Bella Thorne Goes To Mexico

Title:  Bella Thorne Goes To Mexico

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Bella Thorne

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Bella Thorne opened her eyes and stared up at the ceiling.  Where was she?  Her head was pounding and she had a nasty taste in her mouth that she couldn’t identify.  She sat up slowly and looked around the cheap motel room.  That was when she realized she was completely naked.  She pulled the filthy sheet up over her perky little breasts and tried to put together what had happened to her.  The last thing she remembered was going to a club with some of her friends.  She remembered dancing and having a great time.  The rest was just a blur.

She really needed to pee, so she pulled herself off the bed and immediately fell on the floor.  She looked down and saw that her ankle was chained to the bottom of the bed.  The chain wasn’t very long and she pulled on it but it was securely locked with a padlock.  The room had no bathroom so she went over to the corner, squatted and relieved herself.  As she stood, the door opened and a fat man who looked to be in his 50’s opened the door.  He smiled and yelled down the hallway that the girl was awake.  A few minutes later, a slimy looking guy in a white wife-beater and jeans came into the room.  He had a laptop with him and told her to sit on the bed and watch.  He sat the laptop down in front of her and walked out of the room, leaving the pretty redhead alone with the fat man and the laptop.

She watched in horror as the previous night revealed itself to her.  She watched herself get defiled by man after man.  She couldn’t believe that the girl on the video was actually her.  She was sucking cock after cock and to make matters worse, she appeared to be enjoying herself.  As the scene continued, she was fucked in all of her holes.  She then realized what that taste was in her mouth as she watched the men cum on her face and in her mouth.  She was sodomized by a string of men too many to count.  Then came the most horrifying scene of all.  She was subjected to about 10 men pissing all over her.  She watched as she drank down the vile liquid with a huge smile on her face.

She looked up and saw the fat man jerking off in front of her.  She looked away just as her shot his load on her.   He was laughing as he left the room.  After the video was over, the younger man came back into the room and explained the situation to her.  He told her that she had been drugged at the club and taken out the back door by some of his friends.  They didn’t realize she was famous  but he recognized her immediately when they delivered her.  He told her the drug they gave her made her receptive to any suggestion as well as making her extremely horny.   She asked him where she was and he told her she was in Tijuana, Mexico.  She had no money, no passport and that the only way she was ever going to get back home was if she did exactly what he told her to do.  He told her she was going to star in a few movies for him and if she didn’t do what he wanted, she’d never be heard from again.

Bella was trying to take it all in when he stood up, unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock.  He told her to get on her knees and suck it.  When she didn’t move fast enough, he slapped her across the face and pulled her to the floor by her long red hair.  He pushed his hard cock between her lips and slammed it down her throat.  Her green eyes were wide open as the bastard face fucked her.  Pretty Bella Thorne was naked on her knees sucking a stranger’s cock and she couldn’t do anything about it.  He fucked her mouth for several minutes and then shot his hot load.  He told her to swallow which she did.  After he pulled his cock out of her mouth, she started to cough and retch as he put zipped up his jeans.

He walked over and opened the door and five men came into the room.  They picked Bella up and put her on the bed.  One by one, they took off their clothes and raped her.  Bella screamed as they violated her body.  They each took turns fucking her tight asshole.  Several times she was subjected to double anal as the other men fucked her mouth and her pussy.  She saw her captor filming the entire ordeal on a video camera.  The rape went on for hours.  The men came over and over again and when one of them couldn’t get it up anymore, another man took his place.  Bella was in an almost comatose state.  She didn’t have the will power to resist.  Her body, covered in sweat and cum, was used and abused by at least 20 men that day.  When they finished with her, they left her there laying in their filth and closed the door.  It took almost an hour for her to finally come out of her stupor and she began to cry.

The next day was a repeat of the previous day.  Bella Thorne was subjected to another long and brutal gang rape.  Once again she was filmed.   This scenario played itself out for an entire week.   The pretty teen starlet Bella Thorne was completely broken.  She couldn’t remember who she was.  She only knew that she was a sex slave, a fuck toy to be used by anyone that wanted her.  By the fourth day, she was a willing participant, begging and pleading to be fucked.  She screamed for more cocks to fill her holes and more cum to cover her battered body.   On the fifth day, the fat man came in with a huge German Shepard.  Bella didn’t think twice as she took the dog’s big red cock into her mouth.  She sucked the animal off until it came in her mouth.  She got on all fours and the animal mounted her.  Bella reached between her legs and guided the dog’s massive cock into her ass.  The fat man filmed the animal sodomizing the pretty starlet until her finally filled her ass with his load.

That night the younger man came in and took her downstairs.  She had heard the music and realized she was in a nightclub.  The room was thick with cigarette smoke and the lights were low.  She could see the place was packed with customers as she was led up onto the stage.  She stood there as the man spoke in Spanish.  She heard him introduce her as Bella Thorne, Disney Star.  She looked over and saw the fat man leading a Donkey up on stage.  The crowd went wild.  Bella did what she was now programmed to do.  She got on her knees and started to stroke the animals cock.  She pulled back the sheath and revealed a fool long cock which she took into her mouth.  Everyone was cheering as she lay on a bench and guided the huge cock into her pussy.  She fucked herself with the Donkey’s cock for about 10 minutes.  She took it back into her mouth and sucked it until he shot a huge stream of cum all over her.  The cheers were deafening as she was led off the stage and taken back to her room.

A few minutes after her show, the fat man came in and shot her up with a syringe.  She passed out almost immediately.    When she woke up she found herself dressed in her clothes and sitting on a bench at the LA bus station.  Her purse was gone but she found a key to a locker in her hand.  She walked around until she found the locker and opened it.  Inside she found her purse and a stack of DVD’s.  She called a cab and went home.  Her answering machine was full of messages from her family, friends and manager wondering where she was.  Most of the calls were frantic and from what she could gather, she had been gone for almost 10 days.  Bella went upstairs and took a shower and brushed her teeth.  She was starving and called for a pizza.  When the pizza arrived, she got on her knees and gave the delivery guy a blowjob and a big tip.  As she was eating her pizza, she put in the DVD labeled #1 and sat and watched herself getting gang raped that first day.  She sat and ate and watched the other 10 DVD’s in order.  The last one containing her stage show with the Donkey.   She didn’t realize it but she had been masturbating the entire time.   After she finished eating, she made some calls and told everyone she was fine.  She just needed to get away for some alone time.  Everyone was relieved that she was OK.

She went to bed but couldn’t sleep.  She masturbated but couldn’t get herself off so she went for a walk.  The air was cool and the night was quiet.  She walked to the park about 3 blocks from her house and sat on a bench.  She slid her hand into her jeans and rubbed her pussy.  She was three fingers deep when she noticed a man walking his dog.   Bella called him over and without saying a word, started to suck the dogs cock.  The man stood there and watched as the pretty teen sucked his Doberman’s penis.  She pulled her jeans and panties down and started to beg the man to fuck her ass.  The guy didn’t need to be asked twice and was soon slamming his cock into her ass.  She was having her third orgasm when the dog came in her mouth.  Soon after, the man was filling her bowels with his load.  The man thanked her and took his dog and walked away.  Bella laid on the cool grass for a few minutes before the finally went home and fell asleep.

Bella found herself ordering things and then letting the delivery men do anything they wanted to her.  She would spread her ass and let them sodomize her like a common whore.  That next weekend, she called her friend Zendaya and asked her to go clubbing with her that night.  Zendaya agreed and Bella took her to the same club where she was kidnapped.  She left Zendaya on the dance floor and went looking around the club until she saw him.  The skinny man from the motel was sitting at the bar.  Bella walked up to him and gave him a big hug and a kiss.  She led him to the men’s room and gave him and several other men a blowjob.  When she satisfied herself, she took him over and introduced him to her friend.  The man ordered some drinks and Bella watched as he laced Zendaya’s drink with a small amount of clear liquid.  She went out and danced a few dances and when she came back, the man and Zendaya were gone.

About a week later, Bella heard the doorbell ring.  A UPS guy was there with a package.  She opened the package and inside was $10,000.00 and a DVD.  A short note was also inside.  It said that her friend was having a wonderful time and that she’d be back in a week or so.  Bella smiled, put the DVD into her machine and watched as Zendaya Coleman was gang raped by dozens of men.

The End…..

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