Bella Thorne – Banging Bella

Title: Bella Thorne – Banging Bella

Author: Tricky Dick

Celebs: Bella Thorne

Codes: MMF, oral, anal

Disclaimer: This is fiction. It is not real.


I got invited to this hip Hollywood party because a friend of mine owns this killer house and every once and a while he throws a Costume / Masquerade BASH.

I walked in fashionably late and the party was jumpin.  I noticed a bunch of Hollywood types and plenty of eye candy…. models and actresses everywhere and then I saw her…. Bella Thorne whom I ADORE.  She had this sexy costume on and a cool mask but she had her mask up on her forehead for whatever reason.  Once I spotted her it was impossible to lose her in the crowd even after she put her mask down.  I saw a guy with her…. It was weird…. He was almost the same exact build as me…. same hair and everything…. Then he pulled up his mask for a second and I saw he was pretty handsome….. so I was satisfied but instantly jealous of this guy who was kissing on Bella and probably sleeping with her too.

“Hey…. Mitch….. who is that guy with Bella Thorne?” I asked….   “Oh him…. That’s Randy…. His dad is some record producer.”  Mitch replied.  “How’d did a guy like that get Bella Throne?” I asked.  “Honestly nobody knows…. he’s not packing much downstairs and he’s pretty dumb too from what I’ve been told.” Mitch replied.  “Yeah…. how do you know that?” I continued.  Mitch turned and looked around…. “GINA!” he shouted and this scantily clad girl turned her head and began to walk over.  “Gina, this is my friend Richard… He’s an Actor, Musician and all around kick ass guy….. Tell him what you told me about Randy.” Mitch asked.  Gina proceeded to tell a bunch of funny stories about how stupid Randy is….. AND she finished it with…. “So about a year ago I got drunk at a party and slept with him…..” she put her two fingers up like he has a small dick.  “He’s been trying to get in my pants ever since but I won’t do it….. Can’t say WHY Bella is dating him.  Mitch got a look on his face and he smiled at me…. “So Gina…. how’d you like to have a little fun and help my boy Richard out?”  Gina looked at me and said…. “I’m up for a good time.”  “No no….. that’s not what I mean….. I want you to wait for Randy to got to the bathroom or whatever and then keep him “distracted” so Richard can swoop in and nab Bella.” Mitch suggested.  “And by distracted you mean fuck him.” Gina replied.  “And what’s in it for me?” she continued.  “I’ll owe you a big favor… A BIG ONE.” Mitch confirmed.  “Oh and when you get him alone….. get his mask away from him and leave it where we can snag it….” Mitch plotted.  Gina looked at us both and said….. “Okay…. I’ll do it…. but you OWE ME.”

Gina positioned herself in the hallway and waited for Randy to go to the bathroom.  As soon as he came back out of the bathroom she grabbed him, squeezed his cock and kissed him hard.  She stroked his cock through his pants while pushing him into a spare room and pulled off his mask and tossed it out the door closing it behind her.  “Well….. That takes care of Randy.” Mitch said as he handed me his mask.  I swapped masks and he looked me up and down…. “Well…. you’re slightly taller and have broader shoulders but I’m betting she’ll know you’re not him when she sees your cock my friend.”  “Yeah…. I figure I’m going to have to wind her up good before I slide into home so even when she figures out that I’m not him, she’s got nothing to complain about.” I replied.  Mitch was like….. okay…. You can us MY ROOM.  “Wait…. (A Grinch-like smile spread across my face.)  We need to set up a camera.” I suggested.  Mitch smiled at me…. “I like the way you think.”  He went into his closet and pulled out his camera.  “I’ll set it up right here…. There’s no way she’ll see it and you have a great view of the bed.”  Then he pulled all the covers off.  “This way you’ll have to be on top of the sheets…. nothing to block the view…. I just wish I could be you tonight…. this is gonna work.”  Now another idea popped into my head.  “You’re right….. this IS going to work…. and WE should take full advantage.  I know Bella isn’t that drunk so if I start to fuck her with my dick…. she’ll know…. Once I confess and she decides to let me fuck her…. I can find a second to send you a text.  I’ll have it in my phone so I only have to press one button.  It will say NOW.  You then come in quiet and join in with us.  This way we BOTH get to fuck her…..  We know she likes you…. The worst thing that can happen is she says no and throws you out….. She’s not going to want me to stop fucking her as long as she doesn’t know it was my idea.”  Mitch stared at me for a moment very surprised but ultimately he could find no flaw in my logic.  He literally licked his lips and nodded at me.  “Okay….. what the fuck right?”  “What the fuck.” I said and we high fived.  “Okay….. well now you go get her and lead her in here…. I’ll take it from there.  Mitch turned the camera on and ran out of the room to go and get Bella.

In the party Bella was partying…. drinking….. having a good time and chatting with people.  Randy had disappeared and she wondered where he went when Mitch came over to her.  “Hey Bella.”  “Hi Mitch…. Have you seen Randy?” she asked.  Mitch didn’t say anything but motioned her to follow.  Bella gave him a look but then followed her host away from the guests and down the hall.  “Where are we going?” she asked.  Mitch played it cool and gave her the shhhh symbol, so Bella just kept following him.  He opened the door to his bedroom and Bella stepped in.  She saw me and immediately thought I was Randy.  “THERE you are!”  I gave Bella a come hither finger very seductively as I stood near the bed.  “Have Fun.” Mitch said as he closed the door behind him.  Bella looked at me and the bed and smiled…. She was good to go.  I walked around behind her and slipped my arms around her and kissed her neck while I unzipped her dress.  It was a tight dress so she had no bra on and after she slipped it off she was only wearing a thong.  I caressed her body and rubbed her tits…. I slipped my hand into her panties and fingered her slit feeling her juices and massaging her swelling clit.  Bella just sighed as I got her motor running.  I thought about kissing her but it was possible that it might give me away so I knelt down and pulled off her thong.  Now I had Bella Thorne naked with a bed right in front of me.  I took her hand and laid her down on the bed giving her the slightest kiss on the lips and began to work my way down her body.  Now she was intoxicated but not so drunk she was clueless…. However with HIS mask on, she just didn’t notice that I wasn’t Randy.  I kissed her neck…. breasts and lingered lovingly on her nipples.  She liked this and apparently that was something Randy did. so all was good.  After I continued to tongue my way to her pussy.  The camera was set off to the side and at an angle but you could see most all of what I was doing…. no close ups of her pussy but you could see me open her legs and dive in.

I had to be careful and lick her thoroughly…. I licked up and down her slit, teasing my tongue inside her folds.  “Mmmmmmm ….. MMMMMMM….. she moaned as her juices really got running.  I opened her lips up and licked right inside and up but NOT on her clit just yet.  “MMMMOOHHHHHh” Bella purred…. really enjoying me taking my time.  I teased my fingers just inside her honey hole as I flicked it right around her clit.  “Oh Baby…. that’s soooo good….. please…. suck my clit.” Bella begged.  Oh MAN it was so hard not to go right for it…. but I wanted to really build her up.  I flicked at it…. now finally giving it licks and making her squirm and writhe.   “OOOOOOOHHHH…. BABY…… YESSSSS” she hissed now getting more and more turned on.  Her hands were on my head pulling me onto her clit so now I had to give my sweet Bella what she wanted….. or did I.  I slid my fingers deep insider her.  “UUUHHHHHHH” she groaned as I began to finger fuck her…. staying OFF her clit and fighting the desire to suck her to a quick orgasm.  I wanted her to be flopping around when she came.  I began working those fingers in and out…. and added flicks as Bella began to rock her hips to meet the thrusts.  She stopped pulling on my head and began to claw at the bed….. I went a little faster and she began to pant.   “UHHHH….. UHHH…. UUUHHHHHUUUUHHHH…..”  Her clit was hard…. her pussy was juicy…. she was humping my fingers…. she was ready to cum.  I curled them up to find her G spot and Bella moaned her approval.  “OOOOHHHHHH HONEEEEYYYY!”  She started to buck and gripped my head but I was ready and sucked her clit into my mouth.  “AAHHHH AHHHH AHHHHH” she cried as I combined my G spot, pumping my fingers and sucking her clit.  Bella’s hands went from my head back to clawing the bed and feeling her own tits as she bucked wildly.  “AAAHHHHH UHHHHH HUHHHH…. RANDY!!!…… OH GOD…… OH GOD….. OHHHHH OOOHHHH YEAH…. YESSS…..YESSS… YYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHSSSSSSS” Bella came HARD shuddering and dripping.  Now was my chance.

I had opened my pants and eased them down while I was eating her…. so I was pretty much ready to mount my unsuspecting victim.  I crawled up between her trembling thighs and positioned my cock.  Bella opened her eyes and looked up at me…. still not aware that I wasn’t Randy, but that was about to change.  I drove my cock into her clutching cunt nice and deep.  “UUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!”  Bella’s eyes went wide.  I ground it down against her swollen clit and kissed her passionately.  At first she didn’t close her eyes, however my cock felt so good in her pussy, she let me kiss her but her hands reached up and pulled off my mask.  “WHAT?  WHO ARE YOU?” she exclaimed with my cock buried in her pussy.  “I’m your mystery lover.” I said as I quickly pulled back and thrust into her again.  “UUUGGGHHHHH!” she moaned.  I pulled back and continued not waiting for her approval and Bella stared at me as my cock began to pump into her quivering cunt.  She didn’t know how to react.  She was surprised but super turned on and now my hard cock was filling her fully.  “WAIT.” she said and I stopped again with it all the way in.  I looked her right in the eye and ground down against her pussy…. “Do you really want me to stop Bella?” I said.  She hesitated and I started to fuck her again….. a little harder.  “MMMMM….. UHHHHH…… UHHHHH….” she moaned….. still looking at me incredulously.  Then I leaned in and kissed her…..  I sat up for a moment and pulled off my shirt….. looked back at her…. slipped my arms under her knees and eyed her directly as if to say ‘tell me to stop and I’ll stop’ but she just looked at me as I began to fuck her again.  I was IN!  Bella closed her eyes as my cock drove into her pussy…. I felt her hands grab my arms and then move to my ribs and chest.  “UGGHH UHHH UUHHHH HUUUUHHH…..” she was into this surprise but still a little freaked out….  it all felt so good she just didn’t want it to stop.  I began to fuck her harder, thrusting more firmly now that I had her tacit approval.  I wanted her to cum so I could signal Mitch to join us.  I thrust into her and banged my pelvis into her clit ramming everything I had into her.  Bella was fully into it and she began to thrust back against me and moan.  “UHHH…. UHHH…. UGHHH.. UUUHHHH….. HARDER BABY….. YESSSS…. FUCK ME…… FUCK ME…… UHHHH HHHUUUHHH…… OH GOD….. YEAH…. YEAH…… OH…… OH….. BABY….. OH GOD….. OH…. OHHH….OHHHHH….OHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDD FUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHH! and she came, pussy clutching at me.  I kissed her deeply again and pulled out so I could lick her love juice.  “MMMMMMMMMMM BABY….. You’re so good to me.” she cooed.  I flipped her over and continued to lick her pussy and pressed the key on my phone.  The text was sent.

I pulled Bella up to the doggie position and began to fuck her deeply.  She put her face on the bed so she didn’t see Mitch come into the room and lock the door behind him.  Now for sure we wouldn’t be interrupted.  He even had a Do Not Disturb on the door just in case.  Mitch looked at me wide eyed as I was revealed and fucking Bella from behind.  He knew that she knew and was letting me fuck her.  Now is when we take the big leap of faith.  I motioned him to stay back and wait.  I fucked Bella hard…. thrusting deeply into her velvet vice.  She was so turned on her pussy was getting tighter….. that’s always a good thing because the orgasms get stronger the longer you can go.  She had already cum twice now and this third one was going to be big.  Mitch undressed and I looked at him, hard and ready for action….. He wasn’t quite as big as me but he was handsome and Bella liked him so there was a chance that this would work.  “OHH OHHHH OOOHHHHHH OOHHHHH  HARDER….. OHHHH YEAH….. YEAH…… GOD….. SO DEEP….. UGH…. UGH…. UH HUH….. UH HUHHHH OHHH…… GOD BABY…… YOU’RE SO GOOD….. SO GOOOD….. SOOOOO GOOOD…. FUCK…… FUCK….  I pulled her up by her hair and rubbed her clit as I viciously thrust up into her tight cunt….. “AHHHH AHHHHH AHHHH….. GOD YES…… FUCK …… .FUCK…… OH GOD ….. FUCK ME….. HARDER BABY…… YESSS….. YESSSS YESSSS…… OHHHH OHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH OHHHH GGGGGOOOOOOODDDDDDUUUUUGGHHHHH.”

Bella came so hard I almost came with her but I stopped myself and pulled out.  I licked her slit up and down and motioned to Mitch to come in behind her.  I moved off and let him take my place.  Mitch nervously gripped her hips and thrust into her quivering cunt.  “MMMMMM OH BABY!…. BABY you’re so hard.” she moaned.  Mitch grabbed her arms and began to thrust into Bella.  He was nervous that she’d notice but she didn’t.  His cock was close enough to mine that she just kept getting fucked.  Now super turned on and dripping she was easy prey for Mitch as he banged away at our dream girl.  Bella’s toes curled as Mitch pumped her firmly….. Then he pulled her to him and reached around like I did and fingered her clit.  Bella bucked and moaned as another powerful orgasm took her and Mitch pulled her chin around to kiss her.  She came clutching at his cock and kissing him and then she knew.  “OH GOD! What the hell…!!!!”  she exclaimed again.  “Don’t be mad baby….. we just want to make you happy….. rock your world.” I said calmly.  Mitch continued to move his cock in and out gently but firmly into her pussy as he kept his arm around her waist….. Bella was distracted by his cock as Mitch didn’t give her a chance to protest by kissing her again.  I moved in front of her and kissed her as well and Mitch began to fuck her hard again so avoid any more discussion.  We broke our kiss and Mitch was already pumping her…. Bella once again didn’t know WHAT to think but his cock was hitting IT and she was too wrapped up in the feeling.

Since she wasn’t protesting I took it upon myself to keep the fun going.  I brought my cock to her lips and she looked up and me as Mitch continued to thrust into her tight tunnel…. and I guess she just “let go”.  Bella took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it.  SUCCESS!  We did a virtual high five and Mitch renewed his passion for Bella banging that tight pussy as best he could.  Bella moaned around my cock until she couldn’t hold on and wailed as Mitch made her grip the sheets with her next orgasm.  “Baby….. why don’t you get on top and ride Richard’s cock?” Mitch suggested.  “That’s your name?” Bella replied as she flipped onto her hip and looked at me.  “Yeah…. Richard…. Nice to meet you….. I’m a big fan.” I stated…. which made Mitch chuckle.  “Where is Randy?” Bella demanded.  “By now he’s probably finished fucking Gina.” Mitch replied.  “WHAT? Gina? Those two are hooking up?” she exclaimed.  “Yeah well he fucked her once about a year ago and he’s been trying to get back in her panties for some time now.” Mitch continued.  “He said they never hooked up.” Bella replied.  “Yeah he lied.” I stated.  “Gina is the one who told us about his small dick….. That’s why I had to be so careful and not get naked until you were…. all wound up.” I said.  “So you two planned this?” she asked pointedly.  “Well…. it was my idea Bella…. please don’t be mad.  I just think you’re so fucking smoking hot and I thought you deserve better than a tiny prick…. and I saw my chance and asked Mitch if he would help me.” I replied.  “So now you both want to fuck me?” She asked again pointedly.  “Well….. to be clear…. we already HAVE fucked you….. but yeah….. we want to keep fucking your hot brains out….. if it makes you happy.” I stated matter of factly.  Mitch looked at Bella and said, “Look…. Randy just cheated on you…. BEFORE Richard tricked you….. so you’re in the clear… nobody is getting hurt here and you’re getting all you want.”  Bella looked at the two of us…… “Fuck that asshole.” she said….. “DO NOT CUM INSIDE ME…. either of you!” she demanded.  And then Bella kissed Mitch hard…. and then me….. and then she saw that my rod needed a little attention and she sucked it into her mouth.  Mitch joined me and we both moved just a little so the camera could see Bella switching between sucking both our cocks.  This had worked out incredibly.

Finally I laid on my back and Bella mounted me.  She began to bounce on my hard cock and her cunt responded immediately firing right back up.  She liked to be on top…. it was the way she came the best….. So she came…… and kept going….. then she came again.  Now Mitch….. that sneaky fucker….. grabbed some lube and lubed up his cock.  When Bella came the second time he moved in behind her and rubbed his cock against her ass.  Bella looked back at him and he kissed her and pressed it into her ass.  We had no idea if Bella did anal but Mitch was going for it and I had to give it to him.  Bella winced a bit but she let him in.  As he worked his cock into her ass I caressed her tits and Mitch whispered dirty words into her ears making her wiggle and squeeze my cock with her cunt.  Bella was panting as Mitch drove it deeper into her fiery ass.  Maybe this was her first time… OR maybe it was her first double penetration.  Either way…. both of us were geeking out that we were fucking Bella Thorne and SHE was tripping that two guys were having her for dinner.

Mitch signaled to me and the two of us held Bella firmly and began to fuck.  “UUUUGGHGHHHGHGHGH” she groaned.  Not sure if we were hurting her but Mitch wasn’t stopping so we both continued as Bella twitched.  “AAAHHHHHH OOOHHHHH….. GUUUUHHHHGGHHH” she moaned as her insides started to heat up.  She liked it.  Bella leaned back and kissed Mitch….. then leaned forward and kissed me.  Then Mitch held her waist and I held her firm tits and we really started to fuck her.  Bella was dying…… She just yelped again and again but Mitch didn’t slow down.  I could feel his cock ramming into her ass and I tried to keep pace thrusting into her cunt…… it was awesome as she bucked and wailed…… soon Mitch was going to blow….. He pulled Bella by the hair and she squealed as he fucked her as hard as he could….. Her cunt fluttered continuously for what seemed like at least a minute and Mitch exploded into Bella’s ass.

After he pulled out I rolled Bella over onto her back and put her ankles on my shoulders….. I took my cue and began to viciously fuck my dream girl.  She lovingly yelped her approval.  “OHHH…..OHHHHH GOD….. RICHARD…… FUCK ….. FUCK ME…… FUCK ME……. OH FUCK ME BABY…… HARDER…… YES…..”  I took a shot….. “WHO’S PUSSY IS THIS?!” I demanded….. “OH IT’S YOUR PUSSY RICHARD….. FUCK ME BABY…. FUCK ME HARD….. OH YESSSS…… SO HARD…… SO HARD……. GOD….. OH GOD……”  Now Bella was going to explode….. Her pussy couldn’t take much more…… We had literally fucked her brains out.  Mitch snuck over and pulled the camera from it’s hiding place and had close ups of my cock in Bella’s pussy….. and he had moved around to see the penetration and Bella’s face so he got everything on camera.  Bella was so engrossed in getting fucked she didn’t even notice the camera and she was completely into me pounding her pussy.  “OHHHHH YES….. FUCK…… FUCK….. FUCK ME….. OH FUCK ME…… HARDER….. OH MY GOD…… UGHHH…… UH HUH….. MMMMAAAHHH…..OHHHH……. OHHHH….. PLEASE…. PLEASE BABY…… RICHARD…… DON’T STOP…….. DON’T ….. STOP…….. OHHH…OOOHHHHHHH….MMMMYYYYY…….. GOOOOOAAWWEEEEEDDDDDAAAHHHHHHHUUUUGGHHHHHH!” Juice gushed from Bella’s pussy as she squirted and Mitch got the whole thing in HD.

Bella Thorne was whipped…. our little love slave.  We could probably do whatever we wanted to her and she’d be okay with it….. but with the camera there….. I wanted the “money shot”.  She told us not to cum inside her but I was ready to blow after her squirting….. so I pulled out and brought it to her lips.  Again…. she couldn’t really see Mitch and the camera as she was focused on my cock.  I thrust it into her mouth vigorously figuring at worst she’d swallow but I really wanted to cum on her beautiful face.  Bella was sucking like a pro and I only had a few seconds left.  Mitch closed in on our position but she wasn’t paying attention.  I pulled out of her mouth and began to jerk it…. Bella looked up and me and realized what I was doing and she closed her eyes and opened her mouth like a slutty porn star.  “OH Bella….. ” I moaned as my cock erupted blasts of cream across her lips and tongue…. her nose and cheeks.  With her eyes closed Mitch got really close for the last couple blasts and then moved towards her head so she wouldn’t see the camera when she opened her eyes.  Bella took my shaft back into her mouth….. then grabbed it and mopped up the cum from her face and licked it clean.

Mitch didn’t want Bella to see the camera so he turned it off and put it down.  He went to the bathroom as Bella and I kissed and came down from the mountain top.  “Are you okay?” I asked her.  “Never better.” she replied.  “Really?” I said wanting the hear more about the sex.  “Yes….. okay…. I know that’s what you guys like to hear.” she replied.  “What do guys want to hear?” Mitch said exiting the bathroom.  “That was the best sex I’ve ever had.” Bella proclaimed.  And then like she just wanted to confess…. “Actually you two have knocked a few things off my list.  I’ve never done anal….. and I’ve never done two guys at the same time….. OH and I’ve never let a guy cum on my face.” she stated.  “Oh…. are you mad?  I don’t think you’re a porn star…. I just didn’t know if you wanted me to cum in your mouth.”…. I said…. lying just a little.  “It’s okay…. It was kinda…. cool… but yeah I was going to swallow you.” she admitted.  “And you squirted.” Mitch added.  “Yeah…. another first…. you two really fucked me good.” she complimented.  I leaned in and kissed her….. and Mitch jumped on the bed and kissed her too.  “I have wanted you for so long….. and it was everything I hoped it would be.” Mitch offered.  “I’ve admired your beauty and I gotta tell you….. you are one sexy “filthy” bitch!” I said….. referring to her clothing.  Bella smiled….. Well….. you two tricked me good….. but in a good way.  “Should we go back out to the party?” I asked.  Bella sat up….. “Yeah….. but only so I can break up with that “TINY FUCKING PRICK RANDY.”

Bella pulled on her dress and we struggled to get dressed fast enough to follow.  She stormed out into the party and found Randy talking to some guys and she turned him around and SLAPPED HIM HARD…. he almost fell down.  The whole party groaned….. “OOOOOOOOHHHHH”.  “You fucked GINA!!! you cheating son of a bitch!”  “No I didn’t I’d never cheat on you.”  “Really?  Where is your mask you ass clown?” Bella said holding it up.  “Oh…. I …. um…..”  Randy stammered knowing he was caught.  “He fucked me in the spare room.  Sorry B.  He’s been after me for over a year…. I didn’t know you were a thing.” Gina said.  The music was off and the whole room was staring at this drama.  “Yeah…. we’re NOT a thing anymore!  I’m done with you and your tiny prick you no nothing, pretentious asshole.”  Mitch walked over to him.  “Get out of my house man…..”  Randy looked completely humiliated and broken.  “And LOSE MY NUMBER YOU LITTLE PRICK!” Bella yelled after him.  The crowd started to clap and we all cheered Bella as she took a bow not realizing she was flashing a bunch of people….. but it was a party and nobody cared…. it was Bella Thorne’s hot pussy so nobody was going to complain.

We got drinks and went back to Mitch’s room.  “THAT WAS AWESOME!” Bella said.  “Yeah…. you destroyed him.” I replied.  “That dude is dead in this town….” Mitch added.  Bella unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor revealing her naked body.  She quickly jumped up on me and kissed me hard….. Then she walked over to Mitch and kissed him and grabbed his dick.  So you two studs got any more juice in these things or did you blow your wad?  Mitch was like….. “I’m ready”….. and I was hard again just seeing her naked.  “Lock the door.” Bella said as she threw herself on the bed.  “I’m yours….. do whatever you want to me…..” she said.  Mitch grabbed his camera and said, “Anything?”  Bella looked at him with some surprise and apprehension and then laid back and spread her legs and said….. “It’s your pussy.”  Mitch turned on the camera and we started right back in on her.

Of course we didn’t share the video…. but it was amazing with Bella totally playing to the camera and us both fucking her hot pussy and ass….. and both cumming on her face and into her mouth.  It was “Filthy”, and she loved every second of it.

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