Benoit Vs The Nitro Girls

by Jake B. Giles (

Chris Benoit walked into his hotel room and layed on the bed. He started
to go to sleep when he heard a knock at his door. When he opened the door
Nitro Girls Whisper and Fyre were at his door.

"Chris, could you help us, there’s a mouse in our room." said Whisper.

Benoit went off to their room and searched underneath the bed and around
the room, but couldn’t find the animal.

"Where did the rat go?" Benoit asked.

"It was behind this chair." said Fyre.

Whisper then looked behind the chair and soon was on the floor yelling.

"What’s a matter?" asked Chris.

"It crawled up my leg." Whisper answered.

"Chris, I think you should get it." Fyre added.

"Okay, where is it?" Benoit said.

"Right on my thigh." Whisper replied.

Chris felt on her thigh, but didn’t feel anything.

"A little lower." Whisper said.

"There’s nothing there." Benoit replied.

"Oh, there’s something there, a hairy twat." Fyre said.

Fyre guided Benoit’s hand onto Whisper’s cunt and rubbed it. Fyre took
off her clothes and took off Benoit’s too. Chris put his hand into
Whisper’s pants and stroked her moist pussy. Whisper moaned as Fyre removed
her clothes. Benoit then began fingering Whisper’s pussy. Fyre crawled over
to Whisper and kissed her. Fyre then licked Whisper’s nipples as she sat up
and began to suck Chris’ dick. Benoit shoved his fat cock into the back of
Whisper’s throat as he kissed Fyre. Fyre ate out Whisper’s asshole as
Whisper contined to give Benoit a blowjob.

Chris shot his load into Whisper’s mouth and she slurped it down and
Fyre then kissed Benoit. Benoit layed Fyre down on the bed and began
fucking her cunt. Fyre screamed with pleasure as Whisper sat on Fyre’s face
and Fyre ate out her wet pussy. Chris continued fucking Fyre’s clit and
Whisper put her ass in Benoit’s face. Chris ate out Whisper’s ass as Fyre
grabbed Whisper’s tits while Benoit’s dick was still in Fyre’s cunt. Benoit
stood up and fucked Whisper up the ass. Fyre looked on and fingered

"Are you jealous, slut?" Benoit asked Fyre.

"No, I like to see you fuck that bitches ass." Fyre said.

"Don’t you want it?" Benoit responded.

"Oh, yes, hard in my ass." Fyre said.

"Too bad. I like this carnal slut. Your ass isn’t good enough, but if
you finger your pussy like a good girl I might consider it." Chris stated.

Benoit continued fucking Whisper from the back with increased intensity.

Fyre fingered her own cunt.

"Yeah, keep it up. I love to see you do what I want. Maybe I’ll give you
what you want if you continue." Benoit told her.

"What do you want me to do?" Fyre asked.

"Pleasure yourself." Benoit said.

"Look in my bag, you might find something good." Whisper said.

Fyre pulls a ten inch dildo out of Whisper’s bag as Benoit gets his dick
sucked by Whisper.

"That looks good, now shove it in." Whisper told Fyre.

Fyre looked hesitant, but stuck the dildo up her cunt. Whisper then
layed on the bed while Benoit fucked her pussy.

"Is that all you can take, bitch?" Whisper asked.

"That isn’t good enough for me, deeper." Benoit told her.

Fyre pushed the dildo farther up her clit as she screamed in pain and
pleasure. Whisper got off Chris and forced the dildo up in Fyre’s cunt.

Fyre yelled in pain and then pleasure as she slid the dildo in and out
of her moist pussy. Benoit slapped Fyre’s ass as Whisper kept jamming the
dildo into Fyre’s cunt. Chris fucked Fyre up the ass while Whisper
continued jamming the dildo in Fyre’s moist cunt.


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