Being a fan of Christina Aguilera

Story title: Being a fan of Christina Aguilera

Story by: Money

Celeb in story: Christina Aguilera

Story codes: mF, MF, oral, anal,

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened this is total fiction and a custom story requested by a fan named Bob that helped shape the story to what it became here any questions or feedback on the story send them to I would like to thank Bob for this story idea it was really fun doing it now on with the story.

Authors note: The story takes place over a 13 year period starting in 1999 at the beginning of Christina’s career when she is just 18 while the author is 15.

I had never been to a live concert before so this was being my first one was special the bonus being I had backstage passes as well with so many choices for my first concert I went for Christina Aguilera mainly due to her voice she was opening for someone I couldn’t stand I had a weakness for blondes plus her South American heritage was a big turn on for me I had never been with a girl from Equodor and don’t get me started on her body it was all kinds of perfect I bailed after her set going to a meet and greet backstage others must have gotten backstage passes as well the number of people there neared the 50 mark with me included as they filtered down to more manageable numbers I found myself within reaching distance of her at a table she was so sweet I got a smile and landed an autographed picture time must have been moving slow for me by the time I looked around again everyone else had cleared out with Christina sitting at the table alone.

“I was hoping you would stick around.” she said

“Well I was hoping for a little more time with you.” I said

“Ohhh I could just eat you up come on give Christina a squeeze.” she said

“Ok if I have to.” I said

I wasn’t really sure where to put my hands since she barely had anything on from the waist up in a white nearly skin tight halter top and pants combo showing some nice curves all over and her perky boobs snug inside the top her being petite didn’t help me any as I sat on the couch Christina pulled me in for the hug then I got a kiss on the cheek which quickly switched to my lips the blonde hottie was getting worked up like me being 18 it wasn’t unheard of for a sex drive to take over and Christina’s was clearly in control now I was getting really hard with my 8 inch erection barely contained in my pants as she brought her hand down to my lap feeling between my legs.

“Oh baby your big I would love to try it out.” she purred

“Go ahead.” I said

As Christina went down on me giving me a very impressive blowjob I rubbed her back while pulling her shirt off showing off some very nice C cup boobs on her petite frame as I felt her up she looked at me with those stunning blue eyes giving me a lopsided smile.

“Mmmmffphhh.” she moaned

“That’s the stuff.” I said

Not to be outdone I eased her pants off licking her pussy while groping her boobs the stimulation between her legs was driving her wild making her open them wider.

“Your rough tongue is driving me crazy.” she cooed

“There’s plenty more.” I said

I was licking so hard Christina fell off the couch onto the floor nearly spread eagled with my face still buried between her legs going for broke.

“I need that thick dick inside me before you drive me crazy.” she said

“You asked for it.” I said

I kept licking but slowly moved up her body to her abs sucking ever so tenderly on her boobs going up her neck keeping her mind busy as my shaft went in bumping into her cervix.

“Oh shit that’s big.” she said

“Your still pretty tight babe.” I said

I eased in every inch I had going slow then speeding up making Christina’s hips buck on nearly every pass clawing into my back from my meat inside her and me feasting on her perky boobs.

“Faster you animal.” she squealed


I was going full tilt as she wrapped her legs around my waist letting me pump everything I had into her the harder I thrust the more my dick throbbed begging for release.

“Gonna…gonna…scream.” she moaned

“Not yet.” I said

With her vocal range a scream would have been heard over half the stadium if her orgasm hit so I put my hand over her mouth to stifle the noise as her orgasm slammed into her full force.

“Mmmmfffppphhhhh.” she squealed

“Gonna blow.” I said

I pumped a huge load into her pussy with her back continuing to arch as her orgasm played across her body letting off random muscle spasms as I pulled out Christina started sucking me off yet again causing another big load to go down her throat she got it down but barely given the thickness.

I bounced back rather quick she was very gentle and very loving for someone so young the sex kitten streak was a bonus though.

“Your amazing for being as young as you are.” she said

“I’ll be 16 this summer you were great too.” I said

“Oh shit your really young I could be roasted if this got out.” she said

“I won’t tell it will stay secret on my end.” I said

“That’s good I would hate to lose my big fan over this.” she said

We came up with a plan where I would keep quiet about what happened and she would spend as much of her free time “on vacation” with me with her current schedule it would be a while before that would happen.

2 years later

Waiting for this tour was torture between wanting to see Christina again on tour and getting ripped on by my friends it didn’t start soon enough for me I was able to talk my buddy Bob into coming with me when we got backstage Christina was waiting for me our jaws dropped as I took in the sight before me with Christina in an aqua blue top crossed over her chest showing off a very tight belly micro denim shorts topped with a white cap on her head she didn’t wear this during the show so it had to be special.

“Me and Money have some catching up to do so how about you keep my dance crew company for the next….5 hours.” she said

8 of her dancers came in pulling Bob away with a smile as Christina cuddled up next to me before pulling me into her dressing room locking the door.

“I really missed you I had to swear off dick or vibrators while I was in the studio.” she said

“I gotta admit I’m loving the outfit here.” I said

“For the next few hours I want to feel you inside me just like before.” she whispered

“I can make that happen.” I said

She pulled me by my pants into the shower rubbing up against me pulling them down as I untied her top letting her perky boobs free Christina’s hand started the shower soaking her shorts before I could get them off her.

Christina was all over me even though we were soaked and very slippery her skirt came off easy enough as she started deepthroating me I was able to cop a feel on her boobs which really got her going sucking me off harder where I had to sit on the bench while she looked up at me her tongue nearly made me erupt I was going nowhere with Christina’s boobs sliding along my abs going up my body.

“Oh yeah this is just what I want.” she said

“Me too.” I said

She crawled on top of me giving me a deep kiss as I picked her up pinning her face first to the wall while gripping Christina’s ample chest leaning into her back with my free hand slipping 3 fingers inside her dripping pussy making her shudder.

“Motherfucker that is big.” she moaned

“Wait for it.” I said

Christina wasn’t kidding my hands were rather large along with my fingers I rubbed her clit driving her crazy and still had 6 inches left to go that wouldn’t fit in.

“I can’t think straight.” she cried

“Then don’t.” I said

With Christina writhing on my fingers waiting for her orgasm to happen I slipped my dick into her ass she was far tighter than I thought she would be and she noticed really quick.

“Mmmm changing the rules I love it.” she purred.

“Whole new game baby.” I said

I picked her up again in my arms sliding my thick shaft in and out of Christina’s ass pulling and tweeking her nipples while she was pinned to the tile wall my dick nearly being the only thing holding her up as she started to work my cock like a piston clearly getting off on the sensations I sucked her boobs again.

“Gonna…gonna…soon.” she panted

“Me too.” I said

Christina put her hands on the tile wall pushing back as her body went tense for an earth shattering orgasm she was riding it out as best she could humping away on my dick.


“Can’t hold it.” I moaned

I unloaded a huge amount of sperm into her ass easily coating Christina’s insides with some very sticky goo before pulling out both of us collapsed onto the bench in each others arms worn out but very happy.

After Christina’s new tour was announced I went to get my ticket the first chance I had when I arrived at the arena I learned the only tickets left were up in the balcony and the backstage passes were gone with the exception of one that was being held I was horrified until I saw my name on the envelope it looked like Christina was looking out for me so I left the arena and came back the night of the show with this being her first headlining tour she was on stage for longer than normal I was amazed at the stage show she put on but was counting down in my head till it was over once the curtain dropped I made a beeline for backstage and her dressing room I was so focused that somebody got the drop on me I felt something poke me in my spine I put my hands up on reflex when I heard the voice.

“Wasn’t expecting this huh? I know just what to do with you.” she said

“This is a new one on me.” I said

I figured it was Christina having a little fun playing a power game so I played along at being the captive as we entered her dressing room I finally got a look at her in some red boots a black trenchcoat that went to the floor a black beret and dark sunglasses framing her shoulder length blonde hair.

“Well looks like a frisking is needed here.” she said

“I’m not armed.” I said

Christina took off the trenchcoat showing so much skin she was nearly naked anyway with a black panty and bra set her boobs were nearly escaping through the bra the girl was stunning as she started her inspection.

“You badboys are all the same never playing by rules I’ll bet you have something on you right now.” she said

I kept quiet playing along as she pushed her boobs into my back starting up at my neck working her way down slowly towards my pants.

:Hmmm, thick neck, broad shoulders, granite for abs, redwood trees for arms.” she purred

She slipped my shirt off rubbing my chest before sliding her hand inside my pants pulling them down letting my thick 10 inch cock out as she stroked it.

“I knew it this huge thing is clearly going to be used for something.” she said

“You got me I was planning on nailing this hot blonde with it she has to be around here somewhere.” I said

Christina kept rubbing on me with her ample chest from the news I was so distracted I acted on instinct snapping her bra in half followed quickly by her lace panties which turned her on even more.

“Gotta love a guy that really knows what he’s doing.” she said

“I’m just getting started.” I said

She quickly got my dick between her boobs and started sucking me off the feeling was beyond fantastic as I watched her blonde hair fly around listening to the loud slurping sounds she made.

“So thick.” she moaned

“Oh shit your good at this.” I said

The more I tried to hold out the harder she sucked and jerked my meat with her boobs I couldn’t deny she had talent and looked really hot with the water running down her body from the shower head.

“I want it on my face.” she purred

“You asked for it.” I said

Christina was going for broke humping my dick with her boobs I was quickly losing my balance from my knees wanting to buckle from her attention but stayed on my feet putting my hands on the tile wall while she continued her antics.

“It’s throbbing in my hands.” she said

“Can’t hold out.” I moaned

My dick erupted on her body from her nose down to her boobs Christina was covered in a sizeable load of spunk watching as the water washed it away down the drain.

:That was so cool.” she said

“I’m not done yet.” I said

My dick was still hard as I rubbed it on her ass sliding it in she was really tight it was going to take some work to loosen her up Christina was already breathing hard gripping her hands on the tile.

“UUUUHHHHHNNNNNNNNNN…never had anything near this size in my ass before.” she said

“That’s all I needed to hear.” I said

I kept pumping my dick into her ass getting the anal ring to give rather quickly driving Christina closer to the edge of her orgasm while I pulled on her nipples just enough for the reaction I wanted where she was rubbing her clit to keep pace.

“I’m stuffed…can’t…focus…rubbing my insides…raw.” she moaned

“I’m gonna blow.” I said

Christina’s hands were a blur rubbing away between her clit and boobs they went even faster as I blasted her insides with a sizeable deposit of thick spunk in her ass making her orgasm that much more intense riding out on her body and nerves.

“AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!” she screamed

She milked my cock for every drop it could get as I pulled out Christina was pretty spent slumping to the tile wall of the shower sliding down where my dick exploded again catching her in the face with an even thicker load than the last my man cream drenched everything from her hair down to her boobs again.

4 years later

I was home in a funk I had to work the same night as Christina’s tour came through so I missed the concert some of my friends went but came back just saying I missed a fantastic show not wanting to throw it in my face it was almost bedtime when I heard a knock on the front door I had no idea who it could be as I opened it there was Christina in a very hot outfit of a low cut blue dress showing most of her big tits out of the top of it my jaw hit the floor.

“Surprise.” she cooed

Before I could respond she jumped into my arms slamming the door behind her giving me a deep kiss while ripping my shirt open I grabbed her ass to keep my balance hoisting her DD sized rack to my eye level before pinning her to the wall roaming over her neck and face exploring with my tongue.

“I missed you too.” I said

I pulled her into the kitchen and put ice cubes on her back getting a shiver going down her spine before I ripped open her dress feeling her up and bent her over the counter getting my pants off.

“Mmmm…that’s it baby.” she cooed

We stumbled into the bedroom pawing at each other as I got Christina’s dress off all the way groping her big tits before we landed on the bed with Christina on the bottom.

“Give it to me.” she purred

I went between her legs licking at a very slow pace with my rough tongue making her spasm and hold my head in place with her legs driving her heels into my shoulders.

“Oh yeah I missed this.” she moaned

“Mmmmpppfffhhhh.” I said

Christina opened her legs allowing me more freedom of movement as I craned my neck a little to see her face it was blocked by her big tits I  couldn’t see her but could hear her just as well she clearly liked the attention I was giving her body.

“Get it in there.” she said

“Give me a minute.” I said

She clearly didn’t want me to stop as I felt her up and ran my tongue along her abs making Christina arch her back thrusting her chest out I gave her boobs a playful squeeze kissing her neck driving her closer to the edge.

“Sneaky bastard.” she moaned

“Time for some real fun.” I said

I slid my cock into her pussy just like old times making Christina shudder from it’s thickness and me sucking her big tits also her moans quickly ramped up to near screaming pitch I knew my neighbors would look in if strange noises were happening.

“I forgot how much I enjoyed this thick horse cock of yours.” she said

“Then you should be happy with this.” I said

I went a bit crazy pumping into Christina with my throbbing cock watching her boobs bounce from the impacts she clearly enjoyed it thrusting back with her hips getting as much of me inside her as possible.

“So big…gonna cum…hard.” she moaned

“Just a bit more.” I said

She was so into the session I was able to handcuff her to the bed rather easily before she noticed then again it seemed like she noticed then again it seemed like she didn’t care and just wanted to get laid.

“Sneaky bastard.” she said

“Yes I am.” I said

I started going full tilt ramming my cock into her pussy again Christina was losing her grip on reality meeting my thrusts with her own reckless pace as her orgasm finally hit.


I blasted her pussy with a lot of sperm again draining most of my balls while she clawed at my arms enjoying the orgasm that played over her body even still being handcuffed to the bed as I pulled out.

“Fantastic.” she said

“Still not done yet.”

I unlocked the cuffs slowly making out with Christina she must have still been frisky rubbing her boobs on me and stroking my cock back to life.

“Mmmm looks like he’s ready again.” she purred

“Time for round 2.” I said

I stradled Christina’s chest getting my thick cock between her tits she put them together feeding the head into her mouth sucking slow at first then harder with some impressive skill.

“Mfffppphhh.” she moaned

“So sexy.” I said

I continued humping the busty blondes big boobs for what seemed like ages as my dick continued to throb getting ready to release my thick, sticky, baby batter on her face.

“I can feel it baby explode on me.” she said

“Can’t hold out.” I said

Christina caught the first large deposit in her mouth which quickly spilled over her chin with more following being sprayed like a hose on her rather large chest draining the rest of my balls empty.

2 years later

I was happy I had the next few days off and Christina was in town on her latest tour with a multi show multi night stint I was caught in a traffic jam on my way to meet up with Christina at a penthouse suite she rented under a fake name I was still out on the main highway waiting when my cell went off.

“I’m feeling frisky.” she purred

“Not fair I’m stuck in traffic.” I said

“You need to have that big thing stuck between my legs baby.” she said

“I have a 6 car pile up to get through before I can do that.” I said

“I’ve got my hands rubbing my pussy it feels soooo good I need to get my skirt off.” she said

“Dirty pool you little minx.” I said

“It’s only dirty if your thinking of ripping my shirt open and playing with my big tits…I would so let you.” she cooed

“I am now still going to be a while before I get there.” I said

“Oh shit they want out now the shirt won’t hold them buttons are everywhere can’t hold out” she moaned

“Your going to pay for that.” I said

Meanwhile at the penthouse

After Christina messed with Money a little more she thought back to the wild times over the years they had while waiting for him causing her to rub a breast and let out a sigh when another memory ran through her brain.


I got off the plane in Hawaii breathing in the sweet smell of pineapples and coconuts Christina had already arrived a few days ago so I had to go find her I thought about hitting the beach first it quickly turned into a needle in a haystack search with so many busty blondes in bikinis there I was about to move on when I saw her coming in from the surf in a bikini with a shirt over it.

“You made it.” she said

“Your making it tough to not want your clothes off.” I said

Christina kissed me with nobody even bothering us as we headed towards the hotel suite even though she was more frisky than usual.

“Nobody even knows I’m here we can do whateveer, whereever we want this hotel is totally isolated from prying eyes.” she said

“So having sex in the hallway would count awesome.” I said

“Now there’s the horny stud I remember.” she said

“Let’s get to it.” I said

I ripped open her shirt throwing it on the ground as we kissed freeing her big tits from the bikini top slowly making a trail of discarded clothes along the way I never found my pants again.

“I’ve wanted to be dominated during sex to see what it’s like but you were always so kind I never asked.” she said

“Maybe we can work something out while we’re here it’s not like you brought a bondage kit with you.” I said

“Oh but I did it was a pain getting through customs.” she said

“Hmmm, let’s start with handcuffs and a blindfold and go from there.” I said

She was all in loving the idea of trying something new in paradise with the ability to just cut loose and enjoy herself for as long as she wanted.

Christina was so turned on I didn’t even need the blindfold she still wanted to watch just tied up like we agreed which presented an interesting turn of events.

“I love watching you play with my boobs.” she said

“I know you enjoy my big dick between them.” I said

I teased her massaging her boobs while making eye contact into Christina’s blue eyes I always found them so alluring this time was no different.

“Love those hands baby.” she cooed

“Try this out.” I said

I ran my thumbs up her abs lightly squeezing her boobs before going back down again alternating between kissing her lips and rubbing her soaked clit.

“So nice.” she purred

“Almost ready.” I said

Being tied up made Christina’s boobs my playpen the attention I gave them nearly drove her to the brink of insanity more than once she was almost shaking with need.

“I’m begging for your sperm…I need it just enough to get me off.” she said

“I love it when you do that.” I said

Her total slut side showed up sucking my dick all the way down her throat even still tied up it was an impressive display of skill as her mouth and tongue kept pumping my meat.

“Can’t hold it.” I moaned

Christina’s eyes went wide as my dick unloaded more sperm than usual into her mouth draining into her stomach while her body bucked on the bed as I pulled out an veen thicker load caught her on the face plastering everything from her ears to her neck.

end flashback

It was nearly an hour later when I finally arrived at the penthouse Christina had obviously been keeping herself busy since I could smell a very strong sex odor coming from the bedroom as I looked in the nearly transparent sheets framed the busty blondes body relaxing from a very intense orgasm.

“You’ve been busy I see.” I said

“You made it.” she said

Christina was a striking figure for being so petite the busty blonde still had an allure to her I found rather yummy instead of laying back in the bed she headed for the pool area diving right in I followed along as she broke the surface all wet giving a nice visual to a fantasy I had years ago.

“Very nice wish I had my camera.” I said

“Your drooling baby.” she said

She pulled me into the pool with her wrapping her arms around my neck as my erection rested on her abs under the water.

“Sometimes I wonder if it has a mind of it’s own.” I said

“Well I’m thinking the same thing right about now.” she purred

Christina stroked my dick rather hard as she kissed me the time we spend apart is torture but it pays off when we are together her labido is normally in high gear and this time was no different.

“I love this huge dick of yours.” she purred

“I can tell you seem to be more horny than usual.” I said

“Oh if you only knew the totally depraved things I’ve wanted to do with you over the years.” she said

“I’m pretty sure this would count.” I said

“I could almost swear you have pumped a few gallons of sperm into me over the years.” she said

“Maybe then again a few more couldn’t hurt.” I said

Teasing Christina was one of the few things I had done over the years that made her horny without really trying the payoff was fun though as I drove my meat into her pussy again and again slowly lifting her out onto the deck watching her big boobs bounce.

Christina dipped below the water line to suck me off her blonde hair swirling around as she rose to the surface again.

“Hmmm, forgot I could float with these.” she said

“It was a cool trick though really sexy.” I said

She quickly pinned me to the pool wall wrapped her legs around my waist before starting to hump my shaft as her big tits bounced in and out of the water splashing my face.

“We keep this up I won’t walk right again…but it would be so worth it.” she said

“You’d drain me dry in the process.” I said

I must have struck a nerve as Christina started grinding faster taking more of my dick she was going at a pretty quick pace pumping away lifting my body out of the pool onto the diving board when she got a dirty looking smirk on her face and it looked like an idea.

“First the diving board then the hottub.” she purred

“Oh shit.” I said

I had never had sex on a diving board before so I wasn’t really sure how it worked when Christina mounted me on it sliding her pussy back on my thick shaft I was going nowhere.

“Mmmm…something new.” she purred

“Have fun.” I said

She started going at a quick pace at first the board didn’t move much as I groped her boobs Christina spread her legs open all the way hanging them over the sides really going to town as my head slightly bounced off the board.

“I just can’t get enough of this huge thing.” she purred

“Well then just take it all.” I said

Christina was an animal I don’t remember any girl being so aggressive she just kept coming until we fell off the board into the water even then she was sucking me off underwater until I came up for air.

“Time for the hottub.” she said

“Right behind you.” I said

We slipped into the hottub the welcoming jets of warm water helped my muscles to relax the bonus of watching a very naked and still horny Christina join me put a smile on my face.

“Somebody likes what they see.” she said

“No complaints here.” I said

Her boobs nearly floated on the water while cuddling next to me I quickly recovered sliding my full length into her pussy driving it home as she started to jump from the impacts.

“Blast my pussy with it I’m so close.” she moaned

“Here it comes.” I said

I exploded a huge load into her pussy at the same moment her orgasm slammed into her I knew she was a screamer but the volume was well above what my hearing was used to Christina kept milking my cock for every drop she could get inside her while spouting off random Spanish words most of them I didn’t understand but sounded hot anyway.

2 years later

Between Christina’s show and the new album my time with her was cut down to nearly nothing I understood it was bound to happen I just made the best of it keeping myself busy she finally had time now that the last song was done she crashed on the bed face first spreading out next to me in a black lace dress showing off some impressive curves before rolling onto my chest.

“Hey sunshine.” I said

“I could really go for a massage.” she said

I jumped right on it going up and down her neck and spine sending shivers along the way that she clearly liked before adding her ample chest to the mix.

“Somebody likes my work.” I said

“You have no idea baby let’s make a sextape.” she purred

I was all for making one with Christina however I didn’t want to tip my hand that I was comfortable where I was already until she said something I won’t forget.

“I want to drain your big dick dry.”

“Let’s do this.” I said

Setting up the camera didn’t take long at all Chrsitina was itching to go when it was ready I returned to give her the massage she wanted which quickly spiraled into kissing, rubbing, and moaning on her part while unzipping my pants.

“So thick.” she purrred

“So kinky.” I said

Christina was humping my leg while stroking my cock the horny little vixen looked so cute looking up at me with her eyes in a lost kitten kind of way.

“I really want this.” she purred

“I’ve got just the thing.” I said

I got Christina on her back working my way around her neck and shoulders her buttons on the front slowed me down so I decided to have some fun with her as I rubbed my chest on her arm going down then up getting her hands into the cuffs before she noticed.

“Mmmm…kinky.” she said

“I’m just getting started.” I said

To add some spice I blindfolded her so she had to feel rather than see what I was doing to her which turned her on even more than usual.

“Bringing out something new…love it. she said

“Figured you would.” I said

Since she couldn’t see me I started at the top of her head and worked my way down to her jaw and neck she melted into my hands as I trailed fingers down her chest opening 2 buttons on the dress before sliding 3 fingers in the opening between Christina’s big tits she sat up as best she could kissing my upper arm then laying back down.

“More.” she moaned

“Here we go.” I said

I continued to tease her undoing one button at a time freeing her DD sized boobs while easing her dress off her shoulders Christina clearly enjoyed it since she arched her back pushing her ample chest out.

“I’m totally soaked baby fuck me anywhere.” she said

“In time.” I said

As I teased her more I pulled her skirt up showing her pussy really was soaked I could feel the heat coming off it begging for some attention so I started licking which got a very strong reaction.

“Oh yes that’s the stuff…UUUHHNNNNNN keep going …right there.” she said

I rubbed Christina’s clit on every pass with my tongue which was driving her over the edge quickly if she wasn’t handcuffed I’m sure she would have had my face under her hands doing just this with a smile on her face anyway.

“Sneaky bastard.” she said

Yeah it was sneaky but so worth it as I pulled off her dress all the way leaving her stark naked from head to foot giving me a great view of her body.

“I don’t want to beg for it but it feels so good.” she said

“But I like it when you beg.” I said

I kept licking slowing down then speeding up again clearly driving Christina to the brink again and again before I finally slipped my dick into her pussy.

“Rip me apart with it I want to feel every inch I can handle.” she said

“If you say so.” I said

I was drilling my meat into her as fast as I could opening her legs wide while groping Christina’s ample rack she was even more soaked than before as I continued licking her boobs.

“Losing my mind.” she groaned

“Awww sex kitten can’t handle it.” I teased

I pulled out of Christina as she humped air trying to find my dick I let her out of the cuffs getting under her body she still couldn’t see but didn’t need to as I slipped my dick in her ass she went rigid almost in an instant.

“Blast that thick cream in me.” she cooed

“Just a little longer.” I said

She was humping away driving my dick in really far having Christina on top just made her hornier with lust and setup a big power trip in the process where I couldn’t get away.

“Give me a screaming orgasm you hung bastard.” she said

“Can’t hold it.” I said

I erupted what felt like buckets of cum into her ass whiole groping her big tits which sent Christina over the edge for her orgasm the screaming fit was one for the ages as her hips bucked on every movement of mine we continued on after recovering most of it was a blur she didn’t stop till she had nothing left for energy that was ok by me since my balls were almost drained.

We had so much sex neither of us moved around very much afterward we had so much material for the sextape I actually made 3 versions an uncut 6 hour blockbuster, a 4 hour directors cut, and a 2 hour gem with deleted scenes that we couldn’t fit on the other discs I kept the masters on a few thumbdrives but 1 had recently come up missing it was a special surprise for Christina I had been working on and I really needed to find it.

“If your looking for something this long it must be important.” she said

“A special thumbdrive.” I said

I could tell she wanted to find it first mainly due to what was on the thumbdrive her acting like a totally depraved slut with me while in Hawaii after 2 hours of nothing we took a break Christina had turned on the tv just as they were showing a special report.

“Breaking news out of Hollywood it seems a sextape has come out of the shadows recently featuring a very naked Christina Aguilera with an unknown male.” the reporter said.

“Oh fuck.” I said

“It can’t be me they are just fishing.” she said

“Maybe not that scene was on the thumbdrive.” I said

“If this is real my career in tv might be over.” she said

I jumped on my computer looking for evidence and there it was on a porn site the entire video clip uploaded on the server my surprise to Christina up in flames I was crushed.

“Found it..all of it.” I said

“Wow I had no idea I looked that hot taking it in the ass.” she said

I had gone from fun naughty secret in her life to total liability for her future career we had to end it there but split under the special knowledge she was my first and would remain there always.

The end

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