her bottom lip quivering slightly. She remained close, her body pressed against Jack’s. Her breasts pressed against his chest as her hands on his sides held him close.

“I just needed to see you. I wanted…” she trailed off, her voice catching in her throat, but Jack didn’t near to hear it. Placing one hand at her jaw Jack applied the smallest amount of pressure to make Rachel look up at him before kissing her passionately. Rachel breathed in, inhaling Jack’s scent and the smell of the rain on his wet clothes. Rachel parted her lips kissing Jack back just as eagerly. She slipped her tongue out slightly so the tip grazed his lips, teasing him. Jack responded by running his hands down Rachel’s body, along the curves of her shapely figures, down to her hips. He cupped Rachel’s firm ass cheeks in his hands and lifted her up onto the counter.

Moaning into the kiss Rachel spread her legs slightly as she sat on the kitchen counter. Gripping Jack’s shirt she pulled him closer making him stand between her legs. As her breasts pressed against his chest Rachel slipped her tongue eagerly into Jack’s waiting mouth. She felt him kiss her back as his hands slipped around to the small of her back and held her close. Rachel wrapped her legs around his body, the heels of her black leather boots pressing into Jack’s thighs urging him further between her legs.

Breaking the kiss more to breathe than anything, Rachel looked down into Jack’s eyes. She saw he was breathing deeply too. She could feel the heat of his breath and his body against her skin; the sensation only made her crave his closeness more. Slowly Rachel’s glance slipped down her own body, and she sensed Jack’s eyes following her gaze. She slid her hands up to her breasts and as Jack watched she slowly unbuttoned her top before peeling it back to expose the white shirt underneath. The water made the shirt cling to the curves of her breasts, the wet material slightly sheer in places giving a teasing glimpse at the flesh underneath. Unbuttoning the top few buttons of her shirt, Rachel exposed the glistening flesh of her cleavage, her golden wet skin glistening in the light as she leant in towards Jack and whispered “I’ve missed you.”

Jack responded by kissing the nape of Rachel’s neck softly as his hands rested on the small of her back. Rachel cradled her head on Jacks shoulders, her eyes closed as she felt him kiss along her neck. In a dream she felt his hands slowly sliding up her sides, his fingers running up her shirt to her breasts. His palms grazed her breasts and her erect nipples, the wet fabric of Rachel’s shirt sticking to her skin so as to make it feel as if he were touching her bare flesh. Rachel breathed in deeply as she felt his nimble fingers slowly unfasten two more buttons, the tight shirt loosening, exposing more of her soft flesh. Between her legs she felt the bulge between Jack’s legs growing against her inner thigh.

Tilting her head back, her eyes closed, Rachel felt Jack start kissing down her neck to the front of her body. Trailing kisses along her skin his head slipped down, moving to the swell of her cleavage. With a ripple of pleasure she felt him kiss the tops of her breasts, his soft lips pressing against her tender wet flesh. After a moment she felt the tip of his tongue grazing her soft skin between his lips as his head moved down while his hands undid her last buttons and opened her shirt completely exposing her white silk bra and barely contained breasts. Rachel’s hands slipped into Jack’s dark hair, her fingers running through it as his head moved to her left breast. She gripped her fingers slightly tighter as her nerves went on fire under his touch. His tongue and lips moved over her flesh, his teeth occasionally grazing her supple skin. She urged his head across, his obliging mouth moving to her other breast and treating it just as well.

Rachel loosened the grip of her legs and let go of Jack’s hair. He looked up into her eyes, his lips leaving her glistening skin as Rachel looked down on him breathing deeply. Slowly Rachel took hold of her shirt and top and slid them gracefully down her arms, sitting on the counter in just her skirt, bra and boots. As Jack took a step back, his eyes taking in her body, Rachel slipped elegantly off the counter to stand before him. She turned, her ass brushing against his bulging crotch, and started walking toward the bedroom without a word, Jack following behind her.

The moment she was through the doorway into Jack’s bedroom she turned, flicked on the light, and wrapped her arms around Jack’s neck pulling him into a tight embrace and kissing him. Rachel’s tongue slid eagerly into his mouth and she felt him kiss her back as his hands held her sides. After a few moments Rachel started running her hands down to his front. As Jack discarded his jacket Rachel slowly started unbuttoning his wet shirt, her fingertips unfastening one at a time as her mouth remained locked on his. She moaned softly into the kiss as she felt Jack’s hands respond by unfastening the clasp of her bra, her straps slipping slightly down her shoulders but the material still covering her beasts as her body pressed against Jack’s.

With an effort of willpower Rachel broke herself away from the kiss and took a half step back from Jack. With a small smile on her lips she slid her bra down her arms exposing her naked breasts. She could see Jack’s eyes drinking in the sight of her as her wet flesh glistened in the soft light of the room. Slowly Rachel took another couple of steps back until she felt the foot of the double bed against the back of her legs. As she curled her finger seductively for Jack to come closer as she sat on the end of the bed, her back straight and her full large breasts pushed out.

Jack approached, Rachel looking up into his eyes. He bent down and placed his index finger under Rachel’s chin to make her look up at him as he planted a soft kiss on her lips that made Rachel let out a small moan. Rachel took hold of his shirt and slid it down his arms exposing his nicely toned arms and chest. Without a word Jack broke the kiss and slowly knelt before Rachel who spread her legs slightly for him to kneel between. He placed his hands on her knees and sat up straight as he knelt before her. He leant forward and planted a kiss on her belly just above her navel. Rachel felt her eyes half-close involuntarily as his lips travelled up her body. As Jack’s mouth moved up towards her breasts she felt his fingertips slowly sliding up her inner thigh, slipping under her denim skirt.

Rachel’s lips mouthed soundless words as Jack kissed her left breast. His mouth ran along the curve of her large supple breast, his lips edging closer to her nipple. Rachel let her eyes close and her head tilt to one side slightly, her long golden brown hair cascading down her shoulders as she focused on the sensation of Jack’s fingers slowly sliding up towards her crotch and his mouth moving to her nipple. Jack slid his tongue out slightly and traced around her nipple, circling the erect tip. She breathed in deeply as she felt him kiss it, the nipple sliding between his lips and his tongue pressing against the tip. As she breathed in deep Rachel’s chest swelled and her breasts pushed harder against Jack’s mouth urging more of her flesh inside. He sucked slightly and Rachel couldn’t help but groan. Her hands were in his hair again as his head moved around her breast but his mouth never failing to give her nipple a teasing kiss or lick at just the right moment.

Between her legs Rachel felt Jack’s fingers move all the way up to her crotch. She almost shuddered as she felt him slide one index finger along the length of her pussy, his finger pressing against the fabric of her white panties so she could feel his touch through the material. Rachel could feel her own excitement growing as his hands and mouth teased her sensitive skin. She squirmed under his touch, heat rising in her body with every passing second. She knew just how he loved to tease her. Images went through Rachel’s mind of some of the past times they’d been together. Jack was always there when she needed him. There was nothing tawdry about their relationship. It wasn’t just physical. Jack didn’t fuck her, he made love to her, and right now that was what Rachel craved more than anything. They had an unspoken agreement; Jack knew Rachel wasn’t in the position to have a proper relationship yet, and she knew she was safe with him and that he would be there for her.

Rachel pressed her hips forward slightly to press her pussy against Jack’s fingers. Jack kept his touch light; his fingers traced Rachel’s pussy lips through the material of her panties, his touch enough to drive Rachel further wild with desire. After what felt like several torturous minutes Rachel felt his hands slip up to the waistline of her panties. Without speaking she lifted her hips slightly off the bed, enough for Jack to slip her panties down over the curve of her ass and on down her legs exposing her pussy under her skirt. Groaning, Rachel felt the heat of Jack’s hand against her moist skin as he held his fingers tantalisingly close to her pussy. He touched her bare skin, one finger either side of her pussy lips and slowly traced the outline of her shaven pussy. Just as his mouth closed over her nipple and he took it between his teeth Rachel felt him slide one finger along the length of her wet slit, the sensation making her shudder with pleasure.

Bending down slightly Rachel cupped Jack’s head in her hands and pulled him up from her breasts to plant a deep kiss on his lips. As her tongue slid passionately into his mouth she felt his index finger slip into her body. Rachel moaned into the kiss as Jack’s finger slowly slid further inside her. She kissed him harder as she felt him start to slide the finger in and out, each forward push sliding more inside her body until the entire length of his finger was inside her. Rachel gasped as she felt him curl his finger within her, his fingertip stroking her insides and sending ripples of pleasure throughout her whole body.

“Oh God Jack, stop fucking teasing me,” Rachel groaned into his ear, her dignified accent tinged with lust as she felt his finger slip in and out of her wet pussy in slow thrusts. She gripped his hair and urged his head down towards her breast as at that moment his thumb grazed her clit. Her nerves on fire Rachel felt Jack part her wet pussy lips and slide a second finger inside her tight body, his fingers slipped easily between her wet mounts of flesh. Rachel spread her legs slightly further urging Jack inside her body. His fingers stroked rhythmically against her, sliding the two digits in and out of her body with increasing speed.

“Is that better for you, Miss Stevens?” Jack whispered in Rachel’s ear teasingly as he kissed her earlobe. Rachel’s head was tilted to one side, her eyes closed and her mouth half open. She didn’t even try to speak as shivers of pleasure coursed through her body with each thrust of Jack’s fingers. Every time her clit was touched it felt as though a jolt of electricity went through her. She gasped as Jack picked up the pace pumping his hand hard and fast against her crotch. Suddenly Rachel heard herself let out a low groan as waves of pleasure suddenly shot through her whole body. She felt her pussy erupt in pleasure as a sudden orgasm overpowered her. Jack kissed her smothering her groans as his fingers pumped inside her body riding her through her orgasm driving it to its height.

It was a few moments before Rachel became aware of her own body again, her senses slowly returning to her making her aware of the caress of Jack’s lips on her neck and the slow stroking of her wet pussy lips. She looked down at him, pleasure etched on her face as a few small ripples of pleasure danced across her nerves. Jack sat up straight, his head almost level with Rachel’s as he withdrew his wet hand from under her skirt. He brought his fingers to his lips and Rachel saw her juices glistening on his skin. Together they both kissed his fingers, their lips meeting around them, both Rachel and Jack tasting Rachel’s cum before they kissed each other hard.

“Stand up for me, Jack,” Rachel whispered in his ear, her cum glistening lips brushing his skin as she spoke. Jack stood between Rachel’s slightly spread legs; Rachel placed her hands on his chest and slowly ran her fingers down his belly feeling the firmness of his fit body. Her hands slipped down lower, her fingers moving down to his trousers. Rachel looked up at him, her dark seductive eyes fixed upon his as she took hold of his zip and slowly slid it down, the metallic sound of the fly sliding down filling both their ears. Biting her bottom lip teasingly Rachel slipped the fingers of her right hand into Jack’s open fly and grazed the bulge within. She ran her thumb along the length of Jack’s shaft through his underwear and with satisfaction felt it stiffen slightly further.

Leaning in Rachel took hold of Jack’s belt with her teeth and pulled, slowly unfastening the belt. Rachel looked up, an innocent look on her face and saw the longing in Jack’s eyes. With pleasure she slid her hand out and unbuttoned Jack’s trousers before gripping the waist and sliding the trousers and his boxers down. Rachel’s eyes immediately glanced to Jack’s cock as it throbbed before her face. She placed the thumb and index finger of her right hand at the head of the cock and felt it twitch at the contact. Suppressing a smile she slowly slid the two digits all along the length of Jack’s shaft. Rachel could feel his flesh throbbing under her light touch, his cock rock hard.

Moving closer Rachel leant forward slightly as she held the cock between her thumb and index finger. Her glistening full lips moved closer to the rounded tip of Jack’s cock. Teasingly she licked her top lip with the tip of her tongue and found she could still taste her own cum off her lips. Finally she leant in closer and pressed her lips against the head of Jack’s cock. Rachel paused, letting her soft lips press against his flesh before she parted her lips to let the tip of Jack’s cock slip a tantalisingly small way between them. She pressed her warm wet tongue against the flesh in her mouth as her nimble fingers slid along the length of Jack’s shaft. She planted a slow audible kiss on the throbbing head and suddenly slipped all her fingers around Jack’s thick shaft and gripped the flesh.

“Oooh, Rachel,” she heard Jack moan. She looked up, and saw Jack was looking down watching her lips pressing against his cock. Deciding to give him a show Rachel slowly opened her mouth wider and moved her beautiful face down his cock slightly so his whole throbbing head slid into her wet mouth. She closed her lips around her mouthful and sucked on the head slightly, her tongue running over it as she did so. Jack closed his eyes, the sight of it too much to bear. Rachel slowly started pumping her hand up and down Jack’s shaft in deep rhythmic thrusts as her perfect mouth sucked on the head.

After a few moments Rachel started bobbing her head up and down the tip in her mouth in time with the pumping of her hand. She could sense Jack’s fighting the urge to pump his hips against her mouth and the thought of making him so horny drove her on. Rachel moved her other hand to between Jack’s legs and cupped his balls. She ran her manicured fingers over the sensitive skin and felt Jack’s cock twitch. She let the edge of her fingernail graze his skin before cupping them to give them a light, teasing squeeze.

Feeling Jack’s excitement growing Rachel slid her head further down sliding more of Jack’s thick cock between her lips. She started sliding her head up and down, sucking occasionally on her mouthful and running her tongue along Jack’s length. Loving the feeling of his engorged flesh in her mouth Rachel slid her head down further and sucked harder, and was rewarded when Jack put his hands in her long golden brown hair and started urging her head up and down. Giving herself over to his motions Rachel slid her head up and down so inch after inch of throbbing cock pumped in and out of her eager mouth.

Still cupping Jack’s balls in her hands Rachel started to moan into her mouthful, her tongue pressed against Jack’s cock so the vibrations were transferred against his skin. Rachel moaned into her mouthful, her cheeks sucked in slightly as her head bobbed up and down almost all of Jack’s generous length. She felt him buck his hips slightly, pumping his thick cock in and out of her lips. Together they built up the pace, Rachel’s mouth driving Jack to new heights of desire.

Rachel felt Jack tense. She squeezed his balls teasingly between her nimble fingers. She slid her head up so just the head of Jack’s cock was in her mouth and she gripped his shaft with her other hand. Rachel jerked Jack’s wet shaft hard, her hand pumping up and down as her mouth sucked on the tip. She heard Jack moan and felt his cock twitch. Readying herself she pumped harder and was rewarded as Jack suddenly came. Rachel felt his warm cum hitting her tongue. She opened her mouth wider so as not to miss a drop. Her hand pumped up and down, jerking Jack throughout his orgasm, pumping the cum out of his cock and into her waiting mouth.

Giving his cock a few final pumps and his balls another teasing squeeze Rachel looked up. She saw Jack was breathing heavily and couldn’t help but feel enormous pleasure as she saw the satisfaction she’d just given. Jack looked down in time to see Rachel smile sweetly up at him, that cute sexy little smile that made you feel alive. Slowly Rachel swallowed letting the cum in her mouth trickle down her throat before licking her lips slowly clean.

Slowly Rachel stood up before Jack, their bodies so close that they could feel each other’s heat against their skin. Jack brushed a stray strand of golden brown hair from Rachel’s beautiful face, Rachel turning her head slightly to brush her cheek lovingly against his hand. Jack leant in and kissed her lightly, the touch somehow seeming much more powerful to Rachel than the light caress would suggest.

Her eyes cast down Rachel moved her hands to her skirt. She unfastened her belt and let her skirt fall down. She stepped out of it, standing before Jack naked but for her high-heeled boots. Her dark eyes looked up into his and her perfect lips uttered the only two words either of them wanted to hear. “Take me.”

Jack placed his hands at Rachel’s waist and kissed her, his naked body pressing against hers. Rachel kissed him back and let Jack guide her to the bed. Feeling the foot of the bed pressing against the back of her legs Rachel let herself fall back gracefully onto the bed. She slid up the bed so only the tips of her pointed heels dangled over the edge of the bed, her eyes focused on Jack and Rachel biting her bottom lip slightly in anticipation.

She didn’t have to wait long; Jack bent over and kissed the tip of her leather boot. As Rachel watch with rapt attention he slowly kissed up her shin, his lips moving up to the flesh of her knee, and then slowly creeping up her inner thigh. His kisses were light but the sensation was as intense as fire to Rachel. She felt as every so often the tip of his tongue would run an inch up her smooth skin, his mouth travelling up to her pussy. Jack’s head moved up to hover above her pussy as he bent over the end of the bed. Rachel shivered with pleasure as she felt him exhale warm breath softly on the wet folds of her flesh, her sensitive skin alight with the sensation. Rachel moaned Jack’s name under her breath as he suddenly kissed her pussy lips. The tip of his tongue slid out to delve between her mounds of flesh.

Rachel moved her hands to her own breasts and cupped them in her palms. She gave her firm mounds of flesh a tender squeeze before running her fingertips around both of her nipples. Rachel felt Jack’s tongue part her pussy lips and slide deeply inside her body in one slow push causing her to gasp before she rolled her erect nipples between the thumb and index finger of each hand.

Groaning Rachel arched her back as she lay on the bed. She squeezed her large breasts in her hands as Jack traced his tongue in circles over her sensitive clit. Her eyes screwed shut in pleasure Rachel had to fight not to writhe on the bed in pleasure as Jack’s tongue delved deeply in and out of her pussy, stroking her sensitive flesh with each tantalising thrust.

With a moan of frustrated desire Rachel felt Jack’s tongue slip out of her pussy. Dazed she looked down to see Jack moving atop the bed, his body sliding up hers until he was above her. He pressed against her naked body, Rachel kissing him as she felt his hardening cock brushing against her thigh. Rachel wrapped her arms around Jack’s neck holding him close as he lay atop her, their lips an inch from each others as they looked into one another’s eyes. Rachel was breathing slowly and deeply, and she could feel Jack doing the same. Their look shared more than their words possibly could as they stared into each other’s eyes. Jack ran one hand down Rachel’s side tracing the contours of her flawless curvaceous body, his fingers feeling every perfect facet of her skin as his other hand supported his weight. He cast his eyes down to where the head of his stiffened cock was pressing against Rachel’s pussy. Rachel followed his gaze before looking back up into his eyes and nodding. As Rachel gave him a tender kiss Jack pushed his hips forward slightly and the throbbing head of his cock slipped between Rachel’s wet pussy lips and into her waiting body.

Rachel gasped and tried to smother her sounds by kissing Jack’s shoulder as he slowly rocked his hips back and forth, every forward push sliding more of his thick shaft into her body. Rachel felt her pussy lips spreading as his cock slid between them, her wet flesh tight around his thick cock.

Unable to resist Rachel moaned and bit down tenderly on Jack’s shoulder as she felt him slide his cock all the way to the hilt inside her. His throbbing shaft filled her tight pussy, her wet pussy lips tight around his cock. Rachel arched her back, her breasts pressed against Jack’s chest. As Jack slowly brought his hips back and forth waves of pleasure coursed through Rachel.

Driven by desire Rachel spread her legs and wrapped them around Jack’s thighs. She tightened her grip urging Jack’s hips harder against her own. She was rewarded as Jack’s hips pumped harder. His cock filled her body, plunging deep in and out of her tight wet pussy.

Rachel groaned. Gripping Jack’s body with her legs, her heels digging into the flesh of his thighs slightly, Rachel pulled her hips up off the bed to meet the thrusts of his hips against her body. Rachel felt Jack’s cock thrust inside her deeper and harder. Desperately she moaned with longing and forced a passionate kiss on Jack’s eager mouth. Her tongue plunged deeply into his mouth as his cock thrust all the way into her body.

Rachel could feel Jack building up the pace as he built to a climax. She felt her own pussy rippling with pleasure at each thrust. Her juices were flowing around his cock making it slip in and out of her body faster and harder. Rachel’s legs tightened harder around Jack as his hips pumped against her own. Suddenly she tilted her head back, her eyes screwed shut, and let out a low guttural moan of ecstasy as her orgasm enveloped her. Deep hard waves of pleasure overpowered her as Jack’s cock plunged deeply in and out of her body, her pussy covering his cock with cum. Rachel heard Jack groan above her and felt him build up to a tremendous pace as he suddenly came inside her, driven over the edge by the sensation of her pussy cumming around his throbbing cock. Jack gave a few deep hard thrusts against Rachel’s receptive body as he came deep inside her, Rachel’s legs tightening around his thighs urging him on.

Dimly, dazed by pleasure, Rachel felt Jack slide slowly out of her pussy. She let go of him with her legs and felt him lie beside her on the bed, her eyes still closed as the last few teasing ripples of pleasure ebbing away in her body and Jack wrapped one arm around her.

Opening her eyes Rachel turned to lie on her side facing him. They looked at each other in silence for a moment, each of them still breathing slightly heavier than normal. Rachel traced the outline of Jack’s lips with her fingertip before he leaned in to plant a soft kiss on her lips which she returned tenderly. Rachel felt Jack’s hand slowly slide along the contours of her body coming to rest on her hip. She kissed him again and his arm wrapped around her body holding her close. Closing her eyes Rachel rested her head underneath Jack’s chin, her cheek pressed against his chest feeling it rise and fall with every breath he took. She lay there, perfectly secure, a pleasant warmth filling her body and a small smile curling her lips, a smile she still shared with Jack over a shower and breakfast in the morning.

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