Ben’s Aussie Adventures: Kym Valentine

Bens Aussie Adventures: Kym Valentine

By Blindside212

This is a series that deals only in Australian celebrities. Of corse these are works of fiction and do not in any way reflect the actions of anybody living or dead.

Kym Valentine.

I was down at the local pool for a swim one day. I go once or twice a week to keep fit. I had just finished a few laps and was just about to get out of the pool when a woman came out of the change rooms and into the main area. It was Kym Valentine, who plays Libby In Neighbors. She had been a bit of a fantasy of mine and today was no exception. She was
wearing a bright blue bikini that just held her huge breasts in place. They bounced slightly as she walked across the floor of the pool and sat on the edge of the water. I moved to get a better look as she stuck her long legs into the warm water. My cock was getting harder by the second as I looked at the hot young actress as she lowered herself into the water and swam across to the far end of the pool.

I pretended to do some exercises as I watched Kym do a few laps of the pool Stopping every now and then to push her hair back from her face. When she did this, she would put both hands behind her head and her breasts would push out in front of her. It was getting late and there were only a few people left in the pool. After another few laps, Kym stood at the shallow end and ran her hands down the front of her tight body. I must have been staring too hard because she spotted me and winked. I went red and turned my head away as I started for the ladder to get out of the pool. But before I had gotten even half way there, I heard someone swimming up behind me.

“Hi there.” A cheerful voice said.

“I’m Kym.” I froze. I managed to get a grip and turned around to find myself face to face with one of the hottest women on T.V.

“I’m Ben.” I said.

“I saw you watching me while I was swimming. Do you like my suit?” She asked. I wanted to say that I would cum in a second if I saw her wearing that on T.V. but instead I said.

“It’s nice.”

“Do you think it shows off my Boobs well?” She asked standing on her tiptoes so that her breasts stood just above the water.

“Well…” I stammered.

“Have a good look. I don’t mind.” I dropped my eyes and gazed into a cleavage that looked like it could go on forever.

“They look fine to me.”

“Would you like to join me in the spa? She said with a sexy smile.


We got out of the pool, picked up our bags and Kym led me to the small spa in the room adjoining the main pool. We got in and Kym sat on one side and I on the other.

“Are you comfortable?” Kym asked after a few minutes.

“Yes… Why do you ask?”

“Because the show is about to begin.” She replied. Just as I was going to say something a old man walked into the room. He was the owner of the pool.

“Hi Kym. I’m closing the pool now but if you and your friend want to stay for a while you can. Just come up to the doors when you want to be let out. I’ll be doing some work in the office.”

“Thanks Bill.” Kym said.

“Could you shut the door on your way out. Bill left and I heard the door lock behind him.

“Now that we are alone.” Kym said.

“Let’s drop the act. I was watching you too. Your pretty hot. I want to have a bit of fun tonight. How about you Benny?”

“Yes.” Was all I could say as Kym started to move around the spa. She stopped about a third of the way around and sighed happily.

“Ahh. Found one.”

“One what?” I asked.

“Bubble jet. I love to sit on them. It makes me so hornny.” I felt my cock stand straight up at this.

“But I like it even better when I’m not wearing these.” And with that she pulled off the bottom of her bikini and threw it onto the side of the spa.

“Ahh.” She moaned as she started to move over the jet.

“That’s so good.” She raised her hands and cupped her huge tits. I just sat there transfixed as Kym Valentine started to masturbate in front of me.

“You don’t have to just sit there you know.” She said between heavy breaths.

“I want you to get off on this. Why don’t you start having a wank.” I didn’t need any more prompting. I ripped off my trunks and tossed them to the ground next to the spa. My tool was in my hand in a second and I started to wank harder then I ever had before. Kym meanwhile had dropped one hand down below the water and had started to finger her pussy.

“Could I see your cock?” She asked.

“Of course.” I said as I stood to show her my prick.

“Oh my god. It’s huge.” She gasped. I thought that it was only average but she thought that it was the best thing since sliced bread. Kym stopped fucking herself and stood up as well. She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“I want it inside me. I want to feel your cock in my cunt.” She then kissed me deeply and I let go of my dick and grabbed her bear, firm ass. She pushed herself against me and I felt her breasts smash against my chest. I stopped kissing her and said.

“Well. You’ll have to work for it.” Kym smiled and let go of my neck. She took a small step back and pulled off her top. Her breasts were even better then I had thought. They were huge but still perky. Her nipples were large and red and stuck out like a pair of saw thumbs. I took a quick look down at her pussy to see that it was free of hair.

“How about I wank for it instead?” She said. And without waiting for an answer, she reached over the edge of the spa for her bag and pulled a ten inch black dildo out of it.

“I normally call him Bob… But tonight I’ll call him Ben.”

She moved to the far side of the spa and sat up on the edge with her back resting on the wall. She propped her left leg up on the side of the spa and started to rub her swollen pussy with her right hand.

“Oh yes. That’s it Ben.” She moaned as she rubbed the dildo over her face.

“Let me suck your big fat cock dry.” She wrapped her full lips around the tip of the dildo and began to suck on it. Her other hand meanwhile was going wild on her young cunt. She had two fingers inside her and was fucking herself madly.

“Come on baby.” She said taking the dildo out of her mouth for a second.

“You can touch me too.”

I moved in front of her and reached one hand up to her beautiful breasts. I cupped her right tit and started to massage it.

“Oh yeah. Feel my tits Ben. Make me moan.” Kym said closing her eyes and pushing her chest out so I could grab the other breast. I was soon rubbing her tits hard while she continued to finger fuck herself. Kym opened her eyes and said.

“This is what I’m going to do to your cock babe.” She then stuffed as much of the dildo as she could down her throat. She started to slobber over the whole thing and gagged as it hit the back of her throat. The sound of her slurping on it drove me crazy.

“Keep that up and I’ll cum any second.” I said.

“Yes please.” Kym said as she dropped the dildo and reached for my cock. She grabbed it with her left hand and started to wank it hard. She then pulled her fingers from her cunt and slid off the side of the spa to sit on the seat under the water.

“The best thing about this spa is the seats are the right height for me to suck a cock.” She said. And with that Kym took my whole rod into her mouth.

She moaned as she started bobbing her head up and down on my prick. Making loud slurping sounds as she picked up speed. She then stopped and took me out of her mouth.

“Now whatever you do, don’t pull out. Even if you think I’m choacking.” She then took me back in. I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat and slide down further. Kym started to gag, but didn’t stop. Her saliva was filling her mouth and it felt like my dick was swimming. It felt so good.

“Suck me bitch. Suck my cock dry!” I said as I grabbed her by the hair and fucked her face hard. Kym was grunting and moaning as she took me in and out of her mouth. I soon felt the cum rise in my balls.

“I’m going to blow.” Kym pulled me out of her mouth and spat her saliva out over my tool.

“Cum on my face Benny. Let me feel your load on me.” I burst over her in a second. The first shot hit her in the right eye. The second and third loads hit her on the forehead and the last three shot into her willing mouth.

Kym stuck her head under the water to wash the cum off her face and came back up smiling.

“That was so good. Now what do you want to do to me?”

“Stand up and move over to this side of the spa.” Kym did as she was told as I moved out of her way.

“Now knell on the seat and bend over with your legs spread.” She did this and I saw that her pussy was red and ready for a good fuck. I grabbed the dildo and told her to get ready for the fuck of a lifetime.

“Fuck me hard. Make me scream. Treat me like a whore.” Kym moaned. I shoved the dildo up her tight cunt and fucked her harder then even she had hoped. She yelled and bucked her body as I pumped the black plastic in and out of her. After a few minutes of this I was hard again and so I pulled out the dildo and replaced it with my cock.

“You like it bitch. You want it harder?” I said as I grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard.

“Fuck me!!! Fuck me!!! Fuck me baby!!!” She cried.

After a few more minutes I felt another load rise in my cock and I yelled.

“Here it comes slut!” Kym hit the roof as I shot my wod into her cunt.

“Oh god! Fill me with your cum. That’s it baby. Fill me!” I finished and pulled out of her.

We sat back down in the spa and kissed for about ten minutes before we got out, got dressed and went to the door.

“Here’s my number.” Kym said handing me a card.

“Call me and we’ll do this again.” We walked to the front doors and the old guy let me out while Kym stayed to chat.

“Are you O.K. Bill?” Kym asked the old man.

“I’m fine.” Bill said as he looked at her. Kym looked over his shoulder to see a screen with a shot of the spa room on it. There was a VCR under it with the record light on.

“You were taping us!” Kym said.

“Yep.” Bill said.

“did you like it?” Kym asked with a smile.

“What do you think.” Bill said standing up to show her his rock hard cock.

Kym instantly dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around Bill’s cock. She sucked him for all she was worth and he soon shot a huge load down her throat. Kym stood and wiped the cum off her chin with the back of her hand.

“We’ll have to do this again.” And with that she left the pool and went back to her normal life.

Now before you go, just a word about future stories in this series.

Some of the celebrities in upcoming stories may be unknown to some readers. If this is the case surf the web until you find them. Trust me when I say that you’ll be happy with the ladies I’m going to write about.

Future stories include.

Brooke satchwell

Suzie Wilks

Nicola Charles

Catriona Roundtree

Tracey Spicer

Naomi Robson

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