Best Birthday Ever – Part 2

Story title: Best Birthday Ever – Part 2
Story by: Money

Celebs in story: Miley Cyrus & Emily Osment
Story codes: ff, voyeur, mast, lesbian

Feedback: YES, must have
Author’s note: Sex with girls under the age of 18 is WRONG.

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is total fiction and never happened anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended please stop reading now that being said I would like to thank Mocker Tricksterson for his help on this project any questions or comments on the story send them to now on with the story

Ages of celebs
Miley Cyrus (16)
Emily Osment (16)
Money (20)

Once we arrived to pick up Emily I was on my toes since people were gathering around asking if that was Miley and I had to tell them no she wasn’t just a look alike as Emily got off the plane.

“Hey you.” She said as the two girls hugged.

“I’ve missed you.” Miley smiled back.

“Is there somewhere I can get some new threads? The airline lost my bags somewhere around Denver.” Emily said.

“Sure there’s a mall not far from here let’s go.” I said.

As we got in the car, Miley joined her friend in the back and they started chatting, mostly about girl stuff but every now and then they started talking in whispers and I got the feeling they were talking about what had happened between Miley and I a few hours ago. I wasn’t comfortable about that but what could I do?

This was more than half confirmed by the line of questions Emily kept asking that I didn’t answer. Every time she asked a particularly embarrassing one and I just kept silent she and Miley had one of their whispered conferences and a horde of giggles were emitted. By the time we got to the mall I was sure she knew about what her friend and I had done by the way she stared at me and licked her lips.

If that wasn’t enough during their little shopping trip while Emily was picking out new outfits Miley joined her in trying on/modeling the outfits she thought looked good that Emily didn’t get. I was stuck with the job of saying if they looked good in whatever they put on. I saw so much leg, naval, and upper body regions that I had a blueprint of both their bodies. It wasn’t fair. Needless to say neither of their parents would have let them out of the house in half the clothes I saw them in.

“Money, I need some help with this dress.” Emily said in a teasing voice.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Either the zippers stuck or this dress is way too small for me.” She said.

“Miley, a little help here?” I said. Looking at the dress, I figured it was the latter. Emily was a long way from fat but the dress, a cute little red number with white trim, was at least one, maybe two sizes too and clung to her like a second skin and was also so short it barely qualified as legal. It didn’t help my equilibrium that, assuming she’d been wearing a bra in the first place, she wasn’t wearing one now and that her nipples were poking through the fabric.

“I’ve got it.” Miley said.

As Miley came into the fitting rooms I tried getting out of the cramped space since there was only room for 2 people. I rubbed up against both of them on the way out, and Miley at least was definately rubbing back.

Guarding the door I could hear what they were saying.

“There we go.” she said.

“Hey Miley let’s have a little fun at Money’s expense.” Emily said.

“Like what?” she asked

“Let’s make it sound like we’re making out and totally mess with him.” she said

“Great idea but I have a better one.” Miley said.

“What?” Emily said.

“Let’s actually make out.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time.”

I heard the sound of their kissing and eased the fitting room door open just a bit to see them both with their arms wrapped around each other, lips locked, the dress Miley had gone in to help her friend with already half off Emily’s nubile young body, exposing one of her C-cup tits while the young blondes were digging into ny honey’s tight ass. As I watched one hand came around to the front and unbuttoned Miley’s jeans then slipped inside. Soon Emily’s dress hit the floor and she was left standing in nothing but a lacy white thong while Miley pulled her top off. Soon her costar’s face was alternating between the young pop star’s tits, licking sucking and chewing while the brunette’s hands slid Emily’s panties down. I was already familiar with Miley’s own narrow strip of brown fur, Emily’s snatch on the other hand was completely shaved and pink.

I watched all this with one eye on the entrance to the fitting room area. I was well aware that the tabloids would go ballistic if they found out about this and if I got caught watching it I’d probably go to jail. If I was lucky. If I wasn’t Billy Ray would probably put a bullet in my head. Still I could no more stop watching than I could stop breathing. In fact if it wasn’t for that worry I would have unzipped and been jerking off already. I swear, my hardon felt like it could push through concrete.

As I watched Emily went and sat on the little bench provided for putting stacks of clothes on while Miley shimmied out of her jeans then knelt in front of her friends spread legs.

“UUUNNNNHHhh!” the blonde girl groaned softly as Miley licked at her already moist slit.

“Shhhh!” Miley hissed, apparently as aware of the danger as I was, then reached down, picked up her and Emily’s undies and stuffed them in her friends mouth. The little blonde slut glared down at her but didn’t remove them. Instead she threw her head back as Miley’s tongue pushed into her pussy and let out another, muffled, groan.

I heard footsteps coming towards the booths and spun around to see one of the attendants.

“Is everything all right? I thought I heard something unusual.” she said.

“Oh, yeah, just…well, you know how teenage girls are.”

“Yes, I do,” she said with a contemptive sniff. She looked like she had been a teenager round about the time Truman was President. She looked suspiciously at my flushed face and the bulge in my pants but gave another sniff, turned around and left.

Things were getting risky, time to wrap them up. I knocked and opened the door.

“What is taking you two so long to get…OH SNAP!” I said, pretending to be surprised. Now Miley was sprawled onto the floor and Emily was vigorously fingerfucking her as their mouths were fused together like they were each trying to give the other a tonsileectomy. Miley looked up and smiled at me.

“Oops, guess the secrets out Emily.” she said.

to be concluded.

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