Belayed Birthday Gift

(Note: The following is a work of erotic celebrity fiction, and is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18)

Belayed Birthday Gift

By: CelebTickler

Starring: Lynda Carter

(MMF, Con, Slut, Inter, Teas, Foot, Oral, Anal, DP, & Facial)

It was a late evening in August when Lynda Carter arrived home. It had been an eventful Summer for the TV star turned spokes woman, having appeared in two movies, and doing every thing she could to help promote them. The mature beauty had bee so busy that she hadn’t been able to get home for her birthday. Once she entered her Washington residence,
the 54 year old was surprised to fined the lights dimmed and no sign of her two teenage children. Only her husband Robert could be seen in the center of the dimly lit living room, behind a wooden chair.

“Welcome home Lynda,” said Robert, gesturing toward the chair, “Take a seat it’s time for your belated birthday gift.”

Lynda took off her coat, and slowly walked across the room. She tried to give her husband a hug, but he wouldn’t let her. Instead he took a firm hold of her an sat her in the chair. Lynda was shocked when her husband pulled out a long silk scarf and proceeded to bind her left wrist to the arm of the large chair, pulling out a second scarf he than did the same to the other. The expression on the MILF’s was one of surprise and delight. Robert had never been this assertive before, and it was a very arousing change of pace.

“Ok, this is different.” stated Ms. Carter, “It must be some gift.”

“Oh it is.” replied her husband, “Let me introduce you to the Hip-Hop Cowboy.”

Suddenly 50 cents “it’s your Birthday” began to blast from an unseen source and a handsome black man strutted into the room. He was very tall and had a lean athletic build. His costume was a black cowboy hat with a matching vest and chaps. Lynda sat wide eyed, and speechless, at the sight of the tremendous bulge that strained the man’s skin-tight trunks. The bound woman couldn’t believe her husband had gotten her this as a gift, but she was very pleased with it.

The man quickly discarded his hat, placing it on Ms. Carters head. Turning his back to the birthday girl, he slouched forward slightly, and began to gyrate his hip provocatively. Lynda wanted to reach forward and slap his firm, wiggling, round ass, but the binds on her wrists kept her from doing so. The black man slipped his vest off and tossed it across the room, to land on the couch. Lynda surprised her self by letting out a loud squeal at the sight of his rippled, muscular body.

“Oh my god.” sigh the blushing actress, as the exotic dancer straddled her lap, “This is just unbelievable.”

The man place his big hands on the back of the chair, flanking Lynda’s shoulders, and began to slowly grinned himself against her. The prisoner/recipient closed her eye, and began to grind her hip in return. To the actress’s surprise she felt a pair of hand’s cup her face, and a pair of lips softly press against hers. Opening her baby blues, she saw the handsome features of her husband’s face.

“Are you enjoying you gift?” he asked

“Oh yeah.“ Lynda replied, “You have no idea what your in for after he leaves.”

“He’s not leaving.” whispered Robert, as his hand’s caressed his wife’s plump breasts, “He’s staying all night.”

Lynda was about to dispute her husbands intentions when the dancers left thigh landed across her right shoulder. Turning her head, Ms. Carter found nose half an inch away from the huge bulge in the black man’s trunks. The renewed serge of arousal caused an unexpected dampening of the actress’s loins, and a sudden loss of her inhibitions. Leaning forward the woman began to softly lick the crotch of the man’s tights. The dance smiled as he felt the woman’s lips sucking his hard on through his garment, and started to loosen the tie string to his chaps. Before long the young man peeled off his tight, leaving only a small, strained T-bar covering his long, black dick.

Lynda could feel the tip of her husband sizable member poking her in the back, as his nimble finger quickly unbuttoned her blouse. The actress’s white braw was pulled down under big tits, forcing them to be pushed up. The business lawyer began to vigorously massage his wife boob, squeezing them firmly but not getting to rough. Over past 20 years Robert had become an expert in her anatomy, he was the only man she’d been that could have her begging for release. All the mature beauty wanted right now was a dick in her pussy.

The bound woman‘s merciless teasing continued, as the male stripper pulled of one of her shoes. Mr. Altman had told the Cowboy about how foot play turned her on, so the black man decided to add it to his rutean this evening. Pulling the black 6 inch heel off the woman’s foot, he tore open her stocking and lifted it to his dark full lips. Lynda eye’s widened with surprise as she felt each of her toes being sucked one by one. Her breathing became heavy and her body began to tremble, this extensive foreplay was becoming more torturous by the minuet, and she wasn’t sure how much more she could stand.

“Oh my god,” Lynda moaned as the dancer licked the sole of her left foot, “You two are killing me with this teasing,” she continued, “I need to be fucked, and I need it now.”

“Not quite yet.” replied her husband as he came around the chair, “There is a little something I need you to do for me first.”

Lynda’s lips parted into here famous smile at the sight of her husbands thick 9” dick. The sight of her man’s beautiful white cock was more then enough to turn her on any day, and she felt another serge of pussy juice soak into her panties. The woman’s attention was broken only for a moment as she felt her other shoe being pulled off, but it retuned to Robert when she felt his cock’s sticky head tap her flushed cheek. The bound woman stuck out her tongue and began to lick the throbbing tip of her husbands pleasure pole.

Having grown tired of licking the white woman’s feet, the exotic dancer reached up, under her skirt, and pulled down her panties, which were drenched with her juices. The black man then looked up to see Lynda struggling with her husband dick, when she would try to get her lips around it, he would pull it back, and then slap her in the face with it’s sticky tip. The dancer lifted the hem of the actress’ skirt, and positioned his face between her glistening thighs.

“I didn’t think black men did that.” said Lynda, only to have Robert shove his cock into her mouth.
“It was a prerequisite of him taking the job.” he interjected, as he slowly fucked his wife’s face, “If he didn’t eat pussy he didn’t get hired.”

Under the her skirt, Lynda spread her juice laden thighs to accommodating the dancer’s head. What a sight it was indeed to see Lynda Carter tied to a chair, sucking her husbands cock, with a second man up under her skirt. The actress never thought she would fined her self in a situation like this, not to mention a willing party to it. Soon she felt the black man’s large strong hands firmly grasp her ass, as his large tongue ploughed into her moist cunt. It took everything Lynda had not to bite down from the surge of pleasure the strippers tongue gave her.

“How’s he doing down there?” asked Robert, pulling his dick from her hungry mouth.

“Oh mmmm, uh, um, well, he’s doing a very good job.” replied the woman, as she squirmed in her seat. “Do you guy thing you, oh wow, untie me now.”

“In a minuet Lynda, you realy need to be more patient.” her husband joked.

Lynda watched as her husband moved to were the black man was kneeling and tapped him on the shoulder. The stripper rose up from under her skirt, his face glistening with her juices. Mr. Altman whispered something into the other man’s ear, and his lips parted into the biggest smile she’d ever seen. The actress‘ jaw dropped as she watched the man remove his t-bar, revealing the biggest, thickest penis she‘d ever seen in her life.

“Uh, just how big is that thing?” asked Lynda, as the black dick throbbed inches from her face.”

“I don’t know.” replied the man’s in a deep sexy voice, “Long enough to make you very happy.”

The mature beauty felt her skirt being pulled off, leaving her sitting in her bottomless. The busty brunet watched as her husband lifted her long legs into the air and rubbed the tip of his cock over her swollen pussy lips. Robert tilted his head to the left, motioning for Lynda to give her attention to the stripper’s massive member. Turning her head, Lynda opened her mouth and began to lick the plump, mushroom like, head.

“If you take you attentions away from him, I’ll stop fucking you, do you understand ?” he asked.

Seeing his wife nod her response, the lawyer proceeded to slip the head of his cock into her snatch. Gripping her ankles firmly he began to slowly thrust his hip back and forth. Lynda had no way of knowing that her husband had always fantasized about watching her with another man, especially sucking another guy’s cock. The was more then one occasion when he would go on the web and down load the clips from “Bobbie Joe and The Outlaw” and pleasure himself to the love seen. Now his fantasy was coming true under the guise of a birthday gift. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

The actress’ tongue worked franticly, licking at the fat, dark, cock head before her. The feeling of her husbands member felt so good slowly sliding in and out of her pussy , all Lynda wanted to do was look into his eye’s, but she knew if she took her attention away from the black dancers impressive tool he would stop, and she didn’t want that to happen. Lynda began to softly kiss down the shaft of her birthday gifts throbbing tootsie-pole, groaning softly as her husbands pace quickened. Her soft lips soon found their way to the other man’s sweaty ball sack, which she began to suck enthusiastically.

“What do you think Cow Boy, should we untie her now?” asked Robert.

“Yah, I don’t think she can handle being in this chair much longer.” the male dancer replied.

The two men untied the horny MILF and pulled off her remaining clothing. Soon Lynda found her self on her hands and knees being taken from behind, while she wrapped her lips around the 14” of fat black dick. The actress felt the sting of a slap as her husband brought his hand down on her round ass. The woman could feel the slow building of an orgasm in her pussy, and began to thrust back harder against her husbands forward strokes. Little grunt slipped from the busty brunets cock filled mouth, as the sensations grew stronger and stronger, until finally she let out a passionate scream.

“Oh god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming so hard!” screamed Lynda as she collapsed face down, ass up on the floor, “Oh go that was incredible.” she groaned as she began to stand up.

“It’s not over yet swear heart.” Robert informed her, “What about us?”

“Oh, of course.” smiled Lynda as the dancer laid down on the floor,” I can’t leave your beautiful cocks like that now can I” she continued, wiping the sweat from her brow.

The early light of dawn, began to seep into the room, as Lynda squatted down on the long black dick. Slowly, she began to slide up an down, facing away from the black stripper, so she could lick the juices from her husbands ivory tool. Lynda’s pace began to increase as her twat adjusted to the mass she was fucking. The black man began thrusting his hips up, as the actress would come down, causing her to grunt loudly with pleasure. The exhausted woman soon found it impossible to suck her husbands dick while riding the ebony stud, so he sat down in the chair she had been in, and watched her enjoy her gift.

Robert was surprised to see his wife was able to fully accommodate the massive dick. He began to slowly stoke own 9 inch’s of love muscle, as his wife tried desperately to keep up with the younger man. The actress looked ate her husband, and began to feel the slow build of another climax. This time when she came it hit so hard that she fell of the exotic dancer, and collapsed into the fetal position on the floor. Looking up, the trembling, tired, woman could see tow hard dicks above her.

“Oh my god, you two are still hard.” she whimpered, “I don’t think I can take much more.”

“Just once more Lynda.” promised Robert, “I’m pretty sure we’ll be done with one more try.”

The exotic dancer’s sweaty body sat down on the couch, followed by Lynda’s exhausted form straddling his big dick yet again. Slowly the black man began to pump his dick up and down, causing the tired woman to groan lightly with pleasure. The actress was suddenly surprised to feel the man pulled her ass open, and feel his finger slip into her tight ass hole. Slowly the long finger slipped in and out of her poop shoot, preparing her for Roberts meat.

“I can’t believe this is happening.” grunted Lynda as she felt her husband penetrate her sphincter, “OH, OH MY GOD, OH

The two men began to fuck Lynda in both holes, and it was like nothing she’d ever experienced before. At first it was uncomfortable, never have had anal sex before. But with in moment’s she could feel the pleasant side effect of having two men inside her. Soon she was ordering the two men to hum faster, as the sweat dripped from all three of them, leaving puddles on the hardwood floor, and leather sofa. For the third time, Lynda scream with passion as her body convulsed and collapsed in the floor. Barley conscious, Lynda could feel hot sticky cum coating her face and tits. It was a birthday gift she would never forget.

The End

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