Ben’s Aussie Adventures: Tracey Spicer

Ben’s Aussie Adventures: Tracey Spicer.

By Blindside212

This is a story for people over 18. I have never met this woman or know if

she acts like this.

All comments welcome:

Tracey Spicer is at the moment the host of Channel Ten’s weekend news.

–Tracey Spicer.

I had been in Sydney for about three weeks, working for Channel Ten as a

writer on a new sitcom that we all knew would last about two

weeks. Aussies just can’t make those kind of shows anymore. It was a

Sunday afternoon at about 5:30 and I was walking through the station on

way to the canteen for dinner when I realized two things. First, I was

lost. And second, I needed to take a leak. I found a room that was

unlocked and slipped inside. It appeared to be a dressing room of some

kind. There was a large sports bag on the table in the corner and a big

mirror with bright lights around it in the other corner.

I found the bog and did what I had to do. As I went to flush, I heard a

noise outside the room.

“See you in half an hour Tracey.” The door opened and someone walked into

the room. I froze as they moved around the room and then appeared to sit

in the chair in front of the mirror. I heard a long sigh that was

unmistakably female. I opened the door a tiny bit and peaked through. The

woman sitting in front of the mirror was stunning. She had long, brunette

hair that was very tidy and she wore a gray suit that fitted her like a

glove. I looked in the mirror to see the sweetest face I had ever

seen. Her blue eyes shon like beacons and her full lips were a deep shade

of red. It took me a minute to figer out who she was and when it hit me I

wanted to cum in my pants. It was Tracey Spicer, host of Ten’s weekend

news. Tracey was always hot on T.V. and seeing her in the flesh just made

me harder for this little bitch.

Suddenly, Tracey stood up and walked over to the door of the room and

locked it. I got a better look at her suit and felt my cock press against

the inside of my jeans. Her tight body was visible through the fitted suit

and her long legs were on full display under a skirt so short that it

should have been outlawed. She walked over to the sports bag and pulled a

book out of it. She then went back to the chair and sat down facing away

from the mirror and crossed her legs. I just stood there with my mouth

open as I looked at the amount of thigh that was on display when she did

this. Tracey opened the book and started to read. I reached down and

unzipped my jeans quietly and pulled my hard-on out. As Tracey continued

to read I started to silently wank. After a few minutes Tracey put the

book on the table and uncrossed her legs. I thought she was going to stand

up. But she spread her legs a bit and ran one hand up her inner thigh.

She closed her eyes and sighed deeply as she ran her long fingers over her

soft skin and got closer to the bottom of her skirt. Suddenly, she opened

her eyes and stood up. She moved over to the bag and pulled something out

of it. My jaw dropped as she returned to the chair with a large, red dildo

in her hand. Before she sat down, she hitched her skirt up over her slim

hips and reveled that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pussy was neatly

trimmed and looked to be quite wet. She settled on the edge of the chair

and spread her long legs wide. Tracey then stuck the dildo in her mouth

and began to suck on it hard. With her free hand she started to rub the

swollen lips of her cunt. After a few minutes of this, she stuck two

fingers into her pussy and started to frig herself. Her motion on the

dildo was very impressive. She could take about seven inches of the

twelve-inch plastic cock into her mouth without a problem and her suction

was very hard because her cheeks were hollowing with the effort.

After another minute or so of this, Tracey took the now very slick dildo

out of her mouth and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. She pulled

her fingers out of herself and shoved the dildo in none too gently. She

gasped as about five inches of the red plastic went in. She began to slide

the dildo in and out of her cunt as she moaned and started to rub her tits

through the fabric of her fitted jacket. I was so hard that I knew that I

was on the edge of cumming. I looked around the bathroom for something to

shoot my load into and saw a towel on the rack in the corner of the small

room. I grabbed it and accidentally knocked over a bottle of shampoo on

the bench next to the rack.

“Who’s there?” Tracey asked in a low and breathless voice. I stood still

trying to not make a sound and heard her get up off the chair and move

towards the door of the bathroom. I couldn’t move. I was scared out of my

wits. Tracey opened the door and looked at me with wide eyes.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“Ben.” Was all I could say to her.

“Well Ben.” Tracey said looking me up and down.

“Were you enjoying yourself?”

“Ummm.” I said not knowing what to say in reply.

“It looks like it.” She said looking down. I followed her gaze to see that

my cock was still out of my pants and hard as a rock.

“Shit!!!” I cried and started to try to stuff it back into my

pants. Tracey reached out one of her slender hands and placed it over mine.

“Don’t be so hasty.” She said. She then moved closer and kissed me on the

cheek. She lifted my hand off my rod and wrapped her own around it and

gave it a soft tug.

“Better than a dildo.” She said before kissing me full on the lips. She

then pulled back and led me by the cock into the dressing room.

She sat back down on the chair and started to jerk my cock very quickly.

“Like the suit?” She asked.

“Oh yeah.” I replied looking into her eyes.

“I wonder how it would look with my cum all over it.” Tracey laughed and said.

“Let’s see.” And without another word she slipped my cock into her mouth

and began to suck hard.

Her cock sucking skills were amazing! She bobbed her head up and down on

my rod for at least twenty minutes. Every time I was about to blow she

would pull my dick out and stroke it slowly while she talked dirty to me.

“Not yet baby. When you blow I want it to be a massive load. I want to

drown in your hot cum. Just a little longer. Hold on and then you’ll feel

so much better after you cover me in your salty cum.”

“I can’t hold on!!!” I said at last as I felt my balls tighten. Tracey

opened her mouth and waited as my orgasm built and built until.

“AHHH!!!” I grunted as my load burst forth. She was right. It was a big

one. The first two shots landed square in her mouth. The next three

landed in her hair and on her cheeks and the last few hit her in the eyes

and nose. Some of what landed on her face soon dripped off and landed on

the jacket of her suit.

“See.” She said as she wiped the rest of her face clean with a tissue and

smiled up at me.

“Good wasn’t it?”

“Fuck yeah.” I said.

“Do you think you can get hard again for me?” She asked looking at my now

half deflated cock.

“Of course.” I answered grabbing it and giving it a hard tug.

“Great!” Tracey said standing up and offering me the chair.

“Cause I really want to feel that big cock in my tight cunt.”

I sat down and looked on as Tracey stripped. Her body was very tight and

she had small but very perky breasts with large red nipples that she

pinched and rubbed.

“Want to fuck this Benny?” She asked. Then, without waiting for a

response she came over and straddled me. My cock was once again hard and

she sank down on it with a moan of pleasure.

“Fuck me whore!” I grunted as she bounced up and down on my cock fast.

“Oh I will baby!!!” She cried out as a orgasm ripped through her body. I

started to kiss her breasts and when I bit on one of her nipples she

screamed out and came again. This was too much for me.

“I’m cumming!!!” I shouted as my load shot deep into the newsreader’s cunt.

She stayed on my lap for a while as we kissed. She then got up and went

over to where her suit lay on the floor.

“Hummm.” She said picking up the jacket.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to wear this for the late news.

I had a lot of fun with Tracey that day. And now whenever I watch the

weekend news I can’t help but get hard at the thought of what we did in

that change room.


Stories coming include.

Katrina Warren

Sophie Monk

Lisa McCune


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