Bella Thorne’s Adventure in the Dark Side

Title: Bella Thorne’s Adventure in the Dark Side

Author: Neil R.

Celebs: Bella Thorne

Codes: M+F,  oral, reluc

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and (unfortunately) NEVER happened. The story is purely fantasy and is legal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bella was feeling bored and rebellious one day and was looking to do something outrageous. She came across an article on the web about how a lot of these older female stars wished they’d have gotten nude and/or sexy, provocative photo shoots done while they were young. While searching around, she also came across a site called “blacked”, a site where cute young women took on black men with huge cocks one at a time or many at once. She was enthralled by the photos of such beautiful girls surrounded by all those huge black cocks and soon became facinated by black dicks. She spent a lot of time searching out pics and videos of young women playing with huge black dicks and a plan soon formed in her devious mind. Bella had always been a rebel, but had little sexual experience except for 2 boyfriends, and they were no where near as large as the guys in the pictures she’d been seeing. She began thinking more and more about it and was soon fantasizing about herself being surrounded by the large black monsters.           She did not want anyone knowing what she was planning to do, so she made the appointment with the people at the ‘Blacked’ website herself and just told them she was a girl interested in doing a photoshoot. She showed up to their office for the meeting dressed normally and was really not sure what to expect. She was very nervous, but resolved to go through with her plan. The man in charge was very surprised when he realized it was really Bella Thorne, the famous teen actress who was there and became confused as to why she was there. She explained to him that she wanted to do something edey, sexy, over the top, and she wanted to really go over the top! She let him know right off that SHE was going to be in charge of the shoot and SHE would decide how she would pose and what she would do. The man, knowing that he had pure gold in his hands no matter what, redily agreed to her demands and soon the men were picked out of the photobook and the date for the shoot was set.          When the day came, bella showed up on time and looked around the set and made sure it was alright, she met the men and they were all very happy to meet her, as word must have spread to them WHO they were going to be shooting with that day. It was time to begin and she had them all line up and take out their penises which they all quickly did. She walked from man to man bending down at each one to closely examine his package, taking them in her hands and gently stroking each of them as the camera clicked away. She then got on her knees and had them surround her very closely so their large limp dicks were all right around her head. She reached out and grabbed one with each hand and massaged them for a couple seconds before grabbing 2 more and doing the same, going around the circle until she had played with them all. Then she stood up and removed her blouse and jean shorts and stood there in her sexy little black bra and thong.  She told the men to get naked which they quickly did and stood around her. She walked around them again posing in suggestive ways mimicking having sex with them, bending over and backing up to them and fondling their cocks.  She told them to fondle her a little and stood there in the center of them as they ran their hands up and down and all over her hot body, the camera not missing a thing.  They soon had her stripped naked and she was closing her eyes as they continued to rub all over her. She soon regained control of herself, as she still wasn’t sure just how far she was going to let this go. She got down on her knees and smiled for the camera as they surrounded her with their big black cocks. Suddenly, she leaned forward and kissed one right on the head and then turned and began kissing each of them on the head and also on their thick shafts. Then she came face to face with an uncircumsized one. She had never seen one like that and she played with it, peeling back the skin to expose the head and without warning, took it into her mouth. She slowly took all that she could of the almost 10″ monster into her mouth and was only able to get about half of it in. She slid her lips up and down his shaft for a few moments and then moved on to the one next to it. It was also very large and she took all she could in and began sucking on it as the other men jockeyed for position to make sure they got to experience some of her cocksucking skills before she changed her mind or chickened out early. But they needn’t have worried as she was in a zone and not thinking about what she was doing as she gave all of them a few minutes of pleasure courtesy of her talented mouth.  When she had sampled all of them, she seemed to regain a little control and then felt unsure about what she should let happen next. She knew she should just stop now as she already had the most sexually charged, explicit photo shoot any A-list star had ever done. But something told her that this was a once in lifetime chance and when would it ever come around again.  She just couldn’t help it, she wanted, no, she craved more! So she leaned forward and began sucking the cock in front of her with renewed gusto. She could tell they were a bit hesitant, as they probably were told to restrain themselves and only do what the star said to do and nothing more. She stopped and told them it was alright and that she wanted them to cover her with cum and went back to sucking, as the small crowd murmured their agreement. Since she could only get about 5-6′ in her mouth, she was jacking the first few inches from the baseface with her hand, working on it both ways. Pretty soon she felt his body quiver as he began shooting his load into her mouth. She quickly pulled away and let him shoot on her face and jacked him untill he was done and she had cum coming out of her mouth and on her face. She quickly took another in her mouth and also began sucking it and working it with her hand. All of a sudden, she felt strong hands wrap around her head and pull her toward the man, forcing more of his large penis into her mouth. Her eyes opened wide and she started to gag and pull away, but the hands held her tight and kept pulling, forcing more and more cock into her already full mouth. She felt it go past the back of her mouth and down and down as it found it’s way further and further down her throat. Before she knew it, her face was pressed against his crotch and all 10″ of dick was in her mouth. He relaxed his grip on her head and she was able to pull away, and though she was a little angry, she wanted to see if she could do it on her own, so she slowly took him into her mouth again and forced herself to swallow his cock down her throat like she did the first time. It was weird and hard to get used to, but she actually got the hang of it and was soon deep-throating like a champ. She worked on him for just a little longer when she tasted cum and took it out of her mouth and let him spray her face. Several other men had been jacking off and also squirted their semen all over her face and chest. No sooner than she’d finish one dick and another would appear in front of her, ready for some attention. She sucked and sucked finishing them off one by one and getting alot of cum in her mouth, but even more on her face and tits, where she knew the camera guy would be able to get the best shots of her efforts. As she took the last massive cock into her greedy mouth, the man leaned down and told her he wanted her to swallow it all and not waste any. So she began deep throating his full 12″ and was feeling very proud of herself when all of a sudden he exploded and filled her mouth with stream after stream of warm cum, which she struggled to swallow fast enough. But in the end, she got it all down and sat down on the floor, exhausted. The men said their goodbyes and left the room leaving her with the camera guy to shoot more pics of her cum-covered body. When it was all over, she toweled off as much of the semen as she could and told the guy that they could post the pics if they wanted, she could just deny them as fakes anyway… But when the pics would be examined, everyone would know they were real…

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