Benefits – Chapter 10: Move On

Benefits Ch. 10

Move On

By Mr. Fantastic

All of the events in this story are totally fictional, which means, for those who never paid attention in class, that they never, ever happened.

So many words were going through my head. I had just spent the night with the beautiful Morena Baccarin, after having one Hell of a series of bad days, only to walk out of said woman’s apartment to see a face I never wanted to even think of again, the face of my former best friend, Mila Kunis. Somehow, three words managed to come to mind. “WHAT THE FUCK?”

“Jake, please,” Mila said, putting her
hands gently on my shoulders. “Calm down.”

“Don’t worry,” I said, calmly removing her hands from my body. “I won’t give you the satisfaction of causing a scene. Now, for my first, VERY calm question, why the blue Hell are you here, looking me in the face?”

“Well, if you’re asking if I came looking for you, the answer’s no. I was just walking by to get a cup of coffee. If you’re asking why I’m in New York, you know that I have a place here, and during the summer I spend time here.”

“So you weren’t looking for me?”

“I was going to eventually, but not right now. I thought you’d be at Kyle’s.”

“Naw naw. I mean I live there, but I wouldn’t have…wait, why the Hell am I even talking to you? Do us both a favor Ms. Kunis, and leave me the fuck alone.” I began to walk away, when Mila grabbed me by the arm.

“Jake, just wait a second. Let me at least tell you something. Please, after over 13 years, you owe me. Please.”

“…Fine,” I said. Even after everything, if she really needed something, I couldn’t say no.

“Let’s go to that coffee shop I was heading to, sit in a booth, and just let me talk, okay?”


“Well, you got your coffee, and we’re sitting, so talk,” I said sternly to Mila, looking at her coldly from my seat.

“Don’t waste any time do you?” she asked, trying to get some kind of response from me. I just continued to stare at her. “Wow, tough crowd. Well, let me just get down to it then, but I NEED you to stay till I’m finished, okay?”

“Fine,” I replied. “So talk Kunis.”

“All right, here it goes. Jake, I’m sorry. I know that doesn’t fix what happened. I know it doesn’t put you and Elisha back together, I know it doesn’t fix things between you and I. But when you and Elisha began dating essentially because of me, and when you two began to fall hard for each other, it tore me apart inside. I never even knew I had these feelings for you, and frankly, I don’t really know if they were real, or just something fueled by jealousy, or something else. All I know is that I was your best friend. You were happier then you’d ever been in your life, and I decided that I couldn’t have that. I know that no matter how much I apologize, things can’t be fixed, not between you and her, between you and Dyl, and especially between you and me…..” As she finished, she began to trail into a cry, a tear rolling down her right cheek as she began to softly sob.

As much as I wanted to just let her sit there alone, stew in what she’d done, I couldn’t. Like the movie says, ‘I may be an asshole, but I’m not a fucking asshole.’, so I went to her side of the booth, and hugged her, let her cry into my shoulder. “Hey, come on now Kunis,” I said to her, stroking her hair. “No need for tears. Come on, quit it. You’re gonna make me feel guilty and other bad stuff for being mad at you.”

“But Jake…” she sniffled. “You have every right to be mad.”

“Oh yeah, I know. And I still am. I still want to punch Dyl square in the damn throat. I’m still fuming at you. None of that means I want to see you cry. Doesn’t mean you’re my exactly my favorite person again either though.”

“Jake, you think there’s any way, any way at all we can be friends again? I know the damage to what we had is big, bigger then I probably even realize, but is there a shot?”

“I don’t know Mila, I really don’t. Despite how FUCKED you and Dyl helped make my life, I can’t just throw away 13 years. Then again, I also can’t overlook what I lost.”

“Jake, I’m so sorry about Eli…”

“Just..don’t even bring her into this. I’m done with her, and she’s made things clear about how she feels about me. But as for you and I, if we can get close to how we were, we’ll have to take it slow. We both fucked things up. I am very willing to admit it.”

“I think I can deal with that Jake. But why are you so willing to forgive?”

“Two reasons. A. You’re my best friend. I try to shrug it off, but we both know that’s true. You’re too big a part of my life to just write you off. And B. Anything to get you to stop blubbering. I mean come on kid. No one’s cuttin’ onions.”

“Well, if we’re gonna start off slow, you wanna start off today?”

“No Mila. I do want to try and rebuild things, but like I said, slow. Today was a good first step. But right now, I need to go to my place, and sort things out in my head a bit. I’ll call you on your cell later, okay?”

“Okay. And thank you Jake.”

“Don’t thank me. Thank years of comic book reading, corrupting me into an honest guy.”


Upon walking away from the coffee shop, numerous thoughts began to enter my mind. Was I letting Mila off the hook too easily? Did I even really mean a word of what I said back there, or was I just trying to be a nice guy? Could I even trust her at all? These questions did nothing but bounce around my head like a rubber ball, and no good answers came to mind. As I hopped in a cab and rode back to the apartment, I still had no answers. I’d talk to Josie, but around this time she was always very busy, so that’d be no luck. And Morena, well, even though we had a lot of fun the previous night, I couldn’t unload all this onto her. And Kyle still didn’t know what had gone on in California. So I was screwed, no one to talk this over with. But just as I arrived at the apartment, my cell began to ring again.

“Hello,” I said into the phone.

“Well hellooooooo Mr. Parker,” Laura said via phone. “I’ve just landed pally, and it sounds like you and I have some serious talking to do.”

“Damn, news travels fast Red,” I said into the phone. “You sound pissed though.”

“You just have some explaining to do Jake, that’s all. Meet me at JFK, all right?”

“You got it.” I heard a click and then folded my phone. What had her so pissed?


I called Laura back up to get what gate she’d be at, but she told me to just meet her at baggage claim. She still sounded pissed off. And for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why.

I arrived at the airport and headed to baggage claim. I waited a few minutes, and saw her walk up to me. “Hey Red,” I said to her with a smile and a hug, which was barely returned.

“You and me, we have to talk,” she said sternly. “NOW.” I picked up her bags and followed her to a waiting limo. “Get in.” After I put her stuff in the trunk, I got in, and she followed. “Got the strangest phone call when I got in Jake. You’ll never believe who it was.”

“I think I have a good idea,” I said. She had to be talking about Mila. But why would she be pissed? Wouldn’t she want Mila and I to make up?

“It was Elisha Jake. Sobbing, crying over the phone. Saying she tried to talk to you, but you just yelled and snapped, and told her to never ever call you again. She was crying big time Jake. Now, here’s what gets me. I tell you she wants to get back together, I tell you how bad she feels, and when she calls, THAT’S when you decide to let her have it? Did you know I told her it’d be a good idea for her to call you, that you wanted to talk? Now this happens, shit, what the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Whoa whoa whoa Red, Elisha definitely didn’t tell you the whole story then.”

“Well, I have to hear this then.” So I went on and told her. I told her about how JUST after she called to tell me all this, that Behind The Scenes Special came on. I told her about the film crew member, and what was done and said on screen. “I see. So, because she acts childish, you act like it too?”

“No Red. But frankly, I’m fucking tired of playing games. If she really felt like you said she did, what was with Mr. Grip Dipshit?”

“Like I said, childish shit, like you running away from your problems instead of facing them down.”

“Low blow Red. Real fuckin’ low.”

“Oh you know it’s true. I didn’t say a fuckin’ thing at the time, but I thought even then this was fucking bullshit Jake. You could have easily talked this out with her, but nope, you just fucking folded like a piece of cardboard. You could have attempted to smooth shit out with Mila, but nooooo, you fucking let your pride stop that. How about you start being a man, and stop being such a little pussy?”

“Why don’t you back the fuck off? First of all, maybe in hindsight, I shouldn’t have left, but I did what I felt I had to fucking do. And as for Mila, that problem kind of ended up beginning to solve itself. She’s here, and we’re talking without screaming our heads off at each other. But as far as Elisha goes, I really don’t give a flying fuck anymore, I don’t. Sorry if that disappoints you.”

“Fuck Jake, let it go. She wants you back Jake. She’s fucked up along the way realizing it, but she wants you back. Isn’t that what you want?”

“Not anymore. I don’t want her back, and that’s the end of it. I’m over it. She should join the fucking club.”

“You know what? Fine. Have it your way. But I’m not gonna be the one to tell her. You do it yourself.”

“Hard to do if I don’t plan on talking to her.”

“You’re such a fucking child.”

“Whatever Red. I’ve just moved on. If she hasn’t, then tough shit.”


We sat in silence for the duration of the ride. I don’t know where she got off, thinking she had ANY right to ream on me for this. Elisha decided we couldn’t go any further. I had moved on. I had no reason to feel bad. Then the image of her crying…..over something I did…again…..fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. NO! This time it was…..God damn it…….

“Listen,” I said to Laura as I helped her with her luggage. “If you want to hang out without completely ripping me a new one, just call my cell.”

“Look, Jake, I’m sorry about yelling at you like that,” Laura replied as we walked into the building she was staying at. “But I honestly think you’re making a mistake. You and Elisha, you two are so good together. And to watch you both throw it away over this childish shit….well, it pisses me the fuck off.”

“I’m sorry about that Laura, but it’s my decision to make. And right now, I decide to say “no” to her.”

“Fine. I won’t say a thing about it again except both of you are morons, and should just get over all this and realize how retarded you two are for each other. Now I’m done.”

“Good. So, who you stayin’ with anyway?” That questioned was answered with the next voice I heard.

“LAURA!” Mila yelled, greeting her friend with a hug. “And Jake! It’s great to see you both! SO great.”

“Wow, you weren’t kidding about the “no yelling” part Jake,” Laura said. “In fact, I see no repressed rage at all. Good job sport.”

“Thank you ever so much Red,” I said sarcastically. “Well, once I help you with all this, I’ll be off, back to my place for some rest after all this activity.”

“How about we three meet up tonight?” Laura asked. “After I get settled in, we go to some clubs, bowling for the squirt……”

“Oh, do shut up,” Mila said.

“I don’t know,” I said, unsure if it was cool to be hanging with Mila so soon. We both agreed to take it kind of slow in getting back to where we were.

“You know,” Mila said. “I’m tired too. I think I wanna stay in tonight.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling,” I said to her, relieved. “Besides, I gotta work tonight.”

“All right,” Laura said. “But I’m only in town for a week ya know, so it’ll have to be soon.”

“I promise, sometime this week.”

“Good. See ya ’round dork,” said Laura, deciding to take her stuff up herself with Mila.


As soon as I got through my door and close enough, I collapsed face first on my couch. It had been quite a hectic day so far. I had no idea about anything anymore. How did I feel about Elisha? Did I still love her? Or was I really over it? The Mila questions? Infinite. I was completely scatterbrained. I had no clue where I was going. Hell, I was lucky to be able to remember my name.

“Yo, Ostrich Boy,” Kyle said from behind the couch. “Get your head up from there and wake the fuck up.”

“Dude, not now, I’m beggin’ ya, just not now.”

“Oh great, the Amazing Manic Depressive Kid is back.”

“I’m beggin’ ya man…….”

“Guess what pally. I ain’t leavin’ this damn room till you tell me the whole thing. Why you’re Billy Bitchcakes recently. And you know I can do it. So spill it all.”

“Dude, you really don’t want to know…..”

“Yeah, I do. Otherwise, you’ll still be Mr. Whiny Bitch. So spit it out fucker.”

“Fine….” So I did. I let him in on the whole shebang. Meeting Elisha, not liking her at first, the concert, falling for her, what happened, everything.

“Well….at least now I know why you leave the room when I watch my 24 DVDs,” he said. “I know this is really undercutting things, but that sucks man…..completely. Though I promise you, next time I see Dyl, I’m punching that fucker in the throat.”

“Great minds think alike,” I said with a smirk. “But now I find out Elisha wants me back, and now Mila’s here, being all apologetic…fuck….it never just rains lightly does it?”

“Naw, it doesn’t. But in all honesty, that Laura chick may be right. You should at least talk to her. It sounds like that 24 chick really does want to mend things.”

“Too bad. I’m past it.”

“Have it your way dude. Just remember, second chances don’t happen every fuckin’ day.”


As I worked at the bar that night, I still couldn’t get things out of my head. The more I tried to organize things, the more things became unraveled. I kept fucking drinks up, losing concentration. Got so bad my uncle decided to take me off the floor and take over himself.

I trodded up the stairs, past the apartment up to the roof. I sat down against the ledge again. Why is it that every time it looks like I have things together, it all becomes unraveled? When things gelled with Elisha, BOOM!, everything falls apart. I get over her…BOOM! That gets hit. I hear she wants me back! BOOM! That gets hit. I decide I’m over her, and yet again, KA-FUCKIN’-BOOM. I swear, I must have killed a shit load of puppies or something in a previous life.


I got down to the sidewalk via the fire escape and decided to go for a little walk, clear my head. I walked past Nick’s and headed to a different bar I knew of. I just wanted to be alone, drown my sorrows. Weak way to go about dealing with things, but at that moment, I didn’t care. I walked through the door of the bar, sat down, and ordered a beer. I sat there for a while, nursing just one fucking beer, dwelling on shit that should have been past me at this point. But, as it seems to be my luck, whenever I’m just about to be over something, it comes back to bite me in the ass.

I must have been completely oblivious to the world around me, because I didn’t notice this amazing looking girl sitting next to me until my beer was finished, which by my count was good 45 minutes after I entered the bar. When I got a good look at her, I really kicked myself for not noticing her. It was my favorite slayer herself, Eliza Dushku. What she was doing in a bar in New York, I couldn’t quite figure out, but then again, I wasn’t up for solving a fucking mystery. But I was up for talking to someone about anything but my life, and Ms. Dushku seemed like the perfect candidate.

“Hey,” I said to her. “Mind if I buy you a drink?” She turned to me and gave a quick look.

“Do I have to talk to you?” she asked coldy. But her face went from stern to a smile. “Hey, just kidding. Yeah, knock yourself out.”

“What are you drinking?”, I asked her.


“Ah, a woman after my own tastes.”

“You should feel honored,” she said with a smile as I asked the bartender for two more bottles of beer. “My name’s Eliza by the way.”

“Yeah, I kind of already knew that,” I said, taking a sip from my bottle. “My name’s Jake.”

“Well, hello Jake,” she said, taking my hand and shaking it. “What’s on your mind, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Eh, just felt the need to get out, ya know? What about yourself?”

“Yeah, I can feel that. For myself, well, I’m just taking a little break, vacationing here in NY before I go back to Vancouver to start the second season of my show.”

“How long are you here for?”

“Oh, at least a month, month and a half. Why?”

“Well, I was just wondering if maybe you’d like to get together sometime outside of a bar.”

“Hmm, that sounds like a nice little plan. At the very least, it would kill some time for me…..” she said with a laugh. “Let me give you my number here.” I saw her take a napkin and scribble a number open it, then hand it to me. “Now that’s out of the way, wanna sit at that booth over there, continue our little convo, or leave because you got what you wanted?”

“Let’s go to the booth.”


Eliza and I sat in that booth for hours, talking about anything that came to mind as naturally as if we had known each other for years. We talked about growing up 80’s style, with all the cartoons. With her being a tomboy growing up, she told me she vegged out on pretty much the same stuff I did every Saturday morning.

“I’m tellin’ ya Jake,” she said, taking a sip from her beer. “These fuckin’ kids with Dragonball and other shit, they have no fuckin’ taste.”

“I hear ya,” I reply, raising my bottle to toast hers. “Remember frikkin’ Real Ghostbusters? Cool stuff, and it holds up today. And what do these little snots watch now? Some show about a guy with magical playing cards.”

“I KNOW. What the Hell is up with these kids?”

“I think it all started when the Power Rangers got more popular than the Ninja Turtles. From there, crap started to snowball to the point where quality shit could no longer shine.”

“What, you have charts on this shit or somethin’?”


“Sure, sure.” This went on for hours, bullshitting on nothing subjects, until she got a glance at her watch. “Fuck…it’s five in the morning. Damn….”

“Yeah, sorry to keep you so long.”

“Hey, no problem. It was fun. But I gotta go. You know, new fad called sleep. But call me, we’ll get together again.”

“Count on it.”

“I will,” she said with a wave as she walked out of the bar.


Once again, I awoke to my cell going off. “‘Lo?” I groggily answered.

“Jake, it’s me,” Mila said over the phone. “What are you doing today?”

“Oh, I don’t know…it’s still morning.”

“Jake, it’s noon.”

“Really? Fuck…….”

“Yeah, so you have any plans, or you wanna go back to sleep, Lazy Ass?”

“Whaddya want Kunis?”

“A walk in Central Park. See you there in 45. Later.”


I sat on a bench in the park, awaiting the arrival of Mila. Hard to believe just a few days ago, I couldn’t even think of her without cringing and getting pissed. But now, I was actually looking forward to it. Sure, not all was forgiven, but the negativity was definitely a lot lighter.

I only had to wait about ten minutes for her to arrive, and as soon as I did, I couldn’t help but have a smile cross my face.

“Well hello Mr. Parker,” she said with a smile, sitting down next to me.

“Hello yourself Short Stack” I replied with a smile and a hug.

“Short Stack…been a while since you called me that……I still like it and loathe it.”

“Then that shall be your nickname now and forever…once again……yeah….”

“So, I made the park plan, what do you wanna do from here?”

“Leaving it all up to me huh?” I said with a smirk.

“Of course,” she said. “Like old times.”



I decided to simply take Mila for a walk around the park, just talking to her, trying to reconnect a bit better. It seemed to be working somewhat. Going over all our fun times, but avoiding the past round of months completely. But that was okay. We didn’t need to go there. Yet.

“Remember that Halloween when we were nine?” Mila asked with a wicked smile.

“Fuck, again with the green short pants?” I replied, rolling my eyes. “When will you let me live that down?”

“Um, let me check my watch….about..15 minutes till….fucking never….yeah, I think that’s right.”

“I swear, one Halloween, I want to be the original Titans leader, and I never hear the end of it. And you never hear me bringing up your bad costume ideas.”

“Because all mine rocked.”

“Really? You sure you wanna go with that answer….Gilligan?”

“…you swore you’d never mention that again!” she said, playfully punching me in the arm.

“Hey, if you can bring up the short pants anytime you want, I’m left with precious little choice.”

“Fine….truce Webhead…for now…..”

“Agreed upon.”

“You hungry?” she asked.

“Little bit,” I replied. “Are you?”

“Starved. You know of any place good around here?”

“I know a nice burger joint.”

“Sounds good. Let’s go.”


We were sitting at a booth, chowing down. I was having a cheddar guacamole burger, Mila was chowing down on a bacon and swiss.

“How’s that burger treatin’ ya Short Stuff?” I asked, taking a swig of my Dr. Pepper.

“Good,” she replied, swallowing her bite. “This place is great. Gotta remember it for next time I’m here.” We sat in silence for a little bit, just eating our burgers. Everything seemed fine to me, but apparently I was totally oblivious to something. “Jake, I have an important question,” she finally let out. Her tone was one of dread.

“What’s wrong Kunis?”

“Jake, hanging around you today has been great. Like old times….”


“But, you and I both know we’re skirting around the big issue……”


“Jake, we both know there’s some serious unresolved issues between us. Our feelings. Jake, we had sex. Sure, it was fairly pure passion, but we had sex nonetheless. And being without you just as a friend left a huge hole in my life. But we need to explore something. We need to explore what’s between us.”

“Mila, we shouldn’t go there, not yet.”

“Jake,” she said, looking me in the eyes, taking my hand in hers. “We need to. We need to know what’s really between us.”

“…’re right.”


As soon as we were in her bedroom, Mila and I locked in an embrace. I lifted her up into my arms and deeply kissed her, licking her lips as it was broken. I laid her down on the bed, slowly taking her shirt off. I kissed the top of her black lace-covered breasts, and then kissed my way down to her jeans. I undid the top button and slowly unzipped, rising up to pull them off her body. Once removed, I saw her panties matched her bra, which brought a big smile to my face. I removed my clothes very promptly, mine joining hers in a messy pile on the floor.

Mila looked me in the eyes as I began to soak her in. “Come on Jake,” she said softly, “don’t stop.” Upon hearing that, I lowered my face down to her crotch and broadly licked her panties. She sighed softly as I hooked my thumbs in the hem of her underwear, and lifted her legs up to slowly remove them. As her legs stood in the air, I placed kisses on them, from her ankle to her thigh as she slowly lowered them.

I licked and nibbled on the thighs until I got to her glistening slit. I gave her a few broad licks, sending enough of a good sensation through her to cause Mila to arch her back and moan. I gave her clit a few slow licks before I began to concentrate my mouth’s energy on it completely.

“Yesssssssssssssssssss,” Mila hissed, running her fingers through my hair as I lapped at her clit, quickly darting on it with my tongue as I fingered her with my index and middle fingers. Removing my fingers from her wet snatch, I moved them to her mouth.

“Taste yourself Mila,” I said, taking a break from my work. “Taste it…..” Mila eagerly sucked my fingers into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around my fingers, sucking her juices off them.

“Mmmmmmmmm yessss… good,” she said as she released my fingers. I went back to focusing on the clit, managing to lock eyes with her every so often as I nibbled and sucked on her aroused nub.

My hand and mouth switched places, my fingers now rubbing and teasing her clit, my tongue licking and twisting inside of her. “Fuck yes….” she said breathlessly. “Yes…oh fuck yes……”

I continued on her like this for a few more minutes before I stopped and rose up to kiss her. “I need to be inside you Mila,” I told her, lining my cock up with her slit. “Let me…..”

“Please… it.” With that, I slowly inserted my hard cock into her, the both of us letting out loud moans. I lifted her up in my arms and moved us into a sitting position. I moved my hands to her breasts and undid her bra. As soon as it was completely removed, I began to suck and kiss on them as I thrust into her. “Uuunnnnnnnhhhhh….yes baby…..fuck yes……so good……”

Mila put her arms behind her as I gripped her hips and began to thrust hard into her. I watched in awe as her face contorted in passion, and as her breasts bounced up and down with my hard thrusts.

“Keep going Jake…..feels so good…your cock is so good…so fucking good…..don’t fucking stop…don’t ever fucking stop………fuck me baby…fuck me harder…..”

After a while of this position, Mila wrapped her arms around my neck and brought her face to mine, nibbling and kissing my lips. “Get on your back,” she said softly. “Now baby….”

Doing as she asked, I got on my back, Mila now on top and in control. She placed her arms at my chest and slowly began to ride me, building up to a rhythm. Soon enough, her room was filled with the sounds of moaning and slapping flesh. But I wanted something more myself. I had Mila remove herself from me and get on all fours in front of me. I gave her ass a playful slap before slamming myself into her pussy from behind.

“FUCKKKKK!” she moaned. I leaned over her back as I fucked her and kissed her neck.

“You fucking love it this way don’t you?” I asked her, whispering into her ear between nibbles. “Tell me how much……”

“God yes…you feel so good Jake…fuck yes…don’t fucking stop…..fuckkkkk…..” she said with eyes shut and teeth gritted. She began to dig her nails into her bed and grind into my crotch every so often. “Fuckyesfuckyesfuckyesfuckyes….so close…fuck….fuck me……” I had her hips in a good grip, and began to thrust back with everything I had.

“Fuck yeah Mila…you feel so fucking good…you fucking love this don’t you?”

“Fuck….oh fuck…..damn…..oh my…..fuckkkkkkk…..” She bit on her lower lip to try and keep it in, trying to stave of her climax as best she could. She moved one of her hands to her breasts and began to pinch and tweak her own nipples.

I leaned forward, pulling her until her back was against my chest, thrusting into her as hard as I could, moving my hand to her clit, frigging it as the other pulled her face to mine for a kiss. She was close, and soon her pussy began to spasm around my cock. I felt her moan into my mouth as we kissed, and her body stiffened and fell back, her orgasm rushing through her body. Mila fell forward, her ass still up in the air as I continued thrusting into her. With a few more strokes, I hit the wall and let my cum loose into her wet snatch. As soon as I was done, I pulled myself out and fell beside her, kissing her deeply in the afterglow of it all.


I was putting my clothes back on when I felt Mila tap me on the shoulder. “Jake,” she said softly, “we need to talk.”

“I know,” I said, turning around to face her. “Which we should have done a while ago.”

“Yeah, I know. But what…what just happened….well, it answered a lot of questions I had, well, about us.”

“Did the same for me too Short Stack.”

“I hope you came to the same conclusion I did then.”

“Won’t know till you tell me.”

“Fair enough,” she said, sliding her panties back on. “Jake, you’re my best friend. But that’s it. It could have been more once, but now…..the time just passed. There’s a spark between us, no doubt. But that’s all it is. A spark.”

“I know what you mean Mila. I feel the same way. We’re great friends, and should just be happy with that. Not that what happened just now wasn’t great, but, you know, we’re friends, and we found out what we needed to know.”


“So…..ya wanna go see a movie?”

“Nah, I’m fine. I’m probably just gonna go out, grab some dinner and come back here. You wanna join in?”

“No thanks. I got some thinking to do. Not about this, but other things.”

“I see,” Mila said, putting her shirt back on. “Jake, if it’s meant to be, you two will get back together. You have to believe that.”

“What makes you think I’m thinking of Elisha?”

“I know you Jake. I know when you’re hurting. And I know what’s hurting you, and I know that I had a major part in doing it. It’s not like we’re talking rocket science.”

“Mila, like I told Laura, and like I told Elisha when she called, it’s over, and I’m not going back. Period.”

“Okay Jake. But let me ask you this: What if she was the one?”

“If she was, then we both blew it, and she’s doing nothing but rub salt in the wound.”

“By making a few mistakes? Every relationship has its fair share of that.”

“You’re forgetting that Elisha and I aren’t in a relationship,” I replied, walking out her bedroom door. “Something I don’t think should change.”


I headed to a theatre near my apartment. Played some modern movies, but tonight, I was attending a showing of the original Dawn Of The Dead. I wasn’t much in the mood for anything uplifting, and the tale of the civilized world falling to the flesh-eating dead seemed perfect. Good time to be had, but not necessarily a happy time.

So, I bought my ticket and headed to the concession stand, ready to spend a good two hours alone, when I bumped into a face I didn’t expect to see.

“Well well well, if it isn’t Jake Parker,” Eliza said, greeting me with a raised eyebrow. “What’s a guy like you doing here?”

“Seeing Dawn Of The Dead,” I replied. “What’s a nice girl like yourself doing her?”

“Oh, the same. You wanna make it a “duo-viewing experience”?”

“Like a pseudo-date?”

“Of sorts,” she replied with a smile, taking my arm and pulling me into the theatre.


I sat with Eliza during the film, and actually had the best time I’d had in the time I’d been in N.Y. Just sitting back watching a good movie, with someone I was very comfortable with. I don’t know why I was so comfortable with her. I had only just met her. But it felt really natural. Natural enough for me to put my arm around her, natural enough for her to rest her head on my shoulder as we watched wholesale slaughter on the big screen. It felt good. Just really good.

“Ya wanna go get something to eat after this?” Eliza whispered into my ear.

“That’s sounds great,” I replied.


After the movie, we walked around. We got some hot dogs from a cart and continued our simple convo from the night before. I was really surprised at how much useless crap we both knew, but, as she kept reminding me, she was a total tomboy growing up.

“Come on Jake,” she said in between bites of her hot dog. “You’re seriously telling me I’m the only girl you’ve ever met who owned Optimus Prime as a kid.”

“Hand to God,” I replied. “All the girls were into Barbie and such crap as that.”

“Ugh, what’s the fun in a dream car if it can’t turn into a robot of death?”

“Exactly,” I said, and we both laughed. I hadn’t noticed it either, but somehow during our walk, we had started holding hands.

“Something wrong?” she asked, noticing my noticing.

“Oh no, nothing at all Eliza,” I replied.

“Good, because I have something I need to ask you. A bit more private place is needed though. Follow me.” She lead be the hand and took me down and alley way.

“So what’s the question?”

“You think I’m hot?” she asked as grabbed me by the neck and drew me in for a kiss. “You wanna fuck me?”

“Yes and yes,” I replied as the kiss broke. “You sure about it though? We just met and all…..”

“What does this tell you?” she asked, squeezing my cock through my pants. “I like you Jake. I think you’re hot as fuck, you’re funny, and smart. I like that. I like you. You like me. Makes all the sense in the world.”

“I can agree with that.”

“Good.” And with that, Eliza nearly tore my shirt off removing it, biting and kissing my chest as she worked her way down to my crotch. She frantically went at my belt and zipper, hastily undoing them and drawing my pants and boxers around my ankles. Eliza looked up, catching her eyes to mine, at first with an innocent look as she kissed my thighs, but the innocence sooned turned to a devilish smile as she grasped my cock in her right hand, spit on the head, and began to jack me quickly and she sucked my balls into her mouth.

Eliza rolled and sucked on one, roaming her tongue all over it, and switched to give the treatment to the other, all the time keeping her wicked gaze locked on mine. She continued to jack me as she sucked on my balls, stopping every so often to rub her thumb just under the crown, or tease the pisshole with her fingernails. It took all my concentration to keep my eyes locked on hers. I wanted to let out everything she was doing to me, but the look she was giving me….I couldn’t NOT look.

“You fuckin’ like that Jake?” she asked, removing her mouth from my balls, but continuing her fast jacking. “I bet you want my fucking mouth to suck on this hard cock don’t you? DON’T YOU? Fucking tell me….tell me how much you fucking need it and MAYBE I’ll suck you…maybe…fucking tell me baby….”

“Fuuuck….Eliza,” I said, keeping my eyes still locked on her and taking a deep breath. “Fucking suck me. Take me into your fucking mouth and fucking suck. I fucking need it so fucking bad…fucking suck me…suck my fucking cock….”

“Just what I wanted to fucking hear. Get ready, you naughty fucker.” Giving me one last wicked smile, Eliza opened her mouth and slowly inched my cock into her mouth, slowly snaking her tongue around, eventually getting me all the way in and holding me for at least a minute, while her hands were kneading and massaging my balls, now coated in her saliva.

As she drew me out of her mouth, I felt her again snake her tongue around me, giving the underside of the crown a few quick, hard licks then a kiss before taking a small breath. “Do whatever you want baby. My mouth is yours till I say quit…all yours…whatever you fucking want from it…all yours…..” And with that, she started a slow lick, from tip to base, and from base to tip, planting sloppy kisses along the way. Once back at the tip, Eliza quickly took me into her mouth, and this time, I was going to take her at her word. I held the sides of Eliza’s head and began to thrust into her mouth.

“Fuck yeah…fucking take it…be my fucking whore..” I growled. She moaned in response, lightly scratching my thighs. “Fuck yes….suck my fucking cock….take all of it…fuck yessss…..”

After a few minutes of this, Eliza gave me the signal to stop. I did, and took myself out of her mouth.

“You dirty fucker,” she said, wiping her mouth. “I think you’ve gotten enough of a warm-up. I think I need that cock in my wet fucking pussy now. You wanna? You wanna fuck my slutty little pussy, huh Jake?”

“What does this tell you?” I asked in a grunt as I grabbed her and turned her around her face towards the brick wall, her hands grabbing a fire escape ladder.

“Fuck me Jake….fuck me fast, fuck me hard, fuck me NOW.” Looking into her eyes as he said this to me, I couldn’t hesitate a moment longer. I reached around and undid her pants and yanked them down around her ankles, licking her ass as I got to my feet. I lined my cock up with her wet opening and quickly thrust inside, getting a growl through gritted teeth to escape her mouth. “Fuck yess….fuck me like a dirty little slut…fuck me….FUCK ME!”

I began to thrust into Eliza faster and faster, moving my arms from around her waste to her ample breasts, squeezing them savagely as I fucked her. “Fuck yes….ahh fuck…you fuckin’ slut….FUCK yes!” I growled. “You feel so fucking good….FUUCK…tell me how much you fucking need this…”

“FUCK…oohhhh you fucker….fuck me..fuck me HARDER!”

“Not until you tell me how much you fucking need this….fuuuckk….fucking tell me!” I growled again, giving her a few particularly hard thrusts as I licked her neck.

“How much I….God-fucking-dammit…fuckkkkk..need this?” she asked out of breath. “How about how much you fucking need this?” With that, I felt her pussy begen to contract around and milk my cock, making me throw my head back in a low moan. “That’s what I fuckin’ thoug..mmmmm!” was all she got out as I pulled her face to mine and kissed her, our tongues sloppily lapping at each other as we fucked.

“Fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuuuuuuuckmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” Eliza muttered softly, her eyes shut. I reached around and began to frig her clit, rubbing circles, clockwise and counter on her nub.

“FUCK YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS,” she groaned loudly, not caring if anyone could hear. “You listen to me Jake, and you fucking listen good. I’m gonna…fuCK!..cum really fucking soon, and I want you to fucking cum too….I want to feel that hot fucking cum of your inside me, I want you to just let loose inside me, you fucking understand? Shoot your cum in my hot fucking pussyyyy….fuuuuckk..IcummingI’mcummingI’CUMMMMINNNGGGGGFUUUCCKKKK!!!” Eliza threw her head back and let out a loud moan as her back arched and pussy spasmed on my cock, and with a few quick thrusts, I let loose, spraying her pussy walls with my cum with a loud groan.

We stood like that for a few minutes, soaking in the afterglow of it all, kissing each other as best we could in our position, myself planting numerous kisses on her neck and licking for her tongue.

“Wanna continue our walk?” she asked, almost completely out of breath.



“So Eliza,” I said, as we walked to the bar.”What was that back there?”

“You want the truth?” she asked in reply.

“I’d like it very much.”

“Here it goes then. Jake, what happened back there can be two things. One: It can be just one-time sex between two new friends, or Two: It can be the start of something much bigger. I’d really like the latter.” As her sentence finsihed she grabbed me by the hand and squeezed.

“I’d like the latter too Eliza, but, we just met like what, a few days ago?”

“Yeah, so? It may look like it’s too soon, but who the fuck’s to say, ya know? I like you Jake. A lot. I haven’t really felt like this about a guy I’ve just met in a while, and fucking feels good, and I’d like it to continue, wouldn’t you?”

I stopped for a moment to think on this. Was this really what I wanted? Then I looked at Eliza and realized, yes, yes it was. True, we had only just met, but I felt closer to her than I had Elisha the first time we ever met. Where Elisha and I had to know each other a bit for something to gel, something seemed to already be there between Eliza and I. And I took that as a sign. A “Go” sign.

“What does this tell you?” I asked her and kissed her deeply, lifting her up off the ground a bit. When I put her down, she smiled and playfully slapped my ass.

“So, what now cowboy?” she asked, her arm hooked in mine as we walked through the back entrance of the bar, and then up the stairs to my apartment.

“I have a few ideas,” I replied. “Funny you should say cowboy, I think I have some rope up there….”

“Gah, you naughty fucker,” she said with a smile. “This should be fun if nothing else.”

“Personally, I think it’s gonna be a lot more than fun Eliza.”

“I think so too Jake,” she said, kissing me before I opened the door.


As I laid in bed that night, I looked over at Eliza, asleep in my bed. I was amazed at two things as I watched. I was amazed that someone so heavenly looking could be such a devil in bed. And I was amazed that being with her just felt so natural. Hadn’t felt this natural since…Elisha. And this felt right. I brushed some hair from her forehead and planted a light kiss on it before I laid down myself began to drift off to sleep. Looked like my luck was finally changing for the better. About damn time.

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