Below Ground: Chapter 5 – curtain

Below Ground: Chapter 5 – Curtain (Mf,reluc,fant)

by Dark Genesis (


You must be 18 to read this story, if you’re not, stop reading. However, if
you happen to be underage you’re probably still reading this, it’s nice to
do something illegal, isn’t it?

The celebrities that appear in this story would most likely never do any
stuff like this, this is the work of my schizophrenic mind, so if you’d be
offended by the actresses mentioned below acting way too sexually, don’t
read this story. There, I’m done.


Michelle Trachtenberg, Leelee
Sobieski, Sandra Bullock, Britney Spears

“We are heading toward the theater… this is where I’ll make myself
completely public, no use hiding behind my alias after that. But I’ll still
be Lady LaDermot, even if the play ends here. We left the Ikaros some way
south of Ferumi, which we just entered, Michelle and Leelee are showing the
way to the Non-Solis Palace where I’ll direct my first and last episode of
The Young And The Reckless… which is a total rip-off, as known by anyone
whose from the world outside. But I made it in the new world a lot better
than some people, I suppose… Michelle and Leelee stuck to their old
profession, and as I heard from them so did Ms. Spears. So far the only ones
that switched professions were Amber Benson and Claire Forlani, at least as
far as I know, didn’t know them personally either. It’s weird how Michelle
and Leelee got into this situation with Cain though, it’s almost as
complicated as the soaps Up There, not to mention what they went through to
find me too. Well, that doesn’t matter anymore, after this I’ll have to get
a real job in Ferumi, since there’s no way I’m going back to Freez after
this warm climate, I’m definitely staying in the south, maybe this Bosco can
hook me up with something along with my friends, I’ve gotten my pay through
some connections but now I could actually get them straight from the
source… which meant nothing else but it wasn’t getting cut in the process.
I hadn’t ever made a deal what my pay was, but I was getting it pretty

The group was now in front of the palace where Bosco was impatiently waiting
for their return. He was quite surprised that Cain was still with them since
he had just delivered his message to them. “Finally, my pigeons return to
me! Along with the messenger too… Lady LaDermot, finally we meet.” Bosco
greeted the party, not so enthusiastically as Michelle and Leelee had
thought he would, but it didn’t matter that much. Also there was one thing
the pair had forgotten about…

“So, you must be eager to see the work, yes? Come with me.”

The four followed Bosco from the hall to the big room filled with statues,
now next to the painting of Lady LaDermot, the statues of Leelee and
Michelle stood there. The lifelike blocks of stone created as a mirror of
the two actresses looked exactly like the real things, the setting of the
modeling seemed to have been the episode with a ballroom dance where Laurel
and Sylvia had met for the first time. Michelle and Leelee didn’t know what
to say, they just examined the statues amazed by the fact that this
primitive people could do something like this, and with astonishing
workmanship. Sandra smiled as she saw the speechless joy of the two, knowing
that they now had left a permanent mark here too. “Well, we’ll let you kids
have a look at those while we discuss the last episode. Mr. Bosco?”

“Yes, of course Lady. Don’t stay too late though, now that we finally have
you here, we will go on with the finale as soon as possible.”

The play was set for the next day, it felt a little soon for the party that
had been traveling for so long now. But after this they would have a break,
no matter what. Michelle and Leelee were working with the script so hard
that they didn’t do anything else for the rest of the day, the last episode
needed to be perfect. Of course, with Sandra’s directing on how things
really should go would help them a bit in the rehearsal just before the
play, but essentially they were on their own. So, it was finally the end of
the line… for them.

Sitting on the top of the highest building in town and watching the ocean of
lava to the south, Cain felt sudden urge to run to that cliff and jump off.
Having lost the will to live after finding out everything about himself was
too much for him to handle, he couldn’t be anywhere around Sandra,
Michelle… or Leelee. Yeah, her the most. The mark of the Broken Heart had
gotten him a lifetime of experience, but that wasn’t the way to live…
everywhere he went all the women suddenly felt attracted to him like there
was nothing else in the world they lived in. It was infuriating that he
would have women pulling his sleeve all the time, he did enjoy it, but
enough was enough… especially for a warlock like himself. His powers were
destructive, and not totally in his control either. What if he’d get married
to Leelee or some other woman? He’d snap in a few weeks and possibly kill a
lot of people in a plain burst of anger. He was in a dead end. “What the
hell am I supposed to do? Breed, like you meant me to?” He spoke up at the
sky, or whatever was above him. All he saw was darkness, capturing the red
and yellow colors from the magma wavering under it in a huge puddle near the
earth’s core. Death would be an easy relief, wouldn’t it? “Yeah… so easy.”
He felt a gush of wind behind him, coming from the temple of air. He had
made a difference… maybe it was time to go?

“Yeah… it’s time to go.” He grumbled to himself.

Meanwhile, in a prison cell only a few blocks away from Cain, a couple of
the prisoners were playing cards and enjoying the nice and quiet atmosphere.
“Ahh… I never thought I would enjoy silence this much, did you?” Asked the
first prisoner from the other. “Nope, it’s an unknown bliss to those who
talk every day. And this game is amazing! I’ve never seen pieces of paper
like this before. What did you say the game was called?”

“Poker. How many?”

“Uhh… just one.”

“One, eh? You must be serious.”

The prisoner dealt the other one card and two to himself. Although, the gag
that they had worked around Julio, the skilled thief wasn’t that strong to
hold him for days. “My, my. Why would you gag me?” Julio whined while nailed
up on the wall from his shirt. “My fellow mates, this is no way to treat a
dishonored thief like myself, if we were out, I’d have your necks broken and
your spines put on my wall! Not that I have a wall anymore, but anyhow.”

“Darn, the gag didn’t quite do it. What’ll we think of next?” Asked the
prisoner number two. “I dunno… just check your cards and we’ll see who
gets the earplugs for the next hour, OK?” The prisoner suggested, getting
the consent of his friend.

“Come on, guys! Cheer up, we’re gonna see the final episode of The Young And
The Reckless tomorrow! How great is that? You know, I heard on the whisper,
that Laurel is going to end up with, GYAAAHH!” A piece of cloth covered in
gargantuan slime was slapped on his face, that wouldn’t come off in a couple
of hours.

“Thanks, man. That was for good cause.”

“Yeah, no prob. Why don’t you play blackjack next so I can join in too?”
Another prisoner in the corner suggested. Giving a grin, the dealing
prisoner chuckled with his cards in his hand. “Oh, baby! An hour of silence
is mine, I can’t lose!”

He slapped the full house on the table and grinned happily at the other
prisoner who was surprised by his behavior. “I can’t remember the rules
again… how good is four jacks?”


Back at the palace, things were getting a little difficult with some parts
of the script. Of course, they had only so little time to figure out what to
do with it, so they had to work it out right away. “How did Rufio’s death
come out? I thought these scripts weren’t supposed to be revealed to
anyone.” Sandra wasn’t that pleased that some of the information on the last
episode had leaked out, of course for some people in the east didn’t even
know that the show was going to end, but they still knew about Rufio’s
death, that wasn’t very good. “Ehm, well you see something always leaks out.
The scripts come here in their packages completely intact, but afterwards
they’re opened here, something might… slip.” Bosco laughed nervously.

“Yeah, like what? You’re the only one that has access to these papers until
you give them to the actors, right?”

“Yes, but there’s this little devil living inside a bottle of Spike, yes? It
always tells me to… tell.”

“Ah, I know the feeling. But now the climax has changed, everyone knows that
Rufio is going to die, we don’t have much to work off with the rest of the
plot. We need to make something up.”

“Yes, but what?”

“Well, Sylvia is pregnant with her and Laurel’s father’s baby, she still
thinks that Rufio, Laurel’s fiancé is the child’s father. We need to
establish that they are sisters, half dwarf, half elf and somehow kill Rufio
under very weird circumstances, he stabbed himself in the last episode and
survived. Sylvia finds out that she doesn’t have cancer and Dr. Ramoray…
well, he’ll just have to kill Rufio, Ramoray’s current husband… did I
cross the line somewhere?”

“No, no. Everything is perfect.”

“Oh good.”

Of course, there was some misunderstanding in some of the roles. “Hold on a
sec, this doesn’t make any sense… Laurel gave Sylvia cancer, and she
suddenly recovers from it, right? So now Dr. Ramoray whose married to Rufio,
would like to kill his husband and impregnate Sylvia… who is already
pregnant? How weird is that?” Thought Michelle.

“Sounds pretty healthy for a normal soap, don’t you think?” Leelee stated
her mind, making Michelle agree at the end. “I think it just got way too
complicated between the three of them… don’t you agree?” Asked Leelee.

“… Yeah, it did. They should have just been honest with each other, to
avoid the whole thing. It could have gone a lot better…” Both just sat at
their beds not saying a word, there was a certain relatedness to her,
Michelle and Cain, and Michelle was going to confess it.

“… I slept with Cain.”

“… I thought so, in the dwelling when I was unconscious. Under the
waterfall, right?”

“Yeah… but it wasn’t anything, I mean… it was just sex, you know that,

“Yeah. I know, Michelle… I know.”

“… I think he slept with Claire and Amber too…”

“… I know… but I can’t help it. He’s everything to me.”

“… How weird is that?”

At the inn, another traveling couple had finally reached their
destination… or the other one’s destination anyway. “Wow, I’ve never
actually been in Ferumi… I never left the bar, really. Isn’t this great?
They say that the show’s gonna be a big hit tomorrow. Aren’t you excited?”
Britney unpacked her stuff while unknowingly irritating her
bartender-friend. “Yeah, real excited about seeing a soap that’s COMPLETELY

Everyone was here, at Ferumi. All to see the ending to the famous play.
After a long journey all of them got their reward, a moment to relax.
Everyone except for Cain, who had too much on his mind to relax… but he
had made his decision about what to do now. He was leaving, for good. He
would never see his friends again, but it was for the best. He wasn’t going
to tell the other’s yet, in case they’d need him for something on the play.
Telling them about leaving would only bring them down.

“Ramoray left the show? Who’s gonna fill in for him?” Sandra was a little
surprised that Bosco had done something that radical without consulting her
about it. Not that she was around to be consulted, but there were other ways
of communicating. She wasn’t that happy about the solution he had come up
with either. “I am going to make my debut in acting as Dr. Ramoray! Everyone
will be thrilled to see me on stage, they will say ‘Breathtaking’,
‘Astonishing’, they-they… no, just breathtaking, yes?”

“You didn’t by any chance take Erik’s role too? He says he’s leaving town
and never coming back?” Leelee and Michelle walked onto the stage, leaving
Sandra furious to the so-called-director. “Eh? I did no such thing! Erik has
been under a lot of stress lately, if he wants to leave, he leaves, no?”

“OK, that’s it! It’s all going straight to hell, there will be no final
episode.” As Sandra declared her opinion and order about cutting the whole
project, like Murphy’s law, Cain walked in on the commotion. “Something

“Yeah, our old boss just cut off two of our main leads!”

Bosco was a little frightened about what Cain would do to him, after all he
had gone through a lot just to see that play finished. For his advantage,
Cain just shrugged his shoulders and didn’t seem to care about it that much.
“Hey, wait a minute… is that all?” Asked Michelle with a questioning look
on her face. “We went through hell to get this play done and that’s all you
do? Shrugs?”

“What am I supposed to do, huh? I can’t do anything about it if they want to
call it off. Too bad though, a lot of people are going to be disappointed.
And she’s right, how are you gonna do it anyway? You’ve got one bad
replacement and someone missing completely from the part, to me it looks
like there’s nothing to do but find someone else, or just quit.”

All her senses tuned in, ready to rock at any second of her days here,
LaDermot picked up something from between the lines that Cain had just let
out. Was it intentional? No way. But would he help if it would save the
play? Hell yes! “OK, I think we’re done here. Cain, catch!” She threw a copy
of the script to the warlock that out of habit caught the flying pile of
papers, at this point he wasn’t sure what he had said just now, but he was
going to correct the director right there. “Hold on a second, I didn’t agree
to play anyone on this damn play!”

Suddenly Michelle and Leelee got sparks of hope in their eyes. “Awesome, why
didn’t we think about this before! Cain is so-going-to do Erik’s part, he’s
like the real-life Rufio… in a manner of speaking.” Michelle agreed to
Sandra’s suggestion. Leelee smiled happily as she got to keep Cain a little
more closer than before. “No! If there’s any higher being in this universe,
it’s telling us not to go on with this play. Everything that could go wrong
with this play has gone wrong! The only thing that hasn’t shattered is your
roles in it, everything else is in pieces.”

“But it’s coming back into place, everything. We have Erik’s role fulfilled,
Ramoray’s role… we can live with it, and we have the story and the
director. It’s all here, please say yes.” Leelee’s remarks made Cain think
about it. After all, it wasn’t that big a piece of his life and then he’d be
off. He just had to delay his departure for a day, that’s all.

“… You know what? Let’s just get on with it. I won’t be able to sleep if
you keep banging on my door through the night anyway. But I’ll leave if
something happens that I don’t like, got it?”

Everyone accepted Cain’s proposal, now they all just had to play nice during
rehearsal to keep him with it. Of course, everything wasn’t easy at first,
Cain hadn’t acted in his whole life, Bosco couldn’t get over himself to read
the lines properly, Sandra was losing her patience with the old director and
finally Michelle and Leelee were still tired from the journey they had gone
through. But it had to be done, no questions asked. Only 9 hours to the
play, they finished the last scene and with all the props in place for the
real show in place, they went to sleep in their rooms.

“Can’t sleep… can’t dream… can’t run away now… this is too much to
handle.” Cain almost crushed his head with his hands and grunted at the
tiredness and heat he was experiencing while standing at the roof of a house
at the outskirts of Ferumi. He sat down and put his head between his knees,
trying to shake the feelings off, but of course it wasn’t going to work.
After a whole five seconds of sitting, he got up and started running. He ran
across the town quietly leaping from a roof to roof, not caring if he would
fall down. At the other side, he looked toward the great mountain rising up
from the horizon. He could vaguely see some lights there too, probably from
Calculus. But what did that matter? Pointless, vain, stupid… he looked
down on the ground where he saw a few big and sharp rocks. Only a few
thoughts away from jumping, he stopped himself and collapsed on his back. He
looked at the emptiness above him and saw that it was completely different
from the horizon what he had just looked at a second ago… at that second
it wasn’t that pointless anymore. Decision made… no questions asked… and
finally nothing to stop him.

She opened her eyes and looked out of the window. Seeing two hours until the
play, she jumped out of bed and looked around to check that everything he
needed was there. She took off her pajamas and put her blue mini dress on
and sat down in front of the mirror. She took the eyeliner she had
accidentally grabbed along and after she was done with it, she threw it in
the garbage. “Won’t be using that after today, now will I?” After checking
her hair and confirming that it was alright, she got up and took a deep
breath. “Two more hours… I gotta do something.” She rushed out of the room
and walked to the stage where Bosco and Sandra were already checking that
everything was just like it should. “Morning, is there a problem?” Michelle
asked, only half seriously though. “No, if there was, we’d be so screwed
right now… is everyone up yet?”

“I think Leelee’s still up, don’t know about Cain though… I don’t think he
slept at all, that’s just the way he is.”

“Well let’s just hope that he’s capable of acting, how shall we? Anyway, you
remember all your lines, right?”

“Yep, all set.”

“Good, the dress looks great. Maybe after this we’re gonna have to get into
something more extreme, yeah?”

Michelle wasn’t quite sure what Sandra meant by that, but seeing that she
was kidding it was unimportant. She looked around a bit and memorized a few
lines and expressions she had to make. She didn’t notice Cain walking behind
her quietly, looking around the set too, wondering about what would happen
during the play. “I’m so sure that this whole stage is going to come
tumbling down and kill half of the cast.” Michelle turned around and looked
at him, a little amused that he could still spray that negative thoughts
around. “Let’s just hope that the half will be you and Bosco, now shall we?”

“I resent that accusation!”

Bosco’s comment was pretty much unnoticed, but it did awaken some amusement
in the other three. “Maybe someone should wake Leelee up, she should be up
early so she’s completely awake when the play starts.” Suggested Sandra,
having some objection from Michelle. “No, let’s just let her sleep for a
while now. She doesn’t have to wake up in the next hour anyway, she’ll be
fine.” They decided to go on without waking Leelee just yet, but going
through the script once more, Cain did feel that there was something
missing… something wrong.

“Wakey wakey, time to get up.”

Leelee heard the voices next to her ear and sat up in her bed. “How many
hours til the play?” Michelle took a look outside in the large clocktower in
middle of town. “Just about one. Come on, we’ve got to get ready.”
Reluctantly, Leelee got out of bed and immediately put her character dress
on. The red strapless silk top was just about enough to cover her cleavage
and stop just above her bellybutton, she also wore a matching skirt going
down to her knees. She stepped in front of the mirror to see how she looked.
Brushing her hair into all shiny and beautiful, she thought about what would
happen next. What now? After having it all figured out, she was now
clueless. Maybe she would get married to Cain, who knows? A smile rose upon
her face after coloring her lips with an extract of redberries. Yeah, that’s
exactly what she was going to do.

“Hey guys, ready to rock?” She walked down the stairs to the stage. “All
set, let’s open the gates and let the dogs out.” About half an hour before
the show would start, the Non-Solis theater opened it’s doors for The Young
And The Reckless for the last time. Like expected, the crowd started
gathering as soon as the doors were opened. It didn’t take long for the
whole auditorium to get full and only fifteen minutes before the show, they
started getting impatient. At the back of the auditorium, sat six sulking
prisoners… and one more. “Look at that, did you see that? I think the
curtain trembled a bit, did you see it? I saw it, didn’t you? They’re gonna
start early, I know it! Because I am here! The greatest of all thieves, it
is I…”

A little toward the front row, yet another couple sat and anxiously waited
for the curtain to slide aside. “This is great, I’m so glad you decided to
go with me to see this thing.” Britney smiled and gave the bartender a kiss
on the cheek, it brightened up his day a bit, but in his book, watching a
soap in a room full of people who obsess over them, wasn’t very good… it
sucked. “Yes, Brit. Real nice.”

“Now aren’t you glad that we got out of that temple and ended up here? We
don’t need any wishes here, do we?”

“Yes, Brit. Real nice.”

And finally, the red curtains slid aside, and with standing applause the set
of a huge ballroom and the actors quarreling in middle.

“I recovered from the stab, my love. There’s nothing standing between us
now. I realized that something like a fluke can come between us.” Rufio
tried to calm Laurel down, but didn’t do very well. “It’s too late, Rufio…
besides that fluke you told me about isn’t the only problem.” Tears started
running down Leelee’s face and she wiped them off with a tissue.

“I didn’t know what I was doing, I was intoxicated by the substance that
thief put into my drink that night! I didn’t know that I was marrying Dr.
Ramoray, you have to believe me!” Cain was more convincing in Rufio’s role
than Erik, he didn’t have that overly dramatic look on him every time he
said something. Although the plot itself was quite perverse, he could still
pull it off. “Oh, really? Then how do you explain the life growing inside
Sylvia, then?” Laurel pointed out, looking furious about her fiancé’s double
deceit. “… The mistake I made with Sylvia… I cannot undo.”

The crowd let out a sigh.

“But as your future husband, I promise that nothing like that will ever
happen again. I swear loyalty to you and only to you.” Rufio got down on his
knees and kissed his bride’s hand. Truly smiling to him, Leelee got a little
distracted, but only for a moment. She immediately picked up on where they
left. “… I wish I could believe that, Rufio my love. But how could I live
with a man that has deceived me twice. Not once, but twice.” Rufio turned to
face the audience, looking a bit up from them like Sandra had told him to
and shook his head. “Laurel… please forgive me.”

Sylvia walked between the two and cried out. “Is that what I was? One fluke
of undying pleasure, that has now left me with this burden for life? I
cannot believe you! You should marry me, not Laurel! She’s an elf for crying

Almost stepping on Michelle’s que, Bosco stepped up and exclaimed. “Are you
anyone to talk about mixbreeds, Sylvia? The truth is much more worse than
you think. MUCH, MUCH worse!” Sandra, who was sitting in the front row was
quietly praying that he wouldn’t screw the whole thing up. “What are you
saying, doctor?” Asked Laurel, stirring the crowd with small pearls of
tension. “Laurel… Sylvia… you are sisters.”

Words cannot express how the audience reacted, the noise was just terrible.
Screams, sighs, laughs all bleeding together, letting them recover from the
shock, the actors were quiet long enough so the crowd calmed down. “Sisters?
But that means…”

“Yes, Sylvia. You’re part elf, just like your sister!”

Laurel and Sylvia looked at each other and backed away. “This cannot be!”

“Oh, there is more! You are also half dwarf!”

A couple of the women in the audience fainted at the start of the fuss they
all made when hearing the tragic news. “No! My love, you cannot be a dwarf!
I am a direct descendant of the race of Ikarians! I cut off my wings just to
be with you!” The audience wept like they had never been crying in their
whole life, Sandra was so excited about Cain’s performance that she didn’t
even notice how the crowd reacted. “Yes, indeed quite a soup we are in, my
young friends. It is I, who descend from a proud clan of orcs, that has
hated all of your kind for life. I have now destroyed your entire families,
broken all relationships and brought your industries and mentalities down! I
have done it! GYAAHAHAHAAAA!”

“Dr. Ramoray! You must be out of your mind!” Laurel screamed.

“But I will not stop there, no! Being half elf, half dwarf, you have
capabilities you do not comprehend, but I do! I shall breed with Sylvia and
let her give birth to TWO babies! One elf-dwarf-ikarian, and one
elf-dwarf-orc! And there is nothing you can do to stop me! GYAHAHAA!”
Suddenly Bosco grabbed Michelle and slammed her onto the table in the middle
of stage. Michelle was a little weirded out at first, since he was taking it
so seriously… but that’s how it went. She was still OK with Bosco lifting
up her gown and revealing her pantyless crotch, since he wasn’t going to do
anything, so she kept quiet about it. She felt a little uncomfortable as
Bosco was pretending to drop his pants and enter her womb, but she felt way
less comfortable when she felt him actually doing it! Both Leelee and Cain
were facing the audience, looking shocked and uttering words that suited the
situation. Michelle looked at Bosco, who was actually now behind the table,
facing the audience, who didn’t quite see that what he was doing was real.
“Jesus, Bosco. Take it easy, you’re not doing the real thing here.”
Whispered Michelle, startling a bit when she felt the organ’s tip rubbing
against her privates. “It needs to look real, yes? I make it look real and
we get smashing review, yes?”

“Yes, but don’t you dare…” She didn’t get to finish her sentence as the
director pushed his semi-hard dick into her unprotected twat. She let out a
loud yelp and Bosco grinned at the lovely feeling of her warm, young and
tight pussy. The audience, Sandra, Leelee and Cain we’re completely
oblivious about what was happening behind that table, they all thought that
it was because they were going all the way as actors, not all the way in
THAT sense of the word. Michelle felt the cock inside her growing into it’s
full length and getting hard as a rock, as Bosco grabbed her tits and
started kneading them against her, she thought that this was probably the
last time she would be able to act… besides, being around here didn’t
really give her much on the men-department, so… the show must go on.

“Oh my god! What is he doing to poor Sylvia!”

“How can this be happening? How cruel can someone be?”

“Oh, Laurel. What can we do?”

“Do something, please! Take this crazy doctor off of me!” Michelle yelled as
Rufio and Laurel were still thinking what to do to get the orc down. Her
breathing got more and more intense as Bosco humped her hairy little cunt
all the way in. The walls of her canal were rubbing themselves against him
and almost cutting the circulation in the director’s prick, his eyes rolled
back as Michelle’s excitement gave in and washed him with warm juice. She
managed to keep the sounds to the minimum though, to keep the audience and
the others away from suspicion. She did enjoy it to the end, Bosco gave her
the ride of her life right in front of the citizens of Ferumi, not to
mention her friends. Her slippery cunt wasn’t going to let Bosco get away
with this so easily, she used all her muscles to trap the meat inside her
and like she had hoped she trapped the pulsating wand inside her. The
director almost passed out when he felt himself being sucked dry and
squeezed violently with Michelle’s 17-year old twat.

“We must stop him, before it’s too late, Laurel! She cannot give birth to
this abomination’s child!” Rufio cried out and pulled out his dagger.

“Yes, we must kill him now!” Laurel agreed and just before the two turned
around, Bosco and Michelle both let out a grunt as the warm white ooze
filled Michelle’s pussy. Bosco quickly pulled away, still a little
mesmerized by the strong orgasm she had given him, but he quickly realized
where he was again. Michelle pulled her gown back to her knees and stood up.
“Oh no! I’m pregnant with an orc-child!”

The crowd just went berserk! They just wanted to kill the director for such
a foul thing. “You shaln’t do harm anymore!” Cain yelled and attacked Dr.
Ramoray with his dagger. Unfortunately, like Lady LaDermot had written the
episode, the orc was more powerful than Rufio, an ikarian. So, he threw
Rufio against the wall, impaling him with his own dagger.

“Rufio, no!” Laurel rushed to her dying fiancé with grief, while Dr. Ramoray
laughed beside them, not noticing what was going on behind him.
“Gyahhahahahaaa! Now I have done it! Your pitiful lives are completely done
for! There’s nothing that can stop my joy now! I…” *SMACK*

Dr. Ramoray fell on the ground after hit in the head with a large pot.
“You’re going to prison, you murderer!” Sylvia exclaimed and gave him a
playful kick in the stomach, which wasn’t in the script. The sense of
realism that Lady LaDermot had brought into the play, allowed Rufio to die
immediately, without any meaningful last words. “And so, the tragedy ended.
Rufio had met his maker, leaving poor Laurel to her own misery. Sylvia was
now pregnant with two children, all mixbreeds with all creations of higher
beings. How will they survive? Will they be able to live without Rufio, and
more importantly, will Dr. Ramoray stay in prison? The answer to these
questions, is… yes.”

The curtain slid back into place in front of the stage and all the moved
people that had watched the play stood up and gave the ending outstanding
applause. Sandra stood up and faced the audience, seeing her dream come true
right there. Now, it was finished.

“Ey! Did you have to kick me in the stomach like that? It hurt!” Whined
Bosco, holding his belly in his arms. “Nah, you’ll get over it.” Smiled
Michelle as Sandra jumped through the curtain. “You guys were amazing! And
the realism… let’s just say that nowhere near this place! You did it!”

“Yeah, we did didn’t we?” Smiled Leelee, happy about the result.

Of course, when this kind of happy occasions happen, you get distracted. All
kinds of things can happen, some good some bad… for Cain, it was the
perfect time to go. He quietly snuck out of the theater to the street, when
the crowd came out of the theater, he used his abilities to blend into the
shadowy alley. People passing by… talking about the play, made him think
more, and still make him want to leave.

“You know, I knew that they were killing off Rufio.”

“Me too, but the actor was different this time, wasn’t he?”

“Oh, yeah! Something just made me want to jump on stage and give him a full

“Hell yeah!”

He sat down to wait for everyone to go and he still couldn’t get rid of the

“Come on! Say you liked it!”

“… It was OK…”

“See? I told you. We should go to the theater more often. Hey, maybe we
should start a bar here? I can sing, you do the rest.”

“Erm… I don’t know…”

“Come on, you like the idea don’t you?”

Cain tried to close his eyes and plug his ears, but he could still hear
it… everything was so loud, every sound was a thousand times more louder,
colors were brighter, he felt like he could ram himself through a stone wall
and come out with a few scratches. He didn’t want to hurt anyone, but right
now he was on the verge of killing everyone and destroying everything in

“Man, did you see that? Rufio got killed! The bad guy won! How wonderful is
that? Listen mates… I’ve been thinking, maybe we should put up a theater
of our own in the prison, whaddya say?”


“Hey, stop!”

The guards ran after the six escaping prisoners. Oddly they headed toward
the carriage to transport them back… what good would that do? Unless Julio
would escape… The thief tripped on Cain’s leg when trying to hide from the
guards. “Get out of my way, vagrant!” He yelled, seeing that he was in a
dead end. Cain slowly got up and looked at the thief with burning eyes.

“… Eh? OH! Cain? Is that you? Heh, who would have known that we meet up
like this, right? Um…”

The warlock approached the thief and reached out with his hands. “OK, I’ll
go to the cell! I’ll go back! Please don’t hurt me, please!” Cain was just
about to fry him, but the guard walked back to the alley and saw Julio on
the ground, praying for his life.

“Prisoner, what the hell are you doing?”

“Please don’t… eh?”

He was long gone.

Meanwhile back in the palace, Michelle, Leelee, Sandra and Bosco were
celebrating the end of the show. After some time of working on it, they
deserved stiff drinks and lots of time to end it. “We got rid of it, we are
officially free!”

“Amen to that!”

All four looked around just to see if Cain was there… but he wasn’t, like
they knew.

“… He’s gone, you know.” Stated Michelle. Leelee looked at her and nodded.
“Yeah, I know…”

“But it’s a small isle, you’ll find him in no time, right?” Smiled Sandra.

“… No, he doesn’t want to be found… and I think I know… understand

In the village of Rowanbranch, down the ravine, inside the cavern of
Kerubia, the council was eagerly waiting for the return of the warlock. As
Cain stepped into the hall and walked to the other members, he received many
proud looks. “What am I doing here?” He asked the old men.

“You do what you please here, but you belong here. That is the only certain

“Am I a powerful warlock? is that why I’m here, summoned to this council to
join you?”

“You have always been a part of this council. You just didn’t know it. That
mark on your neck proves it. It’s not only a drawing that attracts the
opposite sex, it’s our symbol. Any witch can tell you that.”

Cain understood what he meant and accepted the mark on him. He sat down into
one of the chairs and looked at the sphere on the table. “What do we do

“We wait, my son. We wait.”

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