Below Ground: The Young And The Reckless

Below Ground: Chapter 1 – The Young And The Reckless (MF,oral,spank,nc/cons,fant)

by Dark Genesis (

Starring: Michelle Trachtenberg, Leelee Sobieski, and Britney Spears

In a perfect world there wouldn’t be things like war and hate. People would simply accept each other like they are and treat each other equally. All living things would find themselves a mate and live their lives happily ever after. Searching for this place, the humankind had opened a portal that had lead many lives into danger. No one knew what exactly had happened, but some things were for sure – people had gone missing,
like vanished in a blink of an eye. Thinking that they had passed away, people took for granted that they were gone and were never coming back, so they stopped looking. In time more people vanished, one after another, and only the ones that had disappeared knew what was going on, in the depths of Earth, in places humans didn’t know about.

“Ladies and gentlemen! The Non-Solis theater presents, a play by Lady LaDermot: The Young And The Reckless!”

The announcer was escorted off the stage by a swarm of applause, the crowd cheered as the curtain opened and the play began. Usually people didn’t come to see plays anymore, but this was sold out, a play by the famous soap-writer Lady LaDermot couldn’t be that bad, could it?

On the stage stepped Rufio, played by a local named Erik Clain, and followed by Laurel, played by the actress Leelee Sobieski. The setting was the local health center, where Laurel’s friend was dying of cancer.

“Sylvia, my dear friend, are you alright?” Leelee took her co-star Michelle Trachtenberg by the hand. “I am far from alright, dear Laurel. But the illness in my chest is the least of my pain…” Eric approached the bed where Michelle was laying. “Laurel… Rufio… there is something I must tell you both…” Erik looked terrified and he backed away from the bed. “No, Sylvia! You mustn’t!” He cried out. “’tis been hidden for too long, I must speak the truth… Laurel!” Leelee backed away from the bed, looking pale.

“I am pregnant! And the father of my child… is Rufio!”

The audience let out a loud stir and Leelee was stunned. “Rufio! This can’t be the truth, is it not?” Erik turned away from Leelee, looking very surprised. “Yes! It must be the truth!”

Another stir came out of the audience and Leelee burst into tears. Seeing this Erik rushed to her, taking Leelee into his arms. “Do not worry, my love! My heart still belongs only to you! Not some lassie I had a romantic moment after ten bottles of wine!”

All the women in the audience sighed as Leelee replied to Erik’s embrace. “Now it is time for Rufio to know the truth!” Exclaimed Michelle, jumped out of the bed, and pulled the scarf away from Leelee’s head, revealing her pointed ears. “Rufio! Laurel is an Elf!”

Once again, the audience puffed and some of them even started sobbing. “You are crazy, Sylvia! Elves are just a legend, there is no way my fiance could be a…” He stared at Leelee’s fake-ears and was over-startled, almost scaring the audience. “Heavens, Laurel! Is this true? No! My Lord, no!” Erik dropped down on his knees in front of the audience. “True it is, Rufio my love… but why should we let it stop us from being together?” Leelee cried out. “You have betrayed me as I have betrayed you… we cannot be together!”

He pulled out a dagger and impaled himself in the middle of the stage, the audience and Leelee let out a scream. “Here is my revenge for stealing the only man I’ve ever loved!” Laughed Michelle. “Ha-ha! I knew you’d do this, my old friend, so I took my vengeance on you before this happened! It was I who gave you cancer!”

The audience went crazy and they just cried and sobbed as the play continued. “You little witch! I shall murder you!” Yelled Michelle and tried to choke Laurel.

“What is the meaning of this?” Dr.Ramoray who was Laurel’s uncle, played by a local doctor named… Dr.Ramoray.

“Uncle Ramoray! Please help, Sylvia killed my future husband and tried to kill me too!” Yelled Leelee, hiding behind the doctor. Michelle looked shocked by Leelee’s accusation, and so was the good doctor. “My dear Laurel, that is impossible.”

Dr.Ramoray walked in the middle of the stage, looked very over-dramatic and exclaimed: “I married him last week!”

The crowd cried out one more time and the curtain closed, along with the play. The play was a hit, every single man and woman gave them standing applause. The Young And The Reckless was based on a MT-show by the same name, where the same actors and actresses played their roles. MT was kind of like TV, just not powered by electricity but a power called Magic, the picture was projected into every home with a receiver, so it was kind of like live TV.

Later the same day, Michelle and Leelee were having a drink in a cafe in the center of the town, here people didn’t really care about the celebrities as much as about the show, so they could act like normal people.

“And they actually bought that crap! Back then that kinda show would’ve had a shitty laugh and a half-season cut.” Michelle took a sip from her mug. “As long as they believe it, we have a good job.” Leelee pointed out.

“Evening, ladies!” A director of the plays in Non-Solis theater joined them in their table. “They call me Bosco, Master Bosco in the right circles, and I have the perfect job for you two!” The smile on that guy must’ve been a hundred feet wide, there was something fishy about this.

“Really? And what kind of job is that?” Asked Michelle, just to play along. “It is the most honorable work young women like yourselves in this business could do, join me at the palace later this evening and we’ll discuss the details!”

It was hard for Leelee and Michelle not to burst out in laughter but they managed to control themselves until the guy left the table. “What the hell was he talking about?” Laughed Leelee. “I was so sure he was going to offer us a place in his own personal harem! What the hell could that guy be thinking?”

“Oi! You shouldn’t be talking about the director of The Young And The Reckless like that, there are people in this cafe that will cut necks if you make fun of the play!” The waitress warned them as she removed Leelee’s empty mug from the table.

“Lady, we ARE The Young And The Reckless.” Smiled Michelle. The waitress just snorted and headed into the kitchen. “Wait a sec, we didn’t have a director, did we?” Wondered Michelle.

“No way! We had to improvise all of the situations and go through it a hundred times before it sounded right.” Said Leelee.

“Well, I wouldn’t say it sounded right, but… maybe we should just check what’s this all about, right?”

Leelee nodded and they agreed to go to the palace of Non-Solis, located behind the theater. The town itself was called Ferumi, it was located at the south-end of a big isle in the middle of a puddle of lava near the Earth’s core. Many people who had come from the outer world had certified this but they still had no idea how they got there or would they ever get out. The heat itself wasn’t that bad, for some reason it seemed that the warmth was avoiding this isle, but still warming it enough to keep it’s inhabitants alive. Therefore light wasn’t a problem either, the magma enlightened the whole environment 24-7, the only way people would get any sleep was going into buildings to hide from the light. The only way to obtain water was going to an old temple in the mountain in the middle of the isle, where the water would start flowing down to the towns and villages upon praying to a water god. But Leelee and Michelle for instance didn’t believe in these kind of things, they believed that there was a rational explanation for everything and that there was no such thing as a water god, or magic for that matter. Yes, a hint of hypocrisy was in the air every time they mentioned the subject, after all they had no idea how they had ended up here, the only thing to do was to take it one day at a time.

As people started pulling back into their houses to get ready to sleep, the soap-opera stars walked the empty dirt road toward the palace. It was half humor and half boredom they even agreed to do this, but since they had nothing better to do at the time, they decided to take Boscos’s offer and hear what he had to say. Arriving to the gate of the palace made of bricks and posters of the plays, actors and of course the directors, they stumbled on the guards demanding for their identity.

“What do you mean ‘Who Are We’? We’re Laurel and Sylvia from Lady LaDermot’s The Young And The Reckless!” Michelle was obviously offended that she wasn’t known throughout the whole isle, one of those diva-things you get when you become a part of the greatest show ever in the history of a small island.

“Ma’am, just calm down, please.” The guard tried to ease her down, but with bad choice of words. “Ma’am? Who’re you ma’aming here? Do I look like a ma’am to you?”

“No, miss, not at all, you go right in.” The guard stepped away from the gate as it opened and let the actresses pass. The director was waiting for them in the hall, his eyes brightened as he saw the girls walking towards him on the red carpet.

“Wonderful, you showed up! Trust me, ladies, you won’t regret this! Please, follow me.” Bosco walked up the stairs at the end of the hall and entered the room with a large wooden door. Leelee and Michelle looked at each other and followed him without any specific suspicions. As they entered the large room, they came across many statues of men and women, seeming to be in some sort of emotional state. “This is my chamber! Here I keep the statues of the greatest people in the line of drama!”

As Michelle and Leelee looked through the statues, recognizing some of the names, Michelle’s arrogance took control of her mouth. “Oh! You want us to be your next models, huh? It’s a true honor to be placed in the midst of all these talented people. Bosco looked at her for a while, feeling a bit irritated. “Actually, not yet see…”

Leelee giggled at Michelle’s misfortune, but stopped herself seeing that she had embarrassed her. “And I stress the word YET, my dear ladies. Let me explain you my plan…” Bosco walked to the big dark brown curtain at other side of the room, covering almost 1/6 of the wall. “For years I have been directing Lady LaDermot’s plays right here in Ferumi, my plays are the only ones who get all the seats filled! I wish I could say that it’s because of my directing, but I must give all the credit to the one who it belongs to…” All three of them knew that the director was full of it, in the end Michelle and Leelee weren’t sure that Bosco knew it, but he hadn’t been there for any of the rehearsals. The only thing he was doing was taking the credit for the directing which the actors had to do themselves. “Ladies… I give you… Lady LaDermot!”

As the director pulled away the curtain from the wall, both Leelee’s and Michelle’s eyes widened and their mouths almost dropped on the floor. “Yes! Witness the incredible beauty of the soap-queen!” The director exclaimed as the girls approached the painting, not believing their eyes. “I don’t believe it! Is it her?” Wondered Leelee. “It must be, look at it! Exactly the same!” Smiled Michelle, feeling amused by the fact they had just realized. “What? You know Lady LaDermot???” Bosco’s eyes almost jumped out of their sockets. They knew they couldn’t reveal who it was, so…

“No, she just looks like my aunt… Marge Simpson…” Michelle blurted out.

Leelee eyeballed Michelle for a long time after that sentence, it was quiet for a while until the director broke the silence. “… Well, anyhow… Marge Simpson… that sounds familiar… whatever, I’d like you two to find me Lady LaDermot and get her here to direct the great finale of The Young And The Reckless. As you probably know, she has finished the last chapter where it turns out that Sylvia is actually Lauren’s sister and the baby that she’s carrying is from their father who died of a heart attack right after he had gotten Sylvia pregnant, and as it turns out, Lauren and Sylvia are actually half elf and half dwarf, everything ending up as clear as when the show began. Now, I’ve heard that she lives somewhere in the eastern parts, so what I’d like you to do, as the most important characters in her show, is to persuade her to give up her anonymity and show herself to the public. How’s that sound?”

It wasn’t exactly the job they were looking for, this was the first time they heard that there was an end to the show and it would be in the next chapter, so they would have appreciated a role in a new soap or something… but still, they were interested in meeting up with this Lady LaDermot. “Sure, whatever… and we get statues after the last chapter, right?” Asked Michelle. “Absolutely, you can count on it.” Nodded the director.

After accepting the director’s offer, they stayed at the palace for the night. Traveling to the eastern parts would be rather difficult, there were only two main towns there and they were very far apart. It was basically mountains and desert… not that the other parts of the isle were any different, not counting the northern parts where the water flowed continuously because of the constant praying of the priests in the temple, and because of it some plants and trees had started to grow. Anyway, the eastern parts were mostly mountains. In the morning Leelee and Michelle were supplied by Bosco and were sent on their way from Ferumi.

“I think this was a mistake, I’m tired already…” Complained Leelee. “Oh, come on! It’ll be fun! Just us girls, hiking in the wilderness… no civilization in sight… no water for about 15 miles… we’re so screwed…”

“How far was Calculus, anyway?” Asked Leelee.

“I dunno, I haven’t left Ferumi ever since we got here… but I hear it’s the town to be in if you’re a talented artist.”

“Yeah, I’m just wondering what kind of talented artist they mean…”

OK, so it was a little unclear what the message about Calculus said, but it was the town closest to Ferumi and after that it would be easier to travel, maybe rent a horse or some other vehicle. The stop at Calculus was necessary, since they would need to fill their storage of water anyway, and at this rate, they’d be pretty tired reaching the town. After a few hours of walking, they got to a fountain, these places were filled so seldom, but on the other hand not many people went through here, so there just might be enough water in there.

“Water-water-water-water—!” Leelee dived into the fountain of cool water in the middle of the wilderness. Both of them were exhausted by the heat caused by the walking and the warm ground that kept getting hotter and hotter as the hours went by from the morning. “Oh yeah… you gotta try this, I think we should spend the night here…” Mumbled the girl in the fountain. Michelle sat on the edge and filled the canisters. “You know, people drink from this place.”

“I’m sure they won’t mind that the famous soap-star Leelee Sobieski had taken a bath in their drinking water…”

“No, I meant that drifters and other tramps have probably stuck their faces in there and washed their sweaty armpits and dirty beards in there.” She hated long baths anyway…

After sitting there and drying herself for few minutes, they stopped to think about Lady LaDermot…

“Why do you think she’s anonymous?” Wondered Michelle.

“Don’t know… maybe there could be an asshole size of Texas among us who got here by mistake that would sue her for using old ideas in a new world.”

“Yeah, incest, suicides, mixing races, real original…”

“OK, so every soap in the world uses the same things but… maybe she just doesn’t want to meet the old people in the new world… that’s kind of sensible, don’t you think?”

“… Yeah, I guess so. But living as far away from civilization as she could get? The eastern parts, you know… maybe she went nuts and started writing the stuff that crazy people write: soaps.”

“That’s a little too sensible… I thought of dropping acting as soon as I got here. Everything was so primitive and I thought it would be living hell performing in theater for the rest of my life.”

“Come on, it’s not that bad… besides you need to act live here, no late broadcasts on MT, remember?”

“Oh, right… that sucks.”

They packed their stuff and headed toward the next town, it was still a long way to go, but they were getting there. The mystery of Lady LaDermot kept them walking and talking, not even noticing the hours passing by. Soon they saw the shape of the high towers of Calculus in the horizon, and behind it the great mountain of water, with the temple on top. Reaching the town, they found out it was indeed a town to be if you were a talented artist, but not exactly how they were hoping for.

“Glo—ry, glory LELLUHA—JA! Glo—ry, glory LELLUHA—JA! Spare some coins for the amazing band Aqua! The one band who worships the water god day and night in their songs! Come see the show tonight at the Bar de Fonta! Only a few coins to enter! Brothers and sisters! Now is the time…”

“Is that band what I think it is?” Wondered Michelle.

“I hope not… yuck…”

The place to be in if you want to be a professional dancer or singer. Not bad actually, if you can dance or sing, that is… Leelee and Michelle entered a tavern full of drunken workers, just gotten in from the mines. Calculus kept going with the wealth received from jewels, dug up from the nearby mines. Since most of the singers and dancers sucked, they didn’t bring the city good reputation, but diamonds and emeralds… indeed.

“Thank God no ones singing here…” Mumbled Leelee, but the bartender caught the phrase with his sharp ears. “There will be in a few minutes. The best singer in town, if I might add, I think you’ll enjoy the music, it’s not the same shit that’s on the streets or in a lower-class place like Bar de Fonta. Now what can I get for you ladies?”

“… Wow, that was impressive, what else do you sell?” Smiled Michelle.

“We sell water, Spikes, Flies and Hisky.”

“… Say what?”

“Ladies and gentlemen… tonight’s performance will begin soon, so enjoy your beverages while the Star of Calculus gets ready for the performance lasting the whole night.”

A few drunken bastards in the front row gave the announcer a short clap, not really caring for announcements, but to see the singer upclose and personal.

“It’s a riot, what’s a Spike?” Asked Michelle. “Water, spirits and blood.” Replied the bartender, Leelee was about to throw up, but managed to hold it in.

“Dare I ask what is a Fly?”

“It’s dishwater, in a dirty glass. It’s the cheapest drink and the drunks like it after a few Spikes.”

“And the grand finale?”

“Hisky, spirits and water in a dirty glass, just to give it a little color… we kind of ran out of whisky since the guy who used to work at a brewery in Colorado got killed.”

Now that was a showstopper. “Say what ‘Rado’?” Asked Michelle in a lower voice. “Come on, I know you guys! I might have been poor but I still got cable!”

Yeah, amazing but true. The bartender used to be a guy working as a waiter in a small cafe in Denver. He had gotten this job easily, since he had experience handling booze every weekend. Not that there was much booze to handle, but still booze-handling.

“Man, that was the weirdest dream I have ever had! And then I woke up near this town, I thought what the heck, you play with the cards you’re dealt, even if there happens to be joker like this between the cards.”

“It was definitely weird, I can tell you that. Everything just came to a stop and puff, I was here. Just like that, a new life.” Smiled Leelee, taking a sip from her Spike. “Maybe this was a good thing after all, maybe it was supposed to happen like this. And have we ever asked the people here where they come from originally? Maybe they’re just like us, just transported here way before us, like… 1500 years ago?” Wondered Michelle.

“That would explain the primitiveness, it took a lot of smart guys to develop the 3rd millenia into the way it was. Here just… less people and less brains I guess…”

“Hey, wasn’t the singer supposed to sing here? I’d like to see who’s the best performer on this crumby island.” Asked Michelle.

“She always takes her time, besides most of these people really don’t care about her singing, they just want to see some prime-flesh.”

“And here she is, ladies and gentlemen! The Star of Calculus! The bomb among bombs! Miss…”

“Yeah, I should’ve known.” Noted Leelee and finished her drink.

‘I used to be a girlfriend and I know I did it well

Oh yes you know its true

You’d call me Cinderella

All you had to do was yell

And I’d be there for you…’

“Yup, she’s been singing here for a while now. The tables are always full and people get thirsty watching a half-naked girl on the stage, and we’re always glad to receive new customers.”

“Doesn’t really fit in, does it? The music, I mean.” Thought Leelee.

“Not exactly the Dark Ages-type with her face either… neither are we for that matter, maybe we should leave before we get dragged into an alley of something?”

“That might be a good idea…” Leelee agreed with Michelle and they left the tavern to look for a place to sleep. They decided to spend the night at a local inn, those places were completely empty, since everyone who was someone had their own house in Calculus.

Meanwhile in the bar, the singer was finishing up. In this place, it was customary for the singer to clean up the stage after the show, but in her outfit it was pretty hard without showing something to the people who were still in the bar. “Good job, Britney. The place was packed, you still up for tomorrow?” Asked the bartender.

“Yeah, anything to get enough money to get out of this town…”

No, a golden thong and bra weren’t the best garments for a cleaner but as long as she was on the stage… Picking up the coins from the stage and bending over, she suddenly felt a slap on her butt and immediately turned around. “Good show tonight… real good.” One of the miners that had watched the show was standing next to the stage, his eyes firmly on Britney. “Oh, thanks…” She mumbled to him, it wasn’t the first time she had been treated like this, ever since she had gotten here, it was always something about her butt that made men want to touch it. She kept collecting the coins from the floor, feeling the miner caressing her inner thighs as she pretended like she didn’t notice. “How would you like to make a little extra tonight? I can guarantee you a big load of cash if you say yes…”

Britney let out a sigh, she could use the money but she knew what the miner had in mind. “I’m not into that stuff, really… can you please go?” She took the rest of the coins and jumped off the stage, and was caught by the miner. She kicked and kicked, trying to get away from his grasp but she was powerless. “Look, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, we do it hard way, you won’t get paid and you’ll just suffer longer, say yes now and I’ll give you a night you won’t forget.”

So, she was short on cash and with any luck, it wouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes, so… “OK…”

The miner grinned and carried her back to her dressing room and slammed the door. Britney backed up near her closet as the miner dropped his pants, revealing his hard dick. “Come on now girl, daddy’s got an itch…” He threw the large bag of coins on the table, just for the fact that he was going to pay her, but was it worth it?

Britney looked at the bag on the table and looked at the guy, closing in on her. “… No, I’m sorry, I can’t do this…” He tried to leave but was grabbed by the guy again. “I already paid, sweetie! You can’t go back with a deal, can you?”

“Take your money, I don’t want it! Just let me go!”

The miner slammed her between him and the desk, locking her between his legs. He grabbed her bra and ripped them apart, after that he forced Britney’s head almost against them. “Spit on them, girl. A drool if you have to, just get them wet!” She had no choice but to let her saliva run down to her big breasts, lubricating them for the guy who then pushed Britney down, his cock between her slippery boobs. He grabbed them and pushed them together around his big cock and started moving his hips up and down. “Oh, yeah! Baby! Your tits are so fucking perfect! Uuuhh!” Britney was forced to watch as the cock slid between her breasts, almost poking her chin with every push, she tried to break free but she couldn’t. He started picking up his pace, fucking her tits like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh, fuck Britney! You’re so fucking beautiful! Taste it, taste it for daddy… please?” He tried to ask her nicely, now that he had thought he had broke the ice, but no. “You’re going to taste it! And you’re going to like it!” He forced the shaft into Britney’s warm and wet mouth, feeling her cheeks pushing against his cock. “Fuck! Fuck yeah! That’s it Britney! Suck that cock!” She wasn’t sucking, she just felt the guy moving the cock slowly inside her mouth, the tip was poking her tonsils and the shaft was almost ripping her jaw apart, his hands were fondling her hair, which felt kind of nice, but it didn’t save her from the guy fucking her mouth. He started gasping and he started ramming Britney’s head hard against the desk, forcing the cock into her throat, it felt like he was ready to cum. “Oh, shit! Keep this up and I’ll cum any second! Oh… God!” Suddenly he pulled away from her and started jerking his cock in front of her pretty face. He lifted her up on the desk and ripped her thong off, setting his dick against her pussylips. He grabbed her face and looked at it with a strange look in her eyes. As the tip invaded Britney’s innocence, the miner groaned of pleasure. “Ohh… you remind me so much of my daughter…” That was too much for her, she tried to break free with any mean necessary, she tried beating him but she was too weak, she bit him but he just moaned more and more, she tried to scream but there was no one there to help her.

“She did exactly what you did… screaming and kicking, but in the end she liked it… just like you will my little girl…” He pushed himself fully into her sweet cunt, lubricated by her saliva, at first she felt she was being ripped apart, the pain was unimaginable, but as he pulled out and pushed in, she felt like never before. The extreme pleasure of an oversized cock inside her, rubbing every part of her pussy with every thrust. As she felt her orgasm closing in, she decided to give this guy a ride for his money. “… Daddy… I’m coming…”

The miner looked at him with pleasure on his face as Britney played into his little game, the satisfaction was more than enough, he could die a happy man right there. “It feels so good, daddy… I’ve never felt this way before… please don’t stop.” She grinned as her orgasm filled her body with a wave of pleasure, lubricating her pussy pounded by the miner even more. “My little girl is now a woman… God, I’m so proud… It feels so good…” The miner pushed himself deeper and deeper, almost tears running down his cheeks.

“Daddy, that was fun, it felt so good… I feel so naughty, do it again?” She looked at him with her innocent puppy dog-eyes and the miner got more into it. “Do you know what we do to naughty girls, Britney?” Britney looked scared, feeling the hard dick pounding inside her, making her ready for seconds. “No, please! Don’t spank me! I’ll be a good girl, please!”

“Sorry, honey…” The miner pulled her body just enough on the edge to reveal her perfect ass and her sweaty buttocks, he raised his hand and started slapping her butt. “Ouch! Daddy, it hurts! Make it stop, please!”

*SMACK* “My bottom hurts! Please stop!”

*SMACK* “My little butt is on fire, daddy!”

*SMACK* “Daddy! I’m coming again!”

Britney’s ass was completely red from the spanking she just had and her cunt spurted out a powerful orgasm, wetting the miner’s balls completely. Even the miner shivered as he felt Britney’s juices on him, making him push into her with force and making her squeal with pleasure. He could feel that he was close, not for long anymore, she would fill Britney up, right to the tip…

“I want your sperm inside me, daddy… please cum inside my soft and hot cunt, please?” The miner took a strong hold of Britney’s butt and banged her hard against the desk, feeling the sperm inside him exiting his dick and shooting straight into Britney’s innocence.

They collapsed on the desk, both worn out and satisfied beyond their wildest dreams. Britney got her money, unfortunately not enough for her to quit, but still some and the miner left like nothing happened.

As Leelee woke up the next day, she walked straight to the window. Opening it she felt something she hadn’t felt in a long time… a breeze. “Michelle… you awake?”

Michelle crawled out of her bed and walked to Leelee, who was standing in front of the open window. “Not sure, kind of… wait a sec.”

There was a large crowd in the middle of the street near the inn, some guy was preaching them about something and obviously scaring them. “What’s that loony saying?” Wondered Michelle. “Let’s find out…”

“The day of judgement is coming! The people have been worshipping the wrong god as far as anyone can remember! The water god has stopped blessing us with water!” As the old priest let out those words, some old women fainted and children started crying. “But there is still hope, young ones! People have spotted a new temple above the temple of water, only ones able to enter are those who find the stairs to this heaven! Find the steps and be saved!” The crowd scattered, almost in panic. Leelee and Michelle had listened to the whole show, were they running out of water and receiving air instead? They headed for the tavern they had been last night, it was almost empty, just the bartender packing some things on the counter. “Hey! Is it true that we’re out of water?” Asked Michelle.

“Not yet, but we soon will be! I’m heading toward the new temple, maybe the god of air will be more merciful after all.”

He threw some bottles of water into his bag and rushed outside, followed by the actresses. They followed him to the old stables at the outskirts of the town, only a few horses were left and they weren’t looking that good.

“I was wondering when you’d show up. You with those nuts that went looking for some invisible stairs, aye?” Grinned the old horse trainer.

“Stop with the bullshit and give me the strongest one you’ve got! I’m gonna be the first one to find those stairs and I’ll be the hero of this whole damn island.”

The old man cackled amusedly, but gave the bartender the best horse he had. Before going his way, Michelle and Leelee stopped him. “You really believe there are some stairs leading to the temple of air?”

“… A few years back, I wouldn’t have believed it, but here and now…”

He rode off toward the mountain, where the dark clouds were covering the temple of water. Above the clouds they saw an identical temple, just a lot higher, floating in the air. As far as weird things go, every weird thing seemed to make sense down there, if there were any cows there they would probably be able to fly.

“Wow, this is like a bad movie or something… as the old god perished a new one appeared. This goes way over my head…” Thought Leelee.

“I guess we should just believe what we see, that way we won’t go as nuts we’d go by denying this whole catastrophe… the question is, what are we gonna do?”

“… Head back to town, return to Ferumi, maybe? It’s gonna be a circus if we take the straightest road along the mountain, it’ll be full of freaks.”

“Well, we have to do something. I’m still up for finding Lady LaDermot and there’s really nothing else for us to do, if she stops writing the show we’ll be out of jobs, so come on!” Michelle started walking toward north, which was unclear for Leelee, since they were headed to the eastern parts.

“You still remember where we’re going?”

“Don’t worry, I have a perfect plan! Come on, step on it!”

After catching up with Michelle, Leelee was told the scheme how to avoid any unnecessary encounters with the worshippers of air and minimizing hiking in the mountains. It was clear that the shortest route would have been to head north-east from Calculus, but the circumstances had changed and they would probably take double the time by climbing the mountains than circling around them through the northern parts and traveling the green fields. Most of the towns in east were accessible through the fields and it was much nicer to walk a steady plain than the rough rock with bad climate.

Going through the western parts were the biggest problem, since they were full of bandits, con men, just scum, it was lucky to get out of the area without getting mugged or violated in some other way, but there wasn’t much choice, either that or the mountains… maybe it was a bad decision.

“… Michelle, I think someone’s following us…”

Michelle turned around to look, but she didn’t see anything but the desert and a side of the mountain. “I don’t see anything, are you sure?” She kept glaring behind them but didn’t notice anything.

“I don’t think they want to show themselves while you’re looking at their direction, don’t you think?”

“Oh, come on, would they be that smart? Since when did thieves get smart?”

“They might not be thieves…” Leelee frowned and carefully looked over her shoulder.

“OK, now you’re giving me the creeps. Maybe we should shake them now before something happens… but if we speed up they’ll know that we noticed them and they’ll jump us…”

“Would you stop that? It’s not enough that we have to waste time traveling through an empty desert followed by some outlaws, but you’re starting to suggest that they’re the worst kind…”

“Relax, there should be a town a couple of miles ahead, we’ll be fine. Besides, after we get out of this desert you’re gonna enjoy walking, soft grass, fresh air, maybe a creek…”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about the water anymore… how could the water just stop?”

“… I just thought of something, were below ground, right? So basically we’re under the ground water and everything… in theory we could get out of here.”

“Yeah, we just build a big shuttle and blow a hole into Earth, what would happen to this place, not to mention out there?”

“… Just a thought, a screwed up thought, but still a thought.”

Their tailer didn’t seem to be that interested in them, he just kept following them until they reached the gates of Unda, after that he disappeared. This was good for Leelee and Michelle but they still wondered who’d be so interested in them, if not a thief? The city town of Unda was nothing like Calculus, it was more a village than a town, filled with miners and freeloaders, so far it had survived with water flowing down from the mountain the place was built onto, but now…

“Great, more miners. I wonder if there’s a place besides Ferumi that doesn’t have sweaty men walking around like they didn’t smell?” Wondered Michelle, looking around for any guys who weren’t covered with muscles covered with soot and sweat.

“I’d sure like to find out, I’m starting to think about my retirement days and so far that would be first place on my list.” Leelee felt dirty just by looking at them, wiping her face with a piece of cloth.

“Don’t think about retirement yet, once we get those statues into the palace there’ll be more work for us than up there. Maybe in the theater or MT, I don’t know… what do you think?”

“I think we should find LaDermot first before we start planning things like that, Michelle… so far we haven’t had a trace of her ever being out of the eastern parts and if we have to climb those mountains… I’m not sure I can.”

“Come on, you’ve made it this far, the rest should be piece of cake… here, this looks like an inn.”

They stepped into the building and came to a room with a few tables, and in them, surprise-surprise, miners. The stench of dirt wasn’t very appealing, the girls walked to the counter, hoping that the rooms upstairs wouldn’t smell as bad as downstairs.

“Yes? A room, you want, no? Three rooms empty, you take one or two?” The clerk asked them with an odd dialect.

“Umm… two rooms, please.” They were pretty certain that every room had only one bed, two of these miners in a very small room would knock out even a miner.

“Yes, here we pay first.”

As Leelee dug up the last coins from her pocket they realized that they were completely broke and only able to pay for one night. The only option was to get work, beggars would just be thrown out of town and they wouldn’t go far with a few coins.

“Excuse me, would you happen to know if there are any available jobs in Unda? My friend and I are in desperate need of money.”

The clerk thought for a second and a smile rose upon his face. “Yes, we have job available, always job available here!”

“Great, what’s the job?”

“It is job dependant on customers, customer give money and you do what customer tell you to do, sound good, yes?”

Well, they had it coming. Sooner or later if you happened to be female you’d be offered the same job, not that many women took it, but still it was worth a try to ask. Michelle and Leelee weren’t interested in that job, they were actresses in a soap, not professionals in entertaining miners privately. So they said no, went up to their rooms and took a look at their equipment, finding out that they were short on everything. Presenting a part of The Young And The Reckless wouldn’t do much good here, all these miners did was work and work, on top of that they probably wouldn’t even pay, they’d just watch. So what now?

The next morning, Leelee woke up as the miners grumbled on their way to work. She got up and put her clothes on, taking a look outside the window. All the miners were headed to the eastern mine, where they were looking for the source of the water. Now that water seemed to be used up, they had no other choice but to dig faster and harder, someday they would find the source.

“Michelle? You up yet?” Leelee knocked on her door, but she didn’t answer. Either she was asleep or she had left looking for a job… what could it help to take a peek? She walked into the room and noticed that the bed was completely untouched. Also, there was a burned out candle on the desk with a piece of paper that seemed to be a letter. She picked it up and read it:

To Master Bosco of Ferumi, Non-Solis Palace

So far we have made it as far as Unda, the miner town in the

western lands. We regret to inform you that our trip has been

delayed by shortage of money and we have been forced to

travel through the western and northern parts to reach the town

Lady LaDermot resides in. Now that the isle has supposedly

run out of water, we have no idea how to make it as far as the

eastern parts, I must ask you a favor, Master Bosco. In Ferumi,

you’ll find a fam

The letter stopped there and the ink was a bit stained in the end. She must have left in a hurry then, no wonder the bed was so clean too, she must’ve got a job or something… “God I hope she didn’t take the job from the clerk…”

Leelee rushed downstairs into the empty room with only the clerk, looking bored and patting the counter with a pen. “Excuse me, when did my friends leave her room?”

“Ah! You awake, yes? Your friend, eh? Hmm…” The clerk sure took his time thinking.

“Long brown hair, REALLY young, brown jacket, ring any bells?”

“Ach! Only bell ringing here is the dinner bell, little girl… let’s see now… No, she didn’t leave her room yet, not through here anyway. Maybe she jump out of window, eh?”

Leelee yelled in frustration at the clerk and headed outside. The clerk just shrugged and kept patting the counter. “Foreigners, miners, men with masks, whatever, eh?”

Leelee asked almost everyone she ran into outside, but without result. It was possible that she had been taken last night, so not many would even remember if she had been walking the streets. Usually people don’t miss a girl that age walking by herself on the street, especially in these parts… unless she wasn’t by herself, that is. Leelee had a terrible thought, who had their tailer been? Maybe he was a kidnapper or something, and now Michelle was gone, could it be? But why would anyone around HERE kidnap Michelle? Well, maybe these miners watched the show after all…

Leelee noticed she had walked into a dead end and was about to turn back, as she felt the same feeling she had felt in the desert. As she turned around she saw a shadowy character standing at the mouth of the alley, looking at her with black lifeless eyes. Leelee started backing up against the wall and fumbled for something from the trash to defend herself with. “Stay back, I mean it!” She yelled at the man who wasn’t moving. Finally she got hold of a wooden bat.

“… Where’s the other girl?” The coarse voice of the man asked her. Leelee was a bit confused at first, but was convinced that it was a trick. “Did you really think I would fall for that one? If you won’t leave me alone and tell me where Michelle is, I’m going to have to hurt you!” As she said those words the man waved his hand with a black glove and the bat of wood flew from Leelee’s hand to his. He dropped the bat and started approaching the girl. “I’ll ask you again… where is Sylvia?”

Leelee realized that he was talking about their roles, do these weirdoes live here too? “Her name isn’t Sylvia, her name is Michelle! And stay back!”

He kept closing in on her, his black cape swaying a bit with every step. “I must speak with Sylvia, Laurel… now.”

From what Leelee could tell, the guy was a seriously demented warlock, all she needed to do was play into it and she’d go free. “… Sylvia was kidnapped.” The man’s eyes widened and his breathing got intense. “By whom?”

“I don’t know… we were at the inn, I fell asleep and when I woke up, Sylvia was gone.”

Looks like the plan worked, the warlock turned around and walked out of the alley. Leelee let out a sigh of relief and walked out too, but only to be grabbed by the man into a dark corner. “Don’t scream, I know how to get Sylvia back… do you want her back?” Leelee just nodded, scared to death by the dark character holding her. He let go of her and dug up something from his pocket. It looked like a crystal of some sort, but only with different color glow. “This is a crystal of seeing, with this you can see where Sylvia is, but I myself cannot use it… here.” He handed it to Leelee.

“… What do I do?” She held the crystal with both hands, it seemed very fragile and easily breakable. “Just think of her and you’ll see her…”

Suddenly an image of Michelle appeared on the crystal. It was dark and damp and a sound of metal bashed against a rock, it was obvious that she was in a mine, but where in the mine? Michelle looked quite peaceful and bored, it looked like she was OK. The image disappeared and the glow from the crystal vanished. The warlock grabbed it from Leelee’s hands and put it back into his pocket. “We must search the mines, Laurel. It’s the only way to find her.” He rushed toward the entrance to the mines, followed by Leelee who still hadn’t completely figured out what was going on. At the entrance, the warlock stopped to wait for the actress who was already worn out by the run. “You look tired, are you sure you want to come with me?”

“Yes, I’m sure… just give me a breather…”

The man sat down on the ground as Leelee huffed and puffed. It occurred to her that she should probably ask him about who he was and was he the one following them, maybe this was a trap after all and she was playing right into it.

“So… you were the one who tailed us?”

The warlock nodded, looking into the dark mine where the tired miners worked. “What’s your name?” Asked Leelee, now ready to continue. “They call me Cain, the son of the great warlock Master Sagitar.”

“… Cain, Sagittarius…” Leelee started putting the pieces together, only confusing himself and the warlock. “What is Sagittarius?”

“Sagittarius? It’s a combination of stars in the… you know, forget it, let’s just go. And by the way, my name isn’t Laurel, it’s Leelee.”

Cain was like he had never heard it, but it wasn’t that important anyway, once she got Michelle out of the mine, they’d never see him again. The miners didn’t notice as they walked by them deeper into the cavern, looking for water was pretty utopistic, since they all believed that the water god was the one supplying them with water. But they worked hard, if not for water, but because they had nothing else to do, unless you were a reject that did nothing all day long. The mines seemed endless, it was like every tunnel ended up in a dead end, after checking every tunnel that was in use, they started losing hope.

“How are we supposed to find her if she isn’t here?” Whined Leelee.

“Calm down, Laurel. We still haven’t checked the closed tunnel down there.” As he pointed at the mine that had been closed for a while, Leelee banged her head against the wall just about ready to rip the warlocks head off. “Why didn’t you tell me that there was a closed tunnel in here? Of course they’re in there, you idiot! That’s why anyone hasn’t seen them around here, come on!” Leelee dashed into the tunnel, followed by Cain. But there was a reason why the tunnel was closed, and Leelee discovered it pretty quick. “… You OK, Laurel?” Asked Cain, looking down on her, hanging by a block of stone just about ready to drop into the bottomless abyss. “Will you please get me up from here!” Cain picked her up and they noticed that it was about 10 feet wide, and the only way to continue through.

“You wouldn’t happen to know how to fly, would you?”

“Laurel, I am not capable of such thing and not most of the warlocks I know.”

“I know, I was being sarcastic… I suppose we could jump across?”

Leelee backed up and leaped over the pit, leaving the warlock amazed. “I’m impressed, now how will I get over it?” Leelee looked around, the walls were pretty smooth and there wasn’t much to hold on to in the ceiling. “Jump, Cain! Just jump.” The warlock looked at the actress for a second, if she could do it, why couldn’t he? He backed up, ran like hell and jumped across the gap, knocking down Leelee in the process and landing on her. “… You OK?” Asked the girl, the warlock just nodded. “Okay then, get off me.”

“… Oh, excuse me…” Cain got up, and wiped the dirt off his cloak. “Fine, I wonder how they could even do a hole like that?” Leelee took a look at the gap, not seeing the bottom. Cain walked to the edge and kicked a rock down. They waited for a while to hear it hit the bottom, but it didn’t. “Wow, I guess it really is bottomless, huh?” They were about to walk off as they heard a sound from the abyss. Leelee stopped but Cain kept going. “Hey, wait a minute…” Leelee kneeled down at the edge and threw some rocks down. She listened carefully and as the rocks finally hit the bottom, she realized that the bottom wasn’t rock, it was water. “What do you think you’re doing?” Wondered Cain as Leelee got up from the ground.

“Water, Cain. It’s water.” Smiled Leelee, advancing deeper into the cave. Cain took one more look into the gap, but thought that the girl had gone nuts. After a few minutes of walking they heard voices from the depths of the mine, it seemed like a man. Leelee and Cain stopped to hear what he was saying, but they were too far away to hear it, so they moved closer. They came to a mouth of a huge cavern which was well illuminated, for a mine that is. Inside they saw Michelle sitting in a table, eating. At the other side of the table they saw a man in a red cape, enthusiastically talking about something to Michelle. Near the table they saw 4 men, also in red capes, wearing silver masks.

“Who are those guys?” Wondered Leelee.

“That’s Julio, a local lord of thievery… what could she possibly want from Sylvia?”

In the table, a rather unilateral conversation was in progress, Michelle was too hungry to really care what the man had to say, so she kept playing along.

“I loved your outfit in the 7th episode, the one with the dance at the ballroom of Ilia, it was beautiful! But Michelle, may I call you Michelle?”

“Mmhh… you can call me anything you want as long as you keep up this service!”

Leelee watched as Michelle kept feeding her face, not really listening to what Julio had to say, it made her mad. Not the fact that she wasn’t listening, but that she was eating, without her. “That’s it, I’m going in…” Cain tried to grab Leelee to prevent from endangering herself but too late.

“Michelle! There you are, I’ve been looking all over for you!” She walked to the table, leaving Julio and his henchmen amazed. “Leelee! How did you… never mind, sit down, have something.” She sat down and poured some water into a mug.

“… Ah! It’s Laurel, I didn’t recognize you at first, please help yourself… but how did you get here?”

“Oh… I jumped over the gap, listen Michelle, if you ever leave like that without leaving me a note, especially to eat like a queen, I’m gonna strangle you, got it?”

“Come on, I didn’t come here of my own free will… at the time. These guys just grabbed me and dragged me in here where I slept and after that, Julio here has offered me everything I’ve asked for.”

“Excuse me, but how did you know we were here? This mine is closed.” Wondered Julio.

“Oh, a word of warning to you, ‘Mine Closed’ is practically saying ‘This Way’, and you won’t believe who our tailer in the desert was.”

“You found the tailer? Who is it?”

“Actually he kind of found me… Cain! Get over here!”

The man carefully peeked into the cavern from behind the corner and stepped in. “Michelle, this is Cain the warlock.” Leelee introduced them, but Cain didn’t seem so happy.

“This wasn’t the way this was supposed to happen but… I have a message to you.” Informed the warlock, pulling a paper out of his pocket.

Michelle looked worried and everyone listened in. “I was supposed to give this message personally to you and only to you, but it looks like I have no choice, so…”

From Master Bosco of Ferumi:

I have heard of the commotion near the wall separating

the southern and eastern parts, I only hope that this reaches

you in time so you won’t try to enter the eastern parts

directly from the south. At this point I cannot demand you

to continue your journey for it has become a much longer

than expected. However, if you still feel up to it, you could

try circling around the mountains through the western and

northern parts by foot, I know it sounds tough, but if you

would try, I would be more than grateful. I have arranged

a guide for you who will lead you through the northern

parts, but until then, you are on your own.

And one more thing, I just received the script of the finale

of The Young And The Reckless, but I won’t start the play

without you girls, so don’t worry about time.

Sincerely yours, Master Bosco.

Silence took over the cavern for a few minutes, only the crumbling of the paper made a few sounds as Cain put it back into his pocket.

“… Shit, am I glad we took the long road, or what?” Michelle pointed out.

“What kind of commotion?” Asked Leelee.

“The kind of commotion.. how do you say… war.” Nodded Cain.

Julio started laughing hysterically, after all he was a thief and a war between southern and eastern parts was just too funny. “I can’t believe it! They actually went to war because of a few drops of water! Oh, lord, I’m gonna faint!” He fell on the ground almost killing himself in laughter, the others on the other hand didn’t understand what he was laughing about. “What so funny about a war, Julio? What do you get out of it?” Pressed Michelle.

“Not the war, my dear. But the reason… the south and the east have been fighting for years about the lost water, you see the water from the temple flows through the mountains in the eastern parts for both east and south, the south has been blaming the east for drinking from their creek! It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?”

“So, there’s no stop to war here either…” Thought Michelle.

“There’s another catch why I’m laughing, you see… it involves you two girls and your little trip.”

Michelle and Leelee were all ears now, suddenly his speech had become interesting. “You can’t get to the eastern parts, period! You see, the west has been fighting with north as long as anyone can remember, they don’t let anyone through the northern gate anymore, and that includes southern people too.”

Leelee collapsed on the table, but not nearly as shocked as Michelle. Cain was feeling bad to give such dreadful news, and Julio… he was just grinning, his kind would never understand something like this.

“So, this means you’ll be spending more time with me then, no?” Grinned Julio.

“… No… we’ll make it to the northern wall, we’ll get through and we’ll contact Bosco’s guide. But for now, we’ll get out of this cave…” They got up from the table and with Cain as their escort, headed toward the exit. Suddenly the henchmen jumped in front of it, stopping them from leaving.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that…” Said Julio, getting up from his table.

He walked up to them, waving a dagger in his hand. “You see, I’m a thief, you all know that… and this is my lair. And you’ve all seen it.”

Michelle felt the hostility lurking up to them, getting ready to strike. “I am a huge fan of yours, Michelle, but I just can’t bare to let you go and risk losing my hideout in the process… so if you’d just stay without any… commotion?” He smiled evilly as he said those words, the words that were seriously pissing Michelle off. If she had a knife she would cut the thief’s throat out, but she didn’t and all she had as help was Leelee and an inexperienced warlock, which wasn’t exactly the best team to fight against a professional thief and his 4 henchmen.

“Please, sit down and finish dinner, later you can perform the latest episode to me, I missed it because of some problems at work.”

They had no other choice, either be sliced up by the thieves or eat and try to figure out a way to escape. They quietly sat down and started eating, it wasn’t every day they could eat this good anyway, in fact only thieves ate like this.

“Figure out something yet?” Whispered Leelee.

“Me? I can’t do anything, I can’t just wave my hand and make them disappear, that’s a whole different book!” Replied Cain.

“A different book? Get real, there’s only one book of warlocks and at your age you should be half-way through it by now.”

“OK, I slacked a few lessons, so what? I only got to page 52.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad…” Thought Michelle.

“Michelle, the book of warlocks has 4065 pages.”

“Oh… you suck.”

“What are you whispering about there? You’re not thinking of escaping before you can entertain me, are you?” Grinned the thief.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, Julio.” Laughed Michelle, lowering her voice afterwards… “I’m seriously thinking he’s related to the innkeeper, we need to get out of here, now.”

“Come on, Cain! Show us what you’ve got.”

“I’m not a warlock I’m just an apprentice, I can move stuff around, make people hear things and after today, I can also jump over gaps, which is not very warlocky.”

“… Hear things, huh?”

After dinner was done and nothing but leftovers were on the table, Julio got up from the table and stretched a bit. “Man, I’m full! Now would be the perfect time for the latest episode, everybody agree?”

The henchmen nodded away but Michelle, Leelee and Cain just sat in the table, like waiting for something. Julio walked up to them looking suspicious. “What are you kids up to? I want to see some high quality entertainment, NOW!”

The three got up from the table slowly and suddenly they heard a sound from the tunnel. Everyone was quiet until Julio gave the order to the henchmen. “Go check it, all of you! I don’t want any interruptions when I’m watching my soaps.”

The henchmen left the cavern, leaving Julio right where the three wanted him. “You know, Julio… now that those gorillas are gone, maybe we should get you some REAL entertainment, don’t you think?” Smiled Leelee, forcing the thief to sit on the chair and sitting in his lap. “W-w-what? I thought you weren’t like that…” He stuttered, nervously putting his hands on the girl. “You’d be surprised, it’s really hard to be an actress in a small world like this…” Michelle wrapped her arms around him and pressed her lips against his neck. At this point, they had gotten the dagger off him and Cain was ready with the plan. “You know, I’ve always had this fantasy…” Leelee whispered into Julio’s ear. “Oh, tell me all about it…”

In a few minutes the henchmen rushed back into the cavern, looking worn out. “Sir, we didn’t find anything… sir?” They saw their boss on the floor, wearing a dress from the show, Michelle’s ballroom dress from episode 7, his head wrapped with a scarf, making his cries of help seem like mumbling. As the henchmen tried to free their boss from the outfit, Michelle, Leelee and Cain were deep in the tunnel, approaching the gap.

“Are you sure you can make this jump, Michelle?”

“Don’t know, we had a plank and I was carried the first time I went through here, but I guess we’ll find out!” They didn’t stop but just jumped over the gap like it was nothing. They stopped as they heard the thieves behind them, closing in on the gap.

“There they are, boys! Charge!”

Julio slammed the plank on the gap and the henchmen started crossing, not knowing what was coming. Cain concentrated for a second and the plank slipped away, falling into the abyss along with the henchmen. Their cries of terror were heard for a long time, until they splashed into the water at the bottom of the gulf. Julio looked at the warlock with fear and hatred in his eyes, he wouldn’t make it past the gap with all the stuff he had on, his jewelry, the steel-reinforced cape and his…

“My dagger! Where’s my dagger you barbarians?!” He cried out in fear, seeing Michelle waving it in her hand mockingly.

“Please return my dagger! Please! I’ll give you anything, just give my dagger back! I can’t live without it!”

Michelle walked at the edge of the gap and held up the dagger, ready to drop it. “You want it? Get it…” She was just about to drop it as Cain stopped her. “Don’t… it looks like he’ll jump after it for sure, that would be too easy for him.”

Michelle looked at the weeping thief at the other side and decided that he was too pathetic to die now, so she put the dagger onto her belt. “See ya, Julio!” They left the crying master of thieves into the tunnel, only to be found by the angry miners that he had stolen from. Yeah, there were worse things than death, at least Julio knew it now.

The next night in the inn, Michelle and Leelee sleeping in the same room this time, Cain in another one, a new plan had to be pondered, to go back or figure out a different way to access eastern lands.

“So, thanks to your little kidnapping, we earned 3 full stomachs, a bag of coins and a ruby-decorated dagger… you should be kidnapped more often.” Smiled Leelee.

“Well, not as often the kidnappers happen to be thieves, but wealthy thieves…” She kept playing with the dagger.

“Wow, that dagger must be something, that guy was ready to dive after it into the gap… maybe you should name it?”

“Yeah… why not?”

“Actually that was a joke… can we talk about the plan tomorrow? I’m kind of tired after all that food…”

“You don’t mind sharing a bed?”

“No, I’m fine. Besides, it’s much better to wake up next to you than with you gone.”

They both laid down on the bed, covering themselves with a blanket. “By the way, what are we going to do with Harry Potter here?”

“Dunno… he’s kinda cute.” Smiled Leelee.

“Not the best place to be falling for someone, but yeah, why not…”


“Nothing… I think I’m going to name the dagger after all… I’ll just call it Dawn.”

“Dawn? Isn’t that a little egocentric?”

“Yeah, but that’s how Julio was too so… good night Dawn.”

Michelle set the dagger on the desk and they all fell asleep. It wasn’t really about Julio or about Cain, but maybe it was time to start getting used to a life down here, and accept the fact that they weren’t getting back up there… maybe ever again.

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