Being a fan of Britney Spears

Story title: Being a fan of Britney Spears

Story by: Money

Celeb in story: Britney Spears

Story codes: MF, oral, anal

Story summary: Blogger follows celeb around while on tour to get exclusive material but gets way more during the trip.

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened it’s total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any questions or feedback send them to now on with the story.

I would never admit that I liked Britney Spears but she did have the girl next door vibe going for her and she used it. I had gone to her press junkit in Kansas City needing some material and quotes for my blog. I had the toughest time getting anything when I decided to wait by the tourbus it was ages before she showed I was standing next to a pile of snow 2 feet tall.

“Get in here before you freeze honey.” she said

“On my way.” I said

The tourbus was decked out in pink from the steps all the way back to the small bathroom the bed was huge taking up the back wall and spread out 10 feet in all directions the warm air given off by the heater mounted in the roof was nice my cold clothes got dry rather quickly though my socks were another story.

“I hear you need some material for your blog I can help while your socks dry out.” she said

“That would be great I don’t need much of your time just a few quotes.” I said

The few quotes I needed expanded into a rather long interview with her opening up about life on the road and other things a redundent theme that kept coming up was sex mixed inside her answers I worked around them though Britney sounded like a kinky broken record.

“I think the worst thing about touring is having to swear off sex while traveling I’m already really horny and it’s only been a month.” she said

“You poor thing.” I said

Britney snuggled up to me pushing her boobs closer while nibbling my ear my willpower was evaporating quick as our eyes met she went for my pants fishing my 12 inch cock out.

“Holy shit that’s big.” she said

“Fair’s fair.” I said

I opened her shirt nearly ripping it going for her boobs they were really nice she went down on me quick her oral skills were way above what I was expecting.

“I have a better idea.” I said

“Do tell.” she said

I worked my hands inside her pants pulling them off as I rubbed her pussy distracting Britney long enough to slide my dick into her ass getting her attention.

“Bigger than I thought.” she moaned

“I’m just getting started.” I said

Britney’s ass was tighter than I thought it would be as I groped her boobs she let out a mild squeal getting used to my size she was getting used to my size she was getting into it breathing rather hard while kissing me.

“So thick.” she said

“Time for some fun.” I said

I pumped into her at a steady pace picking up speed as Britney clawed the sheets moaning up a storm on every stroke opening her legs wider.

“I…I want…everything.” she panted

“You asked for it.” I said

I was slamming into her ass pretty hard making her hips buck as I exploded a huge load into it even as I pulled out another load plastered her back just missing Britney’s hair.

San Antonio, Texas 3 days later

I had enough material for my blog report I just left my tryst with Britney out of it. I still had to follow her around yet stay professional  not spilling the beans. My next blog posting was still a few days away so I rested a bit waiting for new material in the hotel room below the penthouse when Britney walked in.

“Got an  album press junkit tomorrow.” she said

“Ok cool.” I said

The next day

The Q and A session didn’t have near what I needed for my blog with most of the questions centered around her personal life I had to wait for something I could use I was running out of time when she said something about her next single that got my attention.

“We haven’t decided which one it will be but we are close.” she said

“Great no hints either.” I said

I tried all through lunch to figure out which song was the next single with 2 already out my odds improved a bit when Britney pulled me up to the penthouse.

“If you would have asked me I would have told you.” she said

“I thought I could figure it out before hand.” I said

“I was thinking sex first then give you an exclusive.” she purred

“Done.” I said

Britney was on top of me faster than I could blink giving me an amazing blowjob as I pulled her red tanktop over her head. She had improved her technique from last time she looked like she could suck a bowling ball through a coffee straw easy.

“Time for some fun.” she purred

“Go ahead.” I said

I watched her blonde hair fly around while while planting my dick between her ample boobs giving me a titfuck that was beyond amazing. My body started to spasm from the visuals burned in my brain.

“Gotta slow down before you explode.” she said

“I was almost there.” I said

She was starting to torture me with the blowjob sucking my dick a little then humping it with her boobs making sure I was watching her as she did it and going very slow.

“Looks like your going to gush soon.” she cooed

“Soon…great.” I said

She continued to go slow even though my brain was screaming for her to go fast and let me release my seed on her face.

“This feels amazing.” she said

“Can’t hold it.” I said

I erupted a huge load on her face it was pretty thick but not where Britney couldn’t see even as it ran down onto her boobs.

“At least it didn’t go in my hair.” she said

“True would have taken a while to wash it out.” I said

It didn’t take long to wash all my jizz off her body I was willing to join her but my penis said no so I just laid there on the bed listening to the running water.

A few days later

I got what I needed for my blog that helped so much yet I had to return home to change out my clothes and have a few days to myself before I had to return to the road I kept track of Britney’s tour stops finding I would rejoin her in Miami, Florida flying in was cool I liked the idea of spending some time on the beach and warm weather my next blog update wasn’t for 2 weeks and Britney was waiting outside at the secluded beach house.

“Your late.” she said

“Security was a pain.” I said

I knew she wasn’t happy with all the delays. Her timetable was nearly gone for staying here. Britney’s next stop was in Atlanta but I wasn’t up to flying so we hammered out a solution.

“Ok I’ll rent the car and you drive it I have a plan.” she said

“Sounds interesting already.” I said

It took longer to secure the car with Britney unable to decide on what to get the rational side of her brain wanted a non descript model where we could blend into traffic along the way while the rockstar side had it’s eye on a red convertable that was barely street legal outside Europe.

“I can’t decide…this is torture.” she said

“Oh just pick one I’m driving it anyway.” I said

The rockstar won out snapping up the convertable quick before she changed her mind by the time we got back to the beachhouse it was dark and very late.

“Rolling out at dawn sounds like a plan.” she said

“I’m betting you will be napping before we leave Miami.” I said

The next day

I hit the gas rather hard as we screamed down the interstate just short of going over the speed limit leaving Miami. Britney had let her hair down stretching out in the passenger seat the sun hitting her face while her top whipped around in the wind.

“Road trip baby WOOHOO!!” she called out

“Getting a bit crazy I see.” I said

Britney settled back in her seat stroking my leg finding the bulge easily enough between it the more she stroked the hornier I got finally unzipping my pants letting the throbbing monster out.

“Wonder how much of your spunk I can get out of your dick before Atlanta it’s a good 6 hours away.” she said

“More like 8 but whose counting when your going to be very busy.” I said

Britney’s outfit distracted me just long enough for her to dig my thick cock out and start stroking it to full length before feeding it into her mouth.

“So thick.” she moaned

“I can’t really drive like this.” I said

I was at war with myself again I really needed to pull off to let Britney have her fun but needed to keep going to make it to Atlanta on time we compromised where she would give me headat stoplights when cops weren’t around.

“This is going to be so fun.” she purred

“I’m sure it will be.” I said

We made it out of the city through a good stretch of swamp land where I could make good time before hitting Orlando which Britney took as a signal for fun kicking back opening her bikini.

“Just let me know when a red light hits.” she said

“There’s one now.” I said

Britney made sure nobody was around including cops before stuffing her face with my cock. She had talent for sure getting a little crazy dropping her bikini top on the floor giving my shaft a solid titfuck it was great

“Mmmmmmppppphhhhhhhhfffff.” she moaned

“Gonna explode.” I said

I was being drained as she sucked every drop she could get down her throat. I didn’t even care that the light had turned green 3 times over before I was ready to drive again.

2 hours later

We made great time on our way to Atlanta so much that Britney had me pull off for a rest stop. Which quickly turned into something more along the way.

“Oh good it’s empty.” she said

“Time for fun.” I said

I was naked pretty quick as Britney just tossed my clothes in the backseat followed by her bikini then mounted me on the hood.

“Well somebody’s not shy.” she said

“You neither.” I said

Britney was slamming her hips rather hard on my shaft driving her pussy down on it nearly making her scream yet she still enjoyed the feeling as I felt her boobs up.

“Almost there.” she purred

“Can’t hold out.” I said

I had to put my hand over Britney’s mouth to keep her screaming orgasm from being heard for a half mile as I pumped a huge load of sperm into her pussy the blonde hottie spread out on the hood content for now.


Keeping pace with Britney was a challenge as we pulled into Atlanta I was almost wiped out from the drive the near constant blowjob through Florida and south Georgia had almost drained me but it was worth it though going vintage clothes shopping with her didn’t appeal to me I stopped at a downtown boutique she was barely in there 5 minutes before coming out in a whole new outfit looking like a biker in leather including a hat.

“Still trying to find some outfits I need you in there.” she said

“Not really crazy about it but ok.” I said

Britney had me camp outside the fitting room area while she went in and out trying on clothes sometimes she would ask for my approval on something I just saidyes to move things along when she changed back into her leather outfit I thought we were leaving when she pulled me into the fitting room.

“I asked the manager to lock the doors so your not going anywhere.” she said

“You kinky little minx.” I said

Britney had my pants around my ankles faster than I could blink going for my dick stroking it in the confined space while I was busy unzipping her outfit feeling her boobs.

“I’ll do anything.” she purred

“You asked for it.” I said

I buried my thick shaft right up to the hilt in her pussy nearly making her scream as Britney started riding it pumping away like a wildcat.

“Really big.” she panted

“Try this.” I said

She kept bouncing on my dick as I plowed her insides and sucked her boobs driving her wild. Britney was soaked between her legs letting my shaft slide in all the easier.

“Gonna…gonnna…” she moaned

“Not yet.” I said

I pulled out bending her over the shef getting my dick in her ass making Britney jump as she rubbed her clit and her face against the wall breathing heavy.

“More.” she moaned

“You asked for it.” I said

The impacts were hard as I thrust into her shaking the walls of the dressing area I was sure people were watching even though we couldn’t see them.

“Gonna lose it.” she moaned

“Me too.” I said

Britney’s screaming orgasm was really quiet since I had my hand over her mouth even as I pumped a big load of sperm up her ass the walls shook with her body convulsing the mess on the floor would take a while to clean.

A few days later, Britney’s house Louisiana

With the tour pretty much over I didn’t have a blog for a good 3 months before the next tour started somewhere else I relaxed with Britney before my flight home next week.

“AFter all those shows this hottub is going to feel great.” she said

“Holy cheese and crackers.” I said

The 70’s porn soundtrack playing in my brain just made Britney seem hotter in her swimsuit with all the curves in all the right places and her boobs nearly on display.

“Oh yeah….warm jets on my….muscles.” she purred

“I’ll help.” I said

I didn’t feel a need to rush things so just let Britney relax there was plenty of time for sex later she cuddled up to me rather quick pushing her boobs into my arm.

“I need this again.” she cooed

“Go ahead.” I said

She stroked my meat really good I had been erect since Britney got in the hottub as I pulled her bikini top off feeling her up making her really horny.

It was nice seeing Britney in a good mood as I slipped 3 fingers into her pussy making her groan and very wet pulling her into the water as I went.

“I thought that photoshoot would never end.” she purred

“It wasn’t so bad you got to keep the outfit.” I said

While I had her distracted with my fingers I let her boobs free as I sucked on them she slipped into the water.

“Feels so good.” she said

“This should be way better.” I said

I went right for her pussy giving it a solid licknearly making her knees weak as she sat on the deck with her feet in the water.

“Keep going with that.” she said

“You asked for it.” I said

I licked even harder hitting her clit on every pass I must have been doing a good job since Britney’s legs were wrapped around my shoulders and a free hand was clawes into my hair not letting go.

“Keep going.” she moaned

“Mmmmpppphhhffffff.” I said

I could feel her fingernails digging into my scalp as Britney’s orgasm slammed into her body I got a face full of her girl cream and a ringing ear from the scream.

“That…was…..intense.” she panted

“This should be better.” I said

I pumped as much of my dick that would fit inside her pussy making her jump. Britney was soaked allowing my meat to slide around with no problem as I gripped her ample boobs.

“So….thick.” she moaned

“Just a bit more.” I said

Britney opened her legs all the way letting my thick shaft go as far as her body would allow which was rather deep at the moment she wasn’t screaming yet but she was about to.

“I..feel….it…throbbing.” she said

“Claws.” I said

Her orgasm was building and my back was paying a heavy price as her fingers raked my spine but it was worth it to see Britney’s face twist in pleasure.

“More.” she said

“Gonna blow.” I said

I exploded dumping a huge load of spunk in her pussy. Britney didn’t scream since her eyes were rolled up inside her head with a slight amount of drool from her orgasm but I was still hard.

“That…was….epic.” she said

“I’m not done.” I said

Before it could register in her brain I had planted Britney in my lap with my cock going right up her ass with no trouble making her jump as I began pistoning into her anal ring.

“So hard.” she moaned

“Almost there.” I said

The water was splashing everywhere as she humped away on my tool driving her hips down getting every inch she could inside while I felt Britney up holding her in place.

“Gonna scream.” she said

“Can’t hold it.” I said

I erupted again blasting Britney’s ass with my huge load as her own orgasm slammed into her body full force causing her to rock and moan. I pulled out when she settled down my cock limp yet still big.

Having to leave Britney was like fingernails on a chalkboard it would be a good year before her next album would be ready so I would have to sit tight at home with my blog until it was ready though I had hoped for a few exclusives before then.

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