Best Birthday Ever – Part 3

Story title: Best Birthday Ever – Part 3
Story by: Money

Celebs in story: Miley Cyrus & Emily Osment
Story codes: Mff, threesome, oral, mast,

Author note: Sex with girls under 18 is WRONG
Feedback: Yes, message boards or email it doesn’t matter

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened it’s total fiction I’m sure the celebs in the story don’t act like this in reality. Any questions or comments on the story send them to I’d like to thank Mocker Tricksterson for his help on this project now on with the story enjoy.

ages of celebs
Miley Cyrus (16)
Emily Osment (16)
Money (20)

“Get dressed and let’s get out of here before that harpy comes back.” I said.

Miley nodded and started to get dressed immediately but Emily waited until she’d licked her friend’s pussy juices off her fingers before getting dressed. Watching her did nothing to kill my erection, In fact it stayed with me all the way through the registers and to the car where it finally started to die down until, unlike on the way up Miley sat next to me and before putting on her seatbelt leaned over and gave me a long, slow tongue kiss.

When she broke off she said “Now you know what Emily’s pussy tastes like. If you want to find out first hand get us to the hotel ASAP.”

I was doing ninety before we even left the parking lot.

Unfortunately, we’d no sooner gotten in the room when my phone went off. It was Miley’s dad.

“Hi, Mr. Cyrus.” I said.

“Hi Money hopefully everything went good and they didn’t drive you crazy.” he said.

“Oh no they have been perfect angels.” I said.

As I was talking to him Emily took her top off and started walking past me to the shower.

“So what have you been doing all day?” he asked.

“Mostly napping, shopping, debating on a few things.” I said as a pair of shorts flew out of the bathroom.

“That’s great you bought us 2 more hours.” he said.

“Well that’s really good to hear.” I said as Miley pulled her jeans off wiggling her ass in front of me.

“Just keep them busy for another 4 hours and we’ll have everything set.” he said.

“4 hours? I can handle that.” I said as Miley took my hands and put them on her chest.

“Just don’t do anything crazy you could get arrested for ok?” he said jokingly, not knowing that I’d been doing exactly that with my charges.

“Will do, gotta run.” I said as I hung up Miley pulled off her shirt giving me a great view of her pert breasts, followed by a great feel as my hands followed where my eyes led.

She backed away towards the shower and blew me a kiss as I took off my clothes then followed her into the bathroom. Emily was already in the tub of the shower, her skin wet and glistening. Miley stepped in with her and then each of them reached a hand out to me which I happily accepted. It was a little cramped with three of us but I figured we’d make do.

First I got my back to the long side of the wall so both my cuties could get to me and vice versa. They immediately took advantage of this, each of them getting on their pretty little knees on either side of me. Emily took my cock in hand while Miley did the same with my balls. There wasn’t room for both their heads so Miley continued to massage my testicles while her friend’s mouth fitted itself around my member and started sucking. Menwhile her free hand went between my other sweet slut’s legs and and started rubbing her cunt. Then, as Emily’s head, sank down on my dick, managing to get about eight inches of it’s twelve inch length down before having to retreat and then bobbing up and down, sucking all the way, she rearranged her hands so that one had two fingers inside her friend’s pussy and the other had a finger inside the blondes pert little ass. The sensation of Emily’s mouth stretched tight around me was great and I blew my load into it even as squeaking and grunting noises from below showed me that Miley’s fingers were bringing her to orgasm as well.

Emily pulled off me to avoid strangling on my cum and Miley started licking her face clean as cum dribbled out of her mouth. Afterwards, after a little moving around, complicated by a fair amount of random groping at each others body parts, Emily perched on the edge of the tub, braced against the far wall, legs braced and spread.

“Fuck her Money,” Miley urged. “I want to watch you fuck her.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I picked Emily up and pushed her against the tiled wall as I entered her. I noticed that unlike Miley she wasn’t a virgin, although she was tight enough that I bet she’d only done it a couple of times and mentioned it.

“Unh…I am…with guys..unh…” I felt her fingernails digging into my shoulders as I shoved into her again and again and her legs crept up to wrap themselves around my ass, making me take all her weight. That’s okay, she was worth the effort.

“We played around with a dildo,” Miley explained from behind me. I looked around to see what she was doing and almost lost it right then. She was sitting astride the bathtub faucet facing us, rubbing her pussy against it while her fingers were furiously rubbing her clit. With her moans and groans behind me and Emily’s in front of me it was like being trapped inside the worlds most erotic stereo system. I leaned forward against the wall and kissed the girl in front of me as we both came. A few seconds later I felt her crawl between Miley’s legs helping her fingers in the task of finishing off.

“Come here, If your ready for another goround,” Miley purred as she licked her lips. I wasn’t entirely sure that I was but as soon as it felt her soft, strong fingers on it my cock sprang back to life and soon she had it in her mouth, bringing it to full erection.

“Wow,” I said, as she moved down my length. Unlike her friend she was able to get it all in. I put my fingers in her hair and started moving her head up and down. “Your better than any virgin I ever heard of.”

She pushed her head off my cock for a second. “I said I was a virgin, not inexperienced,” then went back to licking and sucking.

Emily too had to get a word in. “How do you think she got the Hannah Montana deal to start with?” then she too went back to work. Soon both Miley and I were shuddering as we came.

As the three of us staggered to the bed and collapsed on it, me in the middle I saw that we had just enough time for an hour or so nap. Good, I’d need all my strength to drive down.

Miley’s birthday bash went great she was as happy as possible and Emily was just as thrilled I think it was partly because of being with me before hand but probably not after the party we had another threesome before I had to leave the next day when Emily, Miley and her dad came to say goodbye.

“Hey Money you did a great job with Miley and Emily can you come back in 2 years?” he asked.

As I was thinking of an answer my little minxes were looking right at me from behind Mr. Cyrus licking their lips then Miley took Emily’s hand in hers and started going down on her middle finger while the blonde strumpet blew me kisses and wiggled her tongue at me.

“Yeah sure I can. It would be an honor.” I said.

“Great I’ve gotta run stay safe.” he said.

“See you in 2 years Money.” Miley said as she hugged me goodbye and copped a feel at my crotch. Emily also hugged me goodbye but she stuck her tongue in my ear and felt up my ass instead.

“Maybe I won’t be gone that long.” I said.

The End?

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