Bella Gets Her Man

Title: Bella Gets Her Man

Author: The Chemist

Celeb: Bella Thorne

Codes: MF, Anal, Oral, Rim

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. I do not know Bella Thorne. Mature themes so must be older than 18

Summary: Bella Thorne has a crush on an unobtainable man but she’s a spoiled brat who always gets what she wants. Pretty much porn without plot

“Okay Bella, so I will see you again tomorrow,” Rafa said to the red-haired star.

“Yes sir. It was a pleasure as always,” Bella Thorne replied to the hunk.

The 35 year old made way from the tennis court that the Thorne family had in their backyard. The family which had produced the gorgeous 18-year-old liked staying in shape playing the active sport and Bella was no exception. However she always wanted to be the best so she had her parents hire her a tennis instructor.

“Wow Bella. Who was that,” her friend said, walking out from the other side to greet the leggy actress.

“Come on in,” she replied before telling her all about him.

The older ex-pro had been tutoring Bella for the best 6 months and though the girl was a flirt, she never got so much as catching him taking too long of a glance. Sure he was married and an employee of the wealthy family, but still. She was Bella fucking Thorne, one of the hottest recently no longer jailbait women in existence.

“Man I want to fuck him so badly,” Bella confessed to her friend.

“Who? The tennis pro your parents hired,” her friend asked.

“Totally. I’m really into older men lately. Not like saggy balls old, but just more mature. Plus he’s got that beard and muscles sculpted from a lifetime of work,” the redhead described. “And I’m so horny right now.”

“Well I guess you did break it off with that last guy a whole week ago so quite the dry spell for you,” her friend teased.

“Please. I fucked the pool guy two days ago and had an epic session with my toy collection last night,” Bella shot back. “But I want him.”

“You’re legal, super hot and are willing to throw yourself at him. What’s the problem? Just go get him,” she told the star.

“One small issue is the fact he’s married. And apparently super faithful since he hasn’t tried to hit this,” the redhead replied, pointing her finger to her supple ass.

To some Bella came across as very cocky, which was true. However, the teen star chose to think about it that if you have the goods to back it up then it shouldn’t be considered cocky but confident. So with her looks and body, she had every right to have such a high opinion of herself that she possible could.

“What about the way you seduced Mr. Barrios…our Spanish teacher,” her friend suggested.

“Hmmm…interesting,” the redhead pondered. “That may work especially by tailoring it to this particular situation.”

“It should. If subtly hasn’t worked well for you then go on the offense and see how he reacts. What’s the worse that happens? He turns you down like an idiot and quits.”

“Apparently I don’t give you the credit you deserve,” Bella complimented before the two put their heads together to come up with all the details of their plan.

*           *           *

“Hi Ms. Thorne. It’s me, Rafa. Here for your tennis lesson,” the lean yet muscular man spoke into the intercom at the front door.

“Well hello Rafa. I’ll meet you at the court in a minute,” her sultry voice replied over the system.

Nearly 24 hours after leaving the sprawling mansion with more then 3 acres of land, the tennis pro was back to give Bella another lesson. Given her hectic work schedule they tended to book sessions in clumps like this since she rarely had free time at a specific time each week. Rafa didn’t mind, though Bella had her head in the clouds and wasn’t overly skilled she seemed to always true to impress him.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Bella said as she joined him on the court.

Bella looked an absolute vision basking in the Californian sun. Her long red hair was worn down, cascading over her shoulders to her midback. The leggy 5’8 actress wore a super short tennis skirt that just barely covered her tight teen ass that seemed to be growing outward like a bubble by the day. Her polo hugged her slender upper body and was short enough to show off her tight stomach and tits which had really come into their own since turning 18 a few months ago.

“That…that is completely fine Ms. Thorne,” he stammered before catching himself.

“Rafa…I told you to call me Bella silly,” the playful redhead rebutted.

Their lesson lasted for nearly an hour and a half with Bella upping the flirting more then she had done in their previous sessions together. However, other then succeeding in making him blush and possibly catching him glance at her impressive long legs, the bearded man was not giving in to her feminine wiles.

“So Rafa, I was wondering if you could show me again how to hit that cross court shot with overspin. My sister really struggles against it so I want to master it,” Bella asked.

“Of course,” he answered then noticed the empty canister of balls. “Just go grab a few tennis balls please.”

Bella smiled at him as he ordered her to do something, loving the feeling of being summoned and control by the handsome man. Walking away, the redhead swayed her hips side-to-side in as sexy a way as she could in order to get his attention. Hoping his eyes were firmly trained on her teen booty, Bella bent over at the hips and picked up a ball with one hand.

Oh my God,” Rafa breathed.

His inner thought was a direct result of the lack of panties that Bella was wearing…or not wearing. As her skirt rose up onto her bubbly butt, the redhead’s completely shaven pink pussy and tight asshole came into view. The tennis pro had enough wits about him to look away before Bella straightened up and walked back to him.

“So that topspin shot,” she reminded him with a smile as he seemed to forget what they were doing.

“Yes. Right, right,” he stammered again. “So the key is loosen the hips so that as you swing you can snap them into the shot as well, generating more power.”

“Like this,” Bella demonstrated, doing it wrong on purpose.

“No, more like this,” Rafa said. “More hips. Pivot them as you thrust.”

Bella smiled as the tennis pro was playing right into her hand. While standing behind the leggy star, he placed his left hand on her wide hips which gave her a traditional hourglass shape despite her relatively slender body. With the other he gripped her forearm to take her throw the shot, Bella helping to arouse him by pushing her ass back against his lap.

“Oh I see,” Bella said, repeating the motion a dozen time, each practice swing causing her adorable ass to grind directly against his cock. You should have said it’s just like sex in the first place, then I would have had it mastered like that,” adding a snap to the end of her remark.

“Yes, well I suppose,” the instructor replied, releasing the former jailbait from his grasp. “Kinda a naughty thing to say.”

Bella smiled as she turned around to stare at him with her large hazel eyes. His body language told her he was trying to be closed off but his face betrayed him. He was flustered, which for him spoke volumes given his normally stoic disposition.

“Well it was kinda naughty to feel you cock getting hard while you were showing me how to pivot and thrust,” Bella replied.

Testing her theory, the redhead stepped back close to him and used her fingers to glide along his forearm which was folded over his strong chest. Her tips danced along the knotted muscles that created lines down his arm, the result of thousands of hours spent on the court in practice.

“You’re trying to get me in trouble,” Rafa said, his will breaking before her.

“My parents are out of state at a friend’s place and all my siblings are at set,” the youngest of 4 children explained.

“I don’t know,” he answered though whether it was consciously or not was scanning the landscape for watching eyes.

“But it’s why I didn’t wear panties,” she said while biting her lip.

Bella went from rubbing his thick forearm to gripping his hand and pulling it away from his chiseled body. She wrapped it around her own slender frame and placed it on her hamstring before bringing it under her loose skirt. The second his palm rubbed along her supple ass his fingers closed around it like a claw, crushing it.

One hand was joined by another and soon Bella found herself hoisted up into the air while the older man groped her rump. She reacted quickly by wrapping her amazing legs around his thick body and hooking her ankles while her arms did likewise to his neck. Tilting her head to mirror his, Bella leaned in and brought him in for a steamy kiss.

“I’ve wanted you for so long,” Bella told him as he returned the kiss.

It had drove Bella crazy that for 6 months this red-blooded male had been around her nearly daily and yet he hadn’t made a move or even caught him doing an inappropriate glance. The redhead was cocky and confident for a reason given her great body and beautiful face, so it absolutely drove her insane when any man didn’t instantly hit on her.

Men had picked up on this fact of immature from the naive but sexually hungry girl. By just playing a little hard to get it was easy to lure the redhead into bed, which happened so frequently that Bella had honestly lost track of the amount of men she’d been with in the last year, let alone since losing her virginity a few years ago.

“Hence the lack of underwear today I presume,” he replied.

Rafa settled her back onto the ground and once her feet hit the court her hands were snaking from around his head and right to his pants. She may have only been 18 years old but the ginger knew how to make quick work of someone else’s pants and had scooped out his hardening dick.

“Oh God I want this cock so badly,” she said while stroking it to full length.

Rafa leaned in and kissed the horny girl deeply once more as she continued to grip his manhood and tease him along his entire 8-inch length. It was probably the largest cock she had been with, but she couldn’t be sure since after a while they all blended together. However, Rafa possessed a cock both long and wide which was her favorite.

“Go down and suck,” he ordered.

“I bet you’ve wanted me to do this all the times you taught me tennis,” the cocky girl claimed.

Bella smiled wide at being ordered around by the married man. Kissing him one last time, the horny redhead lowered herself onto her knees and instantly engulfed the head of his cock in her mouth.

“Uhhh,” the older man groaned in response to her wet touch.

On her knees in front of a cock was essentially second home for Bella Thorne. Wanting to show the older man she was no naive little girl, the redhead wasted no time in bobbing her head along half his length while her hand worked in perfect unison to stroke the remaining portion.

“Yes. Suck it babe,” he moaned in delight towards the dirty actress.

“Mmmmm,” Bella moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

Already into her stride, Bella would thrust her head towards his groin with speed. On the return trip she would stop for a moment before applying even more suction, causing her cheeks to hollow. By the tightness of his hand in her shiny red hair and the groans emitted from his lips she figured he was enjoying himself handsomely.

Wanting to show off her full bag of tricks, Bella pull back one final time and swirled her talented tongue sloppily around the head of his cock. With loads of spit already supply she beat his entire length with her fist as she tilted it skyward while crouching lower. Opening her mouth she captured the first of his nuts between her lips while never missing a beat with her hand.

“I’d much rather play with these balls then the green fuzzy type,” she jested with a grin.

Rafa was mightily impressed with the younger girls. Most girls either ignored the balls altogether or lightly licked them before getting away from them as quick as possible. Not Bella though. This kinky redhead took her time wrapping her plump lips around each nut as she sucked while using her skilled tongue to caress.

As much as she loved the reaction she got from fondling the balls, Bella simply loved the feel of a dick in her mouth. Getting him back in her mouth was the goal and she accomplished it in one swoop, feeling the bulbous head poke against the back of her throat and holding him there for good effect.

“Glllcckkk,” she gagged while spitting up extra saliva onto his prick.

Sucking cock was something Bella really enjoyed and thrived at. She didn’t understand how some girls wouldn’t do it, or would only do it reluctantly yet they would love when their man went down on them. Boys loved head and they would do anything for a girl that would willingly and happily do it, especially if they were as good at it as Bella was.

Mandy parted her plush red lips and brushed her long hair behind her ears then took him into her mouth again. Just like before Rafa moaned audibly as she started sucking him off while he was left with his head tilted back and fingertip digging into the top of her head.

She enjoyed the affect she had on him, but shifted all her focus on building momentum as she bobbed her head up and down his towering pole, taking more of him inside her each time. After a good minute of the more intense blowjob, she slowed her pace back down then pulled off his spit-covered cock altogether.

“I love making your cock all wet in my spit,” the horny girl spoke.

Unable to take anymore of her oral work, Rafa helped the sexy redhead to her feet in one sudden motion. It wasn’t that she was bad with her mouth, quite the opposite in fact, it was that he needed to get inside her immediately.

Already close to the tennis net, Rafa spun her around and bent her over. Bella decided to show off her impressive flexibility and flexed completely at the hips to rest her palms on the court as she stood doubled over. Rafa was pleased with her once more and in one smooth motion he gripped his cock, stepped right behind her and slipped half his length into her pussy.

“Oh my God…yes,” Bella nearly screamed.

She was a little surprised by the swift action but she had enough sex to not be torn in half by his mammoth prick. Within pumping into her a few times, his whole length was now sawing into her teen cunt, much to both of their extreme pleasure. She was tight but not to the point of slowing his thrusting, which meant he could grip her hips hard and slam into her with hard strokes.

“Fuck,” the instructor swore.

Bella needed more support with Rafa pounding into her with such reckless abandonment so she straightened up and took her tits off her thigh. No longer bent right over the sexy teenager stretched out and gripped the tennis netting directly in front of her.

Rafa saw her holding the waist-high net now and took the benefit it gave by thrusting even harder into her tight twat. With her skirt propped up over her ass, which was surprisingly thick for a girl of her height and skinniness, he could see her pale skin ripple with each pump against her.

“Shit…your cock feels so good,” she moaned while gripping the tennis netting.

“Then cum for me,” he told her. “Show me how much you love my cock in her twat and cum.”

Bella had no problem listening to that command and she was on pace to complete it in no time at all. The way his cock was entering her, sliding along her inner walls and rubbing past her G spot with each thrust would have gotten her off soon anyway. However, when her instructor gave her an order she was sure to listen.

The redhead lifted one of her long legs up onto the netting as well, which would allow her an easy time in reaching down and finding her pussy with her hand. She took a moment to feel his dick slide into her wet hole before aiming higher and rubbing multiple digits through her pink folds.

“OOHHHH….UUGGGHHHHHHH….YYYYESSSS,” Bella screamed at the top of her lungs.

She didn’t know if it was his flawless fucking technique or the way his cock spread her out so perfectly or simply the knowledge that she finally landed her man but she came hard. Like one of the best orgasms of her life hard. She howled in pleasure as an intense wave of pleasure washed over, the feeling immense.

“Let’s go inside to your bedroom,” Rafa told her.

Pulling out, his cock was glistening in the sunlight because of her cum decorating his skin. Bella pulled her leg from the netting and turned around to walk shoulder to shoulder to the older man, whose closest hand immediately found a home under her skirt on her bare ass.

Inside her bedroom the pair resumed their make-out session in front of Bella’s massive sized bed. Their hands pawed at the other’s body as they moaned into their mouths. The redhead loved the feel of his veiny member in her hand, now sliding along his shaft with less friction due to her own cum.

“I’ve wanted you in my bedroom for so long,” Bella said, interrupting their kiss.

“That’s because you are such a bad little girl,” Rafa replied.

Being both older and more aggressive, plus with Bella clearly preferring a submissive role, Rafa knew to take control. They kissed for another while before he spun her on her heels and bent her down onto her bed. The redhead crawled on top of the high mattress and made sure to arch her back and thrust her ass back towards him to really show off one of her best assets.

“I could tell you always liked my tight little ass,” Bella told him. “Tell me how long you’ve wanted it.”

Rafa ignored her plea for attention and simply used his strong hands to rub the pale flesh of her tight teenage ass. Not bothering with foreplay, the tennis pro leaned right in and licked from her clit, over her wet hole and up onto her puckered starfish. Listening to his urges, the married man focused his licking directly onto her backdoor, giving her no disillusion as to what he wanted.

“Oh my God. Look at that,” he said to no one in particular.

Her asshole was starting to yield in its vice-like grip as she learned to like his anal attention. Her crinkled hole was glistening in his spit, at which point he went back in and added more of his saliva to his work. In fact, he tested her elasticity further by making his tongue into a sharp point and pressing it repeatedly against her anus.

Rafa was no stranger to tossing a woman’s salad, even one as new to womanhood as Bella. After warming up her hole with his tongue he felt the muscular ring more willing to relax as it adjusted to his touch.

Gripping her plump little cheeks with each hand, Rafa pulled them apart as far as they could go. This time he used his tongue more gently to poke the direct center of her asshole and marveled at his work. After doing the trick a few more times he was staring into her asshole as it was gaped a whole inch wide.

“Look at the massive hole,” he said aloud, realizing the slutty girl was definitely not an anal virgin.

He wasn’t going to rest on his laurels or just stare into her rectal abyss so he bent down and shoved his whole tongue into her ass. Her hole was warm and her walls felt smooth as he licked as deeply inside her poop chute as he possible could.

“Yes…don’t stop,” Bella begged.

Rafa wasn’t going to let Bella call any of the shots so he moved his tongue from her asshole and had an idea hit him. Holding her ass apart, the older man took aim and spit a glob of saliva down onto her crack. Bella moaned in surprising delight as she felt his liquid slide down her skin before disappearing deep into her bowels.

“Look how open your slutty ass is,” Rafa said, accentuating his point by quickly burying his tongue back in her.

Rafa didn’t ask for permission, instead he took his index finger and pressed it straight into her ass. With all the work he had done it didn’t need further lube as it was completely enveloped by her rump until his fist stopped any further progress.

“Ohhh,” Bella moaned, feeling his entire finger inside her tightest of holes.

“You like my finger in your ass,” he asked knowingly.

While waiting for her answer he pulled back then pushed the finger back inside until stopped by his knuckle once more. Her hole was relaxed and became more so with each stroke into her 18 year old asshole, much to his pleasure. Each time he picked up the speed as well, making the much younger girl moan and squirm.

“Yeah but I want more,” she answered, flashing him a sultry look over her shoulder.

He smiled when she begged for more and gave her what she wanted. Pulling out he added his middle finger to his first and eased it into her booty as well. This time he went slower and was stopped at his second knuckle, but he continued to pull and push inside her until both were completely filling her booty.

“I think you want even more now,” he said, leaving his fingers in her ass to keep her stretched.

“Lubes in the drawer,” the redhead answered.

It was within his arm’s reach so the adulterous man stretched out with his free hand and retrieved the clear bottle from her nightstand. Applying a health amount to his cock, he spread it around until his manhood was well oiled in the slippery fluid.

“You gonna fuck my ass like you did my pussy,” the horny redhead asked while waiting on hands and knees.

“I’m gonna have a lot of fun with this ass,” he grinned.

He told her to hold her ass and open for him, which Bella gladly did. His excellent work with his tongue and fingers had meant her ass was still loosened up so when he placed his tip at the entrance and pushed, it slid into her anus with little trouble. He stopped after an inch past his crown, not wanting to expose the redhead to too much too soon.

“Ughh,” Bella grunted though the discomfort soon passed.

With his considerable more wisdom from being more than double the teen’s age, Rafa took the sodomy slow and steady with the redhead. He figured he could have gone deeper then simply fucking her with only 3 inches of his dick, less than half his overall length, but he thought shallow and easy was best.

Bella couldn’t be 100% sure but she believed that Rafa was by far the biggest thing she had ever taken in her ass before. He was stretching her out almost to her limit but he had such finesse that while only using a small portion of his length and at the perfect speed it didn’t actually hurt…in fact she felt good.

It also started feeling even better when the redhead reached an arm under her body and found her pussy with her hand. Her clit was always sensitive and even while taking it in the ass was no exception. While her fingers rubbed at her exposed nub Rafa felt the leggy girl loosen up so he pushed his luck by adding more cock into her ass.

“ my faster too,” Bella begged.

“Such a bad girl,” Rafa smirked.

Using half his length and each thrust getting progressively faster, the tennis pro was enjoying the performance of the slutty starlet. She was moaning and squirming as his cock in her ass and her fingers on her clit opened up new realms of pleasure for the redhead.

Rafa rode his good fortunes of the redheaded stunner finding her clit and working it so well to push his cock further up her ass. She squirmed slightly but took it like a real champion as he now had most of his thick member worked deep into her booty.

“Lay down. I want to be in control right now,” Bella told him.

“Yes ma’am,” he replied to the teen.

Rafa wasn’t the happiest in the world to be pulling out of the teenager’s asshole but he listened to her request, albeit after spiking into her a few last times. He stepped back and slowly removed himself fully from her booty but watched his handiwork. Her asshole was gaped nearly two full inches and before it recessed into blackness he could see the color shift from the creamy skin color to the purple of her ring and finally the bright red of her bowels.

“I bet you always wondered what I looked like under this shirt,” the sodomized girl said.

Rafa looked beside him to see the leggy girl standing there with her hands gripping the hem of her tennis shirt. With a flourish she hoisted the polo over her head and tossed it somewhere behind her, leaving her there in only her loose skirt and tennis shoes. She ran her hands over her chest to draw his attention towards them, pinching her nipples lightly to get them to stand erect.

Her tits did look rather spectacular if Rafa was being truthful. They were still developing but his guess was that they were B cups that could potentially grow even larger, however they were perfect. An easy handful, which he confirmed right away, the redhead’s boobs were perky and flawlessly round with each capped with a small pink nipple.

“Very nice indeed,” Rafa practically drooled in between kisses with the horny actress.

Though he liked feeling her up, Rafa wanted to fuck the teenager once more. While he settled his head on the pillows, he was going to reach over and find the bottle of lube once more. However, it was evident that the seductive redhead had other ideas on how to best get his cock wet for it’s passage back up her butt.

Wrapping her fist around his base she leaned in but rather then devour his dick like she had on the tennis court she took her time. Her plump lips barely contacted his crown as she swirled her talented tongue around his tip, paying close attention to his piss slit. She could taste herself on his tip, directly from her own ass, but she didn’t care.

“Like that,” she asked him with a flash of her eyes catching his.

She knew his answer anyway so she ignored him and focused on the task in hand. Keeping with the licking theme, the red-haired actress extended her flat tongue and ran it all the way down the underbelly of his penis. After giving each nut a quick suck, she licked back up his prick, this time the topside before repeating with either side as well.

“Yes, yes. All the way down,” he encouraged.

“I’m not really surprised but my ass tastes so amazing,” the confident star stated.

The seductress had graduated from licking his cock all over to taking him back down her throat. She was practiced enough to swallow half his length and hold him in the back of her mouth on the verge of gagging but stopping just short. It resulted in several thick strings of spit to connect her mouth to his shaft.

After doing so several more times, Rafa’s cock was decorated in so much saliva that he knew his dick would slide back in her ass with little issue. He was proven correct once more seconds later as Bella flung a leg around his waist to straddle him with her perky tits facing him before sitting back and taking him back in her asshole.

“Oh my God you’re so fucking big,” Bella screamed.

This time it was Rafa who reached lower then her tight stomach and found her very wet slit with his fingers. Instead of dipping inside her snatch, the tennis pro slowly circled around her clit to help relax her. It worked perfectly as she was soon bouncing on half his length and then after another minute his hips bumped against her smooth cheeks.

“Amazing…you took it all,” he panted.

Bella had a flash of surprise cross her face before it changed to that of triumph. She had successfully taken her biggest cock she’d been with in her backdoor, a feat she doubted many if any her age had done. She seemed to be buoyed by this fact and used her arms on his chest to ride all the way to the tip then let herself crash back down.

“Yeah…you like my tight ass bouncing on your fat dick,” the slutty redhead asked.

Rafa wasn’t listening to her speech, instead his attention was focused on his breathing in order to take his mind off the insane tightness of her asshole. His hand never lift her cunt either and he soon became aware that her groans were converting to more pleasurable as his fingers kept flicking her sensitive bean.

“You like a cock in your ass, don’t you,” he asked as more low moans escaped her lips.

The stuck-up rich girl responded physically rather than with words by thundering her perfect body along his cock with more force. Removing her hands from his chest, Bella ran them up her taut stomach, over her perfectly round tits then through her bright red hair.

Rafa helped pick up the slack by driving his dick up into her asshole with more power. The redhead was unsteady on his lap without hands holding onto him so the younger girl was bucked to and fro, her supple boobs jiggling with each thrust skyward.

“I’m just your dirty little anal whore,” Bella answered as she bounced.

Rafa reached up and kneaded her pair of breasts causing the redhead to smirk at his remark, happy in the knowledge that the lucky man was as big of a fan of her glorious boobs as she was of them. The thought didn’t distract her from continuing to bounce her tall body up and down his rock hard dick, skewering herself in the ass each time she descended on his tool.

“Gonna cum soon,” he grunted out.

“Yeah. Gonna cover me in your cum,” Bella moaned.

Rafa didn’t have time to reply to her insanely slutty comment. He let the girl ride down in his cock a few more times before lifting the leggy girl from his lap with hands around her narrow waist. He threw the redhead done on the bed where he was just lying and knelt overtop of her pillowy chest, his hand stroking his manhood as a blur.

“Shit….ugghhh,” the tennis instructor groaned.

“Yes. Cum on my face like I’m some 5 dollar whore,” the actress spewed out.

Bella had just enough time to close her eyes and part her lips in a wide O with her tongue sticking out. The much older man took one final glance at her youthful face before shutting them and shooting his load on her. He felt his cum boil up from his balls and blast from his tip in what he could guess as 5 large strands.

“Wow,” Rafa exhaled as he rolled off her chest.

“Wow is right. That was a crap ton of jizz,” Bella laughed.

The married man looked over and observed his handiwork for the first time. Bella’s face was absolutely covered in his spunk for sure, even some landing on her flaming red hair. In fact there was cum decorating the actress from chin to forehead and everywhere in between including her nose, cheekbones and healthy amount on her tongue, which of course was swallowed down before she spoke.

“So I’m away filming a TV episode the rest of the week but I’ll definitely be ready for our next tennis listen,” Bella grinned, her face still coated in his jizz.

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