Benefits: Chapter 9 – New York Groove

Benefits Ch. 9

New York Groove

By Mr. Fantastic

All events portrayed in the following are completely fictitious. Not a bit actually happened folks.

I awoke to the tone of “Shout It Out Loud” coming from my cell phone. I groggily reached for it.

“Hello?” I asked into the receiver.

“Jake?” said a female voice.

“This is he.”

“Jake, it’s Mila.”

“WHAT? What the fuck are you doing calling me? I thought it was made fairly clear how I feel about you!”

“Jake, please don’t hang up! I’m sorry
okay? I was stupid, and let jealousy and everything get a hold of m-*click*” I hung up and turned off my phone. What the fuck was she thinking, expecting me to even speak to her after what happened? Right as I was having these thoughts run through my head, a knock was at my door.

“Yo man, what’s with the Banshee impression?” asked Kyle as he peeked through the door. “Some of us would like that precious gift called sleep.”

“Nothing,” I replied. “Just someone calling me when they shouldn’t, that’s all. I’m gonna go for a walk, get some coffee, eliminate all the steam built up.”

“Whatever man. Just no more hulking out.”


I decided to walk down to a book store that I knew had a coffee shop on the inside. It opened up surprisingly early, so I knew I had a shot of going in and having some good reading to go with my coffee and donut.

I walked in and headed for the mystery section, hoping to find something to pique my interest. Mysteries were not usually my style, but on occasion I would stumble across something that would hold my attention. And judging from my perusing, today would not be that occasion. I headed over to the adventure section, and managed to come across something that piqued my interest, a collection of the earliest Conan stories by the creator, Robert E. Howard. I decided to pick that up.

I was skimming over some of the stories on my way to the register when I bumped into someone, accidentally knocking the person over. When I looked, it turned out I had knocked over a stunning brunette, which only made me help her faster. I’m only human after all.

“Oh shit, I’m SO sorry,” I said, helping her pick up her things. She had a few books on her as well. “I didn’t see, you, I should have been paying attention. Did I mention the sorry part?”

“No worries,” the woman said as I helped her. “I didn’t see you either.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t knock me on the floor.”

“True enough,” she said with a smile. “But still, don’t feel bad. No one was hurt.”

“Yeah, but still, I feel like a bit of a tool. Any way I can make it up to you? Buy you a cup of coffee or something?”

“Ah, so it wasn’t an accident, this was planned all along”, the woman said with a sly smile.

“No..I mean..arggghhh…listen, could I just get you a cup of coffee, it would make me feel better about knocking an innocent woman on her ass.”

“Fine, fine, anything to ease your tortured soul Mr……?”

“Parker, Jake Parker. And you are?”


Once everything had been picked up, Morena followed me over to the mini-coffee shop within the store. For some reason, this lady looked very familiar to me, but I couldn’t quite place her face. No big deal I suppose. This was a pretty woman, and I was a single guy, the equation wrote itself. Anything else would most likely be just an annoying variable.

Once we had ordered our coffees and such, we sat together at a table near the front window of the store. This was really the first time I got to soak in everything but her marvelous face, which I had already gotten several spectacular views of. She was wearing some very sexy jeans, a plain white t-shirt and a black jacket. In my opinion, very nice.

“So, Morena, you from good ol’ New York originally?” I asked, taking a bite from my donut.

“Well, I was born in Brazil, but for the most part, I’m completely a New York girl,” she replied. “What about yourself?”

“California guy right here,” I replied. “But I swear, I’m not a hippie. I bathe and am pot free.”

“Wow, you bathe! I feel lucky. If you can also read, well then, I think I hit a home run.”

“Wow, a sarcastic New Yorker, who’d have thunk it?”

“Oh, what was that? You don’t want me sitting with you?” she asked with a smirk.

“Please, forgive my accidental blurting of the truth,” I replied. “So, what do you do for living?”

“Well, I’m an actress.”

“Really? Have you been in anything I would have seen?”

“Well, I’ve mainly done plays, but a few small parts in movies have also come my way. Also had a big part in a TV show a few years ago.”

“Really? Was it something I would have seen?”

“Maybe, the show was called ‘Firefly’.”

“Wait a second… played Inara, didn’t you?”

“Give the boy a cigar! Wow, I can’t believe you remember that show. Not that many people saw it.”

“Well, most people think that ‘Patch Adams’ is a triumph of the human will. Besides, I’m a huge fan of anything Joss Whedon touches, Alien Resurrection excluded.”

“Wow, I’m sitting with a fan. Should I be calm, or running scared?”

“Hey, no need to fear, I’m cool. I won’t be no harm ma’am, nu-uh,” I said in my best Little Rascal-esque voice.

“Eh, I trust ya. Aside from that whole, traumatic event with the me falling down, you seem like an okay guy.”

“Thank you. Okay enough to see me again though?”

“Perhaps,” she said with a smile. I saw her reach into her purse to take out a pen, and then she scribbled something on a napkin. When she was done with her scribbling, she pushed the napkin over to me. “That’s my number. You ever want to get together or something, just call me up. Lot easier and more convenient then knocking me on my ass.”

“You got it,” I replied, folding the napkin up and placing it in my wallet. “You want another cup?”

“No, one jolt of caffeine is all I need in the morning, but thanks.” She got up from her seat and begena to walk away, then stopped for a second to tun her head towards me. “Don’t forget to call Mr. Parker.”

“Oh, trust me, I won’t.”


As I walked through the door of the apartment, I must have had a big ol’ shit-eating grin on my face, because I was immediately called on my recently out-of-character good mood.

“Whoa whoa whoa,” Kyle said, pulling his head away from the TV. “Who’s this odd man? Could it be? No, that’s impossible. That sad sack of crap isn’t capable of smiling.”

“Shut up dingleberry,” I said, tossing a strewn about pillow at his head. “Can’t a dude be in a good mood?”

“Usually, I’d say yes, but your ass has been nothing but power ballads and Friday Nights alone lately, ‘cept for those rare occasions where me or Josie can get you goin’ to do somethin’.”

“Hey, I have plenty of fun and adventure.”

“Dude, sitting at home watching Bruce Campbell fight the hordes of darkness doesn’t really count as adventure, so the question stands, what’s with the grin Mr. J?”

“Well, if you must know, I met a knockout brunette this morning at the book store, and got her number.”

“Oooh, wow. That’s amazing. No really, it is. See, this is me amazed.”

“Well, you may be more floored if you knew who the number belonged to.”

“Sure, sure, I’ll bite. Who’s number is it?”

I looked through the DVD case for my Firefly box set. I threw it at him and said, “That brunette.”

“He scanned the box cover for a bit before it hit him. “Bullshit. Bullshit. And three times I say it, bullshit.”

“I say thee nay to thine cries of bullshit,” I replied.

“Yeah yeah, blow it out yer ass Thor. I still say bullshit.”

“Alas, poor Kyle, thou hast little faith in thine own cousin.”

“Dude, cut it with the Asgard talk.”

“Sorry, got carried away there. But anyhow, let’s place a little bet on it. If I call this number, and Ms. Morena Baccarin shows up at the bar this Friday, you let me go early and cover the entire bar on your own.”

“And if she doesn’t show up?”

“Then you leave early and I cover things. Probably better that way for the customers. They won’t have to dodge Jack Daniels bottles.”

“Two things. One: Fuck you, and Two: You’re on.” We shook hands and the bet was on. I felt a bit odd on betting on something as trivial as this, but if it meant I got out of work to go out with a beautiful woman, I wasn’t going to complain.


I was in my room, strumming around on my acoustic guitar, when my cell rang. I picked it up.

“Yo, this is Jake,” I said into the phone.

“Jake-O, how’s it goin’ there buddy?” a familiar voice replied.

“Laura?” I asked. “Laura, that you?”

“No, it’s the other blazing hot red head you know. Of course it’s me.”

“How’ve you been? Besides the whole “dying your hair the unholy shade” thing.”

“Oh shut the fuck up. Like I don’t get that enough from my other friends. It’s for a movie role.”

“Sure sure Red, whatever you say. Betrayer.”

“Oh shut up! Stop with the hair, lest I will not drop by New York to see you.”

“You’re coming here?”

“Yeah, why not? Figured you could use a friendly familiar face. You know, to remind you that Cali isn’t ALL bad memories.”

“I know that Red. But you coming to visit won’t get me back there any sooner. I still have to get… know…her…out of my system.”

“Jesus, I swear, I’ve never heard of two people being so fucking whiny over a damn break-up. I know you two loved each other, but damn, all I hear is ‘why oh why? Woe is me!’ in stereo. A friendly ear can only take so much.”

“What do you mean by ‘in stereo’?” I asked, standing up from my sitting position on the bed.

“Put two and two together Professor X,” she replied. “Did you really think the break was all together that clean for her? About two days after you left, she was looking all over for you. She wanted to talk and work things out. She found me and I let her in on where you were and why. She’s really not all together sure she made the right choice, and my guess is she’s hurting like you are now.”

I was dumbfounded. I actually fell backwards onto my bed at hearing this. I thought she was sure of the choice. Now, knowing she felt like I did, she wanted to talk…I had to see her.

“Jake,” Laura said. “Jake, you still there?”

“Wha?” I replied, gathering my thoughts. “Yeah, still here Red. So, you’re saying, she really wants to talk to me? Try to work it out?”

“Well yeah, but if you’re thinking of doing it now, you may want to wait a bit. She’s in Australia filming a movie.”

“Well, the fact that she wants to talk is good enough for me. And the fact that a close bud of mine is coming up to visit just adds a bit more juice to my day.”

“Glad to hear I could bring a smile to that face of yours, even if it was in a non-carnal way. I’ll see you in a week then. Just meet me at the airport. I’ll give you more details later. Gotta go now. Bye.”

“Bye.” This was great. A second chance. She wanted to talk. She doubted the break-up. If things worked out right, I’d be with her again. I’d be with Elisha. Sure, it’d have to wait a few months, but I could wait. For her I could.

No use dwelling on what could be though. If I thought about it too much, I know I’d just end up jinxing myself. I flipped on the TV and started channel surfing. Wouldn’t you know it, I flipped through and found something with the lovely Ms. Cuthbert herself on it. I decided to watch, a stupid grin definitely sliding over my face. She was being interviewed on the set of her movie in Australia. The interviewer asked her the usual, softy questions, per usual with behind the scenes stuff. The camera crew followed her around the set, continuing with the mind-numbingly droll questions, but I stayed glued. It was, after all, the girl I might have a new shot with.

I continued to watch with that stupid grin on my face, until a certain point came up on this behind-the-scenes special. I watched as Elisha put her arms around some member of the crew, and plant a big kiss on his lips. One of the kisses I used to get.

“Well, who’s this Ms. Cuthbert?” the reporter asked. “A new beau?”

“This is Dave,” she replied cheerfully. “He’s a grip on the set. He’s my Crackerjack.”

Well. That’s just fucking great.


“She called him Crackerjack,” I said despondently to Josie. “That’s my fucking name. What the fuck?” We were sitting at a coffee shop. There weren’t too many people there, so my slightly raised voice wasn’t calling too much attention. “Isn’t that like an unwritten rule? ‘Never call another person by a name you reserved for your ex.’? It comes right after ‘Never feed mogwais after midnight’.”

“Jake, come on,” Josie said, taking my hand in hers. “I know this hurts, especially after what your friend told you, but you know what, if she’s gonna pull something like that, then she really doesn’t deserve a second chance.”

“But Josie….”

“NO ‘buts’ Jake. You’re a great guy. Great to talk to, fun to be with, great in the sack. You deserve better from an ex than that. Even if it was a bad break.”

“You know, you’re right. Hurts like all fuck, but you’re right. No need to even think about talking to her if she’s gonna pull something like this.”

“That’s the spirit! Show some testicular fortitude!”

“Thanks for the pep talk coach.”

“Well….how about more than a pep talk?” And with the end of that sentence, I heard her shoe drop to the ground and felt her foot slide it’s way to my crotch. “I have a few ideas.”

“I bet you do,” I replied with a smirk. “Now, just what are these ideas, I wonder?”

“Well, I was thinking something like a nice drive to a nice little amusement park, maybe add a bit more fun to the funhouse, that kind of thing.”

“Sounds like a plan.”


The drive to Coney Island was easily the longest, but most fun, drive I’ve ever had, with Josie teasing me along the way. As soon as we arrived and parked, we rushed to into the amusement park and located the funhouse.

As soon as we walked through the doors, Josie darted ahead of me, laughing as she breezed by. I followed her of course, found she had done some work for me, removing her panties and leaving them for me to find along the way.

When I finally caught up with her, she was in the hall of mirrors. She was leaning with her back against one of the mirrored walls, her skirt lifted with one hand while the other fingered her slit.

“Mmmmm….c’mere Jake,” she said in a sigh. I waked over to her and lowered my face to her to kiss her deeply, feeling a slight nibble on my bottom lip, courtesy of Ms. Maran. I felt her undo my belt and zipper, and I let my pants fall around my ankles as I lifted her up, Josie wrapping her legs around my waist as I lowered her on to my painfully hard cock.

As soon as I was completely inside her, Josie opened her eyes and fixated her stare on me, her wicked half-smile crossing her face as I began to thrust into her. I moved my mouth to her neck and began to lick and nibble, getting yelps and groans from her as we fucked.

“FUCK!” exclaimed Josie. “FUCK YES! That’s it Jake…fuck my tight little pussy…fuck me fucking hard! Fuck me like a fucking whore…FUCK!!!”

“You like that Josie?” I gasped. “You like this fucking cock? You like it fucking you! You like this?” I started to thrust into her with more voracity, my teeth gritted as the obscenities flowed from my mouth. I looked into the mirror we were leaned against and saw multiple reflections of our activity. I don’t know if it means I’m completely egotistical or something, but the sight of the two of us fucking like animals just seemed to spur me on more, make me act more animal like, which got no complaints from Josie.

“God damn it YES! Keep fucking me you fucker! FUCK YES! Don’t fucking stop!!”

“Fucking cum for me Josie. Cum on my hard cock. Fucking cum.” I savagely took her shirt down to expose her pert breasts to me, and eagerly took her right one into my mouth, nibble and sucking on her nipple as my other hand went for her clit, frigging it as we fucked, lost in the moment.

Josie was approaching her crescendo, her voice getting more and more high pitched as I thrusted into her, her crotch grinding into me at random intervals, sending insane feelings through my body. She moved her head forward and began to lick and nibble on my earlobes, her breaths getting shorter and short until finally, I felt her pussy spasm around my cock, and heard a low groan escape from her lips as her orgasm hit her, her warm juices covering my cock. Within a few more thrusts, I let out a loud groan myself as I released my hot cum into her waiting pussy. I lowered Josie down and watched her slide down the mirrored wall, a smile on her face as she wiped sweat from her forehead. I fell back as well, but with a bit more of a start as my butt hit the cold linoleum floor, to which I responded with quickly pulling my pants up.

“Well,” Josie said crawling over to me and planting a deep kiss on my lips. “Hope that took your mind off your troubles.”


“So, what are your plans for tonight?” Josie asked as we walked up the stairs to the apartment.

“Well, not much really,” I replied. “I was thinking of calling this really cute chick I met the other day, but after what’s gone on recently, I don’t know.”

“Oh come on Jake, do we really need to go through this again? And besides, what better way to wipe the taste of heartbreak then not only having some hot, spur of the moment sex with one gorgeous girl, then going out on a date with another, while obviously not nearly as gorgeous, but still good-looking, girl?”

“Yeah, I’ll call her. No reason to dwell on the unfortunate bad choices of an ex, right?”

“Very true my friend,” Josie said as we approached the door. “Now, this is unfortunately where I must depart Jake. I gotta head off. Late for a lunch thing. But I promise I’ll see you around.” She got on her toes and gave me a kiss on the cheek goodbye, and walked down the stairs. I turned around and opened the door, and headed straight for the phone. Might as well get in contact with Morena now, before any feelings of sadness overtook me and prevented me from doing so. I dialed her up and heard my call be answered.

“Hello?” asked Morena.

“Morena?” I asked.

“This is she,” she replied.

“Hi, this is Jake Parker. You know, I accidentally knocked you down in the bookstore, bought you a cup of coffee……”

“Oh yeah. I was wondering if you’d call. What can I do for you?”

“I was wondering if maybe you’d like to do something tonight. Dinner, movie, rob a liquor store. You know, average date stuff.”

“Hmmm, now the liquor store idea does sound tempting, but I think dinner and a movie is a better bet. You know, for first dates. If this was a third, it’d be armed robbery all the way.”

“Glad I have that for future reference,” I replied with a laugh. “Can you meet me at Nick’s Dive? You need directions?”

“No, I know the place. I’ll meet you there at around…..8:30?”

“That sounds great. See you then Morena. Bye.”



I was behind the bar serving some shots up as Morena walked through the door. She was wearing a nice red dress with a pink floral pattern, and a black jacket. She spotted me behind the bar and walked over to me.

“Why hello Mr. Parker,” she said with a bright smile. “You almost done here?”

“Almost Ms. Baccarin,” I said. “Got to get out a few more drinks, then I’m out.”

“Great. And since you’re making some drinks anyway, I’ll take a tequila sunrise.”

“Right away ma’am.” I got to making her drink, and handed it off as soon as I was done. I then headed down to Kyle. “Look over there dipshit.”

“What?” he asked, looking over. When his eyes came upon Morena, sipping her drink, he winced. “I fucking hate you sometimes man, I really do.”

“Yes, indeed, I do know thine hatred. But as we agreed, I prove I was telling the truth, I leave, making you the sole bartender tonight.”

“Yeah, yeah, get the fuck out of here, before I decide to welch.”

“All righty then. Have fun tonight bro.”

“Would you kindly just fuck off?”

“You got it,” I said with a grin as I left and went to join Morena. “If you just give me a minute to clock out and change into something more respectable, I’ll be right with you.”

“Okay. You need to go by your place or something to get fresh clothes?”

“Well yeah, but luckily for the both of us, my place is just upstairs. You’re of course welcome to wait up there or down here. Which ever is best for you.”

“I think I’ll wait up there. I can take this with me, right?” she asked, raising her drink.

“Of course. Just follow me.” I led Morena to the doorway that lead to the stairs to the apartment. When we arrived, I let her in first. “Make yourself comfy on the couch, I’ll be as soon as I can.”

“Okay,” she replied shifting on the couch as I headed to my room. I went through my closets, threw a pair of grey slacks and a black shirt on the bed as my chosen garb. As I removed my work togs and put on the pants and shirt, I noticed an envelope on my bed. Kyle must have tossed it in here when he brought in the mail. I picked it up and noticed it was from Elisha. I eagerly opened it. Maybe it was a letter apologizing. Shyeah, right. But there was a letter in it. Along with a few pictures of us. Good times. I put the pics down however and scanned through the letter:

Dear Jake,

I hope you find some use for these pictures, because I just can’t look at them. I’m sorry if this hurts you, but I can’t look at these and not start to hurt myself. I hope you understand. Please don’t hate me.


Well, this week just keeps getting better and better. I crumpled up the letter and tossed it in the trash.

“Jake, you ready yet?” Morena asked form from the couch.

“Yeah,” I said flatly. “Definitely.”


We sat in a nice atmospheric Italian restaurant. We ate in silence however. I had this beautiful brunette before me, and all I could do was agonize over wounds that just wouldn’t heal up. This being the case, Morena was of course the one to break the silence.

“Do most of your dates have such odd, uncomfortable silences Mr. Parker?” she asked, taking a sip of water.

“I’m sorry Morena,” I replied. “I just have some heavy stuff on the mind right now. Didn’t mean to ruin the date.”

“It’s not ruined at all Jake,” she said, wiping her mouth delicately with a napkin. “Slowed down, yes. But not ruined. Why don’t we pay the check and walk around a bit. Just talk a little. Get some stuff off your chest.”

“No limits?” I asked

“None at all.”


We walked down a semi-busy side walk. We had stopped by an ice cream stand while walking, so we both had cones, munching on them as we walked.

“Well, we’re walking Jake,” Morena said, taking a lick from her cone. “But I don’t hear any talking. So spill it, what’s wrong?”

“You want me to be completely honest with you?” I asked, hoping she wouldn’t be peeved. From my experience, no girl you’re on a date with EVER wants to hear about your exes.

“Yes. No need to hold back. Unless it’s some seriously odd stuff.”

“All right then. Well, it involves my ex. The break-up was really bad, and I was really fucking hurting. But I felt I was over it. Then I get news from a bud that she wants to get back together, that she thought breaking up was a mistake. Literally right after I heard that, I see her call someone else a name I thought was reserved only for me. Then I get a letter from her, full of pictures of the two of us together. Letter with it said she can’t even look at the pictures anymore. And that was right before we went out.”

“I see. Sounds somewhat heavy. Why didn’t you just ask me to reschedule? I would have understood.”

“Yeah, but I don’t like to break dates. I didn’t want to spoil the night.”

“Good job you did there Mr. Parker,” said Morena in a sarcastic tone, getting a laugh from me. “Whoa, the statue giggled.”

“Yeah, doesn’t happen often these days for some reason.”

“Listen, why don’t we go to my place, have a few drinks, continue talking. Maybe this night won’t be a total bust.”

“Why not?”


Morena led me through the door to her apartment. It was pretty nice looking. Nice black couch, a recliner, widescreen TV. If I was Homer Simpson, I’d have been drooling. I took off my jacket and placed it on the coat rack next to the door.

“How do you feel about tequila?” Morena asked, closing the door behind me and heading towards the liquor cabinet.

“Sounds fine by me,” I replied, sitting on the couch. “Jebus, nice couch.”

“Thanks,” she said with a smile, setting down a bottle of Cabo Wabo and two glasses on the coffee table. “Let me get some salt and cut some limes. I’ll be right back.” I saw her head into the kitchen, and heard some drawers open, and soon heard the sound of fruit being sliced.

“You mind if I pour some out for us?” I asked.

“Go ahead, just don’t drink any until I get back.”

“You got it.” I opened the bottle and poured for both of us, as she came back, salt in a monkey dish and limes cut on a plate. She sat next to me, and we both put some salt on our hand, and did our shots, and sucked the lime juice.

“Well, I can just see that tension leaving you,” she said with a smile. “Tequila seems to be doing the trick, and with one shot…light weight.”

“I think it has much more to do with this couch then the tequila Ms. Baccarin. I’m no light weight, let me assure you.”

“All right then, take this lime into your mouth, meat side outward.” I lifted the slice of lime into my mouth as she sprinkled some salt onto my forearm. I watched as she licked the salt up, downed her shot, and went for the lime in my mouth, gently brushing my tongue with hers before she bit into the lime. “Mmmm, you want a turn?”

I smiled at her slyly and sprinkled a bit of salt on her shoulder, and placed the lime slice into her mouth myself. I poured myself a shot, then licked the salt from her shoulder, downed said shot, and went for the lime, kissing her deeply before I pulled away.

“So, is the night going better for you so far Jake?” she asked with a smile before pushing me to where I was now laying on the couch. “Because believe me, it can only get better.”

“I may just need some proof of that Morena,” I said pulling her face to mine for a kiss. As our lips touched I felt her reach for my pants and begin to unbuckle my belt, a smile forming on her face as we kissed. I lifted her up in my arms and took her with me to her kitchen. I noticed she held the tequila bottle in her hand.

I placed her on the counter near the sink, and began to lick and suck on her neck. Morena let out a light, happy sigh, and I saw her push the straps of her dress down her shoulders as I slowly made my way down to them, planting light kisses on her now bare shoulders. I took the dress removal over from Morena as she began to run her fingers through my hair. Her dress was now pulled below her breasts, and I had the perfect view.

Morena’s breasts were a sight of near perfection. They had a natural hang to them. A healthy C-cup with dime sized brown nipples. Her bronzed skin offset my paler tone. I must have spent too much time marveling at them, because Morena moaned, “Jake, are you just gonna stare, or are you gonna suck? Need some incentive?”

Morena smiled devilishly as she picked up the tequila bottle and began to pour down her chest. I eagerly licked and sucked every drop that came trickling down her beautiful breasts. As the trickle slowed, I continued to suck and lick her breasts, nibbling and gently biting on her nipples, as she moaned softly, drinking from the bottle some herself before she pulled me up to face her, where she deposited the drink into my mouth with a kiss. After that, I eagerly dropped to my knees and lifted her skirt up, causing her to shiver as her flesh touched the cool surface of the counter.

I lifted her left leg onto my shoulder and began to kiss her inner thighs and trace my tongue across her panties. I felt her shiver slightly, which made me smile a bit between kisses and licks. I did a few more broad tongue stroke across her panties as I hooked my thumbs in the elastic and removed them from her body.

The moment her glistening slit was exposed to me, I went for it greedily, my right fingers joining my mouth for a double assault. As my mouth latched onto her clit, and I began to suck and lash it with my tongue, my index and middle fingers crooked themselves and began to thrust in and out of her , twisting and turning with each thrust. I felt I was doing at least satisfactory, with Morena grabbing me by the head and driving me further into her crotch.

I focused most of my attention on her clit, tracing her name in every font I could think of across it quickly with my tongue. I grazed my teeth across it on occasion, giving my tongue a few seconds rest. But then, it went right back to work, quickly darting across it again, though every so often changing it up, and dragging slowly, attentively across it.

After a good 15 minutes of this treatment, Morena grabbed me by the head and pulled me to her face quickly, kissing me fiercely, licking her juices from my lip as I picked her up and headed for the couch again, and sat down with a thud. My hands moved to her firm ass as hers now completely undid my pants, freeing my achingly hard cock. I lifted her up and slowly lowered herself onto me, both of us releasing guttural groans once I had completely entered her. She placed her hands on my shoulders and began to rock back and forth on me. The pace was slow and maddening, but I let her dictate it, and, as maddening as it was, it still felt insanely good.

I leaned my head forward to kiss and suck on her breasts as she slowly rode me, moving my right hand from her ass to move it between us, frigging her clit, hoping to increase her pace. The trick worked, and the urging was all she needed to increase her pace, or flesh slapping together now becoming very audible. I hoped her walls were thick.

There was no talking between us, but there were sounds being made beyond the wet flesh. Loud moans and groans emanating from Morena, grunts and growls from me.

I slapped her ass playfully as her pace continued to increase, Morena now lifting herself up and down, impaling herself on my dick, stopping occasionally to grind into me. I wasn’t slouching off myself though. I met her thrust for thrust, gave her everything she was giving me right back.

I felt her body begin to quiver, and her eyes shut quickly. He rorgasm was hitting her. “Yessssss…fuck yes…….,” she said through gritted teeth as she grabbed me by the face and looked int my eyes as her orgasm began to rock her body. When it hit her full swing, she through her head back. “FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” she yelled, her pussy convulsing around my cock, now sending me into my point of no return.

“Morena,” I said with a growl. “I’m cumming babe…fucking right now…..where do you want it?”

“Cum inside me Jake,” she replied, gasping for air. “I’m on the pill.” I needed wait no longer. I shut my eyes and with a groan, I unloaded inside Morena. I must have shot ten healthy doses inside of her, completely coating her inner walls in my cum. She held her head back, then slowly brought her face to mine, kissing me deeply, then resting her head on my shoulder. “Mmmmm, stay the night here?”

“Of course,” I replied, kissing her on the cheek.


I awoke the next morning to the scent of fresh coffee. I got out of Morena’s very comfy bed and slipped on my boxers. And headed to the kitchen, where I saw here taking a sip from a cup.

“Morning,” she said with a smile. She put her cup down and headed towards me for kiss, which I returned.

“Mmm, morning to you to,” I replied, my cock stirring at the site of her in just a silk robe.

“Well, I see everyone is awake,” she said with a smirk, looking at my cock, getting hard again. “Can’t get enough can you?”

“Well, he’s got a mind of his own,” I replied, kissing her as she pushed me towards the couch, once again sitting me down. Though instead of mounting me this time, she knelt before me, pulling my boxers down around my ankles. She slowly jacked my cock, moving her head over it. I moved her hair from her face and helped her hold it back as she slowly took me into her mouth, snaking her tongue around every inch as her other hand began to knead and massage my balls.

She took me completely in her mouth and held me there for about thirty seconds before releasing me, taking a few deep breaths as she jacked my now slippery cock. As soon as she regained her composure, she started to lick and kiss the sides of my prick, paying special attention to the sensitive area where the shaft and head meet.

Morena decided to give her hand that was massaging my balls a rest, and took attention to them in her mouth. She licked the whole sack first, completely coating it in her saliva before she took either of my balls into her mouth. She took one in and slowly massaged and caressed it with her tongue, getting a loud moan of satisfaction from me as I ran my fingers through her hair. This insane treatment was given to my other testicle as well, eliciting the same positive repsonse from myself. As Morena removed her mouth from my balls, she gave me a wisked little half-smile as her mouth went back to my cock.

She licked again from base to tip, planted a kiss on the tip, and once again took me in her mouth, now intent on bringing me to my finish. Morena began to bob her head faster and faster up and down on my cock, my pelvis now thrusting into her mouth as well. My body couldn’t take much more. I moved my hands to her head and began to hold her in place. “Fuckkkk….Morena…I cumming…let me cum in your mouth baby….” I felt her moan in response, tickling my balls, coaxing my semen to erupt, which it soon did. With a loud moan, I shot my hot cum into her mouth, a good five shots. As I laid my head back on the couch, coming down from this intense orgasm, Morena came face to face with me and opened her mouth, showing me my cum, playing with it with her tongue before knocking it back like a shot of tequila the night before.

“Mmmm, we’ll have to do this again some time Mr. Parker,” she said with a smile. “You’ve got a place in my little black book to be sure.”

“Same here…but I hope it’s not for a relationship, at least not yet,” I replied, instantly realizing I should have brought that up earlier.

“Mmm, no worries Jake. Just think of me as a friend. That’s what you need, and I’ll be there for you. This is just..a bonus for both of us.”

“Definitely. Could always use another friend.”

“Well, you should get going Jake. Not to sound rude, but I have to head off for a meeting with my agent. Getting my shooting schedule for the Firefly movie all hammered out.”

“They’re making a movie from Firefly?” I asked with geeky excitement as I pulled my boxers up.

“Yes,” she replied sipping from her coffee again. “Maybe if you’re a good boy I’ll invite you on set.”

“Ooooh, shiny.”


I put my clothes back on and gave Morena a kiss goodbye. And once again, my mind was free of any pain. No pain over Elisha and her dubious actions lately. I was neutral. Neutral rules. As I headed to my car, my cell phone began to ring. I checked the ID. Unknown. I answered.

“Hello?” I asked.

“J-jake?” the voice asked back.

“Yeah, this is him.”

“Jake…it’s Elisha.”

“What? Elisha? What are you doing calling me?”

“Jake please, just let me talk…”

“No….my turn to talk Elisha. And what I have to say is simple. DON’T. CALL. ME. You wanted it to be over, well, now it is. For sure. You dumped me, our pictures, and fucked me up on the inside big time. Go have fun with your new Crackerjack. I’m not having it anymore.”

“But Jake….”

“Goodbye Elisha. I’m sorry, but goodbye.” I hung up and turned the phone off. Can’t believe what I had just said….also couldn’t believe I meant it. But after everything, I was just fucking tired of it. The guilt, the pain. Yeah, I fucked up. Big time. But so did she. And it’s no use dwelling on the fucking past. I’m only interested in the future. And the present of course. And as I saw it, the present didn’t have her in it, and neither would the future. And I was fine with that. More than fine. No more of the past coming back to haunt me.

“Jake?” a voice asked behind me. I turned around to see an all too familiar face.


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