Bella’s Adventure on the Dark Side II

Title: Bella’s Adventure on the Dark Side II

Author: Neil Reith

Celebs: Bella Thorne

Codes: M+F, cons, anal, oral

Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION and NEVER (unfortunately) happened. The story is pure fantasy and is legal.

It plagued her dreams and it held her thoughts and made it hard to concentrate on anything else. The memory of that day seemed to be constantly on her mind, as she played out the events over and over again in vivid detail (at least as much as she could remember, as much of it was a blur). But even though her memory of all the specific details was not complete, the memories of the overwhelming excitement was very clear. In fact she had never been that excited about a sexual (or any other) situation before…not even close! The feel of all those large black cocks around her and the way they were all focused on her. The taste of them all as they filled her hungry mouth over and over again, 8 in all.

She had tried to recreate the feelings several times with different “stunts”… She went to a very wild bachelorette party at which she, along with many other girls in attendance sucked on the dancer’s cock until he came on several of their faces. She ended up going to an adult bookstore and sat in a booth in the darkness and sucked off the dicks that poked through the hole in the wall and to her disappointment, there was not a black one in the group. But anonymously sucking cocks through a hole in a wall didn’t give her the attention craved or the satisfaction she needed. She knew only one thing was gonna solve her problem and the consequences be dammed!!

This time she decided to ramp things up a bit and go incognito and not let the people at the place know who she was, if they figured it out, then so be it, but she was going in as a regular girl looking to do some nasty things for the cameras. She also decided to change the place she would go and found a site called “dogfart” and they seemed to be even nastier than “blacked”, so she decided to give them a try…

She arrived at the office and did the interview at which she was required to remove all her clothes so that the interviewer could make sure she was good enough for the site. She passed with flying colors and was given a time and place… She was also encouraged to do some stretching exorcises beforehand.

When she arrived at the shoot, she was dressed in typical “slut” attire, crop-top t-shirt showing off her tight stomach and firm tits, “daisy duke” jean shorts showing off her long toned legs and a bout ¼ of her tight ass, and high heeled stilettos. The director informed her that it would be a gangbang today instead of a blowbang. Seeing alarm in her face, he told her their were plenty of other sluts who would be glad to take her place, besides, they would pay her 50% more for the shoot, so there should be no problem And if she ever wanted to work in this industry again, she’d do as she was told. “Well, you wanted to be treated like a regular girl,” she thought, “you’re getting your wish!”

She stood behind a partition where she was told and on her cue, she walked out into the room full of large black men, all giving the “black power” salute. She walked down the line of men rubbing up against them and letting them run their hands over her tight young body. They then closed around her and groped her even more all over her body as she rubbed their large dicks that were in various states of arousal. Some of them had taken their cocks out and she stroked them with both hands. They roughly stripped off all her clothes and she was now fully nude a midst the group of horny men as she was turned around in circles so that they all could fondle her as they liked. Suddenly she was forced to her knees and a large black dick was shoved toward her face and she had no alternative but to take it into her mouth. She began sucking up and own it’s length, but it wasn’t long before someone pulled her away from it and put their own penis in her mouth. She also sucked on that one until another took it’s place over and over again as she was passed roughly from one to the next. She just closed her eyes, opened her mouth and let them fill it with whatever cock was next as she just continued sucking, trying not to think about what was going to happen to her today…

All of a sudden she was picked up and half carried to a coffee table sized padded pedestal and made to get down on all fours. She had a pretty good idea what was gonna happen next… They put her on her hands and knees and immediately a big stiff cock was pressed to her lips. She opened her mouth to allow it entry and as she began to suck, she was only vaguely aware of what was going on behind her… She could feel the hands squeezing her ass and then fingers probing her pussy and anus. Suddenly her hips were gripped by firm hands and she felt her pussy being filled and stretched much further than what she was used to. She closed her eyes tight and let out a guttural moan that was all but stifled by the large dick already occupying her mouth and part of her throat as the thing filling her kept going deeper and deeper until she felt him against her ass cheeks and knew he was all the way in. She wondered only half jokingly if the dicks at both ends would actually touch inside her, because it sure felt as though they might. One thing was for sure, she had never had this much cock inside her at one time before!

The man began vigorously pounding her tight little pussy as the man with his cock in her mouth let another take his place. He grabbed her by the sides of the head and pushed his way all the way into her mouth as she gagged. He the began fucking her mouth as he held her head still. She was now being mercilessly fucked at both ends and just a glimmer of a thought that maybe she was in over her head went through her mind. As the onslaught of her mouth and pussy continued, she had no choice but to take it and hope for the best. After what seemed like an eternity, the man behind her pulled his dick out, but her reprieve was short lived as another equally big dick took it’s place deep inside her. The man fucked her sore pussy for a little while before pulling out and moving his cock to her asshole. She realized what was happening her eyes went wide and tried to say NO, but with her mouth very full, all that could be heard were muffled cries. “ I love putting my dick up tender little white asses like yours” she heard in her ear as the painful intrusion began. She felt like she was being ripped in half and her O ring felt like it was on fire. The pain was excruciating as her small anal orifice was being filled to overflowing as more and more dick was being stuffed into it, and her eyes began to tear up. The men surrounding her just laughed and remarked about how they were gonna all make sure to try her ass out. And then one by one they all took their places in front of and behind her and she only got a brief reprieve when they would switch off, most going to her mouth after taking their turn at her ass. After awhile the cum started flying…They all wanted to cum on her face or in her mouth and she was sprayed with load after load. She swallowed what she could, but a lot ended up all over her face and hair and ran down her chest.

When the last man shot his spuge into her wide open mouth, she waited on her knees while the camera man took some close ups of her tear streaked cum soaked face. Just when she thought it was over, she was handed a sign and told to hold it over her chest and smile for one last picture. Ever the consummate professional, she gave her best smile for the cameras. When the last pic was taken she turned the sign around and read it… The words came as a complete shock to her “I’m Bella and I love to fuck black guys at” it read! Someone must have recognized her, because she was very careful NOT to use her real name. Someone must have recognized her, but who?, and when? Did they know all along, or figure it out as the shoot was taking place? She was still pondering the question days later when she received notice that the pics and video were being posted to the site along with an ad campaign for a very raunchy porn featuring the former Disney star. “So….The cat will be out of the bag soon”, she thought as she steeled herself for what would happen next.

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