Ben’s Aussie Adventures: Naomi Robson

Ben’s Aussie Adventures: Naomi Robson

By Blindside212

This is the next in this series that deals with only Australian celebrities. If you haven’t read any of this series before don’t worry because there is no storyline to follow. Just that Ben is a guy that has the nack to be able to bang some of the hottest little sluts in the land of Oz. Of corse this is a work of fiction and is not ment for any person under the age of 18.

Just a word about Ms Robson before we get started. She is on Australia’s Seven Network first as a reporter in the early 90’s and for the past few
years as the host of the current affairs program Today Tonight.

— Naomi Robson.

For the past few weeks I have been in the news a bit. I was in my local Post Office when a guy burst in and tried to rob the place. I was the unlucky bloke that got hit in the shoulder when the cops came in and shot the guy. It was only a flesh wound but everyone thinks that I’m some kind of hero. I have let them think that because it has gotten me so much pussy of late.

One day I got a call from the Seven Network’s Today Tonight. They wanted to do a piece on me for the show that night. I was told that I would be interviewed by the host of the show Naomi Robson. My cock got pretty hard at this thought. Naomi was a total babe. She was very short, about Five foot Four but she had a great body. Legs that were long for her height and a pair of small but perky breasts. Her brunette hair was long at this point and she had full lips that I bet would feel great around my cock.

I turned up for the show about five that afternoon. They wanted me to do the interview live to air. I went to make-up and then was taken to the green room to wait. After a few minutes the door opened and I turned my head and felt my jaw drop. There she was, wearing a very fitted gray suit with the shortest skirt I had ever seen.

“Hello Ben. Naomi Robson. Nice to meet you.” It took me a few seconds to regain the power of speech.

“Nice to meet you too. I love the show.” I lied. I thought that the show was a load of crap but I watched it from time to time to wank off over this little slut.

“We will be on in about twenty minutes.” She said as I stood to shake her hand.

“I’m a bit nervous.” I said.

“No need.” Naomi said smiling.

“I’ll be gentle.” I ran the thought of her being gentle in the sack through my head and felt my dick start to harden.

Naomi left the room and I got a good look at her pert arse as she went out the door.

“Fuck that skirt is short.” I thought to myself. Later, after a long wait in which I sat there and thought about fucking Naomi Robson on her desk on set, I was taken to the set and sat in a chair across from Naomi. It was then I noticed that the set had changed from the last time I had watched the show. Now there was no desk and Naomi was just sitting in a tail chair with her long legs crossed. I couldn’t take my eyes off those legs. They were fantastic and looked to have nothing covering them.

“In five, four, three. Two…”

The interview went well. Naomi was the best interviewer I had spoken to so far. She kept smiling at me when and I felt my cock get even harder then before. After the interview was over I stood to say goodbye to her.

“Ben?” She asked.

“Would you like to have a drink with me after the show?” I just looked at her.

“I mean if your not busy that is.”

“I’d love to.” I said.

After the show Naomi came to the Green Room still in that stunning suit.

“Ready to go?” She asked.

“Don’t you have to change?”

“No. This is my suit. The station gives them to me.” I thought about all the sexy suits that I had seen her wear over the years and my dick got hard again. We went to a bar near the station and had a few drinks while talking about the robbery and life in general.

“You must like all the attention that you have been getting lately?” Naomi said as she sipped at her forth glass of wine.

“It’s been fun. But I know that it will end soon.” I said.

“I bet that the women have been taking notice of you.” She said with a smile.

“A few.” I said as if it wasn’t the reason I had agreed to be marched out in front of the media.

“But I guess you got your share of ass before the shooting.” She said and I felt her foot brush my leg under the table.

“Well…” I laughed as her foot started to rub my leg harder.

“You’re a very handsome man.” Naomi said.

“And I couldn’t help but notice that you had a good look at me when we were on set. Tell me, did you like what you saw?”

“Bold aren’t you.” I thought.

“Well… If that’s the way you want to play it.”

“I think that you are very cute.” I said out loud.

“I bet you would like to get closer to me wouldn’t you?”

“Me and every other man in the country.” I said as her foot dropped away from my leg.

“Well. I guess that you will have to be the first of those men to have me.” She said with a sluttish grin on her face.

Twenty minutes later we were in her house making out like a couple of teenagers. Naomi was a great kisser and I was running my hands all over her body.

“I want to fuck you so hard.” She said as I grabbed her ass and squeezed.

“Do you know how horny you make men in these little suits of yours?” I asked as Naomi started to kiss my neck.

“I wear them to get men off. I love the idea that they watch me and then have a wank.”

“Well I know that I do.”

“Come on then.” Naomi said leading me by the hand into the kitchen and sitting me down on a chair.

“Have fun with me. Tell me what you want me to do.” I looked around and saw the bench in the corner of the room.

“sit on that and cross your legs.” I said pointing to the bench. She went over and did as she was told.

“Like this?” She said as I moved my chair over to sit in front of her.

“Just like that honey.” I said as I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock.

“Oh my!” She said.

“That’s a big one. I don’t think that it will fit all the way into my cunt. But I’ll sure as fuck try.”

“God you’re a slut.” I said starting to wank as Naomi ran her hands over her thighs.

“I always have been. I got the job on Today Tonight by giving the boss a blow job.” I tugged harder on my cock and Naomi uncrossed and spread her legs as far as her skirt allowed. She was not wearing underwear and her pussy was clean-shaven and very wet.

“Like this Ben?” She asked.

“Indeed.” I said.

“Go to the fridge.” She said. I did so and opened the door.

“In the bottom you’ll find what I want.” I looked down and found a large Cucumber. It was about twelve inches long and very fat.

“Bring it over here” I brought it over to her and she took it off me.

“Wank off on this.” And with that she stuffed the end of the vegetable into her pussy.

“Oh my god.” I said as Naomi started to fuck herself slowly with the cucumber.

“I love this. I do it all the time.” She said.

“Want me to do it harder?”

“Sure.” Was all I could say. Naomi pulled the veggie out of her cunt and got off the bench. She walked over to the kitchen table and hitched up her skirt so her pussy and ass were out for all to see. She got up on the table, lay back and spread her legs as wide as they could go.

“Watch this Benny.” And with that she stuffed the cucumber into her pussy. She grabbed the end with both her small hands and rammed it in and out of her cunt as she started to grunt and moan.

“This feels so good! I love fucking myself with this fucking thing!” I just sat there with my cock in hand as she continued to ram herself.

“I’m going to cum!!!” She screamed as a huge orgasm ripped through her body.

She slowly pulled the cucumber out of her pussy. As the tip came out there was a loud popping sound.

“That should be big enough.” She said sitting up and moving to the edge of the table.

“Big enough for what?” I asked.

“For me to do this.” She said before clenching her right hand into a fist and shoving it into her pussy.

“Like watching me do this do you?” She asked as I started to wank faster at the sight of this slut fisting herself.

“I’m coming again!” She said as she pulled her fist out of her cunt.

After she caught her breath she got off the table and came over to where I was sitting.

“Now it’s your turn to cum baby.” And with that she straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! That’s it Ben. Fuck me like a whore!” Naomi moaned as she started to go up and down on my tool.

“Give me all your hot cock. Let me feel you inside my hot, wet pussy.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and started to go faster.

“I’m going to cum soon.” I said as she started to twist herself as best she could on my cock.

“Cum on my face.” She said before getting off my lap and sinking to the floor.

“Let me have your hot cum on my face.” She grabbed my cock and started to jerk it off hard.

“Here it comes!!!” I shouted as my nut burst all over her. It landed in her hair, on her suit top and all over her face. After I was done Naomi licked my cock clean.

“Your still hard.” She said.

“I think that it wants me to do this.” She opened her mouth and slipped my cock inside. She gave me the blowjob of a lifetime. She slobbered all over my knob and sucked harder then anybody had before. It wasn’t long before I was ready to cum again.

“Wait!” She said pulling my cock out of her mouth. She sat back on the floor and ripped her jacket off to show me her stunning tits.

“Blow on these.” I didn’t need to be told twice. I grabbed my cock and jacked hard. My cum shot out and covered her small breasts.

“Did you like that?” I asked as Naomi started to rub the cum into her tits.

“Oh fuck yes.” She said.

I left the next morning after one of the hottest nights I had ever had. She let me fuck her every way you could think of. I came so much that I was worried that I would never get hard again. But that night as Naomi did her show I was there, in front of my TV wanking like a madman remembering how good it was to fuck that little whore.


Thanks for reading this story.

Remember that this series is only going to feature Australian celebrities. Some of them might be unknown to some of my readers from overseas. My advice is for you to look on the net for photos of the women mentioned below so you have a idea of who I’m talking about before reading their story.

Future stories.

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