Below Ground: Chapter 3 – The Lion, The Warlock

Below Ground: Chapter 3 – The Lion, The Warlock (MF,cons,oral,fant)

by Dark Genesis (

Starring: Michelle Trachtenberg, Leelee Sobieski, Claire Forlani, Amber
Benson, Britney Spears

“Back when we had left for this journey, it had all been about getting a
famous writer to direct one of her plays. I thought that it would be fun to
travel around this island that some unfortunate ones, myself and Michelle
included, had mysteriously got into. After all kinds of weird things,
thieves, snakes and way too many sweaty miners, we had ended up at the
northern lands of this island, where
suddenly our traveling companion, a
very cute warlock by the name of Cain had been almost forced into going to
the woods near the town of Chloros to kill the warlock residing there.
According to the queen of Chloros and her advisor, Claire, killing Morsus,
the warlock would stop the rapid growth of the forest, therefore saving all
the people of the north… pretty lame I tell you, just when I thought I
was getting some connection to the guy, he just gets sent into battle like
there was some higher power wanting us to stay apart. And now Morsus had
kidnapped Claire and was probably torturing her in his hut deep in the
woods. What to do now was up to Michelle, she’s the leader after all.”

“I don’t believe this, first Cain gets sent off and now Claire gets
kidnapped? We’re never going to get to the east like this…” Whined

“… Would you shut up? I’m trying to get some sleep…”

“Yeah-yeah, I know. But think about it, will you? Everything that could
delay us has happened, that just pisses me off, you know?”

“You know what pisses me off, Michelle? You!”

“Come on, you’re just a little angry with your boyfriend riding to his
death and all that, but seriously, wow!”

Leelee sat up in her bed. “Why the hell are you talking to me like this?
And why are you calling him my boyfriend?”

“Oh, right. You’re just friends, yup.”

“… Besides, what’s it to you if we’re more than friends, huh? You would
know too, since you’re the one who’s spent more time with him anyway…”
Leelee laid back on the bed.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Remember? When I was unconscious in the dwelling of the dwarves? God knows
what you two were doing there while I was out of it…”

Obviously Leelee had said that with more humor than what Michelle took it,
Leelee would kill her if she’d find out that she had slept with Cain.

“… Good night!” Michelle quickly pulled the blanket over her ears and
continued her sleep.

As they were sleeping, the party of six soldiers and one warlock were
heading to the hut of Morsus, through the black path burned by the ball of
fire that Cain had conjured up. The path was long but straight, it didn’t
take them that long to get to the hut made of stone, covered in vines. All
the soldiers backed away a bit as the door to the hut opened by itself, but
Cain wasn’t shocked, it was more of an invitation than a ‘get out’.

“If you’re not feeling up to this, I can take care of this by myself.” He
said to the soldiers calmly. As he didn’t get an answer he expected them to
be running a mile back by now, but out of curiosity, he turned around. “…
Wow, I didn’t see that coming.”

The trees had grown back in a second right after they had entered the place
where the hut was, and now in front of Cain, stood the skeletons of the
former pride and glory of the army of Chloros. This wasn’t a shocker
either, a little odd maybe, but still predictable. Cain entered the hut,
closing the wooden door behind him.

“You don’t need to do that, I could have gotten that for you…” Groaned
the man covered in rags, throwing some wood into the fireplace.

“You’re Morsus, I presume.”

The man faced Cain and walked up to him, staring at him with yellow eyes,
almost emitting light. “Yes I am, and you are Cain, the son of the late
Master Sagitar. He was indeed a powerful warlock.”

He walked to the door next to the fireplace and as he opened it, a bright
light Cain had never seen shone through. “Please, step into my garden. You
are perfectly safe.” Cain walked through the door, ending up at a beautiful
park-like place. “I apologize about those soldiers outside, but I couldn’t
bear have them in my house. You know how it is with people who want to kill
you and having them in the same room without anything between you.”

“What makes you think that I wouldn’t kill you?” Asked Cain as they walked
deeper into the garden. “I am positive that you are more interested in what
I can tell you, once we arrive at our destination, I will explain it to

“Explain what?”

“Everything, Cain. Everything.”

As Cain was getting deeper and deeper into the warlock’s dark and sinister
world, at the other side of the mountain things were starting to look up.

“Missing stairs, missing steps, invisible… things? I’m officially
thinking that this is going straight to hell.” Moaned Britney, trying to
keep up with the rest of the group that was attempting to climb the smooth
surface of the mountain, hoping to run into the stairway leading them up
into the temple of air.

“Have a little faith, will you? You’re gonna infect us with your
discouraging pessimism, Brit, and if that happens, we’re all going to be
broke, without a job and very VERY angry at the guy who’s making us climb
this piece of rock!” Yelled the bartender, overwhelmed with the frustration
of searching for something that might not even exist, sure it had helped
that Britney, his only friend he had in Calculus had joined them in this
quest, but it wasn’t enough. They needed to find something, and fast.
Suddenly the head of the party, a disturbingly lively young man stopped and
started feeling the surface of the mountain.

“… Ah, yes… now I feel it, yes… really? Hohoho…” The sounds he was
making seemed more like something that was trying get out of a pool of mud,
but the bartender could make out what he was saying, having been with the
guy for a couple of days.

“Please tell me you found something…” He puffed as he struck a pick into
the rock to stop him from sliding down.

“Yes, I found something. Very interesting I would say too, this might be
it.” The man grinned as he fondled the specific spot on the mountain.
Britney climbed up to them, relieved that they had finally gotten some
results, but as the bartender had guessed, there was something too good

“There’s a crack here, see?”

Both Britney and the bartender leaned in toward the spot, trying to find
the spot the guy was talking about. “What is it? Is it like a button or
something, or maybe a keyhole that opens the staircase somewhere?” Panted
Britney, starting to catch her breath. They had climbed for a very long
while now, and were about half-way from the temple of water. Too bad the
stairs could be anywhere, even a small hint where they were would help out
a lot, but no. The group had to settle for the smart head of their leader,
like in this case too.

“No, not a keyhole or a button. I think it’s… yes, it’s a mark left by a
pick of some kind.”

Stupidity wasn’t really measured by anything around there, but sometimes
they just couldn’t help themselves, of course ensuring themselves first
about what had happened just now.

“Dude, listen for a sec… you didn’t by any chance hit your pick into that
same spot, did you?”

“… Ah, yes I did! Silly me, this is just a mark left by my pick, should
we turn back now?”

Sliding down the mountain, using the picks to slow down, Britney and the
bartender decided that they were better off without their current leader,

“Funny, wasn’t it? We just climbed almost half-way to the temple and we
found nothing, weird isn’t it… hello?”

As the guy noticed that the bartender and Britney were long gone with their
horses and equipment, he felt that he was at his best alone too, but still,
he wasn’t the intellect by himself either…

“So, stairs not found up there… maybe I’ll find the stairs… down

He started digging into the sand with his bare hands, giggling by himself
about something very stupid only he could understand. But many great things
in all worlds happen by accident, and this man was a whirlwind of them.

Britney wasn’t too satisfied with the decision of leaving him like that,
they had taken some of his stuff too as they had left him to continue his
search alone. “Do you think he’ll be OK?”

“No, he’ll probably end up like one of those skeletons in the abandoned
mines near Calculus… you know, dead. But don’t worry, I’ve got a perfect

He managed to catch Britney’s attention with the confidence in his voice.
“Really? Care to tell me what?”

“Well, all the crackpots from the southern lands are searching for the
stairs from the south, and from what I can tell, the eastern people haven’t
got the time to look for the stairs from their side, with the war and

“Good thinking, but there’s just one problem. How are we gonna get there?
We’re headed toward the front line.” Pondered Britney, stopping her horse
on the side of the mountain.

“Like climbing much?”

In the depths of a cave, near the town of Rowanbranch in the eastern lands,
a woman of great magical powers took a look into her crystal. The jewel
illuminated the whole damp cavern, revealing the great lion in the corner
of the cave, staring at the crystal on the pedestal, situated in the middle
of the room. The crystal started radiating a green light, creating an image
of a beautiful garden in a place away from the isle, seeing two warlocks,
conversing of times past and times to come, one of them filled with anger
and cunning, while the other one confused and the feeling of betrayal. What
the warlock was telling the other, she could not hear, but the noble animal
in the corner, it could hear it. The woman saw the words of the twisted man
in the lion’s eyes, she waved her hands around the jewel once again and the
glow changed from green to blue, giving her an image of the grievous girl,
weeping in the tower of Chloros, feeling guilty about everything that had
happened. A tear ran down the lion’s face, and it’s eyes were filled with
sadness, this one was too innocent to feel such emotions. Although the
woman hadn’t met these people before, she felt the same things in her heart
as she wiped the image away from the crystal. But there was one more to
reach with the power of the jewel, she didn’t even need to wave her hands
as the strong pink glow filled the room with all feelings of good,
accompanied by feelings that she wouldn’t want to feel. The lion and the
woman saw in the jewel, a girl looking out of a window in the bedroom of a
castle. Desire of something she could never have was the one that caught
one’s eye, it wasn’t anything that could be achieved and ironically, it was
the only thing that would make her complete. The glow faded away and the
cave darkened once again. “… Oh, Cyrus. Hear my call…”

The sun had been up for a quite a while now, Michelle had packed her things
as soon as she had woken up, along with Leelee’s too, she obviously wasn’t
in the mood to go anywhere, but if Cain had failed, this would be the last
place they’d want to be. The queen had arranged a guide to escort them to
the entrance to the mountains of the east, while Michelle was very grateful
of this, Leelee hadn’t said a word, just gone on her way and she was
nowhere to be found, almost.

“Ready to go?” Asked Michelle as she entered the tower Claire had
disappeared from, she walked to Leelee who was kneeled down in front of the
window, leaning out of it and sobbing quietly. At first, Michelle thought
it was just the fact that Cain hadn’t come back yet, but as she looked out
of the window, she found that the path burned down by the fire, was no
longer there. Only the mighty trees were there now, and the hut of Morsus
wasn’t in sight.

“They said that… it’s been like that ever since last night. The queen
said that it means nothing, but… something’s happened to him, I know it.”

Michelle kneeled down next to her and wiped the tears off Leelee’s face
with her hand. “You know, that kind of mourning just makes it worse. You’re
right, I know Cain much better than you do, and I know something that you

Leelee turned to Michelle. “Like what?”

“That he’ll do anything to get out of there alive. He’s got way too much to
give up now, he’s just started to understand what he is, what he can do,
and what he wants to do. And on top of that, she’s got these gorgeous two
babes waiting for him to come back, who can resist that?”

Leelee let out a small laugh and wiped the remains of tears off her face.
“You WERE talking about us, right?”

“Excuse me, ladies!” At that second, a rather clumsy looking short man
entered the tower. “I’m sorry to hurry you, but her majesty insists that we
leave immediately. After I’ve escorted you to the border, I have some
official business with the mayor of Picea.”

“You’re our guide? Ever left the castle before?” It was completely
appropriate to ask such a degrading question, since he was aware of what
danger they would be facing on the way there.

“Umm, no actually. But I am completely aware of the areas since I’ve
studied the maps of these parts very closely, I could lead you to the
border blindfolded.”

“No need for that, just get us through the forest and to the entrance to
the mountains, that’s all we need, thanks.”

Leelee and Michelle got up, giving the forest one last look before heading
down to their room to pick up their things. Although their guide, Dok was
his name, wasn’t that experienced in traveling, he was very aware of
everything that could happen and what chances were for certain things to
happen, in other words he was a theory of relativity waiting to happen, it
was good that after surviving a lot of things, they didn’t need to rely on
their guide for guard.

As time passed in the outside world, behind the hut of the warlock, things
were getting more interesting for Cain than he could have ever imagined.

“That’s how your father was, in the old days. If he was here now, he’d
support me fully with my plan to fill the whole continent with plants and
trees, I hope what I’ve explained to you has given you a new perspective of
things, Cain.” Morsus stopped as he reached a fountain in the middle of the
garden, the pure water was gushing out of the statue, made by the old race,
ikarians. It looked like a human with wings, a life size statue to remember
who humans used to be… Cain knew that now, Morsus had explained the whole
history of this place to him.

“… I have been here too long, I should return…”

Cain was about to leave, but suddenly she noticed that there was no exit.
“Here, time is of no relevance… you can leave whenever you wish…
yesterday, a week ago, or maybe in a year? What you don’t understand is
that time doesn’t exist in this place, it’s like you and me, Cain. It’s
magic.” Morsus washed his hands in the fountain, but the dirt in his hands
wasn’t coming off. “For years I have traveled through different ages,
finding out what really has happened to our race and the others as well. It
was us who lost their wings because we wanted to, the other races destroyed
themselves, while we just gave up our only chance of true life in the real

“… The real world?”

Morsus let out a sigh and started removing the rags on his head, revealing
his pale blue skin to Cain, giving him a glimpse of what true power does.
“The real world isn’t down there, it is up there with the humans. It took
me all my life to figure that out, but now I know… we weren’t meant to be
here. This was the place for the other races and because of us, they were

Cain was still too confused about his talk about the real world that he
wasn’t that sane in his head as Morsus kept explaining more. “We were put
down here, and the ikarians thought they were supposed to be like that too.
So they gave up their wings, the instruments that could have gotten them up
into the real world where the giant sphere of light illuminates and warms
the entire world with it’s divine light! You have seen them, haven’t you?
The different people that are walking among us, plotting to get back up
there and telling everyone about this place… Chloros is full of them!
This whole continent is full of those ignorant fools who think they have a
chance of getting back. Once I’m done with this isle of yours, I’ll move on
to the next one, where there’s more of their kind and destroy their wishes
of the better world that they were torn away from, Cain! Do you understand
what I’m saying?”

Morsus walked up to the young warlock and held his head up, looking at him
with those faintly glowing eyes. “You know who I’m talking about! These two
you’ve been traveling with, are the real humans, Cain. You don’t belong
with them, you are an ikarian, just like me, Kya and all the rest of the
good people on this island! Cain! Listen to me!”

Suddenly the whole garden withered away, all things in sight disappeared
and left Cain and Morsus into a dark void. Cain collapsed on his knees,
holding his head and trying to make some sense of what Morsus was saying.
He knew he spoke the truth, things that no one but Michelle and Leelee knew
about, strange words, things he didn’t know existed, up there?

“… Yes, Cain. Think hard, I know what you want to do now, you want to
return to your precious, don’t you?”

Cain tried to get up but something was keeping him down. A red radiance
began to appear around Morsus as he pulled someone from the emptiness to
them. “Here, Cain! Witness the product of the real world.”

Morsus let Claire fall next to Cain, her clothes torn and face dirty. “…
Cain, snap out of it…” She moaned and tried to get up, but the power
holding Cain down was strong enough for them both. “Tell them, my dear
Claire. What are you? Where do you come from?” Morsus pointed his fingers
toward her, lifting her up in the air, making her go into a calm trance.
Cain lifted his head up to see what was happening. “Tell me, my dear…
where do you come from?” The warlock grinned as the power guiding his
actions went through her, giving her no choice but to answer.

“… I come from a far away place… up there… it’s not like this…”

Cain started to get it through his head, there was something above them. A
different world, where Michelle, Leelee and Claire had come from, and there
were others, and only not on this island… not on this continent.

“Why are you here? Tell me!” Yelled Morsus with anger and enthusiasm,
making Claire shiver with every word he uttered.

“I do not wish to be here… but I’m still here and I can’t leave… I want
to go home…” She groaned with agony as her trance started to fade away,
making her feel extreme pain.

“… Let her go, Morsus…” Cain calmly got up and walked to the warlock,
who was surprised he could even get up.

“How did you do that? No man or ikarian can resist my power, there’s no one
who can stand up against me!”

Cain uttered a few words in Kerubian and Claire fell down, and as her body
touched the ground, the void around them disappeared, leaving them back in
the timeless garden, Claire helpless on the ground, Cain standing up to the
so called warlock. “You do not wish to fight me, warlock. I am much
stronger than you think.”

Morsus knew, even in his evil wisdom that it wasn’t Cain talking now. “…
Impressive… very impressive indeed.” He started circling around the body
of the warlock, flowing through the energy from some other source. “How
could someone play with the sands of time if not in this garden, eh? There
must be some thing even I do not know, then… who are you?”

“Leave now, warlock, or you will fell the same pain you have inflicted upon
your enemies.”

“Ah, a witch, yes? I’ve never met a witch as powerful as you before, would
you like to meet up, I have some professional subjects to discuss…”

“One last time, Morsus. Leave the northern lands and never come back!”

As the man laughed at the threats of the body controlled by a witch of
great power, Claire got up and pulled her dagger on him. “Cain? Are you

“… Cain is not here, Claire.” It wasn’t Cain talking, it was someone

Suddenly Morsus started to convulse, something lifting him high into the
air and making him groan of unbearable pain he had made the people of the
isle suffer. His body started revolving in the air, Claire could see the
thousands of knives stabbing his body all over, the blood started flowing
on the ground and the garden began to wither again. The cries of Morsus
weren’t heard by anyone but Claire and Cain, his body was now completely
unrecognizable. As the revolving of pain stopped, Morsus fell on the
ground, breathing heavily and his body covered in wounds. The sight was
disgusting and the smell was even more horrible, Claire and Cain left the
warlock into the garden and found their way back to the hut, where they
closed the door behind them and sealed it tightly, making sure the warlock
wasn’t leaving the garden in that shape, and since time didn’t pass there,
he could only get worse. As Claire dragged the last piece of furniture in
front of the door to the garden, Cain woke up from the state he was in. He
fell on the floor, shivering with cold sweat covering his body, Claire
rushed to him to make sure he was going to make it.

“Cain! Cain, stay with me here! Can you hear me?”

Cain could utter only a few words, but it was enough for Claire to know
that he was going to be fine. She didn’t know what had gotten control of
him in the garden, but it had saved their lives, and the forest… Claire
got a blanket from the floor and set it under the warlock’s head, after
this she got up and slowly opened the door outside, only to find…

“… No.”

The trees were still there, swaying in the wind and making their escape
impossible. There wasn’t much to be done now, she needed to make sure Cain
would recover his strength so he could get them out of the woods. Claire
returned to the hut, not having any idea how long Cain was going to be like
this… they couldn’t go back to Morsus, and the forest was too thick to
walk through. No way out…

Two days passed by, without food or water, Claire and Cain kept struggling
for their lives inside the small cabin. Cain wasn’t getting much stronger,
the power that had controlled him had drained him of all his energy, and
there wasn’t much to do to replenish it. Cain kept thinking what Leelee and
Michelle were doing right now… they had probably reached the eastern
lands by now and were speaking to Lady LaDermot at that very moment. He
couldn’t be there, that was his biggest regret…

“Don’t blame yourself, you hear me? This wasn’t your decision, remember

“… Yes it was. I could have gone with Michelle and Leelee… and just
ignored your cry for help. But I couldn’t do that, it’s not who I am.”

“You did good if you ask me. You got rid of Morsus for good, the forest
seems to have stopped growing now. You saved Chloros, Cain. Think about

“Yeah, with the cost of dying in the same hut where the vile forest got
started from. Die in the same place with Morsus…”

“We’re not going to die, you’ll get better and get us out of here,

“… I can’t and you know it… I’ll never get strong enough without food
or water, if we stay here we’ll starve to death. I can’t go anywhere, but
you can still make it, you can fit through those bushes and make it back to
Chloros without me. If you make it back here in time, you might just save

“… No, it’s impossible. It takes days to travel through that forest. I’ve
never seen anything like it in my whole life…”

“Well, then we’re both going to die… besides, even if we could survive,
I’m not sure if I could face my friends ever again… what Morsus said, I
know to be true. As do you.”

Claire looked at him sadly and laid down next to him. “You can face me,
can’t you?”

Cain didn’t say anything. He just emptily stared at the door leading to the
garden, now barricaded with a table, some chairs and a desk… yeah, Morsus
wasn’t getting out. He had restored the honor of warlocks, even though with
an unknown power, he had restored it. This was the proudest moment of his
life, realizing his victory over him. A gentle smile rose upon his face,
seeing this, Claire knew that he was going to be OK. She took the weak
warlock into her arms and leaned against the wall behind them. As they fell
asleep peacefully, the gentle breeze running through the isle suddenly
disappeared. The temple of air went silent and once again the flow of water
was heard from the temple beneath it. The water started flowing it’s old
path down to the people of the isle, saving the lives of many people in
villages almost destroyed by the drought. The stairs leading to the temple
of air became visible, letting the people enter the sought building. There
was something else… the ground seemed to be moving. The whole island was
slowly moving in the ocean of magma. The people didn’t believe it at first,
but then they noticed the small things… the feeling of slight swaying of
the isle. Indeed they were moving, but to where and why? Was it that there
might be another temple somewhere? As the temple of water had stopped
blessing the people with water, the temple of air had given them a gentle
breeze to aid them in their doings. Was it time for earth to move? And what
would happen when it was time for fire, was the bigger question.

“… Do you feel that?” Asked Cain, sitting up against the wall as Claire
rushed back into the hut.

“Yes, the island is moving… I can hear the water again and the wind has
calmed down. Life has returned to us, Cain. A small creek runs near the
hut. I need a container of some kind…” She went through the drawers in
the desk but didn’t find anything.

“Here…” Cain took off his cloak and ripped it apart, forming a bowl.
“This is waterproof, you should be able to carry the water in this.” He
gave the cloak to her and laid back on the floor, not that moved about the
fact that they had water now. Claire didn’t take it that lightly, she drank
herself full from the creek and carried a bunch of water to Cain.

“Thirsty?” Smiled Claire, even in a situation like this, a little humor was

“… Just give me the damn thing…”

He tried to take a hold of the cloak but ended up almost pouring the water
on the floor, he was too weak to hold up the bowl. “Here, let me…” Claire
took the cloak and held it up before Cain’s face. “Does life get any
embarrassing than this?”

“Trust me, it does.”

Regardless of the situation, Cain drank the water, slowly. Claire had to
hold the cloak for a long while, but she didn’t mind. It was nice, taking
care of someone else for a change, ever since she had gotten to the isle,
she had to stake everything she had on herself to survive, and now here she
was. “Want more? I can go get some more if you’re still thirsty.”

“No, I’m fine… you don’t have to do this, you know. I’m pretty much
strong enough to crawl to the creek by myself now. Think what I’ll do
tomorrow, we might me out of here by the end of the week.”

“… A week?” Claire just noticed something she should have noticed a long
time ago. On the surface, time is measured by the rotation of Earth around
the sun. How would anyone down here know about days, weeks, months or
years? “What’s the matter? You look kind of broody.”

“… It’s nothing… I just thought about something.”

Claire shook her head to clear such thoughts out of her mind and gave Cain
a smile, moistening his face with the wet cloak. His face had looked so
worn out for the last two days, now that it was back to it’s best, it
wouldn’t hurt to wash it, would it? “You should consider washing up every
day after this, I don’t want to see or smell this again.”

“Don’t worry, I’m pretty far away from the miners in Calculus and Unda. Do
your words mean that we’ll cross paths again?”

“… Maybe. Just maybe… no one can predict the future.”

As Claire was wiping the warlock’s face, he gave her a look, a look not
easily forgotten in this place. She didn’t exactly know how to respond to
that, or how to react for that matter. Maybe it was the look, maybe it was
something else, but as Claire finished washing Cain’s face, she gave him a
soft kiss on the forehead.

His strength somewhat recovered, Cain took her initiative forward, pulling
Claire against himself and starting to kiss her. They laid there kissing
each other for some time, their tongues hungrily exploring each others
mouths, letting their saliva mix up between them, the man’s hands started
undressing Claire of her clothes, easily sliding off the cloak from her and
pulling her shirt up, revealing that braless chest of hers. Claire moved
up, giving Cain the view of his life, she felt the warlock’s tongue
starting to softly lick her hardened nipples, while his hands went down her
back, sliding inside her pants, rubbing hard against her buttocks. He
slowly slid the leather pants off her and felt the heat in her grow, pushed
Claire away from him and almost ripped his own clothes off, Claire set
herself above the man, spreading her legs wide and guiding Cain’s cock to
her swollen lips.

As Claire slowly sat on his cock, Cain felt himself almost going into a
trance, maybe it was the lack of nutrition or something else, but suddenly
he got enough energy to start pushing himself into her. Claire grinned as
the tip of his cock sank into her tight cunt, it’s walls were almost like
trying to push the thing out of her, but Cain bucked his hips up, sinking
the whole shaft into her, making Claire moan as she felt it deep inside her
horny pussy. The woman closed her eyes as she started moving her hips back
and forth, rocking on Cain’s dick, making it rub her all over in her, the
wet walls of her hot twat were pushing themselves against the cock, making
the warlock gasp of sexual tension. Cain put his hands on Claire’s firm
breasts, starting to massage them against her, she put her arms around him
and started rocking even faster, as Cain kept bucking himself up with every
ounce of strength left in him, sinking his hard meat into Claire’s tight
cunt that had been begging for a good fuck for a long time. The warlock
grinned, closing his eyes and pumping himself into her vigorously, making
her whine and squeal in his lap. But as Cain opened his eyes, he saw Leelee
in front of him, smiling at him looking cute as usual, the breasts he was
rubbing weren’t Claire’s, but Leelee’s, and the cunt he was pounding…
feeling even hotter and wetter. “Cain… do it to me…” He heard Leelee’s
voice inside his head, begging him to take care of her, giving him even
more strength, his pounding became even more intense, ravaging himself into
the girl, making her whine and almost cry in his lap, her skin waving with
every push he gave her and her cunt getting wetter every time he slid
inside her. He pressed his forehead hard against Leelee’s chest, and
finally he felt the girl’s juices spreading on him, but as he once again
looked up, he saw Michelle, gasping and looking satisfied.

“Fuck me, Cain… fuck my pussy…”

Now he was pushing his dick inside that virginal cunt of Michelle’s, her
brown pubic hair was rubbing against him and the cunt he was fucking was
getting tighter and tighter, younger and younger… Cain pulled the girl
hard against himself and kissed her lips passionately, the young girl’s
squealing quickly turned into the moaning of Claire, her eyes soaked by
tears and her pussy wetter than ever.

“Oh God, I’ve never felt like that… fuck me Cain…” Claire moaned,
begging for more.

Cain ignored the hallucinations he was having and took a strong hold of
Claire, and knocked her over on the floor, jumping on top of her and
setting her legs on his shoulders, pushing himself once again into her wet
cunt, that almost sucked his dick inside. Violently he started pounding
himself into her pussy, making Claire feel it deep inside her. Her whole
body shivered as the meat sank as far as it could go, rubbing against the
walls of her cunt hornily, his balls slapped against her buttocks and his
hands were kneading Claire’s beautiful breasts, making the star moan under

He started feeling like he was getting near to the end, he put the last of
his strength into those last pushes, sinking the tip of his cock deep into
Claire and shooting the load of semen deep inside her. Cain didn’t have the
strength to get up anymore, and neither did Claire, so they quietly decided
to stay there until they could move again.

The next day, the two woke up to some sounds coming from outside. This was
bad, since both of them were completely naked, what would happen if someone
would walk in on them? Or maybe it was Morsus, who had found a way out of
the garden, that would be even worse. “Come on, get dressed…” Whispered
Claire, putting her clothes on in haste, this was more difficult on Cain,
who was still a bit weak about spending three days on his back, on a floor
of stone too. But both got dressed in time, surprisingly they heard a knock
from the door as Claire was pulling Cain up. “I can stand… but I can’t
walk… open the door.”

Claire armed herself with the dagger and slowly walked to the door, waiting
for something to jump on her as she opened the door. She wasn’t that far
from the truth.

“Claire? You’re alive!”

Both of them were surprised to see Michelle and Leelee walk through the
doorway and seeing Cain in the situation he was in. “Oh my God… what
happened?” Leelee darted straight to him to see if he was alright while
Michelle made sure Claire was fine too. “Morsus… is he dead?” Claire
hesitated for a second, but gave Michelle a small nod as a reply. Cain
didn’t oppose in not telling them the truth, since it would only disturb
their minds on their way to the east, which reminded him…

“Weren’t you guys going east?”

“Yeah, we were. Until miss-goody-two-shoes here struck our guide in the
head with a very large stick. It was scary, you should have seen her.”
Smiled Michelle, kind of proud of Leelee in the back of her head, she had
finally gotten some sense into that girl.

“I couldn’t leave. Not without knowing that you were alright, you’re a big
part of the team.”

Claire gave Cain a sad look, saying with her eyes that there was nothing
after. Cain smiled at Leelee and tried to fight off many things in his
head. Was this going to continue? Would he keep betraying Leelee like this
or would he be able to keep himself away from these things. Maybe it was
something about that they weren’t really together, or the feeling he had
about her from the beginning… that she didn’t belong here and they didn’t
belong together. So far he had been attracted to the other women from the
real world, but just in one thing deals… he didn’t want her to become one

“What is it? You’re so deep in thought…”

“… I’m just tired. Why don’t we go back to Chloros to rest?”

“Yes, maybe we should continue in a few days, just to make sure that Cain
gets enough rest.” Thought Michelle.

“I’ll be fine tomorrow if I get something to eat and plenty of sleep.”


It took a while to carry Cain back to Chloros, but it was worth it. There
they were greeted by the royal escort to the palace, where all of them got
enough food to go straight to sleep afterwards. Claire did have some
business with the queen, who had suggested something Claire wasn’t going to

“Dok is trained for this mission, it’s good for him to go on to the world,
to see more places and experience something else than books, your

“Yes, but now the situation has changed. Now the party consist of the two
girls and the warlock that saved all of north, we can’t let anything happen
to them, that is why I think you are the best person for this assignment.”

“Your majesty… I just can’t, I don’t think it’s a good idea…”

Kya gave Claire a suspicious look and got up from her throne. Claire tried
to avoid the queen’s eyes, but failed. “Claire, let’s forget that I’m the
queen for a second here… why won’t you go?” The queen kept staring at the
woman covered by the dark blue coat, trying to look away from her.

“… You know why, Kya…”

“I thought so. But what you told me earlier you said that you weren’t going
to fall in love here?”

“There’s a difference between love and passion, you don’t know it yet, but
some day, you will. I can’t go with Cain, Leelee and Michelle, as much as
I’d like to, I can’t. It would break Leelee’s heart if she’d find out what
Cain has done.”

“… You’re wrong, I do know something about passion. But I think it’s
something about this warlock that’s the problem, not you. Don’t punish
yourself for falling for something like that.”

Claire didn’t reply to her, but turned her back and walked away, leaving
the queen into the throne room by herself. So, Dok kept as the guide for
the group, although many people objected, including Dok. That blow in the
head wasn’t exactly the best thing to do to your guide when he’s trying to
navigate through a forest. Although the forest wasn’t that thick in the
spot they tried to go through, Dok managed to hold them up for some time,
but in this time, they had decided to go back for Cain, not to let him do
anything like this alone ever again. Through the night, Claire pondered
over her problem, blaming herself about everything that had happened in the
cabin. But still, was it possible that the queen was right? Was it actually
Cain that had caused that attraction for a moment and just went where the
tracks took him… yeah, she wasn’t going to see him ever again. She didn’t
know the answer and she was too afraid to find out. The next morning, the
party left Chloros, heading toward the mountains in the east, guided by the
faint-hearted Dok, now too afraid to even give Leelee a look of any kind,
even after she had explained what happened, he wasn’t that sure about her
intentions. After going through the damp forest, they reached the great
plains of the north, up on a hill they could see a few villages and farmers
working in the fields. The wind hadn’t completely stopped, a small breath
of air swept through the north, making the grain wave in the wind. Cain
still hadn’t told them about what Morsus had said, he was going to find out
everything from his companion’s mouth, he’d just need to make her want to
tell the truth.

“You can see the mountains there, past the fields of Gorim. I’ll leave you
to the entrance to the mountain of Crows, after that you’re on your own.”
Explained the guide, examining the map at the same time, while walking down
the hill with the rest of the party.

“Mountain of Crows… near the mountain there should be the main building
of the council of Kerubia. They are the very best and honored of all
warlocks.” Noted Cain.

“You’ve got a big chance of joining now, you defeated the evil warlock who
was about to destroy the north. They’ll let you in on the council for sure
and then you can invite us to all kinds of secret meetings, right?” Smiled
Leelee, but Cain wasn’t that enthusiastic about the whole subject, the
council wasn’t what Leelee thought it was.

“The council of Kerubia consists of warlocks over the age of 200. They
don’t keep any secret meetings because officially the council doesn’t
exist. The warlocks in it are immortal and their power is beyond any of our

“So… where is this building?” Asked Michelle.

“How should I know? That’s why I stated ‘near’ and not the actual location.
It’s supposed to be somewhere near the town of Rowanbranch, the smallest of
all the towns in all of east, the council is lead by a witch who is rumored
to have enough power to destroy this whole island.”

“A witch? Finally, I thought this was a man’s world too…” Leelee’s
sentence was cut short by the push Michelle gave her, this wasn’t the time
to be talking about some world up there, above the ceiling of rock. “Too?
What does that mean, Leelee?” It caught the suspicious Cain’s attention
immediately, but it wasn’t that hard to come up with a stupid excuse for
that kind of statement. “You know, in the south and west. Dirty male
miners, stuff like that.” Michelle corrected Leelee’s error quickly and
almost perfectly, Cain wasn’t going to stop with his suspicions. “Funny…
I thought that in Ferumi the women were always first, with all the acting
and other non-physical jobs.”

“Ferumi is different, after we left there, all we’ve seen is men who are
always on top of things, women degraded and nothing done about it. And why
would Bosco have sent a warlock instead of a witch, huh? Tell me that?”

“Because there’s only one witch in this world, in the council of Kerubia.”

“My point made, off we go!” Exclaimed Michelle, speeding up with Leelee,
nearing the village just a few minutes away.

Meanwhile in the most southern parts of the east, the newly formed group,
searching for the stairs, had finally the steps in front of them. But both
the singer and the bartender were too exhausted to climb up.

“Too bad… that now we’ve found it… and we’ll die of ammonia or
something… but I was right, wasn’t I?” Huffed the bartender, Britney
nodding at him tiredly. The almost transparent stairs were identical to the
ones leading to the temple of water, now the tired explorers used them to
rest until they were strong enough to climb up, and if what their old
leader had said, grant them three wishes… the first one gets it?

“Wait a minute… the three wishes you were talking about…” Panted

“Yeah, the first one to enter the temple gets them… the god of air is
supposed to… Britney?”

It wasn’t that shocking that the bartender was now looking at Britney’s
taillights, running up the stairs like a madman. He had no other choice but
to run after her, he wasn’t about to give up on the wishes now that he was
this close. “Britney, stop now and I’ll give you one wish, I have ways of
making you stop!” He yelled at her, slowly catching up on her.

“No way, dude! I’m getting my three wishes and you aren’t getting shit!”

The persistent bartender plunged up the stairs, getting a strong hold of
Britney’s legs, knocking Britney over. “Let go of me, right now!” She
kicked and kicked but the guy just wouldn’t let go. “Wait a sec! Let’s just
think this through like normal adults, OK?”

She stopped kicking and the bartender let go of her legs. “Now, we rest
here for five minutes… and then when I say ‘go’, we run. The first one up
top, gets the wishes, got it?”

“… Fair enough.”

After a few hours of rest, the group heading to the east were a bit
disappointed in their guide. “I say we go on without him.” Suggested

“Come on, guys! He’s just tired and he’s used to sleeping most of the day
in the palace, cut him some slack, will you?” Cain opposed, of course. He
was curious what they would have to say about that. Maybe they didn’t want
any more from this world to join their team.

“You’re right, Cain. He is tired, and that’s why we should go on without
him. He’s seen enough for this trip and he can make it back to the castle
by himself, can’t he? So, let us be on our way to the entrance of the

Cain wasn’t sure what to say to Leelee’s suggestion, opposing might hurt
her and that was the last thing he wanted to do now. “… Fine. We go now,
but at least leave him a message so he’ll know what happened.”

“Already did that, I knew you’d say yes.” Leelee smiled at him, leading the
trio out of the small village, leaving their at times useful guide to sleep
at the inn. It didn’t take long to reach the entrance to the mountain of
Crows, the gates were open without any guard, letting anyone pass into the
east. Not many dared to go through the mountains because of the council of
Kerubia and some other vicious beasts living in the mountains.

They walked the paths of the mountains, fighting off beasts of many kind.
Giant hawks, bears, gigantic snakes, all the things only possible in a
world like this, as Michelle defended the unarmed Leelee with her dagger
stolen from the thief, Cain conjured up the powers of magic, making some
enemies run away and some run into their own destruction. Cain got more
experience as a warlock and Michelle learned how to fight just by wounding
the opponent and driving it away. Leelee’s knowledge of some martial arts
came in handy, leaving Cain once again stunned, this must have been
something learned in the real world, he thought. It took time, and some
sleepless nights to travel through the mountains, but finally they made it
to the village of Rowanbranch, where they received a warm welcome by some
of the fans of the soap that had made Michelle and Leelee famous.

“We just love everything you’ve done to the show!”

“Thanks. Thanks a lot, you wouldn’t by any chance happen to know where Lady
LaDermot resides?”

“Oh no, sweetie! If we knew, we’d be over there right now, suggesting what
would happen in the show next. Oh! You probably know where she lives, don’t
you? I’ve heard rumors about Rufio leaving the show, it would just KILL me!
Please tell her not to cut Rufio out, please?”

“Uh… yeah, I’ll let her know…”

Michelle hardly got away from the hyped-up woman, almost stopping her from
entering the inn. What would she do if she heard that they were stopping
the whole show if she’d die if Rufio got cut out? Insane fans are a star’s
worst enemy.

“More of those and I’ll hang myself…” Mumbled Michelle.

“Don’t worry about it, once the finale is done with they’ll forget about us
in no time. After that we’ll be forced to look for jobs that don’t involve
acting as much as flirting around in very little amount of clothes.”

“Don’t remind me… I don’t want to end up like that, if my career ends
here I’ll be just like Lady LaDermot. Come up with a new idea of a soap and
start writing it anonymously.” Planned Michelle, she had thought about the
idea of becoming a writer in this place too, but waking up near Ferumi, she
had pretty much no other choice but to become an actress. Cain joined them
in the table after booking the rooms for the night, the bar they were
sitting in was built into the inn and was very different from any they had
been in. There weren’t any rowdy miners or drunken husbands who were angry
at their wives, but normal people, sitting quietly and drinking ale.

“This is more disturbing than relaxing, I haven’t seen a bar like this
anywhere. I’m constantly waiting for some ten feet tall orc to grab us and
throw us to that ravine down there.” The village was next to a huge ravine,
anyone who fell down there wouldn’t survive, even with magic. Cain had
tried to ask around about the council, but the people of the village didn’t
seem to know anything about it.

“So, we made it to the east, finally. Now what do we do?” Asked Leelee.

“… We find Lady LaDermot, that’s what we do.”

“How? She could be anywhere, couldn’t she? Are we gonna go through every
village in these parts to find her? I don’t think we’ll last that long, we
can’t keep fighting against those beasts out there, eventually we’ll lose.”

She was right, who knew where the woman lived, she might live in a cave if
she wanted to, and they couldn’t ask around for a woman of her description,
for it would risk her identity. If the council of Kerubia truly exists,
they would definitely know where the lady resides. “Ask the council, they
must know in their great wisdom where someone like her would live.”
Suggested Cain. It wasn’t a bad idea, but where was the council? “How many
long ways around must we take? Will we ever find her? Here’s a comfort:
maybe she’s already dead! We can’t know for sure, can we?”

“All the ways we must, Leelee. You’re never going to find your way home if
you don’t go by the path beneath you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“… It means that Ferumi is at the end of this path, but if you’re not
going to walk it…”

That wasn’t exactly what Cain had meant, but he wasn’t going to say it to
their faces, he needed them to admit it. “Fine, so we find the council of
Kerubia first. We seem to be the only people who know about it, so how are
we gonna start looking?” Asked Michelle. “I don’t know, but if anyone
hasn’t seen them around, it must be that they’re hiding.”

“No shit, how’s that helping us?”

“How could anyone hide in a village of this size? There’s no way a council
of seven members could walk around without being noticed, so… we should
search outside the village.”

“Yeah, that’ll help. Think about this for a second, Cain. These mountains
are almost unclimbable, and these warlocks can probably teleport. So they
could be inside a hollow mountain where no regular person could enter, am I
right?” Michelle was right, only a warlock could find the council, so
Leelee and herself weren’t going to be of any help, Cain needed to find
them by himself.

“Fine, I’ll let you know when I find something.” The warlock got up from
the table and walked outside.

“… Michelle, I think he knows something.” Whispered Leelee, seeing Cain
still outside the inn, now walking away.

“What could he know? Sure, maybe Claire let out a few frogs from her mouth
while they were trapped in that cabin, that’s why she didn’t want to see us
before we left Chloros. He doesn’t know everything, he wouldn’t have gone
with us if he knew.”

Leelee nodded and looked into the ravine, opening just next to the window
of the bar. While Leelee and Michelle had to avoid hysterical fans all day
before going to sleep, Cain was trying to locate the building where the
council meets up. It occurred to him that it might not be a visible
building after all, but like Michelle had suggested, inside a mountain…
somewhere where people didn’t go, some place they didn’t know existed… it
was a bit too obvious, but things like that were easily ignored. As Cain
approached the deep ravine, he felt dizzy and almost fell in. No wonder
people didn’t look there much, and that’s why they hadn’t noticed the
entrance made of wood just in range of Cain’s eyes, the perfect place to
make a secret hide. Cain rushed into Michelle and Leelee’s room, finding
that they were both asleep, which was bad, because he was getting very
impatient. He quickly wrote down a note of the location of the entrance and
set it on the desk. Cain was sure as he floated down the ravine, that the
power that had controlled him in the timeless garden, was from the witch
that ran the council. He wanted to know why she did it, and maybe find out
an answer to his other question. The warlock set himself down to the wooden
mine-like entrance and walked into the darkness, not knowing what was
inside. After walking a while in the dark tunnel, he started hearing
something… it was like water, splashing against rocks at the dwelling of
the dwarves, but a bit different.

He found himself in a large cavern, as he looked down he saw a pool of
magma steaming below him, flowing around a giant high-built altar in the
middle of the cavern. The bridge leading to it was rather narrow and hard
to walk, he kept thinking that it might fall down, feeling that it was
quite shabby. The wood was almost on fire because of the magma down there,
but it endured the heat, like it always had. The altar Cain stepped into
was full of markings, some of them he could recognize, some he didn’t, but
what he could tell, this was a place where the leaders of the four races
had gathered at some point in time, the pedestals with statues next to them
proved it, with the elves, a pedestal of water, the dwarves, the pedestal
of earth, the orcs, the pedestal of fire and finally ikarians, pedestal of
air. Each pedestal had markings of the powers of the element, water, earth
and air were faintly glowing. They must be connected to the temples

“You are right, they are the pedestals of the elements.” Cain heard a
gentle female voice in his head.

“… Who are you?”

“I am the one who you think I am, you come here seeking answers, do you

“Yes, I do. Do you have them?”

“Difficult to say, I must hear your questions first.”

Suddenly another bridge appeared in front of Cain, leading to the opposite
end of the cavern, where a passage opened. “Step forward and we’ll see what
of your questions I can answer.”

Cain didn’t think twice, he walked down the wider wooden bridge, feeling
like it was just made, and just for his feet. As he entered the passage, it
faded away along with the bridge. Cain arrived into a giant room, statues
almost covering all the walls, immortal artifacts of all the races that
exist, above and below. I the middle there was a round table, in it were
sitting six elderly men with long gray beards, waiting for Cain to step
forward. There was a sphere on the table, revolving around in it’s blue,
white and brownish colors. Cain walked to the table to look at the sphere
more closely… inside the sphere a smaller yellow sphere with a few brown
dots was staying completely still, he started to understand what Morsus was
talking about.

“That’s why you came here, isn’t it?” Now he could hear the female voice in
his ears, not just in his head. He lifted his eyes from the sphere to see
the witch that was supposed to be so powerful… instead of a wrinkled old
lady, he saw a young blonde woman, standing at the other end of the table.
They looked at each other for a while without saying anything, the council
of warlocks exploring the young warlock’s mind. “There aren’t any excuses
for the ones who arrive from the outer layer, they just happened to get

“… You’re one of them, aren’t you?”

The young woman smiled and walked around the table to him. “Are you afraid
of the outer world, Cain? You shouldn’t be…”

“Morsus said that it was the real world, that this one is just a shadow of
the one above us.”

“Morsus won’t be bothering you or anyone else ever again, he stays in the
timeless garden, where he belongs, and he can’t get out.” The woman took a
chair out of nothingness and instructed Cain to sit down.

“I think it’s time for you to understand, like the warlocks present have
done. This is the reason they haven’t left this cave for some time now, and
the reason they don’t wish to. Are you ready for everything?”

Cain nodded and the woman waved her hands in a circular pattern, uttering
magical spells under her breath. The sphere on the table rose up into the
air and started revolving faster and faster, growing into the size of a
human. Sudden bursts around the surface of the sphere started appearing, a
cloud of smoke rising up and vanishing, leaving only a black mark on the
surface. In time more of these marks began appearing, in some places, the
blue began to cover the brown, transforming the sphere into nothing but a
blue globe. Then the blue started to fade out, it’s color thinned down,
starting to reveal the scorched earth beneath it, leaving the surface
completely out of life, and finally the surface withered away, leaving only
the core, the yellow sphere floating in the air. The sun gave the ocean of
magma it’s warm welcome to the world outside the rotting Earth, a world
free of eternal evil. The sphere grew larger again, giving Cain a good look
at the whole island he was now standing in.

“… I can see Ferumi… Calculus…”


“Yeah… everything.”

The sphere transformed back into it’s previous form. “That is the future,
some day you will see sunlight. You don’t know what it is, but you’ll live
to see it.”

Cain looked worn out, he had just seen something that could destroy the
whole island and everything the people on it believed in. Suddenly the life
he had lived seemed rather meaningless, if there was something out there,
so full of life, destroying itself by the minute… it was horrible. Cain
got up from his chair and looked around. “Is there any place I can lie
down?” The woman guided him through another passage, leading to a normal
looking bedroom. “Rest here, when you feel strong again, we’ll discuss the
other questions in your mind.” The passage vanished as the woman walked
out. Cain laid down on the bed, thinking of what he had just seen. “…
Amber, huh?”

After many hours, Leelee and Michelle were starting to wake up. It wasn’t a
big surprise for Michelle that Cain had found the entrance, but it was more
of a problem of getting there for her. “Any suggestions on how to get down
that ravine?”

“Don’t know… maybe we should use a rope of some kind, or we could just
fly there with our broomsticks. My money’s on number one.”

“No need to be sarcastic here, I’m just saying that there might be
alternate methods on lowering down there, that’s all.”

“Really? Like what?”

In a few minutes they were standing at the edge of the ravine, looking down
the steep wall. “You’re not serious about this, are you?” Asked Leelee.

“Look, this wall isn’t that sheer, we might just make it if we’re accurate

“Yeah, but this thing right here, it’s got a lot higher mortality rate than
a rope.” She held up a wide board of wood.

“Of course we’ll use a rope, are you nuts? Well just calculate the distance
to the entrance… and tie the rope on our waists and slide down with the
boards, simple.”

Of course it was much more dangerous than just lowering down with the rope,
but it was much faster and way too dangerous to pass. They tied the ropes
into a nearby rock, this time into a rock that wasn’t going to fall down
with them and set the boards at the edge of the ravine.

“I never thought I’d be doing something like this, not even here.”

“Stop whining and yell REALLY loud!”

Michelle pushed Leelee down the wall of the ravine, sliding down behind
her. The boards almost broke into pieces, but luckily the walls were smooth
enough to glide down on. The rope gave them a rough pull as the boards fell
into the abyss, leaving the two hanging just a few inches from the floor of
the entrance.

“Ouch, I think the rope just broke my spine…” Whined Leelee, trying to
swing herself deeper into the tunnel, just to make sure she wouldn’t fall

“If it’s something it’s your internal organs that just got squished by the
enormous pressure… damn that hurt!” Michelle dug up her dagger and cut
her rope, dropping her into the entrance. “… No, everything’s intact. No
bones ruptured and no internal bleeding… I hope.”

“Who cares? Get me down from here! Now!”

Meanwhile deeper in the mines, Cain was waking up from his deep sleep he
had on the sheets of the witch. “What did you dream?” He heard the voice
again, and as he opened his eyes, he saw the witch in front of him. “I
dreamt… a big forest, full of animals and different plants. Then a big
fire comes along and destroys it all, and in the end, the forest is

“It’s your mind, reflecting what you heard yesterday. The forest is the
representation of the Earth, the animals are the peaceful beings that live
there, without any sinister or vile thoughts… the fire, you know.”

“… Humans. I get it… aren’t we who have been born here ikarians?”

“Some… but in other places, other continents, humans have started to
breed and are starting to adapt into where they were forced to live in,
just like up there, a long time ago.”

“Is it good or bad?”

“… I don’t know. Even I don’t know that, it’s too far away to be seen.”
The woman got up from the bed and conjured up a door, ready to walk through

“You’re a human… Amber, is it?”

The woman stopped and the door vanished. “That’s what I got, anyway. Was I
right?” Asked Cain, trying to get some answers out of the witch.

“Yeah… you were right.” She turned around to reply to his look. “I
thought so… for some reason you were so open last night. I don’t think
you’re like that always, am I right?”

Amber walked back to him and sat down on the bed next to the warlock.
“No… I don’t know if you know this already, but… I’ve been following
you for some time now. Mostly because of Michelle, I’m afraid she’s going
to get into trouble.”

“Oh, she has. She’s a whole bunch of trouble by herself, there’s nothing
you can do to keep her away from herself.” Smiled Cain.

“I knew her… in the outer world. Somehow she’s made it this far in this
place, and that worries me. She might not be so lucky next time something
dangerous happens. And I trust that you’ll be there to look after her,
Cain… I trust you.”

It didn’t take a witch to figure out that Cain wasn’t who he thought he
was, there was something about him that made everyone snap. Was it the
blood of the powerful warlock, or the powers he had received in the
dwelling… Amber leaned down to give him a soft kiss, leading to another
kiss, a much more passionate one.


She stopped kissing him just to hear what he had to say, intending to go
further. “The last time I did this… something happened. I’m not sure it
was very healthy either, but I’m trying to stay away from things like

“… Things like what?” Smiled Amber, lowering herself down along Cain’s
body. Cain felt her hand going into her pants and felt them lowering as his
cock kept getting harder as a result of Amber’s fondling. Cain didn’t even
notice as his head started circling around while the young woman touched
his dick with her lips. The tongue of the witch moved up and down his
hardening shaft as she looked up at the man under her control. As his full
length sank into Amber’s warm mouth, Cain grabbed her head and started
moving it up and down. Her lips were firmly attached to him as her head
kept making him groan and shiver, her tongue circling around the thing in
her mouth and wetting it all over. Cain kept pulling Amber’s head against
his crotch, feeling his dick sinking deeper and deeper into her throat, at
times she’d pull away and start stroking it slowly, smiling at him
wickedly, just for the heck of it. Cain would have done anything to make
her continue what she was doing.

Amber sank the cock as deep as she could get it in her throat, Cain moaned
at the pleasure of feeling the warm and slippery walls of her gullet. She
started furiously sucking the shaft as hard as she could suck, making sure
that Cain was letting out every single moan of pleasure he had in him, as
she removed the cock from her throat and let out a small cough, she
hungrily licked her lips, and making sure that Cain saw it. She started
moving her tongue on the very tip of the veiny shaft, softly pushing it
against his manhood and letting her saliva cover it completely. As Cain
looked down, he expected seeing someone else right about now, but no. It
was still Amber, and she was going to stay that way, maybe it had been just
a one time thing with Claire and the hallucinations, but he sure was
feeling like he had felt in that hut right now…

“That’s it baby… lick it.”

Her passion over him was getting stronger, it made her want to make him
moan even more, which she was doing a great job already. Her tongue could
be mistaken for a snake of some kind, based on how skillfully it moved on
Cain’s cock. She stopped teasing him and took a good hold of the shaft with
her hand and took the tip into her mouth, starting to both her head and
hand up and down. The slurping noise she was making made Cain almost rip
the sheets apart as he was enjoying Amber’s dedication to her colleagues,
the saliva was running down his dick like from a fountain, she let it cover
all of her own personal lollipop and then kept stroking and sucking it, not
knowing how little away Cain was from cumming.

“Amber… do you feel it? I’m gonna cum soon… don’t stop…” Moaned Cain,
squeezing the sheets as hard as he could. Amber took it out of her mouth
and stroked it from tip to root. “You gonna cum? You wanna cum in my
mouth?” Gasped the witch, waiting for the shaft to shoot out it’s sweet
load. As Cain grinned just before his orgasm, Amber took the tip into her
mouth, stroking the shaft as hard as she could, resulting in major pressure
and leading to the fact that every single drop of sperm shot right into her
throat, and the young woman didn’t even gag. Whatever was left in him,
Amber sucked into her mouth and swallowed it with the most of it.

As the feeling of sensuality left their bodies, an image of someone
fighting their of lives on the altar flashed in their minds. They rushed
from the bedroom, through the hall of the council to the cave of magma,
where they saw Michelle and Leelee, fighting off a dragon. The beast had
escaped the magma as the last temple had activated, and the fire had
started to burn twice the hotter than it had before. Amber conjured up the
bridge and they dashed toward the altar, with the risk of dropping down
into the magma. As they reached the altar, Amber uttered a spell and a
large cloud of rain appeared above the dragon, forcing it back into the
magma with heavy rain. Both Michelle and Leelee had survived without any
fatal injuries, but Michelle wasn’t nearly as shocked about the dragon as
she was about Amber.


She gave him a warm smile and opened her arms for Michelle’s embrace, old
friends meeting in a place like this… they were more than happy. They
left the altar and went straight into the hall of the council, now empty
since the warlocks had gone about their business. It wasn’t weird enough to
find someone you knew in this situation, but now she had saved their lives

“I can’t believe that you’re really here! How did you end up here? And a
witch too?” Amber had explained to them that Cain knew everything about the
outer world, and that they were here for an unknown reason, making it free
for them to talk.

“I found myself near an old shrine devoted for the worshipping of the god
of fire, I was there in a very bad time, since six of the finest warlocks
in this world happened to be there as well. Of course they branded be a
witch right after they had seen me come out of thin air, and took me in. I
learned about Kerubian and all the stuff a witch has to learn, and since
being the only female who has used magic, they immediately put me in charge
of their council that had existed for a very long time.”

“How long did it take to learn this stuff?” Asked Leelee.

“… About 60 years.”

That wasn’t very good news, that would mean that she was around 85 for her
age. “Wha–? How the…?”

“You’ve been here only for a short time, but soon you’ll notice that you
won’t age anymore. Sooner or later someone will notice that and you’ll be
branded as witches too.”

“That’s impossible… this can’t be happening…” Both Leelee and Michelle
were out of their minds. They wouldn’t grow any older from this? What else
did that mean?

“You might notice that some things remain, your hair for instance keeps
growing, if you get a wound it’ll heal in time… but in other physical
ways, you won’t age.”

“There’s something I need to ask you…” Muttered Cain. “… Was it you
inside me in the timeless garden?”

“Yes. My powers and the power of the lion, it was the only way you could
have defeated Morsus. It was easy to let the power into your body, since
your blood is strong in the ways of magic, but don’t go on a task like that
if you think you’ll lose.”

Cain nodded and looked at Leelee, still shocked about everything that was
going on. “So… goodbye face lift, eternal youth in front of us, right?”
Michelle tried to smile, but she would be trapped like that forever, there
was no way she could smile sincerely yet.

“We came here looking for someone, a writer by the alias of Lady LaDermot.
We thought that someone in the council would know her whereabouts.”

“Yes, I know where she resides. I can show you on the map.”

Amber conjured up a map of the east and spread it on the table. She showed
them the exact spot of her house in the town of Freez, it was in the part
where many warlocks lived, the perfect place to stay away from public,
since not many warlocks were interested in a soap like the on she was

It would take time, but they would get used to the idea of living
forever… just time.

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