Best Birthday Ever

Title: Best Birthday Ever

Author: Blackjack

Celebs: Natalie Dormer, Emilia Clarke

Codes: MF, FF, MFF, cons, oral

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Author’s Note: So, I know it’s no longer Comic-Con or Valentine’s Day but it’s been sitting on my Google Drive for way too long.


As the son of one of the principle directors of photography on Game of Thrones, I had a lot of chances to go and see all sorts of beautiful scenes, some awesome Facebook photos from it and also a very full passport. Now I was walking under a tarp ceiling towards a makeshift catering hall with one of the gorgeous costars in tow with me.”It’s your birthday today?” Emilia Clarke, mother of dragons, asked. Folding her arms casually under her chest, though her breasts were obscured by the quick change of clothing after the scenes had been shot, Emilia tilted her head to the side slightly. Looking me up and down, Emilia smirked and shook her head slightly. “I can’t believe I didn’t know that!” She playfully punched me on the upper arm before going back to grabbing some of her food and seeming to motion for me to follow her over.

So, I did.

Grabbing my own plate of food and followed her over to the white row of plastic tables where the catering department was. The plate I had was filled with salad and a singular chicken breast, something nice and light but enough to give me a filling lunch as well. There was a soft sound of the ocean lapping at the side of the film set and the sun was slowly starting to set, though there was still a lot of filming left done in the day. Taking a seat opposite her, I took a mouthful of lettuce from my salad as Emilia continued.

“So, like every Valentine’s Day you get a double treat in it being your birthday and Valentine’s Day?”

“Well, I don’t always have a date on Valentine’s Day but yeah, sometimes.” I answered, stabbing my fork into a tomato and then feeding myself with it. Looking over at the beautiful star of TV, still in her Daenerys wig so she can get straight back to shooting for the hit TV show.

“How can a cute guy like you not have a date?” A third voice, one belonging to Natalie Dormer, who also played Margaery Tyrell on the show, having her own plate full of salad as she took a seat next to her costar. The two never shared a scene together but the locations were very similar. Anyone who would be trying to snoop a shot of the film set would definitely be getting an interesting shot from seeing the two together.

“Well, thanks for the compliment.” I said with a smile but also, she got a similar shrug of my shoulders. “I guess most women don’t see me as cute as you do Miss Dormer.” When she rolled her eyes at that comment, I was about to explain but Emilia beat me to it.

“I’ve explained we don’t go by our surnames but he won’t get it.” Emilia smiled over to Natalie as she pulled a spare chair back and took a seat next to Emilia and between me and the other actress on the hit show. Emilia looked over to me, then back to Natalie and then back to me again. “Guess what though… It’s his birthday today too!”

Natalie made a soft, shocked sort of sound before looking to me. Another soft punch was directed at my shoulder as Natalie seemed equally as unimpressed that I hadn’t told the girls about my birthday.

“Why didn’t you tell any of us?” Natalie said, leaning back in her chair, her breasts bouncing slightly at the sudden jolt. She reached up and fiddled with the strap of the brilliant blue dress before looking over at Emilia. “Can you believe he didn’t tell us?”

“It is pretty shocking.” Emilia said with a playful smirk on her face, shaking her head from side to side in a mean of mock disappointment. “We’re three of the only people not needed on set tomorrow and you didn’t think to tell us? We could have done something!” Emilia said, her voice getting more and more exasperated with my lack of openness.

“I mean… We still could? There’s plenty of nightclubs out in the city, why don’t we go and hit one of them up?” Natalie said, looking around as more and more of the cast and crew started to fill out and head back to the set. I wasn’t needed at all and by the sounds of what the two actresses were saying, they weren’t needed either. Soon, it was just the three of us and one guy sitting a couple of tables away, headphones in and staring at his phone.

“That sounds like a great idea!” Emilia said, looking over at me and Natalie, taking a mouthful of salad and moving to deal with more of her dinner. “And if they are a bit rubbish then we can always go back to one of our rooms and just watch Netflix or something?” Emilia added, swigging a mouthful of water before looking back to me. “So are you in?”

“I mean, sure?”

“Great! It’ll be fun!” Natalie said with a grin. Looking back to Emilia, she reached into the small black handbag she had brought with her and pulled out a small wad of signed 8 x 10’s. “I hand these out if someone wants something signed and they don’t have anything.” Natalie explained as she flipped the photo over so that the front of the photo was facing down on the table. Scribbling down the address of her hotel and then a phone number, Natalie studied the back of it before offering a set of three small x’s right at the bottom of the details. Pushing it back to me, Natalie nodded her head. “There’s our details. We should be free from what? Eight ish? Get a cab, we’ll find the club and we can go party.”

And that, seemingly was that.

The two women continued to chat with me but as the afternoon continued to roll on, I was stuck not really being able to listen to the conversation and more thinking on what I was going to be going through when I got back to the mainland. Having said goodbye to my dad and some of the crew members I knew, I found myself on the ferry that took the cast and crew back to the mainland, while I would have wanted to chat with the women some more, I quickly found myself amongst mostly male members of the show. So, I took the time to use the ferry’s free wifi and started to work on uploading some of the photos I had taken today. Uploading them to my various social media feeds, all set to private of course, I made sure to completely clear my phone of the photos, uploading them to the cloud before I put my phone right back into my jacket’s pocket and simply rested against the side of the boat, my arms folding together as I watched out over to the seas.

The trip was a short, uneventful one and I was soon sitting in the back of a paid for car, one hired by the studio as my father would be getting a ride back with one of the other directors tonight. Riding back to the hotel, I quickly made my way up to my own room and suddenly, a wash of panic came over me. What the hell was I going to wear? Looking around, I rushed over to my small hard shelled suitcase, opened it up and quickly looked over the contents. Picking up a smart looking jacket, I tossed it to the other bed and then fished out a salmon coloured button up shirt and then a pair of slim fitting jeans. I only had some chelsea boots to go with the look but it was going to be enough. Even if I was partying with two of the stars of the popular TV show, I was going to appear at the odd one out anyway so if my clothing was slightly off then it wasn’t like it would be the worst thing in the world.

Getting the outfit completed, I carried them all on their hangers over to the bathroom and quickly hung them up on the handle behind the door to the bathroom. Walking over to the large mirror, I inspected my face, running my fingers through my thick, shaggy beard, looking almost similar to one of the Wild Folk from the show, I decided it would be a good idea to at least get my beard under control. Grabbing one of the clippers, I started to trim my beard down, chocolate locks of beard hair fell from my face and into the sink as I inspected my face. With a now much more trimmed beard, I plucked the glasses off of my face and folded the arms of them in into the glasses and looked back into the mirror, my emerald green eyes glistening slightly under the artificial lighting of the bathroom.

Making my way into the big, open shower cubicle, I went about showering myself, cleaning myself of the seaside dirt and grime that generally accumulated when you would be out by the sea. Washing myself with a bar of mint scented soap, I cleansed myself fully before washing my hair with another nice smelling bottle of shampoo. I worked my way all over my body, making sure to get every little bit of my skin just in case something did happen. Not that I was expecting it of course. I lifted my head up and made sure to wash away the parts of my face that had been shaven and with a significantly softer face, I ran my hands over my cheeks and jaw, scrubbing at the freshly cut part of my face, I made sure to clean it all completely before getting the usual spots of under my armpits and the general lower part of my body.

Definitely not expecting anything to happen of course.

Completely clean, I slipped out of the shower and moved back to the mirror, inspecting my face as I towelled off, I made sure to get myself absolutely dry before applying some deodorant and then liberally getting some of the nice aftershave that I had gotten as a gift from my father this morning. Completely dressed now, I made my way out back to the main bedroom, taking a seat on the edge of the bed with my suitcase on it, I slipped my shoes back on and then reached over to grab the bedside phone in my room. Keying in the number of the local taxi rink, I arranged a pick up for me to go to the hotel where Natalie and Emilia were staying. The prearranged fee wasn’t that bad for me to pay for myself, so while I agreed to it, they let me know that the cab would be with me soon. Thanking them, I hung up and then looked at the back of Natalie’s signed photo, seeing Natalie’s personal number there, I reached down and keyed in her number, my fingers ever so slightly trembling from it.

Why were they doing that? I shouldn’t be nervous, I had spoken to them both separately on several occasions and we were just going to be heading out to hang out together and maybe dance a little bit as well. Regardless, I needed to get the number dialled so I took a breath and finished dialling. Lifting the headset up to my ear, I waited for it to stop ringing when the sound of Natalie came on the other end.


“Natalie? Hi, it’s Ben?”

“Ben! Hi! Are you on your way?”

“I’m just about to get picked up, are you both ready to go?”

“Yeah, we’re both ready, right Em?” Natalie said, a voice off of the other side of the phone let her know that she was okay and ready to go as well. “Yeah, we’re ready to go. We’ll see you soon birthday boy!” Natalie added, hanging up the phone and making me feel like she was expecting something more to happen after this whole thing. I wasn’t going to look forward for anything more than just a good night out though. The absolute worst case that could happen is that they were there to just make fun of me and I’d have to go back to the hotel feeling dejected. I could manage that though. So, checking my reflection one last time in the mirror, I turned around and made my way down to the lobby of the hotel, heading out to the car that was waiting for me on the outside. The driver was sitting on the outside of the car, looking at his phone but as soon as I made my presence known, he put his phone away and quickly got into a driving position. I got into the back and as the guy adjusted the mirror to look over at me before speaking.

“So where to?”

“Can we head over to The King’s Arms Hotel?” I asked, looking into the reflection as the man raised an eyebrow.

“Another hotel?”

“Yeah, I want to pick up some friends and then we’re going to head off to a club afterwards.”

The driver nodded.

“Sure, you got it boss.” Pulling away from my hotel, the car travelled along the roads, making some good headway to the actual five star hotel that was afforded for the main cast of the show. The car pulled into the front and the guy looked out to the front door. Turning back to look at me, he cleared his throat gently. “So, are they coming out or what?”

“I’m not sure. I’ll go check on them.” I said, opening the door to the car and stepping out.

“Sure, I’ll leave the metre running.” He said, going back to looking at his phone.

Ignoring that, I took the series of steps up to the foyer of the hotel, walking past the front door man and moving into the lobby. Looking around, I spotted that the hotel did have a bar and that was usually where most movie stars hung out. So, I made my way over to the bar, poking my head into look in and it was there that I saw a beautiful imagine. Sitting at the bar was both Emilia and Natalie who each had a drink in hand and were casually chatting with each other. Natalie was wearing a hot, little black dress, her long legs were covered by a set of stockings and she also had on a set of shiny black heels. Emilia was wearing a bright aqua blue dress with sleeves at the top of her arms, her legs were bare and she was also wearing a pair of heels though the heel wasn’t as big as the ones on Natalie’s. Emilia was the first to spot me, lifting a hand up to wave at me, Natalie looked over her shoulder and saw me there as well. The two women left their drinks and made their way over to me, each of them pressing their lips to each of my cheeks in a soft kiss, it raised some eyebrows from the men in the room but the two women didn’t care.

Both of them linked their arms in mine and we left the hotel with me feeling a lot like a movie star in my own right as we headed down the steps towards the waiting car. The driver looked up and over at me and then, his jaw dropped. He practically ran out of the front of his car to open up the door for all three of us to get into the car. With Natalie on my left, I took the middle seat and Emilia was on my right, the three of us got our seatbelts clicked in and it was then that the driver got back into his seat and looked back up into the rear view mirror.

“So, where to?” He asked, his eyes moving over to look at both Emilia and then Natalie, the mirror being adjusted several times, almost as if he wanted to look up their skirts. The two women both seemed like they were ready to deal with it though, their hands coming down and pressing at the front of the dresses to stop him from seeing up them both.

“San Junipero.” Emilia answered, her eyes looking up into the mirror. She had a look on her face that seemed to suggest that she knew exactly what the guy was trying to do. “Do you know where that is?” She asked, her head tilting to the side slightly.

“Yeah, yeah I know it.” He said, his gaze going back to the road as he pulled out and we made our way over to the nightclub. It was a trendy little place on one of the side corners of the street. There were a series of lights high above the ground and while the outside of the club did have a tacky neon sign, it looked like a pretty high end club. There were a couple of cars that were stuck in the rink outside of the club and the drivers were all chatting amongst themselves. The car came to a stop and the driver turned around to look at us both. “So, when did you want picking up?”

Emilia looked at her phone before looking at me and Natalie. “Say a couple of hours?”

“Yeah, that should be enough.” Natalie confirmed, the two beautiful women looked at me for an answer.

“Yeah, pick us up in two hours?”

“You got it boss.” The driver answered, slipping back into looking at his phone when Natalie opened the door. The three of us left the car and made our way to the club, the girls all linked their arms in mine again and that still made me feel like a million bucks. The inside of the club was playing an annoying techno music that did make my head hurt but with both Natalie and Emilia on my arms, it certainly worked on clearing up the headache.

“Ugh, that guy was a pervert.” Natalie complained, talking about the driver as she looked around the inside of the club. “I’ll get us some drinks, Em, grab us a booth?” She asked, looking over at the bar which was fairly empty. Emilia nodded her head and guided me towards one of the booths at the side of the club. The middle of the club was a large dance floor with a low hanging lighting rig that was flashing bright beams of light through the darkened hall, flashes of primary and secondary colours ran across the walls and illuminated the people who were all dancing on the floor. Looking over to them, I could see a lot of people dancing together, which made sense since we were out on Valentine’s Day for the evening. There were a few stragglers of men who were all staring at some of the single women on the other side of the hall or who were dancing with themselves. Emilia hooked her arm in mine and pulled me closer to her.

“So, how’s your birthday going so far?” She asked, her big eyes beaming over at me as she waited for Natalie to bring the drinks back to us.

“Well, so far I’m spending it with two gorgeous women, so far it’s been pretty much the best one ever.”

“Gorgeous eh? You must get on with all the women that you work with huh?” She said with a big smile on her face, wetting her ruby red lips casually as she looked me over. “I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far though, we’re going to make sure you have a great night out though!” She said, her right hand patting my upper arm casually.

As me and Emilia continued to chat, her hand still continued to slowly rub her hand up and down the inside of my arm, her fingers brushing over the top of my arm and almost touching the insides of my muscles while she kept herself looking at me. Emilia had this utterly enticing scent about her, something about her perfume or her shampoo or whatever it was about her, it was keeping me so utterly enthralled in her and I was just so focused on talking to her. She casually brought one of her hands up, fluffing the ruffle at the top of her right sleeve casually, all while her head fell back slightly, exposing her delightful neck to me. Looking at the exposed skin, it certainly provided a tempting target for me to want to latch onto. Emilia’s head came back down, her fingers gently squeezing my upper arm before looking around onto the dance floor.

“The DJ isn’t playing much is he?” She asked casually.

“Not really. He needs to liven this place up!” Natalie said, carrying a circular black tray that had three colourful glasses of alcohol on it. The blonde looked around and shook her head. “We might not even make the two hours.” She said with a chuckle. Looking at the booth and the various stains that were on the surface of the couch, she made a face at it.

“Do you want to take my seat Natalie? I can stand if you want…”

That provoked a near simultaneous ‘Awww’ noise from the girls and Natalie shook her head.

“Nah it’s okay birthday boy.” She said with a smile, pushing her hands against my shoulders and pushing me back down to a seating position. Natalie then moved to make a very good impression on me, slipping in front of me and then placing herself down so that her ass was resting on my thighs. With the blonde on my thighs, her ass threatening to brush against my own lap, I found myself unsure as to where to put my hands. Taking a chance and placing my right hand on her waist, I could see Emilia make eye contact with it and I could also hear Natalie let out a soft breath as I did so.

Was I doing something wrong? I wasn’t sure any more but when Natalie wriggled from side to side slightly and then leant forward to pick up one of the glasses of alcohol, she took a mouthful of the bright green liquid before making an approved noise. Turning back to look at me, Natalie fidgeted on my thighs before wriggling herself backwards and her ass now moved to brush against my lap. That in turn, started to turn me on. As soon as my erection started to form, I could tell Natalie knew because she made a soft noise and then moved her glass to her left hand and draped her right arm behind my back.

As the two girls casually chatted, Emilia happily sipping on her own drink while I remained firmly pressed down to the padding of the seat of the booth. Natalie certainly wasn’t heavy and having her on my lap wasn’t painful in the strictest sense of the word, what was painful was the hard erection that was growing in my pants and threatening to poke up against her. I could just about see the top of Emilia’s hair as she dipped her head down past the table towards the ground. As soon as she did that, Natalie’s index finger came up to my mouth as if to silence me. As I mutely nodded my head, Natalie started to roll her hips around on my lap slowly. Her hips continued to roll in a slow circle, flicking her hips from side to side, giving me an utterly torturous lapdance there and then in the middle of this nightclub. As she did so, I let out a low groan of delight, which made Emilia’s head come back up.

“What was that?” She asked, looking over at us both before raising an eyebrow. “Did one of you say something?” She asked, an arched eyebrow punctuating her question. Before either me or Natalie had a chance to respond though, her body perked up and her head tilted to the side slightly. “Oh man! I love this song! Ben, come dance with me!” She said, grabbing hold of my hand and pulling me away from Natalie who was more than happy to just lift herself up and let me slide out and away from the booth and towards the dancefloor. As we walked, her hands on mine, she led me to a part of the dancefloor where we were able to actually move into a decent area to dance with her. Emilia had her hands on my body, her hands slipping under my jacket and resting on my sides as her body swayed from side to side. Spinning herself around and pushing her back against my chest and then she moved my hands up to her own waist, my left hand threatened to creep across her stomach while my other hand remained firmly on her hips.

As we moved through the motions of dancing to the song, I found myself almost lost in the moment. Emilia’s body felt truly divine to the touch and while she rolled her body around in my touch. Emilia’s soft ass was also brushing past my groin which was still hard from Natalie’s lap dance and while the blood was still swimming down there, the fact that we were dancing was certainly helping me lose my erection. Emilia pressed her rear up against my own lap and her arms came up past my head, her fingers knitting into my brown hair before she slowly slipped herself down the front of my body in a dreadfully sexy manner. As she moved down, her legs spread ever so slightly as she came down and then moved right back up, as she moved down, I could see a selection of the single men all looking at me with their jaws dropped at the sight of it.

To be fair, I felt like I should be behaving like them as well. I could still feel Natalie’s ass against my lap and now, Emilia was treating me exactly the same way too. If this was the beginning of a set up, I was more than happy to deal with it. My hands were on her arms, brushing along her exposed skin briefly as she rolled her hips around in a slow flick of her hips, rolling them around and then up and down, almost as if she were twerking on me, I could feel another spark of pleasure running through me and the blood that had been all over my body was quickly coming back to the front of my pants and making me get another boner. Emilia spun herself around quickly and while her hands flipped over, my own hands came down to settle on the inside of her waist, my eyes remained focused on hers as her pretty red lips came up into a wide smile.

“I’m having a good time.” She said with a smile and a laugh. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” She said, her right hand coming up to my chest and her hand slipped in between the buttons of my shirt and pressed her palm flat against my chest. “Your heart rate is going a mile a minute too!”

“Well, I don’t normally get to dance like this with pretty girls.”

“There you go with the pretty again.” Emilia said with a grin, her arms linked tighter around my shoulders and pulled me in close, instinctively making my arms wrap around her waist. “Now that is a good position too…” Emilia purred, looking over her shoulder to see the upper parts of my arms that were linked behind her. With her front pressing against mine, I was doing my absolute best to not get too turned on by it but having her so close to me, it was nearly an impossible task. Her breasts were both pressing against my chest and as the look on her face almost suggested that she knew just what I was going through. Her forearms tugged down on the back of my neck and my ear was then close to her lips as she ran her tongue across her lips in an agonizingly slow pattern. “So, this must be a pretty crazy birthday for you so far then? I think it’s going to get crazier too.”

“What do you mean?” I said to her, the music changing from a frantic techno beat to something more slow and gentle, prompting our bodies to gingerly sway to it. Emilia smiled at the question from me and neglected to answer, instead looking around the inside of the club, over to Natalie and then back to where I was. Her big eyes studied my face before she offered me a simple shrug of her shoulders.

“It’s your birthday. It’s Valentine’s Day. Two reasons to expect a crazy day surely?”

“I mean, maybe? I haven’t really had many crazy birthdays before.” I responded, answering her honestly and tilting my head to the side slightly as if to shrug off what had just happened previously in my life. Looking at Emilia who chewed down on her bottom lip, her impossibly bright white teeth shining under the artificial lighting of the club, she shook her head gently.

“You just aren’t getting this. Me and Natalie are going to make sure you get a great birthday today.” She said, in a very matter of fact sort of fashion. That definitely made me want to question her some more. My hands ran along her waist casually, moving my left hand up to stroke against her spine, I watched as Emilia paused and then that sexy, sly smirk slowly slipped over her face. “Speaking of…”

That last bit of the sentence did make me raise an eyebrow until I felt an index finger jab me in the ribs slightly. Turning to look, I saw Natalie there with a scowl on her face as she looked over her shoulder at where she had come from and then back to us.

“Some guy just grabbed my arse. Can we go?” She asked, somewhat impatiently, looking at us both as I checked the time on my smart watch.

“The driver won’t be here for another hour. We could grab an Uber or something?”

“Sounds great, let’s go.” Natalie decided, pulling me over away from the dancefloor and then towards the entrance. Stepping out into the cold night, I was ready to bring my phone up to call for an Uber when Natalie flagged down a waiting taxi at the rink outside of the club. “Are you free?” The driver looked behind himself and then pointed at himself before nodding his head almost dumbly. “Great! Let’s go.” Natalie said with a smile, pulling the back door open and everyone got inside of the cab.

“Where to?”

“The Kings Arms.” Natalie answered, looking up at the driver who simply nodded his head, flicked a switch to show his cab was currently engaged and then pulled out towards the front of the road. Casually taking us along, the driver stole a couple of glances at the three of us before simply shaking his head and continuing on ferrying us to our hotel. It was a short trip and Natalie was quick to pass the man a note before the three of us got out of the car and both Natalie and Emilia were quick to lead me up into the hotel. Walking through the lobby and towards the elevator at the back of the hall, Emilia pressed her thumb to the call button and the three of us were quick to make some conversation amongst ourselves as the elevator hit the bottom floor and slowly, the doors rolled open with a ding. The three of us stepped inside and Natalie was quick to push the top floor button and as soon as she did that, the doors rolled shut and the elevator slowly took us all up to the top floor.

“So, should we go to my room?” Emilia asked, her arm linked in mine while Natalie walked down towards the end. Emilia stopped outside of her room and looked over at Natalie who didn’t stop walking but did turn to look over her shoulder at us.

“Sounds good. I’ll see you in ten, I want to change out of these heels.” She continued walking down the hall before coming to her own room. Turning to face Emilia, I watched her shrug her shoulders and then open the door to her room. Stepping inside, Emilia opened the door a little further so we could both come in. Walking over the threshold, Emilia closed the door behind us and gestured to one of the couches that was close to the large windows that overlooked the city and also the location of shooting for Game of Thrones too.

Emilia took a seat on the couch, swinging her legs up and dropped her feet on the coffee table, using her feet to kick off the heels she was wearing, she turned to look over at me.

“So… It’s a little after ten pm. You’ve still got two hours of your birthday left.” She started, a hand coming down and resting on my upper thigh. Casually squeezing it, she wriggled herself over to me so that our legs were touching. Her bare skin felt like such a divine presence and when her hand started to creep up towards my groin, the erection I had back in the club was back, and this time it was a lot larger and stiffer than it had been. Emilia’s hand brushed over my lap and then, she pressed her palm down against my crotch and firmly squeezed it. Using her free hand, Emilia pulled my lips to hers and then we started to kiss. Her hand cupped my cheek firmly, her thumb stroking against my cheek as she started to tilt her head to the side and our tongues almost instantly moved out to seek each others.

Her hand came up off of my lap and she shifted her entire body off of the couch and with movements so quick, she had herself on my lap, her legs spread and her arms had fully wrapped themselves around me. Latching herself to my body, Emilia moaned into my mouth as the two of us were fully engrossed in the hot French kiss with each other. Rolling her hips back and forth on my lap, Emilia broke the kiss and her teeth came down to nip against my earlobe.

“Happy birthday…” She whispered, pressing her groin down and then moving herself backwards and forwards, grinding herself against me. My hands came down and grabbed a hold of her ass cheeks, squeezing them both firmly as she had her head fall back, her neck becoming an easy target for me. Leaning forward, I sunk my teeth into her neck, sucking on it as she let out another low moan.

Soon, her hands pushed against my chest and I was forced into a seating position. Watching her slip herself down off of my lap and onto her knees between my legs, her hands came up and started to unzip my pants. Tugging on the zipper and pulling my pants apart, I finally had a good idea as to what how crazy this evening was going to be. Looking down at her as she worked on fishing my cock out of my pants, Emilia pressed her fingers down flat against my boxers so she could see the outline of my dick in my boxer shorts. Looking up at me with those beautiful big eyes, Emilia reached down and ran her tongue over the head of my cock through my boxers.

“Natalie…” I gasped, looking over at the door.

“She’s not here.” Emilia countered, her fingers curling around the outline of my shaft through my boxers, lazily stroking my cock.

“She will be though…”

“You’ll have to be quick then!”

“Not… I think that’s going to be pretty likely…”

“Is that so?” Emilia said with a smile, her finger popping open the button at the front of my shorts.

“I didn’t mean it like…” I started but as soon as I began, I was stuck with a slack jaw as Emilia Clarke, Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, remained between my legs and worked on undoing my boxer shorts and fishing out my entire length. Wrapping her hand around my base, Emilia’s breath was hot and wild and just touching the head of my length as she started to slowly pump her hand up and down on my length. Her hand squeezed on my cock, her other hand reached into my boxers and pulled my entire nut sack out of my boxers. Pushing my cock up towards my stomach, Emilia pressed her lips to each of my balls before opening her mouth up and pushing her tongue from the base of my shaft and running it all the way up to my dick’s tip. When her spongy tongue brushed under the bottom of my head, Emilia then ran her tongue all around the base of my cock’s head. As she did that, my head fell back and a low moan fell from my lips, and as I moaned, my cock throbbed with pleasure.

With my hands to my side, I watched as Emilia’s bright eyes were focusing on my shaft. Then, her eyes flicked up and her mouth opened, her lips slipping over the head of my dick and then she carefully closed her lips down around my cock’s head, her tongue continuing to flick and bathe my cock in her spit all while her other hand remained firmly on my sack. Her fingers rolled my balls around from side to side, her nails carefully brushing against the sensitive skin all while her lips slipped up and down on my hard cock. Her lips were pressed down, almost in a vacuum seal, as she shifted on her knees and started to work herself into a steady, successful rhythm. Slipping her head up and down, Emilia pressed her other hand on the inside of my thighs and kept my legs spread so she had all the room to move.

She let out a long, slutty moan around my cock while her tongue worked on the underside of my shaft, her mouth slowly getting penetrated by my length all while she slurped up and down on me. I could feel her warm, wet saliva starting to pool in her mouth and run down my cock as well. Her eyes opened and she looked down at my base and where her hand was coiled around my cock, taking her hand away, Emilia started to work on getting more of my cock inside of her mouth. Emilia slipped her lips up off of my cock and she then pushed her hands back onto my cock, pushing it up against my stomach so she could run her tongue from the balls right up to the head. Her tongue worked on wiping up some of the spit that had spilled down my cock all while she continued this sheer torturous blowjob.

Emilia opened her mouth up and then pushed her lips right back down, her lips sliding all the way down to the halfway mark and as soon as she did that, her lips pressed down firmly and when she moved her lips back up, I could see that she had left a red lipstick mark on my length. Her eyes flicked up at me and she had a wide smile wrapped around her face, even with her mouth obscenely penetrated by my cock. Pulling her mouth up off of my cock, Emilia lazily slapped my cock against her lips and right cheek before she wrapped a hand around my base and started stroking me.

“How you doing there then birthday boy?”

“Doing… Doing okay…” I managed to let out, despite Emilia’s stellar handjob and blowjob.

“Just okay? I need to up my game then.” She said, a sexy smirk on her face as she ran her tongue over her lips and teeth before opening her mouth up wide again and then going right back to sucking on my cock. Her lips were sealed down tight around my cock and her lips were working up and down, slowly sucking on me and taking my cock all the way into her mouth. Slipping her lips up and down on my cock, Emilia had her hand wrapped around my base and the other one was firmly laid on my nuts, her fingers were squeezing on my sack while her hand was wrapped firmly on my cock and jerking it up and down while her lips came down to meet my cock. As she sucked on me, my head kept falling back as I just felt the sheer pleasure that she was giving me. Emilia offered my nuts a firmer squeeze which made me lift my head up and look down at her while she sucked on me.

Her lips felt so truly divine and while her lips slid up and down on my shaft, I could feel Emilia wanting nothing more than to have me cum hard in her mouth and as she sucked on me, I was close as well. Emilia’s eyes were looking up and we had a maintained eye contact as she worked her lips up and down, her lips working like she was ready to make me cum just from this picture perfect blowjob. As she sucked on me, her lips still working up and down, there was a series of quick knocks at the door. Turning to look at it, I felt another squeeze on my balls and I was forced to look right back at her and that same stellar feeling of an orgasm coming back into my veins while she sucked up and down on me. Her hand continued to jerk up and down on me and she was constantly trying to coax an orgasm out of me while she slobbered on my cock, more spit pooled out of her mouth as she sucked on me.

“Emilia… Let me in!” A hushed voice came from the other side of the door and made the beautiful woman on her knees, roll her eyes and finally slip herself up from her kneeling position and then moved over to the door. Wiping at her lips, Emilia cracked the door open and in rushed a Natalie Dormer who was clad in a set of stockings and what looked like a silk robe that was tied tight around her body. Walking in, she looked at Emilia and then over to me before rolling her eyes.

“Started without me?” She asked, her eyes focusing on my spit slick dick.

“Kind of. I’m sorry! I just wanted a taste!” Emilia protested, walking back into the room with Natalie as the two women stood before me, looking down at me with folded arms.

“You can make it up to me.” Natalie said with a smirk, slapping Emilia on the ass. “In the meantime…” Natalie said, looking over to me. She took hold of my hands that had been resting on the sides of the couch and then placed it on the string of the robe. “Unwrap your present birthday boy…”

Shifting in place while Emilia excused herself from the conversation by simply walking away, I took a firm grip of the strings from the robe and gave it a simple tug. The robe loosened and she became fully exposed to me. Wearing a black two piece with matching stockings, Natalie was stood before me in a very sexy lingerie set. The bra and panties were both very lacy and the bra did have a red accent to it, it looked like some of the stitching was bright red and definitely complimented the black of the material. Natalie slowly turned on her heel, showing off her round ass and the fact that she was wearing panties and not a thong. She also had on a belt that was keeping the stockings up, the clasps of the stockings also had a set of bright red hearts to show off the fact that this was a Valentine’s Day set.

Lucky me…

Natalie finally stopped with her rotations and was now facing me. Her eyes were staring down at my hard cock and I could almost see her mouth watering at the prospect of it. Getting down to her hands and knees, Natalie slowly crawled over to me, her hands coming up and steadying herself while she was between my legs. Her hands came up and she held my thick shaft in her hands, curling her fingers around my cock and stroking her hands up and down, Natalie continued until she was satisfied.

“So, Emilia’s already got you worked up?”

“Pretty much, yeah.”

“That bitch… We were supposed to do this together.” Natalie complained, her hands working up and down against my cock. “Oh well.” Looking down at my cock, her eyebrows arched slowly. “That where she got to?” Natalie asked, her lips coming down and pressing at the lipstick mark Emilia had left on me.

“Yeah, that was as deep as she got.” I answered, looking down at her.

Natalie offered me a casual smirk before opening her mouth and then pushing her lips all the way down. Sliding my cock right inside of her mouth and not stopping until she had breezed past the lipstick mark and she had her own nose nestled in my pubic hair. While she was working on sucking my cock, I could feel my cock throbbing and I had little doubt that Natalie had been practicing. Slowly pulling her lips back, Natalie’s eyes opened and she was looking up at me with a dirty, flirty smirk on her face. Slowly pushing her lips right back down on me, I couldn’t even see the lipstick mark that Emilia had left on my cock any more as she sucked up and down on me. Her fingers were firmly implanted on the insides of my thighs, her nails leaving little crescent marks on the insides of my skin as she bobbed her head on me.

Moaning wildly, I ran my hands through her blonde hair and kept her hair out of her face as she sucked on me. Her bright blues opened up and she looked up at me while I had a handful of her blonde hair. Slowly pulling her lips up off of my cock, Natalie opened her mouth and ran her tongue over my cock while smiling up at me.

“If you’re going to pull my hair, at least make sure you can ram your cock in my mouth.”

“You want me to…”

“Fuck my face? Yes, I do.” Natalie said with a dirty smirk, slipping my hand from her hair and standing up, walking over to the bed and getting up onto her hands and knees. Her eyes watched as I got up and kicked away my pants and underwear, walking over to where Natalie was perched on the edge of the bed, I made my way over to the Tyrell actress and as I walked, the spit on my cock threatened to drop off, long strands of saliva were fastened to my cock. Natalie reached over with a free hand, working on steadying my cock while I stood before her face. Sliding my hands through her hair, I worked my hips forward and my cock slowly slipped between her lips. Holding her hair, I worked my hips backwards so that just the tip was left in her mouth, and then I worked myself forward, the same tip working on bumping against her throat and making her gag. Looking down at her, I saw she was determined, and using that last thrust, I pulled my hips back and then pushed them right back forward again, pushing my cock in and out of her mouth.

Seeing she was focused on it, I started to slide my hips backwards and forward, pushing my cock backwards and forwards, the spit slick dick was disappearing inside her mouth with ease. Natalie wriggled from side to side as she blinked several times, tears threatening to fall down her cheeks as she rolled her hips around.

Keeping her palms flat on the bed, I could feel the back of the woman’s throat press against my cock, giving it some resistance but with a simple push, my cock slipped past the barrier and soon, my entire length was slipping in and out of her mouth and her throat. Keeping a handful of her hair, I rocked my hips backwards and forwards, feeding my dick inside of her mouth and her throats which only made Natalie moan more. Her hand came up off of the mattress and she reached between her legs, slipping a finger inside of herself as I continued to fuck her face. I could smell Natalie’s arousal and every single push of my hips forward seemed to only encourage more of the dampness that was no doubt forming between Natalie’s legs. Starting to increase the pace, to the point where I was effectively using the beautiful woman’s mouth as a vagina, I could feel my own orgasm creeping up with every single time my balls slapped against her chin. Saliva was pooling out of her mouth and down her chin and every time my cock slipped inside of her mouth and throat, it provoked a loud, lewd mixture of coughing and gagging. Pulling my cock out so that just my tip was left inside of her mouth, I watched the long strand of spit form from her lips to my dick’s tip as she sucked up some much needed air.

“Have fun?” Emilia asked, prompting us both to look over to her. She was standing in the doorway to the bathroom, the door open slightly and making her cast an almost eerie shadow. Standing in a not so lacy but just as enticing set, Emilia was wearing a bright red set of a bra and a thong, no stockings like Natalie though. Walking over to us, she got on her knees next to the bed and ran her tongue over the head of my cock, scooping up some of Natalie’s spit. “Two presents to unwrap now! Aren’t you lucky?” She said, a teasing lick over my cock’s head. She didn’t give me much of a chance to respond though, her mouth was open and she was going right back to sliding her lips up and down on my cock. Natalie wiped under her eyes, cleaning her skin on the salty tears before she slipped off of the bed and moved down next to her costar. Wrapping her arm around Emilia’s shoulders, Natalie slipped her head in between my legs and placed one of my balls into her mouth. Sucking on it while Emilia sucked on my cock, I could feel both of their tongues working on my skin and making my own body feel like jelly. The two women’s hands came up and slowly guided me down so that I was sat on the edge of the bed while they both sucked on me.

Emilia lifted her lips up off of my cock and moved them onto the side of my length, prompting Natalie to let my ball fall from her mouth and she came up to attach the other side. Her lips pressing with Emilia’s and their tongues touching each other’s as they both moved up and down on my rock hard cock. As they double worked on me, I felt another tremor inside of me and a hot bubble of precum left my length. The girls each ran their tongue over my head, their voices moaning around my cock as they licked my precum up. As Natalie’s tongue ran around me clockwise and Emilia went anti clockwise, I couldn’t hold it in any more. My orgasm took over and I started to cum. Emilia was the first to get it though, closing her mouth over my head as I fired rope after hot rope into her hungry, waiting mouth. While I came, Natalie was quick to place my balls back into her mouth, sucking on them both hungrily as I emptied them into Emilia’s mouth.

As soon as I stopped cumming, I fell back down to the edge of the bed and watched as Emilia slowly pulled her mouth up off of my cock and showed me the creamy white mess that had pooled on her tongue. She then nudged Natalie who came up off of my balls and the two women got into a passionate embrace. I could see their mouths opening and their tongues were running over each other’s, sharing my load with a hot kiss. Sitting back and watching them go at it, I could only groan in pleasure as they eagerly ran their tongues over each other’s until my cum was nothing and they had shared my load completely.

With my dick soft now after the stellar double blowjob from the two women, I knew I was going to need to take some time to catch my breath again and come back down to Earth. Looking at the women who were kneeling down now in front of me, their arms wrapped around each others bodies all while they looked at each other and then kissed each other again before turning to look at me. Natalie’s mouth came up to Emilia’s ear and she whispered something before gently nibbling on Emelia’s ear. The Star Wars Story actress giggled and nodded her head, turning to face the woman who played the scheming Margaery Tyrell. The two shared another hot kiss before Emilia pushed Natalie onto her back. The brunette woman turned to face me to let me know just what the game plan was.

“So, while you recover, me and Natalie here are going to pretty much eat each other out. You can watch too.” She said simply. Natalie bit down on her index finger and nodded her head, looking at me and then over to Emilia who was happy to follow up on what she had just said. Natalie elegantly spread her legs and let Emilia go to work on her costar. With the blonde flat on her back and her legs spread, the brunette moved up on her hands and knees and crawled forward. Emilia’s hands ran along the stocking covered legs of Natalie before she moved the flats of her hands up to the hot insides of Natalie’s thighs before she reached up with a probing right index finger and slowly curled her finger inside of the fabric and tugged the underwear to one side.

“Look at that…” I said, moving to the side so I got a better view of what was going on in the middle of this large, comfy bed.

“Good enough to eat right?” Emilia said, looking over her shoulder at me as we both inspected Natalie’s dripping wet pussy. Before I even had a chance to answer, Emilia pushed her index finger inside of Natalie Dormer.

Biting her lip, Natalie purred and whined in pleasure as her actress co star began to pump her finger in and out of her wet slit. Watching Natalie’s body as Emilia slowly fingered her was incredible to me, the way the blonde woman’s body writhed from side to side and her incredible eyes went ever so slightly wider all while the brunette continued to slide her finger in and out in a long and slow stroking manner. Emilia’s other hand was on the inside of Natalie’s thighs, keeping them spread and making sure to fully display the blonde woman’s pussy to both of us.

“You really do look incredible.” Emilia answered, looking up at Natalie and then back down to the pussy in front of her. Leaning down and essentially presenting her own pussy to me, the brunette moved her face forward and gave the puffy looking lips a long, slow lick from the bottom up to the top of the opening, making sure to avoid to the clit but also making sure to get every little bit of those delicious looking folds in front of us both. Moving up on my knees, I moved a little bit closer and watched Emilia push her tongue up against Natalie’s slit.

As soon as Emilia’s tongue hit her slit, Natalie’s back arched up off of the bed and she seemed to cry out for more. As Emilia went back to licking at the delicious honeypot in front of her, I moved a little closer to the two women who were busy wrapped up in each other and I took a chance to reach over and place my hand on Natalie’s chest, squeezing her breast as Emilia continued to lick against her. Natalie purred in pleasure and her hand came up to lay on top of mine on her breast as the brunette between her legs continued to make tasty sounding noises from the other side of the bed. Looking down at Emilia, her big, brown eyes were looking up at us both as she curled her hands around the outside of Natalie’s legs and held them apart as she continued to eat her.

Emilia continued to rub her tongue against Natalie’s folds and while my hand was on the blonde’s breast, my free hand came down and ran through Emilia’s luscious brown hair. Emilia looked up at me and then over at Natalie, her face was definitely stretched into a smile as she pushed her tongue out flat and moved the entire width of her tongue against the bottom of Natalie’s pussy and then all the way up to the top of the blonde’s pussy, this time her entire tongue moved over the entirety of Natalie’s pussy, covering every little bit and when her tongue hit Natalie’s clit, the blonde let out a hard whine and her body jolted again as her hard little love button was stimulated.

The constant moans that were spilling out of her co-star’s mouth was enough to let Emilia know what she was doing right. Despite the three of us being in bed, the brunette and myself included, knew there was little to no chance that Natalie could have been fast asleep. Watching the two women go hard at it with each other was something beyond my wildest fantasies and I thought my life had gotten pretty good with the shared blowjob at the start of the evening, watching the girl on girl action now? That was something even wilder. My hand squeezed at Natalie’s breast again as Emelia went right back to lapping and licking against the hard love button of Natalie’s clit and making the blonde woman start to shake in the bed.

With her long, stocking clad legs spread, Natalie was biting down hard on her bottom lip all while the combination of my own and Emilia’s hands ran all over her skin. The two of us, me and Emilia, worked hard on the blonde as she had her pussy licked clean. Natalie managed to wrestle her bra off of her chest and threw it to the side of the bed, offering me a real, in depth look at her bare breast. I had seen the show of course and I had seen her bare breasts in various other projects but seeing them in the flesh and actually being able to touch them? It was like Christmas morning and I had a Playstation 2 shaped box in my hands. Placing my hands back on Natalie’s chest, my fingers coming up to toy with her nipples almost instantly, I looked down and was treated to the live sex show as Emilia focused on pleasuring Natalie’s entrance.

As Emilia weaved her tongue over Natalie’s folds, the blonde headed actress could only moan in pleasure at just how wet her co star had made her. Natalie managed to lift her head up and look down her body, I wondered if there was any chance that the blonde could even see the brunette as she had her face buried between Natalie’s legs. Slipping her tongue over Natalie’s folds, Emilia opened her mouth up and pressed her mouth down around Natalie’s wet pussy lips, sucking up and down on them as the brunette worked her head up and down, teasing every little bit of Natalie’s dripping wet folds.

The soft fabric of the mattress beneath the three of us was starting to press into my knees but the soft ache of the mattress was nothing compared to the sheer bliss that must have been running through the veins of Natalie Dormer while Emilia continued to lick against Natalie’s dripping wet folds. Emilia’s tongue flicked over Natalie’s clit, the tip of her tongue stimulating the hard button, running over the clit in a steady flow of teasing licks and only making the blonde cry out and claw at the sheets. Her head dropped down and bit into the sheets as Emilia continued to tease and stimulate her hard clit.

As Emilia’s lips wrapped themselves around Natalie’s clit, the brunette actress pushed her index finger inside of Natalie’s pussy walls, being able to slide it in almost to the bottom knuckle right away. Looking down, I could see Emilia begin to start sucking on Natalie’s clit, watching Emilia gently bite down against the hard button and started to push her finger in and out of Natalie faster and faster. Fucking her with her finger, Emilia looked up at Natalie as the woman who was flat in the bed and her whole body started to react to what was happening between her legs. I could almost hear her folds getting wetter and wetter as she writhed in place. With her free hand, Emilia reached up and grabbed onto Natalie’s other breast.

With both my own hand and Emilia’s hand on her chest, squeezing the two amazing breasts together and the both of us playing on her nipples, I could hear Natalie starting to whine more and more. Looking down at the blonde, I wondered just how long it was going to be before she exploded all over the sheets. Natalie’s fingers dug into the sheets of the bed before she offered them a series of hard open palmed slaps. Looking down at Emilia, the brunette seemed to have a big smile on her face thought it was difficult to tell with most of her face being obscured by Natalie’s groin. Emilia’s tongue was working over her clit, and the finger that was inside of Natalie started to go faster and faster. It seemed obvious that the two of us knew what was coming and we both wanted to see the blonde cum hard and fast in the bed.

Natalie’s mouth was wide open as she was simply panting in pleasure as Emilia pleasured her so expertly. The blonde started to rock herself backwards and forwards, feeding Emilia’s finger fast and deep into her own pussy. The woman started to whine as those hot walls that Emilia was fingering started to squeeze the invading finger tighter and tighter as Natalie bit down on her bottom lip as if to offer herself one final obstruction but it was too late. Her eyes shot open and she seemed to pause before she let out a cry of pleasure as she started to cum. Her pussy pulsed and exploded all over Emilia’s finger and tongue as she was doubly stimulated. Watching the action, my hand moved from Natalie’s breast and settled by my side as Emilia’s tongue brushed up from the blonde’s hard clit to just those hot walls, licking all over them as the blonde exploded.

Making sure to not miss a drop of the Tyrell woman’s juices as she came, Emilia ran her tongue all over those hot folds while she continued to push her finger in and out. Adding a second finger, Emilia pressed them both together and changed the angle of penetration to scrape the tips of her fingers against the top of Natalie’s pussy. Slowly, the brunette actress pulled her tongue out of Natalie’s folds and Emilia cooed in pleasure before lightly kissing Natalie’s stomach that must have been fluttering with butterflies.

“You taste good Natalie!” Emilia said with a grin, flopping on the bed on top of the woman who was flat on her back with her legs seemingly stuck in a spread position.

While the two women shared a quick embrace, Natalie was the first to notice that I was hard again. Her tongue came out and she ran it against Emilia’s cheek before she nodded down towards me.

“Looks like somebody’s ready for more.”

The brunette lifted her head up off of Natalie and looked down at me with a wicked grin on her face. Her hands gave Natalie’s chest an ample squeeze before the blonde moved down to the bottom of the bed and spread her legs.

“Come on, come and give it to me!” Natalie said with a grin. I looked over at Emilia who nodded her head and moved her body forward so she could throw her leg over Natalie’s face and mount it as I moved myself between Natalie’s legs. Placing my hands on the outside of the blonde’s stocking clad legs I kept her legs apart and rubbed the head of my dick against Natalie’s slick folds. Rubbing the head of my dick against her slick opening, I had to grin at just how wet the blonde was after being eaten out and I knew that there was going to be little to no obstruction for me to just slide my dick right inside of her. As soon as I pushed the head of my cock inside of her, Natalie’s legs worked just as fast and she had quickly wrapped them around me and pulled me in tight to her.

Both me and Natalie let out a grunt as my balls hit against the curve of her ass, my hands slid down to stroke against the fabric along her thighs as I started to pull my hips back and then push them forward again. Natalie’s walls were squeezing me tightly already and as I pushed myself in and out of her, I looked up and could see my fellow guest of Natalie’s body, Emilia Clarke, staring right at me and running her tongue along her lips as if she wanted to cleanse her skin of Natalie’s cum. When she blew me a kiss, I knew exactly what she wanted though and leaned forward, Emilia’s hands came up and steadied herself on my shoulders. Her fingers had a hold of my skin as I started to fuck her blonde co star with an easy rhythm. The two of us were face to face as she pulled me in for a kiss, the taste of Natalie’s pussy on her lips was enough for me to keep pushing inside of Natalie but with the added incentive, I started to fuck the Tyrell actress just a little bit harder.

Both me and Emilia could hear Natalie moaning underneath the brunette but neither of us cared as I started to really push my dick inside of the blonde, sliding myself backwards and forwards. My balls started to clap against Natalie’s ass and each push made the brunette moan in pleasure. She reached down and unclipped her own bra, tossing it to the side so that her magnificent chest was on display for me. Taking a hand up off of Natalie’s leg, I cupped and squeezed her bare breast before leaning in and sinking my teeth down around her hard nipple. Sucking on each of the hard nubs, I made sure to lather both of them in my warm, wet spit all while my hips bumped backwards and forwards, in and out of Natalie’s dripping wet pussy.

Emilia’s hands came up and threaded her fingers through my hair as I worshipped all over her breasts as the blonde between us both was bounced up and down. Sliding myself inside of her, I started to angle the thrusting of my cock inside her, trying out various new ways to go inside of her, I started to lift my hips up slightly and aim to hit the ‘roof’ of her hot pussy. Ramming my cock inside of Natalie’s pussy, the blonde’s walls were hugging me tighter and tighter and while I started to hit the sweet spot inside of Natalie’s pussy, both me and Emilia could tell that she was closer and closer to orgasming. Looking over at Emilia and then down at the writhing body of Natalie, I could only grin at how lucky I was and just how this was the best birthday ever. Pushing my cock inside her with another hard stroke, I felt Natalie’s walls clamp down on me and then subsequently explode all around me.

Having her orgasm was definitely another highlight of my life and one of those things that I would keep in my memory forever. Keeping my dick buried inside of Natalie, I slowly rocked my hips backwards and forwards to keep dragging the orgasm out of the gorgeous blonde all while I watched as Emilia continued to roll her hips around on top of Natalie’s face. The blonde woman who was flat on her back, ran her hands up and down Emilia’s body before her small hands reached up to cup the brunette’s chest. Natalie’s hands squeezed at Emilia’s breasts and then held the brunette in place all while she was making the brunette purr just a little bit louder in pleasure. Looking down at the hot entrance, I could pretty much tell that Natalie was going to town on Emilia’s pussy and no doubt wanted to try to bring the averages of the orgasms in the room up just a little bit.

Emilia’s hands were laid flat against my shoulders and while I let my dick almost simmer in Natalie’s aroused juices, and I could feel the nails of the brunette pressing against my shoulders. Her head fell back just a little bit and her neck was exposed to me as her mouth opened and she let out a low, aroused groan. Her hips started to roll around in a slight circle all while she had mounted Natalie’s face. Watching the two go at it, I could only grin and get treated to some more white hot live action porn. Emilia’s fingers scratched at my chest slightly and then her body exploded as she started to cum hard over Natalie’s face. Holding the brunette British woman up while she orgasmed hard, I could feel my dick throbbing inside of the blonde woman’s pussy.

Emilia’s orgasm subsided and she was able to meekly lift herself up off of Natalie’s face and move herself down so that she was able to look at us both. It was there I was greeted with the sight of Natalie Dormer’s face slick in her lover’s juices as well. The sight was enough for the idea of the two women hooking up before to be set in stone in my mind. Emilia grinned widely to me and then rolled herself forward onto her hands and knees and then effectively presented herself to me. Reaching between her legs with her right arm, Emilia used her index and middle finger to spread her pussy’s lips and show me exactly where she wanted me. Moving up and off of the bed, I ran my hand down over my length to try and clean my dick of Natalie’s juices but the thought of being balls deep in Emilia Clarke was far too tempting to pass up. Moving up so I was directly behind Emilia, I had my left hand on her hips but Natalie had quickly commandeered use of my right hand that was still slick in her juices.

Holding my hand up, Natalie made a big show of running her tongue against my palm and all over my fingers to completely cleanse me of any of her juices. Running her tongue all over the underside of my fingers, she looked up at me and winked.

“Go get her then you dirty bastard!”

Natalie said with a grin, settling to the side of the bed next to us both and now draping one of her legs over the side while the other one was left on the actual bed to keep her upright and stable. She reached down between her own legs and started to rub at herself as she watched me take up position behind the brunette who was very lazily rubbing at her clit with her ring finger. The two women didn’t seem to have any issues with keeping themselves warm or ready to go and that was fine by me. The concept of another orgasm was very, very pleasing to me but for now all I wanted was to make sure that both of the two women got off in the best ways they could do. Moving up behind Emilia, I gripped my dick at the base and rubbed the head of my dick against her folds, teasing the entrance to see just what sort of reaction I’d provoke out of the brunette. Surprisingly, Emilia lifted her head up off of the bedsheets and looked over to me.

“Come on, get on with it you big dicked fucker!” Hearing her curse like that was something of a rarity considering her character Daenerys Targaryen was actually fairly well spoken.

But, the lady had made a request and just who was I to refuse? So, with both of my hands now free, I took a firm grip of Emilia’s ass and held her in place before I pushed my hips forward with a firm shove and my dick slipped inside of her folds and moved all the way inside her hot, dripping wet entrance. Soon, my dick had bottomed out inside of her and I was stuck with my balls slapping against Emilia’s clit. The brunette moved her hand away from her own private area and planted both of them down firmly on top of the bedsheets to keep herself steady while I took her from behind. Rolling my hips backwards and then shoving them forward, I could hear Emilia already moaning for it and the sounds that were coming out of Natalie’s mouth was already pretty inviting as well.

Turning to look at her, I could see that the blonde had her index finger inside of her and her other hand was on her breast, grabbing at it while she watched us fuck. Keeping a hold of Emilia’s ass, my hands ran up to her hips and then up under her body to grab at each of her breasts while we both worked together in tandem. Sliding my hips forward, the brunette made sure to push her hips backwards. The two of us very quickly got into a nice, easy rate of working together and as beads of sweat started to form over both of our bodies, the sounds coming from both of our mouths was enough to convince me that what we were both doing was good and as hot as I thought it was. Emilia’s walls were still nice and tight, despite having cum over Natalie’s face, she was definitely going to make sure that I worked hard to get her to cum.

My hands had a firm grip on her waist and I started to pick up the pace, pushing and shoving inside of her lower walls, all while they did their best to milk me close to them and keep my dick inside of her. Not that I was going to argue that case of course, I wanted to keep myself balls deep in whoever I was in at the time, be it Emilia or Natalie, but while I was inside of Emilia, you could bet your bottom dollar that I was going to focus on the brunette especially and keep driving myself inside her to the point that she was going to keep making those oh so sweet noises that were spilling out of her mouth. Working inside of her with one particularly hard thrust, I was met with her walls squeezing me just a little bit tighter and letting me know that the brunette was close to orgasming as well. My hands kept a firm grip on her chest, my thumbs teasing her nipples with soft flicks, making sure they stayed nice and hard and keeping her doubly stimulated.

Emilia’s teeth gritted down together and she let out a low grunt and almost a primal growl as she started to fight against the feelings in her lower lips. The earlier pussy eating must have really done a number on her because as I pounded her hard from behind, my hips started to slap against her ass and with each hard clap against her, my own orgasm started to build up. Pushing in and out of her, I started to pick up the pace and move my hips around to try and angle the direction of my cock thrusting. Hitting a particularly sweet spot, I heard Emilia almost tense up at the feeling of my dick inside her and as soon as I hit that spot, I started to continuously assault it. Pulling my hips back and then shoving them forward with a hard, eager series of thrusting and continuing to hit against her sweet spots inside of her.

Pushing my dick in hard against her hot folds, I made sure to keep going and keep my rhythm steady while I worked on driving her right to the orgasm the mother of dragons had been desiring since the three of us got to work in the bed. Looking over at Natalie, I could see her head had fallen backwards now and the sounds of both of the women’s hot sexes was joining the sounds that were spilling out of both Emilia and my own mouth as well. Sliding my cock inside of Emilia with one more hard stroke, I groaned as Emilia’s walls tightened down around me once more and her dripping wet folds made sure to grip me one last time and her walls exploded. Her walls moved to drench me all over as I pushed my cock in and out of her hot pussy.

With Emilia cumming around my dick, I let out a low groan and then pulled my hips back, my dick slipped from her hot entrance and stood out proudly. Throbbing as if it were trying to find another source for me to get pleasure from, I looked down at Emilia who managed to look over her shoulder at me and flashed me a grin before she got up from very shaky legs and both her and Natalie were quick to push me back down to the flat of my back and they were both on top of me. Their faces came down and the three of us quickly joined in a hot, French kiss as my hands ran over their ass cheeks and their hands moved up and down my chest. The two women slipped down my body, the two of them taking turns in stealing the occasional bite and tug on my bottom lip to each mark their territory on my body.

With the two girls now down at my lap, the two women had their hands on my dick and were both eagerly stroking my dick, ready to make me cum there and then again. Roughly making us all even at two orgasms each, I wondered just how long the two women were going to drag this one out before I’d start to cum. Having been balls deep in both of the women and also getting a stellar double blowjob from them both, I could already feel my body tensing up and my orgasm was creeping up faster and faster. Emilia’s tongue ran over the left side of my dick while Natalie rubbed her tongue along the top and then the right side of my cock, slipping their mouths up and down, the two tongues were both working hard on pleasuring me and with each stroke, my orgasm got closer and closer.

Reaching down, I ran my fingers through both of their hair before Emilia closed her lips down around my right ball and sucked on it hungrily as Natalie slipped her mouth up and swallowed my cock right back down. Bobbing her head up and down while Emilia tossed each ball around in her mouth, making sure to bathe both of them hard and fast all while Natalie sucked on my cock. Looking down at them, I groaned and looked away, knowing that if I looked down at them any longer I would definitely shoot my load. With the way each woman was working on my length and balls, I knew that my orgasm was getting closer. My toes curled into my feet and my fingers clawed at the bedsheets as I managed to gasp out a short warning to the two women.

The sound of my warning was enough for the two women to drop down next to each other, their mouths opened and their eyes closed as they started to jerk my dick faster and faster. With a low groan, my head fell back and I stared up to the ceiling before my eyes screwed shut and I started to cum. Shooting a series of hot ropes from my dick and against their faces, I let the two women control the cum flow, Emilia was slowly moving my dick from side to side before I finally finished cumming and the two women managed to stroke out one last drop of cum.

Managing to open my eyes up, I looked down at the two women and saw that I had covered both of their faces with my orgasm. Nearly all of Emilia’s face was coated in my ropes of cum, Natalie had a series of shots across her cheek, nose and over her right eye with a rope on her forehead and one in her messy blonde hair as well. Looking down at them both, my mouth was hanging open ever so slightly before I managed to splutter out a single sentence.

“Best birthday ever…”

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