Benefits Of Getting A Book Signed

Benefits of Getting a Book Signed

By Tom Land

Sometimes investing in the price of a book is worth much more than
what you expect when you plunk down your $27.95.

I had gone to a book signing for Marie Osmond’s newest book, “Behind
the Smile” and when I got up to the table where Marie was sitting,
signing books with that big smile of hers plastered on her face, she
asked what I wanted her to sign and I asked her to make it something
special. Marie looked me in the eye, and I thought I saw a twinkle
there of something much more than appreciation
for my buying her
book and taking time to speak to her.

Marie signed the book, then reached over and wrote something on a
slip of paper that she stuck inside the front cover as she handed
the book back to me and reached out to shake my hand. My cock was
tenting against my pants as I thanked her and took a deep breath to
enjoy the smell or her erotic perfume that Marie was wearing.

As I walked off out of the bookstore, my curiosity got the better of
me and I opened the book cover to find a slip saying, “I’m very
horny. If you’re interested, come to my room — #835 — in 30
minutes. Marie”. Wow!!! Was this some kind of a sick joke on
Marie’s part?? I didn’t know but I had to go to the closest men’s
room and quickly masturbate because the pressure in my nuts was so
hot that I knew I’d cum in my pants first if I didn’t gain some

Thirty minutes later exactly — after I’d masturbated to an orgasm
that took only seconds from start to finish — I knocked firmly on
the door of the room Marie Osmond had given to me.

The door swung open only seconds later and there stood Marie in
something considerably more revealing than what she’d been wearing
down in the nearby bookstore. I felt my cock grow to full erection
again instantly — Marie had on a sexy black silk top and a pair of
Capri pants that allowed a considerable amount of her midriff to

I realized I was rather stunned in the hot erotic transformation
Marie had made since I’d seen her earlier and she pulled me by the
arm into her hotel room, closing the door behind me and locking it.

As soon as Marie and I were alone in her hotel room, she walked
straight into my arms and as I caught a strong whiff of her sensual
perfume again, I mentally pinched myself to ensure I wasn’t dreaming
(which I’ve done before with Marie in them) and I let myself go with
the moment. I wrapped my arms around Marie as she walked close to
my chest, and when my left hand moved up towards her chest, I found
to my total surprise that Marie’s breasts were totally naked
underneath the sexy slippery silk of the top she’d put on. I
couldn’t believe how hot and wanton Marie was at this moment and I
wondered if she was also pantyless. I’d find out soon enough.

I stood there with Marie Osmond, mother of several children, wife
and celebrity and for that moment, she was a sexy hot and very horny
woman who wanted and needed what only a horny man could give her —
totally uninhibited and limitless raw hot sex. I intended to make
sure Marie was more than smiling when our time together was

Our lips met in a very sexy kiss, Marie’s full sweet lips
immediately mashing against mine as though she hadn’t been kissed
passionately in years. I closed my firm hand over the fullness of
her tit jutting out underneath her silk top and I could feel Marie’s
hard nipple jutting pointedly out tightly against my hand and
against the fabric of the blouse she was wearing. My hand slid
downward and then back up underneath the silky material and when my
hand encountered the bottom curvature of her nude breast, I felt my
cock twitch and I squeezed Marie’s tit firmly, flicking my finger
quick and firmly over her taut nipple. Her lusty moan told me all I
needed to know — Marie Osmond was hornier than hell and she was
more than ready for a very hot raucous fuck with me.

I could tell with Marie’s very aggressive actions to invite me to her
room and then to have her outfit changed to this sexy top and pants that
she wanted some hot lusty sex and I was to be the lucky man to give it
to her tonight. I continued cupping and kneading the full roundedness
of Marie’s hot breasts and then I led her over to a nearby couch where I
sat her down and I joined her. I pushed her backwards, moving over to
lie on top of her while I unfastened her Capri pants and got them
sufficiently undone that I could get inside them. Marie not only was
braless but I quickly discovered that she was pantyless as well.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, nothing hotter than a woman who doesn’t want to fuck
around with having to remove panty and bra.

I pulled Marie’s top up underneath her chin, baring her sexy C-cup tits
to my eyes and my hungry loving lips. I leaned down, taking the left
nipple firmly in my hot lips as I allowed my fingers to venture down
between her legs and I realized that Marie Osmond had shaved her pussy.
Her cunt lips were as smooth as a baby’s butt and she must have shaved
when she’d gotten up that morning because her pussy was very smooth and
felt newly shaved to me.

I was so fucking horny that I sat up and get Marie’s Capri pants started
down off her body but before I could even pull them off, Marie had begun
unfastening my pants and had them unbelted, unzipped and off down to my
ankles. As soon as my cock was bared, she started stroking me to
complete hardness and before I knew it, Marie had her legs spread, her
shapely beautiful legs flailing out of the confinement of her pants and
she was guiding the head of my cock straight to the hot wet lips of her
pussy. The very instant I felt my cockhead touch her cunt, I thrust my
ass forward, gaining position in her pussy lips and my entire thick cock
began sinking hotly into the hot inner depths of Marie’s horny hungry

I can be a lover of many different paces, passions and positions — but the
instant I got my cockhead buried in between the lips of sexy Marie Osmond’s
cock-needy cunt, I knew there was no holding back on this fuck. For some
reason, the circumstances surrounding my being invited by Marie up to her
room put me on edge. I was almost afraid something freaky would happen at
any moment — so I determined to fuck Marie for all I was worth in a hot
lusty fashion — and then see if there was going to be any “next time”. As
I pressed my groin into Marie, feeling my cock sliding hotly into her horny
cunt, she threw her head back onto the couch, spreading her legs widely to
allow my penetration to be as deep inside her hot pussy as possible. I
reached down, sliding my hands underneath her hot sexy asscheeks, pulling
her body close into mine as I fully impaled her on the hard length of my hot

No sooner had I fully mounted Marie, then she began to fuck back towards me
as hotly as I was riding her. I made 4 or 5 “long fuck” strokes in and out
where only the head of my cock remained inside her pussy on the outward
stroke, and then I reached down, pulling both of Marie’s shapely dancer’s
legs up onto my shoulders and I literally started to piledrive my hard cock
in and out of Marie’s cunt.

“mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmm, hhhhhhnnggggggggghhhh, oh yeah, fuck yeah, Marie,
take my cock, woman,” I moaned and bellowed as I pounded her hot wet cunt
flesh as powerfully in and out as I could manage. Marie was so needy of
being fucked that she went with my almost animalistic rutting with her. She
writhed hotly underneath my cock and I felt if my cock hadn’t been at least
7 inches long that she might actually have bucked out from underneath me.
But she wasn’t going anywhere — except towards the edge of orgasm. I
grasped her ass, kept her legs on my shoulders and heard her quickly slip
into her first climax. I’d heard that Marie found it hard to orgasm but
fortunately I’d just brought her to her first climax with me. I continued
to pound mercilessly and then I felt my nuts tighten, my asscheeks squeezed
firmly and then my balls cut loose and a huge load of my hot cum blew
explosively deep inside Marie Osmond’s innards.

I reached up and grasped both of her full rounded tits as I felt my nuts
pump spurt after spurt of hot white jism inside Marie’s pussy and when we
both finished cumming, I put her legs down on the couch and laid on top of
her as I hotly nursed her nipples, hoping to get another quick cock recovery
so I could fuck her at least once more while I was still coupled with her.

The End — to be continued always.

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