Bella Gets Broken – Part 2

Bella Gets Broken – Part 2

By: The Rudeman

M+f nc rape oral tort viol

Bella Thorne

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“Why are you doing this?” asked Bella, “What have I’ve ever done to you?”

“Oh why nothing”, said the man, “my client wants you in a certain condition when I hand you over to him”.

“And now the next step.  I have 3 anal plugs for us to use on you, each bigger than the last, we want that ass nice and conditioned don’t we?”  The man started by yet again using a vibe on Bella pussy getting her nice and wet yet again.  Then he inserted the first lubed plug, about the size of a thumb into Bella’s asshole, and began to move it back and forth.  This was the first time Bella had anyone play with her ass, let alone putting a butt plug into her.  “Well, well that wasn’t so bad.  Now we will go to the second plug.”   The second plug was then inserted, about the size of two fingers.  “Aggrrhhh, stop it”, Bella yelled, “Oh my Bella by the time we get to the last plug, you will be begging me not to stop”, the man snickered.  By now he was inserting the last plug it was longer and about the size of a grown man’s cock, the man buried it about half way in and began to move it back and forth, together with the vibrator in her pussy, Bella was once again getting excited.  “Now let’s see how you do with just the ass then.”  The man pulled the vibrator out of Bella but then began to rub her already abused clit.  He then started to move the plug in her ass with a little more force.  Again Bella fought the ropes and tried to concentrate on anything but was being done to her.  “Admit it Bella”, said the man, “you like being fucked in the ass huh?”  “No…no please no” Bella cried out, but she knew she was getting close to another orgasm.  The man sensed this and manipulated her clit faster, After several minutes she was on the edge yet again, “No, noooooo  nooo”  The man stopped playing with her clit and focused his attention to just using her ass.  Pumping the plug at a feverish rate.  “Does it feel good just to cum by fucking your ass Bella?”  Bella couldn’t respond as she started to orgasm as hard as she ever did.  After a minute she came down from her orgasm, and started to cry because she knew what was coming.

“Oh Bella you are full of surprises, that must have been hard on you, for a small reward I will undo your arms.”  The man motioned to the slaves as they untied Bella arms.  “You can move around if you want.” The man said.  Bella tried to move, but both her arms were basically useless and asleep, and her legs were not further behind.  “I can’t move” cried Bella.  “Oh, I so sorry about that” said the man, “in that case, let the punishment commence”.  NO, no, no” Bella scream as she tried to move.  This time all 3 slaves grabbed her, all were rock hard ready to go.  “Now you will find out why we trained your ass” The man said.  2 of the slaves picked up the little Disney star and slowly lowered her onto the 1st slave lying on his back cock at the ready.  She felt her herself being lowered on his cock, sliding half in; the slave grabbed her by the hips and began to drive his cock into her.

“Ahhggr” she cried out almost not fighting anymore, since both her arms and legs were like noodles.  After a few minutes he pulled her down and suddenly she felt her ass was exposed and in the air, then it dawned on her what was about to happen.  “OMG no, please”, she said.  Also as on cue, the 2nd slave placed his nicely lubed cock at the entrance of her asshole.  Then in one motion he buried it deep in her ass.  “Aieeeeeeee” she screamed.  Now both slaves were double penetrating the teen star.  It took them a while, but then they started to get a rhythm going pumping back and forth, as one was slightly pulling out the other was pumping in for all his worth.  “OMG fuck” Bella yelled as she felt the sensation of feeling both cocks rubbing against themselves inside of her.  The sensation was beyond belief.  Then the 3rd slave came up to her, and placed his large cock in front of Bella’s face.  Almost like command, she opened her mouth and the salve rammed his cock in her mouth and began to face fuck her.  He began to pump the teen star’s face like a porn star.  Soon Bella was taking all 3 slaves like a pro, they all were fucking her balls deep, and there was nothing she could do about it.  She could hear them moaning as they fucked her, their cocks seemed to get bigger the longer they fucked her.  Soon she noticed she was also moaning along with them, the man motioned the 3rd slave to stop fucking her mouth.  “Are you enjoying this Bella?”  “No, no I can’t be”, she screamed.  “I would say differently”, said the man, “Your moaning like a whore”. He again motioned the slave and he began to tease Bella’s mouth with his cock, jerking off, as Bella looked up at him with lust in her eyes, she also noted that he was jerking faster and faster, aiming his cock at her exposed face.  Almost by instinct now Bella opened her mouth and the slave shot rope after rope of thick cum on her pretty face, shooting it over her head, in her hair, covering her face.  Meanwhile the 2 other slaves also picked up their pace and was fucking Bella with wild abandon.  Again she felt the now familiar orgasm building in her again.  “OMG yes….yes” as she came on the first slaves cock.  “Oh my Bella your cumming just like the little whore that you are”.  Soon she felt the slave in her ass stiffen and she felt him cumming in her bowels, “Oh God” as she felt him shooting in her.  Then the other slave pulled her hips down on him as he also started to cum.  He pumped several times filling her up.  As Soon as they both finished they pulled their used cocks out of her and flopped her on the bed.  Bella wasn’t crying this time, but just trying to catch her breath. “Well, well, you used up my 3 slaves you little whore; I guess I need new ones”.  He motioned to the slaves as they left and this time 4 more slaves came into the room dressed just their counterparts.

“I do have to admit, you are doing very well Bella”, the man spoke.  “Let’s really give you a test”.  He motioned to the slaves, as one of them brought in a Sybian.  Bella, still reeling from the last rape, moved like a rag doll as the slaves sat her up.  “Hmmm, you need something special for the next test.”  One of the slaves pulled out a ring gag and started to place it in the teen’s mouth. “No, no”, Bella tried to fight as the slave fitted the ring in her mouth, as another strapped it in the back.  The several of them picked Bella up and placed her on the Sybian.  “Now we will start slow, see how you like it”.  He turned it on, starting at the lowest setting.  Bella felt the vibrations, still reeling from the last fuck, wondering what was happening now.  The man turned up to the next level and now Bella could feel it, now like the vibrator before, but more intense.  Bella tried to speak, but the ring in her mouth just made her mumble.  She started to panic, as the man turned it up even more, now again Bella was feeling the vibrations and getting excited.  “Good, good” the man replied.  “Let’s turned it up a little”. Then one of the slaves grabbed Bella’s head and slowly shoved his hard cock through the ring into her throat. Bella was helpless as she felt the large cock slipping into her throat as she tried not to gag on it.  “Hmmm, you’re getting used to those now huh, my little Bella”.  Then the slave picked up his pace and was soon pounding Bella throat.  Also she couldn’t help feel the abuse she was feeling from the Sybian.  After several minutes the slave stopped and pulled out.  Bella felt a bit of relief, but just as she caught her breath, another slave grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth also.  Soon all 4 slaves were taking turns face fucking the starlet.  After that the man said, “Let’s just go for broke shall we”?   Then turned the Sybian on to full power.  Bella felt it rise and as now, was shaking from the vibration.  The slaves never lost a beat and took turns forcing Bella to blow them.  Then almost like command they all were ready to cum, and start to jack off in her face.  Bella was now having one of the most intense orgasm so far as she grinded on the Sybian, as began making animal noises,  the 1st slave positioned himself in front of Bella, she knew what was about to happen but was overwhelmed by her orgasm.  The slave shot a huge cumshot that exploded on her face, he shot 3-4 huge ropes of cum that sprayed onto her face, in her hair, and dripped down her chin.  Just as he finished the next slave moved up and again she was hot like a firehose of cum on her face, the same with the other two slaves, soon was covered in their cum, her hair partially coated, as the rest dripped down like a river over her small tits and down her flat belly.  “All Bella could do was yell “Yes….OMG yes”, as she came like 4-5 times.  “OMG Bella that was fantastic”, the man said.  “I think with that performance, you deserve a rest”.  With that he pulled out a needle and injected her. She fast feel asleep, wondering if this was all just a bad dream.

The next morning Bella woke up again, she was completely clean, not feeling all the cum and sweat she had when she passed out.  Then she tried to move, she realized she was in the same position she was in yesterday.  He arms again were tied to the edges of the bed and head over the edge; she started to cry realizing this wasn’t a dream after all.  The she heard a familiar voice.  “Hello my sweet Bella, are you ready for day 2”?  Then she was subjected to a repeat of the other day, being made to cum and being repeatedly raped and sodimzed by her captors.  This went on for 4 days.  On the fifth day she woke up in a green dress and heels on a king sized bed in a different room; this room was beautiful like an expensive hotel suite.  As she looked around she saw the man again but now he was in a nice business suit, standing next to man sitting in a plush chair sipping whisky.   “Hello Bella, you have done so well these days, now do you know why you’re here today”?  Bella thought for a moment, all she could think was what has been done to her the last several days.  “I’m here to get fucked”, she responded.  With that the man snapped his fingers and 3 large black men came into the room, just in their underwear, but it was already evident they had large cocks and already excited.  Bella stood off the bed and let the 3 men caress her; she started to get excited, just as the last days have taught her.  The men slowly removed her dress, as Bella removed their underwear, showing their monster cocks; soon she was blowing them like a pro.  Then they took her over to the bed and slowly raped her, she was soon taking then balls deep and she came over and over, after being raped for almost 45 minutes she let them shoot their cum allover her face and tits. She then just sat on the bed let them all look at her, like a performer who just finished a fantastic show.  The man in the plush chair clapped his hands, not saying a word.  He picked up a case full of money and handed it to the man.

The rich man then took Bella to be cleaned, and dress and he took her with him. She became his personal whore, he dyed her hair blonde with blue streaks and made her do gang bang videos for him and let his rich friend fuck her for large amount of money. Soon after a year or so no one ever heard from her again and became a cold missing person’s case.   After six months a man was in a bar “Hello Ms. McCormick, can I buy you a drink”?

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