Bella Thorne Gets and Audition

Title:  Bella Thorne Gets and Audition

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Bella Thorne

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Bella Thorne sat patiently in the waiting room.  She had an appointment to see a very powerful casting director in hopes of getting a part in the new Matthew McConaughey movie.  She just turned 18 and needed to get out from under the trap that was Disney.  The Evil Empire, as she called them.  She would do anything be get this part.  The character was in her early twenties and seduces McConaughey’s character to murder her rich parents so she can inherit their millions.  She knew she could play older and even though the part was so much different than her previous acting experiences, she knew she could handle it.  Besides, getting a chance to work with an Oscar winner was worth it.

She was dressed in a short skirt black dress which hugged her young body perfectly.  She had on dark stockings and six inch heels that showed off her long legs and tight little ass.  Her long red hair was down and her makeup made her look much older than she was.  The secretary told her she could go in and as she entered the office, she made sure to turn around slowly as she closed the door, giving the man behind the desk a good view of her ass.  He motioned her to the chair in front of his desk and as she sat down, she shot him a view of her lace panties when she crossed her legs.

“Miss Thorne, let’s cut to the chase.  You want the part and you’ll do anything to get it, right?”

“Yes sir, I’ll do anything.”  With that she uncrossed her legs and ran her long nailed fingers along her slit.

“Well, I must tell you I’ve had three other actresses in here today and each and every one of them sucked my cock and swallowed my load.  Frankly, I’m tired of blowjobs.  Stand up.”

With that, Bella stood up as the director walk out from behind his desk.  He was naked from the waist down and his 10 inch cock was already hard.  He took her by the hand as she stood up.

“Bend over my desk slut.”  He pushed her down across his desk and pulled her panties down.  She knew what was coming and took a deep breath as the man shoved his cock into her ass.  Bella yelped like a little puppy as he slammed his cock in and out of her tight shit hole.  She was no stranger to sodomy but it hurt just the same.  She’d been getting fucked in her ass since she was twelve but her ass was still as tight as the day she was born.  He slammed his cock deep into her bowels.  Bella was grunting like a two dollar whore as her asshole was reamed mercilessly.  The director grabbed a handful of her flowing red hair and pulled her pink lips up to his.  He sucked on her tongue as she felt his balls slapping against her 18 year old pussy.  He let go of her hair and pulled out of her ass and told her to strip.  She quickly removed her dress and he had her lay down on her back.  The director squatted over her face and told her to lick his asshole.  Bella had tossed a few salads in her day too so she happily shoved her tongue up his ass as deep as she could.  She pushed one of her long nailed fingers inside as she licked and sucked his anus.  He farted several times as the pretty young starlet ate his ass out.  Bella simply closed her eyes and kept licking.  He told her to play with her pussy and soon she had three fingers deep in her sopping wet hole.  The director was bound and determined to break this girl and decided to see just how far she would go.  He told her to fist herself.  Without missing a beat, Bella shoved her remaining fingers inside her pussy and soon had her entire hand inside her gaping hole.  He had been jerking his cock with his hand and finally shot his load all over her tits and stomach.  When he did, she shoved her tongue as deep as she could into his ass and without warning, he unloaded a hot steaming pile of shit into her mouth and all over her face.  He sat down on her face and rubbed his ass all over her, not giving her the opportunity to spit out the vile mess.  As he did that she pulled her fist out of her pussy and shot a long wet stream of girl cum all over the floor.

The director stood up and looked down at Bella.  Her face and hair was covered in shit.  She used her fingers to wipe the shit from her eyes and looked up at him.  He told her to swallow his shit.  She gulped down the load and opened her mouth.  When she did that, he started to piss into her mouth and all over her face, washing the shit off as he did.  He told her to get him hard again and she started to suck his cock.  When he was hard, he pulled her to her hands and knees and shoved his cock into her ass again.  Her hole was gaped beyond belief as his rammed his cock in and out of her.

“That’s it, fuck my teen asshole mister.  Fuck your shit whore with your big hard cock.  Yes, YESSSSSSSS, give it to me hard.  HARDER!!!!!!”

He couldn’t take it any longer and finally filled her torn asshole with another load of his hot seed.  He grabbed her by her shit stained hair and forced his cock down her throat and told her clean him up.  Bella licked and sucked the remaining cum from cock and swallowed.  After she finished he walked over and took out a camera and snapped off several pictures of the young girl in her ruined state.  She smiled up at him and let him take his pictures.

He pointed over to the bathroom and let the young starlet take a shower and clean herself up.  After twenty minutes, she came out.  She had pulled her wet hair into a ponytail and he looked at her without makeup and realized just how young she really was.  He wasn’t done with her and took her in the ass one more time.  He pulled out of her ass and told her get on her knees and he came in her mouth.  She looked up at him with her big green eyes and swallowed down another load of cum.  He told her to get dressed and that he’d call her when they made their decision.

Bella had a hard time walking out of the office and had to stop several times on her way to her car.  Her asshole was on fire and as soon as she was outside, she leaned over some bushes as threw up the nasty mixture of shit and cum that filled her belly.  When she got home, she saw a message on her answering machine.  It was the director.  He told her she had a callback and that Matthew McConaughey wanted to meet her.  She smiled and knew that she was probably in for another long hard round of “auditioning” with the star and the director.  She only hoped her asshole could take it.

The End.

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