Bella Gets Broken Part 1

Bella Gets Broken  Part 1

By: The Rudeman

M+f nc rape oral tort viol

Bella Thorne

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Bella woke up dazed, lightheaded, as she tried to adjust her eyes to the light in the room, she heard a man with a low voice say to her.

“Well hello there sleepy head, we were wondering when you would come around”.  Bella’s head started to hurt, thinking she must have had too much to drink.  She tried to move and found she was lying crosswise on a bed, her arms out stretched to either side, with her head hanging over the edge.  At this time she also realized she was naked.

“What the hell?” she screamed”, but before she could say anything else, the man spoke.  “We met last night at the bar, I bought you a drink, well put some drug in your drink to be precise, and now your here.”  Bella thought back from last night, she did remember talking to the man, and he asked he if could get her another glass of wine, since she was under age, but the man had a sexy voice so she thought what the hell and agreed, after a bit she felt dizzy, and now waking up to this.

“Look, if you want money, I have lots, please don’t kill Me.”, the man replied, “Oh Ms. Thorne, I have no intention of killing you, but the life that you have known is over from today.” He added, “I will be using some forms of negative reinforcement to get you to a point for my employer, and we have all the time that we need.  I have you only partially tied except your legs, for certain reasons, but if you try to kick or hurt me, you will be extremely punished, do I make myself clear”?

Bella was still looking around, as the man said” Well, let’s just get started then”.  He whistled and 3 large muscular men, they were naked with the biggest cocks Bella has ever seen, all of them had black masks on, except for their mouths.  They all took positions around the tree sides of the bed.

“Now here is how we will start”, the man said, “I’m going to slowly caress, and touch you, even going to use some devices on you, all this is to turn you on, we will keep going till I will make you cum, the crux of this is, if you cum, you will be punished.  And each time you do cum we will punish you even more.

The man started by rubbing Bella’s belly moving up and caressing her breasts and rubbing her nipples, his hands were warm and he touched her like a man who knew what he was doing. He bent over and started to lick her pink puffy nipples, a small gasp came from Bella’s mouth, even though she was tied to the bed.  “Good…’re very responsive, this will be fun.”  With that he started to kiss back down her belly and slowly separated her pussy lips and began to kiss all around it.  Bella closed her eyes trying to think of something else, and then the man started to lick around her clit, and found it to pop right out, wanting it to be used. “P-p-please stop”, Bella cried, even though she could feel her body starting to respond.  Feeling the young starlet respond, the man inserted two fingers and began to finger fuck her.  The man worked on her clit, licking and sucking on it, all the while moving his fingers faster, and faster, Bella was now wet and she could hear her juices sloshing.  Now something else came into her mind, omg she was getting closer to climaxing, she fought and fought, but the man just kept working on her.  N-no, please no.” and could no longer stop the feeling as a flood overcame her, as she started to orgasm.  “OMG….OMG” she kept repeating as the man kept licking thru her orgasm.  Finally he stopped, looking down at Bella, breathing hard, still coming down.  “Well I’m sorry Bella, but I told you if you came you would be punished.

The man motioned to the first slave who came up to Bella’s head and pushed it down so it was completely hanging over the edge.  “Let the punishment commence”, the man said, with that the slave jammed his hard cock into Bella’s mouth, Bella had given blowjobs before, but never upside down like this and forced.  “Now if you bite, I will cut you.” The man said.  The slave started working his hard cock in and out of Bella’s mouth, and could feel it getting harder and started to move it faster and deeper.  All Bella could feel was a large cock fucking her throat, with the slave’s balls hanging and dragging on her face.  Soon most of his cock was in her mouth, as he fucked her face like an animal, he leaned forward, and was straddling her head. Moving the entire shaft out of her mouth, letting her get a breath and then slamming it back in, every time he pulled back, saliva oozed out of her mouth and down her face.   This went on for almost 15 minutes, the slave could feel his balls start to tighten and starting pumping faster, Bella was helpless, her arms tied, and outstretched, as she fought the ropes, the slave started to moan, and pushed his cock as far as it could go, Bella could feel him squirt his thick cum down her throat.  Just as he was pulling out the man leaned into Bella, “Now swallow like a good girl.”

As she gulped and swallowed the slaves cum, and he positioned her head back up.  There’s a good girl”, said the man, as he used a wet towel to clean off the remaining cum and saliva off her face.  “Fuck you, you bastard!” screamed Bella.  “Ahhh, we still have spunk left huh?  We still have a lot of work to do.”

“Now the next step,” said the man coming up to Bella again.  “Now we step it up a little.”

The man pulled out a vibrator, turned it on low, and started to rub it on her belly.  He moved up and rubbed them on her nipples.   Bella could feel the vibration; she closed her eyes, and started to cry.  “Oh don’t cry Bella, I’m only here to make u feel good”.   He rubbed the vibrator on her nipples, seeing them get hard.  “Oh you might be denying you don’t like this, but your body says different”.  With that he guided the vibe, down her belly and stopped just before her pussy.  “OK, here we go”, and then moved the vibe onto her clit, Bella let out a small moan, biting her lip, she didn’t want him to see her show any emotions.  The man saw Bella was getting wet, he spin the vibe around and slowly inserted it into her pussy. He started humming, as he slowly pulled the vibe in and out of her.  Bella had her eyes closed, she tried to thinking of anything except that attention her pussy was getting.  “OK let’s turn up the juice”, the man said as he turned up the power of the vibe.  Without even thinking, Bella started moving her hips.  She suddenly opened her eyes and realized she was getting turned on again; she closed her eyes tight again trying to fight the urges to cum again.  The man then pulled the vibe out and rubbed the wet tip on her clit, and turned it up to full power.  Instantly Bella opened her eyes, seeing this man playing with her pussy again, as her breathing became erratic.  “That’s it just let it go”, said the man as he moved the vibe all over Bella’s clit from all angles.  “No-n-n-o no” Bella could feel the orgasm swelling inside her; she was breathing harder, feeling the wall of sensations flowing over her.  “NOOOOOOO” she started to scream, as she started to cum again.  The man put down the vibe and furiously started to rub her wet, engorged clit.  Not only did she cum, the man just kept rubbing her, until she came twice.  Her head was still swimming, “oh dear you came again”, said the man, “you know what happens now, Let the punishment commence”. With that the man snapped his fingers twice. This time the 2nd slave moved on the bed with her, spread her legs and placed his huge cock at the opening of her pussy.  “Please, n-n-no”, as the 2nd slave rammed the full length of his cock into her.  “Aghhhhhhrrrrr” she screamed, just as she did, the 1st slave pulled her head back and resumed to brutally fuck her mouth from above again. The two slaves brutally fucked Bella’s mouth and pussy, with no mercy, the 2nd slave pumping for all his worth, she could feel his balls slapping on her, as the 1st slave was once again straddling her head and face fucking her.  They never slowed down, after several minutes of her pussy being fucked she yet again started to feel an orgasm building.  “Yes, yes let it go, don’t give in” shouted the man, making sure Bella could hear him.  After a few more minutes she started to scream feeling yet another orgasm rip through her.  Her scream was muffled, and just vibrated on the 1st slaves cock.  Once again he shot his cum down Bella’s throat, with no choice she swallowed his load, he pulled out again her face was messed with saliva and cum, she looked up, she was still fighting her ropes and was pinned by this huge man, still pounding her.  She heard him start to moan, with his pounding getting quicker, he arched his back, and moaned, pushing his cock as far as it would go into the Disney star, Bella could feel the squirting into her, as she pleaded “no, don’t…don’t”.  The slave pulled out and the man once again cleaned Bella’s face with a wet cloth.  “Please no more, please” Bella was crying.  “Oh my sweet little Bella”, the man cooed, “We’re haven’t even started.

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