Best Butt In Wrestling Part 10: Ivory

Best Butt In Wrestling Part 10

by Josh Damon


The story herein is nothing more than a fantasy written by a fan of the involved celebs and in no way represents known actions of said celebs. This is just fiction and isn’t meant to harm anyone. Now if you’re under the legal age to view adult rated, NC-17, stories in your local then please turn away now.

The women of wrestling, past and present, all work very hard to be in the

best possible condition. While many of them are friends, they’re all very

competitive for the male audience’s attention. The most heated
issue among

the women is who has the best butt. Good breasts can be bought but a great

ass can’t. That’s where me, Matt, comes into the equation. I am the premier

(straight) swimsuit/fashion/nude photographer in the world right now and I’m

also a long time wrestling fan. Of course I jumped at the chance to judge

some ass but it would be on my terms. Each woman will fly me to their house

for ONE DAY to sell me on why they have the best butt in wrestling. I sent

out invitations to many women in the wrestling world and ten agreed to the

competition. Those ten are; Dawn Marie, Ivory, Kimberly Page, Lita, Stacy

Keibler, Teri Byrne, Terri, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, and Victoria.

There was no need to go into the hat for another name because there was

only one left and that was Ivory. After all the ass, it comes down to

Ivory, the final competitor in this Best Butt in Wrestling Competition. And

I was off to finish this competition with Ivory.

I walked up through Ivory’s front yard to her front door. I rang the

doorball several times then checked the address. It was definitly the right

address. Maybe the doorbell wasn’t working. I knocked a few times.


There was no answer at the door. I looked around then all of a sudden the

door opened and I was pulled inside. The door slammed shut and there I was

standing face to face with Ivory.

“So, I guess I must be near the end right?” Ivory asked.

“Yeah, you’re the last one,” I replied.

“Tell me, do I have a shot?”

“I’ve gotta be fair and judge you all so yes of course you have the same

shot as all the others.”

“Well then I’ve gotta pull out all the stops because I WANT to win this

competition … My butt will be all anyone talks about. Did you see

Ivory’s ass? Man, what an ass. That’s all they’ll talk about. Just look

at it,” she said.

Ivory turned around and shaked her ass a little for me. She was just

wearing a tiny pair of tight lace purple shorts and a matching bra. “I can

see you getting hard in your pants already.”

“What’d you expect? You’re … one of the hottest women in wrestling and

you have got A LOT of ASS!” I exclaimed.

Ivory brought me into her bedroom. She pulled a chair out into the center

of the room and motioned for me to sit down. She went behind me and started

rubbing my shoulders, bringing my arms down to my sides. The next thing I

knew she had tied my hands together behind the chair!

“What’s this all about?” I asked.

“Just to make sure you keep those hands to yourself right now,” Ivory


“Have you talked to Dawn Marie recently?”

“No, I haven’t seen Dawn in awhile, why?”

“Uhhhh … no reason,” I said, remembering how Dawn tied my hands together

as well.

Ivory turned around, standing in front of me. She began to shake that big

luscious booty of hers. The thick flesh of her booty jiggled uncontrollably

as she swayed her hips around. Ivory lowered her ass inches away from the

buldge in my pants and moved it around in circles, teasing me. Oh how I

just wanted to smack that thick ass but my hands were tied together. Ivory

brushed her brown hair out of her face then lowered her booty down onto my


“Aaaaaahhhhhh oooohhhh my,” I moaned feeling her plump ass squish down

against the raging hard-on in my pants. Ivory grinded her ass against my

crotch, back and forth, all around.

“Fuck this is torture!” I yelled as I almost came in my pants from the

feeling of her booty pressed against my crotch.

I desperatly tried to free my hands from the ropes as Ivory got up and

shook her ass a little more. She slowly began peeling down her skin tight

panties revealing the hint of a purple thong. She paused, looking at me and

making me sweat at the prospect of seeing her butt flossed with that thong.

“Oh no, you haven’t earned that yet,” Ivory said, pulling her panties back


She went back to shaking her booty and rubbing it against my lap while I

fevorishly attempted to free myself. Ivory stood forward and bent all the

way forward, touching her toes. She rubbed her hands up her thighs and

smacked her own butt before returning to a standing position. She did it

once more and as she got all the way down, my hands were free! I lusted

forward SMACKING her booty with both of my hands. I grabbed Ivory by the

waist and pressed my face against her ass.

“I was wondering how long it would take you,” Ivory said but I was too

busy taking in her big butt to respond.

I removed by face from her deep ass crack, my heart pounding in

excitement. I pulled down her purple panties exposing her thick ass.

Ivory’s purple thong disappeared between those meaty buns. *SPANK* I

spanked her right bun and grabbed a hold of it. *SPANK* I spanked her left

bun and grabbed a hold of it. I had two big handfuls of Ivory’s booty but I

wasn’t even close to having it all in my hands.

“Sit back down,” Ivory said firmly.

I sat back down in the chair and Ivory began shaking her ass again, now

with it fully exposed. She lowered it down and squished the flesh against

my crotch. Ivory grinded away against the hard-on in pants. Her large buns

felt so good, too good. I lifted Ivory up off of my lap and unzipped my

jeans. I whipped out my raging hard-on and began slapping it against

Ivory’s ass.

“Ooohhh yeeah! Ohhh fuck that’s a nice big ass! FUCK!” I shouted as I

kept slapping my dick against her ass.

“Ohh baby your cock is nice and warm, yeah slap that big boy against my

butt, yeeeah!” Ivory encouraged.

I smacked her ass with my cock a few more times then went back to pressing

my face against her butt. I just loved the feeling of it squishing against

my nose and face. I sat down, still holding Ivory’s ass against my face and

then I laid down on my back.

“Ivory just sit that big butt right down here,” I said.

Ivory lowered her ass down onto my face. She grinded it against my face

and moaned slightly as my nose brushed against her thong covered clit.

Ivory soon leaned forward and began stroking my rod. She lifted her ass up

and got into a sixty-nine position. She licked the head of my cock as she

stroked it then soon began sucking away on it. I caressed and groped all of

Ivory’s ass while she fevorishly sucked my cock.


“Ahhh yeeah Ivory, you suck that cock,” I moaned after giving her ass a

nice spank.

“Mmmmhhh spank my ass,” Ivory moaned, albeit muffled from the cock in her



“Suck my cock!”

“Spank my ass!”





“Su … ohhh shiiit I’m gonna cuuum!” I grunted.

Ivory kept sucking as cum shot up and out of my cock. Ivory caught a lot

of it on her tongue while the rest dripped down the sides of shaft. Ivory

carefully licked up each side of my dick, getting off all the cum with her

tongue. Once it was spotless, she sucked her fingers clean, licked the

edges of her mouth and swallowed the last little bits of cum.

“That was great, you’re great,” I commented.

“And we’ve barely started!” Ivory exclaimed.

“One thing I’ve found out in this competition is that I can just keep

cumming and cumming and cumming,” I said.

“Good because you’re gonna need it all before I’m done with you,” Ivory


Ivory walked over to her nightstand and returned with a large dildo and a

bottle of lubricant. Ivory handed me the dildo and the lubricant. She

turned around and SMACKED her ass then looked back over her shoulder with a

big smile on her face.

“Why don’t you get me nice and loose with that big dildo so you can really

pound this ass?” Ivory asked.

“I’ll get right to work,” I replied with a smile.

I leaned Ivory against the bed and she stuck that nice juicy booty out for

me. I slowly peeled her thong down out from between her ass crack. I

buried my face between her deep cheeks. Rubbing her buns at the same time,

I began licking Ivory’s asshole.

“Mmmmmhhh mmmmhhhh mmmmmmmm your ass is delicious,” I moaned.

“You’re real good with that tongue, ooohhh yeah right there, ooohhh that’s

it,” Ivory moaned.

I licked her asshole a little more, and then grabbed the lube. I squirted

a generous amount on Ivory’s asshole and rubbed it around with my fingers.

I worked a few fingers into Ivory’s ass and then held them infront of her

face. Ivory sucked my fingers then I gave her lubed asshole a lick. The

lube tasted like vanilla. I picked up the dildo, it was atleast 12 inches

and very thick.

“Are you sure you want this in your ass? It’s really big,” I said.

“Ohhhh yeeah! You’ll really be able to pound my ass after you get that

big dildo working in there. So lube that baby up!” Ivory replied.

I covered the huge dildo with a lot of lube. Ivory spread her tanned ass

cheeks apart as I began to slowly push that big dildo into her small

asshole. I didn’t know how it was going in but it was.

“Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh just ram it in there, yeeeeah,” Ivory moaned in

sounds of a mixture of pain and pleasure.

I did as she said, I just kept pushing the big dildo further into her

asshole. Ivory started taking deep breaths and relaxing as her asshole

expanded to take in the big dildo. I pushed it almost all the way in and

just left in lodged in Ivory’s ass.

“Oh my! Oh my! Ohhhhhh that’s so big in there! Hhhhahhhhh!” Ivory


I walked over infront of her and brushed her hair out of her face. Ivory

was smiling but looking slightly uncomfortable. I held my hands around her

face and kissed her deeply.

“You can’t imagine how much I want my cock to take the place of that

dildo,” I said.

“Ohhh you go fucking take it out and stick that cock in my ass!” Ivory


I returned to my position behind Ivory’s booty and squirted some of that

lube on my cock. Ivory SLAPPED her ass a few times and my cock was rock

hard. I slowly pulled the dildo out of her ass, inch by inch. Once it was

all out, I stared at her gaping asshole. I moved up closer to Ivory and

slid my cock deep into her asshole. I groped Ivory’s meaty buns as I pumped

slowly into her ass.

“Mmmphh ohhhh fuck so good, ohhh Ivory,” I grunted and groaned.

“Ohhhhh! Unnhhhhuhhh faster! Ohhhh harder! Ohhhhh do it! Ahhh fuck that

asshole!” Ivory moaned.

I got a firm grip on Ivory’s hips and began pumping a little faster. I

looked at Ivory’s face pressed against the bed then looked down at her ass.

As I stared at my cock pumping into her delicious asshole, I began slamming

into it harder and harder!

“HARDER! HARDER! Unnnhhhh fuck you pound that asshole hard! Yeeeah! God

yess! FUUUUUCK!” Ivory screamed.

“Oh yeah you can take it so hard, ohh fuck I can feel your buns rubbing

against the sides of my cock, oh fuck this ass is fucking great!” I shouted.

“Put me on the bed so you can really slam into my ass!” Ivory suggested.

I pulled out from her asshole and lifted Ivory up onto the bed. Ivory

laid down on her back and lifted her ass up a little. I got real close and

pushed my cock into her asshole. I didn’t have the view of her ass but I

could really pound it from this position. I leaned forward and stared down

into Ivory’s eyes as I just pounded into her asshole.

“Yeeeeah baby, yeeeah pound my ass! Yeeeah pound Ivory’s ass! Ohhh fuck

you can go faster then that! Ohhh yeeeah harder!” Ivory moaned.





voice cracking.

“Ohhh yeah you like that Ivory? YOU LIKE ME POUNDING YOUR ASS?!” I


“Unnnhhuhhh baby! Mmmmhhhmmmm! Ohhh but you look like your getting

tired, let me get on top for a little bit,” Ivory said.

I gave Ivory’s ass a few good deep slams then pulled out. I laid down on

the bed as Ivory climbed ontop of me. Her big booty squished down with my

cock pressing up into her asshole. Ivory got it nice and deep in her ass

then began bouncing up and down.



“Ohhhhh Ivory fucking ride that cock!” I moaned and just dug my fingers

deep into the flesh of her ass. There was so much of it, I just felt it all

up as she bounced wildly on my cock.

“Ahhhhhhh! Ohhh! OH! AH! OH! OHhhhhhh fuuuck yesss!” Ivory moaned

loudly, her hair all over the place. She brushed it out of her face and but

it soon fell back over as she was bouncing so wildly.

Ivory slowed down a little to catch her breath and leaned forward. Her

nice firm tits pressed against my chest. We kissed as Ivory kept griding

her butt on my dick.

“Are you gonna cum?” Ivory whispered.

“Not after I do one more thing,” I said.

I motioned for Ivory to get on her knees. I picked up the huge dildo and

began pushing it deep into her dripping wet pussy. I wedged the dildo deep

into Ivory’s pussy.

“How’s that feel?” I asked.

“Ohhhh sooo deep, sooo nice,” Ivory replied.

I stood up over Ivory’s big ass and squatted down, pushing my cock into

her asshole. I held onto Ivory’s hips and started pumping into her butt

again. The huge dildo in her pussy and me fucking her asshole acted as a

double penetration of sorts. Ivory’s voice changed a little and she began


“HOLY FUCK! OHhhhh my god! Ohhh fuck don’t stop! Please don’t stop! Ohhh

fuck that’s so good! Oh that dildo in my pussy! That cock in my ass!

UNNHHHHHHH FUUUUCK YES!” Ivory screamed out in ecstasy.

“I knew you’d like this! I’ll keep giving it to your sexy ass until I

cum,” I moaned.

“Yeeeah baby! Yeeeah keep, unnhhh, fucking that, ohhhh yeesss, ass!”

Ivory moaned. She reached underneath and began pumping the dildo in and out

of her pussy while I pumped in and out of her asshole.

“Son of a … ohhh I don’t want to but fuck Ivory, I’m gonna cum!” I


“Shoot that cum all over my big ass!” Ivory requested.

I did my best to hold out a little longer, giving her asshole two last

thrusts. I pulled out and waved my cock left to right splattering cum all

over Ivory’s ass.

“Ohh fuck that’s so nice, all that cum on your hot ass!” I commented.

“It feels so hot!” Ivory moaned.

I pushed my cock back into Ivory’s asshole and savored that incredible

feeling. I pulled out and rubbed my cock all over her cum covered ass until

I was limp. Ivory pulled the huge dildo from her pussy and licked the sides

of it like it was a popsicle. Ivory then got up and put her dildo back in

its hiding place.

“Fuck you’ve got some great buns,” I commented.

“That’s what you keep saying,” Ivory responded.

“There’s this one thing that I’ve done with some of the competitors, it’s

like a tit fuck only its with your buns,” I said.

“That sounds hot, that’s a great way to end this. What do I have to do?”

Ivory asked.

“Just lay down on your stomach and enjoy,” I said.

Ivory laid down on her stomach and her ass was right there, ready for me

to fuck those meaty buns. I grabbed the lube and squirted a good amount on

her ass. I rubbed it around, and Ivory’s tanned buns were slick with a

mixture of cum and lube. I spread Ivory’s ass apart then straddled it,

shoving my cock between her amazing buns. I pressed her ass cheeks together

and my cock dissapeared.

“I bet that feels real good,” Ivory said.

“Oohhhh fuck I love these buns,” I moaned.

“Yeeeah slide that cock in my deep ass crack,” Ivory moaned.

“Ahhh shit it feels so good! Ohh fuck Ivory, ohh fuck this ass feels so

good!” I moaned.

“I can’t wait to feel another hot load on my ass, so you just fuck those

buns! FUCK EM!” Ivory moaned.

I held her buns tight together as I pumped my cock between them. They

were so soft and so plentiful for such a muscular woman. I had already cum

twice but I was building up another big load of cum because of Ivory’s

amazing ass.

“Ahhhhhhhh fuuuck this ass is too good!” I exclaimed. Cum began oozing

out of my cock and I just let it drip out into the crack of Ivory’s ass

while I kept sliding my cok between her buns, never wanting to stop. The

feeling was incredible as I climaxed. I just collapsed ontop of Ivory

holding my cock between her buns.

“Your right, this was a great way to finish,” I whispered into Ivory’s


“So do you know who won?” Ivory asked.

“You’re all winners,” I laughed.

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