Bella’s Newfound Outlet…A Darkside Sequel

Title: Bella’s Newfound Outlet…A Darkside Sequel

Author: Neil Reith

Celebs: Bella Thorne, Paige Wyatt

Codes: M+F, cons, exh, voy, anal, oral

Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION and NEVER (unfortunately) happened. The story is pure fantasy and is legal.

She got the pictures and videos a day before they went online. They were the raunchiest, dirtiest, most deranged thing she had ever seen and she was right in the middle! There were pictures of her from start to finish from many angles and all showing her being used for the pleasure of a group of men. She was on her knees posing next to their limp but still large penises, holding them, kissing them, licking them. Then she was on her hands and knees and one by one they would get behind her and plunge themselves into her little pussy while a man in front had her mouth occupied with another big black dick. They would have at her from both ends and then switch off with some other men who were waiting their turn around her. Most of them also chose to mercilessly pound her tight ass for a while before letting the next man have a turn. The pain from this was excruciating, and she wanted to scream and cry, but her mouth was always filled with dick. The men taunted her as they held her head while they fucked her mouth pushing all the way down her throat causing her to gag. At least the constant penis in her mouth distracted her a little from what was happening to her poor asshole…

She was amazed and a little horrified at the closeups of her gaping asshole after a man pulled his giant cock out of it. The hole was about 2” in diameter and she could see inside herself! She watched in amazement and a little satisfaction as she was impaled both front and rear with large black poles. Over and over in a seemingly endless stream of big black cocks filled her every orifice until at last they all stood in front of her and shot their warm semen all over her face and down her throat. She swallowed what she could, but it was too much too fast and she ended up drenched in it. “Wow, there sure were a lot of cameras and video equipment there,” she thought, “and no wonder my ass is still so sore!!” But she’d signed a release and she knew she could not stop the release of the videos and photos even if she wanted to. Because, deep down inside her, she wanted to do those things and she wanted people to see. And what a show they would all see…

The internet went crazy after it was all put on line. Their were arguments on both sides as to their authenticity, some going so far as to analyze her moles on her body to try to match them with other pics of her to prove they were were not fake. The fact that she held up a sign with her name on it at the end of the videos was all that some people needed to satisfy themselves. Her agent was furious because he knew it was her and he told her she had ruined her career. But Bella chose to remain silent about the issue and not answer any questions on the subject, which some saw as an admission of guilt and others saw as defiance toward an obvious fake or lookalike situation. Bella was silently elated with all of it and extremely turned on at the thought of other people seeing her in such an extreme sexual situation. And while she craved more of this kind of sexual attention, she knew if she was to do this type of thing on a regular (or at least when she felt the urge) basis, she would have to figure something else out. Her pussy was raw and aching, her insides felt like she had been punched over and over again in the gut and she could hardly sit or even walk normally from the pain in her ass. Her body was just too sore after her latest adventure to do this very often.

It happened one day that she got a call from a man who was a friend of a friend of hers who also happened to be a manager and requested a meeting with her. She politely refused as she had been getting calls from all sorts of sleazy “managers” who wanted to represent her in her blossoming porn career. But it was after her friend called her and explained that this man was not what she thought and he might be someone she should talk to, so she set up a meeting.

When the man arrived, he introduced himself and got right down to business… He explained that he was a broker of sorts who sets up girls for parties with mostly Asian businessmen. At these parties, the girls would be the “entertainment” and would have sex with the men in special rooms set up for them. He went on to tell her that a lot of Hollywood actresses had high sex drives coupled with the need to be seen and fawned over and be the center of attention. Basically, they could have sex with multiple men and fulfill their needs in a safe environment anonymously, as cameras of any kind were strictly forbidden. The Asians also really liked redheads, so she would be very popular with them. “Now I must tell you,” he said cautiously, “they are not as…shall we say… well endowed as the men you’ve “worked” with lately, so hopefully that will not be a problem.” She assured him that that was definitely NOT a problem, in fact she said to herself, that was a major selling point! She told him she’d have to think about it and would be in touch.

It took only a few seconds after he started telling her about it before she knew this was the thing for her, but she waited almost 2weeks before calling him and getting the information for an upcoming party.

On the night of the party she dressed in what she’d been instructed to wear… a kind of a “schoolgirl” type outfit with short skirt and white button shirt, sexy thong panties and matching bra and of course…high-heeled stilettos. When she arrived at the place, she was greeted by about 10 girls and told it would be a rather large party and she would be a busy girl… A girl introduced herself a Paige and explained a few of the basics of etiquette that was followed and said to just take it easy and she’d be fine. Paige was a gorgeous blond with a tight little body, long blond hair and great tits, and Bella couldn’t think of where she’d seen her before… The girls were soon ushered in to a large room filled with Asian men at various tables and standing around drinking in groups and talking. Bella didn’t get too far into the room before she was approached by 2 men who led her to a hallway off of the main room. She saw that the hallway had open rooms along it’s length which all had a bed and several chairs in them. The rooms had very wide entrances with no doors and provided no privacy, but that was the point, at least that is what she was told. Apparently, the Asians like to watch…

The men guided her in to one of the rooms and requested in halting English for her to get on her knees, which she did. They then unbuttoned their pants and pulled out their semi erect penises which she was relieved to see were relatively normal in size. She knew what to do from there and leaned forward and began kissing and licking each one, switching her attention from one to the other. It wasn’t long before they were both standing at full attention and she began sucking. She was taking her time slowly taking them all the way in to her hot mouth and then sliding her lips back up to the tip before once more devouring it fully. She was switching back and forth between the two men and it wasn’t long before one of them shot his warm cum into her mouth which she swallowed easily. She then turned her attention to the other man and was bobbing up and down his pole with reckless abandon until he filled her mouth with more of the salty liquid. When she stood up she saw that several men had watched the “show” and gave her polite smiles and nods as she exited the room and went back to the party.

On her way back, she stopped when she saw Paige kneeling between three men and she had a dick in each hand and was sucking on the other. Bella watched as Paige went around to each man working her mouth up and down their stiff dicks while simultaneously working the others with her hands. It was at that point that Bells realized she had never watched anyone having sex before, and it excited her more than she thought it would. Watching Paige service the three men was very arousing and she was impressed by Paige’s cocksucking abilities. When the last man had filled her mouth with his seed, Paige stood up, wiped her mouth off with the sleeve of her shirt and walked over to Bella. “I see you got put right to work also,” she said with a big grin. “Yes,” said Bella “I got grabbed almost as soon as I walked in the door!” “Yeah, sometimes it’s like that, they like to get their rocks off before getting their drink on. I guess that’s three down and who knows how many more to go,” Paige answered. “I don’t know if it’s cool to say this or not,” Bella said in a low voice. “But aren’t you Paige Wyatt from that gun show? Uhhhh, Gunshop Family or something like that. I had a boyfriend who really liked guns and watched the show whenever it was on. Although I think he liked seeing you as much as the guns…” “Family Guns, and yes that’s me,” Paige confessed. “But YOU are a real movie star, I recognized you right away Bella Thorne, I used to watch Shake It Up when you were on it and I’ve seen your movies.” “Oh come on,” Bella retorted. “You used to watch my TV show?” “You bet,” said Paige. “I picked up some great dance moves from you!” A silence fell between them until Paige said “So… I guess we both have some of the same uuuhhhh, issues?” “I mean we are both here and we obviously don’t have to be…” “Yeah,” Bella said, “I guess maybe we both have needs we can’t get any other way.” “I guess we do at that,” Paige said as she grabbed Bella by the hand. “Now let’s get back to the party and see what they have in store for us.” And with that, they walked back to the party.

They each went their separate ways and Bella finally got a good look at the venue. It was a large room with lot’s of tables and a bar along one side of the room. There was also nothing but nothing but Asian men wherever she looked, no whites or women other than the girls who were there for “entertainment”. She made her way through the crowd making small talk and smiling when the men rubbed her ass. But she didn’t have long to socialize because another two guys led her to the back hallway and into a room. She dutifully got down on her knees and began kissing and licking their flaccid penises trying to get them hard. But it was when she held them in her mouth that she found success and now they were both rock hard! She was surprised to see that two others had joined and made kind of a circle around her. She didn’t skip a beat and began sucking the two new dicks that joined the “party”. She moved from man to man massaging their dicks with her talented mouth giving each a minute or two before moving to the next. This lasted a little while until one after another they could stand no more and shot load after load into her greedy mouth. When she stood up she saw Paige watching her and walked over to her. “Wow, six already,” she said,” just out of curiosity, how many have you done in a row before tonight…if I may be so bold?” “Mmmm… ten,” Bella answered.” “Well, I think that record is history tonight!” Paige answered. “You’re off to a flying start already.” “You just get done yourself?” Bella asked. “Yeah, only two, so I had a chance to watch you in action.” she answered. “They sure like getting their dicks sucked don’t they?” Bella asked. “Yeah, I hope you have an appetite for cum, cause you’re gonna get lots tonight, but don’t worry, they’ll get more adventurous after they’ve been drinking awhile.” Paige responded. As they walked back they stopped and watched a very pretty redhead on her hands and knees on a bed while three guys took turns fucking her from behind. “That’s Sherry,” she said, “she’s my best friend and quite the adventurous girl, you would not believe the things she’s done. We’ve had several adventures together and she really challenges me.” They didn’t stay around and watch, they kept on walking and talking. “ So, you do other “adventures”,as you put it?” Bella asked, genuinely intrigued. “Yeah, we’ve done some pretty outlandish stuff,” Paige replied, but offered no further explanation. “Well, what kind of stuff?” Bella exclaimed. But Paige just smiled and told her that if she really wanted to know, they would talk about it later.

Bella finished up the next two guys, swallowing all of the salty sperm they could muster. They had her strip naked and fondled her body a while before having her get on her knees and blow them both. She was buttoning up her shirt as she was walking down the hallway when she noticed Paige in a room with four guys. She was on her hands and knees on the bed and getting it from both ends, two in front and two in back all taking turns fucking her pussy and mouth. She watched the action for a moment and then made her way back to the party.

For the next two hours or so, Bella was on her knees more than she was on her feet. She never got to spend more than a few minutes at the party before getting escorted to the back by a group of men (they always seemed to come in groups she noticed). Only once in a while did they want to fuck, but mostly they wanted their dicks sucked and Bella complied, making sure they were all drained before they left. She wasn’t even sure exactly how many there’d been, 20 maybe…All she knew was that Paige was right, her record had been shattered and she still had a lot of time left. She was making her way back to the party when she ran into Paige again, “Where can a girl get something to eat around here?” She asked. ”What’s the matter, strict diet of Asian cock juice not agreeing with you?” Paige answered with an evil grin. “Yeah, kind of need another taste in my mouth for at least a little while.” Bella confessed. “It’s OK, my stomach bothered me a little the first time or two. Don’t worry though, you get used to it. Come on, they have a back room stocked with stuff for us, let’s see what they have. You should hang out with me and Sherry… if you are game.” Said Paige coyly. “What do you mean, ‘if I’m game’?” Bella asked. “Well, we like to get a little drunk and dream up sexual challenges to do.” Paige replied. Bella tried to get her to expand on the subject, but Paige changed the subject and soon their break was over and it was back to the party.

His body bucked and spasm-ed as he shot stream after stream of his warm, salty cum into her mouth and down her throat, but Bella was thinking about the taste. She was kind of running on autopilot, sucking cock after cock like a machine. She had begun rating the flavor of the semen of each man and this one (or #4 in the line actually) was the best so far. Or maybe she had had so many different choices that they were all starting to taste alike. She was contemplating that when he stepped away from her and she got up and put her bra and shirt back on. She was on her way back when Paige and 6 guys in tow stopped her and told her she was needed.

The men got in a circle and had Paige and Bella dance for them. They moved around from man to man as they removed their clothes and were soon dancing nude, moving around as the men fondled their naked bodies. Bella looked over and saw Paige on her knees sucking one cock while stroking one in each hand. Not to be out done, she got down on her knees and also began sucking the cock in front of her. Paige and Bella each moved from man to man around the circle, giving each a good sample of their oral abilities.

Soon after, they were instructed to get up and get on the bed on their hands and knees next to each other, but each facing opposite directions. Bella was no more than a foot from Paige’s ass and watched as one of the men got behind her and then stuffed his cock right up her ass! Paige squealed and bucked, but then man held tight and began slowly fucking her asshole. But Bella didn’t have any time to contemplate the situation as she felt her own ass being invaded without warning. She had almost no time to prepare and she squirmed and involuntarily tried to crawl away, but the man had an iron grip on her hips and there was no escape. He started fucking her ass slowly, but before long was pounding her hard. She looked over at Paige and she was getting her cute little butt slammed hard also. Bella gripped the blanket and held on tight as her own tight ass was getting a workout. All of a sudden a hard dick pressed against her lips and she opened her eyes and took it in and began sucking and was now getting it from both ends. She looked over at Paige and saw another man taking his place behind her and realized the man who was just fucking her ass was now in her mouth! “Holy Shit!” she thought, “he pulled his dick out of her ass and wants me to suck it now!” Her stomach retched a little and she thought she was gonna be sick, but there was no time as the man filled her mouth with his cum. When he was gone, she turned and saw then man who was behind her pull out and move over to Paige and she started sucking on it. “Now this is some crazy stuff” she thought. But she was already being mounted from behind again and her ass stretching to accommodate the new intruder. She watched Paige getting her ass fucked hard for a few minutes before he pulled out and moved over in front of her. Bella reluctantly took him into her mouth and began sucking, trying not to think about where this dick had just been. And so it went, each of them getting butt fucked by 3 men and then having to suck off the men from the other’s asshole. Bella finished her group first and watched Paige finish Bella’s last guy off.

“So, you didn’t seem real surprised when they…ah… did what they did” Bella said. “Did you know that was gonna happen?” “Well, “Paige replied as she wiped off her mouth with the back of her arm. ”Yeah, I kinda figured…They’ve done it before. In fact, that’s how me and Sherry met.” “You know, a little warning would’ve been nice,” Bella retorted. “I suppose,” Paige answered. “But I didn’t get any warning my first time, and besides, I’m not sure what to say.” “How about, ‘Hey, these guys are gonna fuck us in the ass…Oh and by the way, then they are gonna have us suck the cock that came out of each other’s ass!” Bella said a little loudly. “Calm down.” Paige said. “I really didn’t think you’d mind, you’ve done some pretty extreme stuff yourself, I’ve seen the videos. Come on, you know you had fun tonight and I think you, me and Sherry could really have some fun…IF you are up for it!

The party was winding down and they walked back to the party and found Sherry drinking a beer at the bar. Paige introduced them and told Sherry that Bella would be a nice addition to their little group. Bella wasn’t sure what to think about that, but she liked them both and they seemed to be into the same kind of things she was in to, so she found herself looking forward to their first get together.

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